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  • Meryl is somewhat hated due to being a rookie in Metal Gear Solid (and is considered "annoying" by some fans), and being a bitch in Metal Gear Solid 4. She is also hated by yaoi fangirls for getting in the way of the Snake/Otacon pairing during MGS1. Thankfully, the Meryl hate isn't anywhere near as immense as...
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: Raiden's girlfriend Rosemary, who's received hatred largely for her relationship drama with Raiden (some of which wasn't written well), as well as a mixture of Die for Our Ship and Annoying Video-Game Helper feelings. Not to mention the fact that people rarely take kindly to anyone that actually waits until her lover is off at a safe distance - trying very hard not to get killed - before steam-barraging him via digital communication with everything that's bugging her about their relationship. Granted, such an idea could work out with ensuing hilarity.
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  • Naomi is despised by many due to her Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, and for her relationship with Otacon in 4, which is widely considered to be the worst-written romantic relationship in the entire series, with a wildly inconsistent Emotional Torque and an unforgivable fridging scene. A common complaint is that Otacon/Naomi could have been a good ship if they hadn't gone literally twenty minutes from their first meeting to being in, apparently, undying love.
  • In MGS4, Sunny got lots of hate in Western territories for many reasons: being a cute and sweet little girl who doesn't fit at all for rounding out the team of "neurotic genius" and "PTSD-suffering soldier"; her stutter being found annoying by some; her uninteresting fascination with cooking eggs (and that her complete inability to cook them properly, barely worth a chuckle the first time it's brought up, gets pushed for almost the entire game); moaning constantly about Snake's smoking; and the fact that she upstages Otacon by being unreasonably intelligent at best and capable of outright technological magic that's difficult to accept even for a series where nanomachines basically are magic at worst, rather rabidly upsetting the Otacon fans who felt his position as team genius was being usurped. People began to warm up to her in Rising, where she is older, has a more confident personality, a pretty design, some funny lines, and is treated by Raiden as a best friend and equal rather than as a precious object to protect.
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  • Depending on what difficulty level you are playing on (and thus how much longer and dangerous the route he follows becomes) the Resistance member you track in MGS4 Act 3 is probably the most hated NPC of the lot due to just how Too Dumb to Live he is. Fact is that if it wasn't for Solid Snake acting like a Guardian Angel from the shadows he would have been arrested/killed about three times over. The icing on the cake however is that no matter how blatantly you make it that you are his ally he will still try and gun you down if you get too close. And then we come to the god-awful never-ending whistling that is infamous for causing repeat-players to mute their screens.
  • Paz and Chico in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker get flack for annoying personalities and causing more problems for Snake; the former even moreso due to stealing ZEKE and turning out to be a traitor. And then they were hit with a massive case of Alas, Poor Scrappy in Ground Zeroes due to the torture that Skull Face puts them through, on top of Chico dying at the end of Ground Zeroes. Though, Paz manages to initially get hate in The Phantom Pain due to somehow surviving the explosion, at least until it's revealed that Snake's simply hallucinating her.


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