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  • Mega Man (Classic):
    • Many fans despise the Yellow Devil more than any other boss. Depending upon the game, he's either hard, boringly repetitive, or both. In the first game, he was considered frustrating as hell by some, given that this was before Mega Man could slide or charge his shots. Fortunately, the pause glitch existed.
      • It's worth noting that despite all of the above, he has also become something of a Breakout Character, being one of the most talked about and oft-remembered bosses in the series. He even makes an appearance in the fourth Super Smash Bros. as a stage boss using the same attack patterns.
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    • Eddie, the little helper container robot, is often derided for not giving Mega Man what he needs at any given moment—for example, an ammo recharger when all of the player's ammo is full but his health is nearly drained. No wonder Dr. Light made him as a rice cooker. Thankfully you can make him toss you a different item by leaving the screen and coming back, although it's not an option everywhere he appears.
    • A few Robot Masters have earned their hatedom over the years, but the most widely hated ones include Clown Man for coming off as a creepy child molester with an annoying voice, Plant Man for his design and having the worst shield weapon in the series, and Oil Man for having an impractical weapon and resembling a bad racial stereotype. Topman because his pattern is easy to learn but you can only hit him very briefly after his attacks, meaning he's a bad combination of boringly-easy and mindnumbingly-repetitive, and other than the bosses that're weak to it, his weapon is largely worthless and it's easy to drain it in a single use by accident if you use it on an enemy that's immune to it.
  • Mega Man X:
    • Axl, mostly for replacing X as the lead character. He slides more out of the category in Mega Man X8, due to not replacing X and evolving a playstyle similar to Bass'. In addition, his voice improved and he gets an establishing moment of badass by shooting Lumine to shut him up.
    • X himself slid towards this for a little while during X7, where he refused to fight and spent most of the game feeling sorry for himself. His oddly bizarre 'macho' behaviour in Mega Man X: Command Mission didn't help some fans either. He seems to be on the mend in X8 and Maverick Hunter X, though. This is likely at least partialy due to a Writer Revolt, since the guy who made Mega Man intended for X5 to be the last one in that series, but Executive Meddling made him keep going. Ala Solid Snake, who got an identical situation to this one - to the point Hideo Kojima turned him into Old Snake.
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    • Alia in Mega Man X5 was extremely disliked for advising on things that players should have clear at this point and being unskippable. Thankfully by X6 onwards, she got some characterization, her calls can be ignored, and her voice in X8 made here more tolerable.
    • As far as Mavericks go, Infinity Mijinion (X6) and Flame Hyenard (X7) stand out as the most hated. Mjinion for his unfun, tedious, and needlessly frustrating boss fight that involves fighting through endless clones of himself. Hyenard for not shutting the hell up; his "BURN! BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!" gets even worse when he summons clones of himself.
  • Mega Man Battle Network:
    • Chisao, Dex's kid brother. He blocks the entrance to ACDC's metroline until Dex, the self-proclaimed "Number One Netbattler in ACDC" shows up. Even worse is that beyond that description, Chisao isn't specific as to who he's looking for since the townspeople should know who the best netbattler in town is. Even Yai is appalled by Chisao's behavior, calling him a brat. Then in 4, he gets kidnapped and his kidnapper says he'll let him go provided Lan can find him and complete his challenges. Lan manages to find him shortly before his tournament match with Dex and Gutsman.EXE. After the tournament battle, Chisao admits he wasn't really kidnapped. Being the older sibling and having to be responsible for Chisao's behavior, Dex is angry and tells Chisao to apologize to Lan. Except Lan says there's no need for Chisao to apologize since he was just trying to help Dex and Gutsman.
    • Chaud was sort of this in the first Battle Network game for being a jerk until near the end of the game. He does get better in subsequent games though and it's revealed that part of his jerkish behavior stems from his father being rather cold.
    • Some bosses are hated for their difficulty. Most notable is Quick Man in Battle Network 2, since he can only be attacked when he's moving or when he's about to attack! As such, many people delight in tormenting Quick Man by testing out the strongest Program Advances like the Gater on him. Clever players will even suggest nullifying his speed by rapidly pausing and unpausing the game, which eliminates the danger of a sudden attack- and makes hitting him all the easier.


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