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With a cast this large and a Crapsack World setting, not everyone is going to be embraced warmly. In a show where just about Anyone Can Die, fans frequently wish these characters would succumb to this as soon as possible.

  • Ellaria from Season 5 onwards has not been well-received due to her plan to execute princess Myrcella to avenge Oberyn and plunge Dorne into a war, a highly irrational plan that Oberyn himself would not approve of. This earned her the Fan Nickname "Malaria Sand". The fact she's the driving force of the utterly loathed Dornish subplot in Season 5, as well as her close connection to the equally-depised Sand Snakes, has done nothing to remedy the situation.
  • As a corollary to Ellaria, the other members of the Sand Snakes, Obara, Nymeria and Tyene, have not been received well either, due to the clunkiness of their first two scenes, the plain idiocy of their story arc in general and their poor dialogue (particularly the infamous "bad pussy" line). Their attempted characterization as badass, ruthless Dark Action Girls just doesn't jive with the fact that their plotline has been merged with Arianne Martell's disastrous attempt to kidnap and crown Myrcella and the incredible Fight Scene Failure that is their sole action scene. As a result, viewers generally just see them as stupid and petty for trying to hurt an innocent girl who had nothing to do with their father's death. Of course, their reputation is hugely undermined by their failure in even this pathetic crime, strongly bringing to mind the books' Adapted Out Scrappy Darkstar, who does pretty much the same thing, and is loathed for almost the exact same reasons. It gets even worse in Season 6 where they help Ellaria kill their own uncle and cousin which is nothing more than committing kinslaying, one of the greatest sins in the Seven Kingdoms. To top it off, the narrative never really comments on how self-destructive to Dornish society at large their crimes were. While fans of the books are incensed that these fairly popular characters from the books wind up as a wasted opportunity, the fact that they're loathed by casual fans as well shows just how poorly-handled they are.
    • By Season 7, pretty much the entire fandom is Rooting for the Empire when Euron kills Obara and Nymeria in a brutal Curb-Stomp Battle and Cersei disposes of Ellaria and Tyene with some serious Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Olly was intended to provide a gray perspective to the Night's Watch and Wildlings faceoff and started off as a Tagalong Kid to the Night's Watch, but his role in the denouement of "Watchers on the Wall" was staged in a very narm-y way. Viewers also hate him for killing Ygritte, permanently sinking her and Jon as a couple and breaking Jon's heart, although that overlaps with Ron the Death Eater seeing as it was done to protect Jon and Ygritte had helped slaughter his village. However, subsequent events involving Olly was what really cemented him as a Scrappy. In Season 5, he becomes the embodiment of the Watch losing faith in Jon Snow, and the foreshadowing of his betrayal of Jon Snow was heavyhanded to the point of being jarring. The aim was that his betrayal be an Et Tu, Brute? moment, but his shameless gloating in a short scene after the incident ruined that.
    • Subsequently he is thrown in the Castle Black dungeon following the Wildling attack and executed with the rest of the mutineers by Jon Snow himself. Jon treats executing Olly as a My God, What Have I Done? moment, stating that he's younger than Bran (which again is no longer true, visually at least, as a result of the actors aging), but most viewers didn't feel much sympathy.
  • The Waif, who inexplicably hates fan-favourite Arya from the moment she arrives at the House of Black and White, and just escalates from there in her nastiness. Fans are also confused about how her aggressive personality is completely at odds with how Faceless Men are supposed to operate, which goes completely unacknowledged by anyone in the show (even though Arya is critized and even punished for the same thing). None of this is present in the books, where she is more a side character than anything and acts as a proper mentor to Arya instead of The Rival.
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  • Lord Robett Glover. His first scene has him insulting the memory of King Robb and calling Talisa a foreign whore, and harshly refusing to help Jon and Sansa in their darkest hour. He later expresses regret and looks set to become The Atoner. He becomes a Sour Supporter instead in Season 7, criticizing every single one of Jon’s decisions, and ends up abandoning the Starks again in Season 8 after they formed an alliance with Daenerys out of necessity, due to the impending war with the Night King. And from what was said in "A Knight if the Seven Kingdoms", his stupidity might have gotten himself and 500 men killed. Like the Waif, none of this is in the books, where he's also a minor character and a stolid officer in the Northern army, who is in fact working to restore the Starks with other Northern nobles.
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  • Euron Greyjoy. While he is very popular in the books, the show counterpart suffers from a major case of Adaptational Wimp. He had some fans in Season 7 for Pilou Asbaek's charismatic portrayal, for showing some actual combat prowess and putting the aforementioned Ellaria Sand and Sand Snakes in their place, but this fell apart by Season 8, where Euron was reduced into Cersei's overpowered crony. By the series' end, fans complained about him by name in a petition to re-write the final season - for "merely existing." Other writers go so far as to call Euron a Marty Stu, as he single-handedly shoots a dragon out of the sky three times, a feat no other character has ever accomplished and the fact he regularly exploits Travelling at the Speed of Plot and Offscreen Teleportation. As he appears in the show, he lacks the interest in the occult and dark magic he has in the books, which explain his motivation for helping Cersei and his uncanny luck as a pirate. Fans of the books dislike him for being a watered-down version of the Sorcerous Overlord that he is in Martin's pages, whereas non-readers dislike him for being a one-dimensional plot device. And the most common criticism for Show!Euron is that his over-the-top, wacky personality doesn't really fit in a dark fantasy setting and often leads him to be compared to a Jack Sparrow impersonator.note 
  • Fans started to turn on Bran Stark around Season 6 and the dislike for him was cemented following the end of Season 8. Many viewers find him to be one of the most dull and underdeveloped characters who contributes little to the wider story (he's apparently so irrelevant he was Put on a Bus for all of Season 5). Viewers were very irritated in Season 6 when his reckless actions cause the Night King to find the Three-Eyed Raven's cave, resulting in the deaths of Summer, Hodor, the 3ER and the last of the Children of the Forest, who all sacrifice themselves for Bran. Bran then proceeds to do very little of significance with his powers besides confirming that Littlefinger is a traitor and Jon is actually the heir to the throne. His Death of Personality results in him becoming a monotone creep who spends most of his time sitting around spouting exposition when needed or making people uncomfortable. He expresses little remorse or gratitude for the sacrifices Meera and many others made for him and then proceeds to not really help anyone anyway. The moment that really made fans turn on Bran was in the finale, as Bran is unanimously elected King of Westeros sans the North despite having done literally nothing to earn it and lacking any experience and qualities for leadership. The show then proclaims that Bran has "the most interesting story" out of all the characters, which most fans vehemently disagreed with. There are many articles and posts out there describing Bran as one of the worst characters on the show and some viewers have even taken to calling him "Bran the Boring".


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