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Friendship is Failure is filled with characters not very well-received by readers.

  • Talon-Ted is not well liked at all, mainly for his attitude, his refusal to do anything productive with his life, being very rude to other ponies who are trying to help him, and being a self admitted Author Avatar.
  • Stager (Spotlight in the revised edition) is given a small bit of flak because of a scene where Ath-Lita supposedly knocks her brother unconscious with a bat. People cried "Take That, Scrappy!" until it was revealed he was an impostor. It doesn't help that he's shoehorned into the story as a way for Talon Ted to prove his point.
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  • Like with Talon Ted, many readers don't think of Stone Heart as a character so much as an extended Author Tract. Those who can stand the Author Tract despise Stone Heart for having an ego the size of the moon. It also doesn't help that he gets away with property damage.
  • As with many of Mykan's works involving Celestia, she's hated for being portrayed Out of Character, scolding Twilight for things that aren't her fault, letting Mykan's Author Avatars off way too easily, and abusing her power as ruler in Write a Wrong by inciting a book burning just because Stone Heart didn't like Twilight's edits to his books.
  • Carrying over his status from the other fics involving him, Beast Boy In Name Only manages to find his way here yet again. Twice. And considering the tenth story is based on The End of Ends, Count Logan was bound to make it back here, especially since the fic now has him destroying Equestria, dismembering Twilight, using Celestia and Luna as Living Batteries and decapitating Flurry Heart.
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  • Sadly, this has affected Logan's minions as well. Whereas the original The End of Ends versions were liked due to their Undying Loyalty towards their count and Kamica's cute design, these versions (including even Kamica) outright revel in the deaths of millions simply For the Evulz. Thus reducing them to one-dimensional bad guys because of Mykan's rule of writing.
  • In contrast to how Mykan views him, Helper Soul is considered one of the worst friendship problem characters. Not only is his backstory a blatant rip-off of Victor Adler, aka Master Org (which shouldn't even be the case considering this is supposed to be a good person), but he essentially refuses to move on with his life simply because it didn't go the way he wanted it to. It doesn't help that he's a rehash of previous characters from the series. Is it anyone wonder why many fans didn't cry at his incredibly melodramatic death?
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  • After only one line, Davis in DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS reached this status for many readers when he rejected a girl who had a crush on him point blank with no tact and doesn't show any concern when she cries over it. And knowing how Mykan has written him in the past, it's not gonna get any better.
  • The parts of Darkness of Dimensions that feature the InuYasha characters have not been well received by readers. Not only are the parts incredibly dull, but Mykan's justification for bringing them in is a character who only appeared in four chapters/one episode who didn't matter at all not getting the girl.

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