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  • Final Fantasy VI has a few, a result from having Loads and Loads of Characters:
    • Umaro the Yeti is widely hated for being a Berserker, a job class from the series where the character has no control over and does nothing but attack. Also supported by the fact that Umaro speaks complete gibberish.
    • EVERYBODY hates the spoiled rich kid at the Jidoor auction house for making you waste time with him making his father buy him useless items like a scale model ship or a robot imp. Sometimes up to ten times in a row. Especially aggravating if you're playing the Advance version and just want to get the goddamn Excalipoor.
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  • Final Fantasy IX: On the villains' side, Zorn and Thorn, Queen Brahne's Monster Clown Creepy Twins henchmen, also annoy a lot of players for their bizarre mannerisms and their tendency to repeat each other constantly. On the plus side, they end up Not So Harmless Villains and provide a good boss battle. On the other hand, they keep giving a status effect that won't let you gain AP from them, which is vital for permanently learning skills.
  • Final Fantasy XI:
    • Chains of Promathia expansion has the Chebukki triplets; three of the most annoying Tarutaru in the game. While they are necessary in the final confrontation against the Big Bad Promathia, many players felt it would be worth failure and the destruction of the universe just to see them die instead.
  • Final Fantasy XII:
    • Vaan. While he is the main character of the game, he has little involvement in the story, and becomes nothing more than a Tagalong Kid shortly into the game, outside of his moments of being a Morality Pet for Ashe as the game goes on. His very existence means that the more popular Ashe/Basch/Balthier cannot be the main character (especially irritating when one learns that Basch WAS originally intended to be the main character before the team decided that young kids would appeal more to the game's teenage demographic). Imagine having your favorite character thrown out of the spotlight by somebody completely pointless? Also if you're tired of the usual pretty-boy RPG hero, Vaan falls right into that cliche hard. Or even worse, realizing that not only are the previously mentioned important players tossed aside, but there are Guest-Star Party Member characters like Reddas and Larsa who contribute more to the plot than Vaan. His only redeeming factor is, simply, his stats. Once he hits level 100, he becomes, bar none, the fastest and hardest hitter from your party.
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    • Similarly, Penelo. Like Vaan, she has almost zero stake or contribution in the plot, outside of some moments of Ship Tease with Vaan and Larsa, serves as a Damsel in Distress for much of the early parts of the game, and never really does anything of significance once rescued.
  • Montblanc the moogle in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. While lots of people hate him, only a few of them actually hate him for his lack of character. Everyone else hates him just because statistically, he is a very poor magic user and he starts off as a Black Mage. You can't boot him since the game won't let you, so most people just kill him off in a Jagd.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has so many characters on the player's side that are almost universally hated, one wonders if it was intentional. Chief among them is Alphinaud, who doesn't do anything but talk, and talk, and goddamn talk, always in a smug and condescending manner. He bosses everyone around, never actually does anything remotely productive, and is generally a completely useless, insufferable git that everyone wants to see turn evil just so they can kill the little shit. His "quests" generally involve going back and forth repeatedly between locations watching him do things, with your presence there stupendously unnecessary. Making matters worse is that he first appears condescending to his much more likeable sister about how her plans to uncover the truth of the past are unproductive and stupid. It turns out that what she's doing is clearly more important than Alphinaud's space wasting. However, this is (somewhat) fixed in the Heavensward expansion, which has Alphinaud take a more active role in the story - including fighting alongside you.
    • Slightly less aggravating but still widely hated is Minfilia, leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, an organization dedicated to saving Eorzea from threat ranging from foreign invasion to angry gods given form. While she has a much more pleasant demeanor than the smug Alphinaud, she never shuts up, shoehorns "must needs" into every sentence, and generally doesn't do anything to actively save Eorzea from any threat besides telling the player to go solve the problem. So much so that the item text on her "minion" item reads "unlike her 'real' counterpart, this doll actually accompanies you on your adventures.
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    • One of the major problems players have with the likes of Alphinaud and Minfilia stems from the fact that they're diplomats in a combat-centered MMORPG. Since what they do doesn't have any effect other than giving exposition to the player or pointing them in the right direction, it's easy to tag them as "useless." However, this is really more an excuse for Minfilia, who is explicitly stated to be more akin to a politician or diplomat than an adventurer or scholar like the other Scions. She even holds the distinction of being the only Scion not carrying a weapon.


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