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The Scrappy / Fairy Tail

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  • Samuel, from the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc, for a being an Insufferable Genius.
  • Future Rogue initially gained interest for killing Future Lucy and then easily defeating the main protagonist. However, his characterization proved largely lacking as his arc progressed, and the revelation that his Start of Darkness was the death of Frosch (who, as Natsu points out, his actions are endangering) earned him widespread scorn.
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  • Aquarius is also disliked by a wide number of fans due to being a Jerkass to Lucy and always abandoning Lucy at the eleventh hour, such as during the Grand Magic Games, despite Lucy being her former master's daughter, to whom she swore to protect Lucy.
  • Avatar for being taken out so hilariously quickly so as to be seen as a waste of time. The fact Mashima attempts to justify this in-universe later on by revealing that Arlock intentionally led the rest of Avatar to their deaths did not help with this perception.
  • Mest has JUMPED to this position after manipulating Brandish Mu into attempting to kill August. He attempts to justify it, but the fact that he has a psychotic grin on his face totally defeats that. Plus, it just inspires August to fight them seriously.
  • Anna Heartfilia earned some curiosity given her connection to Zeref and the Dragon Slayers, but fell into this trope when she was revealed to have come to the present with them. She leaves several Plot Holes in the process (such as how the Heartfilia lineage continued without her, or how people in on the 400-Year Plan like Zeref and Aquarius did not seem to know this), giving flimsy excuses as to why she never contacted anyone for the past 15 years, and only served to introduce a plot device that would give Acnologia an anticlimactic end while denying readers the long-awaited showdown between him and the Dragon Slayers. Her plan doesn't even work, instead making Acnologia even more powerful, making her reintroduction in the story come off as pointless. In essence, her status as this relates to many considering her another example of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character.


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