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  • Not limited to a contestant, but a moment in particular, there is the complicated family situation of Karen Fowler in the first season of the US run. It is an incredibly unpleasant thing to talk about that comprises a lengthy part of one of the episodes that reveals a potentially loveless marriage riding on status and child support and on its last leg and ready to break. There's no real way of telling who's really at fault because both of them tried, but it is disconcerting nonetheless. Viewers got both sides of the issue from the spouses (one in the house, one in interview) and felt deeply upset that Karen's entry into the game was like an escape from a controlling husband, while he felt he didn't want a person who had vowed to be a part of him would be exposed to the environment of the game. Karen also has a very tumultuous time in the house for the three weeks she's there, obviously very troubled and wanting to see her kids, and smoking to kill off stress. With nothing anyone could do about it, it bothered people associating that with Karen, and eventually, a divorce did happen.
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  • Justin Sebik, from the fledgling days of the US run in S2, has no fans whatsoever, because he set a precedent early on for what is intolerable in the Big Brother household and being the first instance of an expelled contestant in the history of the US show. He is often cited as the single worst contestant to have ever come on the show in any capacity, due to doing things that essentially qualify as delinquent and criminal behaviors. Sebik actively spent his time in the house being chaotic and violent, threatening to attack people, wrecking things in the house, taking a piss out in the open, and lastly, holding a knife to someone's throat while they were both too drunk to know better and claiming it was a joke while sober. What he did was so bad, not only did they immediately hoist his ass into the Diary Room, they made him sit down with a professional psychiatrist and the executive producer, who evaluated that Justin was unfit to be on the show. Everyone in the house itself feared him and were genuinely afraid for their safety; even Julie was worried about his mental state going into the post-expulsion interview. It is because of him the US version got rid of access to alcoholic beverages during the game, stiffened its rules about violence to the point where physical threats and execution thereof is immediate grounds to get booted off the show (as seen when Willie Hantz got himself ejected from the house for head-butting someone in S14). But you will rarely hear of him in the current fanbase, because he was on the show long before it made a big boom in popularity and refined itself into the lively game it is now, and most fans are either not acquainted with the old seasons before 2010 because the show hit its stride when social media rose to prominence in the new teens or prefer to forget about Sebik entirely.
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  • As of 2017, there are 3 houseguests who have been booed while leaving the house: Aaryn (S15; bullied several houseguest and made many racist remarks), Amanda (S15; same as Aaryn), and Christine (S16; cheated on her husband while she was in the house). In the UK version, Dawn got rightfully booed and jeered at by even the host because she's a "CHEAT!"
  • People couldn't stand the way Amber got hysterical and strung out half the time in BB 8 (US). Many understood she had a troubled history, but her crying fits were banal to the ears.
  • Big Brother 9 has way too many to list beyond a few, with Sheila and Adam near the top for all the bickering they had over petty things, and Adam's life after winning the season is the most infamous out of any winner of the show because of the resulting drug ring scandal— though he did a complete 180 after getting clean. Next up is Joshuah, for deliberately being insulting and dickish to people. The last major example is Jacob, who couldn't stop trashing Parker and got evicted first.
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  • Mr. Pectacular Jessie Godderz has been a constant annoyance since Season 10 because he is always so cocky and tries to remain blameless, with producers turning him into a mascot for the series who has managed to evolve into a Once a Season appearance and gets even more spotlight than Paul.
  • Natalie from Big Brother 11 (US), who coincidentally was nicknamed "Scrappy". While she actually did try to shake things up a bit, she pretty much attached to Jessie and spent most of the game not doing anything, flat out not even TRYING to win challenges when her alliance really needed it, bragging how awesome of a competitor she was when she did win something. Also, the first Pandora's Box had Kevin's hand get trapped while dollar bills fell down in the backyard, and Natalie went up to get him, saw he was stuck, and went to get more money rather than stop to free him. And when she was HOH, and she needed to participate in the most important veto competition... she gave up, forcing an extra weight to fall on Kevin to evict Michelle.
  • Danielle of US Season 14 was viewed as scarily obsessed with Shane, prone to making the game very personal and severe, and for lying about her background to look better. and harassed so much online post-season she had to tell people to stop. Viewers thought the next season made her look good.
  • Aaryn in US Season 15, in between her racist bullying of houseguests Candice and Howard to her outright denial of it. But then we learned she actually was unaware of what she was doing and unfortunate enough to be grouped in with a bunch of houseguests who actually are monstrous (which made her an easy target treated like all the others). See Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
    • Amanda Zuckerman. There is a problem when America decides to put her on a block, over someone who became The Scrappy due to racist comments, and that's before she took a bigger level in jerkass! There's also loads of Elissa bashing, the Slashed Throat threat, and the blackout Amanda caused on the live feed. Hell, she nearly got expelled!
    • Spencer, after his grossly perverse behavior gave viewers of the live feeds the willies, and that joke about McCrae jacking it to child pornography, as well as making many sexist, homophobic and racist remarks.
  • Character polls show much of the Detonators of Season 16 are this: Christine is ranked the lowest, due to her cattiness, backstabbing and flirtatious relationship with Cody despite being married; Cody is close behind them, due to his inability to think for himself and his relationship with a married woman.
    • Frankie needed a special mention. Mostly for being a Creator's Pet, being highly repulsive & offensive, a gigantic attention whore and comes off fake and disingenuous. It became even more intense when Frankie decided to backstab ally and fan favorite Zach, said he wanted to "euthanize" Zach, stab his heart and "bathe in Zach's blood". He also showed zero remorse of making fun of Zach (including making rude and negative comments about Zach's personality, his weight, etc) to everyone in the house. It also didn't help when he insulted every single female houseguests except for Joey and Paola, who were the two earliest boots and spared Frankie's tyranny. To top it all off, Frankie made a highly offensive rape joke about Victoria.
  • Grace Adams-Short from the UK series 7. In the fourth week when Davina addressed the housemates, the live crowd could be heard chanting "Get Grace Out!" - shocking the housemates that the public could dislike one of them so much. Although Grace was one of four ex-housemates to get an opportunity to re-enter the house - the live crowd still chanted "Get Grace Out!" whenever they could.
    • Sezer from the same season was one too, though he was the second housemate eliminated - so no one really remembers him. At the time he set a record for most votes to evict a housemate - at over 91%.
  • From Big Brother 17:
    • Clay Honeycutt for asking to be evicted over his Showmance partner Shelli, which many fans saw as wasting a golden opportunity for a showmance (which more or less went nowhere outside the house).
    • Austin earned a spot as well. Mainly due to his Jerkass tendencies (including comparing Jmac to a dog that needs to be put down), being an extremely Sore Loser, and his fairly unpopular romance with Liz (who's a bit of a basebraker herself)
  • Paulie Calafiore from US Season 18 has become this due to his arrogance and his comments towards some of the women in the game, including insulting Jersey girls and calling Natalie "fake as the things on her chest" and then managing to say something so cruel to Da'Vonne in the Jury House (insulting her ability to parent her daughter) that she actually refused to comply to stay in the same room as him during the filming of scenes for the benefit of the viewers because she was going to go ballistic on Paulie if it kept up any longer. Bridgette even said he made her skin boil.
  • Corey Brooks, also from 18, for being an unwanted replacement for Nicole's breakup with Hayden, disturbingly cruel frat brat stories, and being scooted along in the game unfairly as her entitled new showmance.
  • From Big Brother 19... oh boy. Pull up a chair, we're going to be here for a while:
    • Raven is an Ill Girl, which would often evoke sympathy, but a lot of viewers (and even some houseguests) believe she intentionally exaggerates the severity of her condition in hopes that everyone else will throw the game to her. Her mother going on vicious, personal tirades against anyone who criticizes her daughter does little to help. But the straw that broke the camel's back was when Raven went berserk during the house bullying of Cody and Jess, making her near unanimously hated due to not establishing a strong fanbase beforehand. Some people are feeling sorry for her in the wake of a dedicated Twitter campaign to thoroughly expose her and her family, believing fans are taking this too far. Yet the one thing everyone hates, houseguests included, are her relentless and totally insane lies.
    • Matt's biggest crime is being Raven's showmance as well as floating so far under the radar that he might as well not be playing Big Brother. His massive meltdowns the week that he and Raven found themselves on the block did absolutely nothing to help matters.
    • Megan almost became one due to spending her short time in the house constantly upsetting people with her grouchy attitude and shooting her mouth off, but when it came up that the poor dear had PTSD, it became clear than only the house reviled her and for fans to do so as well would be downright evil.
    • Elena later got sandblasted for her intensely right-wing comments on social media which many considered woefully politically incorrect and chose to shame her with, which was so bad that Mark came to her defense in real life.
    • Hell, pick a houseguest that's not Ramses, Jillian, Kevin, or Jason. Any houseguest. Chances are they're ranked low on the Joker's polls at least once due to being a house full of mostly mean spirited people who only have it better than BB15 because most of them aren't racist. Almost everyone this season is a scrappy to someone
  • US Season 20:
    • Swaggy C is hated for being an arrogant douche 90% of the time, and showmancing Bayleigh 10% of the time. As soon as that guy opened his mouth he quickly became one of the most disliked African American contestants in a VERY long time. Though like Rachel he did get some woobie points after revealing his backstory where his mom left him at three years old, and his dad died when he was in high school. He even got a Take That, Scrappy! from Julie Chen who showed him his intro video showing he didn't want to be seen as the jerky, smug, alliance leader. He's also a sore loser given that he refuses to talk to Tyler the one who orchestrated his backdoor on the outside.
    • Bayleigh herself for tyrannical control over the house as HOH and extremely unlikable behavior to match, threatening crazy things to people who don't obey her and lying and unnecessarily causing drama that got Angela wrongfully targeting Rachel and then Bayleigh herself.
    • Rachel is hated for her attempts to be "trending" by saying politically incorrect comments along with Angela, and being a little too much of The Vamp without much substance. Though she did earn some woobie points for not being trending and getting a crap app, and a lot more once her whole Level Six alliance screwed her over come Week 5's eviction night and all her so-called friends left her in the dirt, while Angela rubbed her face in it.
    • Another disliked houseguest is Kaitlyin for her shoving her New-Age Retro Hippie beliefs down the houseguests throats and turning on her alliance for little reason aside from "They were becoming an alliance of showmances". Others dislike her flirting with contestants, especially Tyler, when she is in a relationship, similar to Austin cuddling up with Liz. The dislike is not total, since her peaceful spiritual side seems to be her way of concealing a very troubled and victimized person beneath a mask who comes out when she's bullied, and people can relate to that. Her boyfriend Joe of five years at the time went out on Twitter, commenting he wanted to distance himself and his girlfriend from the situation and the game.
    • Winston and Brett from the same season for their blackmailing of Scottie, their bullying nature and being assholes to Kaitlyn. Regardless of your opinion on her, insulting her trade by acting arrogant and mocking her visions pretty much earned them a spot among the least liked houseguests this side of BB19. Winston wasn't too hard to handle and received an early eviction, but Brett only managed to massively increase his hatedom by unfairly trashing Rockstar as a plot to make the house go into chaos, and on her daughter's tenth birthday when she was almost surely watching at home at the time! Brett also tricked Rockstar to act out in anger, which made a few more houseguests start to lose it and instigated some really rotten behavior as a poisonous influence from the shadows, mirroring a little of how Paul managed to be last season. Laughing at JC's half-serious comments that Kaitlyn psychically poisoned him to think about killing himself just makes things worse.
    • Angela comes into this position for being a lot like Christine in BB 16 for making her game very personal and bloody once the jury phase began and going after all the wrong people in the house and enjoying the betrayal aspect of the game. Her glee at deliberately wanting to say things controversial also upset a lot of viewers. Her goodbye message to Rachel came off as a massive Kick the Dog.
    • Rockstar has earned a very negative reputation for her repulsive lack of hygiene, black-and-white views, a biased left-wing stance that seems to be impacting how she wants to vote in the jury when people expect players to vote based on game and leave stuff like that alone, constantly ranting instead of campaigning to save herself when she loses comps and stays on the block, and somehow managing to sabotage her own game.
    • And finally we have JC who seems a little too creepy with how infamous his ice cream scoop incident has become, and being yet another negative Gay character (along with Andy from 15 and Frankie from 16). People are also troubled by the lengthy discussion he had with Bayleigh about the appropriate use of derogatory terms like "midget" and "nigga", which prompted the unpleasant return of the anti-prejudice disclaimer last seen in the dreaded Big Brother 15- around the same time that the season started to get ugly. While the discussion was positive and showed JC meant no harm, Bayleigh was genuinely hurt by even hearing the word because she grew up in a predominantly white community. The show's producers also treated this incident with care and did not use these inflammatory remarks to get the ratings up, but educate people instead. This has made JC forgivable but people wish he showed more caution in what he says and does. Asking if Rachel was transgender and feeling her Adam's apple didn't sit well with a lot of people, either, because Rachel became uncomfortable and asked him to stop.
  • U.S. Season 21:
    • In terms of unpopular and/or hated houseguests this season, literally half the house qualifies. Given the Gr8ful alliance, (particularly Jack or Isabella)'s tendency to bully and belittle houseguests not in their alliance, they are all fairly low on the Joker's polls. Isabella and Jack are basically Raven and Paul from 19, only Jack has incredibly racist tendencies such as walking around the house "imitating" David by acting like a monkey, calling him the N word with Jackson (Michie) threatening to stomp a mudhole in Kemi's chest, and other politically incorrect things. It's gotten to the point where he's pretty much the biggest Spear Counterpart to Amanda Zuckerman, and not in a good way. His alliance in general seems to get off on insulting and cruelly mistreating the other side to the point they are literally Paul and the Minions 2.0. Jack is quite literally the most controversial houseguest since BB15.
  • Jeremy in Celebrity Big Brother UK received a ton of dislike for a lapse in judgement very early into the game after pumping himself full of a bad combination of various alcohols, having recently gone through a really nasty divorce and drowning his sorrows regularly. He developed nausea and a fever and puked his guts out in the bathroom, with some of the girls helping to steady him and making sure he was okay. It was also late at night and the girls were getting ready for bed. One of them, Chloe, had on a robe. Jeremy remembered she'd had bathing suits on underneath each time she had the robe on and got this weird urge to check... and this time... she wasn't. He unwittingly exposed Chloe's breasts and she ran out of the bathroom crying uncontrollably, with the housemates furious at him. Jeremy was forgiven for being out of his mind at the time, but NOT for what he did, and made to sleep in a private room with a private bed and swiftly ejected from the house the next morning. Big Brother had to show it did not condone sexual harassment in any form, and to keep Jeremy in the house would be like tacit approval of it. Jeremy was also chastised for thinking it was okay to open a women's robe without asking permission, having done so out of some unbelievably misguided curiosity. He was crying over it following what he did and indeed very sorry it happened and willing to accept expulsion as the consequences, and had the pity of being a recently-divorced alcoholic, so he avoided a hatedom... especially considering the next expulsion in that same season actually had no sympathy toward him to speak of.
  • Ken quickly became this to the other housemates in UK Celebrity Big Brother because the old fart couldn't stop making offensive commentary, having grown up when it was all Fair for Its Day. He ended the game expelled and looking like a molester. It started with a joke about how the bathroom was the nicest place to see all the finest asses in the world from all the young women, and from there, Ken was told nicely to stop saying things like that. Being a dumb old bugger that he was, Ken did not learn his lesson and fueled even more problems with the house by drinking and further losing his control over both his actions and his mouth. He outraged Perez Hilton with his antics, and made a highly inflammatory remark about Alexander having "Negro" friends that Alexander didn't mind, but sternly warned Ken wouldn't go over well in real life because it would get him beat up. That remark also earned Ken a formal warning under the strongest possible terms from Big Brother, and an expectation for his behavior to change. Ken didn't learn a damn thing. Ken eagerly made so many politically incorrect remarks that he soon made himself look like a pervert, racist, homophobe, misogynist, and pig all in one go, and claimed to have forgotten pissing off Perez in his drunken stupor. Instead of admitting what he was saying was rude and disgusting, he slowly alienated himself from every houseguest and even got the ones who were on his side turned against him. He really blew it by saying that his comments about women's asses were things that he really meant, showing absolutely no respect for women and losing the support of the one older woman who up until that point had been the New Yorker who knew how to brush off comments like that because she was used to them, but this remark crossed that line and got her mad enough to demand Ken be arrested. He angered Perez so much that Perez actually made a passive-aggressive comment that Ken should fear for his safety upon leaving the house regarding the public reaction. Ken also made a disgusting remark where he justified his behavior as on purpose because it's what people wanted to see and that Big Brother was the next best thing to coliseum bloodshed, which was a totally inhuman thing to say. Ken got virtually everyone turned into his enemy and tried the house's patience so much that they ejected him after he relapsed into using the word "Negro", finally doing himself in by being truly too dumb to learn anything, and everyone was happy Ken was out of there, all of which felt incredibly uncomfortable around him, especially Perez, who protested Ken's continued presence in the house and broke down in tears of relief when he was finally removed from the game environment. Broadcasting services in the UK also felt the heat; Ofcom received 233 complaints about Ken.
  • Perez Hilton himself, on account of being a highly neurotic Drama Queen who thrives on being a loudmouth and belittles people so much that he's been known as the biggest bully on the Internet and had the nerve to dredge up the behavior of another celebrity in the house who had a scandalous affair with a married man and crucify them for it after they experienced it once before from the public eye. He also has to be the center of attention at all times, and sets a bad example for Americans in the CBB UK household because the European housemates begin to unfairly judge Americans by him as the standard.
  • There are so many examples in the UK Big Brother that you could be here for days. The ones that are worth noting are all the people who have been evicted from the house and met with deafening boos like they were the heels of a wrestling match stepping out onto the stage.
  • Alexander almost immediately became hated in UK 9 for her incessant Holier Than Thou behavior and sailed to the bottom of the popularity polls. The audience even chanted "Get Alex out!" when she wasn't up for eviction the first time. Fourteen days into the game, Big Brother ejected her because Alexander had kept intimidating the rest of the house, and the housemates applauded the decision when they got the news and none said that they missed her. Alex had a chance to explain herself and salvaged her reputation, but the audience would continue to boo every time her name was brought up and she was banned from attending the finale (along with Dennis, who spat on Mohammed). That only served to draw attention to the next most hated housemate, Sylvia, because Alex's sexy-looking replacement Stuart caused her to be unfaithful to her boyfriend. Mario soon became the next scrappy for his controlling personality, arguing with Stephanie while faking a relationship for a task in Week 1, and the suffocating machismo, and Mario got booed on the way out of the house.
  • Bea and Noirin from UK 10 both got the "Get X Out" treatment for their emotional manipulation of the male housemates. Bea notably causing the previously unflappable fan favourite Freddie to have a panic attack and then still talking down to him while he was begging her to leave him alone, and Noirin flirting with and discarding so many of the men (and one woman) in the house Davina called her "hypno-snatch" on the post show for her interview. Bea's reputation after the show was so bad that she had to request Wikipedia take down the housemate pages a few years later because hers was affecting career opportunities.
  • CBBUK 22 had Roxanne Pallett receive a lot of hate from the viewers after accusing fellow housemate Ryan Thomas for physically assaulting her during a play fight. Viewers saw the footage and accused Roxanne of lying about the assault, as Ryan clearly did not touch her and demanded that Roxanne should be ejected from the house. However, Roxanne did walk out of the house days later. During an interview on a Channel 5 programme, Roxanne admitted that she overreacted, but the damage had already been done.

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