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    Big Mouth 
  • Season 2 of Big Mouth is chock full of these, especially towards the finale.
    • Half of the ones are short yet potent speeches by the Shame Wizard, who whispers all their cruel, horny, sexist, hypocritical actions and desires into the ears of the characters to make them feel ashamed of themselves, feeding off their regret and self-loathing.
    • It all comes to a head in two part season finale. Nick and Gina have a sexual moment, where she lets him touch her naked boob. Nick tells all his friends, and Jessie accidentally lets it slip at the school sleepover to Devin, who spreads it to everyone else. Within an hour, everyone is calling Gina a slut, reducing her to tears and leading her to deliver a scathing one to Nick.
    Nick: I’m sorry they’re all being such dicks.
    Gina: Them?! What about you?!
    Nick: Huh? What do you mean?
    Gina: What do I mean?! You told everyone! That was our private moment!
    Nick: I was excited about it! Everyone’s happy for us!
    Gina: No, everyone’s happy for you, because you’re a guy, you’re like, Mister Big Shot! But what about me?! What am I to everyone?! A slut!
    Nick: Who cares what they think? I mean, yes, maybe everyone’s calling me Mister Big Shot, but hey, I’m still just Nick.
    Gina: Wow! You are unbelievable!
    Nick: In a good way, or...?
    Gina: NO! NOT IN A GOOD WAY!
    • Nick thinks Jay is the one who spilled the beans, but a guilt-ridden Jessie confesses it was her. They give each other a short but scathing one.
    Nick: What?! So this is all your fault?
    Jessie: Dude! You’re the one who told us about your stupid tit-grab I begin with!
    Nick: Because you’re my friends!
    Jessie: Please! You just wanted to brag and feel like a big dick boy!
    Nick: Well, you only gossiped because you’re jealous of Gina!
    Jessie: Jesus! You know? Fuck this!
    • In the next episode, Nick attempts to kiss and make up with Gina, but she rejects his apology and advances.
      Gina: No! We’re not good!
      Nick: But I just apologized. Isn’t that what you wanted?
      Gina: No, I wanted you to not tell your friends that you squeezed my boob in the first place!
      Nick: Unfortunately, Gina, I think that ship has already sailed. But we had a fight, and I screwed up. And I said I was sorry, so, now we’re making up, and maybe it’s time for a little make-up make-out.
      Gina: You know what you are? You’re a little fucking prick.
      Nick: You’re a little big-boobed bitch.
      Gina: Get the fuck away from me!
      Nick: Wait! I thought we were flirting!
      Gina: No! Ugh! I can’t believe I made out with you in the first place, but you know what? That’s never gonna happen again!
    • Andrew reveals during a “Truth or Dare” like game that he masturbated to Nick’s sister swimsuit during a visit, and the sister caught him in the act. Nick is disgusted by this.
      Nick: You...You jerked off to my sister?
      Andrew: Well, to her bathing suit. But yes, I guess it was...she had...been in it, so I was imagining her.
      Nick: What the hell, Andrew?
      Andrew: Nick, there’s a way you can look at it, like a compliment.
      Nick: What’s the compliment?
      Andrew: You two have have the same bone structure, so-
      Nick: So it’s like you’re jerking off to me? (...) Have you masturbated in my house before?
      Andrew: No! Not-never! While you’re in the room. Unless you’re sleeping.
      Andrew: I wasn’t thinking about you, you jerk! I was looking at your cat clock!
      Nick: My cat clock?! My grandmother gave that clock!
      Andrew: (In a horny tone of voice) I know, that’s-
      Nick: Oh, so that also turns you on?!
      Andrew: You’re looking at this in a realistic way. My thinking was pretty abstract.
      Nick: You’re like a compulsive masturbator.
      Andrew: Oh yeah? Well, Nick, you’re just jealous because you couldn’t jerk off if I payed you to!
      (The boys go on while their Hormone Monsters fight in the background)
      Nick: You’re a gigantic jizz creep!
      Andrew: Well, you’re a dick-less little dwarf!
      Missy: Guys, stop it!
      Nick: I hate you!
      Andrew: Well, that’s convenient, because I hate you, too!
    • Maury, Andrew’s Hormone Monster, gives a short one to Tyler, Nick’s (current) Hormone Monster, to which Tyler gives back a pathetic reply.
      Maury: What kind of Hormone Monster are you, man? Making a kid feel back for jacking off? That’s against the Jizz-ogratic Oath! Which you signed in blood...y semen.
      Tyler: I remember! It looked like a cream cheese and jelly sandwich! And I ate the whole thing! Yum yum yummy!
    • Nick later finds out that Tyler has been working with the Shame Wizard to make Nick do bad things to make him feel bad so SW could feed off his shame.
      Nick: Have you been working for the Shame Wizard?
      Tyler: I’m in cahoots! Didn’t you want me to be in cahoots?
      Nick: No! No cahoots! The Shame Wizard sucks! He makes you feel shitty!
      Tyler: You have to feel shitty, or else you’ll do things you’ll regret!
      Nick: The only thing I regret is being mean to my best friend!
      Tyler: What about messing things up with Gina?
      Nick: Yeah! And that’s your fault, too!
      Tyler:’ Oh! And what about when I made you call your dad a pussy!
      Nick: Yeah! All those things! You’re a shitty Hormone Monster!
    • Jessie tries to apologize to Gina for telling about her letting Nick touch her breast, but Gina and Lola, who has made friends with her, aren’t having it.
      Gina: and Nick are a real pair.
      Jessie: What do you mean?
      Gina: Your whole friend group! You can’t just do something awful and then say you’re sorry and then just...expect make-up make-outs!
      Lola: If Gina’s going to make out with anybody, it’s going to be me! So say goodbye to these (gestures to Gina), and while you’re at it, say goodbye to these! (Points to her own breasts) They’re real, and they’re basically two different colors!
      Gina: What?
      Lola: I sleep on my side in the tanning bed!
      Jessie: Okay, let’s calm down. I’m just trying to keep sisterhood alive, you guys.
      Gina: Sisterhood? Are you kidding me?
      Lola: Yeah, you’re basically Bill Cosby. You tell all of us young black men to pull up our pants, and then you like, rape everybody!
      Gina: No, that’s, wait...
      Lola: You like, snooze everyone down, and then you like, go to town!
      Gina: I think what Lola’s trying to say is that you’re a total hypocrite!
  • In Season 3, the school tries to instate a sexist dress code, and the girls protest by wearing skimpy outfits to school, saying they should be teaching boys self-control instead of teaching girls to cover up. Andrew leads the boys against them, trying to justify his recent Jerkass behavior on inability to control himself.
    Jessie: You guys are being disgusting!
    Lola: Omigod! You guys are like total animals!
    Andrew: Exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying! We’re animals!
    Jessie: You are not animals! Stop saying that!
    Andrew: Well, why don’t you stop telling me what I can and can’t say?!
    Maury: Yeah, this country was built on hate speech!
    Jessie: How ‘bout this—stop being a creep!
    Andrew: I’m not being a creep! You’re the ones who dressed up sexy and then get mad at us for saying you’re sexy! It’s like, what do you bitches want from us?!
    [Girls gasp]
    Devin: Bitches?
    Nick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Andrew! They’re not bitches! They’re sluts!
    Jessie: Don’t call us sluts!
    Nick: But you’re calling yourselves sluts!
    Jessie: We’re allowed!
    Nick: Look, I’m just trying to be an ally to women!
    Andrew: Why are you taking the girls’ side?
    Jay: Yeah! You’re a pussy!
    Connie: Oh no! Jud was right!
    Jay: I bet you have a pussy! Let me see it!
    Nick: I can’t win! What am I supposed to do?!
    Connie: I dunno! Apologize on a podcast?

  • In Season 1 of Castlevania, a demon called Blue Fangs gives a vicious-but-justified one to the corrupt Bishop of Gresit — who caused Dracula's genocide by burning his beloved Lisa at the stake on false charges of witchcraft, and then tried to pin the blame on the Speakers for it — right before he and a group of other monsters descend upon and kill him at his own altar.
    Bishop: Who's that? Are the Speakers dead?
    Blue Fangs: No.
    Bishop: Well, get back out there! The Speakers have to die before the sun goes down!
    Blue Fangs: (Emerging from the Shadows) The sun is already down.
    Bishop: You... cannot enter the house of God.
    Blue Fangs: God is not here. This is an empty box.
    Bishop: God is in all His churches.
    Blue Fangs: Your God's love is not unconditional. He does not love us. And He does not love you.
    Bishop: I have done His bidding. My life's work is in His name!
    Blue Fangs: Your life's work... makes Him puke.
    Bishop: I... am the Bishop of Gresit!
    Blue Fangs: Your God knows that we wouldn't be here without you. This is all your fault, isn't it?
    Bishop: SHE WAS A WITCH!
    Blue Fangs: Lies? In your house of God? No wonder He has abandoned you. But we love you.
    Bishop: What?!
    Blue Fangs: We love you. We couldn't be here without you. Let me... kiss you.
  • In the same episode, Trevor gives one to a corrupt priest who he earlier caught trying to kill an old man in an alley, denouncing him as a cowardly thug in a robe and challenging him to a one-on-one fight; all the while exposing the real reason for Dracula's Roaring Rampage of Revenge. It's so effective that the townsfolk turn on the evil priest and rip him apart before Trevor can even swing his sword.
    Trevor: (recognizes the Corrupt Priest) You.
    Corrupt Priest: Kill them! Quickly!
    Trevor: No. Just you and me. Come on. You're very big at telling people what to do, getting the people of Gresit to commit murder for you. Let's see how you do on your own.
    (Sypha's nearby flames dissipate, priest begins to panic)
    Trevor: You and me. I can see you're carrying a blade. I wonder if the people of the great city of Gresit have ever seen a priest draw a knife before.
    (townsfolk mutter about his words and the priest's)
    Trevor: Your long knife, my short sword. Let's go. Come on, you had no problem beating an old man this morning. Huh? You had no problem lying to these people about the Speakers!
    Corrupt Priest: The Speakers brought this upon us!
    Trevor: No, they didn't, and you know it. The Speakers stayed here to offer aid. It was your bishop who brought all this down on us! Your bishop who started it all, by killing a defenseless woman! You would have made murderers out of these people, but the only one here who isn't innocent... is you.
  • A succinct and hilarious double one is dealt to Godbrand, after the viking vampire complains once too many about Hector and Isaac being put in charge of the war council:
    Hector: Godbrand, you've never met anything you didn't immediately kill, fuck, or make a boat out of.
    Isaac: I don't understand why our lord doesn't just tie you up outside with the rest of the animals. (the two leave)
    Godbrand: (taken aback) ...bigot! I like boats, I'm a fuckin' viking. We're supposed to make boats out of things!
  • Dracula himself delivers another, far more serious one to Godbrand, when he pushes Dracula too much on the issue of keeping humans alive for livestock purposes, as opposed to his planned full-on genocide:
    Dracula: (cuts Godbrand off mid-word) I will not be questioned by you. I have told you how it will be. The humans will die. You. Will be taken. Care of. (voice drops to a furious, deathly-cold hiss) Little Godbrand... little vampire... little parasite. Little boat weevil, who delights in making noise and pretending he is important and dangerous. Are you going to continue questioning me? Are you going to fight me, Little Godbrand?
    Godbrand: (beat)
    Dracula: Then why are you still here, making your little noises? Get out before I slit you up the middle and bite out your heart.
  • Alucard calls out Dracula during their climactic duel, seeing through the pretension of the war and calling it what it truly is; "history's longest suicide note".
  • Season 4, Episode 7, fed up with Varney's blustering, the until-now taciturn Ratko launches into a two-minute tirade that is brutal even by the standards of a show that frequently features the literal unleashing of hell:
    Ratko: Fuck you to Hell, Varney. I am entirely fucking finished with propping up your delusional bullshit just to get things done. I am a soldier. I still do not know what you are supposed to be...
    You're a joke. You're a shallow criminal who somehow wormed your way into Dracula's circle 100 years ago.
    And then, he sent you all the way out here, to the city he'd already burned. How useful did he really think you are...?
    Eat shit. I fight wars. You have no idea, do you?
    War is when you kill so many of the other side, that they can't fight you anymore.
    Prancing around on a meadow isn't war.
    Stealing into a tent and cutting every throat in sight is war.
    Poisoning wells is war.
    Killing every baby in a town and then disappearing, that's war.
    War is for winning.
    And tracking that lunatic down into her secret rooms and surprising them to death.
    That's what I do. That's what I did.
    And you, standing there and flapping and posing. You're everything I hate.
    You vampires who think it's all about wit — I use the word loosely — because you are a shithead for the ages.
    Being charming.
    Using clever words.
    Desperate for people to admire you.
    Because you're special.
    Too much of the damaged needy human on you.
    You're not a vampire.
    I'm a fucking vampire.
    I lie and I cheat because lying to pigs is meaningless, and I'm hungry.
    I take everything anybody has, every last fucking drop.
    And then I hunt for more.
    I am not a criminal.
    I am fucking perfect.
    • This entire speech of course takes on a very ironic tone when it's revealed that Varney is far more powerful than he lets on to, making Ratko seem more like Godbrand in the second season; a little parasite who makes a lot of noise in front of a lion. The difference is that Ratko, unlike Godbrand, has no idea what he's dealing with.
  • Trevor Belmont gives an even stronger one to Death right before their last battle, where he shows absolutely no fear to the millennia-old evil spirit that feeds on souls, and dismisses him as just another "thing" to be put down by the Belmonts before challenging him:
    Trevor: Oi. Death! I want a word with you.
    Death: You know me?
    Trevor: I'm Trevor Belmont, of House Belmont. Of course I know you. Finding things and recognizing things is what we do. And you are absolutely a thing.
    Death: I was put here at the dawn of life on Earth to feed on the last breath of every one of you fuckers. (irritatedly) I'm a little more than a... thing.
    Trevor: No. You're only a thing. You're only an old killer. You don't make anything; you don't live. You just eat and hide.
    Trevor: It's time to give this place back to people who know how to build things. You and me, we're just killers of history. It's time for us to go.
    Death: And who's going to make me go? You? With your bit of string in your hand?
    Trevor: Probably not. (Trevor grins and brandishes the Morning Star) But let's just give this one last go, shall we?

    Regular Show 
  • Mordecai from Regular Show gives one to Rigby in "Meat Your Maker" after one last screw-up of breaking the thermostat with a drumstick.
    Mordecai: You can't fix this, okay?! All you do is mess things up and ruin people's lives!
    Rigby: I'm sorry. I just wanna help.
    Mordecai: Stop pretending like you can do anything but get me in trouble! You can't fix anything! And now, (starts to freeze to death) I'm gonna d-d-d-die because of you.
  • Benson delivers a particularly nasty one to Mordecai and Rigby in "Think Positive": After trying all day to suppress his anger and not yell at them on Pops' orders, his bottled-up anger causes him to turn into a white-hot ball of fire. Once Pops gives Benson permission to yell at Mordecai and Rigby (and in fact ends up ordering him to do so), Benson releases all his pent-up aggression the form of screaming a blast of fire:
    Benson: AAAAAGH! You lazy, no-good slackers drive me nuts!! Can't you just listen to me ONCE in your worthless lives?! Because if you DID, you'd see I'm trying to teach you some simple responsibility, some PRIDE in doing a job well-done!!! But you wouldn't KNOW a job well-done if you paid someone to do it for you!!! And even then you'd screw it all up on the account that you can't even follow the simplest of instructions, worrying more about "looking cool" than doing your JOBS!!!
  • There's also another one in "Busted Cart":
    Benson: Excuse, excuses?! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU WHEN ALL YOU GIVE ME ARE EXCUSES?! WHEN ARE YOU TWO GONNA LEARN THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES- CONSEQUENCES THAT AFFECT OTHER PEOPLE?! Like me!... Don't you two understand? I'm about to lose my job! You may not care about keeping your jobs but I care about keeping mine! Because if I lose my job... I have nothing! Y-YOU HEAR ME?! I have nothing! [sobs] Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my last bathroom break as an employed man.
  • Benson is on the receiving end of one from Mordecai in "Eggscellent" after Rigby falls into a coma from an allergic reaction to eggs.
    Benson: (turns to Mordecai) Well, I hope you've learned something from all of this.
    Mordecai: What?
    Benson: Maybe if you've been working like you were supposed to, none of this would've happened.
    [Mordecai punches Benson in the face, and everyone cries out in shock. Muscle Man and Skips hold Mordecai back; Pops and Hi Five Ghost hold Benson back.]
    Benson: Mordecai, what are you doing?!
    Mordecai: What's your problem?! This has nothing to do with work! He just wanted the hat!
    Benson: And look where it got him! (points to Rigby) Your friend over there is only going to get you into trouble!
    Mordecai: (laughs harshly) Right, take advice from Benson about friends, since you've got soooo many of 'em.
    Benson: I have friends.
    Mordecai: No you don't. Everyone only hangs out with you because you're our boss! Rigby only wanted to try and win a hat. He doesn't deserve to be in a coma because of it.
  • Rigby sort of gives one to Mordecai in "Laundry Woes" while he drove 20 hours to Margret's college to try and give her back a sweater.
    Rigby: Dude, what the heck!? Have you been driving all night!? You look awful!
    Mordecai: It's fine. It's fine. I just gotta get the sweater to Margret. Almost there.
    Rigby: Fine? Fine!? Not fine! Not fine, not fine! (rapping) You've been driving all this time, your eyes they must be blind!
    Mordecai: Cut it out.
    Rigby: (rapping) Not fine, not fine! How can you say you're fine thinkin' 'bout that sweater? Gotta pull yourself together! This plan will only hurt! You can never make it work!
    Mordecai: Rigby! Quit it!
    Rigby: (rapping) Not fine, not fine! You're anything but fine! Ditch that stupid sweater! You should be movin' on! The past is in the past, you and Margret said "SO LONG"!
    Mordecai: I SAID CUT IT OUT! Why are you so against me giving Margret her sweater back?
    Rigby: Because it's not about the sweater, and you know it! You gotta forget about Margret!
    Mordecai: Dude, Margret's important to me! I can't just forget her!
    Rigby: Okay, okay. You don't have to forget her, but you have to get over her for real! Staying like this is messed up, and it's messing you up! I want my friend back!
    Mordecai: Well, if you were a real friend, you'd understand.
    Rigby: I am your friend! You'd realize that if you weren't such a sad sack CHUMP!
    Mordecai: That's it! (stops the car and proceeds to kick him out.)
  • Rigby and his father Sherm both give one to each other in "Rigby Goes to the Prom".
    Sherm: I always knew you were a liar, and a loser, but I never thought you'd be a THIEF! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, seems like every day you find some new way to mess up our lives, and NOW you found someone new to mess up their life too!
    • Followed up with...
      Rigby: [On the edge of a cliff in the car, with Sherm still blaming Rigby] It doesn't matter if I ever get a big job or my G.E.D, you're STILL never gonna trust me, and that's on YOU! You're so focused on your car that you never noticed me growing up! Also, it's totally YOUR fault because you were the one driving and you weren't watching the road! NOW GIVE ME THE WHEEL!
  • Pops in "The Key to the Universe" delivers an exceptionally brutal one to his master Earl, much to everyone's awe, after being tired of having to "train" by being his servant. As a result, Pops advises Earl to teach him the proper way. As a result, Earl eventually concedes and decides to tell him the truth of being the chosen one.
    Earl: Mmm. Time to freshen my cup. Keep folding my undershirt. It is a very important part of your training.
    Rigby: Psst... Pops!
    (Pops turns around and looks at the gang, who is watching him behind the open door)
    Eileen: (Whispering) How's training going?
    Pops: Terrible! Earl hasn't taught me anything!
    Earl: Haven't taught you ANYTHING?!
    (Pops sighs as he looks at Earl, who is clearly fuming.)
    Muscle Man: Oh. Busted.
    Pops: Uhh... (Stands up both literally and figuratively) I'm sorry, but it's the truth! Your training makes no sense! I think you're too lazy to do your own chores and I'm fed up with being your PERSONAL CHAMBERMAID!
    (Cuts to Earl having a Twitchy Eye) Also, I think you're throughly unpleasant!
    (Cuts to Reaction Shot of his gang, clearly in awe)
    Mordecai: Oh snap!
    Eileen: Oh no, he didn't!
    Pops: I don't want any part of this! You can fight Anti-Pops for all I care!
    Earl: Even if I wanted to, I cannot! You are the chosen one!
    Pops: I don't WANT to be the chosen one!
    Earl: If you do not become stronger than Anti-Pops, he will erase everything you hold near and dear from existence!

    The Simpsons 
  • An early example occurs in "Moaning Lisa", when Homer — after losing to him so often in the game — has a nightmare about engaging in a Super Slugfest boxing match with Bart, with themselves in the roles of the characters. Bart mercilessly lays into him both verbally and physically the whole time; with Homer waking up screaming just as Bart finishes him off with a huge windmill punch.
    Bart: Put up your dukes, Homer! (swings a left hook at him)
    Homer: (he screams and ducks the punch) Bart...! (cowers) Go easy on me, I'm your Dad!
    Bart: I am going easy on you. (begins laying into Homer with a barrage of punches) But you're just so old. (punches him hard each time) And slow! And weak!
    Homer: (is sent flying backward) No!
    Bart: And PATHETIC! (winds up for his finishing punch)
    (Bart throws the final punch; right as it hits, Homer wakes up screaming loudly)
  • Ned Flanders of all people gives a brutal one in "Hurricane Neddy". After his life falls apart, he snaps and lets loose on the whole town. The implication later on is that his sudden outburst came from his years-long suppressed anger at his parents for not raising him properly.
    Ned Flanders: Calm down, Neddly diddily diddily diddily, doodily. They did their best...shodaiddily iddily iddily diddily diddily. Gotta be nice,, hell-diddly-ding-dong CRAP! CAN'T YOU MORONS DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!
    (the crowd gasps)
    Marge Simpson: Ned, we meant well! And everyone here tried their best!
    Ned: Well I'm sorry, but my family and I can't live on good intentions, Marge! Ohhh, your family's out of control, but we can't blame you, because you have goooooood intentions!
    Bart: Hey, back off, man!
    Ned: Ohhh, okay duuuude, I wouldn't want you to have a cow, maaaaan! Here's a catch phrase you better learn for your adult years; Hey buddy, GOT A QUARTER!?
    Bart: I am shocked and appalled.
    Lisa: Mr. Flanders, with all due respect, Bart didn't do anything.
    Ned: Do I hear the sound of butting in? It's gotta be little Lisa Simpson, Springfield's answer to the question NO ONE ASKED!
    Chief Wiggum: Ha! Ha-ha!
    Ned: Whadda we have here, the long flabby arm of the law? The last case you got to the bottom of was a case of Mallomars!
    Krusty the Clown: Mallomars, oho, that's going in the act.
    Ned: Oh yeah, the Clown. The only one of you buffoons who doesn't make me laugh! (turns to Lenny) And as for you, I don't know you but I'm sure you're a jerk!
    Lenny: Hey, I've only been here a few minutes, what's going on?
    Ned: (to Moe) You ugly, hate-filled man!
    Moe: Hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but I -- uhwhat was the third thing you said?
    Ned: Homer... you are the worst human being I have ever met.
    Homer: Hey, I got off pretty easy.
  • In "Homer's Enemy" Homer gets a scathing one from Frank Grimes:
    Frank: God, I've had to work hard every day of my life, and what do I have to show for it? This briefcase, and this haircut! And what do you have to show for your lifetime of sloth and ignorance?
    Homer: What?
    Frank: Everything! A dream house! Two cars! A beautiful wife! A son who owns a factorynote ! Fancy clothes and (sniffs air) lobsters for dinner! And do you deserve any of it? No!
    Homer:(gasps) What are you saying?
    Frank: I'm saying you're what's wrong with America, Simpson. You coast through life, you do as little as possible, and you leech off of decent, hardworking people like me. Heh, if you lived in any other country in the world, you'd have starved to death long ago.
    Bart: He's got you there, dad.
    Frank: You're a fraud. A-a total fraud. (walks out, pokes his head back round the doorway, and speaks to Marge and the kids) It was nice meeting you.
  • Marge give a very brief but effective one to Artie Ziff after he lets Homer go to jail for a crime he committed in "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner".
    Marge: Do you know why no one likes you?
    Artie: Anti-semitism?
    Marge: No. Your problem is you never think of anyone besides yourself!
    Artie: Marge, I think about a lot more than just moi. (Imagine Spot of female Arties dancing the Can-Can while singing his first name along with the music as male Arties with mustaches clap while singing his last name) Oh... my... God. She's right.
  • Stephen Hawking gives one to the Springfield members of Mensa in "They Saved Lisa's Brain", when they begin making outlandish proposals:
    Professor Frink: You should all do what I say! My IQ is 199, for crying out glavin! (tries to lean against a pillar, but misses, hitting his head instead) 198, 197...
    Stephen Hawking: (offscreen) Big deal. My IQ is 280.
    (the crowd gasps when Stephen Hawking enters)
    Mensa Members: Stephen Hawking!
    Principal Skinner: The world's smartest man!
    Lisa: What are you doing here?
    Hawking: I wanted to see your utopia. But now, I see, it is more of a Fruitopia.
    Skinner: (chuckling) I'm sure what Dr. Hawking means is...
    Hawking: Silence. I don't need anyone to talk for me, except this voicebox. You have clearly been corrupted by power. For shame.
    Homer: Larry Flynt is right! You guys stink!
    (the crowd cheers in agreement)
    Hawking: I don't know what the bigger disappointment is: my failure to formulate a unified field theory, or you.
    Skinner: I don't like your tone...
    Hawking: If you're looking for trouble, you've found it.
    Skinner: Just try me, you-Ow!
    (Hawking presses a button that deploys a punching glove hitting Skinner in the face)
  • Marge gives a huge one towards the whole town in "The Boys of Bummer" for continuing to harass Bart for losing a baseball championship even when he tried to kill himself because of it.
    Marge: YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED! Passing judgement on a child for a sports boo-boo! What have you people ever done!?
    Lenny: Well, I write a bestselling series of mystery novels. Stephen King called it "Scary, good fun".
    Marge: Besides that.
    (The townspeople lower their heads in shame)
    Marge: Now, thanks to you, my special little guy will be haunted by this for the rest of his life. I always thought that was just a slogan to attract small businesses. (points to a billboard reading "Springfield: Meanest City in America") But now I know it's the truth!
  • The episode "Mypods and Boomsticks" has Bart cutting off a speech from Mapple CEO Steve Mobs to tell Mapple users how stupid they are for buying Mapple's incredibly expensive products.
    Steve Mobs: I am speaking to you from Mapple Headquarters deep below the sea, with an announcement that will completely change the way you look at everything. And that announcement is-
    Bart: (cutting Mobs off) You're all losers! You think you're cool because you buy a $500 phone with a picture of a fruit on it? Well, guess what: They cost 8 bucks to make, and I pee on every one! I have made a fortune off you chumps, and I've invested it all in Microsoft. Now, my boyfriend Bill Gates and I kiss each other on a pile of your money!
  • In "Trash of the Titans", Homer gets elected sanitation commissioner, but messes up so badly that Springfield tries to bring back Homer's predecessor, Ray Patterson, who Homer defeated. Ray, however, has some choice words for the people who ignored his warnings of Homer being ignorant about the position.
    Ray: Oh, gosh, you know, I'm not much on speeches, but it is so gratifying to... leave you wallowing in the mess you've made. You're screwed, thank you, bye.
  • Lisa Goes Gaga has one from Lisa to Lady Gaga:
    Lady Gaga: Lisa. Lisa! Listen to me! This pity party's being shut down by the smile police. Here's what you gonna do...
    Lisa: Why do you keep telling me what I'm gonna do? This isn't about me!
    Lady Gaga: Well, who else would it be about?
    Lisa: You! It's about "Hello! Hello Springfield! It's me, Gaga! why is everyone looking at my purple hair full of blue birds?" Well, I denounce thee!
    Lady Gaga: Wha...?
    Lisa: I denounce thee for giving people ambitions they cannot fulfill. And I denounce thee for positing a world where social acceptance and walking on heels are easy!
    Lady Gaga dancer: Please, may we kill the kid? (Another dancer shakes his head negatively)
    Lisa: I denounce thee! I denounce thee! I denounce thee!
    Lady Gaga: Whoa, easy little monster.
    Lisa: Don't "Monster" Me!
    Lady Gaga: Whatever you say.
  • In "Bart Gets a 'Z'", Bart spikes Mrs. Krabappel's drink with alcohol to get her to loosen up, but it works so well that it costs her her job. When Bart confesses, Mrs. Krabappel is outraged and lays into him.
    Mrs. Krabappel: You ruined my life! It's your fault I have to work at this stupid muffin store.
    Bart: But this place was your dream!
    Mrs. Krabappel: My real dream was to be a teacher, and you got me fired! Now I'm up to my eyeballs in debt with this stupid store, and four more muffin stores just opened on this block!
    Bart: B-b-but you found The Answer!
    [Mrs. Krabappel destroys The Answer with a cake mixer]
    Bart: No! I wrote a phone number in there!
    Mrs. Krabappel: No matter what you've done, I always thought there was a spark of decency in you, Bart Simpson, but I was wrong. I never thought I'd say this to a child, but you are bad on the inside.

    South Park 
  • South Park: The episode "Tsst" has Cartman give an absolutely brutal version of this to one of the nannies.
    Cartman: Well, I'm feeling confused, because I don't understand why you became a nanny.
    Stella: (the nanny) Me? Well, it's because I love children, like you.
    Cartman: Right, but... if you love children so much, how come you're not a mommy?
    Stella: Oh, I just never had kids.
    Cartman: Why not?
    Stella: It... just...didn't happen.
    Cartman: You're sterile, is that it? (she releases him, taken aback by the question) No, that's too convenient of an excuse. The truth is, nobody ever wanted to have babies with you. Isn't that it? (her jaw drops) Always the mom's maid and never the mom? Must be hard on you, knowing that the years are ticking away, your friends all getting married and all the while your uterus is slowly shriveling away, drying up, becoming totally worthless.
    Stella: Why you, you... (stands up) you little bastard! How dare you?!
    Cartman's mom: Eric, naughty.
    Stella: What kind of (picks him up by the collar) monster would—
    Cartman: Yes, let the anger come! Strike me down while you can! But it won't make your dried-up ovaries any more fertile!
  • Another great one that turns what appears to be a message of bigotry into one of tolerance — "All About Mormons" is mostly spent deconstructing the beliefs of Mormons, and Stan angrily makes his dislike for Mormonism known to a Mormon family who invited the Marshes over for dinner, and it appears for a moment that he's being portrayed as a hero. The next day, he is confronted by the boy who invited them over.
    Gary: Maybe us Mormons do believe in crazy stories that make absolutely no sense, and maybe Joseph Smith did make it all up. But I have a great life and a great family, and I have the Book of Mormon to thank for that. The truth is, I don't care if Joseph Smith made it all up, because what the Church teaches now is loving your family, being nice and helping people. And even though people in this town might think that's stupid, I still choose to believe in it. All I ever did was try to be your friend, Stan, but you're so high and mighty you couldn't look past my religion and just be my friend back. You've got a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.
    (Gary walks off; all four boys just look at him in wonder)
    Cartman: Damn, that kid is cool, huh?
  • In "Trapper Keeper", Mr. Garrison gives a good one to Rosie O'Donnell — though it could be targeted at any Hollywood celebrity involved in politics — during the Kindergarten class presidential elections:
    Rosie O'Donnell: We're just making sure that the kids that voted for my nephew don't get cheated.
    Mr. Garrison: Half the kids in the class didn't vote for your nephew! So what about them?! You don't give a crap about them because they're not on your side! People like you preach tolerance and open-mindedness all the time but when it comes to Middle America, you think we're all evil and stupid country yokels who need your political enlightenment! Well just because you're on TV, doesn't mean you know crap about the government! Now get your ass back on first class and respect this class's right to make up their own minds!
  • Stan gave one to Al Gore after the end of "ManBearPig" when he and his friends narrowly escaped a cave in that was soon flooded (All caused by Gore himself), which Gore tried to take the credit for saving them. But Stan will not have any of it:
    Stan: Stay away from us, asshole! I was nice to you because I felt sorry for you, because you don't have any friends! But now I see why you don't have any friends! You just used ManBearPig as a way to get attention for yourself because you're a loser!
  • Stan give several long and epic ones to John Edward in The Biggest Douche in the Universe.
    • First:
      Stan: Look, my friend Kyle won't fly back home to Colorado. All I need you to do is just talk to him and tell him, you know, the whole talking to dead people isn't for real.
      John Edward: Maybe it is for real.
      Stan: Right, but it's not. It's a trick you do and I need you to just let my friend Kyle know that so he can go on with his life.
      John Edward: Look, people have the right to be skeptical. I really hear voices in my head.
      Stan: Yes. We all hear voices in our heads. It's called "intuition." Get over yourself and tell my friend it's just for fun.
      John Edward: Look, what I do doesn't hurt anybody. I give people closure and help them cope with life.
      Stan: No, you give them false hope and a belief in something that isn't real.
      John Edward: But I'm a psychic.
      Stan: No dude, you're a douche.
      John Edward: I'm not a douche! What if I really believe that dead people talk to me?
      Stan: Then you're a stupid douche.
      John Edward: I think I've had of you bullying me! Get out of my house or I'll run upstairs, lock myself in my panic room, and call the police!
      Stan: I'm nine years old.
      John Edward: I'm not talking to your friend and I'm not a douche! (runs up the stairs and towards his room as his voice gets whinier) You'd better get out of my house, 'cause I'm gonna call the police! (Stan looks at him like he's nuts; he locks himself in his panic room)
      Stan: You are so a douche! I'm nominating you for the Biggest Douche in the Universe award, you douche! (walks towards the door, but notices some books on a bookcase nearby. He checks them out. "How To Be A Psychic" "Cold Reading: The Trick Of The Psychic!" "Make Women Believe You're Psychic! Then Have Sex With Them!" "How To Sixty Nine With Yourself" ...Stan senses the real reason behind John's efforts) Son of a bitch. (takes the books and leaves the estate)
    • Later:
      Stan: Kyle! Kyle!
      Kyle: Don't try and stop me, Stan! This is what my grandma wants!
      Stan: Look, I went and saw that John Edward guy. He's just a big douche.
      Kyle: He's not a douche! He talked to my grandma!
      Stan: Kyle, you can't run your life based on what some douchey psychic said. They all just use a technique called "cold reading". They've used it for hundreds of years to make people believe them.
    • Later still:
      Stan: Here. Look, Kyle. I found tons of testimonials on the Internet saying that John Edward has the entire studio wired to hear what people are talking about before the show. And, he pays actors to be plants in the audience.
      Kyle: You're just jealous he's a better psychic than you.
      Stan: Fine, I give up! You wanna stay in New York?! Then go ahead! (throws the stack away and leaves; he reaches the front doors, opens them, and is face-to-face with John Edward)
      John Edward: So, you think you can talk to dead people better than me, huh?!
      Stan: No, I don't think either one of us can. (Kyle gets up from his seat and leaves the room)
      John Edward: They told me your show is getting better ratings than mine, that you're saying I'm a fraud on your show! You'd better not ever call me a liar, or a fake, or a douche again, or else I'll sue you for slander!
      Stan: I'm saying this to you, John Edward; you are a liar, you are a fake, and you are the biggest douche ever!
      John Edward: Everything I tell people is positive and gives them hope! How does that make me a douche?!
      Stan: Because the big questions in life are tough. Why are we here? Where are we from? Where are we going? But if people believe in asshole douchey liars like you, we're never gonna find the real answer to those questions. You aren't just lying, you're slowing down the progress of all mankind, you douche!
    • And finally:
      Stan: You see, I learned something today. At first I thought you were all just stupid, listening to this douche's advice, but now I understand that you're all here because you're scared. You're scared of death and he offers you some kind of understanding. You all want to believe in it so much, I know you do. You find comfort in the thought that your loved ones are floating around trying to talk to you, but think about it: Is that really what you want? To just be floating around after you die, having to talk to this asshole? (the audience is listening) We need to recognize this stuff for what it is; magic tricks. Because whatever's really going on in life and in death is much more amazing than this douche. (more audience listening, reflection; Kyle is present; One man claps, then others clap with him)
    • And the episode ends with John Edward actually being crowned The Biggest Douche in the Universe.
  • Butters gives one to his parents (on their anniversary!) in "Butters' Very Own Episode" after he's nearly been killed by his mother and to stop their fighting:
    Butters: Now gosh darn it, you! (steps in between his parents) You listen here! Now I am sick of these harmless lies and l-little white lies. You know, you can call a shovel an ice-cream machine, but it's still a shovel, Mom and Dad. Ah, and you can call a lie whatever you want, but it's still a no-good stinkin' lie! And when you start coverin' up one lie with another why, now that's when you get into real trouble! (Chris and Linda listen) Boy I've, I've just about had it up to here (puts his right hand to his chin, palm down) with you two!
  • Butters' speech to his bullying grandmother in "Butterballs" is an epic, Tranquil Fury-laced one and possibly his ultimate CMOA; with him ultimately proving to her that she couldn't break him, that she's an empty, miserable person for what she does, and when she's withering and dying he'll still come see her; just to show how he's alive and strong despite everything she's done, and that he'll ultimately have the last laugh in her final moments. Her expressions throughout show how effective this speech is on her.
    Butters: (walks into Grandma Stotch's bedroom, she wakes up) Grandma? I did it grandma, I finally stood up for myself, I got real mean and I beat the snot out of Dr. Oz. (her expression hardens, silently trying to ignore Butters) I can't lie, it felt kind of good. At first... but since then, all I have is this kind of dark empty feeling, and then I realized, that's how you must feel, all the time. Poor old grandma. You know, I've been getting lots of advice on how to deal with you. Stand up to you, tell on you... but I kind of realize that there's just people like you out there, all over the place. When you're a kid, things seem like they're going to last forever, but they're not. Life changes, you won't always be around. Someday, you're going to die, someday pretty soon. (Grandma Stotch blinks, shocked by the realisation) And when you're laying in that hospital bed, with tubes up your nose, and that little pan under your butt to pee in, I'll come visit you. I'll come just to show you that I'm still alive and I'm still happy, and you'll die, being nothing but you. (walks to the door, nonchalantly) 'Night, grandma! (leaves, shutting the door behind him and leaving her to ponder her fate alone in the darkness)
  • There's one Reason You Suck Speech that tops that one, though - Butters' lambasting of the counselors at the "Pray The Gay Away" camp in "Cartman Sucks".
    Butters: All right, that does it! I am sick and tired of everyone telling me I'm confused! I wasn't confused until other people started tellin' me I was! You know what I think? I think maybe you are the ones who are confused!... I'm not gonna be confused anymore just because you say I should be! My name is Butters, I'm eight years old, I'm blood type O, and I'm bi-curious! And even that's okay! Because if I'm bi-curious, and I'm somehow made from God, then I think your God must be a little bi-curious himself!
  • Butters again in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". After framing him for writing a dirty novel they wrote (and convincing him he subconsciously wrote it), the four boys are horrified when Butters is actually praised for its quality and becomes a celebrity. They chastise him for taking credit, only for him to bite back, leaving them speechless.
    Kyle: Butters, do you really think it's fair to lie like this?! Let me tell you, if you don't have the-
    Butters: No, let me tell you somethin', fellers! You always take advantage of me, and after reading "Catcher in the Rye," I've learned you're nothing but phonies! I'm not letting you trick me this time! So the four of you can just suck on my wiener!
    (Butters walks off, leaving the four boys stunned)
    Cartman: (Beat) That inconsiderate jerk!
  • And once again Butters in "Going Native", when he tells off all the boys in his class after beating up a diabetic classmate and confronted about it.
    Butters: (runs out of the bathroom, points at Kyle) You just think you know everything, don't you Kyle?! Every little thing you gotta shoot your mouth off like you're the frickin' expert! Well you don't know everything because (points to Stan) your best friend is a kid who thinks the entire planet revolves around him and he only cares about his image! (runs back into bathroom, then runs out again) You guys think Cartman is the only selfish piece of crap in this school? You're all fake and stuck up, and none of you have the corn to tell Jimmy (points to Jimmy) that his jokes aren't funny! The only kid who has any sense of dignity here is Kenny (points to Kenny), and the rest of you have your heads up your butts! (runs back into the bathroom)
    Cartman: Well. Apparently Kenny is Butters' best friend. You guys gonna make out, Kenny?
    Butters: (runs back out) And that's another thing! You're always trivializing everything I say by gettin' the last word! Well you're not gettin' the last word this time! (runs back into bathroom and locks himself in)
    Cartman: …wow.
    Butters: (sticks his head out of the bathroom door) Double wow! (closes the bathroom door again and locks it)
  • Kenny also gives one about Madonna in "Kenny Dies", labeling her as "an old, anorexic whore who wore out her welcome years ago and that now she suddenly speaks with an British accent and she thinks she can play guitar and she should go fuck herself", according to Kyle's translation.
  • God gave one to Satan in "Probably". Amusingly, it fell under "Acquaintance vs Acquaintance" version, calling him a whiny little bitch for constantly choosing to be in relationships that don't make him happy when he used to be a headstrong rebel.
  • In "Pandemic 2: The Startling", Craig, in a quiet, subdued voice, tells the four boys that no one in their class likes them because they get caught up in stupid, pointless adventures all the time. Multiple times.
    Craig: Do you guys know why nobody else at school likes hanging out with you? Because you're always doing stuff like this, you're always coming with some stupid idea to do something, and then it backfires, and then you end up in some foreign country, or outer space or something. That's why no one likes hanging out with you guys.
    Cartman: You're being extremely negative Craig.

    Craig: Was there ever a moment when you guys first came up with the genius plan to become a Peruvian flute band that any of you said "Hey, you know? This plan might backfire?". No, that never occurred to you. Because you guys are jerks. And you never learn from your mistakes. And that's why everyone at school thinks you guys are assholes.
    Kyle: That's not true. Kids at school like us. Don't they?
    Stan: Yeah dude, kids at school totally like us. Craig is just being a dick because we're having a tough time right now.
    Craig: I'm being a dick?
    Stan: Yes.
    Craig: You guys took my birthday money, got me arrested and sent to Miami with no way home except to take down the country of Peru, and I'm being a dick?
  • In "Eat, Pray, Queef", Sharon gives one to her husband after she sees a newspaper article saying that queefing is banned.
    Sharon: You really think women cared that much about queefing? Is that really what you think this has all been about? This has been about women having a little bit of fun for once at your expense. For just this one time we could be the immature ones to make you feel uncomfortable. But no, you just couldn't let us have that one little thing, could you?! Because even though things are getting better for women, you still think of us as lesser people sometimes, and we always have to prove ourselves twice as hard. Congratulations, guys, (in tears) for getting your way... again.
  • In "Gluten Free Ebola", Wendy gives one to Stan after he tries to get back together with her when he broke up to make his startup company.
    Stan: (walks up) Hey, Wendy.
    Wendy: You're... back?
    Stan: Yeah, the startup company thing didn't work out.
    Wendy: (flatly) Oh wow, I'm shocked.
    Stan: So hey, I was gonna see if you still wanted to see that stupid Maze Runner movie.
    Wendy: You broke up with me, Stan! You said you had to be "free to chase your dreams".
    Stan: Wendy, I thought my life was going in a different direction and I just felt that I, I really had to give it everything I had, you know. I had I had to focus on one thing.
    Wendy: Is that why you told Clyde that you broke up with me? Because you're about to be (does air quotes) "dripping in bitches"?!
    Stan: Huh? Why does everyone suddenly remember everything everybody says? (Wendy slams her locker shut, startling Stan, and she faces him)
    Wendy: I'm happy, Stan. I'm happy I know who you really are now. You're someone who can't be counted on! You're someone who can just bail on the people you love! (turns around and walks away)
  • In "Safe Space", a villain named Reality gave a huge one to all the people in the Shameless America Charity Event.
    Reality: (jumps over the table and rushes the stage, then grabs the mic from Gigi Hadid) Give me that, you stupid bitch! (she walks off) What a lovely charity event. I suppose you're all feeling pretty good about yourselves, hm? What have you done? You've raised $300 by spending half a million on filet mignon and crystal glasses. (crowd is silenced and ashamed at themselves) Look at you, Vin Dipshit. You think fat-shaming is wrong, so in response you show off your abs. You're the one fat-shaming, idiot! What's the matter with you people?! (mockingly) You're saaad that people are meeean? Well I'm sorry, the world isn't one big liberal arts college campus! We eat too much; we take our spoiled lives for granted, feel a little bad about it sometimes! No, you wanna put up all your shit on the Internet and have every single person say "Hooray for you!". Fuck you. You're all pricks. And I've got news for you! While you've all been sitting here trying to feel good, the little boy who sucked all your shit is about to die from it!
  • In "Splatty Tomato" Kyle gives one to Heidi Turner and while it's a lot shorter than the others, it's arguably the most powerful one, to the point that it makes her realize how far she has changed from a kind caring girl to an obese Jerkass ever since she started dating Cartman. Doubles as an Armor-Piercing Response.
    Heidi: Oh, what's the matter Kyle? You don't want me around 'cause you had the hots for me and I shot you down?
    Kyle: (coldly) I would never have the hots for the person you are now. (Heidi is stunned by Kyle's answer)

    Other Animated Series 
  • In the 6teen holiday special, "Snow Job", Jonesy wins over a stunning girl named Tara for the school dance, but at the dance she turns out to be an Alpha Bitch and bosses him around, makes fun of his friends and acts embarrassed by him as a whole. Finally, he tries to be nice and helps two of his friends get back together, only for Tara to mock them yet again. He gets fed up and really lets her have it:
    Jonesy: Okay, that's it! I've had enough of you and your stupid friends! (Tara gasps). Nikki was right about you! You ARE as shallow as a puddle! I'm outta here!
    • In "The One with the Cold Sore," Jen gets a role in a movie that's being filmed in the mall, and she soon lets all the fame go to her head and starts getting really bossy and mean to Jonesy, who she hired to be her assistant. She soon finds out that Jonesy has been selling some of her belongings to her fans, including her socks and even her retainer. Jen is about to give Jonesy a speech about how low and dirty he is, when Jonesy stops her and gives a speech of his own about how Jen had been treating him:
      Jen: You are the lowest, dirtiest...
      Jonesy: Oh, come on! You've been a total diva for the last two days. You've yelled at me for everything I've done wrong, and not once thanked me for a thing I did right. Putting on a show for all your Hollywood friends. You may be in a movie, but when you get home, you'll find you have no socks!
    • In "Idol Time at the Mall", Wyatt is so disappointed by his friends' failure to show up note  that he decided to rewrite the song (which was originally a praising ode to his friends) to call them all out:
      Wyatt: Jonesy really is a jerk!
      Hits on anything in a skirt
      Jude thinks he's a dude!
      He doesn't have a clue!
      Caitlin wears a giant lemon!
      Thinks the shopping mall is heaven!
      And Jen? She's just plain rude!
      Nikki thinks she's tough!
      She can't even wake up!
      None of you were there for me! YOU SUCK!!!
    • They later do apologize for not showing up, and Wyatt forgives them, but by then the song has made them into social pariahs. This leads to most of them no longer wanting to hang with him anymore, but Jonesy, having made himself Wyatt’s manager, still spends time with him, a bit. However the song preventing him from scoring a date proves to be the final straw, making him give Wyatt one of his own:
      Jonesy: That's it! It is one thing to talk trash about me in your stupid song, but when that stupid song impedes my ability to score chicks, then you have gone too far, my friend!
  • Adventure Time:
    • In "To Cut a Woman's Hair", Finn delivers one to a tree witch:
      Finn: If there's anything I've learned today, it's that I am awesome at talking to ladies. And lady, you are CRAZY UGLY! Having beautiful hair isn't gonna get you anywhere because you're ugly inside and out. So ugly, I want to throw up. No one will ever find you beautiful. EVERRRR. And it has nothing to do with the old chrome-dome. (gestures to his heart) It has to do with what's in here.
    • In "Burning Low", Jake delivers one to Princess Bubblegum over her constant rejection of Finn then trying to interfere with his new relationship with Flame Princess. However, PB shuts him down by explaining that Flame Princess's powers are extremely unstable and will destroy the world if she is exposed to extreme romance.
      PB: Jake, where's Finn? Is he with Flame Princess?
      Jake: Back off, Bubblegum! That's his man's biz.
      PB: Is he with her? Or not?
      Jake: You heartless monster. Do you have any idea HOW MUCH HE'S CRIED OVER YOU?!?! FINN DESERVES TO BE HAPPY, EVEN IF HIS BLOOPIN' FACE GETS BURNT OFF!!! YOU...SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!! [throws a box of pancake mix in PB's face] YOU'RE SICK!!!
    • Lemongrab gives THREE of these to Princess Bubblegum in "You Made Me!:"
      Lemongrab: No one... No one understands! I am alone! And you made me like this! YOU MADE ME!!! YOOOU MAAADE MEEE!!! You're... my... glob! You're my glob!
      Lemongrab: It's gross! And who says your way's right, anyway? I look in the lemon heart you gave me and see my lemon way to act- and that must be right!
      Lemongrab: NO! No more helping! You unload your punkest boys on me?! Tryyy to change my ways?! YOU'RE POISON! YOU'RE POISON!!! YOU NEED RECONDITIONING!!! REEECONDITIIION YOOOU!!!
    • PB gets her own against Ricardio in "Lady & Peebles" when she overpowers him in a fight:
      PB: You think we're intellectual equals?! It only took me seconds to get you off your guard! And this "body" you designed is self-congratulatory garbage! See, I know a thing or two about building a body out of biomass, and you don't... leave your heart exposed!
      Ricardio: I just wanted to impress you!
      PB: YOU DIDN'T.
    • Flame Princess gives a very scathing one to PB in "The Cooler" for her unwanted surveillance of everyone and her morally ambiguous actions as leader of her kingdom like before. It left such a big burn on PB that she shut down her surveillance network on everyone which is a big change from her recent behavior past episodes.
      Flame Princess: You're still spying on me?!
      PB: I'm PB! I spy on everybody. No big D!
      Flame Princess: You're cold, PB!
      PB: Eh. (shrugs)
      Flame Princess: And it's not because you're a scientist or leader; it's because you are a bad person! Something inside you is messed up, girl. And whatever it is, (sighs) whatever, whatever, PB!
    • Finn gives a short, but accurate one to the Ice King after helping the princesses the latter kidnapped escape in "Prisoners of Love":
      Ice King: Why are you doing this? They were finally warming up to me...
      Finn: NO! That is NOT the case! You are nuts, man, and I don't know how to help you! [...] But you've gotta get it through your head, man, putting princesses in jail is wrong!
  • Aladdin: The Series: Aladdin gets called out by Mozenrath:
    Mozenrath: The magic of a genie was handed to you on a silver platter, but I gave my right hand for power! To wear the gauntlet is painful... but it's worth it! Worth it to destroy the likes of you!
  • In All Dogs Go to Heaven: A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Sasha) gives Carface one over his stealing the money a sick puppy needed for an operation to save his life. Christmas Yet to Come (Charlie) gives him one of these in musical form with "Clean Up Your Act", along with telling him what he can do to change that.
  • In All Grown Up! episode "A Deville House Divide," Vice Principal Pangborn's Jerk Jock nephew spends the majority of the episode bullying Tommy, Chuckie and Dil. The latter finally decides to tell it like it is when the nephew makes fun of him by taking his Sherpa hat and doing an insulting impersonation of him.
    Dil: That's it! I've had it with you! You're selfish, obnoxious, and nobody likes you! And one more thing... Nobody! Touches! The hat! (Walks away, leaving Morty stunned)
    Morty: I'm Morty-fied.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • American Dad!:
    • Stan lays into Roger in a the beginning of the episode "Weiner of Our Discontent" after Roger plays a practical joke on Stan that involves chewing a box of bon-bons and spewing then out on Stan’s shoes while he was wearing them. What results from this is that Stan gives out a series of brutal and scathing insults which ends with an accusation of Roger being worthless and Roger swearing to get back at Stan for it. Apparently, Stan does not care about the fact that Roger has to suck in order to survive given the fact that this episode takes place after "Frannie 911".
      Stan: The truth is you're nothing but a worthless sack of fatass!
      Roger: (gasps in horror)
      Stan: You're lazy, you're a chubbo, you lie, you cheat, you eat all our food, you're a drunk, you never wash your wigs, but you strut around like you're Mary Queen of Scots, Brangelina, and Jesus all rolled into one. Well, you're not! You're a big fat nothing!
      • It's worth noting that the rest of the episode has Stan take the Jerkass Ball towards Roger and mocks him after Roger's revenge plan to blow up Earth does not work out. However, Stan later apologizes for his behavior to Roger.
    • In one episode, Steve decides that he wants to be a back-up dancer. Roger's assessment:
      Roger: You are terrible. You've got no rhythm, no coordination. I've seen two epileptics share a bowl of noodles with more grace. If your goal was to inspire a feeling of despair the likes of which hasn't been felt since Whoopi hosted the Oscars, then bravo... I can envision millions of Americans rising up as one and demanding legislation that would require your legs to be amputated, burned and buried next to Hitler. In short, you suck!
    • Stan also lays into his family in "Father's Daze"... right before the song "Scatman" plays over his rant. You can clearly tell he's calling out his family for all the flaws they have. Francine's a slutty drunk, Hayley's a potheaded loser, Steve is a big baby and a chronically masturbating wuss.
  • Amphibia
    • In "Reunion", Anne is about to be brow beaten to surrendering to Sasha's will again, to give up for her friend's sake after her "end of discussion" face. And then, Sprig slingshots mud into Sasha's face and calls her out about how Anne doesn't have to be pushed around by her.
      Sprig: For someone who's Anne's best friend, you sure don't know her well. She's brave, she's smart, and most of all, she's not gonna be pushed around by a bully like you!
    • Anne gets her turn to call out Sasha in "True Colors". After she steals the box for herself and reveals that she and Grime are launching a coup on the capital city of Newtopia, Sasha happily asks if Anne and Marcy want to forget about returning home and instead join in and help takeover the nation alongside her. Anne's response?
      Anne: What do I say? After everything you've done? I say you're clearly insane if you think I'm going to let you bully me and everyone else just to get what you want!
      Sasha: Anne, I know you're upset, but just—
      Anne: No! I'm done listening to you! I'm done trusting you! You're a horrible person, and I am done! Being! Friends with you!
  • Archer: Usually delivered by Archer himself, who, while being a massive Jerkass typically manages to have a valid point in his attacks, much to the dismay and/or annoyance of his target.
    • When Cyril calls Lana's baby shower a "bastard show—", Archer slaps him and gives him one:
      Archer: Cyril, shut your pout-hole, accept that Lana was so far out of your league that impregnating her would've basically been inter-species breeding, and get on with your life!
    • During the Danger Island arc, Archer makes an offhand remark about how much he'll miss Pam after he finds the idol. After Pam pesters Archer over what he meant by that, he responds with this:
      Archer: Because! Pam! I'm currently up to my ears in quicksand! And before that, I flew here in a plane made out of literal garbage, and before that, my eyeball got shot out in Spain, and before that, I went bust on those goddamn chinchilladas! And the common denominator in every bad thing that's ever happened to me is you! And you know why?! Because the only two kinds of luck you have are bad and none because you are a jinx! And that idol is my ticket out of Loserville, population you!
    • In the season 11 finale, Archer gives a short but blistering one to Lana and the rest of the Agency. After spending the last three years in a coma, The Agency had become much more competent as a whole, and the people working there had successfully tamed their vices and overcome their neuroses. Once Archer comes back into the picture, he slowly drags them all back to their pre-season 11 selves. When Lana accuses him of being a Toxic Friend Influence, Archer fires back at them by saying that they're just using him as a scapegoat for their bad behavior. There's at least a kernel of truth to that. After Archer woke up, no one went out of their way to spend time with him, but when he began pushing to get back into their lives, no one went out of their way to avoid him either.
      Archer: Did you people ever consider that you need me around, because you want the excuse to be your worst selves?
      Lana: Oh, shit.
    • Cheryl gets her moment after Lana demands that her coworkers share her moral outrage over an environmentally-unfriendly mission; Cheryl drags her to hell and back so hard that Lana can only stand there, completely stunned, and quietly excuse herself before silently leaving the room. When Pam expresses awe at her rant, Cheryl gasps and asks if she had just been talking.
      Cheryl: If you really cared, you'd resign. But there's no way you ever will, because you're just counting the days until, her face bloated and yellow from liver failure, [our boss] calls you to her deathbed and, in a croaky whisper, explains that Mr. Archer is totally incompetent and that you, the long-suffering Lana Kane, are the only one qualified to run ISIS. And you weep shameful tears because you know that this terrible place is the only true love you will ever know.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Commander Zhao gives one to Zuko in "The Southern Air Temple" when Zuko tries to stop him going after the Avatar.
      Zhao: My search party is ready. Once I'm out to sea, my guards will escort you back to your ship and you'll be free to go.
      Zuko: Why? Are you worried I'm going to try and stop you?
      Zhao: [Amused.] You? Stop me? Impossible.
      Zuko: Don't underestimate me Zhao! I will capture the Avatar before you!
      Iroh: Prince Zuko, that's enough.
      Zhao: You can't compete with me. I have hundreds of warships under my command and you? You're just a banished prince. No home, no allies. Your own father doesn't even want you.
      Zuko: You're wrong! Once I deliver the Avatar to my father he will welcome me home with honor, and restore my rightful place on the throne!
      Zhao: If your father really wanted you home, he would have let you return by now, Avatar or no Avatar. But in his eyes you are a failure and a disgrace to the Fire Nation.
      Zuko: That's not true.
      Zhao: You have the scar to prove it.
    • Iroh gives one back to Zhao in the same episode following Zhao and Zuko's Agni Kai. After a very brutal fight, Zuko manages to win but spares Zhao's life. As he's walking away however, Zhao tries to attack him from behind only for Iroh to block it. He then berates Zhao for his poor sportsmanship stating that even though Zuko is of lower rank than him, he has way more honor than Zhao ever will.
      Iroh: So this is how the great Commander Zhao acts in defeat? Disgraceful. Even in exile, my nephew is more honorable than you.
    • Zuko give an excellent one to the so-called soldiers in season 2's "Zuko Alone" as well, greatly enhanced by his flat aspect during it. He's not angry at them, per se, just letting them know what disgusting little vermin they are before he squashes them. It's part of what makes the aftermath of that fight so heartbreaking and poignant.
      Zuko: Let the kid go.
      Gow: [laughs, then in a threatening tone] Who do you think you are, telling us what to do?
      Zuko: It doesn't matter who I am, but I know who you are. You're not soldiers. You're bullies. Freeloaders, abusing your power. Mostly over women and kids. You don't want Lee in your army. You're sick cowards messing with a family who's already lost one son to the war.
    • The season 2 finale "The Crossroads of Destiny":
      • Azula gives one to Long Feng, which breaks his spirit completely. No more than he deserves.
        Azula: I can see your whole history in your eyes. You were born with nothing. So you've had to struggle and connive and claw your way to power. But true power, the divine right to rule, is something you're born with. The fact is, they don't know which one of us is going to be sitting on that throne and which of us is going to be bowing down. But I know, and you know. [sits on throne] Well?
        Long Feng: You've beaten me at my own game.
        Azula: Don't flatter yourself. You were never even a player.
      • Katara delivers a rather brutal one to Zuko, who only manages to take it because he's afraid she may be right.
        Katara: Why did they throw you in here? Oh wait. Let me guess. It's a trap. So when Aang shows up to rescue me, you can finally have him in your little Fire Nation clutches. You're a terrible person, you know that? Always following us, hunting the Avatar, trying to capture the world's last hope for peace! But what do you care? You're the Fire Lord's son. Spreading war and violence and hatred is in your blood.
    • Goes hand in hand with Calling the Old Man Out in season 3's "The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse", when Zuko unloads on Fire Lord Ozai for all the crap he put him through in his young life. In short: Ozai treated him like crap, his attempts at justifying this is crap, the Fire Nation is an imperialistic menace, and if the world hates them, they deserve it. Finally, Zuko is going his own way - with the Avatar. Ozai does not take kindly to this (although he'd been after any possible excuse for years, really).
    • In season 3's "The Southern Raiders" Katara gives one to the man who killed her mother.
      Katara: I always wondered what kind of person could do such a thing. But now that I see you, I think I understand. There's just nothing inside you. Nothing at all. You're pathetic and sad and empty.
  • DC Animated Universe:
    • In Batman: The Animated Series, The Joker gets a taste of his own medicine from a hapless motorist who he had been tormenting for the majority of the episode ("Joker's Favor"):
      Charles 'Charlie' Michael Collins: Hold it!
      The Joker: Oh, come on.
      Charlie: I said hold it!
      [slugs Joker in the face, knocking him to the ground]
      Joker: You miserable little nobody! If I get caught, your wife and son are history!
      Charlie: You're not getting caught. Not this time. I found this blown out of the van! [reveals a Joker bomb] This is how it ends, Joker. No big schemes. No grand fight to the finish with the Dark Knight. Tomorrow all the papers will say is that the great Joker was found blown to bits in an alley, alongside "a miserable little nobody!" Kinda funny. Ironic really. See, I can destroy a man's dreams, too! And that's really the only dream you've got, isn't it?
      Joker: Look, Charlie, you've been having a bad day. All this running around, all this excitement with... [yells in desperation] BATMAN! [to Charlie] Stop! Y-you're crazy!
      Charlie: I had a good teacher! Say goodnight, Gracie!
      Joker: NO! BATMAN! BATMAN!!!
    • In "Mad Love", Batman gives one to Harley Quinn when she tries to kill him, thinking it'll help the Joker love her.
      Batman: You little fool! The Joker doesn't love anything except himself. Wake up, Harleen! He had you pegged for hired help the minute you walked into Arkham.
      Harley: That's not... no. NO! He told me things! Secret things he never told anybody!
      Batman: Was it his line about the abusive father? Or the one about the runaway mom? He's gained a lot of sympathy with that one.
      Harley: Stop it! You're making me confused!
      Batman: What was it he told that one parole officer? Oh, yes. "There was only one time I ever saw dad really happy. He took me to the ice show when I was seven..."
      Harley: [weakly] The circus... he said it was the circus.
      Batman: He's got a million of them, Harley.
    • Another example occurs in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, when the Joker discovers Batman's true identity:
      Joker: What's the matter, Batman? No witty comeback? No threat? Then I'll provide the narration: I'll begin with how I peeled back the layers of the boy's (Tim Drake) mind. Oh, he bravely fought it at first, you would have been so proud to see him so strong. But all too soon, the serums and the shocks took their toll, and the dear lad began to share such secrets with me. Secrets that are mine alone to know... Bruce. It's true, Batsy, I know everything! And kinda like the kid who peeks at his Christmas presents, I must admit... It's sadly anti-climactic: behind all the sturm und Batarangs, you're just a little boy in a playsuit crying for mommy and daddy. It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic... Oh, what the heck, I'll laugh anyway!
    • Fifty years later, the Joker gets a brutal taste of his own medicine when Terry McGinnis (the new Batman) does the exact same thing to him. He mocks Joker's obsession with Batman, deducing that it was born from a desire to make Batman laugh, which he never managed to do. Then he scoffs at his reliance on cheap gimmicks for a good laugh over actual humor, as well as his origin story about his acid bath. Finally he tops it off by telling Joker that the only thing about him that's legitimately funny is just how pathetic he is before starting to laugh at him. Joker does not take this well at all.
      Terry: The real Batman never talked to you much, did he? That's probably why you were so fixated on him.
      Joker: Don't play psychoanalyst with me, boy!
      Terry: Oh, I don't need a degree to figure you out. The real reason you kept coming back was you never got a laugh out of the old man.
      Joker: I'm not hearing this!
      Terry: Get a clue, clowny! He's got no sense of humor! He wouldn't know a good joke if it bit him in the cape... not that you ever had a good joke.
      Joker: Shut up... SHUT UP!
      Terry: I mean, joy-buzzers? Squirting flowers? Lame! Where's the A-material? Make a face, drop your pants, something!
      Joker: Show yourself!
      Terry: You make me laugh... But only 'cause I think you're kinda pathetic. [starts laughing]
      Joker: Stop that!
      Terry: So you fell in a tank of acid, got your skin bleached and decided to become a supervillain. What? You couldn't get work as a rodeo clown? [Continues laughing]
      Joker: Don't you dare laugh at me!
      Terry: Why? I thought the Joker always wanted to make Batman laugh! [Keeps laughing]
      Joker: YOU'RE NOT BATMAN!!
    • The "mommy and daddy" line from Joker to Batman gets an Ironic Echo of sorts in the considerably more light-hearted Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Paul Dini did write both screenplays):
      Bat-Mite: To be sure, this is a lighter incarnation, but it's certainly no less valid and true to the character's roots as the tortured avenger crying out for mommy and daddy.
    • Bruce did this to Ra's Al Gul in the Batman Beyond episode "Out of the Past". He did this while tied up and on the verge of being body snatched by Ra's (who is currently occupying Talia's body).
      Bruce Wayne: Sure Ra's, why not? Anything to hold off the Grim Reaper a few more seconds. I take it back. You don't cheat death. You whimper in fear of it!
      Ra's: SILENCE! [slaps Bruce]
      Bruce: And you hit like a girl.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In "Revenge of the Reach", the Blue Beetle's Scarab, the suit's sentient intelligence cohabiting with Jaime Reyes, turns back into its original programming by its alien kind, The Reach, to invade The Green Lantern Corps. It takes complete control of the suit and takes over Jaime's mind for a while, before he asserts his willpower over the suit. The Scarab tries to deter Jaime's progress by telling him he was only a hero because the Reach made him so, and cannot overcome the power of the Reach.
  • Ben 10:
    • The show gives one to Kevin during their second showdown, when he asks if Ben is going to try to help him. Ben replies by telling him he's through trying to help him because Kevin can't seem to take help when it's offered. After beating him, Ben finishes it by answering Kevin's attempt to continue the fight by telling him he's not worth finishing off and never was. Backfires, but still, he makes extremely good points.
    • Ben 10: Alien Force has another example in the first season episode "The Gauntlet." When local school bully Cash decides to mess with Ben by spilling his smoothie on his shirt, Ben is briefly tempted to go alien on him... but then decides he isn't worth the effort and gives one of these to him, remarking that Cash has been using the same tired bully material since they were in second grade, that Ben can't believe he was ever scared of him, and that while everyone else around them has grown up, Cash is still nothing but a sad, immature, and pathetic loser who has to torment others just to feel good about himself.
    • Ben gives one to Bellicus and Serena, the two personalities inside Alien X, for being so powerful, yet so useless while Earth is being threatened.
      Ben: (to Serena) You're supposed to be love and compassion, how can you let a whole world die? (to Bellicus) And you're supposed to be anger and aggression, how can you let bad stuff go unpunished? How can you both be so useless?!
      Bellicus: Useless?!
      Serena: We're the most powerful being in the universe! We change the very nature of space and time!
      Ben: You don't do ANYTHING! Billions of lives are at stake and you're like, "oh, the procedure!"
      (Serena starts crying)
      Bellicus: Now look what you did! Alright, I move we save the Earth! Happy?
      Ben: No! (Bellicus looks shocked) Just let me out of here! I've got nine other guys who can do it better.
      Serena: That's hurtful...
    • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien gives another one to Kevin by a time-displaced 10-year old Ben in "The Forge of Creation" after Kevin goes mad with power again.
      Kevin: No matter what I look like, I'm a freak!
      Past Ben: You're a jerk. You've always have been a jerk. People try to be nice to you but you can't ever see it. You're too busy feeling sorry for yourself!
  • The Boss Baby: Back in Business: Near the end of the first season finale, we discover that Bootsy Calico's main reason for going against Boss Baby was because BB publicized the classic "Hang in There" poster with the cat hanging from a tree, to make cats look silly and give babies more love. Not only did BB steal this idea from Mega Fat CEO Baby, then his intern, thus fueling MFCEOB to rise up the corporate ladder and make his job a living nightmare, the cat in the poster was also the cat who raised Bootsy. This public humiliation is what inspired Bootsy to destroy Baby Corp, and with it, Boss Baby's career. When BB explains this all to Tim, in an attempt to enlist him to defy their grounding and help defeat Bootsy, it actually has the opposite effect, and Tim delivers one of these.
    Tim: So not only did you turn Mega Fat CEO Baby into a villain, but Bootsy Calico is your fault, too?
    Boss Baby: Can't live in the past, Templeton! Six well-placed kittens!
    Tim: So what?! You think I'm mad because you got me in trouble? I'm mad because it’s always the same thing with you! Bootsy, Mega Fat, me — whoever gets hurt! It's just business! So go ahead! You and Bootsy can fight over who gets more love! You two deserve each other!
  • Big City Greens:
    • Bill gives one to the Jerkass waiter of Sea Fusion in "Fill Bill", having had enough of the way he treated him and realized who he truly is and doesn't need to change himself to fit in at Big City, because he already belongs. Said waiter then snaps at him saying the restaurant's entrees were all wasted on a country bumpkin like him.
      Bill: Excuse me, waiter? I've got a bone to pick with you! I came here wanting to try new things, but instead I got treated like I don't belong! And that felt like a slap in the face. I don't need to change who I am to fit in to Big City, 'cause I already fit in! So I'm proud to finally come clean and tell you: I don't like the food here! And I won't be finishin' my dessert! Because it's gross.
      Waiter: Well, GOOD RIDDANCE! The intricacies of Sea Fusïon are wasted on a country bumpkin like you!
    • In "Blood Moon", Cricket gives one to Bill after confessing he let the animals out during a blood moon and thus almost ruined the kids' first Halloween in Big City, for the sake of not letting them trick-or-treat without him.
      Cricket: Oh! Is that what you called this? A whoopsie-daisy!?! You put the whole family in danger! And also, NO TRICK-OR-TREATING!! Are you hearin' this, Tilly!?!
      Tilly: I hear it, and I cannot absorb it....
      Cricket: Oh! And you broke Tilly while you were at it!
      Bill: Well, when you put it like that, uh...
      Gramma: Oh, Bill...
      Cricket: Well, you wanted us to spend Halloween together, we are. Happy Halloween.
  • Billy Dilley's Super Duper Subterranean Summer: In the half-hour special "The Battle for Subterranea-Tania", after Billy becomes too sensitive during the "Goodbye Party" and unintentionally causes an army of alien-robots to take over Subterranea-Tania, the citizens of Subterranea-Tania all turn against Billy and give him a pretty bad one, complete with an incredibly painful Friendship Denial.
    Count Wretcher: Friends!? Because of you, not only we've been imprisoned and hit with electric whips, but you also said some really mean things.
    Gorkager: Yeah, when are you gonna get it through your thick—
    Hag Witch: Curly!
    Zartran: Red!
    Judy: Flakey!
    Thurston: Musty!
    Yucky: Yucky!
    Tony: Pleasantly shiny...?
    Gumbrump: Greasy!
    Count Wretcher: Wretched mop of yours!?
  • Brickleberry: Parodied in "Little Boy Malloy" when a schoolyard bully tries (and epically fails) to roast Malloy via saying: he was voted mayor of "Ugly Town", he's mayor of "Diarrhea Town", and that he'll never have a girlfriend. Yes, really.
  • Bojack Horseman:
    • In "Zoes and Zeldas", Wayne gives one to Diane concerning her Selective Obliviousness regarding her marriage to Mr. Peanutbutter, though it's more because he wants Diane to wake up than out of malice.
      Wayne: You know what your problem is? You're trying to be a Zelda but you're so obviously a Zoe.
      Diane: Ugh! Don't label me. You don't know who I am.
      Wayne: You can live your happy Zelda life in this happy Zelda town and pretend you're a happy Zelda, but I know you, and this isn't you. People don't change, Diane, not really. Mr. Peanutbutter's a Zelda. He's happy and he's carefree and he's loving, but you and me, we're Zoes. We're Zoes, Diane. We're cynical and we're sad and we're mean. There's a darkness inside you, and you can bury it deep in burritos as big as your head, but someday soon, that darkness is gonna come out, and when it does, I want you to call me.
    • In "The Telescope", Herb rejects BoJack's apology for abandoning him twenty years ago, back when the two worked together on Horsin' Around.
      Herb: I'm not gonna give you closure. You don't get that! You have to live with the shitty thing you did for the rest of your life! You have to know that it's never, ever going to be okay! (...) I'm dying! I'm not gonna feel better! And I'm not gonna be your prop so you can feel better! (...) Do you know what it was like for me? I had nobody. Everybody left! I knew all those showbiz phonies would turn on me, sure. But you?
      BoJack: It's not my fault you got fired.
      Herb: I don't care about the job! I did fine! I had a good life, but what I needed then was a friend. And you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that. Now get the fuck out of my house!
    • Moments later, Herb gives another one, after he and BoJack have a physical altercation:
      Herb: You know what your problem is? You want to think of yourself as the good guy. Well, I know you better than anyone, and I can tell you that you're not. In fact, you'd probably sleep a lot better at night if you just admitted to yourself that you're a selfish goddamn coward who just takes whatever he wants and doesn't give a shit about who he hurts. That's you. That's BoJack Horseman.
      BoJack: I don't know why I came here.
      Herb: Yeah. You do.
    • "It's You" ends with Todd of all characters giving one of these to BoJack, after being pushed to his Rage-Breaking Point:
      Todd: You can't keep doing this! You can't keep doing shitty things, and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay! You need to be better!
      BoJack: I know, and I'm sorry, okay? I was drunk, and there was all this pressure with the Oscar campaign, but now that it's over—
      Todd: No, no! BoJack, just... stop. You are all the things that are wrong with you. It's not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you in your career, or when you were a kid, it's you. Alright? It's you. (Beat, then dejectedly) Fuck, man. What else is there to say?
    • "Stupid Piece Of Shit" has BoJack himself delivering a well-deserved one to Beatrice. He's pushed to his breaking point when he sees her, elderly and in a state of dementia, doting on a toy doll like a loving grandmother — and with it, Hollyhock innocently humoring her for being "such a good mother" — despite the horrific verbal and physical abuse she put him through in his own childhood.
      Beatrice: Please stop fighting, all this shouting is bad for the baby.
      Beatrice: (Gasp!) Henrietta, you're unfit to be a parent!
      BoJack: I'm unfit to be a parent?!
      BoJack's Inner Voice: It's true, jackass.
      BoJack: You think it's so hard to be a parent to a doll? I can do that. (snatches the doll out of Beatrice's hands, and starts roughly shaking it and holding it by the ear) Hey look, I'm cradling the baby. Hope I don't drop it! (drops it)
      Beatrice: (gasps in horror)
      BoJack: Oh no, I dropped it! Well, it's not crying. I guess it's okay! (picks the doll up by one leg) I'm an amazing parent! What if I left it in its room all day, and didn't feed it or change it? Oh, that's okay, too. (bitterly) I must be Mother Of The Year!
      Hollyhock: BoJack!
      BoJack: Hey, I know. (juggles the doll in the air) What if, for eighteen years straight, I tell it how worthless it is every day? How it embarrasses me? How my life would be better if it was never born?! Would that be a good idea? Probably, right?!
      Beatrice: (tries to grab the doll, while BoJack repeatedly tosses it around and out of her reach) Give me the baby back, you worthless waste of my husband's jizzom!
      BoJack: (furiously) Oh, so you do know who I am.
  • The Boondocks:
    • In "The Trial of R. Kelly", Huey gives one to the courtroom.
      Huey: [turns off music] What the hell is wrong with you people?! Every famous nigga that gets arrested is not Nelson Mandela! Yes, the government conspires to put a lot of innocent black men in jail on fallacious charges. But R. Kelly is not one of those men! We all know the nigga can sing! But what happened to standards? What happened to bare minimums?! You a fan of R. Kelly? You want to help R. Kelly? Then get some counseling for R. Kelly! Introduce him to some older women! Hide his camcorder! But, don't pretend like the man is a hero! [attempts to return to his seat, only to come back] And stop the damn dancing, act like you got some goddamn sense people! Damn! Through playin' round here!
    • And then there's Martin Luther King, Jr.'s remake of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech into an epic "The Reason You ALL Suck" speech in "Return of the King".
      Martin Luther King: Will you ignorant niggas PLEASE shut the hell up?! Is this it? This is what I got all those ass-whoopings for? I had a dream, once. It was a dream that little black boys and little black girls would drink from the river of prosperity, freed from the thirst of oppression! But lo and behold, some four decades later, what have I found but a bunch of triflin', shiftless, good-for-nothing niggas? And I know some of you don't want to hear me say that word. It's the ugliest word in the English language. But that's what I see now: niggas. And you don't wanna be a nigga, 'cause niggas are living contradictions! Niggas are full of unfulfilled ambitions! Niggas wax and wane, niggas love to complain, niggas love to hear themselves talk but hate to explain! Niggas love being another man's judge and jury, niggas procrastinate until it's time to worry, niggas love to be late, niggas hate to hurry![...] Black Entertainment Television... is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life! [...] Usher, Michael Jackson is NOT a genre of music! [...] And now, I'd like to talk about Soul Plane.[...] I've seen what's around the corner, I've seen what's over the horizon, and I PROMISE you, you niggas have nothing to celebrate! And I know I won't get there with you, I'm going to Canada.
    • In the episode "Wingmen", Robert gives one posthumously to his deceased so-called best friend Moe Jackson, after the latter tricked him into reading an embarrassing eulogy.
      Robert: "Everything I have in life, I owe to Moe Jackson. I'm not gay, but Moe was a very sexy man? We should call him Moe Bitches? I once saw Moe in his underwear and it changed my life? I wish I had a father like Moe Jackson. Moe Jackson paid my rent OVER 50 TIMES?!" Okay, this is bullshit! (funeral attendants gasp) Moe Jackson was an asshole! (funeral attendants gasp) Moe Jackson was a petty, immature, selfish man! Oh, he was good at one thing: that's bringing the worst out of everybody he met! (sighs) I came up here because I thought Moe wanted to make things right, but it was just one more chance to make a fool out of me. (Walks off stage)
      Funeral attendant: Yeah! And that nigga owe me five dollars!
  • In Central Park, Season 1 "Rival Busker", while Griffin sings "First Class Hands", he calls out Birdie for breaking the rules of revealing spoilers and tells him how he got himself fired for it.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: The Delightful Children were fond of giving these to Sector V, especially to Numbuh 1.
    • In Operation: G.R.O.W.-U.P. Numbuh 5 gives one to a grown-up Numbuh 1:
      Numbuh 5: You know, you used to be cool because the team meant more to you than anything. Including yourself. But now you're just a selfish old crank. It's not your age that's changed, Mr. Uno, it's you!
    • In Operation: F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E. Numbuh 362, revealed be disguised as decommissioned operative Numbuh 206, gives out one to Numbuh 86 for compromising her undercover mission by capturing her.
      Numbuh 362: You idiot! I was this close to getting the Delightful Children's plans! And you attacked me from out of nowhere! Whose side are you on anyways? I'm ashamed to call you a girl. I never thought a girl would be so stupid. You are by far the most idiotic person I have ever, ever worked with!
  • Craig of the Creek:
    • The episode "Breaking the Ice" has Craig give one to Wildernessa while calling out how much of a hypocrite she is—claiming to love only nature when she has a house and a phone like everyone else.
      Craig: I know, I don't know anything. Well, you're right, 'cause I don't understand you at all. I mean, you act like you're better than everyone, but you're human too. When that tuba goes off, you go home, to your house, and your room, with your cell phone, and your bed, and, and... and your other bed, 'cause I don't know, maybe you got two beds. But I'll tell you what I do know, there's two things that are phony: you and bologna! I'm out! (walks to the door) You know, maybe you do care about animals, but that doesn't mean you have to tear down the people around you.
    • In season 3 finale "Capture the Flag Part 5: The Game", both Xavier and Craig do this to each other. When Craig tries to take the flag, King Xavier mocks Craig for essentially cornering himself by coming into the King's Keep where Xavier can tag him, how he is going to lose his side of the Creek to Xavier once and for all, and how he never had a chance against a King. But just as he's about to tag Craig, Craig tells him he doesn't compare to the Kings that his sister and brother were, that he's nothing but a bully who gives kids candy to get them to obey him, as he knows deep down that nobody would actually want to be his friend if he wasn't King because nobody likes him as a person. This enrages Xavier and instead of trying to tag Craig he tries to punch him and almost falls off the edge until Craig saves him.
      Craig: You don't know the first thing about being a King. You're no Cheyenne. And you're definitely not on Kenneth's level!
      Xavier: Um, what did you say?
      Craig: You're not a real King! You're just a bully that gives kids candy so they do what you want! That's why, no matter how much candy you have, deep down you know that these kids only want to be friends with the King. But nobody wants to be friends with Xavier.
      Xavier: Shut your mouth!
  • Crossing Swords: In "The A-Moooo-Zing Race", Patrick is given one by the Hall of Emotional Destruction through a painting of his siblings about how all of the atrocities he's been involved in up to that point were all his fault:
    Coral: You’re a failure, Patrick!
    Ruben: Look at the sadness and destruction you've caused!
    (Coral, Ruben, and Blarney laugh maniacally)
    Blarney: I heard you blackmailed your king!
    Patrick: Technically, yes.
    Coral: You crushed our father's dreams!
    Patrick: All he wanted was to see a kraken, and I blew it up.
    Ruben: You discovered a democracy in the clouds, and it ended in genocide!
    Patrick: (sobbing) It’s true! We killed them all!
    Coral: You murdered the one true love of the girl you're trying to save!
    Patrick: Oh my God! How long do these career highlights go on!?
    • However, through the words of Sgt. Meghan about how the kingdom could use more squires as dutiful as him, Patrick shoots an epic one back telling them how everything they’ve mentioned wasn’t actually his fault:
    Patrick: You're wrong! That blackmail? (points to Blarney) That was to save you, you fucking ingrate! I didn't ruin dad's big dream! His big dream was about to eat his ass! And I didn't slaughter those wispies! I was chasing our runaway king! And I didn't kill Kiefer! I saved Blossom! Kiefer just happened to perform in a fucking death trap on a nightly basis! Maybe I'm not perfect, but I'd rather be an imperfect squire than a successful pirate! Or a bandit! Or a grifter! So, you can all FUCK OFF!
    Coral, Ruben, and Blarney: (in unison) NO! HE’S IMMUNE TO OUR PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE! (the painting crumbles to pieces in front of Patrick)
    Patrick: Whew! That was cathartic.
  • Danny Phantom: Danny's evil future self gave one to his parents in "The Ultimate Enemy".
    Dark Danny: What kind of parents are you, anyway? The world's leading ghost experts, and you couldn't figure out that your own son was half ghost! Hello! Danny Fenton. Danny Phantom. Ever notice a similarity? Jazz did.
  • Daria, someone who is known for her biting sarcasm and brutal honesty, will occasionally dish these out at individuals who really piss her off.
    • Tommy Sherman
      Tommy: Do you know who I am? Tommy Sherman?
      Daria: I know the whole school's turning itself inside out because of some egotistical football player. And I've seen you insult or proposition just about everyone you come across. So my guess is that you're the football player guy. Congratulations, you must have worked very hard to become a colossal jerk so quickly.
    • Val
      Daria: What do you mean pushing yourself as some kind of role model when all you care about is how you look and what celebrities you know? Aren't teenage girls screwed up enough without you foisting your shallow values on them and making their lousy self-images worse?
      Val: Now look here, missy. I mean, what are you, Dar, a teacher? I am a role model! I'm in touch with the teen within.
      Daria: Why don't you get in touch with the 30-something without? Your readers aren't going to be teenagers forever, unlike you. A real role model would be teaching them stuff they can use.
    • And once when Quinn sought tutoring for the summer, her tutor, David, also gave her one of these, causing Quinn to actually consider taking her studies seriously for the first time in her life.
      David: Look, you seem bright enough, but I just can't sit here and listen to any more vacuous prattle with your brain-dead friends. Eyeliner, headband colors... God, are you boring.
      Quinn: I'm not boring! I'm popular!
      David: Hey, the only reason you're popular is your looks, and those won't last forever. You have nothing interesting to say and no intellectual curiosity whatsoever. Do the world a favor and don't go to college. Give up your spot to somebody who wants to learn.
    • In "Jake of Hearts", Daria has had to deal with two Dumbass DJs at school who keep harassing her, and her overbearing grandmother Ruth after Jake suffers a heart attack. She finds the words to make both of these problems go away.
      Daria: A few days ago, my father had a heart attack, forcing me to admit his mortality to myself for the first time. Accepting this grim new knowledge has been especially difficult as I've been under constant yammering assault by two utterly brainless and talentless so-called radio personalities. And so, for these reasons, I, Daria Morgendorfer, am mental in the morning.
    • To Grandma Ruth, she calls her out for trying to make Helen and Quinn take after her, despite all the poor decisions she made, like marrying Jake's father:
      Daria: She wants you both to model your lives after hers. And who could blame her? After all, you were just telling Dad yesterday how you made all the right decisions in your life. Right, Grandma? (she immediately drives off)
  • Darkwing Duck: Darkwing's future self gave one to Gosalyn in "Time and Punishment::
    Darkwarrior Duck: I should have recognized you as a bad egg from the start. You never cleaned your room, never helped with the dishes, never did well in school. If that isn't a list of criminal tendencies, I don't know what it is! There's no reason why I shouldn't blast you into a smudge.
  • The Fairly OddParents:
    • In "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary", Timmy finds that he keeps running into Remy Buxaplenty, a billionaire child, even in a comic book. He discovers Remy is also a fairy godchild (with said fairy being Wanda's ex, no less) and Remy finds out about Cosmo and Wanda soon after. Timmy arrives at Remy's mansion to "cut to the chase," (namely, Remy attempting to get rid of Timmy's fairies). Here, Remy attempts to bribe Timmy to wish away his fairies. Timmy sums up Remy pretty well in response.
      Timmy: You know what stinks about you, Remy? You're rich, you have godparents and you're still miserable.
    • Timmy gives one to Vicky in "Frenemy Mine", when she tells him she's lost her only friends because of him (he saved her life, getting her kicked out of an evil babysitter club), he responds by telling her that it's her own fault those were the only friends she had in the first place because she was an evil, vile person and if she'd been more friendly, maybe she'd have more friends.
    • In a Heartwarming and somewhat funny example, Cosmo gives one to his mother... about himself in "Apartnership", having had enough of her efforts to break him and Wanda up.
      Cosmo: Hey! Let's get something straight! I'm not bright! Big words confuse me! I have the attention span of a rodent! But Wanda loves me anyway. She makes me happy, AND THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU!
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: In "Go Goo Go", Mac gives this to Goo when he gets finally fed up with her.
    Mac: I DON'T LIKE YOU! Don't you get it? Nobody likes you. You're annoying and weird and you talk too much, and Bloo's name is not Chester, Mr. Herriman is not a badger, that's not how you play checkers, and protein doesn't come from bananas, it comes from nuts, which you don't need to eat more of because you ARE nuts! You're chock full of nuts! You're so nuts, you drive ME nuts! (jumps in Goo's face) Get it? GetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetitGetit?! Everybody thinks you're a nuisance and they all want you to just GO HOME!
  • In Garfield and Friends, Wade Duck, goes through a rare moment of having a spine, and stands up to Orson's bothers.
    Wade: Nope! I will not allow this one second more! You. Are. Bullies! You are nasty swines, you are! I would tell you you aren't fit to eat with pigs, except of course you are pigs, but if you mess with my pal, Orson, you will answer to me!
  • In Gargoyles, after an episode of seeing what his son did to get his present day fortune (time travel and a lot of manipulation, and raking Goliath's heart over the coals), Petros Xanatos has this to say to David:
    David: Well, Pop, did you have a good time at the wedding?
    [Petros takes a coin out from his pocket and flicks it to David]
    David: [catching it] What's this?
    Petros: A simple, American penny. It's not worth much now, but in a thousand years... who knows? It's my wedding present to you. Because it's all you seem to care about. [turns and walks away]
    • Hudson also gives one to Xanatos during an episode where Xanatos tries to force Hudson into the Cauldron of Life bath, only for Hudson to escape.
      Xanatos: I suppose you'll destroy the Cauldron now.
      Hudson: And why would I be doing that? What you choose to do with your life is your own affair. As long as it's got nothing to do with me.
      Xanatos: You're just full of surprises.
      Hudson: A friendly word of advice. True immortality isn't about living forever. It's about what you do with the time you have. When all your scheming's done, what will your legacy be, Xanatos?
  • Cobra Commander does this twice to Dr. Mindbender in the five-part episode of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero "Arise Serpentor Aise".
    • In part 3, after Mindbender fails to gain the DNA of Sun Tzu:
      Commander: Another master-stroke Mindbender? You put my Elite Vipers through the wringer, the Twins got creamed, and most importantly, you lost Sun Tzu's DNA, which was supposed to be of vital significance! As of now, your little experiment is deader than disco! Come, Scrap-Iron. (chuckles a little) Deader than Disco, I like that. I could have been a great stand up comic... note 
    • In part 4, after Mindbender decides to replace Sun Tzu's DNA with Sergeant Slaughter's:
      Commander: What a mind-boggling brainstorm, Mindbender! Putting the genetic soul of an enemy into the body of our new leader will give us just what we always needed, a live-in traitor! When you are knee-deep in total catastrophe, remember, I tried to stop you!note 
  • In God, the Devil and Bob, Bob gives this to God in the first episode.
    Bob: What do you want from me, God!? I've had it! I've really had it! You're supposed to be a benevolent God? Let's look at the record. You're vague, you're unknowable, you're unreliable! You let good people suffer and lousy people prosper! You call yourself a father? You're more like a dead beat dad!
  • Glitch Techs: Five gives one to Mitch in "BUDS".
    Five: No! You don't get to say something and just walk away this time! You walk around like you're heavy, but really you're just a selfish punk who's too afraid to work with us instead of against us.
    Miko and Zarah: Dang!
    Mitch: [scoffs] Please.
    Five: This is Glitch Techs, not Mitch Techs. We're a team, so if you're not willing to be a team player, then we're better off without you.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Gideon gives a hurtful one to Dipper after his plan backfires and he gained one of the Author's journal.
      Gideon: Of course! It all makes sense! The one place I'd never think to look! You had it the whole time! And to think I actually considered you a threat!
      Dipper: No! Give it back!
      Gideon: Every victory you had was because of your precious book!
      Dipper: Give it back or I'll—
      Gideon: Or you'll what, boy? You'll what? Huh? Huh? No muscles. No brains. Face it! You're nothin' without this! Bye bye forever, y'all!
    • Dipper gives a harsh one in "Northwest Mystery Manor" to Pacifica after she lied to Dipper about the ghost. What makes it really upsetting is that Pacfica's parents force her to be mean and prideful, so she really didn't deserve it, though in Dipper's defense he didn't know that at the time. After Pacifica tells Dipper the truth and explains the situation, he takes back what he said and encourages her to be a better person.
      Dipper: I was right about you all along. You're just as bad as your parents. Another link in the world's worst chain!
    • In "A Tale of Two Stans", Grunkle Stan gives a brutal one to his brother, Stanford.
      Stanley: That's it?! You finally want to see me after ten years and it's to tell me to get as far away from you as possible?!
      Stanford: Stanley, you don't understand what I'm up against! What I've been through!
      Stanley: No, no. You don't understand what I've been through! I've been in prison in three different countries. I once had to chew my way out of the trunk of a car! You think you've got problems?! I'VE GOT A MULLET, STANFORD! Meanwhile, where have you been?! Livin' it up, in your fancy house in the woods! Selfishly hoarding your college money, because you only care about yourself!
    • Few minutes later, he gives a much shorter one, although no less brutal. Sadly, this soon becomes Parting-Words Regret...
      Stanley: Some brother you turned out to be... You care more about your dumb mysteries than your family? Well then, YOU CAN HAVE THEM!!!
    • Earlier in the episode, the twins' father gives Stan a brutal one as he kicks him out of the house for costing Ford his dream school. What makes it all the more painful is that it was all an accident and that Stan is regretful about it, so Stan really didn't deserve it. Not to mention that Filbrick is being a Hypocrite, since he’s more upset about Ford not being able to get them rich than anything else.
      Filbrick:You ignoramus! Your brother was gonna be our ticket out of this dump! All you ever do is lie and cheat right on your brother's coattails! Well, this time, you cost our family potential millions! And until you make us a fortune, you aren't welcome in this household! (throws a duffle bag full of clothes at Stan)
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: In “Keeper of the Reaper,” when Billy comes up to defend his case, he summon as many people as he can to showcase why Mandy is a terrible pick for having Grim, by letting them say what they think about her;
    Eris: She's uppity
    Man #1: Cruel
    Child: Unforgiving
    Ghastly: Cynical
    Old Man: Whack!
    Unnamed Person: Misanthropic
    Man #2: Grouchy!!
    Child #2: Stinky
    Girl: Bungle-Ridden
    Man #3: Cranky
    Baby: Scooby-Dooby pee pee, Cacanote , poo poo, wee wee!note .
  • In the end of Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels, Gulliver does this to the dueling kingdoms after Prince David is apparently killed saving Gulliver from being shot, but it ends on a high note:
    Poor foolish little people, look what you've done. Now go ahead, break your nutshell heads over your song. But did you have to break Glory's heart, King Little? Because you were thoughtless and selfish...and you, Bombo, oh mighty warrior...what have you won? You were too stubborn to think. Too busy quarreling to land dear to the harmony that might have been yours. But now in your sorrow and despair, perhaps you'll listen to your songs as they might be sung. (cue "Faithful Forever").
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • After the grown-ups steal the baseball field they worked hard on to clean themselves, the kids overturned a dumpster full of garbage onto the vacant lot, followed by Arnold and Gerald giving the grown-ups a speech on their sloth.
      Arnold: You see, this is how the lot looked before we cleaned it up. Before we turned it into Gerald Field — and before you guys kicked us out.
      Gerald: So if you want your vacant lot so badly, you can have it just the way we found it: a dump.
    • Helga delivers one to her mom in the episode "Road Trip".
      Helga: Well, you've done a great job so far, Miriam. You lost the map, you ran us off the road, you left your purse on top of the car again and we're stuck in the middle of nowhere. I'm nine years old, mom. You're the parent. You're supposed to take care of me, but you couldn't even do that. Face it, Miriam. You're a lousy mom.
    • She also delivers an even more scathing one to Harold in "Buses, Bikes, and Subways".
      Helga: Everything that happened today is your fault! You can't do ANYTHING right. Take the bus for example. Why do you think we missed it, Harold? Oh, let's see. Hmmm...maybe was it because you were too busy eating twice your body weight in chocolate num nums! Oh, how about this one? "Let's take the subway! I think it goes to Lincoln." Oh, wait! No, it doesn't! It goes straight to the bowels of the underworld. Population? Homicidal, toothless midget clowns! I know, "Let's steal their bike. They won't mind!" Now you'd think that would be enough to fill any moron's day, but you're not just any moron, are you, Harold? You're the KING, your day's just getting started. So, because of your AMAZING curiosity about the world around us, YOU PULLED THE PLUG OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF OUR GETAWAY BOAT! (sighs) You idiot...
    • Helga herself got one in "Helga and the Nanny". When Inga the titular nanny was framed for theft, and got fired for it, Helga ended up feeling guilty about it and was called out by her friends. When Helga goes to confess to Inga, the nanny reveals she already knew, and tells Helga that she is a sad and troubled child who takes it out by being a jerk to others, and pushes away anyone who tries to help her. Cue the Downer Ending...
    • Susie gives one towards Oskar in "Baby Oskar" and Oskar just kind of sits there and agrees with her.
      Susie: You're a grown man. When are you going to grow up and act responsible?
      Oskar: I'll do it tomorrow.
      Susie: Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! That's all I ever hear from you!
      Oskar: What's wrong with tomorrow? It's a good day.
      Susie: Tomorrow's a good day for you! Tomorrow's a grand day, because tomorrow's the day you'll get a good job! Tomorrow's the day you'll pay the bills! Tomorrow's the day you'll grow up and start acting responsible. But tomorrow never comes for you, because it's always so conveniently a day away.
      Oskar: That's right, it's only a day away just like that song the little orphan girl sings!
      Susie: What about today Oskar, and what about yesterday? When I needed your help you just loafed around the house! When I had to take care of the cleaning, the bills, and the baby all you could do was whine and moan, and ask me to make you a sandwich!
      Oskar: That's right and you never did!
      Susie: Because I was busy! You expect everyone else to take care of you!
      Oskar: Susie, I don't expect everyone else to take care of me! Just you.
    • Everyone in the boarding house gives Oskar one in "Oskar Gets a Job". Including Nice Guy Arnold. Technically only Arnold since he directly called Oskar out; Most of the complaints were behind his back.
      Arnold: That's it. I'm tired of all your excuses.
      Oskar: Arnold, you seem a little cranky. Maybe you should take a nap.
      Arnold: Look, I only helped you because you said you were desperate. You said you wanted to change. I guess I was wrong. Mr. Kokoshka, I'm sorry but you're a huge loser!
      Ernie: I told ya, that Kokoshka is a Class-A bum. A Class-A bum!
      Mr. Hyunh: He just no good!
      Ernie: I'm telling you Hyunh, that bum will never work a single day in his life.
      Mr. Hyunh: No!
      Susie: I'm sorry about Oskar, Arnold. I just wish for once he'd do what he says he's going to do. But I guess that just won't ever happen.
      Arnold: I know. I thought he really wanted to change. But he was just fooling us all, just like he always does.
    • Eugene delivers one to the actor portraying The Abdicator when he learns the latter is nothing like the character he plays.
      Eugene: You're a fake!
      Maurice: I'm just an actor.
      Eugene: Yeah, well to millions of kids you're a hero. We looked up to you. But now I know the truth: You're nothing but a fake.
      Maurice: Look, kid. It's just a role I play.
      Eugene: Come on. You're a wimp.
  • Both Frida and the titular Hilda deliver these to each other, after their failed attempt to get the ghost cleaning Frida's room to return.
    Hilda: I don't know who took the book, but you don't need it or the ghost. You're still you, and you're still our friend!
    Frida: Oh really? A friend to David who won't stop poking fun at me, and a friend to you who builds up my hopes for nothing!
    Hilda: You know, you're not making it easy to be your friend right now.
    Frida: Do you think it's easy being your friend?
    Hilda: I'd say I'm pretty low maintenance compared to you.
    Frida: Well I don't drag people into dangerous situations just for the fun of it.
    Hilda: Well at least I know how to have fun!
    Frida: Right! Because you're the cool wilderness girl, all free-spirited and everything? You think you're too good to play by the rules just like the rest of us!
    Hilda: Hey, I wrestled a ghost for you!
    Frida: We all wrestled the ghost, because you told me it would get my book back, but it didn't, did it? It was just a horrible, terrifying thing we all had to do for no reason!
    Hilda: Fine, sorry I tried to help!
    Frida: I'm sorry you ever moved here!
    (Stunned and enraged, Hilda storms out)
    David: You could just learn to tidy your own flipping room.
  • In the Invader Zim episode "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff", GIR gets locked into "duty mode" and becomes scarily competent, to the point that he sees his bungling boss Zim as an impediment to their invasion plans, and chews him out for it:
    GIR: You are no leader, you are a threat to the mission! Your methods are stupid! Your progress has been stupid! Your intelligence is stupid! For the sake of the mission, you must be terminated!
  • In the Jellystone! episode "The Brave Little Daddy", Augie gives one to Grape Ape after he hurt Doggie Daddy.
    Augie: Hey, You! You think is funny? Yeah, I'm talking to you, bubble gum butt! Where do you get off? You think hurting my daddy is cool, after you selfishly ravaged the whole town? You oughta be ashamed of yourself. People worked hard for that food, and you just come in and steal it! Have you ever thought about their feelings? No. You haven't. You deserve to stay hungry if your only solution is to take, take, take, take, take. You can come back into town when you've learned about empathy, and what it means to not be a big jerk! So go to your room under the ocean! (Haughty "Hmph")
  • Krissie from Jem actually sung this in "The Jem Jam Part 2" after she had enough of a Spoiled Brat named Dominic's bad behavior.
    Krissie: You may be a star/But don't think you're so hot!/You may be a star/But don't think you're so cool!/'Cause, ooh, you're not!
    • Then in "The Talent Search Part 2", three were given. The first was given by Raya to Eric and the Misfits after she realized that Jetta was the mastermind behind her family's nursery business destroyed.
      Raya: (gasps and grabs Jetta's hair and takes her orchid back) It was you! You sent someone to wreck my father's business! So I would come begging to you!
      Raya: If I didn't have a penny in the world, I wouldn't take money from you. To think I would consider betraying someone as good and kind and decent as Jem to a pack of jackals like you! You'll never learn Jem's secret from me! Never!
    • Then they receive another from Craig, who threatens they will pay if they continue to torment his sister, Stormer
      Craig: I don't know why, but Stormer thinks she can't make it without you. So treat her right. Because if you toss her out of the Misfits, you'll answer to me. Personally.
    • Finally, Shana gives one to actress Liz Stratton, after she has enough of her selfishly blackmailing her to redo designs and make her the hottest and she finally quits her job.
      Shana: Ms. Stratton, I won't do less than my best for anyone. You don't want a designer, You want a flunky to feed your ego! I QUIT!
  • Johnny Test: In the episode “Papa Johnny”, Hugh Test (while in Johnny’s body) hits his Rage-Breaking Point from Bumper’s constant bullying and gives a rather epic one to him, which unfortunately sends Bumper into a flying rage of his own:
    Hugh: Okay, that's it! You are nothing but a punk who spends more time picking on kids than doing schoolwork! You clearly lack any self-confidence and/or knowledge to function normally in society, and frankly, you smell and need a bath! And you should eat your Brussels sprouts, because if you ate better, you wouldn’t be so MALADJUSTED!
  • Justice League:
  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Batman serves one to Smug Snake Owlman after his giggling "Not So Different" Remark proclamations as a Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    Batman: There is a difference between you and me. We both looked into the abyss, but when it looked back at us, you blinked.
  • King of the Hill:
    • That epic rant Dale gives Bill to get him out of that show choir he joined once (the Harmonaholics)?
      Dale: BILL!!! Bill, you have to be the stupidest man on the planet to think this is a good idea! Have you seen what you're wearing?! That outfit makes you look like a sequin trainwreck! LOOK AT YOU! You're part of a twelve-headed jackass! This chorus is the feces that is produced when shame eats too much stupidity! You people make me envy the deaf and the BLIND! UNDERWEAR! MONEY! FAT!
    • Hank and Bill have an exchange with Hank pretending to be Lenore to finally give him closure:
    Hank: Bill, I am Lenore and I don't love you.
    Bill: No, Hank. I'm Lenore.
    Hank: I've left you forever because you're lazy and no good.
    Bill: Lenore...
    Hank: We fight so loud, all the neighbors can hear. We fight during the day, we fight during the night.
    Bill: What... Lenore. Wait, we can work stuff out. I'm a good husband.
    Hank: Bill, if I wanted to work things out, I would have called. I don't love you anymore. That's it. I don't love you.
    Bill: That's all? That's why you left? It's as simple as that? And you didn't even have the courtesy to send me a "Dear John" Letter? Well, I'll tell you what. I consider that rude. And I'll tell you something: I am worth a Dear John letter, I'll tell you that right now. And there are a lot of women who would agree with me. So, you know what? You go ahead! You get out! Get Out!! You don't deserve William Fontain De la Tour Dauterive!
    Hank: OK, Bill. That's what I'm doing then. (Both take off their dresses)
    • Tiring of Luanne's Soapbox Sadie act and why she's not grieving for Buckley, Kahn rips into her:
      Kahn: I heard enough from you! The more you hold in, the more you put on strange Sinéad O'Connor act. I cry river of tear for Buckley. Why not you?
    • Kahn receives an absolutely devastating one from his father-in-law, General Gum, in "Pour Some Sugar on Kahn." Unlike Dale's rant, this one isn't played for laughs:
      General Gum: I know I've been hard on you. But I just want you to are a failure! You are a loser, a nothing. I am better than you in every way and can crush you, whenever the mood strikes me.
    • Speaking of "father-in-law," Peggy gives one to her father-in-law, Cotton, while he's laying on his deathbed in "Death Picks Cotton".
      Peggy: Enough! Your son [Hank] has always loved you despite your constant torture. You want to die alone? Fine. You want to keep coming back and never die? That's fine, too. In fact, I hope you do go on living forever as the unhappy person you are in the hell you have created here on Earth. I hope you live forever. I really do.
    • Peggy also delivers one to Luanne's mother, Leanne, when she goes Off the Wagon, much to the dismay of Luanne.
      Peggy: Leanne, whether you like the title or not, you are this girl's mother. She has been waiting her whole life for just a shred of attention from you, but you don't know how to return even a fraction of the love that you get from your child, or from your man! I hope someday you can live without alcohol, but until that day, we can all live very nicely without you!
  • In The Legend of Korra "And the Winner Is...", Amon gives a very potent one to benders as a whole during his terrorist attack on the pro-bending arena. What made it effective was that he waited until he saw benders lavished with undeserved adulation blatantly breaking their own rules, threw their unhanded tactics in their faces and redirected all the attention focused upon them to himself - stirring unrest among potential recruits and striking fear into potential foes. All according to plan.
    Amon: I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City. So once again, the Wolfbats are your Pro-Bending Champions. It seems fitting that you celebrate three bullies who cheated their way to victory, because every day you threaten and abuse your fellow non-bending citizens just like the Wolfbats did to their opponents tonight. Those men were supposedly the best in the bending world, and yet it only took a few moments for me to cleanse them of their impurity. Let this be a warning to all of you benders out there: if any of you stand in my way, you will meet the same fate.
    • Zaheer gets a Pre-Mortem speech as he's in the process of murdering the Earth Queen:
      Zaheer: You think freedom is something you can give or take on a whim, but to your people, freedom is just as essential as... air. And without it, there is no life. There is only... darkness.
  • Lloyd of Lloyd in Space delivers one to Brittany in the episode, Incident at Luna Vista after her bitchy behavior upsets Kurt. It's so effective that it actually leaves her feeling bad about it afterward.
    Lloyd: You know what Brittany, I've had it with you!
    Brittany: Like, excuse me?!
    Lloyd: All you ever think about is yourself!
    Brittany: Duh, who else would I think about? I'm the one that matters!
    Lloyd: Look, maybe back at school we all thought you being pretty and knowing what was cool was really important, but I'm not gonna waste my last half hour caring about some girl who doesn't care about me OR my friends! You wanna be a popular girl now? Try being nice for a change!
  • The Looney Tunes Show:
  • Clay's rant about how much his son sucks (which was really misplaced, confused self-loathing) marks the climax of Moral Orel. It's so long it actually takes up the better part of two episodes. With the image of his father now shattered, Orel turns it right back at him by calling him a bad father.
    • Later in the show, Clay gives another one to Doctor Potterswheel. Ironically, Clay could have also been talking about himself in that speech.
    • In another episode, a drunken Clay gives another one to Reverend Putty and the other patrons in the bar about how hypocritical they are. Subverted that even though Clay is somewhat correct, Clay made himself an already bigger fool by whining like child. In fact, it was the first time that Shapey spoke calmly without going on a temper tantrum stating that's what he's like when he's thirsty.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot
    • In "Sibling Tsunami", Jenny finds her prototypes, XJ-1 through XJ-8, and reactivates them, making them her sisters. Throughout the episode, Jenny's sisters cause her nothing but trouble, and near the end, Jenny gives this kind of speech to them when XJ-8 destroys a pinata with her laser vision:
      Jenny: What's the matter with you? (groans)
      XJ-8: What's wrong, sis?
      Jenny: What's wrong? I thought it would be great to have sisters, but you guys are terrible! (to XJ-8) You're a thug, (to XJ-4) and you're a neat freak, (to XJ-7) you're a mope, (to XJ-2) and you're just destructive! (to XJ-5) You never shut up, (to XJ-1) and you... (stops herself before XJ-1 can cry) Forget it. You're on your own! I'm back to being an only robot!
    • In the episode "Dressed to Kill", Brit gives a brief one to her designer Jean Phillipe and uses her newfound powers from her crystal gown to give him a clashing wardrobe when he demanded that her and Tiff return their gowns. Jean Phillipe runs off crying.
      Brit: Your gowns?! These designs were our idea and without us, you're nothing! Your designs are derivative, your stitches are shoddy, and you're probably... color blind!
    • In the later episode, "Mind Over Matter", the Monster of the Week, Gigawatt, lays out a scathing speech after curb-stomping Jenny throughout the episode, mocking her attempts to defeat him via upgrading herself (Even turning her own house into a Humongous Mecha). It was effective enough to send her into a brief Heroic BSoD before Brad and Wakeman cheer her up.
      Gigawatt: Listen well, Material Girl. The future belongs to lifeforms of Pure Energy. No amount of costume changes can change this fact: That evolution has passed you by. (Proceeds to zap Jenny with lightning, who ejects her brain out safely)
  • In the season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic "The Best Night Ever", Rarity is excited to finally have a chance to meet her Prince Charming. When Prince Blueblood turns out to be a Prince Charmless she is disappointed but keeps hoping he'll prove to be chivalrous. But when Blueblood uses her as a Pony Shield against falling cake, she snaps and tells him off.
    "You, sir, are the most uncharming prince I have ever met! In fact, the only thing royal about you is that you are a royal PAIN!" (Curiously, he's actually aware of that.)
    • Discord tries one on Fluttershy. It fails so badly he just cuts straight to brute-force brainwashing and stalks off in a huff.
    • In "Putting Your Hoof Down" Fluttershy (of all people) gives a scathing one to Rarity and Pinkie Pie once she gets into assertive mode.
      Fluttershy: Things getting too complicated for your simple little brain, Pinkie Pie?
      Rarity: (catching the stunned Pinkie) Now stop right there! Let's not let things descend into petty insults.
      Fluttershy: Why not? I thought petty was what you're all about, Rarity. What with your petty concerns about fashion.
      Rarity: (gasps, eyes began to water and she turns away)
      Pinkie Pie: Hey! You leave her alone! Fashion is her passion!
      Fluttershy: Oh and what are you passionate about? Birthday cake? Party hats? (Pinkie's ears droop and her eyes quiver) I can't believe the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell New Fluttershy how to live her life (cut to Pinkie Pie and Rarity about to cry), when they are throwing their lives away on pointless pursuits that no-pony else gives a flying feather about!
      Pinkie Pie: (about to cry) Looks like nasty Fluttershy is here to stay!
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders got one for publishing embarrassing stories about others... from Big MacIntosh of all the characters!
      Big MacIntosh: You should be ashamed of yourself, humiliatin' your sister 'n' me like that. We don't wanna talk to any y'all right now so take your little gossip column and your embarrassing photographs and just GO AWAY!
    • In "A Canterlot Wedding", Twilight Sparkle receives one from her brother Shining Armor after she accuses his bride-to-be Princess Cadence of being evil on their wedding day although she was right all along. And sure enough, Cadence's impostor Queen Chrysalis gives a smug one to everyone else for being too focused on the wedding to realize Twilight was correct, allowing her plan to go through.
    • In the episode, "Wonderbolts Academy", Rainbow Dash gives one to Lightning Dust after her recklessness causes the tornado incident that nearly kills her friends. She then gives another one to Spitfire, her own immediate superior announcing she's done with the Wonderbolts if recklessness of that magnitude is going to be tolerated.
    • Discord drops another one in "Princess Twilight Sparkle", aimed at the titular princess. He calls out Twilight for leaving her friends behind to "keep her own precious princess self out of harms way". Whether he did this just to mock her or genuinely help her is anyone's guess, though.
    • In "Amending Fences", Moondancer launches a vicious tirade against Twilight when she tries to throw another party to make up for the one she skipped in the first episode, which she didn't realize was so important to Moondancer at the time. Moondancer even breaks down in tears halfway through while angrily screaming at her.
      Twilight: Please, you've got to let me make this up to you!
      Moondancer: And you think this is gonna do it, huh?
      Twilight: Uh... yes?
      Moondancer: Well sure, why wouldn't it? That was only the first time I put myself out there, and then you didn't even bother to show up! Then you left town without saying goodbye, even though we were supposed to be friends! (tearing up) I was humiliated! I felt like I wasn't important! I never wanted to let myself be hurt like that again! (points to Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts) Those three finally convinced me that I had value, that other ponies might like me and want to be my friend, and you! Didn't! Show! UP!!! AAGH! (breaks down crying)
      Twilight: You're right. This party can't make up for the way I hurt you, but please, don't let my mistake be the reason you can't make friends with anypony else!
    • Twice in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark":
      • First, Silver Spoon gives one to Diamond Tiara after the latter finds out she only got a single vote (her own) in the class president election:
        Diamond Tiara: WHAT?! One vote?! Silver Spoon, you didn't vote for me?
        Silver Spoon: No. I didn't.
        Diamond Tiara:'re my best friend!
        Silver Spoon: Am I? 'Cause I tried to help by mentioning your 'surprise' statue, and suddenly I wasn't even allowed to speak! You could have actually won this election if you just listened to me. You wanna know how? (whispering) Sorry. I'm not allowed to speak. (closes Diamond Tiara's dropped jaw with her hoof)
      • Later, Diamond Tiara herself gives one to Spoiled Rich, her mother:
        Diamond Tiara: You've spent your life acting like a high horse and raised me to follow in your hoofprints! At first I thought this was fine, but then I finally realized I wanted something you don't have — friends!... These are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and they are my friends! You need to stop calling them such mean and hurtful names! They are working harder to get their cutie marks than anypony I've ever seen! And they will get them exactly when they discover their true talent, which I guarantee will be amazing!
    • In "All Bottled Up," Starlight gives a small one to Trixie after she uses her magic to make the cutie map disappear and then acts like it's no big deal:
      Starlight: I'm really... mad at you. You lost Twilight's map table. You make jokes like it's no big deal. It's like you don't even care you can get me in a lot of trouble. If we can't find that table, Twilight is never going to trust me again. And the worst part is YOU DIDN'T EVEN SAY YOU WERE SORRY!
  • The Peanuts special Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown has one of these from Schroeder, adapted from this 1963 strip. On the morning after Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown's female classmates approach him, explain that they feel bad he didn't get a single valentine card, and offer him one of their own cards with the original name scratched off and his penciled in. Seeing this, an outraged Schroeder tears into them for their hypocritical gesture:
    Schroeder: Hold on there! What do you think you're doing? Who do you think you are? Where were you yesterday, when everyone else was giving out valentines? Is kindness and thoughtfulness something you can make retroactive? Don't you think he has any feelings? You and your friends are the most thoughtless bunch I've ever known! You don't care anything about Charlie Brown, you just hate to feel guilty! And now you have the nerve to come around one day later and offer him a used valentine, just to ease your conscience! Well, let me tell you something! Charlie Brown doesn't need your...
    Charlie Brown: (shoving him aside) Don't listen to him! I'll take it!
  • After being stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, Pepper Ann blows up and lets loose at her Mom, friends, and everyone else by pointing out their faults. By the next day, the loop is over and no one is happy with her words about them, leading into another loop.
  • It's less of a "The Reason You Suck" and more a "The Reason You Are Better Than You Think You Are (And Therefore Suck At Being A Bad Guy)", but in the Series Finale of Phineas and Ferb, Heinz Doofenshmirtz believes his daughter Vanessa is leaving him forever because she thinks he's a loser (in reality, it's because she'd gotten an internship offer which requires she relocate), and uses a Time Machine to become a governor to try and impress her. However, Vanessa sets things straight and has a heart-to-heart with her father Heinz, picking apart his Card-Carrying Villain Mad Scientist persona to try and convince him to pull a Heel–Face Turn because he'd be better as a hero. It works.
    Vanessa: No dad, you're basically a Nice Guy who's pretending to be evil... and you know it seems like it's all out of obligation to your backstories, not something that truly comes from your heart.
  • The Powerpuff Girls' Blossom gives one to Buttercup after Buttercup acts bratty over getting a bath:
    Blossom: You know Buttercup, you may be clean but your attitude still stinks.
    • Blossom gives another one to Princess after Princess is defeated:
      Princess Morbucks: (crying) Why won't you let me be a Powerpuff Girl?
      Blossom: Because you're just a spoiled brat. And being a Powerpuff Girl isn't about getting your way, or having the best stuff, or being popular or powerful. It's about using your own unique abilities to help people and the world we all live in. And you, little girl, have done nothing worthy of the name "Powerpuff".
      • She's given another by all three girls when near the holidays, she denies that she would be on Santa's Naughty list and ask the girls to prove her wrong.
        Blossom: You bought the city and legalized crime!
        Buttercup: You hired Mojo to try and destroy us!
        Bubbles: You gave us a bomb for our birthday!
        Buttercup: You teamed up with three felons and went on a crime spree!
        Bubbles: You tricked our friend, Robin, into stealing! And then you tattled on her!
        Blossom: You're a spoiled brat who's greedy and jealous, and you don't care who you step on to get what you want!
    • Buttercup gives one to the Amoeba Boys in "Geshundfight", calling them out for being the "lousiest, most pathetic criminals in the whole town" and forcibly kicking them out. For what it's worth, she had a point.
    • Buttercup lays down another one in "Beat Your Greens". When the Broccoloid aliens have brainwashed the adults of Townsville with mind-control spore-infected broccoli and are taking over the town, the only way for the kids (who earlier refused to eat the broccoli and are thus safe) to stop them is to eat them alive. One of them, a football player, refuses, and Buttercup responds thusly:
      Buttercup: What? You doubt the word of a Powerpuff? Maybe you're just scared to eat vegetables. Tell you what. Why don't you go on home and get your mom to make you a baloney sandwich? Oh, wait. You know what? She can't! Because she's been zapnotized by alien invaders! But you don't wanna help save her because you don't feel like eating a few vegetables!!
    • Blossom gave one to Big Billy in "Slave The Day" after he accidentally destroys buildings while defeating a monster.
      Blossom: First, you let the bank robbers get away, then you destroy irreplaceable art, and now you’ve destroyed all of Townsville! You do less damage as a member of the Gangrene Gang! Now GO!
    • In one episode, Mojo Jojo reveals that he was once Professor Utonium’s lab assistant, and after telling the girls a sob story about how he was ignored after the girls were born, he convinces Professor Utonium to give him the powers of the Powerpuff Girls so that he’ll forgive him. But when Mojo Jojo gets his powers, he uses them to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, and proceeds to go on a rampage in his own lab. This causes Utonium to remember that Jojo was the worst lab assistant he ever had, and he drops a Wham Line that reveals how the Powerpuff Girls were born, causing Mojo Jojo to go into a Villainous BSoD.
      Professor Utonium: Mojo Jojo! Now I remember you, you were the worst lab assistant I ever had! All you ever did was break everything you got your grimy little paws on! Oh, you haven’t changed one bit! I was finally forced to throw you out when the girls were born! As a matter of fact... it was that very day: I was busy working on my formula for the perfect little girl. I had added the three essential ingredients: sugar, spice, and everything nice. When all of a sudden, you pushed me, which caused me to accidentally smash into a container of Chemical X, which poured into the perfect-girl formula, causing a giant explosion, which resulted in... the Powerpuff Girls being born! Hey, well, what do you know? Thanks to your monkeyshines, Mojo, you kinda created the Powerpuff Girls!
    • Blossom, Bubbles, even the Doctors gives one to Buttercup after she recklessly beats up Fuzzy, even after he surrendered
    Bubbles: You have been taking your fighting a little too far lately.
    Blossom: Yeah, you didn't have to beat the stuffing out of Fuzzy so badly.
    Bubbles: Poor Fuzzy.
    Buttercup: Hello? He's a stinkin' bad guy, remember? He deserves it!
    Blossom: He gave up, it was over. But you continued to beat him up anyway.
    Bubbles: It was a bit much.
    Blossom: You just don't know when to stop. You're always overdoing it.
    Buttercup: Nuh uh.
    Blossom: Uh uh!
    (Blossom and Buttercup continues arguing while leaving the restaurant.)
    Buttercup: I'm the good guy!
    Doctor: Oh no, you're not!
    (Buttercup gasps as the camera turns to Fuzzy, who's badly injured)
    Doctor: Are you proud of yourself, young lady?!
    Buttercup: I...I...
    Doctor: Thanks to you, he can't eat right, he can't talk right, he can't even think right!
  • Rick and Morty:
    • In "Rick Potion #9", Morty has Rick cook up a love potion so that he can woo the girl he has a crush on. Unfortunately, because the girl has the flu, she ends up transmitting the effects of the potion to the school and within a few hours the world (save for Morty's family due to the effects not affecting people with his DNA) wants to have sex with Morty. When Morty asks Rick about why he did this, Rick tears Morty a new one.
      Morty: How could you be so irresponsible, Rick!?
      Rick: Me, irresponsible!? All I wanted you to do was hand me a screwdriver, Morty! You're the one who wanted me to buckle down and make a roofie juice serum, so you could roofie the poor girl at your school! You kidding me, Morty? You're going to try and take the high road on this one? You're a creep, Morty. You're just a little creepy creep person.
      • Although Morty immediately fires back
        Morty: All right, fine. I should have just listened to you when you refused to make the serum. I'm willing to accept my part of the blame for this, Rick. But I'll tell you something, you know what? You got to accept your part of the blame! I'm not the one who fouled up the serum! I'm not the one who haphazardly, you know, mixed a bunch of nonsense together and created a bunch of cronenbergs!
    • In "Auto Erotic Assimilation", Blim Blam, an alien trapped under Rick's bunker gave one to Beth and Jerry after having had enough of their constant arguing about Rick.
      Blim Blam: Um, first of all, hello, um, my name is Blim Blam the Chloreblock. Second of all, cards on the table, I'm a murderer that eats babies and I came to this planet to eat babies. However, I am also carrying a highly infectious disease that I suppose you could call "Space AIDS", as you put it, and Rick did chain me up so he could attempt to cure it. At the same time, Rick’s motivations to cure me were not to save my life or anyone else's, but to patent and sell the cure for billions of blemflarks. But you know the reason why I ripped my chains out of the wall? AND do you know WHY I’m never coming back to this planet? Because the TWO OF YOU ARE THE FUCKING WORST! You both hate yourselves and each other, AND THE IDEA THAT IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH RICK IS LAUGHABLE. I’d laugh, but biologically incapable—THAT’S HOW ALIEN I AM. And even I’m sitting here listening to the TWO of you and being like “WHAT THE FUCK.” So, good luck with your shitty marriage and tell Rick I’m sorry that he has to deal with either of you. BLIM BLAM, OUT! <drops translator>
    • In "Pickle Rick", near the end of the episode, Rick's attempt at belittling Dr. Wong's profession as a therapist is met with a very much needed one of these, uttered without one drop of anger or with a single decibel too high. While he tries to ignore it, it's clear by his eyes that he knows she hit the mark.
      Dr. Wong: Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family, you included, use intelligence to justify sickness. You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force and as an inescapable curse. And I think it's because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it's your mind within your control. You chose to come here. You chose to talk—to belittle my vocation. Just as you chose to become a pickle. You are the master of your universe, and yet you are dripping with rat blood and feces. Your enormous mind literally vegetating by your own hand. I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy, the same way I'm bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is, it's not an adventure. There's no way to do it so wrong you might die. It's just work. And the bottom line is some people are okay going to work, and some people... Well, some people would rather die. Each of us gets to choose.
    • In "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", Rick takes an opportunity to call out Jerry for using self-pity to manipulate people into giving him what he wants.
      Jerry: You self-righteous piece of shit! You took my family!
      Rick: I took your family? Who do you think had more taken from them when you shot 20 cc's of liquid dream killer into my daughter? She was Rick's daughter, Jerry. She had options! That all ended because she felt sorry for you! You act like prey, but you're a predator! You use pity to lure in your victims, it's how you survive! I survive because I know everything, that snake survives because children wander off, and you survive because people think, "Oh, this poor piece of shit, he never gets a break, I can't stand the deafening silent wails of his wilting soul, I guess I'll hire him or marry him."
    • Also in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", Morty gives Beth a harsh but needed speech on how she is harming her family by trying to please Rick.
      Morty: I tricked Rick into taking Dad on an adventure because I thought I could get a break from this kind of shit! But no! Like father like goddamned daughter! You wanna be like Rick!? Congratulations! You're just as arrogant and just as irresponsible! {...} Kissing Rick's ass isn't going to keep him around, Mom. But it will help you lose everyone else!
    • "The Old Man and the Seat" involves Rick feuding with an alien named Tony who keeps using a toilet Rick intended to be used strictly by himself. Yet despite their disagreements, Tony genuinely wants to befriend Rick throughout the episode, citing their common desire to be alone as a result of the trauma they've suffered throughout their lives. Eventually, Rick lays a special trap for Tony and tries to get him to set it off, only to find out that Tony died as a result of his newfound desire to live life to the fullest thanks to Rick. The end of the episode sees Rick activating the trap - which consists of a thousand holographic Ricks berating Tony while he sits on the toilet — himself. Given what he's done, however, their insults towards Tony end up turning against Rick himself.
      Holo Rick: There he is! There's our guy! Congrats, Tony! Have fun with your stupid toilet that you get to use all by yourself now. Enjoy using it all by yourself while you sit there and think about how nobody wants to be around you and how you ruined it for yourself because you're a huge piece of shit. Look at you sitting there, King Shit on his throne of loneliness. Enjoy this toilet with a thousand of me screaming every time you take a shit! All hail His Majesty, the saddest piece of garbage in the entire cosmos! Long live the big bad doo-doo daddy! May his reign last a thousand years!
    • Morty gives one to Beth after the latter kicks out the girl he had formed a genuine relationship with, due to Beth's dissapproval of said girl being an Ambiguously Human Captain Planet-expy.
    Morty: My whole life, I've never fit in anywhere. Everything I have to say is always met with an eyeroll as if the act of hearing what I have to say is some exhausting chore. Nobody in this family thinks I can say or do anything right! I've been ALL over the universe, met hundreds of people, and Planetina's the ONLY ONE I've ever met that makes me feel I BELONG, and YOU just KICKED her out of our house!
    Beth: Morty, please-
  • Rugrats:
    • Chaz delivers one to Stu, Didi, Betty and Howard in the episode "Family Feud" when the former and latter pairs of parents continue their petty feud even after they realize their children have run away (mostly because of said feud).
      Chaz: (absolutely furious) Look at you! Don't you see what you've done?! While you were insulting each other and bringing up every petty difference from your past, you've forgotten about your children, the most important thing in your insignificant lives! You ought to be ashamed!
    • In the episode, "Aunt Miriam", Lou delivers one to the titular character for bullying him throughout his childhood when Tommy and Chuckie run away from her and she needs his help to find them.
      Miriam: I don't understand it, Louis! They took one look at me and ran away! And I'm usually so good with kids!
      Lou: Yeah, right!
      Miriam: It's true! When we were growing up, you adored me!
      Lou: Adored you?! Mim, you stole my toys, you got me into trouble, and you were constantly threatening to pound the living daylights out of me! I was plump terrified of you!
      Miriam: Louis, I had no idea you felt that way about me! I don't know what to say!
      Lou: Don't say nothin'! Just help me find the kids!
    • In the B-plot of the episode, "Daddy's Little Helpers", Didi gives one to the manager of the Moon Goddess Festival that she, Kira, Betty, and Charlotte go to when she is given a shirt that says, "I am the Goddess Dodo", having previously put up with everything she went through;
      Didi: First, I get sun buffed like a ragdoll and fluffed with an old feather duster, then I'm told to forget I'm a wife and mother?! Because I'm the Goddess Dodo! Well, my name is Didi! Didi Pickles! Not a goddess, a woman! Who loves nothing more than being a wife and mother, and wants her money back!
      Manager: (handing Didi her money back) Keep the shirt.
  • Samurai Jack:
    • In Jack and the Swamp Wizard, Aku gives to mock Jack for blinded for his quest for finding a way home. However, Jack gives him one after he reveals he was aware of his scheme all along. However, Jack gives him one in return.
    Aku(Swamp Wizard): You were so blinded that your little quest for Time Travel that you didn't see the truth, right in front of your Face.
    Jack: You have deceived me many times, Aku, but you have become careless. Your lust to destroy me, left you the blind one. And now, my trap has sprung!
    Aku: I'm sorry, old man, I think you're lost.
    The Scotsman: I ain't "lost", yeh tree-ogre! I might be old, but I've lived long enough t' see the world rise against yer tyranny. Admit it, yeh big oaf! You're scared! note  The Samurai is still out there, inspirin' people by the thousands! After all these years, you're powerless against him! You've been shiverin' like a wee baby hidin' in yer crib, afraid to show yerself, 'cause you know he's out there — and you can't do anything about it! (gives a hearty guffaw) You're just a big baby! Why don't you go cry to yer mama?!
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
    • Adora gives one to Catra in the portal episodes that feels like it was a long time coming, after Catra proceeds to put all of the blame on Adora for "making her do this and making her [this way]". This is punctuated by Adora punching alternate universe!Catra in the face.
    Adora: No, it's not. I didn't make you pull the switch. I didn't make you do anything. I didn't break the world, but I am gonna fix it. And you? You made your choice. Now LIVE WITH IT!
    • Catra gives an abusive one to Scorpia when she gave her the "recordings" she needed but broken. Scorpia was actually testing Catra to see if she really was a good friend and she was proven wrong.
    Catra: You broke the recordings?
    Scorpia: I didn't mean to.
    Catra: I asked you to do one thing. One simple thing and you completely ruined it! But of course you ruined it. Yeah. You're Scorpia That's just what you do. You couldn't handle Emily, you never know when to shut up. The only thing you've ever done is get in my way! What did I expect? I mean, how can you possible be this useless? (pauses) What?
    Scorpia: You're a bad friend.
    • Double Trouble rips Catra apart in the season 4 finale, bluntly telling her that she brought her loneliness and misery on herself, all the while flicking between the faces of the people Catra hurt. Combined with the dramatic end of all her ambitions, thanks to Double Trouble first tricking Catra into sending the Horde armies into a trap and then tipping Hordak off about Catra's betrayal of him and Entrapta in season 3, the verbal beatdown leaves Catra broken, unwilling to even lift a hand to defend herself; she almost seems to want Glimmer to kill her when they encounter each other shortly afterwards.
    Double Trouble: (as Adora) I knew this would get a rise out of you, but you really are obsessed, aren't you, kitten? (laughs, resumes true form) You know, it took me a while, but I finally figured out your character. (turns into Catra) You try so hard to play the big, bad villain, but your heart's never been in it, has it?
    Catra: What - what are you - stop! Stop it!
    Double Trouble: People have hurt you, haven't they? (as Shadow Weaver) They didn't believe in you. (as Hordak) They didn't trust you. (as Adora, holding Catra's hand to their face) Didn't need you. Left you.
    (Catra collapses to the ground)
    Double Trouble: (true form) But did you ever stop to think that maybe they're not the problem? (as Scorpia) It's you. You drive them away, wildcat.
    Catra: Why are you doing this?
    Double Trouble: (true form) It's for your own good, darling. We both know this was never what you really wanted.
    • After Shadow Weaver goads Adora into going through a near-fatal obtaining of a failsafe to destroy the Heart of Etheria, citing The Needs of the Many right in front of Catra (who leaves their encampment in pain so she won't have to watch Adora make a Senseless Sacrifice), Adora dismantles Shadow Weaver's reasoning on the spot when the latter tries to assure her that it was the "right thing to do".
    Shadow Weaver: Adora, you made the right choice. Don't let Catra convince you otherwise; she's never understood—
    Adora: Stop! I will never forgive you. You ruin people, you ruin any chance they could have to ever be happy! (turns away from her) Haven't you done enough?
    Shadow Weaver: I Did What I Had to Do.
    Adora: (turns back around, oozing Tranquil Fury) Keep telling yourself that. I'm going to take the failsafe to the Heart, and I'm going to save Etheria, but I am not doing it for you. I'll do everything I can to make sure you never get your hands on its magic. (Shadow Weaver's eyes widen in shock. Adora storms ahead of her and heads back inside the base.)
    • Mermista and the other Princesses give one to Entrapta early on in Season 5, thinking that she was only interested on alien technology and not on saving Glimmer.
    Entrapta: This transmission pattern is fascinating! We should get closer.
    Mermista: We can't! (whacks Entrapta's signal beacon) Thanks to you, this place is about to be swarming with bots. We have to retreat. Ugh, I should have known better than to trust you. You don’t care about Glimmer or any of us, you only care about tech!
    Entrapta: (beat) Are you all... mad at me?
    Mermista: You're seriously JUST realizing this? Yeah, we're mad!
    Perfuma: You don’t consider how your actions affect other people! Even people who are supposed to be your friends!
    Frosta: Like us! The ones who are getting beat up by your dumb bots! And whose kingdoms you almost destroyed!
    Entrapta: I'm not good with people. But I'm good with tech. I thought, maybe, if I could use tech to help, you'd like me. But I messed that, too.
  • In Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, human boy Kai Leng spits one out on his sister Lana after he has had enough of her bitchy attitude.
    Kai Leng: I HATE YOU! I wish I NEVER HAD A SISTER!
  • In the pilot movie of Sofia the First, Prince James gave one to Princess Amber when he called her out on her jealousy towards the title character/their step sister and for ruining Sofia's dance lessons.
    Amber: How do I look?
    James: You gave Sofia the trick shoes on purpose.
    Amber: If I recall, you played a prank on her too.
    James: What you did wasn't a prank. She needed those dance lessons. You're trying to ruin her ball. And I know why.
    Amber: Because she doesn't belong here?
    James: No, because everyone likes her more than you. And after what you did today, so do I.
    Amber: You don't mean that.
    (James storms out, leaving Amber hurt and heartbroken)
  • In the Sonic Boom episode "Just a Guy", Sonic ends up being ostracized by the village for referring to Mike as "just a guy" and the villagers as "you people", in spite of all the times he's saved them from Eggman's evil schemes, and the fact they themselves had said that Mike was "just a guy" as well. After a passive-aggressive remark from Amy during her sensitivity training group, he finally snaps and calls his friends and the whole village out for their hypocrisy and taking him for granted, followed by him (as it turns out, temporarily) quitting being a hero;
    Amy: Alright, perhaps our enthusiasm yesterday was a bit premature, seeing as it turns out (glares at Sonic) some people still have a long way to go in their training. But, I'm sure we'll all learn to be compassionate, after tomorrow's... SENSITIVITY TRAINING CAMPING TRIP!
    (everyone except Sonic starts cheering)
    Sonic: (furiously) You know what I think is compassionate? Saving the village from Eggman. Like, every week! But do I get any props for that?! NO! Everyone just goes around gasping at me when I call a guy "a guy", or people "people"!
    (they gasp at him, thus proving his point)
    Sonic: I QUIT HEROING! AND I QUIT THIS STUPID GROUP! (throws down his hat and storms out)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Plankton!", the titular character (in his debut appearance) controls SpongeBob's brain, then he drives him through Squidward’s house. Squidward complains about this invasion through his house, only for Plankton to give this to him while speaking through SpongeBob.
      Plankton: Shut your mouth, you mediocre clarinet player!
      Squidward: (stunned) Mediocre?
      Plankton: You pretentious little insignificant artist! Your sniveling creations are worth less than a protozoan's waste!
    • In "Krusty Love" SpongeBob gives one to Mr. Krabs after he finally gets fed up with him. Yelling it out in random gibberish, Mrs. Puff eventually brings out a dictionary in order to look-up some of the words.
      Mrs. Puff: I had no idea SpongeBob had such a colorful vocabulary!
    • In "Good Neighbors", SpongeBob and Patrick try to prove themselves good neighbors by starting a club, and name Squidward president, but in doing so, they end up harassing Squidward and sabotaging his Sunday off. Finally, after they ruin his pedicure, he finally snaps over their antics and orders them out. When the duo still fail to grasp the situation, Squidward bursts his head through the door and verbally dissects them through a thoroughly angry speech:
      Squidward: (twitches his eye, and makes his way toward the front door) Alright, you two! OUT! (SpongeBob and Patrick walk out) And don't even think about dragging your empty skulls around here for the rest of the day! Or tomorrow or next week.
      SpongeBob: Squidward, does that include...
      Squidward: YES, IT DOES! (slams door)
      SpongeBob: Gee, Patrick, do you think Squidward was trying to tell us something?
      Squidward: (furiously busts his head through the door) YES, I WAS!! You call yourselves good neighbors?! YOU'RE THE WORST NEIGHBORS EVER! (deep breath) You don't deserve to wear those fezzes! (takes SpongeBob & Patrick's hats and stomps them into the ground)
      SpongeBob: Gee, Pat, maybe President Squidward's right.
      Patrick: Yeah, I guess we're not good neighbors after all.
      Squidward: (explodes once again) NO, YOU AREN'T!!!! YOU'RE HORRIBLE NEIGHBORS! (hyperventilates) And stop calling me president!
      SpongeBob: (sadly) C'mon, let's go. (SpongeBob and Patrick sadly walk away)
    • In "Mid-Life Crustacean", Mr. Krabs, in an attempt to feel young, accompanies SpongeBob and Patrick on their night out, only to be disappointed with their ideas of a good time, which include, going to the Laundromat, re-roofing a shed, reading at the library, and finally a kiddie restaurant. Finally he goes off on them.
      Mr. Krabs: [angry] I'M FEELIN' LIKE A TOTAL BARNACLE HEAD! You think this is cool?! How about this!? And this? Am I with it now? You guys wouldn't know a good time if it bit you in the end! I'm going home. You guys ain't cool. You're lame!
      SpongeBob : [depressed] Lame?!
      Mr. Krabs: Lame! You're nerds! Geeks! Creeps! And babies!
      SpongeBob and Patrick: Not 'babies!' [both suck their thumbs]
      Mr. Krabs: I may be old, but even an old bag of shells like me knows that you haven't suggested one cool thing all night! So good night to you!
      (Mr. Krabs changes his mind a moment later, when Patrick mentions their next activity, but it ends up going awry too)
    • Mr. Krabs thoughtlessly trading SpongeBob to the Flying Dutchman in "Born Again Krabs" is such a dick move that Squidward of all people calls him out on it.
      Squidward: Mr. Krabs, I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, but how could you trade SpongeBob for 62 cents?!
      Mr. Krabs: You think I could've gotten more?
      Squidward: He stuck up for you, and you sold him out. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!
    • In "Boating Buddies", Squidward gives one to SpongeBob after the latter has been annoying him so greatly in boating school, as well as the beginning of the episode:
      Squidward: How many times do I have to tell you?! I am not your buddy! I don't need your help, and I don't need you, ever! Now just kindly let me take this stupid test, so I can get out of here and never have to see you again for the rest of my life!
    • SpongeBob gives one to Patrick in "Stuck in the Wringer" when Patrick's unhelpful actions worsens SpongeBob's situation in being stuck in the aforementioned wringer:
      Patrick: Hey pal, want some of my cotton candy? They gave it to me when I won the dart tournament. I got this too! (shows off his ribbon) Check it out!
      SpongeBob: That's nice, Patrick, but I don't want any cotton candy.
      Patrick: Well, have some. It'll make you feel better.
      SpongeBob: I said I don't want any! (turns and knocks it onto the ground)
      Patrick: You ruined my cotton candy!
      SpongeBob: Good! Maybe now you know how I feel about you ruining my life!
      Ball Toss Vendor: Check it out! Public fight!
      Other Vendor: Working at the carnival sure has its perks. (crowd gathers around SpongeBob and Patrick)
      SpongeBob: I have never felt so ashamed.
      Patrick: What do you mean?
      SpongeBob: If it wasn't for your Forever Glue, I wouldn't be stuck in this thing!
      Patrick: I was only trying to help.
      SpongeBob: Help?! I think you've helped quite enough today! (This is the exact same thing Mr. Krabs said to him earlier)
      Patrick: Okay, if that's how you feel... I won't help you anymore!
      • Because of this, the crowd becomes angry with SpongeBob and one of the fish tells him off:
        Fish: Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. (inside SpongeBob's body, his heart starts to groan sadly) You deserve what you've gotten. C'mon, we're out of here.
    • In "Band Geeks", things ultimately get out of control and Squidward's band starts fighting among each other, or at least until class is over, making them essentially unprepared for the performance they were supposed to put on tomorrow. Squidward then gives them this as they're about to leave, but unlike his angrier examples above, he expresses nothing but despair, heartbreak, and disappointment towards them.
      Squidward: Well, you did it. You took my one chance in happiness... and crushed it. Crushed it into little, tiny, bite-size pieces. I really had expected better of you people. I guess I'm a loser for that too... Don't bother showing up tomorrow, I'll just tell them you all died in a marching accident. So thanks, thanks for nothing...
      Patrick: ...You're welcome.
    • In "Yours, Mine and Mine", Mr. Krabs hears of SpongeBob and Patrick fighting over Patty Pal and Patrick's lack of sharing, and chews them out for it.
      Mr. Krabs: Avast, there, laddies! What's all this ruckerus about now?!
      SpongeBob: It's our Krabby Patty toy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick ate it, so that I couldn't play with it!
      Patrick: SpongeBob won't let me play with it!
      SpongeBob: Only because you hogged it all night!
      Patrick: I did not!
      SpongeBob: Did too!
      Patrick: Nuh-uh!
      SpongeBob: Oh, you toy eater!
      Patrick: Tattletale!
      Mr. Krabs: Whoa, whoa, whoa there, now! Settle down! All this brawling is over a toy?! You two shouldn't let a little trinket get between youse! You should be ashamed of yourselves. If I gave each of ya another toy, would that make you happy?
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks:
    • Beckett Mariner gives herself one in "Crisis Point". That is, a holographic version of Mariner created from her personal logs does when Mariner decides to use the simulation as "therapy" that consisted largely of her posing as a Card-Carrying Villain and blasting her way through the crew until she could thrash her mother, the ship's captain. While matching "Vindicta" blow for blow, Holo-Mariner says that she would never want to really hurt her mom, or her crewmates, and that she loves the ship and Starfleet and then points out all the ways in which Mariner's usual misbehavior is just a front or an evasion for her issues with herself, her career, and Starfleet.
    • In "Reflections", when Brad Boimler reaches a Rage-Breaking Point, he erupts into a screaming tangent at numerous people who have done nothing but mock Starfleet all day. He goes out of his way to go to other booths and scream about the terrible things their various guilds have done.
      Boimler: Without Starfleet, NONE OF YOU would exist! We don't wanna protect you from the Klingons or the Borg, we just wanna explore and study [bleep]ing qaesars! But you know what? It's the right thing to do!!!
  • Strawberry Shortcake: After she sees Strawberry Shortcake overturn this trope towards Apple Dumplin', Peppermint Fizz realises that she had done some serious damage, so she gives herself one when confronting Strawberry Shortcake later.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • In the episode "Trial by Squire", one of the other squires gives Marco this.
      Marco: You wanna tell me why you're being such a jerk?
      Higgs: Listen, wannabe, you think it's easy being a squire? All of my waking hours I'm weaving chain mail, sharpening swords. I'm always at my knight's beck and call. I've even learned how to polish armor in my sleep. But what did you do to earn this job? Oh, nothing. It was handed to you because you're the princess' boyfriend.
      Marco: What? I'm not her boyfriend.
      Higgs: Interesting. Guess it was handed to you out of pity, then, huh?
    • Higgs tries this less successfully in "The Knight Shift" on Marco, but he just throws one back at her and the other single-minded knights:
      Higgs: It's 'cause the dude's a lousy cheater. Got the squire job handed to him, then he spends years training in that Neverzone place? He thinks he's too good to be a knight.
      Marco: If you all could for one second think about the world from someone else's point of view, none of this would've happened. You want to train up in the Neverzone, be my guest.
    • Star also gets one from Baby in the self titled episode after her evaluation.
      Baby: While under your care, your wand – the single most important heirloom of the Butterfly dynasty – was broken. You lost the sacred book of spells and replaced it with a college-ruled notebook! And lastly, your spellcasting is so undisciplined and unstructured that you're incapable of performing basic magic! You can't even bring me an apple!
  • In the Static Shock episode, "Sins of the Fathers", Mr. Hawkins gives one to Mr. Foley in which he calls him out on his racism which caused his son, Richie to run away from home when he didn't approve of his friendship with Virgil.
    • In the final episode, all of the "bang babies" started losing their powers, when a cure has been released. Ebon was able to obtain the last of the Q-Juice gas and plans on making a new meta-gang. The now normal Teresa (Talon) calls Ebon out, saying he was afraid that he was nothing before the Big Bang, and he will be nothing when his powers are gone.
  • Steven Universe: "Lars And The Cool Kids" has the cool kids being trapped in the moss that Steven's mother makes. Steven tries explaining what they can do, but Lars, fed up with him, says this:
    Lars: This is all your fault! I knew if something went wrong today, it would be because of you! Now I'm never going to become friends with these guys, all because of your weird mom!
    • However, Steven retaliates with a Death Glare and this:
      Steven: What do you know about my mom?! I didn't even get to know my mom! But I do know that she saw beauty in everything, even in stuff like this, and even in jerks like you!
    • And also, when Garnet freaks out at Pearl in "Cry for Help":
      Pearl: I'm sorry... I-It's just... so much fun being Sardonyx with you.
      (Garnet drops Pearl)
      Garnet: That's why I couldn't see us finding Peridot.
      Pearl: Wait! Let me explain!
      Garnet: You've been fixing the hub! (walks towards Pearl, who backs away)
      Pearl: It really was Peridot! T-The first time...
      Garnet: You tricked me!
      Pearl: No! No, no, no, no! We just needed a reason to fuse! I just wanted to share a few more victories with you!
      Garnet: Those weren't victories!
      (Amethyst jumps into frame)
      Amethyst: Wait, Garnet! You know, we're so much weaker than you! Fusing with you is like our one chance to feel... stronger!
      Garnet: Don't defend her! Peridot is out there somewhere and Pearl's been distracting us with... nothing!
      Pearl: Garnet—
      Garnet: (points her finger at Pearl) That's enough! Amethyst, fuse with me!
      Amethyst: But—!
      Garnet: (clenches her fist) Let's just get this over with.
  • In "That Will Be All", after being condescended by Holly Blue Agate at every turn, Pearl gives her a very satisfying comeuppance.
    Holly Blue Agate: I'll report you to the Diamonds! You'll all be shattered!
    Pearl: You're really going to tell the Diamonds that you let a bunch of traitorous rebels infiltrate a highly secure base and escape under your careful watch? Doesn't sound like a wise thing to do, Holly Blue. So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. That will be all!
  • In "Storm in the Room", Steven gives one to his mother while in her room, listing off everything he found out about her over the course of the series, even going as far as to question whether or not his existence was nothing more than a way for Rose to escape the mess she made.
    Steven: You're not my mom.
    Rose Quartz: I'm not?
    Steven: This is how I want you to be. But I don't know if this is who you really are. I've learned things about you. Things you wanted to keep secret. You locked Bismuth away inside of Lion, because she wanted to shatter Gems, and you never told Garnet or Pearl. But then you shattered Pink Diamond! Now all of Homeworld has it out for Earth, and the Crystal Gems and me! You put us all in danger, and you just...disappeared! I finally know the truth. I know what you are! You're a liar! I thought you never want to hurt anyone, but you hurt everyone! How could you just leave Garnet, and Amethyst, and Pearl, and-and Dad?! They don't know what to do without you! Maybe they didn't matter to you as much as hiding the mess you made! And that's why I'm here, isn't it?! Did you just make me so you just wouldn't have to deal with your mistakes?! Is that what I'm all here for?!? (calms down) I get it. I know you didn't want me to deal with your problems, but you're a part of me now, and I have to deal with what you left behind...
  • In "Dewey Wins", three were given, the first by Connie to Steven for attempting to give himself up to Aquamarine.
    Steven: Umm... a-are you happy to see me, too?
    Connie: Of course I'm happy to see you, Steven.
    Steven: Uh, but...?
    Connie: But how could you just give yourself up like that?
    Steven: Well, first, I said I was my dad, and then I said I was my mom
    Connie: No. I mean, you just gave up.
    Steven: I had to. They were gonna take all those people. They were gonna take you!
    Connie: But what about our training? Stevonnie. Jam buds. I believed in us! We could have done it together!
    Steven: This is different. This whole thing was my fault, but I knew that I could fix it all if I turned myself in. And look — No one got hurt. Well, except for Lars, but I saved him, too.
    Connie: But... I'm hurt.
    Steven: No, you're not. You're safe. You're here. I'm here. We're safe. Everything's fine.
    Connie: It's not, though.
    Steven: You know, it was a tough decision for me to make, but it had to be done.
    Connie: You don't get it.
    Steven: Get what?
    Connie: Let's go, Lion.
    (Lion shoots a dirty look at Steven, then takes off with Connie on his back)
  • Then the second one was given by Sadie to Mayor Dewey for trying to promote himself without even knowing that Lars is missing in space.
    Mayor Dewey: Oh, ho, ho, yeah! Hello, everyone. Thanks for coming. Wow! This whole abduction business was a real close call, huh? Whew. But look around you. Everyone is safe and accounted for.
    Sadie: That's not true! What about my friend Lars?
    Mayor Dewey: (confused) Who?
    Sadie: What? Lars! Lars Barriga?! Mr. and Mrs. Barriga's son! Did you even know he was still missing? DID YOU KNOW HE WAS STILL SOMEWHERE IN SPACE?! WHAT KIND OF MAYOR DOESN'T KNOW WHEN HIS OWN PEOPLE ARE LOST IN SPACE?!
    Mayor Dewey: (nervously) The donut boy? (turns to Steven) Is that why the donut shop was closed this morning?
  • And the last one was given by Steven to Mayor Dewey for giving up the election to Nanefua Pizza. However, it turns around on Steven when he realizes that it's what Connie is trying to tell him.
    Steven: Mayor Dewey, what are you doing?! You can't just throw the election like that! We could still win!
    Mayor Dewey: (solemn) Well, I know it's not very traditional to do that in the middle of a debate, but why drag it out?
    Steven: We could've won! I- I really believed in you! I really believed in us!
    Mayor Dewey: Well, you were wrong. What do you want me to say?
    Steven: How about, "I'm sorry. We were in this together and I let you down".
    Mayor Dewey: Come on, Universe. You know she's gonna be a better mayor than me. It was the right thing to do.
    Steven: I guess, but I still feel... betrayed... that's probably how Connie feels.
    Mayor Dewey: Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about but I've got to find a new job. (walks away in a depressed state)
  • The 1st episode of the sequel to the aforementioned series, Steven Universe: Future, has 2 of them.
    • First from Steven when he finally gets fed up with Jasper's attitude not improving even after he had dismantled the Fantastic Racism of the Gem Empire.
      Steven: You know, half those Gems are soldiers who fought by your side before they were corrupted and turned into monsters. They're lost and confused and still a little messed up, but they're getting the help they need.
      Jasper: So? Who cares?
      Steven: I do! And if I didn't care, you'd still be a monster too!
      Jasper: And what? Now I owe you?
      Steven: No!
      Jasper: You think because you did something I never asked for, I'm going to obey you?
      Steven: No! That's not-
      Jasper: Like all the other Gems you used.
      Steven: I only came here because I felt bad for you, but all of this is your own fault! All the other Gems were corrupted by the Diamonds, but- but you corrupted yourself just to win a fight, which you lost, to me! No one's making you stay here all alone in the middle of nowhere ready to fight a war that's been over for years! Are you just gonna sit here for centuries waiting for someone to give you a purpose?! Because I'm TRYING to give you one!
    • Second when Jasper rebutes with a little fact that Steven never acknowledged during their previous battles. Smaller-scaled, but no less scathing.
      Jasper: I don't need your help! You're the one that needs help. You think you've beaten me, but you've never beaten me on your own. You've always been a fusion! You've always had your FRIENDS! Because you're nothing without them! You think everyone needs help! But it's only you. No one is as pitiful as you!
  • In the Stōked episode Waves of Cheese, Johnny gives one to the Marvin twins' parents after he and Emma both have enough of their sons causing reckless trouble around the hotel.
    Johnny: I believe THESE belong to you.
    Mr. Marvin: WHAT!? What is going on here?!
    Johnny: I don't wanna criticize your parenting skills but I will. THEY STINK! And your little angels here have been running wild, terrorizing the staff, and bothering all the guests FOR TWO WEEKS now! And someone has to say it! YOUR KIDS ARE AWFUL LITTLE MONSTERS, AND YOU NEED TO BE BETTER PARENTS!
    Mrs. Marvin: Well, I'd NEVER! This is our third summer here, and we will not be returning! (they leave in anger)
  • The The Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario" had Bowser receiving one from the Guest Character of the Day:
    Bowser: Soon I'll be the vilest villain to ever victimize Victoria! Whaddaya think of me now, Mr. Detective Defective?
    Herlock Solmes: Elementary, my dear Kooparity! You're a cross between a lizard and an inferior species of toad. Your brain is smaller than a peanut. You got the lowest grades in your school and hold the world record for flunking kindergarten the most times. When you were little, the other Koopas nicknamed you "Lizard Lips" and never let you play with them. You were a naughty lily-livered bully boy and wet the bed until you were twelve.
    [Bowser's minions laugh]
    Mouser: Gee, he knows you pretty good, boss!
    Bowser: Who asked you, cheese breath!?
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!: During the Season 2 finale, Chiro gives a short but epic one to the Skeleton King, when he confronts him in the middle of trying to unleash the Dark One.
    "All this just so you can bow down to something uglier than you? You're no King... you're a slave."
  • In Sushi Pack, Tako spends the majority of "But is it Art?" trying to find The Collector, the villain who stole all the masterpieces from the art museum simply to find out why his own art wasn't stolen. When The Collector has the Pack on the ropes, Tako still demands to know why, and The Collector lets him know in no uncertain terms:
    "Those paint smears of yours? You call that art? You're not an artist. You're an untalented piece of stale fish."
  • Justified in the 3rd episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), when Splinter teaches Raphael how to take insults without letting them lose focus on any future missions. What follows is Raphael going on a brutal verbal Humiliation Conga, courtesy of his brothers.
    Michelangelo: You move like a bloated buffalo!
    Raphael: I do not!
    Leonardo: —and you're always whining! "Poor me, nobody understands me!"
    Raphael: You don't understand—! [gets hit by an arrow]
    Donatello: You don't keep your back straight during Omote Kote Gyaku! [shoots Raph with an arrow] And you're ugly!
    Michelangelo: —And gassy!
    Raphael: Stop it!
    Leonardo: Aw... You talk so tough, but inside you're just a scared little baby.
    Donatello: Who needs his bottle?
    Michelangelo: —And his diaper changed?
    Leonardo: What's the matter Raph? You gonna cry?
    Raphael: [continuously getting hit with arrows] I... AM... NOT... GONNA CRY! [one more arrow knocks him over]
  • Teen Titans (2003):
    • Robin gives Cyborg a scathing one in the beginning of the episode "Titans East Part 2" for quitting the team in favor of leading a new one. However, Cyborg shuts him out by responding that he doesn't care about what he thinks.
      Cyborg: Man, this is supposed to be a good thing! My own Tower! My own team! Why can't you just be happy for me?!
      Robin: Because you're already on a team! My team! And you can't just quit!
      Cyborg: I can, and I did! Which means I don't have to put up with you telling me what to do any more!
      Robin: So now this is my fault?
      Cyborg: It's not about you!
      Robin: No! It's all about you! Because that's all you care about! You talk about being a man, but if you can turn your back on us after everything we've been through, you're nothing but a spoiled child!
      Cyborg: I'm. Staying. I don't care what you say, I don't care what you do. And right now, I don't care if I ever see you again.
    • Starfire gives one to Raven after getting sick of her constant snarking, prompting Raven to explain that her powers can't handle extreme emotion.
      Raven: Nice flying, by the way.
      Starfire: At least I am able to fly! On my planet, even infants can manage the unbridled joy of flight, but you are too busy being grumpy and rude to feel anything at all!
    • One occurs in the episode "The Beast Within". During his fight with Adonis, Beast Boy ends up covered with chemicals that increases his aggression (and brings out a savage primate-like new form) and ends up doing uncharacteristic things (i.e. eating meat despite being a strict vegetarian). He ends confronting Raven about her attitude toward him in the hallway.
      Beast Boy: You know Raven, I've been a really nice guy for a really long time. I've put up with your insults, your attitude, and I've had it! Consider this as a warning. As of last night, Mr. Nice Guy has left the building.
      • This ends up biting him in the butt as when Raven is attacked and BB is caught with her in his mouth. Though as it turns out it was actually the villain earlier in the episode who transformed into a creature similar to BB. Immediately after being caught with Raven, BB is distraught to the point that all he can ask about is whether she'll be okay despite Cyborg revealing the possibility that BB himself may be dying due to his constantly-changing DNA finally beginning to break down.
  • Teen Titans Go!: A brief crossover with Young Justice (2010) culminates in Aqualad giving a brutal verbal beatdown to Robin.
    Aqualad: I did not wish to say anything, but you and your team have brought nothing but shame to all real superheroes! The Teen Titans are a disgrace!
    Robin: Hey, hey, hey! You are way off base, buddy! There's no difference between our teams! We may do things a little differently, but we're both just trying to take down the bad guys!
    Aqualad: Is that right? [he and Robin turn to see that Starfire and Raven are breaking out Jinx so they can have a girl's night out] Superheroes are supposed to inspire hearts, and teach valuable lessons about friendship and life!
    Robin: We... do... that...?
    Aqualad: What, lessons like, "books can be dangerous"? Or, "what is better, burgers or burritos"? You are a mockery of everything the world holds sacred about heroes!
    Robin: Come on! What is so bad about being a little silly from time to time?
    Aqualad: I am all for a good laugh, but the Teen Titans cannot be serious for one single moment! Good day!
    Robin: But—
    Aqualad: I SAID GOOD DAY!
    • Aqualad's complaints intentionally mirror the complaints of the show's hatedom, with the episode's ultimate message being that both serious and goofy superhero shows have their place, and that Teen Titans Go is meant to be nothing more than the latter. It's unlikely this changed any minds, though, as the hatedom are well aware of what the show is trying to be — that doesn't mean they think it's succeeding as a goofy superhero show.
  • A few examples in Thomas & Friends:
    • In "Whistles and Sneezes", after Henry returns from Crewe with a new shape, a jealous Gordon gives a rant about it which made Henry upset:
      Gordon: Why should Henry have a new shape? A shape good enough for me is good enough for him. He goes gallivanting off to Crewe leaving us to do his work, and comes back saying how happy he feels. It's disgraceful! And there's another thing - Henry whistles too much. No respectable engine ever whistles loudly at stations. It isn't wrong, but we just don't do it.
    • In "Thomas, Percy, and the Coal", after Thomas is angry at Percy, thinking he deliberately ruined his paint with the coal, Percy is angry in return and gives one to him.
      Percy: Fancy, a really useful blue engine like Thomas would become a disgrace to the Fat Controller's railway.
    • In "Duck Takes Charge", James gives one to Percy after he informed him and Gordon about the news about The Fat Controller bringing a new engine, Duck, to help with the yard work.
      James: Rubbish! Any engine could do it! If you work more and chatted less, this yard will be a sweeter, better, and a happier place!
    • In "Woolly Bear", after realizing Percy's ghost trick in the previous episode "Ghost Train", and after being teased about it by him, Thomas delivers one to him:
      Thomas: Your ugly fizz is enough to frighten all of us. You're like...
      Percy: Ugly indeed?! I'm...
      Thomas: ...a green caterpillar with red stripes. You crawl like one, too!
      Percy: I don't!
      Thomas: Who's being late every afternoon this week?
      Percy: It's the hay!
      Thomas: I can't help that. Time's time, and the Fat Controller is relying on me to keep it. I can't if you crawl on the hay till all hours!
    • In "Bowled Out", a snooty diesel arrives to Sodor and delivers one to all the engines, which made them furious.
      The Diesel: It's not your fault, but your controller should scrap you and get engines like me. A fill of oil a touch on the starter and I'm off. No bother, no waiting. They have to fuss around you for hours before you're ready.
    • In "James and the Trouble with Trees", after Thomas complains about how dirty he is, an unsympathetic and haughty James gives him this, which infuriates him no less.
      James: I'd rather not. You're not a pleasant sight and wouldn't understand the needs of an really important engine.
    • In "Squeak, Rattle, and Roll", Diesel gives one to Gordon regarding his prejudice against steam engines.
      Diesel: You steamies are old, and clapped out. When the Fat Controller realizes this you'll all be scrapped.
    • In "Thomas and the Statue", Percy gives one to Thomas after hearing too much boasting about "his" statue.
      Percy: Please stop talking about the statue! Nobody wants to hear about it anymore! Nobody wants to talk to you anymore! And neither do I!
    • In "Dream On", Spencer spends the episode belittling Thomas. After Spencer's fire doesn't start quickly, an amused Thomas gives him this:
      Thomas: You might be the fastest, shiniest, and strongest engine, but you're the slowest to get fired up.
    • In "Diesel's Ghostly Christmas", Diesel refuses to be helpful during the Christmas season, so Thomas, with the help of Emily, Salty, and Paxton, hatches a plan to get him to cooperate. Salty gives this kind of speech to Diesel when he plays the Ghost of Christmas Past.
      Diesel: I... uh... I should go. [chuckles] I think Thomas needs my... my help at the shunting yards.
      Salty: [chuckles] You? Help Thomas? When was the last time you helped someone, Diesel?
      Diesel: [stammers] Well...
      Salty: [chuckling] Let's go back and see, shall we? [ghostly moaning] You weren't helpful that time you pushed those cars into the sea, were you? And you weren't helpful when you spilled milk on Sir Topham Hatt, either! And you definitely were not helpful when you refused to move the flatbed yesterday! Poor old Salty! Poor old Salty!
      [Diesel runs away, screaming]
  • In the Thunder Cats 2011 episode "Old Friends", Panthro confronts his Evil Former Friend Grune and points out that all of Grune's scheming, betraying his people, and becoming The Dragon to Big Bad Mumm-Ra has gotten Grune no closer to his original goal, to be The Usurper of his kingdom, which Mumm-Ra has actually brought to ruin.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • The episode "Prom-ise Her Anything'' has Montana Max giving one of these to Elmyra (see the quote page) and then receiving an almost identical one from Dizzy Devil's date when he tries to hit on her a few minutes later.
    • In Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, Fifi La Fume desperately tries to get an autograph from her favorite movie star skunk Johnny Pew. After waiting on him countless times (especially since we don't see much of her with Johnny), Fifi sees Johnny's true colors when a voluptuous pink skunk named Bimbette randomly comes along and asks for his autograph. Johnny snatches Fifi's photo that she was intending to get his autograph on, writes on it, and gives it away to Bimbette, and a furious Fifi lays a relatively short, Reason You Suck Speech on him:
      Fifi: That was my photograph! I cannot believe you!
      Johnny: Yeah, well, I am pretty unbelievable.
      Fifi: You are nothing but a selfish, worthless waste of skunk! You, monsieur Pew, STINK!
    • Near the end of "Can't Buy Me Love" (part of "Fox Trot"), Elmyra gives one to Rhoda Queen when the latter wants her to give her Furrball, having previously put up with everything Rhoda put her through, such as giving her her hairbow and spending her money at the movies.
      Rhoda: (sweet voice) Gee, I always wanted a kitty of my very own. That's all I ever wanted! (sinister voice) If you wanna be my friend, you'll give him to me!
      Elmyra: No, Queenie! I'd rather give up a friend like you than give up my fuzzy-little Furrball-head!
      Rhoda: Who cares? I never liked you anyway!
      (Elmyra and Furrball both blow raspberries at Rhoda)
  • Tom and Jerry: In "The Zoot Cat", Toots gives one to Tom following his Epic Fail attempt at wooing her.
    Toots: Boy, are you corny! You act like a square at the fair, a goon from Saskatoon. You come on like a broken arm. You're a sad apple, a long hair, a cornhusker. In other words, you don't send me. So bail out, brother. Get lost! And here's your rat, cat! [throws Jerry at Tom's face]
  • Total Drama:
    • In "That's off the Chain", Lindsay's speech to Heather after she realizes Heather had been using her to win the game:
      Lindsay: You really are mean! And all that bad stuff people say about you is true! Like how you're a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little— [censored, along with Lindsay's finger censored]! I always told them they were wrong. I stood up for you, because I thought we were BFFs! But they're right! You really are a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little [censored again]! And guess what? I don't want to be BFFs anymore. I'd rather spend the day staring at Owen's butt than shopping with you! And P.S.: Your shoes are tacky! [Heather gasps in shock, everyone else laughs]
    • Earlier in "Paintball Deer Hunter", Heather's other alliance lackey Beth tells her off, with Beth saying the reason that their team keep losing challenges is because Heather is too busy bossing her and Lindsay around as well as being mean in general to care about the game.
  • In Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, Kelly had been more than patient with her daughter Taylor's insolence. In "Hawaiian Honeyruin", Kelly finally puts her foot down, giving Taylor a scathing yet long overdue reality check, revealing that all her achievements were bought and not earned.
    Taylor: [to Kelly] You... need to step your game up, mother! For serious!
    Kelly: We're a team, Taylor.
    Taylor: I know you're not used to winning like me, but maybe you need to follow my example more. Because...
    Kelly: [finally losing her patience] You've never won anything in your life, Taylor! NEVER! Not one race. Not one medal. NOTHING!
    Taylor: Wait, what?! My room is full of trophies and medals!
    Kelly: Because your dad bought a trophy store! What kind of trophies come in the mail?! And guess who paid your coaches to lie? Yep! Daddy!
    Taylor: [showing desperation)] BEAUTY PAGEANTS! I've won beauty pageants! You can't fake those!
    Kelly: Oh, honey. When you have enough cash, you can fake anything! [Taylor gasps in shock]
  • Transformers: Animated: Bulkhead delivers one to Wasp in "Where Is Thy Sting".
    Bulkhead: No, Wasp... you were always mean to me and Bumblebee. You may not be a traitor ... but you were never a good bot.
  • Transformers: Cybertron: Optimus Prime gives one to Galvatron, shortly before they make their final clash and Optimus runs him through.
    Optimus: You will always lose, Galvatron. You think of nothing but destruction. None of your victories last. You care about nothing but yourself. No-one cares about you. The time has come to end your struggle.
  • In an episode of Transformers: Prime, while under the influence of a Psycho Serum, Ratchet fires one towards Optimus. He mocks Optimus for being soft for losing Cliffjumper and for passing so many chances to get rid of Megatron once and for all. While Ratchet's judgement was impaired, it's implied he was saying what he would have normally held back.
    Ratchet: You know your problem, Optimus? For such a big, strong bot, you're soft. You didn't pound Megatron into scrap when you had the chance! Many chances, in fact!
  • The Chameleon in T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Diary of a Mad Cat" gives one to Kitty while transformed as her mother.
    The Chameleon: Now, when are you going to get married? Why don't you ever call me on my birthday? Why can't you be more like your sister?
    Kitty: My sister's in jail!
    The Chameleon: Yes, but she used her one phone call to call me on my birthday!
    The Chameleon: Actually, your shoulders are a little large, and we all know why you always wear gloves.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2012) has Batroc giving one to Spidey about his Hero with Bad Publicity.
    Batroc: I'm the one who robbed the bank and you're the one everybody hates.
    • Before that, Jameson tells the people about Spider-Man in a bad way.
      Jameson: Spider-Man is a costumed criminal! Running around on our city in pajamas, it makes me sick! What gives him the right to wear pajamas while the rest of us have to wear normal clothes. On second thought, they're not even pajamas. He's running around in his underwear!
  • In X-Men: The Animated Series, Psylocke gives a very good reasoning with Archangel.
    Psylocke: Worthington, what do you care about your fellow mutants? You used your wealth to deny your mutant heritage, you had a scientist try to cure you, and you waste your life trying to hunt a creature who can never die. You brood over your own troubles when you can be using your wealth and power for so much more. It's for my brother who fights for the good of mutants, all mutants.
  • Tangled: The Series:
    • Rapunzel shouts one at Eugene, as a result of Sugarby's hypnotic spell, when he comments she's very out of character and is afraid to make difficult choices.
      Rapunzel: "Part of life"?! Really?! Is me turning my back on Varian when he's desperately begging for my help part of life?! Is deciding if Pascal should risk his life a tough call?! Tell you what, Eugene. The day you have to choose whether to put the entire fate of a kingdom in the hands of a fairy tale is the day we can chat about difficult choices!
    • Zhan Tiri delivers a succinct one to Cassandra in the final episode.
      Zhan Tiri: And you... you lost before you even began, girl. Just like your mother. Felled by your own ego.
  • The Venture Bros.: After a long night of pointless back-and-forth between the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the O.S.I, Rusty Venture (acting as a mediator) rips into them, telling them that they're acting childish. This finally gets the two organizations to agree to compromises.
    Rusty: I get it. I suddenly get it: you're children. That's why my dad put you in the pool and made you duke it out. News flash: my dad was a shitty parent. When my boys cry about fairness, I remind them that fairness is the philosophical Tooth Fairy: there is no fairness! What did you guys come here for- [Gets interrupted by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, regarding the inaccuracy of the last statement] Fine! Not "guys"! W-What did you children come here for? Look, you won't get everything, but you'll get something. Stop with this "fairness" crap and make some compromises. Then go home to your friends in their goofy costumes, and brag about how much you got 'em! Or you can go back and go, "Oh, we didn't get everything we wanted, so we got nothing because we're big babies!" What's it gonna be?