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  • Near the end of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, when Dr. Schroeder is revealed to be a Belkan, and had been collecting data from each sortie that Mihaly had been taking from to not only improve Erusea’s drone army, but also get revenge on Osea for Belka’s defeat, Ionela, one of Mihaly’s granddaughters, destroys the data chip that contained the data, and gives Schroeder a scathing speech about how his inability to let go of Belka’s defeat, and his work had brought nothing but chaos to the Usean continent.
    Ionela: Is this for Belka? Or for Erusea? My grandfather had only one wish. To continue soaring through the endless skies. That was the only place he felt alive. But I don’t even have a country to call home, let alone the sky. The Black Forest, the lake...they are no longer mine. Even though those lands were cherished by my late mother. We have to learn to put that sense of nostalgia behind us, and behave like mature adults.
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  • In Alpha Protocol, if Mike has chosen more suave stances than aggressive or professional ones, he can give Conrad Marburg one. It's one of three ways to kill him and the only way to do so in Rome.
    Mike: No, you're the one who's messed up. Maybe Leland should put your octogenarian ass out to pasture with the other cattle. He will anyway eventually, if only to bury his dirty little secrets.
    Marburg: You understand nothing Thorton. Just the way the U.S. trains all their agents.
    Mike: Does Leland send you out for dry cleaning, too? Maybe shoot your chauffeur on the way? Chief of Security for Halbech - talk about a joke. Yeah, I know all about Deus Vult and that abortion of an op in the Middle East. Poor Agent Marburg believed dead...maybe wishing he was dead. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. And what has you life been since then: setting bombs for Halbech and murdering bystanders in museums. How fucked up and empty do you have to be to lower yourself to that level? [Mike continues, as Marburg begins to look more and more upset] You know what, Marburg, at the end of the day - at least I'm not somebody's lapdog. Enjoy living off Leland's scraps. You don't even know what trust and loyalty are. Or does the fact that I didn't go that same route when I was abandoned really get under your skin, Conrad.
    Marburg: ... I will end you, Thorton.
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  • The Jabberwock of American McGee's Alice delivers a scathing one to Alice, calling her out for not saving her family from being killed in a house fire. Considering the Jabberwock has become the manifestation of Alice's crippling Survivor Guilt, it's all too appropriate.
    Jabberwock: You selfish, misbegotten and unnatural child! You smelled the smoke, but you were in dreamland taking tea with your friends; you couldn't be bothered. Your room was protected and spared... while your family upstairs roasted in an inferno of incredible horror.
  • Connor from Assassin's Creed III gives out one to both Haytham for hiding the information that George Washington is responsible for the attack on his village and hiding the fact that he intends on doing it again and on Washington himself for what happened.
    Connor: Enough! Who did what and why must wait. My people come first.
    Haytham: Then let's be off.
    Connor: No! You and I are finished.
    Haytham: Son...
    Connor: Do you think me so soft that by calling me son I might change my mind? How long did you sit on this information? Or am I to believe you discovered it now? My mother's blood may stain another's hands, but Charles Lee is no less a monster, and all he does, he does by your command. A warning to you both — choose to follow me or oppose me and I will kill you.
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  • Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel Batman: Arkham City combine this quite liberally with Have a Nice Death, wherein dying during a confrontation with one of the supervillains results in them mocking you at the Game Over screen.
  • In Bendy and the Ink Machine, there's a villain-to-villain speech in Chapter 4, where Bertrum Piedmont calls out Joey Drew on speaking of dreams but then creating nightmares, as well as trying to steal Bertrum's glory in building Bendy Land. However, due to Thoroughly Mistaken Identity, Bertrum delivers this speech to Henry instead of to Joey.
  • BioShock: Andrew Ryan lays it all out for you.
    Ryan: The assassin has overcome my final defense, and now he's come to murder me. In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No... A man chooses, a slave obeys. You think you have memories. A farm, a family, an airplane, a crash, and then this place. Was there really a family? Did that airplane crash? Or... was it hijacked? Forced down, forced down by something less than a man, something bred to sleepwalk through life until they are activated by a simple phrase, spoken by their kindly master. Was a man sent to kill, or a slave? A man chooses. A slave obeys. Come in. Stop....would you kindly? [you stop] "Would you kindly?" Powerful phrase. Familiar phrase? [a montage of all the times Atlas has said "would you kindly?" plays] Sit, would you kindly? [you sit] Stand... would you kindly? [you stand] Run. [you run] Stop. [you stop] Turn. [you turn] A man chooses. A slave obeys. [he hands you his golf club] Kill! [WHACK!] A man... chooses... [WHACK!] a slave... obeys... [WHACK!] OBEY! [one final strike, and you embed the golf club into his skull, killing him]
    • Then, as if you didn't get the message the first time, Frank Fontaine himself tells it to you even more.
      Fontaine: I gotta say, I had a lot of business partners in my life, but you ... 'Course, the fact that you were genetically conditioned to bark like a cocker-spaniel when I said "Would you kindly?" might have had something to do with it. Ah, well. Now, as soon as that machine finished processing the genetic key you just fished off Ryan, I'm gonna run Rapture, tits to toes. You've been a pal, but you know what they say. Never mix business with friendship. Thanks for everything, kid. Don't forget to say hi to Ryan for me.
    • At the very end, if you have harvested more than two Little Sisters, a very disappointed Dr. Tenenbaum will deliver one to you for your crime. If you harvested them all, she delivers an identical speech, only instead of sounding sad, she sounds pissed.
      Tenenbaum: They offered you everything, yes? And in return, you gave them what you always did - brutality. You took what you wanted. All the ADAM. All the power. And Rapture trembled. But in the end, even Rapture was not enough for you. Your father was terrified that the world would try to steal the secrets of the city, for you now have stolen the terrible secrets of the world.
    • In Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt gives one to Zachary Hale Comstock, while bashing his skull into a fountain.
    Booker: She's your daughter, you son of a bitch! And you abandoned her! Was it worth it? Huh? Did you get what you wanted? Tell me! Tell me!
    Elizabeth: Booker!
    Comstock: It... is... finished.
    Booker: Nothing is finished! You lock her up for her whole life...
    Elizabeth: Booker... BOOKER!
    Booker: You cut off her finger, and you put it on me!
    Elizabeth: Booker, stop it!
  • The Big Bad of BlazBlue, Hazama / Yuuki Terumi, seems to have a raging hard-on for this trope, as evidenced by the great enjoyment he gets from the very long and very brutal speeches he gives to the Anti-Hero... He doesn't limit this treatment to the Anti-Hero alone, either. To Hazama, ANYONE with convictions, ideologies and/or goals to deconstruct, ridicule, reconstruct and ridicule even worse, is fair game, be they emotional, misled teenagers; mature but desperate doctors; eldritch abominations or even children. And yet, even with his track record, there are three people he learned this doesn't work on:
    • In Rachel's bad ending, after a prolonged fight with her, he proceeds to sink her into the ground and lecture her in his own inimitable fashion. Rather than sit there and take it, she snarks back - and hits something sensitive when she says that Ragna, for all his faults, is a more interesting man than Terumi. He responds by kicking her teeth in.
    • In Taokaka's CS ending, Tao shows up to save Good Guy (the aforementioned Ragna), only to find him bleeding out near Terumi. Terumi does his best to troll her, oh does he, but she has no idea what he's talking about, and all his effort is flat out wasted. Driven to frustration, he decides to troll the "damned cat" in a language she can understand.
    • In Makoto's CS Arcade ending, Terumi tries to troll Makoto in an attempt to break her after they fight to a stalemate - she has no way of destroying him, but she just refuses to die - only for her to retort his efforts with inquiries about his designs for Noel. He eventually gets around to mocking Noel's humanity as well as her own, but all it earns him is a "Shut the hell up!" This doesn't stop him from talking, but since he can't finish the job, he evokes Mu-12 to do it for him. The last we see of Makoto is her bracing herself to face off against her best friend Noel.
    • Hakumen gives one towards his past self, Jin Kisaragi, after defeating him in his BlazBlue Continuum Shift story.
    Hakumen: This is the best you can muster? Did you really think to beat me with such a grievous wound?
    Jin: Are you... really Hakumen of the Six Heroes? Gah.
    Hakumen: You still seem unaware of your true strength.
    Jin: My... true strength?
    Hakumen: No, perhaps you do sense it, but you choose to turn it only to selfish deeds. You shame both of us with your actions.
    Jin: Are you talking about the Power of Order? That Jubei guy was going on about all of that as well, but it means nothing to me. Order? Balance? Why the hell should I give a damn?!
  • In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, Aurelia Hammerlock, despite being one of the most bloodthirsty Vault Hunters, is also the one most willing to tell Jack that even she finds him appalling after Jack leaps off the slippery slope into full-on, sadistic madness.
    Right. That's it. I had my fun, Jack, so I shall leave you with this one final piece of wisdom that your plasticine face will surely ignore: Kill yourself. Darling, I'm evil. Let's not kid ourselves, but you. You're just something else entirely. You're far better off opening the throat beneath that ludicrously soul-patched face than suffer the bloody karma that I imagine the universe has in store for you. And with that, I shall bid you adieu. Additionally, your breath smells like farts.
  • The defeat cutscene for the Forces of Chaos in Dawn of War. Eliphias blames his subordinates for his defeat, a Daemon Prince offers one of these as he disagrees.
  • In Deadly Rooms of Death: The Second Sky, Beethro Budkin has some choice words for the former 1st Archivist upon meeting him in Forthcoming Way of Things: 2N, calling him out for his cruelty and complete disregard for not just the surfacers, but his ignorance of actual knowledge and his inability to even comprehend that his work isn't ever going to be truly complete.
    Beethro: Hey, ex-First Archivist, I saw your replacement a while back. I think he’s probably not up to the job.
    Beethro: Though, I still can’t say I know what the job is exactly.
    1st Archivist: He’s a fool. The Archivists are lost with him. The Forthcoming Way of Things, though, that is what matters.
    Beethro: Forthcoming Way of... Oh, yeah, your plan to kill off me and everybody else on the surface. Can I call it the FWOT? It’s a very long name for something.
    1st Archivist: When things are crucially important, it doesn’t matter if you take a long time to say what they are.
    Beethro: Can I tell you why I disagree with your plan?
    1st Archivist: I know why. You don’t want to die. And all the people you know—you don’t want them to die.
    Beethro: Sure, that’s one reason. And a good one. But I’ve actually thought it through on some other levels.
    1st Archivist: Yes, then. I shudder with curiosity over your great ponderings.
    Beethro: You say it’s all about knowledge, and that the surfacers never create any knowledge.
    1st Archivist: Right. The surfacers just generate a neverending flow, a violent gush of... information. Noise!
    Beethro: Which is not the same as knowledge. But why?
    1st Archivist: It’s either the repetition of well-understood patterns or simple randomization with no meaning behind it.
    Beethro: Why do you say random? Things can’t be random. Everything that happens—there is some cause behind it.
    1st Archivist: I’ve seen the anomaly reports from the surface. It’s all just chaos. There is no possible insight to be gained from analysis. You might as well stare into the sun.
    Beethro: You don’t know that. You just jumped ahead of the ugly part there. This is where you made the mistake.
    1st Archivist: The Empire is an Empire of Knowledge. It is our task to...
    Beethro: Now you’re just spouting back the old feel-good words. Think about it. You can't handle thinking your work will never be done, so don't lie to yourself. You are a *destroyer* of knowledge.
    1st Archivist: *gasp*
  • Dante in Devil May Cry gives one out to Trish when he learns she's created by Mundus to kill him.
    Dante: Don’t come any closer you Devil! You may look like my mother but you're nowhere close to her. You have no soul! You have the face but you'll never have her fire!
  • Die Hard Vendetta features this in the last level, before the showdown with the Big Bad, which also doubles as a Shout-Out to the classic movie On the Waterfront:
    Frontier: You don't understand! I could've had class. I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody. Instead of a bum. Which is what I am. Let's face it... it was you McClane... It... was...YOU!
  • In Dragon Age II the Arishok eventuallly gives one to the nobles of Kirkwall, in which he calls them out on their selfish, foolish and shallow nature, vowing to make them see the truth.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition has the Nightmare Demon, which thrives on people's fears and doubts. The entire time he's in the game he's giving these to the different companions and others that you have with you. Given the insecurity that s/he had already been visibly showing in the story, the one he gives to Hawke is particularly harsh.
    Nightmare: Did you think you mattered, Hawke? Did you think anything you ever did mattered? You couldn't even save your city. How could you expect to strike down a god? Anders/Fenris/Isabela/Merril/Sebastian is going to die, just like your family, and anyone you ever cared about.
    Nightmare: Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, the brilliant commander. Pity the one time you tried to rule, you failed so miserably. You had to be beaten, humiliated, lest you destroy your own country. You even doomed the Wardens by bringing the Inquisitor down on them. You destroy everything you touch.
  • Pokey Minch (or Porky), a cretin who has grown steadily smarter and more articulate throughout Earthbound, delivers this scathing diatribe in the finale as main character Ness and his friends battle against his master, Giygas. It's something of a classic:
    Pokey: Heh heh heh heh. You must really be at the end of your rope. In this bizarre dimension, you four are the only force fighting for justice... And here you stand, waiting to be burned up with all the rest of the garbage of this universe... Haaaaah! That's so sad. I can't help but shed a tear.
  • Lilli from Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes delivers the speech (though more like a rant) in the Contradict ending (if picked) when she finally snaps.
    Edna: Very good, Lilli! Let him have it!
    Lilli: That goes for everyone! You've just been bossing me around this whole time! "Lilli do this! Lilli do that!" But get this: I'm NOT your lap dog! And you, Doc, if you want to hypnotize me, you'll have to walk first, because that's what I'm going to do now! Your therapy is garbage! Why don't you worry about yourself, grandpa?!
    Narrator: Lilli kept wailing until she was hoarse. Finally, exhausted, yet relieved, she started heading back. For the first time in her life, she was doing what she herself thought was right. Maybe this wasn't the happy end you were expecting, but the moral of the story is-
    Lilli: And you shut up too! There's no moral here, got it?! THE END!
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    • The Stormcloaks are currently rebelling against the Empire because it was forced by the Aldmeri Dominion to outlaw Talos worship after losing the Great War. Sybille Stentor, the Court Wizard of Solitude, delivers a magnificent one to the Dragonborn aimed at the Stormcloaks as a whole when asked why Skyrim's previous High King refused to support them.
    Sybille Stentor: "Because the Dominion is a sleeping beast that Skyrim cannot slay alone. Because many Nords are part of the Imperial army even now. Because the food and resources we get from the Empire are important to our people. Because even if we can't openly worship him, Talos the god was once Tiber Septim the man, and this is his Empire."
    • In Malacath's Daedric quest, he delivers a short-but-scathing one about Yamarz, the weak chief of an Orc stronghold.
    Malacath: "Yamarz was a coward and a weakling. His deceitful ways have cost you all greatly. Yamarz was a fool, always trying to scheme his way out of responsibility."
    • The Dawnguard DLC's main questline ends with the Dragonborn and Serana confronting her father Lord Harkon. Before the fight, Harkon blames Serana for betraying her to the Dragonborn after everything he provided for her. Her answer is the following:
    Serana: "Provided for me? Are you insane? You've destroyed our family. You've killed other vampires. All over some prophecy that we barely understand. No more. I'm done with you. You will not touch him/her."
    • In the Dragonborn DLC, the main questline ends with Hermaeus Mora delivering one to his would-be Starscream Miraak. In particular, Hermaeus Mora actually delivers the second half of it to the player as a warning not to grow too ambitious.
    Hermaeus Mora: "Did you think to escape me, Miraak?! You can hide nothing from me here! No matter, I have found a new Dragonborn to serve me.... Miraak harbored fantasies of, heh, rebellion against me. Learn from his example. Serve me faithfully and you will continue to be richly rewarded..."
    • Once the Blades find out that Paarthurnax, the Greybeard's mentor, the reason the Thu'um is taught to mortals, and an instrumental ally to the Dragonborn's defeat of Alduin, is a dragon, their leader, Delphine, issues an ultimatum: kill Paarthurnax, or the Blades, who are sworn to help the Dragonborn, will not help them anymore. This is after doubting their abilities, and giving them order after order, with no offer to help. Ordinarily, there is no chance to refuse this command, as the game doesn't give you a chance to tell them to go to Oblivion. But one mod, The Paarthurnax Dilemma, gives you a chance to deliver one of these to Delphine:
    Dragonborn: About Paarthurnax...
    Delphine: Make your choice, Dragonborn. You're either with us, or against us.
    Dragonborn: I have decided to spare his life.
    Delphine: Dragonborn, that's not your decision to make. Paarthurnax is evil and needs to answer for his crimes.
    Dragonborn: So that's your answer? Revenge? I thought the Blades were better than this.
    Delphine: The atrocities he committed against mankind were evil and unforgivable. This isn't about revenge...
    Dragonborn: We wouldn't even be here to discuss this if it weren't for Paarthurnax.
    Delphine: Are you so blind as to let that dragon manipulate you into this? You have no idea what you're dealing with. Letting him live is dangerous.
    Delphine: Those were different times, and different leaders. No one had reason to question either one of them.
    Dragonborn: You realize that without Paarthurnax, Tiber Septim could not be who he was, right?
    Delphine: A nice attempt to deflect the issue, but this is not going to change anything. That dragon has to die for his crimes, regardless of who you invoke.
    Dragonborn: Bruniikke. Savages. That is what you have become. As bad as the Thalmor.
    Delphine: How dare you even suggest such a thing! You test our patience...
    Dragonborn: I see the Greybeards were right about you as well. Bloodthirsty barbarians.
    Dragonborn: DREH NI FUS BAHI!
    [The landscape shudders]
    Delphine: By the gods, the power of the Tongues! Very well. I have no desire to die today.
  • Far Cry 4 has a fair few of its characters give these out in the final chapters of the story, including but not limited to:
    • Amita and Sabal, the rival leaders of the Golden Path, will give you one when you side with their rival during certain missions in the story. And they give a grand one near the end when you decide who will go on to lead the Golden Path. These final speeches are directed to Ajay and the player, but also apply to their rival. They are also delivered with the knowledge that you are there to kill them, and no one is around to stop you but you.
    • Pagan Min nails you with one when you confront him at the very end, and if you let him live he even expands upon it into a full blown Hannibal Lecture. He details exactly what is wrong with the people you've been fighting for and now given control over the country to, how you screwed everything up for not listening to his request at the very beginning, your poor justification for mindless violence and destruction, and his own poor justifications for his behavior. By the end of it, its more of a "Reason We All Suck" speech. Prepared and attentive players can get a begrudging Shut up, Hannibal! if they happen to have brought a weapon that can hit a helicopter.
  • Kefka of Final Fantasy VI engages in a nihilistic speech at the end of the game that berates the human species (and the party) for being feeble worthless insects in comparison to him, how he wields the might of the universe, and how stupid it is for them to keep trying to rebuild the things he destroys, since they would inevitably decay or be destroyed anyways. Afterwards, the party attempts a philosophical retort with each of them systematically explaining what they've learned and how they've bonded with one another throughout their experiences. Kefka says, "This is sickening ... You sound like chapters from a self-help booklet. Prepare yourselves!", and proceeds to attack the party. And he then proceeds to get defeated.
  • Jenova, from Final Fantasy VII, is fond of these. She tells Cloud that he's "just a puppet," "a failed clone," etc. and that he should "stop pretending [he's] sad," because he's not even real. This leads Cloud to a mental breakdown, which causes him to hand over the Black Materia and become nearly comatose for some time. It's mostly a bunch of lies.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy has Sephiroth telling Cloud that he'll always keep coming back to Sephiroth, and Sephiroth will keep giving him a reason to fight every single time, for the sake of manipulating him. Cloud turns it around on Sephiroth, saying, "You're the one who won't let go!" but Sephiroth just ignores it and the two fight.
  • Final Fantasy VIII
    • Xu gives one to Seifer after his running off on his own costs him his chance at passing the SeeD exam.
    "Seifer, you'll never be a SeeD. Calling yourself a captain is a joke."
    • The fake President Deling gives one to Rinoa and the Forest Owls over their falling for his plan.
    "Boo-hoo... Too bad... I'm not the president. I'm what they call... a body double. All these rumors about the many resistance groups in Timber... You pass along a little false information and they fall for it... How pathetic... Seems like there are only amateurs around here."
    • Sorceress Edea gives one of these upon taking control of the country of Galbadia, doubling as a subverted New Era Speech:
    "...Lowlifes. ...Shameless filthy wretches. How you celebrate my ascension with such joy. Hailing the very one whom you have condemned for generations. Have you no shame? What happened to the evil, ruthless sorceress from your fantasies? The cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered countless men and destroyed many nations? Where is she now? She stands before your very eyes to become your new ruler. HAHAHAHAHA."
  • Final Fantasy XIII:
    • Lightning gives one of these to Orphan right before the final fight.
    • Hope gives one to Snow in Chapter 7.
    • An amazing one happens in the secret ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Caius, who successfully destroyed the timeline and got the goddess Etro killed in the normal ending, openly mocks the player for spending countless hours unlocking the secret ending in the false hope that the outcome would be different. Despite all the fragments you collected, all the super tough monsters you took down, and all of the different paradox endings you have seen...the goddess is STILL dead, and Caius STILL wins.
    • Lightning, again, gives one to the Big Bad Bhunivelze in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII before the final fight.
  • In Final Fantasy XV, Gladiolus gives one to Noctis after he falls into a depression after Lunafreya dies, calling him out on moping in self-pity despite the fact that Ignis is now blind. After a chapter of the group barely being able to speak to each other, the speech eventually sinks in.
    Gladiolus: The hell is wrong with you?
    Noctis: What?
    Gladiolus: We're not stopping in Tenebrae. You need to grow up and get over it.
    Noctis: I am over it, I’m here, aren’t I!?
    Gladiolus: (grabs Noctis' collar) Maybe when you’re not too busy moping, you can look around and give a shit about someone worse off than you.
    Noctis: Let go of me.
    Gladiolus: How’s that ring fit ya? You’d rather carry it around than wear it? She gave her life so you could do your duty, not so you could sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
    Noctis: You don’t think I know that?!
    Gladiolus: You don’t! Ignis took one for you too, and for what?!
    Ignis: Enough, Gladio!
    Gladiolus: You think you’re a king, but you’re a coward.
    Noctis: SHUT UP!
    Prompto: Don’t do this—! (gets pushed aside)
    Noctis: (shoves Gladio away) I GET IT, ALRIGHT?! I GET IT!
    Gladiolus: Then get a grip! Pull your head outta your ass already!
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: Anyone opposing Ramza in the Crapsack World that is Ivalice thinks Ramza is a deluded fool to stick to his Neutral Good ways, and thus every boss battle is a Hannibal Lecture in which Ramza and the villain trade both Shut Up, Hannibal! and Shut Up, Kirk! moments.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Say'ri, leader of the resistance against Walhart, gives one to her brother Yen'fay for joining up with Walhart, the man who murdered their parents. Say'ri ends up coming to regret giving this speech after Yen'fay dies, and Excellus reveals that Yen'fay only served Walhart because Excellus had threatened Say'ri.
    Say'ri: Brother. I won't ask you why... We are well beyond that point now. I will speak it plain: I cannot forgive you, and neither can I let you live.
    Yen'fay: I've asked you for nothing, Sister, least of all your forgiveness.
    Say'ri: But you will have my justice, like it or no! You, who stood by in silence while everyone around you suffered! While villages were razed and fields burned, you watched but said nothing... When Father and Mother were murdered — you said nothing! Nothing, before you ran to the arms of the one man responsible for all of it! Your silence was deafening. Maddening. Even now... have you nothing to say?!
    Yen'fay: ......
    Say'ri: Damn you, Yen'fay! Then I will make your sword answer for you! Draw your blade, and let it sing your final words!
  • In Fire Emblem Fates, on the Conquest path, Corrin, the Player Character, goes up against his/her older brother Ryoma, who, furious over Corrin supposedly killing their sister Hinoka (Corrin faked Hinoka's death and lied to fool Garon and Iago), challenges Corrin to a Duel to the Death.
    Ryoma: It's time, Corrin. Show me the power you used to slay our sister! Or does the Yato repel at your touch now that your heart and soul are dead?
    Corrin: Ryoma, stop this. I don't want to fight you! I can explain all this, even Hinoka. Please, listen to me!
    Ryoma: Ha! As though I would allow you to distract me with false remorse. How dare you pretend to be my brother/sister after killing Hinoka! You are nothing to me. Just a filthy coward like the rest of your kingdom. I have said all I wish to say to you. Nothing you can do will sway me. You are no brother/sister of mine, Nohrian prince/princess! Watch as my blade takes back whatever Hoshidan blood remains in you!
  • In the bad ending of The Force Unleashed, Palpatine gives this to Starkiller.
    Palpatine: (Casually blocks a lightsaber strike from Starkiller) You have betrayed your masters and your allies both. I knew that one day you would betray me too. And now you have doomed yourself and your friends. (Knocks him through a wall and drops the Rogue Shadow on him. Starkiller wakes up turned half-machine like Darth Vader) You had such promise. You could have been my successor, my equal. But now... But, I may still have some small use for you. I still have enemies to find and destroy. You will do my bidding until I find a new apprentice. And then, like Vader, you will be cast aside. (To the surgical robots) Finish him.
    • Palpatine is the master of these. He gives another one in the non-canon Endor DLC.
    Palpatine: A Great Day, Lord Vader. Today marks the death of the Rebellion and the birth of a new era of peace for the Empire. There is but one last detail to take care of. Do you take me for a fool? Your feeble schemes to overthrow me using that pathetic clone of your former apprentice were pitifully obvious from their inception. Now Skywalker… you will die. (Fries Vader with Force Lightning)
  • G-Senjou no Maou - Absolutely epic one from Gonzou to Maou, after the later shot him in the lung with an explosive bullet with a high-powered sniper rifle.
    "Listen up, 'Maou'! Evil owes its very existence to the vestigial remnants of mankind’s bestial nature! Someone who seeks salvation through revenge, someone such as who you attempts to save his pathetic existence through misdeeds will soon realize the fragility of his own evil! Join me in laughter!"
  • Depending on which ending you choose in Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko will give this to either final boss; but the one to Dimitri is far more personal.
    (Dimitri rolls around in pain, while coughing up blood and muttering profanities in Russian.)
    Niko: Speak English. (walks over to Dimitri) You're a strange man. You killed your best friend, you betrayed everyone whoever came in contact with you, you killed my cousin! The survival of the fittest thing must have really meant a lot to you.
    Little Jacob: Niko, come on! It's time to go.
    Niko: Roman...never hurt anyone.
    (Dimitri coughs up blood as Niko leaves him to die.)
    • Grand Theft Auto V: In the good ending, Michael gives a scathing one to the main antagonist, Devin Weston before he, Franklin and Trevor push him off a cliff in the trunk of a car for good.
    Michael DeSanta: You know, Devin, the way I see it, and hey, I'm no intelligent businessman like you, but the way I see it, there's two great evils that bedevil American capitalism of the type that you practice. Number one is outsourcing. You paid a private company to do your dirty work for ya, and then you underpaid that company because you thought you were big enough and bad enough that you didn't have to play by the rules. Oh, number two. Off-shoring your profits. But we know your opinions on the matter Devin. Keep your problems the fuck out of America, huh? Hey, Devin... Goodbye my old friend. Thanks for all the advice.
  • Many of the gods in God of War III raise the valid point that Kratos is blinded by vengeance, and is little more than a bloodthirsty monster who destroys everything he touches. Zeus, however, really piles it on at the climax, saying, "After all you have sought, all you have sacrificed, all you have accomplished is another STUNNING FAILURE!"
  • Before the final showdown with Megruder in Gun, Colt pulls this and a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment at the same time on him—
    Megruder: (While looking over the city of gold he caused so much death and suffering to find) Isn't it beautiful? Just look at it all.
    Colt: All I see is a fat one-eyed bastard whose greed knows no bounds.
    Colt: I should use this cross to stab you in your other eye! But none of that would take back all the lives you took.
  • Half-Life 2: Dr. Breen spends a good portion of the game trying to inferiorize Gordon Freeman to the eyes of the citizens through the several screens spread around City 17. "You have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created? Can you even name one thing? (pause) I thought not". True, seeing that the only thing we see Gordon do is shoot things. However, it can also be seen as kind of backfiring, as his accusations show that he doesn't understand why the rebels started the uprising against him to tear down his little empire.
  • Dr. Andonuts delivers one to Varik before the final battle in The Halloween Hack, claiming that Varik is not a hero and that Varik should leave him alone. Then, when he doesn't comply, and the Doctor slips further into insanity—
  • Heavy Rain has it with Ethan finding out Madison is a journalist all this time.
    Ethan: I thought I MEANT something to you!
    Madison: Listen, I...
    Ethan: You're a pretty good nurse for a fucking journalist!
    Madison: Ethan, I wanted to tell you, but...
    Ethan: What kind of article were you going to write? "My Life With a Serial Killer"? No, no, "How I caught the Origami Killer"? Maybe you'll get a book deal. I hope it was fucking worth it!
    Madison: Ethan, it's not what you think! I...
    Ethan: You lied to me, Madison! All this time you fucking lied to me! I thought you wanted to help me, but you're only thinking of writing a fucking book?!
  • Jade Empire:
    • When Gao the Lesser challenges the player for the right to enter the Spirit Cave, he's forbidden to use the styles taught by his crime lord father Gao the Greater. After Gao loses, he tries to strike the player with one of those styles. In response, the soft-spoken Master Li reprimands him harshly of his entitlement and short temper before expelling him.
    Master Li: Gao! I have made enough concessions to you today! I thought I could guide you away from your corrupted path, but you are too much the son of Gao the Greater! You are no longer welcome among my students, and your father's house shall have no more business here, despite his influence.
    Gao the Lesser: I was not beaten! Not by this peasant!
    Master Li: You were defeated by your own foolish ambition and predictable temper. I will speak with you in my chambers about your expulsion. Go now!
    • After the player corrupts a Jade Golem, causing it to wreak havoc in the Lotus Assassin Fortress, Grand Inquisitor Jia tells her subordinates that they didn't realize that one of their acolytes could be an infiltrator because of their infighting.
    Grand Inquisitor Jia: Fool! So blinded by petty schemes that you cannot see a threat in our midst! You are worthless!
  • Katawa Shoujo has a few.
    • In Rin's route, Nomiya gives her a lengthy one after she flees the exhibition, accusing her of embarrassing him and Sae, the curator (who was actually willing to let her leave, as she believed the exhibit would not suffer). He claims the exhibit was a waste of time, and that Rin does not have the resolve to be an artist.
    • Jigoro gives one to Hisao while complaining about today's youth.
    Jigoro: Look at yourself. An amoral, directionless glue-huffer, with a complete lack of etiquette and absolutely no fashion sense. You are tomorrow's Japan. Disgraceful. Is this the future of this once-great country?
    • When Hisao tries to argue against Jigoro regarding his disdain for his daughter Shizune's work on the Student Council and not visiting her, and fails, Jigoro gives another.
    Jigoro: You are very persistent. If only it was about something that mattered. I can't see what you may have learned from my daughter aside from that and how to backtalk people. Is that it?
  • Scolar Visari, from Killzone deserves a place in here, durning the speech he mocked the protagonist's status and tried to crush everything the protagonist believed in(Maybe even succeed) it. And who are you, soldier? [...] They send a sergeant to take Visari? Are your commanders really all so afraid? "[...] Really sergeant. And who won? The cowards who commanded you and your comrades here to die? The Helghast have lost nothing. We fight for who we are. We wear our wounds like badges of honor. Helghan is ours, and we will die before we let it fall to plunderers. That is why your leaders dare not make a martyr of me. Your fleet burned, your friends butchered...And you become a hero for saving my life? Does that sound like a victory to you, Sergeant Sevchenko? [...] For giving my people pride, purpose!? We have built this great nation from nothing! Take me, and Helghan will dissolve into chaos. The ISA war machine, powerless against the sheer will of my people. We will choke the streets with our dead before we surrender. Your masters will beg me to restore order. You have not won! You will neve-[...] The madness begins..."
  • Near the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Ansem the Wise and Xemnas (the Nobody of his student Xehanort) exchange these in their final confrontation, with Ansem giving one to himself as well.
    Xemnas: I was wondering who would dare interfere with my Kingdom Hearts. And look—-here you all are. How convenient for me. Ansem the Wise... You look pathetic.
    Ansem the Wise: Have your laugh. I deserve as much for failing to see you for the fool you are.
    Xemnas: Students do take after their teachers. Only a fool would be your apprentice. After all, none of this would have happened without you. YOU are the source of all Heartless. It was your research that inspired me to go further than you ever dared.
    Ansem the Wise: I disregard brought chaos to more worlds than one. But what were YOU seeking? You erased me from the world, only to take my name and continue research better left forgotten... Is this the answer you've been looking for?
    Xemnas: All that and more. I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time. I thought you'd praise me, but all you ever do is hold me back. I understand, though. Unlike me, you have a heart. And you're powerless to control it. Consumed, by the jealousy you feel toward the student who surpassed you.
    Ansem the Wise: Xehanort. Foolish apprentice of a foolish man. You have surpassed nothing—-only proved how little we both know. We may profess to know the heart, but its essence is beyond our reach. We're both ignorant—-as oblivious as when we began. I'm afraid that any world you try to create... Any world of yours...would be an empire of ignorance. That is why you and your creation are destined to fall!
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Kreia has already been established as a master of the Hannibal Lecture many times over the course of the story; however, it's not until Bao-Dur claims that Kreia is becoming a bad influence on the PC (during the Dark Side playthrough, naturally) that she unleashes her own "The Reason You Suck" Speech in the form of a vitriolic little rant:
    There is a world on the Outer Rim surrounded by mass shadows. Past the graveyard of Mandalorian warships, this planet suffers, crushed in gravity's fist. To walk on its surface is to feel it crushing every cell of your being. It is like being buried alive until it seems you will never breathe again. What manner of creature would have birthed such a thing? Nothing human, to be sure. If you dare voice your opinions again, Iridonian, you will forget yourself for a time. Return to your machines, and trouble me no more. Serve the Exile until it is your time to die, and it will be enough.
    • Kreia delivers one to the player in the Dark Side path - as a combination of Stupid Evil decisions and world-ending hatred don't sit well with her.
      I have taught you to feel the Force again, shown you the contrast, and yet still you do not understand! This is what you have wrought: countless murderers, slayers, assassins, born of war that has, as always, taught the wrong lesson. You showed them life without the Force, and instead of showing them truth, power, all you showed them was how the galaxy may die. You are responsible for all of this; even now, events spiral towards destruction, and there is nothing that can be done because you refuse to listen, to understand! You have seen the effects you have on those close to you, heard the echoes scream across dead planets, and watched as your strength has grown, yet it is for nothing. To have the Jedi Council brought low by such a failure, there is no victory in that. You have not heard a thing I have taught, and for all I have said, you have never learned to listen.
    • If you choose the light side path, Kreia ends up giving one to the Jedi Masters instead after they try to cut the exile off from the force.
      (He/She) has brought you truth, and you condemn it? The arrogance! You will not harm (him/her). Ever again. As you would pass judgement on (him/her), I have come to pass judgement on you all. Do you wish to feel the teachings born of the Mandalorian Wars? Of all wars, of all tragedies that scream across the galaxy? Let me show you... you, how have forever seen the galaxy through the Force. See it through the eyes of the exile. (drains the Force from the Jedi Masters, killing them) How could you ever hope to know the threat you face, when you have never walked in the dark places of the galaxy - faced war and death on such a scale. If you had traveled far enough, instead of waiting for the echo to reach you, perhaps you would have seen it for what it was.
    • She also gives this to you even if you're Light Side, claiming that even after all the good you've done, all the lives you've saved and improved, the galaxy will still be a bad place. This is foreshadowed on Nar Shaddaa after you give a man five credits. She will show you the guy getting mugged, simply because what you did made him rise above his station, and be hated for it.
    • The game lets you deliver one yourself to Atris. And it is glorious.
    • In the Darkside ending to the original Knights of the Old Republic, you can give one of these to Darth Malak, or he can do it to himself. It consists of rubbing it in his face that everything he did was countinuing on what Darth Revan started. In the Light Side ending, after Malak is shocked by his defeat, you can say to him "This is the way of the Dark Side, Malak; all things end in death."
  • Any main character in a Legacy of Kain game gets and gives a ton of these.
  • At the end of the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Impa gives one to Link when he didn't reach Zelda before the villains got her:
    Impa: If I had not come when I did, your Zelda would already have fallen into the hands of the enemy. The truth of it is you were late. You were late, and you failed to protect her.
    • After the end of the next dungeon, one of the Dialogue Tree options when saving Impa calls back to the speech with "Am I late?"
  • The Big Bad of Live a Live does this, although it's a monologue to himself and possibly the audience. But it's the classic "Humans Are Bastards and don't deserve to live" type thing. And once he's beaten, and his incarnations are BEATEN again, he goes into a Villainous Breakdown, and then it's the chosen's protagonist's TURN to give him one. They vary each other.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, if you manage to recruit Loki as a hero, he delivers one of these to the player character: "While you ponder that, ask yourself… why continue this fight? This endless, pointless crusade against the so-called powers of evil? You’ll never win, so why try? The answer, of course, is because you need the fight. Crave it. Just like my boorish ox of a brother. It defines you, as surely as chaos defines me. Oh, you posture and bluster and call yourself hero. But deep down, all your efforts, all your supposed sacrifice, is just the begging of a child for his candy." Considering that you're actually just a person playing a video game, he has a point: your crusade against the powers of evil isn't doing much.
  • Intimidate speech options allow the player to deliver these in Mass Effect.
    • Paragon Shepard gives one to the annoying reporter, Al-Jilani, when she accuses him/her of not respecting the sacrifice s/he had humans make in the battle of the Citadel.
    Shepard: "The Alliance lost eight cruisers during the battle: Shenyang. Emden. Jakarta. Cairo. Seoul. Cape Town. Warsaw. Madrid. And yes, I remember them all. Everyone in the 5th Fleet is a damn hero. The Alliance owes them all medals. The Council owes them a lot more than that. And so do you."
    • Try a neutral dialogue path for the ending to Overlord. Shepard is utterly pissed.
    You told me that David volunteered. I saw his memories. He begged you not to do this. Who gave you the right to play god? I saw enough of your atrocities to know your brother will never be free of it. David's coming with me. You even think about coming after him and this bullet will be waiting for you.
    • One is delivered to SHEPARD (particularly Renegade Shepard) in the "Lair of the Shadow Broker" by Tela Vasir as she's dying with a critically flawed and notably hollow Shut Up, Kirk! speech calling out the hypocrisy of Shepard criticizing her when s/he's working with Cerberus, a terrorist organization. The flaw in her argument is that you don't work for Cerberus, you are temporarily working WITH them, to take down a mutual foe that threatens millions.
    • Paragon Shepard also frequently does this in a subtle, yet highly effective way: s/he points out not why they suck, but how they could be awesome, but they're hesitating for petty reasons that would be more than made up for by being awesome. This often results in guilt-tripping or daring them to be good/trustworthy/heroic/mature, and thus, success. Renegade Shepard goes straight to this trope, or To the Pain.
    • Shepard can give this type of speech to the Quarian Admiralty Board during Tali's trial. And he/she does so again on Rannoch in Mass Effect 3, culminating in an impossibly epic rant (here, major spoilers).
    • Throughout a game, where not even a renegade Shepard being able to call Miranda out on her bitchiness, if Jack dies before the suicide mission, Garrus gets a short but sweet one proclaiming that Miranda can't lead the second fire team as half the squad doesn't even trust her. Which is subverted, however, because it turns out there are three good choices to lead the fire team, and Miranda is in fact one of them, so Miranda does not in fact suck in the manner Garrus was describing.
      • At least if you've done her loyalty mission in any case.
    • Your clone gives you one in the Citadel DLC, berating you for, um, not being as huge a racist as they think you should have been (with even Renegade Shepard not being racist enough!) and saving more alien lives than human. Shepard eventually gets to fire back in style during the final boss fight.
    "You know where I got these scars? [lists every plot-relevant location across three games] I earned these scars protecting the galaxy! You got yours from a petri dish!"
  • The final chapter of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is an extended one of these to Max and Woden, from Vladimir Lem.
    Vladimir: What the fuck is wrong with you, Max? Why don't you just die? You hate life, you're miserable all the time, afraid to enjoy yourself even a little! Face it, you might as well be dead already. Do yourself a favor, give up!
  • Dr. Wily has been on the receiving end of a few of these from Mega Man himself, such as in Mega Man 7 when Mega Man contemplated just killing Wily and in Mega Man 9 when Mega Man showed Wily images of every single one of his past defeats, all of which end in Wily begging for mercy.
  • The final boss of Mega Man ZX Advent tells you "You're not a god. You aren't even a Mega Man. You're a mere mortal".
  • Metal Gear:
    • In Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake gives Solid Snake one, effectively claiming that the reason he took the mission to stop FOXHOUND was simply because he enjoyed all the killing he got to do.
    • The massive S3-and-Raiden duologue at the end of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a massive Reason You Suck Speech to both Raiden AND the player.
    • Revolver Ocelot delivers one on Fortune, she considered herself as "lady luck", and believes she had psychic powers that can deflect bullets, till Ocelot shot her. In truth it was all staged out by the Patriots, and she was really protected by a electro-magnetic gizmo, and was nothing but a pawn to their experiment. But in her final moments she did display real psychic powers.
    • Ocelot gets to deliver another one to Huey Emmerich (Otacon's father) in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, when it turns out that he repaired Sahelanthropus for Eli (AKA Liquid Snake) and the other child soldiers, allowing them to escape.
      • Then Kaz sinks it in deeper when it turns out that Huey was the one who caused the epidemic in the Medical Sector. Also, he murdered his own wife. Because she wouldn't let him stuff his son in a nuclear mech.
      Huey: ...I was-
      Kaz: GUILTY! All charges.
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Raiden gives a punch-punctuated speech to Senator Armstrong, calling him the kind of politician who doesn't actually give a crap about his people, other than the money and the votes, and that if America's gone to shit, as he says, "you're just another maggot crawling in the pile". The receiver, however, is actually thrilled to get this one, as his public persona (and his act right before that moment) is just a facade, he also despises that exact sort of politician, and Raiden might just come to agree with what he really thinks.
  • In Monster Girl Quest, Luka gives two of these, one in the first chapter of the game and one in the second.
    • The first one is directed at Lily, a girl who responded to her village ostracizing her for her magic by raping her family to death and then started a series of witch hunts. When she tries to justify her actions with her Freudian Excuse, Luka explains that he has the exact same background, but he decided to be a hero. While beating the crap out of her.
    • The second is at the end of the second game, and is directed at Alice, Luka's friend and also the Monster Lord. Luka refuses to let her get herself killed to fulfill her mother's dream (which was exactly what her mother did, until Alice slaughtered her killers and screwed everything up), and also points out that her mother's plan was wrong in the first place, since any plan that can fall apart because you underestimated one little girl clearly wasn't ever going to work.
  • Shao Kahn fires one of these at Raiden and at the Elder Gods in the prologue (and final chapter) of Mortal Kombat 9
    Shao Kahn: Where are the Elder Gods, Raiden? Their pathetic Mortal Kombat shackles me no longer! They masquerade as dragons but are mere toothless worms! My venom spreads... it is the end of all things. Armageddon.
    Raiden: STOP!!
    Shao Kahn: It is done. Your time has passed. Ages wasted in foolish resistance. Now is the dawn of MY rule! Yes...pray to the worms, Raiden. As your world ends...
    • Liu Kang also turns on Raiden after he and Raiden leave the gang to visit the Elder Gods, and everyone but Johnny and Sonya are killed by Sindel saying that everything that happened to them is his fault. He again gives one to Raiden in chapter 10 of MKX, stating that everything that happened in Mortal Kombat 9 was his fault.
      Raiden: This is not your destiny, Liu Kang.
      Liu Kang: More visions, Raiden? Do you still see the future?
      Raiden: The visions are gone, but I know what should be.
      Liu Kang: I was put here by your hand.
      Raiden: An accident, which haunts me to this day!
  • In Neverwinter Nights 2, the boss of the first chapter is a Githyanki named Zeearie. After defeating her, she lingers long enough to rant at you about how you destroyed any chance the Githyanki have of helping you against the true enemy. Also an example of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
  • From No More Heroes, Sylvia gives Travis another one right before the Rank 1 fight.
    "Now be honest. Did you really think I would let you do me if you hit number one? You really are an idiot, aren't you, Travis? Come back to reality! I mean, look at yourself! You are a dopy, otaku assassin. The bottom of the barrel. No woman would be caught dead with you... unless she was a desperate bitch! Where in the world could you find a woman who could fall in love with someone like you?"
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle:
    • Rank 4 assassin Margaret features The Reason You Suck Song (heard during the boss battle against her), insulting Travis at every opportunity. Here, listen to it.
    • Sylvia gives one to Travis right after he beats him. Travis gives one to Sylvia two or three times as well.
  • No One Lives Forever. In a similar Not So Different scene, Cate Archer lets the Baroness have it, using the fact they had the same background, but while Cate got over it (despite becoming a cat burglar), the Baroness just became a hateful, bitter woman who wanted nothing but revenge at any cost.
  • Persona 4:
    • The Investigation Team has plenty of these to give to Tohru Adachi in their final confrontation, but Yukiko's is the first to start getting to him.
    Yukiko: Speak for yourself! Living is too painful for you, but you don't want to die... Of course no one would understand! It makes no sense! You're just throwing a tantrum like a kid who can't have his way!
    • Naoto's final one is especially scathing.
    Naoto: People can't live alone. If you give in and sever your ties to human society, it will naturally become hard to live in it. Yet you refuse to face life and admit your fault, running away from your humanity like a coward. And though you claim to find life troublesome, you caused nothing but trouble for many others! Your twisted logic is that of an immature, egotistic brat!
    • Immediately after, Yosuke gives a straighter and to-the-point calling-out, the one that finally causes Adachi to lose it.
      Yosuke: Favored by the world, my ass. I'm going to say it flat out. You're just a worthless criminal!
    • Each member of the Investigation Team also got one from their respective Shadows, laying bare the parts about them that they don't want to accept. What the Shadows are saying is true (although the party members are more than what the Shadows represent), and by accepting them, the Shadows become Personae.
    • In Rank 8 of Yukiko's Social Link, after Yukiko persistently refuses the requests of a shady news service to let them cover her family's inn, the reporter tries to badmouth the inn and say that they need the publicity. Yukiko, despite not wanting to inherit the inn, refuses to hear this, and tears into the reporter in response.
    Shady reporter: What the shit...? You say your inn has been going for generations, but all that means is, it's crappy and run-down. Tradition is so last year. You'd be better off if you did close up shop. I've seen the stuff you serve... Small portions, decent service, nothing that stands out. If you want customers, you can't just do the same old, same old. You guys don't get that, and that's why you suck. Your waitresses don't even give any extra service unless you tip 'em, huh? Heyyyy... I know! Why don't you make all the waitresses young girls, and have 'em do all-day menus? Y'know, spread the futon out, then go straight in! But anyways, I was saying... Let's give your place a little TV-style publicity. Use your head, will ya?
    Kasai: ......
    Yukiko: ...(Shut) the hell up. Don't say another word about our inn! Who'd take your stupid ideas seriously!? From now on, we refuse ANY coverage from your station!
    Shady reporter: You... bitch! If that's how you wanna play it, I'll plaster those words all over prime time! See how that feels!
    Yukiko: Go ahead, by all means. And we'll respond with an official complaint to your sponsors.
    • Rise also gives one to Naoto after Naoto condescendingly tells the Investigation team that their "game" of investigating the murder will soon be over, considering that everyone on the team has risked their lives to save the kidnapping victims and/or been kidnapped and nearly killed themselves. Naoto concedes that Rise has a point, but Rise later comes to believe she was too harsh on Naoto, especially after Naoto says that it isn't a game for her, either, immediately before using herself to lure out the culprit, causing Rise to believe she pushed Naoto into dong so.
    Rise: A game? Aren't you the one who thinks of this as a game? (Naoto gasps) I don't care if you're a special investigator or an amateur sleuth... All you're doing is solving mysteries. What could you possibly know about us? You're the one who's playing a game here.
  • In Persona 5
    • Yusuke gives a brief one to Madarame after realizing that Madarame exploited his pupils for years, and awakening his own Persona in the process.
    Yusuke: The children who adored you as "Father"...The prospects of your pupils...How many did you trample upon? How many dreams did you exchange for riches?! No matter what it takes...I will bring you to justice!
    • Makoto gets one from Ann, accusing her of being nothing more than a Student Council President who looks the other way when faced with Kamoshida's abuses, and serves as errand girl to the administration, all to get a letter of recommendation. Ann later regrets this, realizing that Makoto felt guilty about not being able to do anything about Kamoshida, not unlike Ann herself.
    • Makoto, while eating dinner with her older sister and legal guardian Sae, wonders aloud whether their Disappeared Dad would consider the Phantom Thieves just, thus inadvertently touching on Sae's issues and causing Sae to let out her bottled up feelings of resentment toward Makoto, whom she's been taking care of ever since their father died.
    Sae: The only reason you have time to think about that is because you depend on someone else.
    Makoto: That's not-
    Sae: You don't have to do a single thing, and you're provided with food, clothes, a home... I've had no time to think on such ridiculous thoughts. Would Dad have been happy with them? I don't care. He died upholding some lofty sense of righteousness, leaving all his responsibilities on us.
    Makoto: A-All I was trying to say was-
    Sae: (raising her voice) Isn't it about time you grew up and acknowledged our situation?! Right now, you're useless to me. All you do is eat away at my life.
    • Ryuji gets several from his former teammates on the track team, who blame him for punching Kamoshida and causing the track team to get shut down, saying that his actions wasted all their efforts in putting up with Kamoshida.
    • You have the chance to give responses to this effect when facing various Shadows in Mementos, and this is especially true for the ones that are Abusive Parents.
    • In The Tower Confidant, it turns out that Shinya, the boy you've been befriending, is bullying some kids at his school, when one of his victims and his friends confront Shinya. As they leave, one boy tells him, "You're just like the bad guy in a movie! I hope the Phantom Thieves get you!" The latter part hits especially hard for Shinya, who'd looked up to the Phantom Thieves and wanted to emulate them.
    • If you only take the protagonist to the fight with Shadow Sae, a special scenario plays out in which Futaba calls the boss out on cheating.
    Shadow Sae: Goodness me, it seems you just keep losing. It seems luck isn't with you.
    FutabaL-Luck my ass! You're probably cheating! How else would we keep losing like this!?
    Shadow Sae: …! Why would I cheat...?
    Futaba: There's no way you're not, you liar! It's totally obvious! You're only up against me and Joker, you know! You're supposed to be an adult! You should be ashamed! More importantly, are you so weak that you have to cheat to win? And you call yourself a Palace ruler? You're just a wimp! You should totally be ashamed!
    Shadow Sae: You only dare talk like that because you can't beat me...
    Futaba: Shut up! To begin with—
    Shadow Sae: You're the one who needs to shut up! (goes One-Winged Angel)
  • In the Newgrounds game, Pico's School, there are a few.
    Pico: Go eat dick, Cyclops. No one is impressed by you teen angst. I seem to remember you being a big Pearl Jam fan. (Cyclops has an ! reacton) But then you were runnin' with the G-Squad for a while. Now you're a punk. What the fuck? Pick a trend & stick with it.
    • Just before the final battle, when Big Bad Cassandra delivers a Motive Rant about why she did the school shooting.
    Pico: Society sucks, but you don't have to kill your classmates to stand out. Try making the music instead of just listening to it. Better yet, make a crazy website that lets you kill pop-icons. It doesn't matter anyway. You have failed the test of life, and I will take you all on if I must!
  • The Big Bad of Planescape: Torment attempts to give a few. The Nameless One, if he has sufficiently high mental stats, can hand out these speeches like candy when not playing the Warrior Therapist. The best is given right back to the Big Bad.
    The Nameless One: If there is anything I have learned in my travels across the Planes, it is that many things may change the nature of a man. Whether regret, or love, or revenge or fear - whatever you believe can change the nature of a man, can. I’ve seen belief move cities, make men stave off death, and turn an evil hag's heart half-circle. This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief. Belief damned a woman, whose heart clung to the hope that another loved her when he did not. Once, it made a man seek immortality and achieve it. And it has made a posturing spirit think it is something more than a part of me.
  • In Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, if you choose to have Thresher refuse to hire Jane in spite of her pleading, he gives a long one to her.
    Thresher: You know, we get at least 200 qualified applicants for each position here, and without exception, every single solitary applicant is desperate! Do you hear me? Desperate! Do you think I can't see through all this corny melodrama of yours? Do you think I'm an idiot? You're acting. All of you applicants are acting. You're acting like you don't know where your next meal is going to come from. I hate people looking for work. You're all filthy slimes. You're part of that seething, oozing mass of unemployment. Just look at you! You waltzed in here with your perky little face and your bouncy little breasts and you think you're going to walk out with a job. Well, I'm going to kick that sweet little butt of yours out on the street. You and your sniveling little suburban education. You think you can just go into your crying act and get a job any time you want? I'll bet you're a daddy's girl. Aren't you? AREN'T YOU? Used to getting what you want whenever you want it? All you have to do is start bawling your little head off and Daddy gives you whatever you want. Well, things are different in the real world!
    Jane: Um, thank you for your time, Mr. Thresher-
    Thresher: Jobs are for those who are worthy. Jobs are precious and few, as you've just discovered. Perhaps this will be a lesson for you, young lady. Perhaps you'll take your next job seriously- if you can get another job, you peabrained preppy ubain volvo-driving vulva? HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THE EMPLOYER'S POINT OF VIEW? Huh? The guy who pays half your Social Security? (Jane starts to get up to leave) Who do you think pays your dental and health insurance? Santy Claus? And who do you think pays through the nose on workman's comp when you fake an injury? Do you think jobs grow on trees? Who do you think creates jobs? You don't give a...
  • Pokémon
    Lillie: "Children... Children are not just THINGS that belong to their parents! Pokémon are not just THINGS that a trainer can do whatever they want to! I am alive! Cosmog is alive! We are not things for you to collect! We're not made for you to discard when you get bored with us! That is terrible, mother! You are terrible!"
    Lusamine: "Terrible? Me? How am I different from any Pokémon trainer, like your little 'friend' there? What do you do with a Pokémon you can't use? You remove it from your party, as you please."
  • From Portal:
    GLaDOS: I'd just like to point out that you were given every chance to succeed. There was even going to be a party for you. A big party. That all your friends were invited to. I invited your best friend the Companion Cube, but of course, he couldn't come because you murdered him. All your other friends couldn't come either because you don't have any other friends because of how unlikable you are. It says so right here in your personnel file: Unlikable. Liked by no one. A bitter, unlikable loner, whose passing shall not be mourned. 'Shall not be mourned.' That's exactly what it says. Very formal. Very official. It also says you were adopted, so that's funny, too.
    GLaDOS: (Referring to an alleged sound clip of Chells voice) That's you! That's how dumb you sound! You're not a doctor, you're not a sicentist, you're not even a full-time employee! How did your life go so wrong?
    GLaDOS: Oh, it's you. It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead. You know... after you murdered me? Okay look, we both said a lot of things that you are going to regret. But I think we should put our differences behind us. For science. You monster.
    • And at the end:
    GLaDOS: You know what my days used to be like? I just tested. Nobody murdered me. Or put me in a potato. Or fed me to birds. I had a pretty good life. And then you showed up. You dangerous. Mute. Lunatic. So you know what? You win. Just go. (Soft laughter) It's been fun. Don't come back.
    • She gives one to Wheatley, too, which serves to hit his Berserk Button at the worst possible moment.
    GLaDOS: Yes, you're the tumor! You're not just a regular moron. You were designed to be a moron.
    • And right before that, Wheatley gives one to Chell, serving as the setup to his Face–Heel Turn:
    Wheatley: And don't think I'm not onto you too, lady. You know what you are? Selfish. I've done nothing but sacrifice to get us here, and what have you sacrificed? Nothing. Zero. All you've done is boss me around, well now who's the boss, who's the boss? It's me.
    • Most of the beginning of the game is GlaDOS giving these repeatedly to Chell.
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones: When Farah first sees the Prince in his Sand Monster form, she runs away, hurt that he kept that a secret from her. Even after he has turned back to his normal form, she refuses to trust him due to what she has seen of his behavior in regards to ignoring his own people's suffering in his determination to reach the Big Bad. The dressing-down she gives the Prince leaves him to wonder if he has been wrong to listen to the advice of the Dark Prince, his ruthless alter-ego. This leads him to rescue a lot of people from a burning workshop, after which he reunites and reconciles with Farah.
    The Prince: [back in his normal form] Do you see now?! The change was physical, nothing more!
    Farah: Why should I believe you? Everything you have done contradicts this! I have seen the way you hunger for combat! You take pleasure in creating death! Your constant talk of bloody vengeance, your cold disregard for your own people! You heard the women in the brothel as clearly as I did, yet you turned away!
    The Prince: But I came back. I came back! For you...
    Farah: You are a prince in title only. Go and reclaim your throne. But know this... you do so alone. [runs off]
    • The last portion of the game is the Dark Prince giving one to the Prince, while the Prince travels through the Mental Realm, killing copies of his corrupted self. In the end, the Prince only banishes the Dark Prince by walking to the exit and ignoring him, at Farah's behest.
    Dark Prince: What did you expect? That when you slew the Vizier, I'd simply disappear? Oh, you are so blind! Your rage, your pride, your selfish ways! They gave me form and substance! Even with the Sands gone I have the strength to remain. And with the Vizier gone, I can take your place and rule the kingdom! And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. [...] With the ability to manipulate time itself, you had the chance to be the greatest king the world has ever known. What wars you could have fought! What monuments you could have erected in your honor! What women you could have kept! [...] But you failed me, Prince! You grew soft and sympathetic! My attempts to convince you to seek glory fell on deaf ears. So, I bided my time, waiting for the proper moment to strike. [...] You do not deserve what you have been given- control over the world's greatest empire. With the power at your command, you could rule the world. You have SQUANDERED it, Prince! I would do it justice, and so it should be mine!
    Dark Prince: But don't I? Have I not earned it? Do you think you would be here now if not for me? How many times did I save you? How many times did I unblock your path, take down your enemies, remind you of your mission... while all you did was cry about your father... and Kaileena... and Farah... how everything bad always happens to you. BOO HOO, PRINCE!
    The Prince: Your words are empty... have always been empty! You are just a desperate, selfish spirit!
    Dark Prince: If I am selfish, Prince, it is because you are. If I am ruthless, and reckless, and lacking in morals... it is because you are! I did not spin myself out of the ether. I was not conjured by some mad vizier! I. Am. You.
    The Prince: No. I have seen the error of my ways. And I have atoned for the transgressions of my past. I am no longer that person.
    Dark Prince: Seasons change. Tastes change. But people? People never change. And you delude yourself believing otherwise. Do not fight me. Embrace me. Set down your sword. [...] You mean to kill me, then? To cut me down like all your other enemies? SWING THAT SWORD, PRINCE! (laughs) We'll see how well that works. [...] Such violence! Your anger serves only to feed me. So I have to ask- have you really changed? After all, I am still right here, standing before you!
  • In [PROTOTYPE], Cross gives a short one to Alex Mercer, who at this point is being led around on a leash (not that this changes much, but Alex is particularly naive at this stage).
    (To Alex grinning in triumph.) You think you've won? You don't even know what fucking game you're playing! Well, I can tell you all you need to know...about Penn Station. (Alex yells and collapses in pain from memory recall, Cross watching dispassionately.) ...In a way, I feel sorry for you. (He injects Alex with a Power Nullifier parasite, rendering him unconscious.)
  • Quiplash contains this trope as an Easter Egg. On "The World's Most Boring Video Game", if you write "Quiplash" as your answer, the announcer will go on a profane rant about how hard the team has worked on it.
  • Rosenkreuzstilette:
    • In Spiritia's story, after defeating Iris, who afterwards is left in shock that she lost to someone that she believed was fighting all by herself, Tia responds correcting her about the fact that her victory was actually because everyone was cheering her on, and that no one truly fights alone. The heroine flat-out tells Iris how pathetic she was by pointing out that the reason why she couldn't win was because she couldn't believe in others nor love her fellow man.
    • In Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert, Grolla gets the chance to confront Graf Michael Sepperin, the one who revived her grandfather and mentor as a Grim Reaper-esque entity who wished to test Grolla's skills earlier to see if she was truly worthy of wielding the original Grollschwert. Grolla was angry at the Count for disrupting her grandfather's peaceful slumber and wanted to punish him for having caused her such a grievous sin. The Count believed Grolla was an assassin hired by the Orthodox Church to murder Iris, whom he didn't know was manipulating him all along. Grolla delivered a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to him out of pity towards him for being deceived by his own flesh and blood, and, thinking he wants to believe nobody but his daughter, no matter what, and therefore assuming what a fool she was for having respected him, began wondering what those who shared his ideals would think of him if they found out that he was using the forbidden arts.
  • RuneScape's Botfinder General spends his whole life delivering these to players who get banned for using bots.
  • Sabres of Infinity
    • You can deliver a brief one to the incompetent Lieutenant Carrecort to inspire his troops to rebel against him and rally to you.
    • If you disrupt the mock charge to save Elson, you receive a blistering one from Captain Montez:
    Captain Montez: Perhaps you have forgotten, Cornet, but we are about to sail off to war. Would you sacrifice the lives of countless others in the face of enemy fire if it meant rescuing a personal acquaintance in such a stupidly reckless manner?
    • If Cazarosta leads the boarding party, he receives an especially cruel one from Captain Walken:
    Captain Walken: Half a dozen of my marines are dead including my best sergeant, another eight wounded. All because some entitled death-born idiot wanted to play officer! Good men are dead because you did not know your place. It is my opinion that the rotten fruit of such hideous miscegenation should have no place in His Majesty's Army!
  • The person you choose to confront in the penultimate mission of Saints Row: The Third gives you one. Considering the Sadistic Choice involved, they're both right. Interestingly, each speech is more directed towards the other choice.
    Killbane: You were a fucking clown, selling energy drinks and lunch boxes. You didn’t care about the crowd, just the paycheck.
    Kia: Lin. Carlos. Aisha. Johnny... all you do is let your friends die.
    Jon: You sit around all day playing a video game and listening to fake radio stations. What are you doing with your life? Don't you want to get a girlfriend and maybe learn something new?
  • In the The Secret World mission "Life Imitating Art," horror writer Sam Krieg drops a massive one on the player; how much of it is accurate and how much of it is just drunken rambling is up to interpretation, but the fact that you can't answer back doesn't help.
    You know, you're just like one of my characters: you love evil. You don't run from it, you don't try to avoid it; you welcome it, you crave it. You invite the pain and cherish the suffering. You dive right into the Filth and you make no attempt to wash it off, and when you finally climb back out, it doesn't matter how bad it smells, how the stench and the taint cling to you, you just can't wait to dive back in. Like a dope fiend hankering for a fix, you don't want it to ever end. You need it. Your entire identity, your raison d'etre is at stake. Think about it: who would you be, what would you be, without this- without your precious war on evil, without your Secret World, without your sacred brotherhoods, your ranks and titles and rituals? You'd be just another rat stuck in the race with a dead-end job, living for a paycheck and the weekends, one long booze-soaked downhill slide towards the dark and cold grave. But you probably believe in what you do, believe it's right, that it's good. You soak in it so others don't have to. You take one for the team, you bend over and spread your legs and let the darkness inside... and somehow you justify it all with utilitarian pragmatism. You're a bona fide American hero!
    Get the hell outta here. Go find an abyss to jump into, go soak yourself in Filth! Maybe it'll be different this time: maybe you'll save 'em all, maybe you'll finally find some goddamn peace... some closure... You're just like every single character I've ever written:
    Fucked from page one.
    • A segmented but no less vicious one occurs in the introduction to "From Carthage To Cairo." Here, Säid the Mummy has finally had enough of his business partners among the Phoenician brotherhood, and severs ties to them with one of these, easily shutting down Tanis when she tries to threaten him back into business.
    Säid: I'm not taking on any new enemies at the moment.
    Tanis: (through gritted teeth) You're making one right now!
    Säid: You have made a simple arrangement infinitely more complicated. My advice? Get that ass of yours insured. It would be your gift to the world.
    (He turns to leave, but Tanis draws a gun from her belt and shoves it in Säid's face)
    Säid: Oh please, we're above this. Well, one of us is. (sniffs the gun barrel) Mmmm... Gun oil, desperation and cheap perfume. Tanis, Tanis, Tanis.
    Tanis: (lowering the gun) So what do you want, huh? Money? Blood sacrifices? T-the Spear of Destiny? We have the wealth of Carthage, there must be something you want!
    Säid: Goodness, let's not debase ourselves any more than we absolutely must. Not wealth: honour. Carthage has long sold out of that stock. You've made your sarcophagus, now go lie in it. I shouldn't think we'll meet again. (leaves)
    • Issue #6 features Abdel Daoud delivering one of these to you; technically, it's directed at Säid, but given that he isn't around to get bitched at, the player character ends up as the recipient for allying with Säid and the Kingdom.
    It is disappointing to find you here, running errands: you do not make good use of the gifts you have been given. You are working for the Kingdom. What do you know of this man, this thing? He crawled from his tomb, a man out of time, and did he improve the world? Did he take up a cause? No! He lost himself in wealth and debauchery. Do you think he believes in what you do? This man, this Kingdom, he believes in nothing. His morals are as far behind him as his memories of being alive. Such a waste of immortality!
    • In the final act of Issue #11, Orochi CEO Samuel Chandra AKA the angel Samael issues one of these to you as you fight through the penthouse floor, dryly lambasting you for various flaws: pretensions to heroism, naiveté, recklessness... and for good measure, he starts insulting most of humanity in general.
    Heroism is my favourite delusion. The posture of your every step betrays it. In a certain Milton-esque light, you may be correct, but your white hat is stained: your secret society is in the old business of domination. You are the intruder here today. Please leave. [...] Still you continue. There is an artefact of junk programming in your brain, a broken line of code in the DNA of your species: the irresistible tendency towards self-destruction. You can see this in the repeated atrocities of history, or even in the simple act of procrastination. If you see the edge of the abyss, you needs must leap. I have been a facilitator of your kind's boundless desire to destroy itself... since the beginning. Since iron cathedrals stained the moon red with sacrificial pyres. Since machined cities crossed the sea upon gears and gossamer sail. Even in the hummingbird heartbeat of your recorded time. You are an exceptional footnote in a text one could not even leaf through in a star's life cycle, so I invite you to contemplate how quickly my eyes gloss over you. Don't take it personally. You are the product of an imperfect creation, infants abandoned on the doorstep of technology... and now, after all these years, your estranged mother comes back to you through an insect's mouth, to tell you she always loved you best. Well, if you believe that, our marketing focus groups would like to hear from you.
  • Evil Mentor and Big Bad of Sharin no Kuni's Masaomi Houzuki's dialogue consists of verbally destroying everything somebody believes in or being a Reasonable Authority Figure, doing a one man Good Cop/Bad Cop routine. Übermensch that he is, he's really, really good at it.
  • In Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, this is weaponized against the final boss and Top God YHVH by the supporting cast in the Bonds route: All of your battle partners, Flynn, and his two former battle partners each step forward to deny each aspect of YHVH's divinity, and since this is a universe where Gods Need Prayer Badly and one where humanity's understanding determines what is reality, it cripples Him gradually until He's reduced to a mere demon like all of the other gods He's subjugated.
  • In the Shovel Knight DLC Plague of Shadows, the second version of this trope is exchanged from Polar Knight to Plague Knight. After trying to ignore the alchemist, Polar Knight straight up tells Plague Knight that he's never liked him. He goes on to state that he holds wizards, books, trickery and everything Plague Knight stands for in complete contempt, calling him a Weakling. What makes this exchange even darker is that this is the most emotion and volition Polar Knight has expressed in the series thus far. The first time he uses moving text in the whole series is when he yells at Plague Knight, calling him a weakling a second time just to get the message clear. Plague Knight was not effected by it though.
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: During the Final Boss, Sly gives one to Le Paradox when told of his revenge plan regarding the Cooper lineage—to be known as the world's greatest thief by stealing their canes. Sly calls him out on this, pointing out that Le Paradox never did the actual stealing; rather, he got his "partners" to do all the dirty work before tossing them aside and claiming credit for what they did. Furthermore, Sly also mentions that going after the Cooper line for such a petty reason—for no other purpose than to feed his ego—was just downright stupid, because it not only ended up drawing Sly's attention (and thus interference) in the first place, it also drew Carmelita's attention to his stolen treasure smuggling ring. Put straight, Le Paradox lost everything because he couldn't resist showing off.
  • Spec Ops: The Line: The imaginary Col. John Konrad delivers one to Cpt. Martin Walker, the protagonistnote , calling out both on his power fantasy and desire to be a hero through fantastical achievements and imagined righteousness. The game outright tells the player that their desire to be badass in a virtual world is pathetic. Loading screens ask, "How many Americans did you kill today?", "Do you feel like a hero yet?" and "Can you even remember why you're here?", among other condemning messages. By the end of the game, the imaginary Konrad calls the protagonist out for it, pointing out that he was Dead All Along. That means Walker is giving the speech to himself, made evident when in one scene Konrad disappears and Walker can be seen mouthing the words we hear Konrad speaking.
    Shadow Konrad: It takes a strong man to deny what's right in front of him. And if the truth is undeniable, you create your own. The truth, Walker, is that you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not: a hero. I'm here because you can't accept what you've done. It broke you. You needed someone to blame, so you cast it on me. A dead man. I know the truth is hard to hear Walker, but it's time. You're all that's left and we can't live this lie forever.
  • In Star Wars: The Old Republic, most of Valkorian's speeches to the Outlander are some form of this. Most of the Player Character responses amount to a Shut Up, Hannibal!.
  • Suikoden V has a very short one given to Sialeeds, who has defected to Godwin by Lucretia.
    Lucretia: I know what you were trying to do, but in the end, your logic was no different from Godwin's.
  • Bowser seems to like giving these to his arch-nemesis in the 3D Super Mario Bros. games. "Look at you, running around like a flea on a puny planetoid. Know what isn't puny? My massive new power... The power to flatten you like a space pancake!" This doesn't stop him from being defeated once again.
  • In Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, Rita combines this with What the Hell, Hero? by delivering the following speech after she and Casca almost get killed by Balzac's men while he's not there.
    Rita: (slaps Guts) What the hell do you think you're doing? You blew it! You think you're so tough with that big hunk of metal hanging on your back! But you can't even protect one woman! Some hero...
  • Before and after the final boss fight of Syndicate (2012), Jack Denham lectures your Player Character on your delusions of morality, the fact that you're just a tool and calls you out on the damage you've done.
  • SHODAN does this a lot in the System Shock franchise, calling you "insect," "irritant," "maggot," and so on, always calling your body "meat," and doesn't hesitate to say you're inferior just because you're a human being.
  • In Tales of Rebirth, Tytree Crowe delivers one to Saleh: "Someone like you who takes pleasure in trampling on the hearts of others will never ever understand! The human heart... the feelings that people have are stronger than anything else!! Remember that!!". However, Saleh runs on For the Evulz thus stuck with 'joy of trampling people's hearts', remaining irritating and never even beating the heroes or getting more powerful.
  • 'Tales of the Abyss''
    • Luke gets a lot of brief the Reason You Suck comments from every other party member after Luke destroys Akzeriuth. But it's Asch who delivers the most armor-piercing one. In fact, he actually gives Luke the real reason why he does indeed suck:
    Asch: And you! Why didn't you think before using your hyperresonance?
    Luke: So you're saying it's my fault too?
    Asch: Of course it's your fault! Don't even try to deny it!...Are all replica brains this defective?...You still haven't figured it out? Is this someone's idea of a joke?!...That's right! You're a second-rate copy of me! A mere replica!
    • Tear gives one to her former mentor Legretta just before they fight on Eldrant, a battle that ends with Legretta's death. While Tear had seen Legretta as her enemy for the entire game, she's especially bitter in response to Legretta's explanation of why she's willing to support the Big Bad.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • Dominate opponents with some of the characters, and they will deliver examples of these:
    Scout Dominating Heavy: Nice hustle, Tons of Fun! Next time, eat a salad!
    Spy Dominating Medic: I'm looking at your x-ray, and I'm afraid you SUCK!
    Spy Dominating Demoman: Here's what I have that you don't: a functioning liver, depth perception, and a pulse!
    Sniper Dominating Any Class: You're making this so easy, I'm actually getting worse.
    • The Administrator is also an unpleasable dictator, so when you do poorly, she'll let you know exactly how poorly.
  • Uncharted4: Rafe delivers one to Nate during their confrontation in the climax.
  • Undertale:
    • Undyne gives you one of these just before you fight her. If you're not on a Pacifist Run, she condemns you for every monster you've killed, with several different variants on the speech depending on who exactly you've killed. If you haven't killed anyone, she mocks you for apparently thinking that being nice is the solution to all problems, and tells you that you should have just given yourself up so Asgore could use your SOUL to break the barrier.
    • If you go on a Genocide Run, Sans will give you several reasons why you suck — both during the battle, at the end of it, and sometimes even when you are defeated and come back for more!
    • If you're playing the True Pacifist Run, then Toriel appears towards the end and delivers one to Asgore, criticizing the recipient for being dishonest with himself.
    Asgore: came back!
    Toriel: Do not "Tori" me, Dreemurr! You pathetic whelp. If you really wanted to free our kind, you could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE SOUL, taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. But instead, you made everyone live in despair. Because you would rather wait here, meekly hoping another human never comes.
  • Unemployment Quest, which stars a recent college graduate trying to get a job, involves the main character getting many such speeches from the various monsters, who embody his negative emotions. One of the most cutting comes from Uncertain Present, the Final Boss, immediately before the final battle.
    "So, you were stupid enough to think you could stand up for yourself. Don't you see there is no hope for you? Your sense of entitlement makes me laugh. Would you prefer to be on welfare? Or do you think you might be able to crawl from the gutter to be worthy of flipping burgers?"
  • Playing as a Toreador in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and being just as petulant as the clan stereotype will result in a segmented but impressively derisive speech from Gary Golden.
    You're used to getting what you want, aren't you, handsome? People just love your charisma, your face; they eat your words up like the rats eat the cheese in the trap! Oh, boss- where do you think you are?
    (After he reveals himself)
    En Guard, Toreador! You vainglorious, narcissistic poser! How I loathe that determination of your kind to belie your true nature with Paris Fashions and pomp! You are a dead thing, a creature of the shadows... start acting like one.
    You don't get it, do you? Sit and look pretty. Pretend you never died. Do some finger-painting. What a pathetic waste of blood...
  • Vindictus NPC Gallagher is fond of giving these to the player character, for no real good reason. He gets a few from other NPCs, who clearly dislike the guy.
  • The Stranger to Lee Everett in The Walking Dead. Every single choice you've made in the game, no matter what, has negative repercussions. And he points out every single one along with every single mistake you've ever made. If you've played Lee as a paragon of virtue this can come off as a bit ridiculous, though.
  • Warframe:
    • If you support the Corpus against General Sargas Ruk and the Grineer during the Gravidus Dilemma, Ruk will call you out as willing to sacrifice your own and die for a worthless cause.
    • On the flipside, if you support the Grineer against Alad V and the Corpus, Alad will call you out as hypocrites.
  • In the final cutscene of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Titus delivers a short one to Leandros, telling him that his blind adherence to the letter of the Codex Astartes is a failing on his part.
    Titus: The Codex Astartes is a set of rules. They guide us... shape us as Ultramarines... teach us to hold duty and honour sacred above all. But how we live with those rules is the true test of a Space Marine. And you have failed.
    • In a way, Titus is also 100% correct in this manner. Leandros DID fail. You're supposed to report Battle-Brothers you suspect of heresy to a Space Marine Chaplain, not directly to the Inquisition.
  • The Witcher: In the first game, if you choose to save the witch Abigail from being burned by the villagers in the Outskirts, Geralt delivers an awesome rebuke to the torch and pitchfork-wielding mob and their fanatical church leader:
    Geralt: You have two options. Wait until I leave and then murder Abigail - but then I'll come back. I'll slay every lice ridden peasant, anything that moves and can't climb a tree. Or, you can try to lead honourable lives, clear your conscience, start again - like humans. The choice is yours.
  • Arthas attempts to deliver one of these to Tirion Fordring in a memorable Wrath of the Lich King quest line, claiming that the Argent Crusade can never defeat him because they insist on trying to redeem evil instead of destroying it. Fortunately, Tirion isn't quite that stupid.
    • Ner'zhul also gives one to Kel'Thuzad in the short story Road to Damnation.
    • Arthas failed to learn from his earlier encounter with Tirion. At the start of his battle in Icecrown Citadel he freezes Tirion in a block of ice "To witness the end." At the end Arthas kills the raid at once, and proceeds to tell Tirion how his whole plan was to find the greatest champions of Azeroth and make them his new lieutenants. Too bad Tirion calls upon the Light to break out of his iceblock, then shatters Frostmourne with the Ashbringer, releasing the pissed off souls the Lich King had collected.
    • During the Battle for the Undercity, Varian gives one to Thrall(as well as Sylvanas and the rest of the Horde) furious about how a rogue Forsaken alchemist had launched an attack on the Alliance and Horde forces at the Wrathgate, seemingly killing Bolvar Fordragon, among other things.
    Varian: I was away for too long. My absence cost us the lives of some of our greatest heroes. Trash like you and this evil witch were allowed to roam free — unchecked. The time has come to make things right. To disband your treacherous kingdom of murderers and thieves. Putress was the first strike. Many more will come. I've waited a long time for this, Thrall. For every time I was thrown into one of your damned arenas... for every time I killed a green-skinned aberration like you... I could only think of one thing. What our world could be without you and your twisted Horde... It ends now, Warchief. ATTACK! FOR STORMWIND! FOR BOLVAR! FOR THE ALLIANCE!
    • Come Cataclysm, Vol'jin gives one to Garrosh Hellscream, declaring that he's going down the same road as his father even without the same influence as the demon blood, and suggesting that he will eventually alienate the rest of the Horde and die at Vol'jin's hands. Vol'jin later comes to regret saying this, however, admitting he let his temper get the better of him.
    Garrosh: Don't talk back to me, troll. You know who was left in charge here. Haven't you stopped to ask yourself why Thrall chose me instead of you?
    Vol'jin: Dere be no question why, Garrosh. He gave ya tha title because ya be Grom's Son and because tha people be wantin' a war hero. To which I tink ya be even more like ya father den he thought, even without ya havin' da demon blood.
    Garrosh: You are lucky I don't gut you right here, whelp. You are foolish to think that you can speak to your Warchief in such ways.
    Vol'jin: Ya be no Warchief of mine. Ya've not earned my respect and I'll not be seein' tha Horde destroyed by ya foolish thirst for war.
    Garrosh Hellscream: And what exactly do you think that you'll do about it? Your threats are hollow. Go slink away with the rest of your kind in the slums. I will endure your filth in my throne room no longer.
    Vol'jin: I know exactly what I'll be doin' about it, son of Hellscream. I'll be watchin' as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude. I'll laugh as dey grow ta despise ya as I do. And when tha time comes dat ya failure is complete and ya "power" is meaningless, I will be dere to end ya rule, swiftly and silently. Ya will spend ya reign glancin' over ya shoulda and fearin' tha shadows, for when tha time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin' out, ya will know exactly who fired da arrow dat pierced ya heart.
    Garrosh: You have sealed your fate, troll.
    Vol'jin: And you yours, "Warchief".
    • At the end of the Stonetalon Mountains Horde questline, the player watches as Overlord Krom'gar, a capable but paranoid and rather extreme soldier, drops a massive bomb on a grove of innocent night elf druids, incorrectly thinking they were hiding a weapon of mass destruction. Garrosh, having caught wind of the plot, arrives too late to stop it; furious, he gives Krom'gar a scathing put-down before dropping him off a cliff by the throat.
    Garrosh: I sent you into Stonetalon Mountains with an army. Your orders were to secure this land for the Horde. Instead, you laid waste to the land. Murdered innocents. Children even... [...] Overlord Krom'gar, you have disgraced the Horde. You have brought shame to us as a people. By my right as Warchief, I hereby relieve you of your duty. YOU. ARE. DISMISSED.
    • Garrosh later gives one to Thrall just before the final battle of the Siege of Orgrimmar:
    Garrosh: Ha! Do you remember nothing of honor? Of glory on the battlefield? You who would parlay with the humans, who allowed warlocks to practice their dark magics right under our feet. You are weak. We are the Orcish Horde, the True Horde. We die, bloody and thrashing on the field of battle, like true orcs SHOULD. You are an orc no longer, and speak for none but yourself. You betrayed our people to forge your fragile alliances and I will take great pleasure in tearing them apart.
    • After his defeat, Garrosh gets a short but effective one from Thrall.
    Thrall: You disappoint me, Garrosh. You are not worthy of your father's legacy.
    • Later in Warlords of Draenor, Garrosh and Thrall have their final confrontation, which is this trope in the form of back-and-forth banter.
    Thrall: You must answer for your crimes, Garrosh.
    Garrosh: All I did... I did, FOR THE HORDE!
    Thrall: You failed the Horde!
    Garrosh: [as he proceeds to batter Thrall] You made me Warchief! You left me, to pick up... your... pieces! You, failed, meeee! *beat* You never, (pant) had the strength, (pant) of a true warrior.
    Thrall: I do not rely on strength alone, Garrosh. My power is all around you. [*He unleashes his elemental powers and almost kills Garrosh*]
    Garrosh: Thraaaall! You made me what I am!
    Thrall: No... You chose your own destiny.
    • Kayn Sunfury and Alturus the Sufferer exchange these a few times in the Demon Hunter questline. Kayn calls out Alturus for abandoning the fight against the Burning Legion and killing his comrades. Alturus in return declares that Illidan had lost his way and that at least he wasn't responsible for killing thousands of innocents.
    Altruis: Just like old times, eh Kayn?
    Kayn: Do not speak to me of old times, Altruis. You betrayed Illidan. You betrayed us all!
    Altruis: After ten-thousand years of imprisonment, Illidan succumbed to the fel energy within. When he was freed, he was not in his right mind. You followed Illidan blindly, like a dog. Even when he lost his way.
    Kayn: He was fighting it, as we all do. He needed us to have faith in him, Altruis. he made the hard choices. He sacrificed EVERYTHING. What did you give?
    Altruis: I fought as hard as the rest of you! But I did not murder thousands of innocents.
    • In the world quest "Rise of Skovald," while re-enacting God-King Skovald's murder of his mother, Queen Bretta.
    Queen Bretta: Foolish boy. Do you think your fel tricks will save you from my wrath? You may have murdered your father. You may have murdered your brothers. But that does NOT give you the right to rule our people! (as she dies) You... are no longer... my son...
    Elisande: Behold this motley throng in which the rebels put their faith. Kaldorei? You disgrace a glorious past, hiding in trees and cloaking yourselves in false piety. You have grown as savage as the trolls that skulk about your forests. Quel'dorei? You are peasants playing at nobility, all too willing to mingle with lesser races that dilute your bloodline. You are unworthy of the name high elves. Sin'dorei? Of all the elves, I thought you might understand the choice I made to save my people. Instead, you ally with misfits and monsters. Each of you has debased your proud lineage. Each of you has forgotten the ancient power that is our birthright. Let this failed rebellion be a lesson to any that would stand against the shal'dorei!
    • Illidan gives one to Kur'talos Ravencrest in "Ravencrest's Legacy," when Kur'talos calls Illidan out on sacrificing his own men to gain the power to defeat the Legion.
    Illidan: What would you have me do, Kur'talos? Simper and nod to our new Legion overlords as they turn our world to ash?
    Kur'talos: There is always a choice! We could have...
    Illidan: We could have what? You are blind, Ravencrest! You are all blind! This was one invasion. They nearly killed everyone here and took Suramar. The best any of you can do is criticize my methods? My mages died saving our world. What have you given? What have you sacrificed? You're a damned fool, Ravencrest! No matter. I've learned all I can from you. We will never defeat the Legion so long as cowards hold the reins. Farewell... and good luck. Perhaps you may fare better begging them for your lives next time.
    Dargrul How is this possible!? I...I was chosen...
    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: The hammer never chose you, Dargrul. It seeks a wielder who possesses true strength, and you were found lacking.


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