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The Reason You Suck Speech / The Miz

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There's a reason why promo legends like Triple H, Mick Foley, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin have acknowledged or given praise to the Miz when it comes to his mic skills "on the horn".

  • The one he gave to The Rock on the 3/7/11 edition of Monday Night Raw.
    Miz: Hello, Rock. We haven't been properly introduced. I'm The Miz - the WWE Champion and star of WrestleMania. You, on the other hand, are only the host of WrestleMania, so you should know your role and be the best Ryan Seacrest that you can be! ...And if you have the guts to show up to RAW or WrestleMania, let me tell you exactly what will happen. I will take your little eyebrow, your 45 catchphrases, your sunglasses, your father, your grandfather, roll 'em up into a ball, flip it sideways, and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS!! Because I'm The Miz, and I'M...
    • Then he stops mid-sentence and turns to look at Cena, who is still trying to pick himself up off the ground. He drags Cena to his feet and plants him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Then he stands over Cena, rips off one of his armbands and chucks it, flails his arms a couple of times. Then he drops the fucking People's Elbow on John Cena, picks up the mic, and rounds off the promo and the show by roaring one final word: AAAAAAAAWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!
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  • The one he gave to Paul Heyman on the 7/19/13 edition of SmackDown.
    Miz: I understand now why you lie...because when you tell the truth, and you show your real self, it's even uglier than the liar we've come to know and hate. I'm revolted by your face, by your tone of voice, by your frame of mind. I'm revolted by the fact that you swore on your children and STILL LIED!
  • The one he gave to Daniel Bryan on the 8/23/16 edition of Talking Smack.
    Miz: Let me tell you about a coward! Let me tell you about a guy who tells his WWE fans, people that he loves that he will be back — he PROMISES THEM! — "I promise you, I will be back in one year's time to claim this (Intercontinental) title!" But you didn't, Daniel, did you? But I'm the coward. I'm the one who doesn't love the fans.
    Bryan: If they would let me come back, I would come back.
    Miz: Oh you would? You love that WWE ring, you love wrestling. You love being right in that wrestling ring and you love wrestling, right? Well why don't you quit? Why don't you quit and go to the bingo halls with your indie friends, then?
    Renee Young: I think you need to calm— That's not what this show's about!
    Miz: No, no, I got this! Me and the GM have this. Thank you very much, Renee, this is is a great show, but we're talking here. I need to talk to you (Bryan) real quick, because the fact is you're the one who calls me the coward, but you're the one that doesn't get in the WWE ring again.
    *Bryan gets up and walks off*
    Miz: No! Don't you walk away from me, Daniel. Don't you walk away! I'm the one that loves the fans. I'm the one who loves everyone and everything. You're the one that gets up and walks away, every single time! You're the coward! I am not a coward! I am your Intercontinental Champion...
    *Miz picks up his Intercontinental Championship and holds it next to his head*
    Miz: ...And there is a reason I am making this the most relevant, prestigious title the WWE has, and I deserve the respect on SmackDown Live!
    Renee: Okay. Okay!
    Miz: Get that camera right here. Get that camera right here.
    *Renee throws her hands up in resignation, while Miz looks straight at the hard camera*
    Miz: Understand that this is Day 141 of the Never-Ending Intercontinental Championship World Tour, and I swear to you, I promise you, it will be the most relevant title on SmackDown Live. I could care less about those little kids out for the Tag Team Titles, and the Women's Championship, and the WWE Championship. This is my show. My Show! And I'm sick of all of you, my GM, sitting there criticizing me, calling me the coward. You're the cowards! I'm the one here day-in and day-out in that wrestling ring beating people up. Thank you very much. *mic drop*
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  • The one he gave to Dolph Ziggler on the 10/11/16 edition of Smackdown Live.
    Miz: You think this is funny? (Dolph mouths, "A little bit.") I bet you and Daniel Bryan had a good laugh at that. But let me tell you something about that face (points to himself at the Titantron). That face is me seeing everything I worked for, everything I sacrificed, getting ripped away from me. You think this is funny? It's not funny. I take it very, very...
    *Crowd chants, "YOU WERE CRYING!" (Clap Clap ClapClapClap)*
    Dolph: It's true.
    Miz: You people wouldn't know what passion, pain, and sacrifice is and neither would you (points to Dolph).
    Dolph: Yeah, they would! They just sat through...!
    Miz: NO THEY DON'T! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I TAKE THIS VERY, VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY! And if you think, if you think, for one second, that I did anything, I did everything to keep that (title), just imagine, imagine what I will do to get it back!
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  • The one he gave to John Cena on the 3/17/17 edition of Talking Smack.
    Miz: When John Cena first came to WWE, he stole his identity from every white kid with an identity crisis in the 90s. He was a cross between Marky Mark and Vanilla Ice...but wait, there's more! The Attitude Adjustment? Used to be called the Death Valley Driver, John Cena stole it from Tommy Dreamer. (*mock gasp*) John Cena stealing a move from someone? But wait, there's more! He stole his girlfriend from Dolph Ziggler. (*even bigger mock gasp*) Whaaaat?! Nooooo, not our hero John Cena, he wouldn't do that...but wait, there's morrrre! He stole his last t-shirt design from a beer company, but you know what, we applaud John Cena, we love Cena because Cena's that 'good old guy'...
  • The one he gave to both Roman Reigns and John Cena on the 8/21/17 edition of Monday Night Raw. Do note this is two days shy of the anniversary of his Talking Smack promo against Daniel Bryan.
    Miz: Oh I'm sorry, actually! Am I interrupting a moment or something? (sarcasm) Wow! It's John Cena and Roman Reigns in the same ring at same time! (Crowd starts booing) 'Barclays' is blowing the roof off the place. (changes back his tone) HOW MANY MOMENTS DO YOU TWO GET?! HONESTLY!! You know in life....
    (The arena suddenly fills with cheers and clapping)
    Miz: (To the crowd) Thank you! Thank you! I'll take it. I'll take it... (turns to Cena) 'Barclays'. You know in life, you’re always told that if you work hard, if you chip away, if you do your job, then your moment will come. I am sick of waiting for my moment while two undeserving people like you two get moments WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK.
    (The arena cheers even more louder with a 'Yes' chant)
    Miz: Yeah... I'm going to have my moment while I ruin you two. The General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle seems to think that Raw need an addition. Whoa, whoa wait! Raw needs an addition while the Intercontinental Championship rides the pine of Summerslam! I'm curious, 'Barclays'. Does RAW NEED JOHN CENA?!
    (The arena has a mixed of cheering and booing while some of the crowd chanting 'No', much to Cena's surprise.)
    Miz: You have 18 thousand people chanting 'NO'!
    (Much later)
    Miz: (To Roman Reigns) You say this is your yard! Well, THIS IS MY SHOW! WEEK-IN AND WEEK-OUT! I'M THE ONE WORKING HERE! (points at both Cena and Reigns) Not you and not you! (To the crowd) And then there's you! You don't know what to do! You don't know where to cheer or boo John Cena (the crowd boos). You don't know whether to cheer or boo Roman Reigns. (The crowd boos louder) Who do you think that affects? You think that affects John Cena? You think that affects Roman Reigns?! NO! IT AFFECTS ME! THE ONLY CHAMPION IN THIS RING!!! THE ONLY PERSON WHO DESERVES TO BE IN THE MAIN EVENT, EACH AND EVERY NIGHT OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW, SUMMERSLAM AND WRESTLEMANIA AND I'M SICK, I'M SICK OF NOT GETTING THE RESPECT I DESERVE... (to Cena) Your shirt says "Respect, Earn it!" I'VE EARNED IT FOR 12 DAMN YEARS!!! WHERE IS MY MOMENT?!
    ("You deserve it!" chants fill the arena)
  • On WWE RAW 9/11/17, The Miz is about to announce how he and Maryse are about to have a child until Enzo Amore hits to tell Maryse "How you doin'?" Cue Miz burying Enzo.
    Miz: And that's the trouble with you, isn't it? You don't think. When you came from NXT to WWE Monday Night Raw, you and Cass were the next big thing. You would sell out merchandise, pay-per-views with John Cena... Everyone loved Enzo and Cass but look at you now. Time progresses, and you don't know when to shut your mouth. You don't listen. You think you know everything better than everybody else. That's why you're kicked out of WWE tour buses and that is why you're kicked out of the WWE locker room. You think you chose to bring your personality to the Cruiserweight Division? There was nowhere else for you to go because no one on the WWE Monday Night roster can stand you. And that's coming from me! See, I can help you. I've been in your shoes. I've rubbed people the wrong way in the WWE when I first started, but unlike you I regrouped, I rebranded, and I EARNED RESPECT. You running out here? You coming out here? Instead of asking for my advice, asking for my help, LEARNING. You interrupt my wife and I on our most SACRED MOMENT of my entire LIFE. Not my career, my LIFE! I see so much, SO MUCH frickin' talent in you. But you make MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE. And I am sick of watching it! You go to 205 Live and you think you can hang with someone like Neville? Neville, who hones his craft in the WWE. His only care in the WWE is to perfect (himself) in this WWE ring. YOU! All you care about is hanging out with third-rate rappers. That's why you have to cheat. Because guys like Neville and guys in the Cruiserweight Division they do aerials that leave the WWE Universe speechless. When you're on the top rope, you fall flat on your face. And you don't have a 7-foot tall meal ticket anymore. Yeah, all you got now is nothing more than... people can look at you and (think) you're nothing more than a con artist with a couple of catchphrases.
  • The one he gave to Baron Corbin on Twitter on 10/29/17 in response to Baron's own comments.
    Miz: Baron Corbin! I just got your message, I've been really busy this week. But I've got to say, it's the best promo I've ever seen you cut. It's amazing because when I cut my best promos, it's in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home, on a big camera, in a WWE ring. While your best promo is on an iPhone on social media. So listen up, "Twitter Tough Guy," this isn't about Raw and SmackDown supremacy for me, this is about making the Intercontinental Championship the most prestigious and honorable title in all of the WWE. I bust my ass day in and day out to make that title relevant, while the United States Championship is working overtime to make its owner relevant. See, I've heard all about you in the WWE ring, how talented you are, but to me, you're just another generic big man who will be gone in two years, while I'm carrying this show for the next ten. And if you ever talk about my pregnant wife again, I'll knock your fucking teeth down your throat!
  • The one he gave to both Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles on the 10/9/18 edition of Smackdown Live.
    Miz: ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! ENOUGH! It figures that you two would be so bored with each other you have to turn your attention to me! I have TRIED to remain professional, but you want the honest truth? The truth is, you stole my WWE championship opportunity with your fluke small package. You don't believe me? Look at the footage! My shoulder was up, the referee was out of position. And I went back and I demanded a rematch to Paige, but you're such a charity case that she wouldn't give it to me. I BEAT you at SummerSlam, I BEAT you at Hell in a Cell, I BEAT you down WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK. And you come up with this lame, "suck the air out of the stadium" roll-up to win? At least when I beat you, I KNOCKED YOU OUT. And you, you're just another one of him with an annoying Southern Accent. You've been WWE Champion for almost a year, a YEAR, and the title has never been more irrelevant and less prestigious! You want to know why the WWE Championship doesn't headline pay-per-views? Look in the MIRROR! I don't care if you win at Crown Jewel or if you win at Crown Jewel, I GOT NEXT!
  • The promo on the 3/19/19 episode of Smack Down Live towards Shane McMahon attacking Miz's father at Fastlane.
    Miz: Shane, you're a conniving, vile, disgusting human being. You are rotten to the core, just like your father. You weren't born "best in the world", you're a McMahon, you were born the worst. You think you're something special, Vince and Shane? Because, you know, you're a billionaire and you can do whatever the hell you want? Well, you can't! You may own this company, BUT YOU DON'T OWN ME! And you sure as hell don't own Kofi! I wasn't born rich, I wasn't born of privilege, I was born in Cleveland destined to flip burgers at my dad's Mr. Hero for the rest of my life. People told me that I was average, that I would never amount to anything. But I didn't make that a self-fulfilling prophecy, no. I went out on my own, followed my dreams, and proved everyone wrong! I found my way through the real world, and I did it, and I became a champion, I became the most must-see WWE Superstar of all time! I did that, and I did it on my own! You know, say what you want about me, whether you booed me or cheered me for the year; but you can never deny my work ethic! I'm always proud of myself working harder than everybody else, because I believe hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard enough! I am a proven success story, and that is something to be proud of! My dad didn't just give me love, I had to earn it! The fans didn't give me respect, I had to earn it! It's of 13 years but I think, I THINK, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, I! HAVE! EARNED IT!
    ("You deserve it!" chants fill the arena)
    Miz: You're damn right I do...And Shane, you deserve the one thing you single-handedly earned all by yourself: An ass-whooping from WrestleMania!
  • The one he posted on Instagram celebrating his 15th year in the company.
    Miz: For a guy that was told that he'd be fired within 3 months of stepping into WWE - that his 15 minutes of fame are up - Today is a day I celebrate saying thank you to all the doubters. Your hate motivated me. It lit a fire in me to prove you wrong. Raise your glasses because today we celebrate 15 years at WWE. I rarely look to the future because I live in the present but if you thought those 15 were good, just wait. The best is yet to come. Be Miz

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