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With the amount of Trash Talk also come the long speeches about your opponent's actions or sayings in the past.

Wrestlers with their own folder:

  • Gorilla Monsoon cuts down Bobby Heenan after Andre the Giant's loss at WrestleMania III.
  • Mick Foley:
    • As Cactus Jack, his legendary Cane Dewey promo was this to the very fans of ECW.
    • A legendary promo delivered by Vince McMahon to Foley in 1998, where – after several weeks of Foley and his various alter egos failing to defeat "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, lastly at "Over the Edge" – he publicly called Foley an embarrassment and tough-talking coward note  and berated him for several minutes as a miserable failure before telling him, "Your services are no longer required." Foley was reduced to tears at the end of this segment, as even then rabidly-heel color commentator Jerry Lawler was at a loss for words.
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    • Triggered by seeing his book thrown in the trash, Mankind gave a devastating one to The Rock on the 10/18/99 Raw, calling him out for the way he treated Mankind in the past, along with his general Jerk Jock, egotistical ways. The Rock, who always has a comeback for everything, had nothing to say.
  • Edge was quite adept at handing these out to various wrestlers throughout his career. But perhaps the most noticeable and famous was his promo to Matt Hardy after the latter's return after being fired due to the Lita scandal. After hearing Hardy's awful return promo in which he said he hoped Edge would die in a car accident, Edge responded the next week in a six minute destruction of Hardy as a person and a wrestler. Deriding Hardy for his lack of commitment to Lita and how he was only in his position because of riding Edge's coat tails, ended with Edge pleading with Hardy to buckle up and be safe so he could have the pleasure of beating him at SummerSlam.
    • This promo was not totally appreciated back around the time that it happened for already-stated reasons, but over time it (as well as Edge and Lita themselves) would end up a case of Vindicated by History with each passing headline involving the three parties over the years. See, Edge did beat Hardy at SummerSlam, by KO at that, and then won the feud overall a couple months later. Then he went on to establish himself as a legend over the next few years with world championship titles and top notch main event feuds in the double digits before retiring World Heavyweight Champion and becoming a first-ballot happily retired Hall of Famer, whereas Matt would descend into a bonafide Attention Whore and even lose his status as the "responsible" Hardy brother as his career dwindled to the point of failing even as a midcarder in TNA, making Edge's statements in this promo more and more prophetic by the day.
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  • Ric Flair verbally destroys Carlito in only two minutes.
  • See Dolph Ziggler verbally dissect AJ Lee over her Clingy Attention Whore Yandere tendencies when she tried to stick up for John Cena.
  • Adam Pearce gave a speech about the Ring of Honor roster having to step up for the promotion's first pay per view, but mention some soul searching would be needed as not everyone would be able to survive the promotion's growing pains, mentioning that BJ Whitmer had sacrificed more for ROH than anyone only to be put out with an injury by Jimmy Jacobs and then lose the very first match on said pay per view.
  • After Lacey left Jimmy Jacobs for Austin Aries, Aries would rub it in by destroying Jacobs over his poor leadership skills.
  • Muhammad Hassan, a Politically Incorrect Villain, received a lot of heat after a controversy in 2005 (an episode of SmackDown! where his minions, disguised as "terrorists" attacked the Undertaker, was unfortunately aired the day of the London bombings). The next episode, he came down to the ring, and responded to an article from the New York Post that he deemed offensive, and proceeded to give a brutal TRYSS to the whole attending crowd of Smackdown. With quite valid points. Behold.
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  • Triple H gave one to both Batista and Randy Orton during the 3/17/14 episode of RAW after they start whining to him about Daniel Bryan possibly getting into the title match at Wrestlemania 30 should he beat HHH. Hunter proceeds to label Batista as a stuck-up "Hollywood movie star" who has the temerity to think he knows better than him, and lambasts Orton for his inability to win matches without Hunter's support. And just to twist the knife further, Hunter modifies the stipulation to his match with Bryan and makes it a contender spot for a third spot in the title match, ensuring a Triple Threat to Batista and Orton's protests.
  • AJ Lee famously pipebombed the cast of Total Divas, calling them 'cheap, interchangeable, expendable, useless women' who turned to acting because they sucked at wrestling, and repeatedly slammed them, saying that she had done more in her short time as champion than all of them had done in their combined careers, and that they would never even remotely measure up to her.
  • Jim Cornette tends to give these out like treats on Halloween to pretty much anybody who's crossed his path, both in Kayfabe and reality.
  • Paul Heyman delivers a brutal one to Vince McMahon three days before the 2001 Survivor Series.
  • Stephanie McMahon gave some pretty awesome TRYSSes of her own towards John Cena.
    • On October 27, 2014, Stephanie offered Cena a position with The Authority heading into Survivor Series. Pitched through the reasoning that Cena's shelf-life, especially in terms of universal popularity with the fans, is sinking by the minute. She calls him out for constantly pandering, says no one will remember his name when his career's over, and basically does the best job she can to shred him as a loser while pitching the Authority as his best chance to retain relevancy. Triple H even comes out to provide the icing on the cake by accusing Cena of being afraid of the WWE's future passing him by.
    • On March 2, 2015, Cena tries to enter himself into the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Stephanie, bitter over his actions since the previous TRYSS (specifically helping to get the Authority thrown out of power), proceeds to come out and completely skewer and nix his attempt to do so, successfully painting him as acting entitled due to his spot in the company and disrespecting the match dedicated to Andre's memory, who she considered a dear friend from back when she was a kid. Cena tries to make a threat in regards to being left out of WrestleMania, but Stephanie cuts it off with an almost-demonic bass and volume, then points out what Cena's own detractors have been saying for years: that every time a big time player left WWE, they always found the next centerpiece and kept moving forward, and they can easily do the same if Cena merely loses prominence as the main guy (by, for example, sitting out a WrestleMania). Finally, the Billionaire Baroness puts forth a vicious Armor-Piercing Question for Cena:
    "It's not where would WWE be without John Cena. It's where would John Cena be without WWE!"
  • Daniel Bryan:
    • He gave one to Michael Cole shortly after his NXT elimination, and another when Cole, now comfortable in his heel turn, showed up in the ring with bodyguards, demanding that Bryan apologize for his previous actions.
    • Bryan also shoots one in John Cena's direction for their SummerSlam 2013 match.
      Daniel Bryan: You know, there's a custom I learned in Japan that they did before big matches. And it's to fire somebody up. It's to light that spark from one wrestler to another so that they'd bring everything that they had into that fight. They take their hand and as hard as they possibly can, they slap him in the face. You know, I wish so bad that I could do that to you right now. But I can't. Because you're not a wrestler and you don't deserve it.'
  • After being disrespected by some rookies and rejected from the Florida Championship Wrestling revival because John Laurinaitis did not find them cosmetically pleasing in 2009, The Briscoes let their frustrations about the program, WWE, Laurinaitis and The World's Greatest Tag Team in 2011 good enough that it instantly turned the crowds formerly in support of the latter and continued to resonate with fans half a decade later.
  • In the leadup to WWE's ECW revival in 2006, Joey Styles let loose on Jerry Lawler, Vince McMahon and WWE:
    “You want to apologize? Like nothing happened. Like you didn’t knock me on my ass in front of millions of people worldwide, and I’m gonna come down there and work with you. I’m not coming back, and now thanks to the magic of live television I’m gonna show the whole world, why for seven years in ECW I was the unscripted, uncensored, loose cannon of commentary. Six months ago, WWE called me, I didn’t call this company because I was looking for a job. I didn’t need a job. WWE called me because they had humiliated and fired... again, Jim Ross. So I get JR’s spot, and from week one, week after week I’ve got an ongoing lecture about the differences in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. I’m not allowed to say ‘pro wrestling’, I’m not allowed to say ‘wrestler’. I have to say ‘sports entertainment’ and refer to the wrestlers as ‘superstars’. I’m told to deliberately ignore the moves and the holds during the matches so I can tell stories. Well, ignoring the moves and the holds is damn insulting to the athletes, the wrestlers, not the entertainers, who leave their families three hundred days a year to ply their craft in that ring! Here’s the best part: because I’m not a sports entertainment storyteller, I get pulled from Wrestlemania, and the reason I’m given is, is because I don’t sound like Jim Ross. Who’s the guy they fired in the first place! That makes sense, right? So I swallow the bitter pill, I’m a company guy. I get bumped from Wrestlemania. Then I get bumped from Backlash? I’m not good enough to call Backlash!? In ECW, I called live pay-per-views on my own, solo, no colour commentators dragging me down. Wasn’t done before me, hasn’t been done since. But I’m not good enough to call Backlash because I’m not a sports entertainment storyteller. Well you know what? I am sick of sports entertainment. I am sick of male cheerleaders. I am sick of boogers and bathroom humour and semen and I am sick of our chairman. Who likes to talk about his own semen, he mocks God… he mocks God!!!!! And makes out with the divas all to feed his own insatiable ego. I am sick of sports entertainment, and most of all I am sick of you fans who actually buy into that crap! This sports entertainment circus! I never needed this job, and I don’t want this job anymore. I quit!
  • On WWE RAW 9/11/17, The Miz is about to announce how he and Maryse are about to have a child until Enzo Amore hits to tell Maryse "How you doin'?" Cue Miz burying Enzo.
  • Jim Cornette on the Monday Night War, particularly a much-hyped cage match between Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper at WCW Halloween Havoc:
    "I'm Jim Cornette, I just wonder if any of you are sick and tired as I am of people who claim to be the "ICON" of wrestling? Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper claim to be the icon, Shawn Michaels is the "icon that can still go", Bret Hart would claim to be the icon, if he wasn't too busy crying about being screwed, and I guess Randy Savage is still "thinkin', thinkin'!" Well, Shawn Michaels is still the single most talented wrestler today inside the ring, but outside, he's an adolescent, obnoxious jerk who takes his tights and goes home if he doesn't get his way. Bret Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but if he'd been screwed as many times as he claims, he would've struck oil by now. And Randy Savage is a legend, but let's face it, how many records did Frank Sinatra sell last year?

    But the pinnacle of this "icon" garbage came at last night's cage match between Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper, to determine–in their minds only–who the real icon is. WCW had the gall to say "this is the greatest cage match in history", when it was only the greatest in three weeks since Hell in a Cell. But here you've got a 46-year-old bald movie star wannabe, who looks like Uncle Creepy with a good build, taking on a guy with an artificial hip that hadn't wrestled a full schedule in 10 years! It's a tribute to the massive egotism, in my mind, of both men and indictment of WCW's promotional policies that this match even took place, much less being the main event, when the card was probably the best that WCW's capable of havin'! By the 10-minute mark, they were suckin' wind so bad the first three rows passed out of oxygen deprivation! – would've been funny if it wasn't so sad.

    Well, I'm sick and damn tired of hearing guys claim to be The Icon, especially when it usually comes from guys who just didn't know when to quit. Roddy Piper was my idol when I was a teenager, but that was 20 years ago. Hulk Hogan during his best years was 50% media creation, and those are long gone. This match was a slap in the face to every wrestler that takes pride in his profession! And in my mind, no one man is bigger than this sport, but if there is an Icon, it would be a man who has great ability inside the ring, and professionalism and maturity outside of it! Let's leave all the petty, backstabbing, I-make-more-money-than-you BS with the hat-check girl, and concentrate on talent and attitude! The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin have never claimed to be icons, which means they're big candidates to be just that!

    And on a personal note to Hulk Hogan: you are a household word, but so is garbage; and it stinks when it gets old, too. I'm Jim Cornette, and that's my opinion."
  • The 2/26/2018 edition of RAW has Roman Reigns go after Brock Lesnar after Lesnar no-showed an appearance on RAW to promote their Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 34, bringing up legitimate gripes the fanbase has had with Lesnar since his 2012 return:
    Reigns: You guys wanna know the truth? They're not going to like it back there, but I'm going to say it anyways: Brock Lesnar's not here tonight. Up until about thirty minutes ago, I thought Brock was going to be here, but something or another happened and he didn't show. And nobody will say this back there, but I'm gonna say it: Brock Lesnar is an entitled. Piece of crap. Who hides behind his contract. We are six weeks from WrestleMania, and the Universal Champion is not here today. We were in Vegas last night, Brock was in Vegas, he wasn't at the Elimination Chamber, guess where he was? He was running around the Strip, taking pictures with Dana White and the UFC on social media! You wanna know why? Because he doesn't respect me, he doesn't respect any of you, (points to the fans) and he doesn't respect anybody in that locker room! And I'm sick of it! We're ALL sick of it! They all know it back there! WE ALL know it! Every single week, me and them boys run across this world and we bust our ass, and Brock just shows up whenever he wants to when the money's right or the city's right! Well, we don't care. It don't matter how many people show up, how big the town is, I'll be there because I said "I'll be there!" And Brock and Paul, don't worry, they're going to come out here and say "We're businessmen." Well, guess what? I was born. IN! This business! My family and my bloodline IS this business! And I was taught at an early age that there's a fine line between "business" and "respect." And I'll say this right now: I don't respect Brock Lesnar, and I damn sure don't fear that b*tch. I think I said enough now. I'm going to head to the back, take my ass-chewing like a man, because unlike some people, I actually care and respect this place.
  • In a NJPW Strong Style Evovled Press Conference for the IWGP United States Championship, Jay White wasted no time in giving one to his opponent Adam Page, even verbally destroying half of Bullet Club (all of the Being The Elite cast members) in the process. Hilariously, Page had made his own attempt at this first, insinuating in a Worked Shoot similar to the above with Reigns and Lesnar that White is not a good IWGP US Champion because rather than defend it in America every day like a "proper representative of NJPW in America" should, he prefers wrestling in Japan and generally wrestles in America on NJPW's say-so. White sliced and diced Page and the BTE half of Bullet Club in response to Page's potshots and he used all-kayfabe materials to do it.
  • Post-Smackdown 6/5/18, comes Daniel Bryan calling out Big Cass for bullying him for his height and claiming he'll never survive the WWE. He responds by going after Big Cass for making him being only about his height and less about his own wrestling skill in a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment.
    Bryan: It's kind of funny. "I'll never survive here." As if I never did here but I've already succeeded. See, Big Cass thinks he's a BIG deal because he's BIG because he's "seven feet tall and you can't teach that". Well you know what you can teach? Every single thing I know. You can teach people the Yes Lock. You can teach people the Heel Hook. You can teach people how to kick 'em in the head, from the shin to the dome and your mama ain't home. Okay? But Big Cass, he hasn't learned any of that. You know why? He's entitled and lazy. You think Big Cass had a message for me? Well, guess what? I've got a message for Big Cass. Big Cass, guess what? You said you're going to break my leg in half? You don't even know how. You haven't trained hard enough, you haven't been in the gym hard enough, you don't know how to wrestle hard enough to break my leg in half. Do you know what's going to happen at Money In the Bank? I am going to make you tap out one more time. Whether it's the Yes Lock, whether it's the Heel Hook, whether I just knee you in the face and stomp you in the face until you give up, that's what's going to happen at Money In the Bank. And you can't teach surviving that.