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General Examples

  • Courtroom Shows:
    • The People's Court: Far less common during the original Wapner era (1981-1993), but when a litigant pushed him to the limit, he wasn't shy about calling them out. There have been, on the other hand, several memorable examples during the Milian era:
      • In October 2007, a young University of Miami law student makes the mistake of calling the ruling Milian is about to make (that he disagrees with) an "opinion":
        Milian: No, that's my RULING, pal. And let me tell you something, Mr. University of Miami Law Student! I taught at U.M. for many years, and you, right now, are embarrassing us. You do not show that kind of disrespect, okay? If you don't like what the judge is doing, you take it to the next forum, but you do NOT stand there and say "That's your opinion" like a BABY, when a judge rules against—DON'T EVEN UTTER ANOTHER WORD!!—you've got a lot to learn about what it means to be a member of the Florida Bar, and if you think that this kind of petulance and babyness on your part, to tell around and tell a judge who you disagree with "WELL, THAT'S YOUR OPINION!" is going to get you anywhere, you are sorely mistaken. If there's nothing you should have learned in the last two years as a law student, that's something you should have learned as a human growing up, that you do not show that kind of disrespect. You don't like it, take it to the hallway, but you do not look a judge in the face—because, I don't care what you think of me, you've gotta RESPECT THIS PROCESS! And if there's anybody who I expect to respect this process, it's a second-year law student at the University of Miami. Verdict for the plaintiff, $450 and court costs.
      • A few years later, a litigant calls Child Protective Services because a neighbor had failed to return a magazine she loaned to her. Milian was outraged:
        Milian: But I believe the one person I know who's escalating the shenanigans is you, because you're crazy! If you think that a court of law is going to entertain for 5 seconds that an Essence magazine that you loaned in November is going to net you a thousand dollars of profit, then you are crazy and you don't understand what the court system is about! It is not for your personal recreation! CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES IS NOT FOR YOUR PERSONAL RECREATION! THOSE PEOPLE HAVE REAL WORK TO DO! Okay? There's real families in crisis and distress, and your little, personal, petty, crazy, vendettas are not the subject of judge's lives! Get out of my courtroom, but not before you pay her $2000 in damages for making a malicious child services report!
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    • Judge Judy delivers so many of these, it's become a regular attraction for viewers.
      • Of course, the litigants they book on the show are not chosen for being the most intelligent and reasonable of people. Quite the opposite, in fact, because a logical, well-reasoned debate between intelligent, articulate people would have no drama and little entertainment value.
    • Judge Rinder, who takes cases in the UK, has so far had two major ones. Often immediately followed by an order to leave.
      • The first case in the show had the judge begin by reprimanding the plaintiff for trying to shame the defendant, her ex partner, by repeating the phrase 'Disgraceful'. He stated, in perfect legal terms, that what she did was an immediate violation of court proceedings and that if a judge were to immediately throw her case out on that alone, he had every right to do so and if she were to complain about it... tough luck.
      • The second incident was against one of the two defendants in a case being sued in what was nearly a Deadly Pranknote . The fact that he was constantly grinning and laughing and that he nearly wounded himself by tying a firework to his dick was too much for the poor judge.
        Rinder: I'm sorry, I can't take any more of you I'm afraid. I think you're an absolute moron. I'm prepared for Tony to stay here, but get out. Out! [as the defendant is walking out of court] GROW UP!
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  • It's well worth seeing Nancy Grace or Bill O'Reilly get smacked with one of these. Best example being Elizabeth Smart who was trying to get a Bill passed for support of Rape Victims and was interviewed by Grace who kept on pestering her wanting details about what she had experienced with Elizabeth getting more agitated as she won't drop the subject. Finally she has enough and tells her that she's not here to give her details about what she went through and the purpose of her interview is to let people know about The Bill and she's not here to be a ratings ploy for Grace's show.


Number-titled shows

  • The Evil Queen of The 10th Kingdom gives a whole series of these to Virginia in her Magic Mirror room, but the most memorable occurs just before she compares their beauty in one of the mirrors and tries to strangle her:
    Evil Queen: "You were unwanted, that's plain to see. Haven't you always known that, secretly? That you were the ugly duckling. And now you've given yourself delusions of grandeur, thinking you were capable of great things. But no... you were right in the first place. You are plain. Plain and ugly."
  • 24: Aaron Pierce calling out President Logan. Glenn Morshower ad-libbed the final line of his speech.
    Pierce: There is nothing that you have said or done that is acceptable to me in the least. You're a traitor to this country and a disgrace to your office. And it's my duty to see that you're brought to justice for what you've done. Is there anything else, Charles?
  • On The 100 former-President Dante Wallace delivers one of these to his son (and usurper) Cage Wallace.
    "You've killed us. One week in office, and you've managed to turn neighbor against neighbor, you've made the outsiders hate us more than they already did, you lost our outer defenses, and now a door that hasn't been breached in 97 years is going to fall, and an army of savages is going to flood these halls, killing every last one of us."


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