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  • In Medicinal Lullaby Naruto, tired of Sasuke's endless whiny bullshit, gives one of these to him when Sasuke comes to try and destroy Konoha.
    Naruto: "Let's get one thing straight here Sasuke... I do not want to be here. I can think of a good twenty things I'd rather be doing right now, most of which involve lying down. So I'm going to make this quick, and then I'm going to forget you. I have no tolerance for you any more. [...] I feel like I'm obliged to ask you why you're doing this so suddenly...though I know the reason won't change the outcome of this battle."
    Sasuke: "I'm about to destroy your village and yet you show almost no concern."
    Naruto: "Why would I be concerned about you? You're still the same, impulsive child that left the village ten years ago. Apparently Orochimaru gave you power and nothing else. But that was all you wanted, wasn't it? How did that work out for you?"
  • From War of the Biju: The Fourth Shinobi World War we have this tidbit from Danzo to Sasuke:
    Danzo: "What do you want to know?"
    Sasuke: "Did Konoha's higher ups order Itachi to kill the Uchiha?! Answer me!"
    Danzo: "...does it matter if we did or not? If I say no, you'd call me a liar and try to kill me like several times before. If I replied that we did, you'll get enraged and try to kill me anyway. You let your emotions rule you more than the Kyubi Jinchuriki."
  • In Legacy of the Rasengan Sakura steals Naruto's secret (personally created) jutsu scrolls. Naruto has this to say when he finds her before she can even decode one:
    Naruto: [gestures towards his scrolls with open hand while holding off going one tail]
    Sakura: [silently gives them back]
    Naruto: [deep breath]] "Sakura. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SCROLLS!?!? I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! I'd have expected this of Sasuke-teme, even BAKA-SENSEI! BUT YOU! What's the MATTER with you! Are you so desperate to learn everything I hold secret to resort to this? I thought you were my friend!"
    Sakura: "I'm sorry Naruto. I didn't think you'd—"
    Naruto: "THAT'S THE PROBLEM! YOU DIDN'T THINK! Too busy caught up in your FANTASIES chasing after a teme who doesn't barely give you the time of day, to stop to consider how OTHER PEOPLE will feel when you decide to find some way of IMPRESSING that teme! I'm glad you never went on a date with me! Now I realize that you never were the type of girl I'd have wanted to have a relationship with!"
  • In A Father's Wrath, Orochimaru delivers one that is also What the Hell, Hero? to Jiraiya and Tsunade when they reunite and he yells at them as to why they didn't look after his son Naruto.
    Tsunade: "Enough, you're not his father."
    Orochimaru: "I beg to differ, that ridiculous genjutsu that was put on him is gone. He looks just like me as my blood runs through his veins. The title of father is mine."
    Tsunade: "You deserve the title of a lot of things, but father isn't one of-"
    Orochimaru: "How dare you? How dare you say that Naruto isn't my child and I am not his father! Do any of you two fools have any idea what I've been through this past twelve years? Not a single one of you know what I've had to done to get my son back! For twelve long years I was forced to watch those worthless maggots of that miserable village treat him like garbage! Insults, Rotten food, Rocks, even Kunai and Shuriken where hurled at him for no better reason than just because he's different than them! I had to watch him put up with being chased by mobs, denied entry into the academy if Sarutobi hadn't pulled strings to let him, and other stuff as well as he had no one that looked out for him. And where were either of you during that time! Out looking for a girl wearing a skirt? Gambling away your money? You two have done nothing for him! If he was Minato's son like they made everyone think he was would you look after him? He's been put through hell and I was forced to watch it happen as he had no friends except for a few people who actually stopped and looked at him for a change. He has grown into a fine young boy and he is finally being treated with the respect he deserves. I am his father and just like a Wolf I will protect my son from anything that will bring him harm. If you don't like it than fuck you, fuck both of you!"
  • In Son of The Serpent, the sequel to A Father's Wrath, Muta Daidouji, The Rival to Naruto delivers one to Itachi that at first looks like it's a Humans Are Special speech but goes into detail about how Clans like The Uchiha who are given everything resent those who dare try to gain power and how they would never allow another to be over them. Refusing to accept another would gain strength and surpass them calling Clans and Kekkai Genkai wielders the real thieves. He then finishes it by telling Itachi that he should be more worried about what it would feel like to have his blade stabbed into his heart instead of Sasuke.
    • Tayuya gives one as well to The Royal Brat Hikari from The Third Movie in it when he starts badmouthing Naruto and claim he's nothing to him. It's well deserved especially for those who hated the little ass after she slaps him.
      Hikari: "WAAAHHH! You hit me! Kill her! She's a bad person! You can't do this to me! I'm a-"
      Tayuya: "SHUT... UP! I am sick of your attitude you miserable silver spooned brat! If this is the way you act no wonder your own people wanna kill you. You're no prince, your nothing but a spoiled monkey who throws a tantrum and cries until he gets his way. What the hell kind of leader do you and your father plan on being if you're always putting your own needs in front of those of your subjects? I don't give a shit if you're descended from Kami himself! I'm not going to stand by and let you badmouth me or anyone else. Especially you running your damn mouth about Naruto! The person I care for, Naruto Uzumaki is Son of the Snake Sannin Orochimaru, heir to The Hidden Sound Village and next in line to become Otokage, Prince of Otogakure, and Hero of the Fourth Shinobi War! He's done more in one month than you will ever do in a hundred years you spoiled good for nothing maggot who you and your father thinks that by some chance of blood you have the right to walk all over everyone and treat them like dirt! You'll never match up to Naruto you piece of trash, cause unlike you he doesn't let his station go to his head, he doesn't spend thousands of ryo on himself for his own enjoyment while his home and people suffers, he actually looks to benefit and cares for his people, you and your father when was the last time you actually stopped admiring your new toys and saw what was happening with your people. You want to know what he's doing right now? He's training himself, for the past two years he's been on a training mission so he can get stronger and that way he can protect his village that he loves. Here's something you two fools should ask yourselves. If Naruto is lower than you in your eyes, than why does he have the love and respect of his village when your people on the other hand are plotting to kill you?"
  • In Naruto Myoushuuno Fuuin, Ino tries to bully Kakashi into letting her look after Sakura after her parents die, asking her teacher Asuma and her father, Inoichi to help her. He responds as follows, before giving reasons why her attempts at intimidating him don't frighten him.
    Kakashi: "As her Jounin sensei, that means that I am now her next of kin until she refiles her paperwork in the Ninja Registration Office. And that means that if you or your father or your sensei try to take her from me, I can have you all arrested and court-martialed. Were you aware of that? And believe me, little girl, if anyone tries to take Sakura from me right now, there will be grave consequences indeed. Because what Sakura needs right now are the people who love her, and would do anything for her, and want what is best for her more than anything else. She doesn't need a selfish little girl trying to play at being a grownup, who wants to be seen taking care of her more than she wants to actually care for her. And Sakura doesn't need to be used as an excuse, and for you to attempt to use her grief as a ploy to get Sasuke's attention disgusts me.
  • Ino gives one to Toka in Eroninja after the latter continuously objects to shows of affection.
    Ino: "You are miserable and insist everyone be equally as miserable as you. That is why you refuse to move out. You want to force us all to comply with your ideas of how we should conduct ourselves. I’m simply not going to play along."
    Toka: "So instead you decide to act like a whore, and prostrate yourself before this man who barely values you since he’s taken so many lovers and all because you lack the self-esteem to stand on your own."
    Ino: "Look here lady! This is our house, not yours. And you better get used to the idea because sooner or later we’re not going to need to hide our feelings for Naruto. Eventually Kurenai will move out, or... When that happens you can be as unhappy as you want and pout in the corner, but we’re going to act like the family that we are. Oh, and just so you know. He values me plenty. Thanks to his love and encouragement, I went from an underfed and weak kunoichi to the head of my clan. It is because we are so secure in who we are, that I and his other lovers are willing to share him. If it’s a lifestyle that’s not for you then fine. But in my opinion, people like you, who protest so loudly how others live their lives do so simply out of jealousy or out of a strange belief that people finding happiness in a way other than how they believe it should be found somehow robs them of their own. If that’s the case, can you truly claim to be happy with your choices in the first place?”
  • In The Unchained, Danzou segues out of a Hannibal Lecture directly into a speech against Sasuke as he attempts an interrogation he's too inexperienced for:
    Danzou: "-And then they produced you. You worthless reject. The runt of the litter. Only protected by your big brother, even now. I know your plan. You want to hurt me, break me, here inside this illusion, so you can kill me for real when it all ends, but I can tell you that you don't have what it takes, you little worm. This nightmare will eventually end, and then I will stand up and kill you. I will take that eye from your skull, and Itachi's gift will finally go to someone who deserves it."
    Danzou: "You... lack hatred."
  • In Sugar Plums, Ume gives one to Tobi/Obito calling him out about what he did to the Land of Water:
    Ume: "I hope you're happy your son of a bitch."
    Tobito: "Happy?"
    Ume: "You got your revenge, I don't know who this country took from you, but I hope you think it was worth it."
    Tobito: "This isn't ab-"
    Ume: "The hell it isn't. You took over an entire country just to make it burn, make us starve, make us fight and tear at ourselves until there was nothing else. I'll admit it probably wasn't too hard, but you stoked the flames. You destroyed thousands of lives, and now we're about as well off as I am right now. So whoever you did this for, whoever they took from you, I hope you're satisfied. Because if they were the type of person who deserved to be loved this much, they'd be ashamed."
  • Hinata delivers one to Tobi/Obito in Now Die, declaring him utterly pathetic and a coward who's desperate for death but unable to simply kill himself because he fears the one he failed in the afterlife. For all his claims of betrayal, he was too weak to save the one he loved. And while he declares his power and his hatred, he locks himself away in his little bolthole of a dimension and cries himself to sleep.
  • Ino receives one from Sakura in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto about how she was never really Sakura's friend and only used her as the "ugly girl" designed to make Ino look better. How Ino couldn't stand it when Sakura proved to be smarter because Ino wanted Sakura to be her inferior in every way. Lastly, while Sakura thought she knew Sasuke and wanted to marry her idealized image of him (which she's since grown out of), Ino didn't even want that. She only wanted Sasuke because it would make her look even better. The only one who truly mattered to Ino was herself.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion 
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter Shinji gets fed up with classmate Chihiro Tanaka treating him as a prize to be won and dissing Asuka and Rei as trying to seduce him. And he makes sure that Tanaka hears about it:
    Chihiro: "You and Ayanami have been all over him for weeks, Soryu! This is totally unfair!"
    Asuka: "This contest was over before it began, Tanaka, [...] You were never good enough for him. He's saved this city even more times than I have. He deserves someone who doesn't just want him as a prize like you do."
    Chihiro: "And you'll be any better? You've treated him like your private pet, butler, and chew toy since the day you got here! You foreign bitch, I-"
    Shinji: "Asuka has been my wingmate, partner, and friend since the day we met. We killed an Angel together within two hours of meeting each other. I know she's not just trying to 'bag an Evangelion Pilot' because she's one too. And there is no one here who is braver, smarter, or hotter than her, Tanaka-san. And if you'd ever asked me about it at any time in the last three months, I'd have told you so, instead of just ignoring anything I said when I tried to be polite about telling you I wasn't looking for anyone to 'walk home with' or 'go shopping downtown with'. And if you ever call her that again I will not try to stop her at all when she rips your eyes out."
  • Evangelion 303: Asuka gave one to herself in chapter 12:
    Asuka: "Nobody understands what I’m going through!"
    Asuka: "Do YOU understand?"
    Asuka: "?!"
    Asuka: "Do you see what you are doing? What you’ve been doing ever since you woke up? You wrap yourself up in this warm blanket of hate because it makes you feel powerful! It’s the only way you can feel powerful again without the help of others! But it’s only a drug. A quick chemical that hides your troubles! Meanwhile they’re still there GETTING WORSE. So, once again, the great Asuka Langley Sohryu is retreating from her troubles armed with a medicine cabinet of powerful looking narcotics! My, how self-reliant you are!"
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: After Third Impact Asuka tells Shinji that he gets her angry because he gets everything what she wants although he doesn't want it and doesn't value it:
    Asuka: "And you didn't even appreciate it! That's what really burns me up! You get everything handed to you, everything that should be mine, and you don't even want it!"
  • HERZ: The leader of GEIST gives one to all SEELE members, pointing out that the Children have the Evas, Adam, Lilith and the Spear whereas SEELE has nothing… still they trust their victory because they think The Scrolls Said So.
  • In the first chapter of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide, Asuka gives Shinji one after coming back home.
    "Do you want to know what your problem is?" she said, her voice rising shrilly. "You take what you have for granted, and you think it gives you the right to talk down to me. But you've never had to work for what you have, you just get in your Eva and it goes and you are the hero. You get mad at Misato because she wants you to do what you were born to do. Well, Third Child, some of us can't choose what we want to do. Some of us lowly mortals do what we can, all that we can, because we have nothing else while you decide you are too good for the rest of us, and what do we get?"
    She pressed a hand firmly against her chest.
    "WHAT DID I GET? I got my head fucked with! And you sat there and watched and did nothing! What, you thought I had it coming, didn't you? You could have helped, couldn't you?" She was screaming now. "So don't tell me you are glad about anything that involves me! Don't give a damn because you want to make yourself feel better! That just makes it worse!"
  • Nobody Dies: The angel of terror Iruel attempts a Badass Boast at Asuka's expense, only for Asuka for fire it right back at him.
    Iruel: I am the Fear of God. I am the Angel of Terror. I will wipe this world clean of your organic sludge and remake it into my own!
    "Dollie": "And without ADAM, how does that work? You said it yourself. Godhood's lost to you. So now you're just delusional. You're code breaking down."
  • The One I Love Is...: Done several times by Asuka to HERSELF as a horrified Shinji watches how she –someone whom he admired for her courage and confidence- tears herself apart.
    • In chapter 6:
      Asuka:"Do you realize how much it hurts?!" she continued, slightly shaking as if she were about to burst into tears. "Do you know how it feels to hold you, at night, knowing that the next day you'll hold her in your arms instead of me?! Do you know how I feel when we're eating together at school and that you look at HER instead of me?! I... I... I was desperate... I knew that... in the long run... I'd lose you. I'm only good at piloting EVA... That's the only thing I can do and I'm not even the best at that anymore. Her... she cooks like a chef... while I barely know how to make instant. She cleans, does the laundry, her apartment always sparkles... here, I expect you to do all those chores and my room is a mess. She's good at school... do you know that she's our class's top student, even though she misses half the classes? I can barely keep up because I can't understand all the kanji... me... a college graduate... how pathetic..."
  • After getting scolded in Neon Metathesis Evangelion over getting tossed around by Israfel's self-destruct, Asuka rips Fuyutsuki a new one over him criticizing their victory and NERV's deplorable tactics.
    Asuka: Would you rather an aesthetically pleasing defeat, Sir? Whose stupid idea was it anyway, to have us fight an active Angel? A further N2 mine drop would have it enter its passive, regenerative mode again, but nooo, some people were to embarrassed to request that from the conventional forces. Never mind how tactically sensible it would have been, but hey, can't "lose face"! Rather send out kids to fight! After all, you decision makers will be safe and cushy in your command center several dozen metres beneath the Earth. And the risks to the pilots, well, that's not worth "losing face", right? Better they be at life and death risk than you being maybe a tad embarrassed. Hah, Japanese nonsense. So Interservice Rivalry is more important than the safety of the city? Yes, surely it is better to let the angel come to a city with nearly a million inhabitants, rather than make a tactically sound request of another agency. Who do you even think you are? If you think you can do piloting better, than why don't you do it, gottverdammt noch einmal?
  • Series Thirty and Three Quarters: We have a couple good ones in here.
    The Doctor: (To Misato)But why would you do that? If he's supposed to save the world, why would you set him up to fail? The answer, of course, is that you wouldn't... unless the point was to break him. Then it all makes sense, doesn't it? Tear out all his hopes and dreams. Leave nothing but an empty shell. Just another weapon component. Like Rei. Your lot have had so much more time to work on her, haven't they? No identity to speak of. No emotions. Just follows orders. The perfect soldier for an eternal war. So to answer your question — that's the kind of monster I think you are. And let me make myself clear, Captain — me and monsters? We don't get along.

    The Doctor: (To Asuka)You can't stand Shinji because you're just like him. Don't bother denying it. You think you're hiding it, but it couldn't be more obvious. I know your secret: all I have to do to hurt you is choose not to like you. 'Cause in your mind, every rejection and setback reaffirms the nothing you really are inside. That you'll always be, no matter what.And I'm sorry, Asuka. I really am. But I can't stand bullies. You're alone.

    One Piece 
  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, Madelyn gets two from her lover, Trafalgar Law, at two separate points
    • Chapter 23, when Law confronts Madelyn after learning that she was responsible for Luffy's execution and freeing his crew from her control.
    Trafalgar Law:"You thought I'd be happy with you stealing my crew, usurping my position and relegating me to the role of trophy consort?"
    Madelyn: "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. But Law... I really meant well. I wanted to help you achieve your dream. I just... I..."
    Trafalgar Law: "—murdered Straw-Hat Luffy. Your supposed brother. Yes I know what you did, Madelyn. You don't understand a man's dream, do you? It's not about winning. It's not even about finding One Piece. It's about the race to the finish line. There's no point in becoming the Pirate King if I win the title by default. And you... you took out my most respected rival in the most underhanded, lamest way imaginable! You disgust me."
    Madelyn: "Law, please don't say that! Law! You're everything to me! I... I... love you."
    Trafalgar Law: "No you don't. You're just a self-centered, monstrous, bitch who's obsessed with someone you only think you know." I should cut out your heart for what you've done. But that would be more mercy than you deserve.".
    • Chapter 31, when Madelyn, having been revealed as Mar's mother, says she regrets what she did, especially because she only intended for the Straw Hat pirates to be delayed.
    Trafalgar Law: "Mistakes? The world doesn't exist as a testing ground for your mistakes so you could learn how to be a halfway-decent human being, Madelyn! Straw-Hat Luffy! Bepo! Jean Bart! Penguin... (lists the rest of the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates)...they weren't 'mistakes'! Those were real lives, Madelyn. They were people! And because of your actions: They. Are. All. Dead!"
  • Second Wind: Luffy delivers one of these to Kuro in Chapter 6, saying that he can’t even compare to Usopp in terms of willpower…and then proves it by blasting both of them with Conquerer’s Haki. Usopp barely maintains consciousness, but Kuro struggles, and fails to.
  • This Bites!: Cross is very much aware of how much damage words can do, and he takes advantage of that very often to great effect.
    • The first one was to Smoker, once he got over his fear at the latter's request to know why Cross was stalking him:
    Cross: I was curious, sir. I wanted to observe something I'd thought was a myth until now.
    Smoker: Oh yeah? And what would that be?
    Cross: A decent Marine.
    Smoker: (now furious) Would you care to qualify that statement?
    Cross: Where do you want me to start?
    Smoker: Your general opinion of the Marines.
    Cross: Not a lot to say, really. The Marine Corps is an unscrupulous, morally corrupt military organization that is feared by civilians the world over. Simple as that.
    Smoker: (Death Glare) That's what you think of us?
    Cross: (coolly) No…It's a legitimate fact. One that you proved earlier.
    Smoker: (snorts) I didn't hurt that girl and you know it.
    Cross: (frigidly) You didn't have to. That girl, her father, and everyone who saw you was scared. Not of you, not of your powers, but of your uniform. Of what you represent. The only difference between you and those pirates you arrested? You're well-funded. You're organized. There's more of you than there are of them. And you're always there. And if the civilians try to stand up and get rid of you, then the World Government will crush them like ants.
    Smoker: (eyes narrowing) This argument is starting to sound familiar.
    Cross: (snorts) I'm no Revolutionary, but I'm not an idiot either. I keep up with the maps. Islands disappear, never to be heard from again. The World Nobles are allowed to run roughshod over the rules that their so-called bloodlines established. Hell, I've heard stories of the Marines hunting down and capturing civilians all because they bear brands. Very specific brands. (sardonic laugh) The great and powerful Marine Corps: enforcing the laws they don't follow and protecting the citizens from all but themselves.
    Soundbite: (venomously) Ooh-rah.
    (Beat while Smoker ponders Cross' words)
    Smoker: I trust you have proof to back up these claims.
    Cross: (deadpan) I can give you three. Just off the top of my head: Captain Axe-Hand Morgan, who ruled over Shell Town like it was his own little fiefdom until a pirate deposed him, Captain Nezumi of the 16th Branch, whose pockets are very open from what I've heard, and Admiral 'Akainu' Sakazuki, who doesn't give two shits about protecting civilian lives, merely killing all pirates in his path, good and bad alike.
    Smoker: (snorts derisively) Good pirates. That's a myth.
    Cross: Now there, I can give you two examples. First, I don't know about you, but I'm fairly certain that Whitebeard protecting Fishman Island is a distinctly 'good' thing to do.
    Smoker: (too promptly, as if justifying it to himself too) Neither King Neptune nor any noble of the Ryugu Kingdom has asked for support from the Marine Corps, nor has the World Government ordered us to send troops to provide support.
    Cross: (sickeningly sweetly) Oh, I get it! So the long and short of it is that the Marines won't do their job and give a flying fuck until they're ordered to, and the World Government won't order you to, I reiterate, do your jobs and protect the civilians of a member nation, because they couldn't give a crap about pirates and slavers raiding their personal aquarium. How am I doing so far, am I in the ballpark?
    Smoker: (growls quietly)
    Cross: (snorts) You know, I can't see why people call the Warlords 'government dogs'. After all, from what I've seen so far? The Marine Corps is the World Government's bitch.
    Smoker: (quickly and angrily) Didn't you say you had two points?
    Cross: (chuckles humorlessly) Well, as for the second…(grins cockily) You talked to my captain earlier, and he seemed pretty decent, no?
    (Smoker glares menacingly at Cross)
    Cross: (looking at Smoker with an unimpressed expression) Including me and my snail, my crew is precisely seven members strong. We haven't looted, plundered or pillaged the entire way here and as far as I can tell they haven't ever hurt any civilians, period. All we're doing is flying a Jolly Roger and stocking up before we go to the Grand Line. But hey! (holds up his wrists with a mock-defeated sigh) None of that matters to you. Doesn't matter to the Marines. Our flag is black, so we must be evil! So come on! Lock me up! Toss me in Impel Down to be tortured far more cruelly than most pirates could even conceive of. I mean…(tilts head curiously at Smoker) That is your job, right?
The end result is that Smoker lets him go, and gives him a tactical baton, establishing something like respect towards him. It falters when he finds out which crew he belongs to, but the Worthy Opponent status is cemented in the Alabasta arc, and any doubts he had of the accuracy of Cross' speech come to an end at the same time as said arc.
  • In the Alabasta arc, when Tashigi and Cross wind up in an Enemy Mine against Mr. 3, the Marine maintains her prejudice towards pirates...after Cross saved her life. Twice. When Tashigi insults him for the third time, accusing him of lacking basic human decency due to being a pirate, he comes very close to snapping.
Cross: (turns around and grabs Tashigi's collar, speaking frigidly) First and foremost, the only reason I'm making jokes in this situation is that I'm not numb, and unless I translate the sensations I'm feeling into excitement or otherwise, they're going to become terror and I'm going to curl up in the fetal position, crying and pissing my pants. If I had chosen to do that, we'd both be dead in that alleyway. You're welcome for that, by the way.
Tashigi: Let go of—!
Cross: (yanks her closer, bringing them face-to-face) Second, knock it off with your high-and-mighty morality bullshit. Three times now, you’ve painted me with the same black brush as anyone else who flies a Jolly Roger; what have I, or any of my crew for that matter, done to deserve that? I accept that most pirates are scum of the seas, it's a fact, but if you'd take two seconds to look at the Straw Hat Pirates' track record, you'd realize that we're not like that. We have never raped, we have never pillaged, we have done things that are dangerous, destructive and even morally questionable, but nothing unforgivable. My friends and I are not saints and I'll admit that for some of us, decent is a goodly stretch, but none of us are the monsters you make us out to be! (shoves her away and steps back) But you know what? (spreads arms invitingly) Go ahead. Go ahead and say whatever the hell you want about me, about my crew. But before you do, you have to admit to one thing, one simple, unequivocal fact.
Tashigi: And what's that!?
Cross: (jabs his finger at her accusingly) That the flag you follow is no worse than mine. That at its core, the Marine Corps is just as black as you accuse us to be. Worse, even.
Tashigi: THAT'S A LIE!
Cross: YEAH, IT IS! Because you know what? You're right! The Marine Corps is white! You’re just understating it, because you see, they take 'white' past the point where it becomes bad. Past the point where it becomes something unspeakable.
Tashigi: What the hell are you talking about?
Cross: (laughs humorlessly) Oh-ho-ho, where to even start? (snaps his fingers) Oh, I know! Let's start in the North Blue! The once-opulent White City of Flevance!”
Tashigi: That was an epidemic! The lives lost were a tragedy, but—!
Cross: They were lost in vain, Get any doctor to actually, legitimately examine a case of Amber Lead poisoning, and you know what they’ll tell you? It’s genetic. Passed down from parent to child over years. You could breathe in Amber Lead dust for decades and the only people who would suffer would be your third generation of offspring. But the doctors outside of Flevance got the wrong conclusion and were too scared and too stupid to fact-check, so they deemed it to be a plague. The World Government didn't bother to investigate, didn't bother to ask, didn't bother to even try. And you know why?” (spits) They. Didn't. Care.
Tashigi: Even if I believed that, which I don't, how the hell would you even know?!
Cross: This isn't about me. But you know what? Fine! Let’s move the aim of our discussion. Somewhere more… familiar. The East Blue, for example! Ever hear of the island of Tequila Wolf?
Tashigi: (frowns in thought) It's...a cordoned off island in the northern part of the East Blue that’s been designated as a working place for the impoverished...
Cross: Hm...Working place...that's a funny way to say 'biggest slave camp in the hemisphere.' Oh, yes! (nods at Tashigi’s shocked look) Slave camp! That’s been running for seven hundred years, all on the orders of the World Nobles. Why, you might ask? To build a bridge. Where this bridge leads, why they’re building it...hell if I know! Personally, if I had to guess, one of them decided way back when that they wanted an easier way to get to their summer home on another island and their descendants haven't let anyone stop it. But hey, then again, I could just be giving those sick fucks too much credit.
(Tashigi stammers incoherently)
Cross: But hey, you might ask how I know about that, too. So, how about I move to another relevant topic, using nothing but public knowledge. Nico Robin: The Devil's Child, wanted at a whopping 79 million beris, apparently for the crime of destroying six, count 'em, six Marine the tender age of eight. Now...(chuckles sardonically, shrugging) I don't know about you, but personally, I only see two ways something like that could possibly go down: either A, the Marine Corps is a lot more incompetent than I give it credit for, or B...That story is a steaming pile of bull.
Tashigi: And I can explain it with two words: Devil. Fruit.
Cross: Mmmyeeeaaaahh...Buuuut no. See, her powers aren’t anywhere near that kind of a capability.
Tashigi: And how the hell would you know, huh? I thought that you were keeping to public knowledge!
Cross: Well, allow me to mix in some personal experience, because I've met her! (Tashigi looks thunderstruck) She's Crocodile's second-in-command, goes by the name of 'Miss All Sunday'. She came onto our ship shortly after we met Vivi. Why she didn’t kill us, I couldn't tell you, but I can tell you what her powers are. (points to his neck) The Flower-Flower Fruit. Capable of generating her body parts from just about anywhere in her line of sight. I know because she created an arm on my torso and used it to choke me.
Tashigi: But...but that doesn't—!
Cross: Make any sense? Doesn't match up with the Marines' version of events? Because after all, you only get one Devil Fruit your entire life, and that one doesn’t sound like it's capable of levelling six battleships to me. You?
Tashigi: can't... (expression hardens) ...Excuse me if I don’t believe you when the linchpin of your argument is your own word. Sure, if this 'Miss All Sunday' is Nico Robin and she does have the Flower-Flower Fruit, I promise you that I'll apologize. Hell, I'll even promise to research those other places you mentioned if you're telling the truth. But you haven't done anything to make me blindly trust you.
Cross: Fine by me! (spreads his arms invitingly) If my words are wasted on you, then that's no skin off my bones! But know this! (jabs his finger in her chest) If you're going to put yourself behind a flag and support it with every fiber of your being, then you'd better be able to say you know it, inside and out, and trust every last part of it. I know every member of my crew, and I trust them all with my life. (leans in and narrows his eyes accusingly) Care to say the same?
The speech then comes to an abrupt end when Mr. 3 shows up, but with his defeat commences Tashigi's status as a Friendly Enemy.
  • Then he gives one to Eneru in Chapter 30. It results in him getting third degree burns on his arms and legs, forcing him to keep them perpetually bandaged. But the benefits thereof come in that Captain T-Bone joins Smoker, Tashigi, and Hina in treason and the White Berets start evacuating Angel Island way ahead of schedule, resulting in no casualties from the island's destruction.
  • He gives another downright epic one to Aokiji. Cross didn't want to provoke him at first, knowing that he'd probably kill him if he did, but Aokiji went too far in his own Breaking Speech, twisting the truth to a degree that was intolerable. The end result of Cross' retaliatory speech is that Aokiji does indeed break...but aside from a presumed seed of doubt in his mind, he walks away unscathed while the Straw Hats are left in complete defeat, with Robin in particular pushed past the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Later, after the events of Enies Lobby, Cross intercepts Aokiji on his way to the party and learns of his motivation for what he did. It ends with Aokiji, now unsure of what to do with himself, asking Cross what he should do. And Cross's response is...
Cross: (scowling) Get up off your ass and figure it out yourself.
Soundbite: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR(Cross grabs his tongue) WHEGH!
Aokiji: Excuse me?
Cross: You heard me! Figure it. Out. Yourself. You say you've seen the truth, you say you want to change? Well, I call bullshit! Look at you! Even now, you're being a lazy bastard, relying on others to do your thinking for you, to give you all the answers you need. You think that someone's just going to stand up and act as your inspiration, your beacon of righteousness? Weeeeell tough, because that shit officially stops with me. I'm not giving you squat, Kuzan. You want your epiphany, you want a path to a better world? Then you get up, you find it and you pave it with your own hands, with your own blood, sweat and tears… just like what everyone else on the planet does every. Single. Day.

  • Reggie in Pokéumans delivers one to the MSN Gang, specifically with relation to their battle tactics. This is while he gives a single-handed beatdown to the three of them.
  • Deoxys from Latias' Journey delivers one to Mewtwo. It's kind of long, but the recap is that Mewtwo's whole life of pain is caused by his own will to live.
    Just a bit of it: "Do you know why you have suffered so much in your life, Mewtwo? Why you were tortured in Giovanni's hands, why you suffered from depression and doubt about your existence, why your very genes betray you by decaying at an abnormal rate? The answer to that is the same as the answer to why you have suffered just like this in all your past lives: because you wanted to live so badly that you took on enough of my essence to doom yourself to a life of despair and never-ending pain. In some timelines you found peace and happiness, in others you did not. In still other timelines, the call of your instincts and the piece of me within you grew to the point where you not only accepted your fate, but chose to bring it to all, making yourself into my vessel, a projection of my will. That is why the other Mewtwo was on the ship, he and some of the others present realized how awful life in general is, even if on the individual level it can be pretty good for some, and resolved to end or control it in any way they saw fit, giving in fully to the piece of me within them. "You chase the fate that befalls you, Mewtwo. Destiny or prophecies, whatever they may be, be damned, YOU, in the very end, are the reason for your own pain."
  • Bianca and Brock in A New Chance Series both give one to Team Rocket, but for different reasons. Bianca gives one to Jessie, calling her out for calling Ash "twerp" even though he just risked his life and Pokemon to save Team Rocket's from Rico, and for being a criminal like him in general. But it's also done out of anger for not being able to rescue Larvitar's mother
    • Brock gives Jessie and James a composed, albeit more cutting one not only for being crooks, but incompetent ones, having never been able to catch Ash's Pikachu, at still trying to even though he's gotten much better than them. It's not said out of spite, but as a plea for them to give up being crooks, since he's also trying to make them see how painful their job can be, and he even says they are perfectly capable of doing good. But he warns them if they keep robbing Pokemon after this, than they truly are irredeemable. A couple of chapters later, and it's clear the realization stuck.
  • In May's Crush Harley manages to have Misty turn all of Cerulean City against May by tricking her into believing that May's abusive towards Ash. May eventually calls Misty out for believing Harley, someone she's just met, over Ash and Brock, who she's known far longer, and therefore should be more easily believable:
    Misty: Well, maybe I'm not interested in Ash anymore...and maybe I am. I don't know anymore. What I do know is that as one of his best friends, I should keep him from people who intend to harm him. People like you.
    May: So are you gonna be protecting Ash by forcing me to leave him? Are you going to find fault in every girl he finds interest in?
    Misty: Only if they hurt him!
    May: Oh? And how many stories are you going to be told before you believe the accuser? Because all it took was one liar to convince you that your friends are conspiring against you.
    Misty: You be quiet! You're only trying to confuse me, like you confused Brock! Ash won't admit it because he's afraid of what people would think about him getting abused by a girl! And Brock doesn't know that this entire thing is going on under his nose!
    May: So says Harley, right? And he's definitely a reliable source to your best friends.
    Misty: Shut up! Quit trying to confuse me!
    May: Why is it confusing? Is it because you want me away from Ash so badly that you can't believe your friends?
    Misty: Shut up!
    May: You know Ash and Brock probably better than I ever will. And yet, you yourself refuse to believe them when they tell you something. You want to be part of the gang again, and when you see someone else stealing your role, you get jealous of them. Is that it?
    Misty: (throws a punch at May) I hate you, May!
    May: (catches punch) No. You shouldn't hate, Misty. When you hate someone, you can never see anything good about them. You get consumed with their faults that you can't see the beauty they have inside. And you never allow yourself to become their friend. When you hold grudges, and hate, it's you cutting yourself off from everyone else, not them cutting themselves off from you. That's a lesson Ash taught me.
  • Cori Falls's work has Jessie, James, Meowth, Gary and their friends constantly delivering these to anyone who's wronged them in the slightest. Ash is usually on the receiving end, but James gives a rather epic one to Misty that drives her to tears and shames her into apologizing for her bad behavior.
  • In Sylvia the Sylveon, the titular character gives one to Dilandau after he sets a forest on fire. He responds by giving one back to her.
  • Twice in Common Sense:
    • First after learning of Team Rocket's attempts at trying to kidnap Ash's Pikachu, and with it, the fact that Ash is constantly putting his life on the line while Misty and Brock have only been watching from the sidelines. More of a case of What the Hell, Hero?, but still counts seeing as Delia brought up some apparent points.
    Delia: (...) Do you know that today is the first time I've heard about those Team Rocket criminals chasing him?
    Brock: He's been fighting them off really well,
    Delia: He shouldn't have to! You two are older than him aren't you? You're supposed to keep him safe, not the other way around! And if today's events are your idea of 'protection', if it were up to me, he'd be going back to Pallet Town with me this instant! But it's not, since it's his dream to become a Pokemon Master, and now he feels he has an obligation to head off those crooks' plans whenever he can. But that's not what really bothers me. What bothers me is that he blames the threat to Pikachu on himself for getting sick instead of you two for being unable to protect Pikachu.
    Misty: Pikachu ran away,
    Delia: With good reason if you couldn't even stop the other two from catching up to help the third one!I hope you two shape up. Otherwise, if my son comes back a broken person, I'll know who to blame.
    • Later, after Misty challenges Ash to a Pokemon Battle, over her disbelief he could be better than her, Ash points out that not only is she using the exact same strategy she derided him for using during his gym battle against her, but that if he wins she'll just complain that he "cheated", got lucky, that the sun was in her eyes or some other nonsense. He then declares he won't battle her as she's not worth his time.
  • In AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version, there are two. In their Full Battle at Lake Acuity, Paul is shown brutally hurting Ash's team during the fight (Electabuzz's Thunder Punch seriously messed up Charizard's face, Magmortar chars Sceptile almost beyond recognition and burns half his tail off) and Ash finally snaps after Paul backhands Ash's baby Riolu. Paul responds with a harsh speech that derides Ash as a foolish and weak trainer who doesn't have what it takes to do what needs to be done in battle.
    Ash: Why are you trying to hurt my Pokémon Paul?! Why are you trying to make them hurt?! That's not what battling is about! Battling isn't an opportunity to make your opponents suffer!
    • But right after Paul's Magmortar knocked out Pikachu with a Fire Punch to the face, Ash replies to Paul with a brutal speech about how Paul is a needlessly cruel trainer, and how his insistence on treating his Pokemon like tools, and his refusal to bond with them, is what's keeping them both from reaching their full potential.
    Ash: I hope you're satisfied with what you've done, Paul. You've proved to me that you really don't care about the well-being of Pokémon. I always thought to myself that way deep down, you cared about Pokémon, and you really did want to be friends with them, but now I see. I see that you really do only see them as tools, and I've never met any trainer that was as cruel to Pokémon as you. (...) I was there when Brandon swept you, using only Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to do it…you wanna know how I beat him Paul? I beat him because my Pokémon didn't know the meaning of the word quit, they refused to let me lose because they cared about me, and they knew that I cared about them. And until you learn that, you'll never be a true winner like Brandon, no matter how strong you get.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Sabrina gives a scathing one to Dario, shortly before telekinetically snapping his neck:
    Sabrina: It's people like you that do need to disappear.
    Dario: What on earth are you talking about you freak of nat…
    Sabrina: The world is being filled with the inadequate, the dull, and the lazy. Even as the remarkable do prove themselves, your kind crowds them out. No one can see the good artists from the average, the excellent cooks from the boring, the remarkable artist from the one who simply copies…I have felt their frustrations as sure as I have felt them myself. You are a prime example of what your kind does to the truly talented Dario. You had no remarkable skill at anything, you're driven on to produce inferior results, where better talented people could have easily been obtained if you weren't given your cushion of family blood. You couldn't even bother trying to fix yourself; you instead looked at actual talent around you, like Lara Laramie, and tried to bring her down to your level with trickery and sabotage. In trying to make yourself, a waste of space with no talent, look good, you made so many with actual skill and brains look bad. You cost them business, reputation, self-esteem, and caused actual injuries to themselves and the Pokémon they put more time into than you ever did yours. Yet, you can't even manage that, you failed and made yourself so exposed that no one will be surprised when they find your dead body in the water tomorrow. You were so pathetic you reacted the same in two timelines.
  • Lots of these are dished out in Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey. Here are the notable ones:
    • In chapter 10, Whitney gives an epic one to Amara after refusing to give her a Plain Badge:
      Whitney: We Gym Leaders have a right to refuse to give badges to trainers who act and behave in a reprehensible manner, which you just did. You basically just confirmed to me that you are an incompetent Pokémon Trainer!
      Amara: I-I-Incompetent?!
      Whitney: Yeah, I said it! You waltz into my gym, assault me and my Miltank without even so much as asking for a battle, pummel me and my Pokémon even after you won, and not only that, verbally abused your poor Bellsprout for losing to Mil-Mil! A good Pokémon Trainer never calls their Pokémon worthless, nor do they treat them like war machines! You do whatever the heck you want and won't hear any argument no matter what. You don't consider the feelings of the people or Pokémon around you, and you throw a tantrum when nothing goes your way. You have no right to be a Pokémon Trainer if you choose to behave that way, and I won't waste a Plain Badge on someone like you.
    • Amara gets another one from her former friend Debbie in chapter 41, who points out that, contrary to her beliefs, she and the others did care that Chanel died, held a vigil for her, and even made sympathy cards, but Amara didn't know that because she refused to leave her room for those days or talk to them. Amara initially refuses to listen, but when Debbie tells her point-blank that she's just wallowing in her own self-pity and making Chanel's death all about her, Amara is stunned and can barely muster a response.
    • In a later chapter, Caiseal's father Fergus is given several of these from the entire trio, from caring more about his Pokemon and his wife than his oldest son, forcing Caiseal to battle him for the right to see his sister—the one person in the family who genuinely loves him—using said sister as a bargaining tool in said battle, and, after defeating him, telling him that whether he won or not, he was never going to let Caiseal see Violet.
    • In the fourth bonus chapter, a girl in Julia's school named Lakeisha records a video of her autistic sister Merlin having a meltdown and sharing it with her friends. One of said friends, a girl named Cindy, bombards Lakeisha with several of these, calling her out for being so cruel to her sister and invading her privacy like that. One of the most prominent ones is when Lakeisha confronts Cindy in front of the student body at recess about telling one of the teachers and the principal about the cyberbullying, getting her into serious trouble:
      Cindy: Yeah, I told Mrs. Cabanos the second you told me what you did. I even showed her the video and had her tell the principal. Families aren’t supposed to hurt each other the way you hurt Merlin. Call me a snitch if you want. I don’t care.
      Bystander: Woo! Go Cindy!
      Cindy: Honestly, I’d rather hang out with Julia than with you now. She’s actually nice!
      Lakeisha: You’d rather hang out with a stupid freak girl who cheated off my science test? You’ll be committing social suicide by doing that!
      Cindy: Shut up. You don’t tell me who I can and can’t hang out with. I’m down with you, Lakeisha. Merlin deserves a way better sister than you. (Turns to the kids playing Four Square with her) Come on, guys. I’m not gonna waste my time hanging out with heartless idiots who get off on hurting people for kicks. (They all walk away)
    • Later, Tammy follows this up when she tells off Lakeisha for what she did to their sister, and calls her out on continuing trying to justify her actions:
      Tammy: Stop with the excuses! I can't believe you'd do this to Merlin! You better apologize to her for this, or I'll make you!
      Lakeisha: Not you too! You're supposed to be on my side! You're my sister for Pete's sake!
      Tammy: Just because you're my sister don't mean I'm not gonna tell you when you do somethin' stupid. Why'd you even do it anyway? Merlin didn't even do anything to you.
      Lakeisha: I hate Merlin! I hate her! She's stupid and is always embarrassing me in front of my friends and I can't do anything without Mom making me drag her with me all the time! I want a normal sister who don't babble about names all the time and scream about everything! She's a spoiled brat and you know it! Somebody oughta put her in her place and tell her the whole world don't revolve around her!
      Tammy: (facepalms at her sister's delusions) You don't mean that.
      Lakeisha: Yes I do! I'm sick of Mom and Dad treatin' her like a queen when she don't deserve it! She thinks she's so much better than everybody else in here 'cause she's autistic and can use it to get away with all sorts of crap!
      Tammy: No, she doesn't. Stop right there. I don't know where you're getting all these ideas from, but none of what you're sayin' about Merlin is true. You know it and I know it.
      Lakeisha: Everybody's gettin' all mad over a dumb video and treatin' me like a criminal! I'm the only one gettin' punished and Merlin don't even get yelled at for nothin'!
      Tammy: Listen, Keish. If you're thinking Mom and Dad love Merlin more than you and me, don't. If you were havin' a meltdown and I took a video of you and showed it to my friends for kicks, or even put it on the internet, I'd be in just as much trouble as you are now! Mom and Dad would roast me alive if I had pulled that stunt! It's not about them liking Merlin more than us. She ain't the center of the family, and neither are you and I. They're trying to teach you right from wrong, and you can't deny what you did was pretty stupid. You brought this on yourself, so it's on you to make it right with Merlin. Just apologize, do all your chores, bring your grades up, and listen to Mom and Dad for the next month, and this'll all blow over before you know it.
      Lakeisha: You don't get it. My friends don't like me anymore because of Merlin. Mikayla, Amy, and Cindy want nothin' to do with me no more. My favorite teacher has it out for me. My reputation in school is ruined!
      Tammy: Reputation isn't everything. That's the problem with you, Keish. You put too much stake on trivial things and make stupid decisions because of it. Besides, why is Merlin being autistic suddenly a problem to you now? You never cared about it before. You know Merlin's always going to be autistic. It's a part of her, and there's no changing it.
    • In the chapter right after that, Lakeisha receives many more of them from Perrine, Caiseal, and Julia, who waste no time telling her how cruel she's been to Merlin for the most asinine reasons, with Julia in particular finally ripping into her for all the bullying Lakeisha put her through in school.
      Julia: What is wrong with you?! You should be ashamed of yourself, treating your little sister like that when she went out of her way to catch a Pokemon for you!
      Lakeisha: She's the one who oughta be ashamed! All she ever does is embarrass me and make me look like a fool in front of everyone! Why do you even care anyway?! This ain't none of your business!
      Julia: I care because she doesn't deserve to be treated the way you treat her! All she's done is be nice to you and she caught you that Smeargle out of the kindness of her heart, and you act like she pooped on your shoes! What did she ever do to you that was so bad?! Oh, wait. Don't tell me. You hate the fact that Merlin's autistic, don't you? That's it, isn't it? You yell at her if she so much as does anything, like flap her hands or talk about name origins or repeat words over and over and jumps up and down. I'm not stupid. You think she's an embarrassment, don't you?
      Lakeisha: Yeah! I do! I always gotta put up with her actin' like a baby over everything! She cramps my style! I don't wanna have to babysit her in front of my friends! She's nine years old yet she acts like a freakin' baby! Who wants to be around a kid whose sister flaps her hands and makes weird noises and goes on and on about names?! It's her fault all my friends except Kirsten abandoned me! My parents like her way more than me!
      Julia: Your parents don't like her more than you, and she's not hurting anyone. Come on. You know she doesn't do that stuff to deliberately annoy you.
      Lakeisha: So what?! It ain't normal and I'm sick of havin' to put up with her! She ruins everything!
      Julia: She caught a Smeargle for you! She went out of her way to catch you a Pokemon, and you repaid her by calling her names and telling her the world would be better off if she'd never been born! Do you have any idea how cruel you've been to her all day?
      Lakeisha: I never wanted no Smeargle, and I don't want no retarded sister!
      Julia: Shut up, Lakeisha! Just shut up! You know what? I understand now! Merlin's not the problem here! You are! If anything, you're the one embarrassing her and ruining her life!
      Lakeisha: Oh great! Now you're takin' her side!
      Julia: Somebody ought to! You certainly won't! All day, she's done nothing but try to please you and make you happy! I'd be over the moon if my sister caught a Pokemon for me! You should have been happy and said thank you to her! Instead all you've done is treat her like dirt and humiliate her in front of everyone! If anyone's the embarrassment here, it's you!
      Lakeisha: This is what I hate about you autistic people! You're all liars and cheaters and fakers and whiners who want everything handed to you! Why can't you all just leave me alone?! I have to put up with you people all the time and I'm sick of it!
      Julia: That's not true and you know it.
      Lakeisha: It is so! You cheated off my science test!
      Julia: Ugh! That was last year, and I already apologized to you for it! You need to let that go!
      Lakeisha: How do I know you don't cheat off other kids as well?! You cheated off me even before that, too!
      Julia: I stopped! [...]
      Lakeisha: You lie! You crazy people just don't wanna work hard and want everything spoon fed to ya! You're all whiny babies! You and Merlin both!
      Julia: None of that is true. What's it going to take for you to understand that? Did you ever even consider how Merlin felt when you were calling her names, putting her down, and treating her like dirt? Or do you think she has no feelings or can't feel at all? Well, guess what? She does! How do you think she feels, being continually told she's an embarrassment, a burden, and inconvenience, and making her cry for something that isn't anyone's fault? By her own sister, no less?! I've been in her shoes. I know exactly what it's like to be shunned and treated like dirt because I'm not like everyone else! You should know! You and Kirsten and the rest of your girl posse pick on me all the time even when I didn't do anything to you or talk to you!
      Lakeisha: That's—
      Julia: Shut up and listen for once! And by the way, I know about the video incident. Merlin told me about it earlier. I think I understand now. Merlin's not the one ruining your life! You're the one creating problems for yourself and blaming others instead of, y'know, taking responsibility and apologizing!
      Lakeisha: Shut up!
      Julia: No! You shut up! You want Merlin to not be autistic, right? Well, guess what! Merlin's always going to be autistic! There's no cure for it, and as far as I'm concerned, there shouldn't be! You need to suck it up and deal with it instead of acting like a spoiled brat! The world doesn't revolve around you, and nobody should have to change themselves just so they can meet your stupid standards! (calms down) She's your sister. She's a good kid and I really like her. Why can't you accept her? She's the only sister you have. You really hurt her, and you don't even care. I doubt you can even fix it at this point. If you keep this up, you're going to wind up being all alone. How many more people are you going to end up driving away? Do you really believe yelling at her and treating her like dirt all the time is going to make her normal? Is sucking up to Kirsten really that important to you?
      Lakeisha: I...
      Julia: Since you're too busy acting like a brat and wallowing in your unfounded self-pity, I'm going to go check on Merlin. That should really be your job, you being her sister and all, but honestly, I doubt Merlin even wants to see you after your little tantrum. Call me when you decide to stop being an awful person. Sucking up to Kirsten isn't all there is in life.

    Rosario To Vampire 
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act IV chapter 19, while beating up Hitomi, Inner Moka dishes one out:
      Inner Moka: You have some nerve to call yourself a teacher. All I see is a demented woman, one with no artistic talent of her own. So she has to take all the artists around her as her own pawns. Simply pathetic.
    • In Act VI chapter 25, Moka and co. (mostly Moka, but the others put their own opinion in) publicly berate the HDA for refusing to see that not all monsters are bad even after everything they've done to try and make peace with them:
      Moka: You arrested us. You took us away and scheduled us for execution just because we were monsters. We didn't want to cause any trouble. We didn't want anyone to get hurt. We only came to try to help, but you wouldn't listen to us. We didn't want to hurt you yesterday, but you gave us no choice. We had to free ourselves from being wrongfully imprisoned and accused of being enemies of mankind. Yes, we did harm and even kill some of the HDA when we broke out of your jail. We didn't want to, but we had to. You wouldn't listen to us. You wouldn't even try to understand. You just blamed us for everything because we were monsters and you were scared! We wanted peace with your race, and still do. But tell me honestly, did you want peace with us? Did you? Were you even willing to give us a chance, or does us being monsters automatically mean we're the devils? We told you that we would deal with monsters that were out of line, just as you deal with your own kind who cause trouble in your world, but the moment a monster acts out, you all jump to the notion of war! We risked out lives to help save you, to save all of you, and you still think we're nothing but horrible monsters! We exposed ourselves to you, told you everything you wanted to know about us. We wanted to live in peace with you! But the second a rogue monster causes a scene you blame all of us! You're unbelievable! We put an end to Fairy Tale! We stopped Alucard! We killed those that destroyed your school and city! My friend here even just shot that massive demon out of the sky by means that I can't even begin to fathom! What do we have to do to prove to you that we aren't evil?!
      Render: You know what? I was going to say sorry about having to kill some of your comrades the other day. I mean, hey, I didn't want to dice them into pieces. They were just trying to kill me and my smoking hot girlfriend, so of course I wasn't going to take that lying down. But it's obvious that none of you are sorry about the way you've been treating us or are even willing to listen to us. Our friend here just obliterated that demon above for you and you're aiming your guns at her again. The hell kind of manners is that?
      Mizore: You people are more of monsters than we are. You won't even give us a chance just because we're different; you think we're all the same. I could have used lethal force earlier while trying to help my friends escape the real evil monsters that were here when your police tried to shoot us. They didn't even ask questions or try to detain us; they tried to kill us on sight. But I didn't kill them. They're alive, and aside from having a few bruises, they'll be just fine.
      Leon: We stopped the monsters who were running around here causing havoc, but I guess that means nothing to you, does it?
      Akasha: I put an end to several large demons in your city, and this is the thanks I get? I see mankind's manners haven't changed in all these years.
      Moka: The HDA has been nothing but a barrier in any efforts to forming peace with you people; they treat all monsters as absolute evils regardless of their nature. I've laid my life on the line for your kind, and this is what I get for it, a gun to my face and accusations of being a plague in your world. I value life, no matter what it may be. Do you? We put a stop to the monster attack in your home. We tried to save as many lives as we could. We've begged you to listen and allow us the chance to explain what happened, yet you still point that thing at me. You want to kill me just because I'm a monster? Can there really be no peace between our worlds? If so, then go ahead and shoot. You won't get an easier shot than this. Just remember that we're willing to give peace a chance, but this monster in the darkness, the one that has attacked both our worlds in his quest for total domination... he will not be so merciful as to give you a similar chance.
    • In Act VI chapter 30, when Hothorne asks her how she expects him to just believe her story about Babylon and trust that they're telling the truth, Moka is quick to turn his own words against him, pointing out that he has no room to talk to her about trust considering the HDA's Van Helsing Hate Crimes mentality:
      Moka: You're one to speak about trust. How can we even trust you after how you treated us? We protected you from Alucard, we exposed ourselves willingly and told you everything you wanted to know about us, we've cooperated with your governments and even had three of our own students join your school as an act of peace. You're the ones that throw us all in the same lot when one of us acts out; you're the ones that have trust issues. Humans shot at us yesterday, tried to kill us all without even listening to us or willing to hear reason, yet I don't assume all humans are evil and want to kill us. There was a human girl who risked her life to free us, her name was Sandra and she gave her life helping us. She died because her own kind shot her, killed her like a common criminal all because she wanted to help those she knew were innocent. You treat all of us like evil monsters, like we're all out to destroy humanity and ravage the earth. Well, those are nothing but children's stories, Mr. Tamaka. Not all monsters are the devils. But there is one that's worse than the devil, and he's targeting both of our worlds for annihilation. So, tell me this right now, is this going to be a free-for-all, or do you want to have allies who can help you against this threat?

    The Smurfs 
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf: Empath gives one to his fellow Smurfs in the novel, finishing it with the following:
    "YOU SMURFS ARE NOTHING BUT A GROUP OF BACKWARD BLUE-SKINNED SAVAGES...and what's worse, I happen to be born as one of you!"
    • Smurfette and Polaris Psyche both give Papa Smurf one in the alternate timeline of Papa Smurf marrying Smurfette after they both witness Papa Smurf slapping Sassette for daring to mention about Empath after he was disowned by Papa Smurf.
  • The Smurfs That Canon Forgot: Farmer, Tailor, and Harmony each confront and call out Scaredy on how he's chosen to turn his back on Smurf traditions and adopted increasingly dangerous ways to defend the village against threats while Papa and the other time-displaced smurfs are missing. After hearing whispers that Scaredy's supporters want him to step up and officially become their new leader, the three of them break into his house while most of the smurfs are occupied with a smurf-ball game in order to terrorize and threaten him while giving him more speeches about how awful and wrong he is.

    A Song of Ice and Fire 
  • In Dragonstone, Jaime Lannister and Ser Arthur Dayne mutually tear into each other over their loyalty to the Kingsguard.
    Jaime: You knew Aerys as well as I did. You knew what kind of man he was, the kind of things he did. You may not have been there for what he did to the Starks, but do not tell me you could have heard of that and still wished to serve him. You knew what he did to the Queen, for years and years and years. Well, I had ignored the knightly oath I swore long enough. I could not stand by and watch him burn down the city and every soul within it. If you think you could have, you are less than the man I believed you to be.
    Arthur: Aerys was not the only person you were meant to protect. Tell me, what did Rhaenys and Aegon do to deserve your negligence? Or did you not sit on the Throne, waiting for your father to arrive, while Lannister bannermen slaughtered the babes and their mother?
  • In Chapter Five of A Northern Dragoness, Daena Targaryen tears into her brother, King Baelor, for the years of confinement in the Red Keep that he imposed on her and her sisters for the sake of his own vows of chastity and for his cowardly refusal to take revenge on Dorne.
    Daena: - actually, I think that is rather enough of that. I have heard enough sermons from you to know that I don't want nor need to hear another. I don't want your goodbyes, Baelor, because I know that if you had your way I would be chained in that tower until you had your precious Maidenvault built so that I could rot away in there instead.
    Baelor: Sister -
    Daena: Don't you ever call me that. The changing of my cloak last night made me Lady Daena Stark of Winterfell. As far as I am concerned, the only brother of mine died fighting in Dorne. His name was Daeron, the Young Dragon, and he was seven times the man you ever were.
    Baelor: What did I ever do deserve this from you? All I ever did was for your own good.
    Daena: Is that what you tell yourself at night? Is that what you say in your prayers?
    Baelor: No. I pray for you, sister. I pray for the Seven to forgive you for not realising what it is that they have planned, and pray every night and day for the Crone to shine her torch upon you and give you the reason to understand why it is I confined you to your chambers. It was so that the men of the court wouldn't insult the Maiden with thoughts of -
    (Daena slaps him, sending him reeling.)
    Aemon: Daena! You can't hit the King of the Seven Kingdoms!
    Daena: I just did. And what will he do? Give me an apology for striking my hand with his cheek, just as he apologised to the Dornish after they murdered the King of the Seven Kingdoms beneath a banner of truce? Beneath the rainbow cloth of the Faith of the Seven that you claim to love? When they committed a crime against gods and men alike?
    Baelor: I did nothing against them because it would not have been right. What could I do? I cannot judge them. Only the Seven-who-are-One and the Father Above have the power to do that!
    Daena: No, that isn't true. The reason you do nothing is because you, my king, are a coward. A snivelling little craven who is too afraid to stand up and fight for justice or even what you yourself believe in, because one of the Seven you claim to love is not a peaceful man, but a Warrior, ready to step forth and defend the innocent and the weak. You're even so afraid of being unable to control yourself that you locked me and my sisters up in towers because you were scared you would break your vow of chastity. But look at [Aemon]. He has guarded women from the moment he put on the white cloak and joined the Kingsguard. Not once has he even came close to breaking his vows, not once has he needed to shy away and lock himself in a sept because he thought he would lose control of himself. He is not just a better man than you are, he is a better man of the Faith than you are. You're not Hugor, Baelor, no matter how often you might try to be Him. You're just a man who has taken His message, the message of the Seven themselves, and made it into whatever you wanted it to be, using it as a mask so you don't need justify your madness to the realm that would never, never, follow you if they knew you as I know you.
  • In Robb Returns, Victarion Greyjoy delivers one to his brothers Balon and Aeron over their actions in suppressing the Call:
    Victarion: I came to report on the status of the Iron Fleet. Because you need to hear this from me. We now have a third of the ships that we had yesterday.
    Balon: WHAT?
    Victarion: I said that the Iron Fleet now has just a third of the strength it had yesterday. Two thirds have sailed away.
    Balon: Sailed away? Sailed away where? Victarion, what in the name of the Drowned God has happened?
    Victarion: A message came from Harlaw and another one from Great Wyk. Those captains and crews from those two islands sailed as soon as they heard it.
    Balon: Heard what?
    Victarion: That they were betrayed. That you had attacked Harlaw and would attack Great Wyk next. That you were purging the Iron Islands of everyone that claimed to have heard the Call. And that you denied the Call. Denied help for Winterfell. Denied help for the Wall.
    Balon: Not all the captains and crew from those two islands though!
    Victarion: No, but do you really think that all those who heard the Call came from those islands? Don't be a fool, brother. And do not dare tell me that it was all 'Greenlander mummery'. You insult me with those words. I was at sea when I heard it. At sea. No mummery there. I heard it.
    Aeron: Nonsense! Mummery and foolishness! The Drowned God told me that-
    Victarion: I don't care what the Drowned God says! The Iron Fleet that we have spent so long building is gone. Reduced to a fraction of what it had been. The ships have sailed for their home islands. The men will not obey you, not until they feel safe again.
    Balon: I am the Lord of the Iron Islands! This is my dominion! My islands! This is rebellion!
    Victarion: No, this is you not listening to your own people. You have not even sent a raven to Winterfell asking what is going on, you simply declared the whole thing to be a Greenlander lie - and then killing people who disagreed with you. And that is beyond foolish! Who else will you kill? A dozen? A hundred? A thousand? Ten thousand? The Call was heard. It cannot be unheard!
    Aeron: The Drowned God denied this 'call' to me! Our God, the God of the Iron Islands! Would you have me deny him? We stand by the Iron Price and the Old Way!
    Victarion: And in the meantime the Iron Fleet is weakened! We are weakened! This is war now, brothers! The only way that this can end is for Ironborn to kill Ironborn!
    • In Chapter 135, Tywin Lannister verbally obliterates Cersei, letting her know, in no uncertain terms, that her actions have ruined her children's future and jeopardised the future of House Lannister for generations to come.

    Star Trek 
  • In the fanfic Written in the Stars, Fem!Kirk delivers a truly epic one to the Romulans. The fact that it's a cluster of F-Bombs shows just how pissed off she is.
    Romulan: Everything Nero did, he did for the glory of the Romulan Empire.
    Kirk: No. He didn't. He did what he did because he lost his wife and unborn child – and he blamed the wrong people for that loss. In case you didn't know, Nero came from exactly 129 years into the future, which explains his ship and its technology. And if the Vulcans on this world don't enact their revenge, Romulus will be destroyed anyway. Because in exactly 129 years from now, a nearby star – that little bright flickering thing in the sky above your Empire – will go supernova. It'll destroy Romulus and its Empire with it, but in reality you would have destroyed yourselves.
    Romulan: Explain.
    Kirk: You would have destroyed yourselves because the only one willing to help you was a half-Human, half-Vulcan Ambassador who was too late to inject the Red Matter into the supernova. It stopped it, sure, but then he was chased through the black hole he created by Nero. But do you want to know why he was the only one willing to help you? Because you lot were a bunch of fucking fascist bastards who will spend the next century trying to destroy the Federation – the only ones who can save you! Not just that, but saying things like you just said doesn't make a lot of friends; that you were fucking proud of Nero's actions for destroying Vulcan and ending billions of lives! It's no wonder we didn't want to help you when you fucking assholes needed it! No wait, hold felt you didn't need help because you believed there was nothing fucking wrong with that star. You thought it was a lie created by us in order to mask our supposed “dishonourable intentions”. Your inability to comprehend that we would want to help you, fucking blinded you all to the fact that the star was dying, and unless you get rid of that fucking single-mind of yours, you're going to end up like Vulcan sooner or later. Sooner if the Vulcans detonate the Red Matter, or later if the star dies and kills you all. So I suggest you all shut the fuck up, go and examine those so-called fucking heroes and the fucking star...and think very, very fucking hard about your actions for the next fucking century. I wish I could say this with hope and its true meaning; live long and prosper.
    • She later gives one to a group of Admirals when she discovers that they were keeping a bunch of colonists under mind control all in the name of a science experiment:
    Kirk: Starfleet used to stand for something, and I see now that you need to be reminded of it; we explore, but we also protect. What you were doing to those people was wrong, and you know it. So instead of performing sick and twisted experiments on people, how about trying to help them?
  • In the Star Trek Online fic Create Your Own Fate, Kanril Eleya delivers one to an Undine infiltrator she captured after it gave her the runaround trying to seize materials from a crashed bird-of-prey while masquerading as a Starfleet Intelligence officer.
    Undine: You are weak. The weak will perish.
    Eleya: Remind me, which one of us is on the inside of the cell? ... You know what defeated you, you ugly assfuck? Your own arrogance. You were just so convinced that us ‘weak’ races would just roll over for your "strong" race. You're not strong enough to convincingly steal Commander Lastagee's form: that man had a distinguished twenty-year career in Starfleet, he was decorated six times for valor in extracting high-value assets from foreign territory. More to the point, he understood the concepts of a chain of command and civilian control of the military, even did his Academy dissertation on it. You not only blew your own cover and that Circle cell you'd ingratiated yourself with, you also blew the cover of your mole in the Foreign Affairs Office: he was arrested by Starfleet Security two hours before you launched your attack. The real Lastagee would’ve used proper channels and probably won. So tell me, which of us is really the weak one? The physically weaker one? Or the one who panicked when things didn't go his way?
  • In the Star Trek: Voyager fic "Equinox: At the Gate of Daybreak", Janeway is able to deliver one to Ransom; in this reality, Voyager had to be practically rebuilt from scratch after the "Year of Hell" when they resolved it without hitting the Reset Button, so Janeway can honestly report that Voyager has been in the same position as Equinox and never even thought about resorting to the same measures that Ransom has been using to try and fuel his ship.
  • In The Prodigal Daughter, Janeway delivers the following to the fake Rudy Ransom to make it clear how much contempt she has for him;
    “When a young ensign in desperate straits obeys an order from her captain that she knows is immoral, that's bad. When a captain of a stranded vessel, thousands of light-years from home, makes a devil's bargain to save the rest of his crew from constant danger and endless desperation, that's worse. But when men with full bellies in warm offices decide to put a woman through her own personal hell just so she'll help you murder billions of innocent people and get away with it.... That is far worse than anything Rudy Ransom could have ever done.”

    Star Vs The Forces of Evil 
  • After being rejected by Marco in Stay, Kelly is bitter and angry at him and Star, the former for not returning her feelings despite her supporting him through heartbreak, the latter for being the object of Marco’s affections despite Kelly believing herself to be more deserving. When Janna lies about sleeping with Marco (to push Star towards a Green-Eyed Epiphany), Kelly accuses Janna of taking advantage of his heartbreak. Janna then calls her out over her entitlement and willingness to blame everyone else for her problems.
    Janna: Okay, first of all, you are the jerk. I don't care what issues you have, you don't judge someone for their sex life. Marco and I aren't doing anything wrong!
    Kelly: Like I said, you're taking advantage of him!
    Janna: Like you did? Face it, the reason you're angry at me isn't because I tried. It's because I succeeded. And before you start, I didn't emotionally manipulate him. You did.
    Kelly: What?
    Janna: You heaped such a huge guilt trip on him, that he called me almost in tears over it.
    Kelly: How's that any different than when Marco left Star? What's your problem with me?
    Janna: Marco never blamed Star or Tom for getting his heart broken, but you ended up blamed Marco, and Star and me! Anything other than taking responsibility for your own damn feelings. You wanna know what my problem with you is? You think being a good friend to Marco somehow means he owes you a relationship. Marco doesn't owe you shit- except for his friendship, which you threw away!

    Star Wars 
  • Obi-Wan gives one to the Jedi Council in Back From the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars after they criticize Anakin.
    Mace Windu: He has claimed to be the Chosen One-
    Obi-Wan: No, he hasn’t! The only people who have ever claimed that Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One are the High Council and my own Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Not once has Anakin claimed to be the Chosen One. He has never taken on such a title. It is each of us who have raised and debated that claim, who have demanded he measure up to a prophecy that I, to this day, have never even seen nor read in full. It is each of us who have censured him when he fell short of whatever imaginary and arbitrary expectation we set against him.
    Yoda: Master Kenobi-
    Obi-Wan: No. Enough. I will not be silent any longer. I will not bite my tongue and bow my head to the will of this Council when it is wrong. I will not allow you to censure Anakin for not being some promised messiah or some paragon of virtue. I am sick of this and if I had been a better Knight and a better Master I would have stopped this years ago. Anakin Skywalker is a Knight of this Order and entitled to all respect and rights thereto. Sheev Palpatine was a Sith Master and we were blind to it. We let him into the Temple and around our students. I let him near my Padawan. We took orders from him and never once stopped to question anything until it was nearly too late. Ahsoka is right. Instead of focusing on Anakin and his imagined failings, we should be looking at ourselves and trying to figure out just when this Council grew more interested in keeping tradition, obeying the Senate, and enforcing its own will over the Will of the Force!
    Ki-Adi-Mundi: What you are suggesting is nothing short than upending centuries of tradition, precedent, and decisions by this Council in furtherance of your admitted emotional attachment to your former Padawan. The decisions of the past cannot simply be put aside because of your feelings, Master Kenobi. In times of upheaval, our traditions are what protect this Order.
    Obi-Wan: *sighs* Why then are we bothering to even meet if all this august body plans to do is perpetuate the decisions of the past without a thought or consideration for the reality of the present and the shadows of the future? Why are any of us wasting our time sitting here when we don’t plan to do anything different than has been done for the last millennia? If we don’t care to make new decisions to handle the problems we actually face, then I see no point in even holding these meetings in the first place, Masters. When this Council is ready to discuss the present and make new informed decisions for the future for all Jedi everywhere please feel free to comm me and I will be happy to contribute. Until then, there is nothing more for me or any of us to say on the matter. May the Force be with us all.
  • Paranormalities:
    Hiriss: What the Empire did to you, your family and home was truly awful. However, it isn't a valid excuse for what you've done... and what you're planning to do. If the Empire was still in power, if you were only trying to get back at them, and just them as an institution, and you weren't experimenting on the people you captured, you might have stronger ground to stand on. But that time is over. Right now, you're just a self-righteous, hypocritical bigot who's clinging to a decades-old grudge to justify genocide on an entire species... just because you weren't able to get personal satisfaction from destroying the Empire by yourself. There were many more humans and other species that hated the Empire, but even most of those victimized by it didn't try to commit genocide on humans just because of one rotten group of them. Besides, my mother is a human from Alderaan, and she fought against the Empire you resent so much.
    Gestroma: That just gives me more reason to cleanse you, you mutt! Even if you weren’t half-human, you Mirialans wouldn’t be safe from my wrath, either. You biologically have too much in common.
    Hiriss: So you’ve got a grudge with near-human species by extension. On that note, you’ve become a threat to not just humans, but to living beings in general.
    Valkor:Did General Kosar do as I ordered?
    Maesterus: He's dead sir.
    Valkor: Then bring his family here.
    Maesterus: Sir, in his defense, he died following your orders, and you only threatened his family to motivate him, and you can't further motivate or break a dead man. Besides, don't you think you've already hurt your public image enough today? Start executing civilians for personal pleasure and you'll start to look like Masochus.
    Valkor: Very well, then. They get to live. However… [Valkor removes his mask to unnerve Maesterus] You have a lot of nerve to come back here and question me after you clearly undermined my attempt to execute Vaelor. You've finally exposed your treachery.
    Maesterus: Is there even any point in being subtle anymore? You already know that I know you know."
    Valkor: If you're trying to confuse me, you're failing.
    Maesterus: I'm not trying to, and that clearly means you're confused.
    Valkor: [growls in anger] I've had to put up with your treachery for six years now! I could-!
    Maesterus: Torture me? Kill me? I know you're not stupid enough to do either of those with the risk of turning me into a martyr. Add the fact that you've just committed the first planetary genocide in the history of the Valkoran Empire, you openly threatened to devour a man's family if he didn't follow orders, physically and psychologically tortured someone, and withheld the truth of Ze'emilin'asana's fate, you're already crossing a line, and that's a line you wouldn't want to go past any further.
  • The Assassin's Blade has Vader give Obi-Wan one in Chapter 23, about the corrupt nature of the Jedi and how their choices and actions over the years, including Obi-Wan's, played a major catalyst in Anakin's turn to the Dark Side.
    Vader: One thing Sidious wasn't lying about was the corruption you yourself partook in.
    Obi-Wan: Explain that one, Vader. Because I don't get it. How were the Jedi so irrevocably evil that you had to turn into a Sith Lord and betray everyone who ever loved you?
    Vader: Loved me?! LOVED me?! Is that what you'd call what you did to me?!
    Obi-Wan: What I did to-?
    Vader: You stole me from my mother...
    Obi-Wan: No. Qui-Gon saved you from a life of slavery!
    Vader: Saved me? You think he saved me? At what cost?! What about my mother?! Did he care about my mother? NO! He didn't! He left her there to rot! As a slave! I had no idea if she'd ever be free. If I'd ever see her again. I was a nine-year-old boy who loved my mother with all I had in me! She was the only security I'd ever known, and you dragged me away from her! You took me, a frightened, awestruck little boy to a big world I could barely fathom, dropped me in a Jedi academy, and expected me to pretend she wasn't there still, suffering! Pretend that she didn't even exist! At the same time, you told a lost little nine-year-old boy over and over again that he was the Chosen One, some almighty, all powerful Jedi savior who would bring balance to the Force and peace to the entire galaxy. I was nine, Kenobi! Do you have any idead what kind of pressure the Jedi put on me by doing that?! The expectations thrust upon me by all of you?! Do you know what nine-year-olds should be burdened with? Schoolwork and friends and family, that's what! Not with the burden of saving an entire kriffing galaxy from some unknown villain! But if that wasn't bad enough, all of you, and I do mean all of you in that damn Temple, treated me like I was a ticking time bomb before I was even given a chance! I was simultaneously a thing of wonder and a thing to be feared! The other padawans were jealous of how quickly I caught on to stuff, how quickly I matched and then surpassed them in skill, and they didn't take to kindly to that! And when they mocked me, bullied me, and attacked me, and I defended myself, who got in trouble, Kenobi? Answer me that! Who?! Me! That's who! And you didn't do a damn thing about it except blame me for it and pile on extra chores or meditation, rather than really listening to what I tried to tell you was happening and trying to find a way to actually help me! You didn't even protect me from any of the Knights or Masters who regularly hurled abuse at me! I was a kid, just a kid, a lost, frightened, grieving kid who missed his mother so much it hurt, and from day one, I had no kriffing clue why Master Windu hated my guts! He hated me, Kenobi! H-a-t-e-d me! As my master, I thought you were supposed to protect me, as well as train me. And you did nothing to stop his actions toward me. Nothing! All of you Masters were so preoccupied in following your damn creed to the letter that you failed to meet the needs of those who looked up to you, who relied on you, who trusted you. You failed Ahsoka. You failed so many others. You wonder why Dooku fell to the dark side? Why I fell? Look in a damn mirror for once!
    Obi-Wan: I did the best I could...
    Vader: Spare me the pious drivel! I don't want to hear it! I told you about my dreams. About my mother being tortured, suffering in agony, and dying. What did you do, Kenobi? Nothing. You told me to do nothing! And I listened to you until I could hardly close my eyes without seeing her calling out for me, literally begging for me to come and save her! Padme at least came with me to try and help her. She listened to me! You didn't! By the time I got there, it was too late. She died in my arms after having been beaten and tortured, just like I saw in my visions! She didn't deserve that! Didn't deserve a life of slavery or a cruel death shortly after she was liberated. I could have saved her, had I listened to what the Force had been trying to tell me! I was her son! It was my duty, my right to protect her! But you held me back!
    Obi-Wan: You weren't supposed to have attachments, Vader. That's...
    Vader: Don't give me that hypocritical rancor shit! You just said you loved me, Kenobi! What the hell is that except an attachment, huh?! Explain that one to me, because I don't get it! The Jedi decried emotional attachment, but here's the thing, Jedi, whether Master, Knight, or padawan, are all sentient beings, no matter their race, who are born to feel emotions, Kenobi! It's natural to form attachments! It's natural for beings to feel love, to desire to have familes of their own as they mature! It's what's driven society on all inhabited worlds across this galaxy for eons! I wanted nothing more than a family, freed from slavery. Did you know that? That's what I wanted, until you and your Jedi cohorts came along and pressured me into being their poster boy, held to a higher standard than any oter padawan, one of unattainable expectations by the way, even as they treated me like shit behind closed doors. And you wonder why I didn't trust you enough to talk to you about Padme and I? Why I hid it from you and the rest of the Jedi?!
    Obi-Wan: Come on, I always knew...
    Vader: At least the Sith acknowledge emotions and sanction their need and use! Even if they are the worst of emotions! You can't just steal babies from their parents, Kenobi, place them in a creche and raise them to not feel anything! We're living beings, not droids, dammit! You can't rewrite nature with your precious kriffing Code! News flash for you, IT DOESN'T WORK! So when I had dreams of Padme dying in childbirth, I went to Yoda for help. I did what I was supposed to. And you know what? I got zero help. NONE! Did you know that when Ahsoka went to him for similar help, before you threw her out to the nexu, mind you, he gave her lots of great advice and help? Did you know? Well, apparently when the Chosen One asked for help, ALL he got was a vague "rejoice in her death and becoming one with the Force, you should" comment and a pat on the back as he got kicked out of the office!
    Obi-Wan: I would have helped...
    Vader: No! You wouldn't have! You would have given me the same exact bullshit you gave me when I went to you about the dreams I had about my mother. I had Force visions of her being tortured by those Tuskens! And all you had to say was that they were just bad dreams, nothing more, and that they'd "pass in time." You wanted me to ignore my mother once again! So, if I'd told you about Padme, you would have been the good little Jedi Master and gone running to the Council and ratted me out to them, confirming to the entire Order that hating me was smart and trusting me was a bad idea. Just like Mace always said! Hell, you would have kicked me out the door as you did so for breaking the stupid Code, and I would have been worse off than I already was! Because I still would've been easy prey for Sidious, if not easier because the Jedi would've hung me out to dry without a second thought! And, if you're truly honest with yourself, you'll admit I'm right. You know I am!
    Obi-Wan: I loved you, Anakin.
    Vader: Save it. I hate you. Not because of what you did...but because of what you didn't do.

    Steven Universe 
  • The Big Bad Zoisite delivers this to the Crystal Gems in Chapter 11 of Magna Clades.
    "Poor, unfortunate souls..." Zoisite spoke suavely to them after his big reveal. " have no one to help you but yourselves. Do you really think it matters in the end who I can take down?" He let out an impish chuckle. "Of course not. Because no matter what, you're going to protect those dirty, wretched humans who haven't any brains to distinguish what is pure and sacred and what isn't. A human's life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying..."
    He leaned over to the 'half-breed' boy Steven and whispered, no, almost mouthed with a rather sinister inflection, "...nothing."
  • In Chapter 10 of Young and Beautiful, Rose Quartz of all Gems gives one to Zirconia when the latter is acting out on her jealousy of Greg.
    Rose Quartz: You know, Zirconia, I understand that you've been very fond of me for the last few millenia or so; but what you just said was so unbelievably offensive that I can't even begin to tell you how much it hurt. How dare you suggest I'd have the nerve to just leave you to die at the hands of an old enemy. Is that how you expected to repay me after everything I've done for you, for Pearl, for Amethyst, for everybody? Maybe I was wrong about you...
  • In chapter six of Matriarch, Pink Diamond chews out Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond at a ball just before she fakes her own death and becomes Rose Quartz for good.
    Blue Diamond: “You know, I think every gem has struggled with living up to their purpose at some point. It's just a part of being a gem. We all want to have our place after all... but rest assured that yours is right here with us. You just have to accept it, and make the best of what you've been given, just like everyone else before you has done for hundred thousands of years.... I bet that even White has days where it takes her some effort to do her work. You know how she dislikes being around big crowds for too long...”
    Pink Diamond: “Well, maybe if she was going to hate being around us so much, she shouldn't have made us just so that we could all be miserable just because she says so! Then she could have the whole planet to herself, and no one would have to suffer! I can't believe you honestly want me to go out there and, like, pretend to all the gems that we're all perfect and special and that that's why you get to do with them whatever we want... Just LOOK at us! You all think you're SO MUCH better than everyone else, and that everyone should be just like us, but we're terrible. We're the single most terrible bunch of people I have ever heard of. Everything in this place is terrible. This whole planet is the most terrible place I know. You wanna know why there's gems rebelling? That's why! Because everything is terrible though you act like it's not. If the gems out there knew what we're really like, they'd up and shatter all four of us. They'd grind us into fine dust and everyone would be happy about it! No one would be sad at all!
    Blue Diamond: That's enough Pink. You don't know what you're saying.
    Pink Diamond: No Blue. You don't know what you're saying! You think that one day I'll just shut up, apologize and that I'll be just like you. But I never want to be like you! I hate you! I hate all of you! I hate you more than anything! I don't ever want to be like you! I'd rather be shattered than become just like you! I'd rather be shattered!
    Blue Diamond: Pink! Don't you ever say such a thing! Not even in jest!
    Yellow Diamond: Stop it, Pink. You're making Blue very upset.
    Pink Diamond: Oh, Blue's upset? Blue's upset? Well, Yellow, maybe one day you're gonna have to explain to her that she's not the only person in the universe who has feelings! But hey, at least she has feelings, which is more than I can say for you and White!
    Yellow Diamond: You. Are. Out. Of. Line.
    Pink Diamond: Oh really? What am I in trouble for? Saying the truth for once?
    Blue Diamond: Piiink! You're being impossible right now!
    Pink Diamond: You know, I really thought... that at least you two cared about me, or about anything at all... But you don't. You don't care a bit. You're no different from White!
    Yellow Diamond: Shut. Your. Mouth.
    Pink Diamond: ...sometimes, you even ''sound'' like her. Sometimes, I listen to myself, and even ''I'' sound like her.... And that's just what she'd want. She wants us all to be heartless and terrible just like her... but you know what? I'd rather be shattered! I hate White! I hate everything she is, I hate this planet, and I hate all of you! I hate you all so, so much! I hate you more than anything else in this universe!
  • In the Rose Redemption AU, Rose really lets White Diamond have it when the latter calls her to try and apologize.
    White Diamond: “Oh, well hello Starlight!”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “Rose.”
    White Diamond: “Come again?”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “My name is Rose. Rose Quartz Universe. I am not your Starlight.”
    White Diamond: “Now dear, I understand that you must be very upset with me.”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “And why’s that I wonder?
    White Diamond: “I… well…”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “No, no, take your time. There are plenty of adequate answers to choose from. Still having trouble, are you? How about we start with the time you violated my son by ripping his gem from his body!”
    White Diamond: “But I turned out to be right in the end, didn’t I? You really were inside of your gem, just not in the way I had initially thought!”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “So you’re saying you were justified in harming my son, is that it?
    White Diamond: “Darling, please. Don’t twist my words like that…”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “You know, it’s funny. As I recall, you had told me back then that you didn’t need me. But from what Steven has told me, it seemed you were quite desperate to have me back. What? Was Blue’s weeping not as sweet as mine for you?”
    White Diamond: “Pink…Rose. I’m sorry. I am truly sorry for having hurt you so deeply for so long. You were right to leave me. I’ll even go so far as to admit that I was wrong. You are better than me.”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “I acknowledge your apology, White, but I don’t accept it.”
    White Diamond: “Please dear, I’m trying to be better.”
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “Steven may have forgiven you, but I won’t. Not now. Not ever. Your little apology doesn’t make up for everything you said and did to me. You may look down on humans, White, but do you know what they would do if you had done what you did on Earth? You would have been reprimanded, or worse, detained! Because they know how despicable and vile people like you are! You always made me feel like it didn’t matter if I was there or not, but what did you do when I finally left? You lashed out at me in spite. And you even went so far as to extend your wrath to everyone I had grown to love and care for away from your suffocating gaze. And from what Steven told me, you knew it was me down here. Because how dare I find happiness outside of the confines of the little bubble you made for me, right? And as if that wasn’t enough, you went on to inflict your torment onto my son. My own child! Because that’s what you do, White. You hurt everyone else around you. And I don’t know if it’s because of something you went through before even my time, or if you really are just an empty, shallow being whose only joy is making everyone else around you feel every bit as miserable and powerless as you. And neither do I care enough anymore to find out.
    White Diamond: “Now you’re being completely unfair! It took a great deal of time to work up the courage to speak to you! Please, I want to make it up to you, please tell me what has to be done!
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “You know what I want from you, White? I want to never. See you. Again.
    White Diamond: “Pink… I’m sorry… I need you… What else do you want me to say?”
    Steven could hear Rose begin to laugh. But once more this was different. The bombastic, goofy laugh he came to associate with her replaced with an icy snicker.
    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond: “What’re those? Tears? Shape up, deary. I thought you told me Diamonds didn’t cry.”
    [Rose hangs up.]
  • In the short fan fic When Sorry Doesn't Cut It, Ruby rips into Pearl when she tries to apologize for tricking her and Sapphire into fusing into Sardonyx with her.
    Pearl: I’m sorry.
    Ruby: Sorry?! You’re sorry?! You tricked us into fusing and you think sorry is going to fix all of it?!
    Sapphire: Ruby!
    Ruby: You always do stuff like this! You mess up, you cause problems, you act like your feelings are the only ones that matter, and we’re all just supposed to deal with it!
    Sapphire: Ruby, stop it–
    Ruby: Rose always told us to just be nice to you, no matter how horrible you were, and why? Because you’re still messed up from the war? We all are! Or no, wait, is it because you're a Pearl and you just don’t know any better? How long is that excuse going to last? You’ve been free for five thousand years - get over it! Rose let you get away with everything, like, some spoiled kid! There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just selfish!
    Sapphire: Ruby!
    Ruby: What?! Am I wrong? How long have we been putting up with her tantrums and her mood swings and 'I’m special Rose is the only one who will ever get me'? I know you never understood why Rose put up with her either!
    Sapphire: That doesn’t mean you can–
    Ruby: What, tell her the truth?
    Sapphire: This isn’t about Rose, it’s about Sardonyx and–
    Ruby: It’s about everything, Sapphire! She always does this! She gets mad at Amethyst for no reason, she yells at Steven for not knowing his own mother, she abuses fusion, and we all just deal with it. I’m sick of it! It’s not our fault she’s broken!
    It wasn’t until much, much later that Steven realized Pearl had never tried to defend herself against Ruby’s tirade.
  • In Pink doesn't really exist and other existential truths, after White Diamond has brainwashed Steven by suppressing his empathy, he dishes out a massive one to the Crystal Gems over how horrible they were at being his guardians.
    Amethyst: “Steven, what the heck is wrong with you, dude?! Snap out of it, will you! This isn’t like you! Come on; it’s us. We’re your family!”
    Steven: “Family? Oh, is that what we were? It always seemed to me through the years that you guys were more interested in finding gems than you were at playing house. C'mon Amethyst. We were never a real family. I always wanted us to be one, but the truth is that I was never that important to you in the first place. I mean, do you guys even know why I wanted to be a Crystal Gem so badly in the first place? Of course you don't. None of you realized that being useful to a team of monster-fighting aliens was practically the only way I could ever get any quality time with you. Sure the missions were fun sometimes, and man does the idea of ‘protecting humanity’ sound cool to a twelve-year-old, but that was never the real reason I did it. It was because I knew that the only tried and true way that I could ever get any attention from you was if I was being useful. I would have done anything for you if it meant not being alone all the time. I was always so lonely in our house by myself. Why do you think I worked so hard to master my powers? It wasn't because I wanted to be like Mom; I did it for you guys. It was always for you guys. Because I was so afraid that if you didn’t need me-– that one day you’d just up and leave me. The three of you were my whole world. I didn't want to just be like Mom; I wanted to be like you too. There was no one in the universe as brave and cool and smart as my family was. You guys were my superheroes. So I tried to be useful to you because that was always the unspoken rule for getting to hang out with you. And if I wasn't helping someone, then what good was I to anyone? My entire childhood was an endless cycle of,‘Drop what you’re doing, Steven; you know your time isn’t as valuable as the Gems. Ignore your own interests, Steven; they’re stupid compared to all this magical destiny stuff. Push down your feelings, Steven, they need you to be strong for them right now. Take care of them, Steven, because somebody has to! Put them back together every time they fall apart, Steven, because it’s all your fault that the person they really want is gone in the first place! Do you know how often you all made me feel like I didn’t even deserve to exist? All I ever wanted from you was for you to love me for me. For you to just tell me one time that my human half was good too, that I didn’t always have to be Rose’s son, that it was okay just to be me. The truth is none of you ever tried to understand me even a little bit. That’s why we’re not a real family; families aren’t supposed to be this one-sided."
    Pearl: “Steven, please—"
    Steven: “Hey, look on the bright side Pearl, the Crystal Gems don’t have to worry about dealing with an annoying little tag along like me anymore. From this point on, it’s Era 3, so it's every gem for themselves. Besides, you guys can always just replace me if you get lonely. After all, you're really good at that.”
    • Two chapters later in the same story, Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond give one to White Diamond after they finally get fed up with her after learning she brainwashed Steven and he leaves.
    Blue Diamond: “Yellow, we should be going."
    White Diamond: ”Wait! Y-You both can't just leave me here! Can't you see how badly I need you two right now? Why I need you two now more than ever."
    Blue Diamond: “I don’t care. Shatter me or override me if you like, but so long as I have one ounce of free will left in me, White, I won't spend another instant being a Diamond like you! It all ends here. I've had enough."
    Yellow Diamond: ”So have I. It seems congratulations are in order here, White. After all this time you never did compromise your ideals, no matter how many gems wound up shattered for the sake of your great truth. You even chose to sacrifice your loved ones, all so you could be right. And now here you sit, with your victory in hand. Except you're all alone, a Queen of Nothing, with nothing but your convictions to keep you company. I just hope that it was worth it."

  • In the Supergirl (2015) fanfic "The Love of Forgetting," Lena Luthor gives her brother Lex one, mostly based on his incompetence rather than his morality (since she knows he doesn't care about that). While the fic was written before Lex appeared on the show, Lena and Lex's interactions end up being very similar to what is seen on the show.
    Lex: This isn't a children's game. Aliens are infiltrating this world secretly and steadily. And the poster children of the invasion amass goodwill on an international scale, all while hiding the most basic facts of their identities—
    Lena: Maybe you're right, maybe they are. But that's not why you hate them. That's not why the vendetta. That's not why you made the Lexosuits.
    Lex: They need to be contained—
    Lena: We have kryptonite for containment. The suit, was about beating them at arm-wrestling. It was pointless, prohibitively expensive, and it exposed you as a fraud. You weren't being a scientist, then, or even a good businessman—you let them make you feel small. They are fundamentally different, and ultimately all you took from that was that you couldn't beat them at their own biological advantages.
    Lex: They have to be stopped. What they can do, what people see in what they do—don't you know what's happening? What's said in those articles, and on the streets? They are being further deified with each passing day. They are not gods.
    Lena: Neither are we. The difference between us, Lex, is that doesn't terrify me.
  • Survivors: When Kara wants to wipe her birth mother's holographic message her sister Alex talks her out of it and then berates her impulsiveness:
    Alex: This is just like when you wanted to flush your mother's necklace. You make these quick decisions that you might regret the years from now or even tomorrow. Use your head!

  • Marguerite (AKA Mistress Minor) gives one to Leader Acacia in Chapter 19 of All in the Family.
    Mistress Minor: "Hey! I don't know who you think you are, but if there's one thing I'm sure you could never be, it would be God."
    Warden: "Marguerite... No..."
    Mistress Minor: "Dad, butt out." [focuses on Leader Acacia] "You think you're so tough, don't you, Acacia? You think you can just sneer all you like and rule from your throne until your son Fidel is ready, don't you, Acacia? Well, I've got three words for you: Go. To. Hell. And I'll say them again. Go. To. Hell."
    Mistress Major: "Maggie, darling, I don't think that's a good idea."
    Mistress Minor: "And those threats about reducing me and my family and my friends to limbless, blind, deaf and sewn-up dummies? Guess what? They don't scare me one bit! Ha!"
    Warden: "Marguerite, I think that's quite enough."
    Mistress Minor: "Dad, let me handle this." [focuses once again on Leader Acacia] "I'm tired of waiting for this STUPID war to be over. And I'm tired of people like you who insist that the world revolves around them and that they know their destiny when they know nothing! I don't know my destiny but I don't feel the need to act confident that I do. And that's your worst flaw of all: overconfidence. You can't hurt us, like you say you can, anymore than my father's father has, or Lord Stingray when he first came to us, or the man who killed Grandma."
    • In Chapter 8 of the sequel Passion of the Guardiane, Mistress Minor lays another one onto the Doctor and the Nurses for letting her younger brother Finn go off with Fidel Avila, the Big Bad of the story.
      Mistress Minor: "So you just let him go... like THAT?! Without even questioning his motives?! Fidel wants revenge on us- or 'justice' as he calls it -because of what happened to his mom. You must all be as dumb as a sack of rocks to have him win you over like he did, because now thanks to you, Finn is in trouble and the Cubans might want to take advantage of him. I should've known you were all nothing more than a bunch of quacks..."
  • Chapter 1 of Upward Spiral sees Jared unleash one onto the Warden after he fails big time to revive the Doctor with a magic spell and utterly destroys his body in the process.
    Warden: "Are you saying that it's MY fault that the Doctor's dead?!"
    Warden: "Oh, I'm mad, all right! Mad at you for spouting such blasphemy!"
    Warden: "Well, I...I, uh... Doesn't matter! I didn't need that old doctor anyways! I can just hire a NEW doctor! A-HA! Take that, Smart Ass!"
    Jared: "We CAN'T! You just wasted a ton of money for the funeral preparations, which means we're now gonna have to cut costs to make up for the lost revenue, which includes NOT hiring anymore new employees!"
    Warden: "We can always make up for it selling more dismembered limbs!"
    Jared: "We cut all ties with that market months ago, on your orders!"
    Warden: "Well, there's always, umm...w-we can always just, uhh...I..."
  • A bit of a subversion in Chapter 12 of Extended Stay, as Mistress starts off her wedding vows listing Warden's flaws before going on to proclaim how much she loves him for being a Psychopathic Manchild.
    Mistress: "Warden, you are by far the most immature man-child I've ever met. You can barely go 5 minutes without going off on some new childish activity. You can barely take care of yourself, and you infuriate me to no end. Yet, you bring out the best in me. You showed there was a side of me I didn't even know was there. You may be a man-child, but that's what I love about you. I hope you will take me as your wife."

    Total Drama 
  • Despair Island: Once Katie puts two and two together, let's just say she doesn't take Sadie's elimination too well:
    "I don't want her black comfort!" Katie sobbed, the tears returning. She glared at Courtney through the streams of salty water running down her face. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't vote off Sadie. Tell me you didn't send the one person I care about more than anything else in the world to her death just to save your own skins." She seemed to get infuriated by the silence. "TELL ME!" She screamed, making Leshawna, whom was still holding her, jump."
    "Exactly." Katie sniffed. "You're all…you all voted for her, didn't you? It was a six to one vote." She looked at the other five Killer Bass, daring them to contradict her.
    "Uh, well I didn't vote for her." Ezekiel stepped forwards. "I know that probably doesn't mean jack, eh. But yeah, I'm sorry for your loss. Sadie was a strong gal, and I had respect for her."
    The anger in Katie's eyes momentarily vanished, and she collapsed into Leshawna's arms with a fresh a wave of sobs.
  • Erin's Total Magical Adventure: Amanda delivers one to Courtney when she made Miyuki Hoshizora in ETMA Aftermath: Jocks and Princesses.
    "Even though Miyuki Hishizora has faults, they have their nice parts. While you...your faults make you one of the worst people I know. You blame everyone but yourself, you expect everyone to bend their tails backwards for you, and if you don't get your way, you throw a tantrum while threatening people with lawsuits. Well, Erin-sempai, SG, myself and a few other are princesses, yet we don't threaten others with exucetion just because we didn't get into a contest! [...] And your supposed to be a CIT, which is a good example for young people, yet I don't see anything good about your way! In fact, if I had to choose between you and Heather to babysit my sisters, I would pick Heather because she has some good in her, as she was able to get herself a boyfriend, while you drive yours away! You're not a TV star that would be remebered in a good way, heck, even Mal will be more loved then you were! You're nothing but a spoiled brat who will just be alone in her life if you don't fix your attitude!![...] And one last thing. What I said is merciful compared to what Ragna would had done if he had heard you insult Miyuki like that."
  • Monster Chronicles: Cedric gives out several of the course of the story, his most brutal being the one he gives to Duncan in Chapter 11 for his cowardice.
    Cedric: "You got that right Pride. You're no hero, if you were you would have stopped me ages ago. But the thing is, you're just afraid!"
    Duncan: "I'm not afraid of you!"
    Cedric: "Lies! I can tell when people lie to me you know Pride. But that's not the only thing you're afraid of. You're scared of losing your cool boy image, and will do anything to keep it. But if you stand up to me, you'll be a hero, which is the opposite of what you want isn't it? I was wrong about you Pride, you're not a psychopath or a goodie goodie. You're just a pathetic little coward."
  • My Ridonculous Race: When Josee kicks Annie back into the snake pit in Greece Leo calls her out as being so myopically focused in her pursuit of first place that she'll wind up going down the same route as Tonya Harding.
    • Annie delivers another one to her in London for saying she hasn't put any effort into the competition.
    • Leo also delivers one to Chris Mclean in the finale, repeatedly calling out his atrocities over the series.
  • Random Drama Series: Sammy gives one to Amy so vicious, most of it had to be censored.
  • Second Chance at Love: Cody gives one to Sierra in the second chapter, and, later, to both Alejandro and Duncan.
    • For Sierra, he tells her he does not love her and point out that she does not really love him, as she's a stalker that see him as a living toy that exists only for her delusional fantasies and pleasure.
    • For Duncan and Alejandro, he points out that Duncan got everything Cody wanted, and he's still not happy, because his pride is so fragile that he can't take even the smallest bruise to it (that single punch Cody got on him) over his victories (getting with Gwen). He then points out how Alejandro's pride must sting as, despite being a handsome guy with multiple talents, Heather chose Harold, a loser who he's superior to in every way. Alejandro's pride can't take that, despite all his alleged superiority, Harold has Heather, the one girl Alejandro has honest, strong feelings for, and he (Cody) has two girls he's friends with, while Alejandro is alone.
  • A TDA Love Triangle with Betty, Cody, and Gwenny: Geoff give one to Bridgette saying she's a doormat, who let anything slide because she was too spineless to do anything about it. He also called her a harlot and a whore, that all she cared about was making out…and still wasn't ready to have sex yet.
  • Total Alternate Island: Several.
    • Bridgette gives one to Courtney after she complains about Andrew's win in one of the endurance challenges, calling her pathetic for saying he doesn't deserve to be in the game.
    • Ezekiel, of all people, gives a major one to Courtney when she tried to attack him during the 'Hide and Be Sneaky' challenge, saying how pathetic she was to continue holding such a petty grudge for so long and making such a huge deal about it. She completely loses it afterward.
    • Bridgette and Sara to Leshawna in the Aftermath episode as they have had it with her treating those who view Heather in a different light like crap. She was put on the spot as the two girls along with Jessie point out that Leshawna isn't exactly innocent of things herself and brutally points out that her obsession had caused her to unknowingly alienate herself from some of the campers. She was given a serious wake-up call when Jessie compared her to Courtney.
  • Total Drama All-Stars: Remake: Scott angrily gives this to Sierra in "Food Fright."
    Scott: "A member of the Heroic Hamsters?. I've never understand why you're on the heroes anyway! You stalked Cody throughout a whole season with creepy fetish of everything he has! Blown up a jumbo jet! Stalked on everything everyone's own! Stalked Cameron and ruined me… you should be a villain!"
  • Total Drama: Cody's Redemption: Cody gives an overdue one to Gwen in chapter 22.
  • Gwen herself dishes out one to Courtney in the Total Drama Comeback Series, when she's finally had it with the CIT's endless whining about how much she hates Harold and wants him to suffer horribly because he rigged the votes to get her eliminated last season. She actually does have reasons to hate Harold that are a bit less petty than 'he got me unfairly eliminated', but Gwen doesn’t know that, and neither does anyone else.
    Gwen: [with her eye twitching] "You've been complaining about him since day one of this contest. And you haven't managed to say two sentences without saying how much you want him to die or suffer. Could you drop it?"
    Courtney: "I'm just saying what the cheating dork should have happen to him."
    Gwen: "No, what should happen is for you to SHUT UP! I have had it with your whining and complaining! Harold's trying to be nice to you, and you just won't give him a second chance! There are three little words that I wish would puncture your thick skull, drill through your inflated ego, and into that narrow-minded brain of yours: GET! OVER! IT!"
  • Total Drama Domination
    • Zoey gets one from Cameron when she refuses to give Mike $50,000 she won during the karting challenge from TDA, calling her a hypocrite and bad at relationships.
    • Mike gives Zoey one himself at Playa de Losers, telling her she is not perfect. This one causes her to run off and cry.
  • Total Drama Generations:
    • Duncan calls out Gwen for causing the chain of events that nearly got him eliminated despite the two starting to become friends again.
    Duncan: "You rejected me. You have a boyfriend. That's fine. That's your call. I have to pay for my mistakes when I was a dumb kid. That's life. That's fine. But what's not fine is telling me we can be friends. Then we chat and have fun at the fire, and here I am thinking things are going fine! Hell, I was excited at the thought of becoming friends again! But no, turns out you were stringing me along and plotting behind my back to get me voted off. Like, what the hell, are you Heather now or something?"
    Gwen: "Duncan, no, I can explain. You don't understand-"
    Duncan: "Oh I understand. I understand everything now. I understand...that you are a selfish bitch."
    • Bridgette later gives one to Duncan for his actions post All-Stars, and continuing to be rude to Bridgette even when she was trying to be polite to him.
    Bridgette: "Oh, so that's how it's going to be?"
    Duncan: "You tell me, Malibu, you're the one that chewed me out after All-Stars at that party."
    Bridgette: "Because you were an ass, that's why! Parading about that party, boasting about how cool you were that your jail sentence was only 60 days because you were famous. Don't even get me started on how you were talking about Courtney and Gwen! Even Geoff was pissed, and he'll defend you to the ends of the earth!"
    (Duncan turned around to glare at the steaming mad surfer, but couldn't find any appropriate words to defend himself.)
    Bridgette: "So do you deny the fact that you were a huge jerk?"
    Bridgette: "Then don't give me that sulky 'I didn't know you cared', crap,"
    Duncan: "That was a long time ago."
    Bridgette: "It was. And from what I've gathered from Gwen you've changed…for the better. Right now, though? I'm not really seeing it."
  • Total Drama Legends: Owen gives one to Noah for his increasingly cruel behavior after Noah's petty grudge against Jasmine results in a cherished DVD of hers getting destroyed and Jasmine leaving in tears.
    Noah: Owen, I-
    Owen: I am done with you. I am done with this stupid revenge plot that you have. I actually kinda like Jasmine. I saw the season she was in and I was really excited to meet her. Now she probably hates me because of you. Back in our seasons, you at least had a sense of humor. You were never a bully.
    Noah: But I never won those seasons.
    Owen: What does being a big jerk have anything to do with winning a season?
    Noah: Owen. Sometimes you have to be a jerk to-
    Owen: That's a lie! You're not trying to win, you're just being a bully. You make people feel ashamed by talking down to them. You made Jasmine feel so inferior about herself. Have you ever thought how constantly insulting her and bringing her down makes her feel? I don't like bullies. And right now, you're the biggest one I've ever met. And as far as you and I are concerned, you're no longer my little buddy!
  • Total Drama Losers: The final four challenge requires each contestant to roast Chris, giving him one of these, with Heather, Zoey and Sugar judging.
  • Total Drama Luxury Tour: The focal point of Cody's speech to Gwen in the Dracula challenge is that she is becoming a mere satellite to Duncan:
    Cody: Gwen, make no mistake, I am grateful you at least you think of me as a friend despite my feeling for you, but I HATE Duncan! Whatever you see in him, I cannot. To me he is a total jackass who makes off on the expense of others. He shows no remorse to the people he hurts and for you to tell me that I have to forcefully align and cope with my most hated adversary being with the girl I would take a bullet and then some for? No… that is too much to ask, even from you...
    Gwen: Even you are against me being with him?
    Cody: In the end it's your decision, but riddle me this, what do you like about him that doesn't involve shallow outer attraction?"
    Gwen: He and I share the same interests! We like the same movies, music, style...
    Cody: other interests include pulling pranks on others, bullying the weak, arson, and theft? What about all your other interests GWEN? What about your drawings? Have you once made a sketch since dating him? What about the environment? Have you once even mentioned it since going out with him? And what about the rest of your friends? From Courtney to DJ you always caved in to Duncan on giving everyone else the cold shoulder! I am not saying this just so you would go out with me! Because I know damn well that telling you this here and now probably blows all chances of future consideration. But I know for one thing that you were never like this when you were with Trent! I am telling you this because I bottled it inside me since Greece! DUNCAN IS WRONG FOR YOU!
  • Total Drama Nui Kaua Series: Helen Lang gives a scathing one to each member of her team before quitting.
  • Total Drama Underdogs
    • Duncan delivers one to Courtney during her second elimination, regarding how she flaunts herself as a powerful contestant and essential team member while refusing to do any challenge and expecting everybody to carry her part of the weight.
    • D.J. rants at Duncan about the latter's jerkassery throughout the season, and warns Duncan that karma will strike him sooner or later.
  • Total Drama: Unfinished Business: Dave gives one to Sky when they are forced into and stuck in the outhouse confessional for the entirety of the League of Legend MMO challenge.
    Dave: You know Sky, you really hurt me. What you did. You said you liked me, I know you meant it. I was so happy, finally a girl that I liked liked me back. But then you lashed out at me during the drinking challenge. That really hurt. I didn't want to be there anymore. You ruined it for me. But you weren't done. At the finale you kissed me. That changed everything. I felt that whatever had happened was over now... but then it turned out... YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND! I gave you my heart and you stabbed it a million times. Then you patched it back together, only to tear it apart again. I don't care how you feel. Just try to justify what you did.
  • Total Drama What The Heck: When constant bullying drives Barbie to the snapping point, she publicly dresses down her chief tormentor.
  • Total Exploded Pahkitew Island: Julie gives one of these to the twins early on. She is furious that Amy picks on Sammy, and just as angry that Sammy doesn't even try to stand up for herself. Later on, Sky gives Julie one.
  • Total Lady Drama Island: Heather delivers one to Anna Maria about how hard she's trying to look good for the camera. Telling the girl to quit it since she nothing that hasn't been seen a thousand times on other reality shows, and she's not special in any way that another contestant isn't more 'more' special in than her, all she's doing is embarrassing herself.
    Heather: Let me straighten this out for you. You have nothing. You're not anything that the people at home haven't seen a thousand times before ever since 'reality TV' first started. You're not smart enough to be hated. Or dumb enough for everyone to feel sorry for you. You're not driven enough for people to root for you. And that little act where you pretend you're in one continuous cheesecake photoshoot? I guarantee that your the last of us who'll probably be looked up online because putting yourself out like that only makes everyone sorry for you. Your not even the prettiest.
    (She nods over to Lindsay who was talking to Katie as they retook their positions)
    Heather: Or the 'biggest'.
    (She nodded back to Courtney who huffed and folded her arm under her K-cup bust)
    Heather: You're just a forgettable nobody. And when you get home. Nobody is going to get in touch because as far as I'm concerned, you don't have anything everyone hasn't already seen.
    (She pulled back and walked back to the center of the court)
    Heather: So either get in it to win it. Or lose the only chance you'll ever have at fortune.
    • Cody delivers an absolutely brutal one to Anna Maria after one too many insults while he's trying to help her. When she then tries seducing him into helping her he tells her she might be one of the most beautiful girls he's ever met on the outside but shes 'an ugly bitch' on the inside.
  • Total Shuffled Island Series
    • Gwen delivers one to Courtney early on in Revenge of the Island over her hypocritical behavior regarding how she expects their team to crush their opponents, but she can't bring herself to harm Justin because of his good looks.
    • Lindsay later gives one to Justin after he betrays her when he thinks she's trying to take control of the Mutant Maggots away from him.
    • At the ending party for All-Stars, Ezekiel calls out Scott for destroying their friendship in World Tour, not learning from his mistakes and refusing to grow as a person despite everyone else doing so in some way.
    • Sky gives one to Dave in Pahkitew Island after their team loses, and he refuses to listen to the 'but'.
  • Twinning With a Twist: Sammy delivers a couple of these to Amy, but the one from Chapter 6 takes the cake, delivered when Amy tries to lie that she contributed to the first challenge more than she actually did.
    Sammy: Jasmine got the nails, not you. How about you stop lying to make yourself look good for once in your life?
    Amy: Wha- How did you-
    Sammy: Because I was there! She showed me where they were! You do this all the time! You lie to try and make yourself look more important and responsible than you actually are! You're doing it here, and you've always done it back home as well! Do you know how much of the credit you take for all the crap I do for you? All of it! You get everything, and I get nothing! You steal everything from me! Not just credit, but my stuff as well! I'm missing, like, five brushes that you wanted but didn't get, you know! Oh, and speaking of stealing, don't even get me started on school stuff! The reason you get good grades? Because you make me do your homework! I'm almost positive you'd get held back if I wasn't there copying all of my answers onto your work! Plus, chores, meals, everything I do is because you want me to do it! I'm shocked you figured out how to walk without me helping you to do it! You're a spoiled, entitled brat whose bad attitude and terrible behavior is going to bite you in the ass so hard one of these days that you won't be able to sit down! And I am absolutely shocked and appalled that you've managed to get away with it for this long! But I promise you, Amanda, that I will never, ever, be doing anything you force me to do ever again!
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread Gwen delivers a blistering variant to Heather in chapter 21. Though misguided, it makes clear she is only playing Heather's game because she believes she has no other choice, NOT because she is intimidated by her in the least. Heather likewise gives her own in return, calling Gwen out for blaming everything on her despite the vast majority of her problems being self inflicted.

  • We have a few of these in the Gensokyo 20XX series:
    • In 20XXIV, we get one from Mokou directed at Ran for her bitchy behavior:
      "Am I gonna get hit? Okay, hit me! It won't change the fact that you're a bitch who's started to take her problems out on everyone else. Yeah, you've gone through hell, we all have, and Yukari, also known as Tosca has gone through what you've gone through, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, and, yet, she didn't turn into anything like you, BITCH! Now, before you think of sayin' anything, shut the hell up, mmkay. It's not the fact that you don't like to be touched, that of which almost caused you to be a small child through the wall, or the trauma you went through, which had to have been brutal, trust me, I know, it's the fact that you have other underlying problems that you've tried to shove away and would have done so if the box that is the deepest recesses of your being wasn't already full. Yeah, I can understand that you can and have to heal but that doesn't give you a reason be bitchy and damn near negligent. No, your fiancé, who I should note is extremely nice, doesn't want that from you and doesn't even bring it up but Chen wants her mom back and says she wants her to love her again. Not cool, as she's given up on life. Hell, you almost put a small child, Reimu, through a wall because she grabbed onto you, somethin' that she does when she wants to be held. Lemme axe ya' a questions, what the hell is ya' problem? The problem is with you is that you have never at all bothered to to talk about your problems to those who care and when they do show ya' some interests, you are quick to say, "Oh, it's fine." or push them away, much like you're doing now. So lemme axe ya a questions, why the hell is it you're a bitch?!"
    • Also from 20XXIV, earlier, we get one from Chen directed at Miko for trying to hide her disability:
      "YOU CAN SUCK MY ASS!! You have to tell someone that you are going blind and yet you won't, pretending everything's fine, when it isn't. I can't even use my left arm and leg and I go to the potty in a diaper but you don't see me pretending everything is the same and I know it isn't! Tell someone that you are going blind! You told me but why not them? They care about you, too, and yet you're pretending nothing is wrong, making everyone scared. You tell me to be quiet about it but, you know what? Being quiet won't do any good, this is something you have to tell about and you want to be quiet! Hell no! It won't do any good to be quiet because what is in the dark will come to light! Is that what you want, to be quiet and act like everything is fine, while you stagger around in darkness, living in misery and sadness? If you want to be quiet, fine, suck my ass and live in the misery and darkness that will soon be your life, the life you won't let anyone be the light to."
    • We also get one from another from Chen during the events of 20XXV directed at Yume Ni for waiting, as well as wanting a then ill Reimu to die and it broke her:
      "You're one to talk about having one foot in the grave and, yet, you bear a grudge to the point of madness! If Reimu died, would you be happy then?! I'll let you know, I won't be. You speak of that as if she is unaware, yet, she is. She is fully aware of that and, yet, she does nothing about it because she can't and, to be honest, try as we might, we can't do a thing about it either besides make her final years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds happy, as that is really what can be done, yet, despite that, she enjoys life anyway and that, it seems, cannot be taken from her. Sure, she stabbed you with a pair of scissors but, to be fair, you kicked her in her face and, be noted, she tried to stab with a pair of scissors that one time, you fucking dumbass! And, to be kinda honest, I wish she had strangled you, just to the point where, if you survived, the scars from which would remain forever, serving as a reminder of your foolishness. You speak of Reimu having one foot in the grave, when you were born not too long before a time of madness, the very which we still bleed and heal from, the very which death would have been mercy and most welcomed. We ALL have had one foot in the grave, so you are in no place to talk. Hell, your own mother has attempted suicide more than once, had gone insane during that time, and went through a self-destructive phase, as well as the fact that she's almost died giving birth, Yukari's mind went to shit and she's spent most of her time insane, even contemplating suicide to appease the ghosts, to put an end to the pain, I attempted suicide, and Reimu couldn't even talk coherently and her innocence betrayed her, leaving her with memories she cannot even cope with. Death for her would be both mercy and tragedy and, yet, should she die, her final memories of you would be how horrible you were to her. As she lays sick in that bed, I'm pretty sure she is thinking about how happy you or everyone will be when she's gone because, as far she knows, all she does is cause trouble and doesn't want to anymore. As a matter of fact, her very existence seem to be loathed by pretty much most of the world and you harbor the same animosity, treating her with the same cruelty. What you deal to someone will come back at you a thousand fold and you dealt Reimu pain, something she lacked the comprehension of, thus she dealt it back, with something that terrified you. If she dies of her illness, I will leave and that will be it but I will NEVER forgive you for how you've treated her. May Inari Ōkami have mercy on your soul for the sins you shall spend the remainder of your existence atoning for and suffering through."
    • Earlier, we get one from Yukari to Paintbrush Bitch, when the latter called her a whore:
    "Oh-ho-ho, you have some nerve calling me a whore, BITCH! I've sank to levels that you can never barely manage to even crawl, let alone drag yourself, back from and I live with regrets that still eat and claw away at my very being, so do you seriously think I will take being a called a whore by a lowlife bitchy paintbrush of a kitsune who has no place to talk? HELL NO! I've been called that so many times that, after awhile of that and unbearable suffering, over and over and over, again and again and again, until I ultimately felt broken with little else to live for and wanting no more than to die, "Whore" may as well have been my name! Do NOT call me WHORE!!"
    • Earlier, in 20XXV, when the kids go missing, Ren, the resident Nice Guy, tells off Paintbrush Bitch
      "Pardon me, Miss, not meaning to be rude, but I think you are a total bitch and that your question is rather redundant because I care about them because I love them and they are very much like my own, especially since I've bonded with them, helped take care of them, sacrificed for them, and done almost everything for and with them, I cannot think of something horrible befalling them. They are but babies and that is the reason for the worry as people in this world, the real monsters, have no qualms about doing any of the things you've said. If anything, I do hope they either come back or that we will find them. They may not be your children but they are our children and we love them very much, also, we have lost far too many children and we needn't lose any more. Thank you for listening, fuck off, and shut the hell up."
    • From chapter 101, we get this from Reimu to Baka and it shuts him up for awhile:
    "All you do is complain of your life, yet you never do anything to make it better. If you hate your existence, then end it where it is. If you think ending mine will please you, then do it! Dance, fucker, dance! Do it! After all, you have nothing left to lose from putting an end to a little girl, especially one with nothing left to lose. What's the matter? What upsets you? Is it me or is it yourself? Dance, fucker, my patience is wearing thin! Hah-hah, you are just like all the rest, thinking the world owes you living, yet quick to complain. I don't want to be sick anymore and all I've done is to cause trouble, just a burden, and you complain! If you despise what is your existence, then end it. If you blame me for your misery, then, fine, end it, end it where it is! Do it! You have nothing left to lose from putting an end to a little girl. You complain of how miserable your life is, when no one wants to be someone else's burden or to be sick or different. I'M DYING, don't you understand that?! Aren't I dying? Aren't I? Nothing can be done about that and I don't complain. I should be complaining but complaining won't do a thing and neither will it make the sickness go away. You complain and bitch, when those that have the right don't!"
    • In Life in Gensokyo Village we get one from Yukari directed towards Reimu's then Missing Mom:
      "Listen, in some time, you may not care about this anymore so I'm just going to say what I have to say. Listen to me, I've always wanted to raise a family, to bear children of my own, but I CAN'T bear children and knowing I can't is something that has tortured me inside for a long time and it still does, rubbing salt even further in the wounds that already cannot heal. You bitch, I resent you deeply for reminding me of that and wanting the child you brought into this world back after you chose to give to someone else to play mother to and for squandering a gift that my own body denies me. If Reimu rejected you, then I'm sorry but you had it coming and it isn't like you didn't deserve it for being absent from her life from that period. If it weren't in Reimu's best interests for her to go back with you then I would have kept her and she was so happy with me."
  • From Imperfect Metamorphosis, Yuuka delivers a particularly scathing one to Remilia towards the end of chapter 42.
    Yuuka: "You're a corpse. A dead little girl, who should have been rotten away to nothing but maggot food hundreds of years ago, consigned to nothing but a skeleton and a stone with a name and two dates, if you were lucky. It is only because some other shambling corpse chose you for a meal that you remain. Do you comprehend, oh foul creature of the night? You're leftovers, a memory of a meal long discarded. So don't you dare go putting on airs with me, you pathetic, mewling quim! I can only pray that when your sister has been properly broken into and trained, she at least learns a measure of the humility that you are so sorely lacking."
  • In Touhou Ibunshu, Yukari receives several; most interestingly, some come from her closest friends and allies. For reference, this fic's version of Perfect Cherry Blossom was actually a suicide attempt on Yukari's part - an attempt that, if successful, would have also killed off all of Gensokyo in a particularly horrible manner. First, she's confronted by Yuyuko, and more or less tries to brush her off. Then Ran actually gets under her skin, prompting her to actually fight her beloved shikigami. Ran keeps hammering Yukari with her Death Seeker mindset, to which she responds with ever more brutal force. And to cap it off, when she's about to deliver a killing blow, Chen steps up to the plate and refuses to let Yukari execute Ran. Deprived of her last pawn and driven to the absolute edge, Yukari shatters. Later on, during the Imperishable Night section, Mokou again reminds her of the abominable acts she committed and mocks her attempts at redemption, comparing them to her own immortality and how she's doomed to go and repeat herself over and over. However, thanks to some hard Character Development, Yukari's able to shrug off this last attempt.

  • In the Twilight Hate Fic / Deconstruction Fic, Tough Love, Charlie has finally had it with Bella and kicks her out of the house after she wastes literally the entire school year in a Wangst-induced self-destructive depression after being dumped by Edward in September. Among other things, he calls her out for: treating him like crap even though he's her own dad, not taking care of her truck to the point that it needs $4,300 in repairs, driving away all her friends because she doesn't care about anyone who isn't the Cullens, getting fired from her job at the sports store by being a terrible employee, doing absolutely none of her homework or schoolwork (and ending up with a GPA of 1.3), and generally being a useless sad sack who's not good for anything other than complaining and crying over her ex-boyfriend. Most importantly, he makes sure to hammer it in how shallow and abusive her relationship with Edward is and the unbelievable amount of time and energy she's wasted sobbing over him for months.
    Charlie: "You're my daughter, and I love you. But—I will admit that right now I don't like you very much. And I'm tired of watching you tear yourself apart for a pretentious little bully who's so mentally unstable that he's ready to commit suicide on hearing a rumor of your death. I'm tired of watching you throw away your friends, your brain, your future and yourself. I'm tired of realizing that your idea of a perfect life is giving up on everything and everyone except a physically and emotionally abusive turd. I don't want to hear any more fucking lies about how you fell down the stairs or banged into a wall. And I'm sick over how many friends of mine, as a favor to me, have covered up the crimes that you and the Cullens have committed. That protection ends tonight, by the way. God knows I don't want to visit you in jail—but I will not ask my friends to continue to dishonor themselves for you."
    Bella: "I don't understand."
    Charlie: It's very simple. You're not getting your way. Your way means that you get to dictate terms and treat me and your mother like doormats. Your way means that you get to dash off to Italy instead of sending the idiot boyfriend a text message or an e-mail that says, 'Hey, asshole, I'm ALIVE.' Your way means that it's fine if you treat me like a thing and not a person. Well, it's not fine, Bells. It's never been fine, and it never will be.
    "Two more things. Then I'm done talking. You have fifteen minutes to pack and leave the house after that."
    "First—this isn't temporary. You don't get to leave and then come back in three days wailing about how miserable you are and how sorry you feel and please-Dad-I'll-do-anything. You succeed or fail on your own. Second, you running to the Cullens means you're not on your own. You can run to 'em if you want to—and you probably will, they seem to be your default setting these days—but just know that if you do, I'll take that as an admission that you aren't an adult and that you're not ready to be treated as one...not by anybody."
    "I gotta wonder why you're so eager to go to the Cullens. You say you hate it when they buy you things, when they take you places, when they make you food, even when they throw you parties. And it sure isn't Edward. You two barely speak. I bet you couldn't even tell me his favorite color. I wish I knew what they have that you want so damned much."

Night in the Woods
  • Towards the middle of The Broken Road That Led Me to You, Bea starts to spiral into a depression as her and Mae's road trip comes to an end. Since this is Bea we're talking about, she cruelly lashes out at Mae and all but states that she should have died during the events of the game. She regrets it immediately, but Mae absolutely snaps.
    Mae: "You know what?" [slaps her hand on the table]] "Maybe you’re right! Maybe I should have! That would have made a whole lot of people’s lives a lot easier, wouldn’t it? Mom and dad wouldn’t have to worry about their mooch of a daughter—"
    Bea: "Mae, no—"
    Mae: "—Gregg wouldn’t be so tempted to be a legend or some stupid shit, wouldn’t be off doing crimes with little ol’ Mae Borowski, the troublemaker—"
    Bea: "I didn't mean—"
    Mae: "—Aunt Molly could stop hunting my ass down every time I snuck out of the house! And Beatrice Santello could finally live her own little pathetic, miserable life in the crap shack her parents built because she can’t let go!"
    Bea: "Can't let go? Fuck you!"
    Mae: "No, fuck you! You just make excuses for things to suck! At least I try, Beatrice! I tried to go to college! I tried to pick up the pieces of my own shitty-ass life, to figure out what the hell I was going to do afterward! You don’t think I already hate myself enough? You think I need you adding to it all? Again?"
    Bea: [taken aback] "...Again?"
    Mae: "Yeah! How do you think it feels, having someone you care about, constantly bully you? Call you worthless, a failure, an idiot? When I got back home, you hated me. I know you did. Shit, you admitted it to my face. And don’t think I didn’t notice the way you were with Jackie. You... God, you broke me over and over again, and I just kept coming back for more punishment. Well. Guess you were right. I am an idiot. And an especially pathetic one, at that. Because I actually thought maybe you were a good person."
    • Later in the same story, Bea herself gives an incredibly cathartic one to her father when he tries to forbid her from seeing Mae. The downside is that this clues him in on the nature of their relationship, and he furiously tells her to Get Out! when her speech is done.
      Bea: "Forbid me? I'm twenty-one goddamn years old, you can't forbid me from doing anything, I'm not a kid anymore."
      Bea's Dad: "You live under my roof, and you'll follow my rules—"
      Bea: "Oh, bullshit. We only have that shitty-ass apartment because I got up every single morning and came to work here in this hellhole so that we made enough money to pay rent and eat every week. Meanwhile, you wasted away in your goddamn recliner, drunk off your ass, and yelled at me about every goddamned thing that wasn't up to your exacting standards. I gave up everything for you. Everything. I'm not giving up Mae."

Once Upon a Time

  • Mr and Mrs Gold: Belle gives one to Ella in Chapter 4 when she demands she return her husband.
    • Mr. Gold gives one to Moe French after he turns down Rose’s offer to help him in Chapter 6.

The Owl House

  • In chapter 3 of Locked Out, Eda absolutely tears into Lilith after the latter destroys the portal, trapping Luz and Amity in the human realm.
    Lilith: Edalyn, you have to understand, I was just trying to-
    Eda: What? Protect her? Protect me?! [grabs Lilith by the collar] Are you still trying to justify what you did?! Luz was never happy at home. But she was happy here. And you took that away from her. You crushed a young girl's dream and talk about it like it's something to be proud of. And you messed up Amity's life in the process... the girl you were mentoring, the one that you were supposed to protect! You know nothing about the human realm! Do you have any idea how dangerous it is there for someone like her?! She trusted you!
    Lilith: I-
    Eda: No. This time you'll listen. [lifts Lilith higher into the air] You always believe you're doing the right thing, no matter how in the wrong you are. And I'm so incredibly tired of hearing that over and over again. You've been trying to "save" me for such a long time. To help me get back on the "right" track. Maybe I'm not the one who lost her way, Lily. Maybe I'm the one that still saw clearly after they'd forced you into blind obedience. Maybe that's why I ran. Maybe I saw what they were doing to you, and when I tried to pull you out of their grasp and failed, I knew the only thing left for me to do was run. But you never stopped to think about that, did you? You were so busy trying to "save" me that you never considered you could be the one who needs saving. [drops Lilith to the ground]] You ruined the lives of two kids today. I hope you're proud of yourself, Lily.
    Willow: You really don't get it, do you?
    [Willow hesitates for a moment]
    Boscha: Well, what don't I get? Why don't you enlighten me?
    Willow: You think of yourself as this... this untouchable being that's so much better than everyone, and everyone else is supposed to worship the ground that you walk on. And why? Because you're good at sports? Well, newsflash, Boscha: you're not better than anyone. You're a lot worse than most of us, in fact. You never consider how you make anyone else feel with the way you behave. You're a terrible person! You're always mean to everyone! You've been picking on me for years! Why the heck would I want to be friends with you?! That you think of that as some covetable achievement for someone you've been bullying for years really says a lot about how self-absorbed you are. I do hope your arm gets better soon, though, because once it does, I can go back to seeing you as little as possible! [Willow gives Boscha a big smile] Have a nice afternoon, Boscha! See you tomorrow!
    [Willow turns and departs, leaving Boscha in Stunned Silence]


  • In the Persona 3 fanfic Second Time's The Charm, after Yukari gets home from a date with Ryoji, she responds to Aigis' claim that Ryoji is dangerous by saying "Well, so are you and yet we still keep you around. Goes to show that it doesn't really matter, does it?"
  • In the Persona 5 fan comic Haru's Beautiful Betrayal, Haru gives one to her (now former) fiancé, Sugimura.
    Haru: Shut up... [gets Sugimura's attention] That's quite enough out of you. If you think you can waltz up, say what you please, insulting me and him like that, you are sorely mistaken! I've put up with you until now, but you've finally crossed the line! You are an absolutely deplorable man, Sugimura-san.
    Sugimura: You filthy little who
    Haru: [interrupting] No, Sugimura-san. You listen to me when I'm talking. You will not press charges against Akira-kun here, unless you want me to counter with the full might of Okumura Foods. And that's not even counting your sexual harassment and the secret lobbying with my company behind my back. I think the both of us would rather avoid conflict, yes? I suggest that you save face and pretend this never happened now that I'm more inclined to divulge your mishaps to the public.
    Sugimura: Erk—
    Haru: We're finished here. It would be in your best interest not to bother me or my new fiancé ever again.

Power Rangers

  • In Power Rangers GPX, Green Ranger Daisuke split from the team along with his sister. That didn't work out too well, and she let him know:
    Hitomi: "Brother, Sean was right! You can't lead! Every time you try to lead, you panic and things just get worse! Not only that, you're a selfish jerk!"
    Daisuke: "Hitomi! What has gotten into you?"
    Hitomi: "I've seen what Sean was talking about! I wish I had never followed you!"
    Daisuke: "Hitomi, this is crazy talk! What's going on? Listen to me. You're coming with me!"
    Hitomi: "No, you listen to me! I'm tired of you always telling me what to do! I don't care about family loyalty anymore, I want to be like Maria and be my own, independent woman! For once, I am not going to do what you tell me! We should never have split with the others! We need them!"
    Daisuke: "We don't need them! If we need them, then our dignity as Japanese citizens is gone!"
    Hitomi: "DON'T BRING NATIONALISM INTO THIS! Nationalism has no place here! The Zordonians are a bigger threat than 'Japanese dignity' or whatever you're talking about!"
    Daisuke: "Hitomi, what are you—"
    Hitomi: "I don't want to be part of something if I can't be with my friends! Sean, Kevin and Maria were my friends! And you took that away! I know this is going to sound wrong but… I HATE YOU! YOU'RE A SELFISH, SPOILED, JERK! Your selfishness nearly got us killed, could have killed Sean, Kevin and Maria, and possibly doomed the planet!"

Ranma ½

  • In Childhood's End, Nabiki blasts Ranma and Akane with one of these when one of their many arguments drowns out a financial report she's trying to hear:
    Nabiki: "That ... is ... enough! The two of you are supposed to be eighteen years old, but anyone listening to you would think you were eight instead! It's the same tired, recycled arguments every time; can't you at least come up with something new?! Ranma's going to tell Akane she doesn't know how to act like a girl. Akane's going to tell Ranma that at least she is a girl, and not some sex-changing pervert. Ranma's going to say something about how good the food is and how glad he is that Akane didn't cook tonight. Akane's going to give up on words and smash him over the head with something. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were two children on the playground who don't know any other way to show that they like each other. I have had it! Why don't you two just grow up?!"
  • The More Things Change has Ukyo deliver one after Ryouga lambasts Ranma for the umpteenth time.
    Ukyou: Oh shut up. It's not like you're any better.
    Ryoga: What's that supposed to mean?
    Ukyou: (smirking) Leeeeet's see. One, you took advantage of Akane over and over...
    Ukyou: I DID NOT!
    Ukyou: sleeping in her bed as her 'pet'. Don't you deny it. Two, you're totally untrustworthy with a girl's heart. How many times did Ranchan make you fall for him?
    Ryoga: Don't remind me!
    Ukyou: If you were REALLY faithful to Akane, IT WOULD'VE NEVER HAPPENED! Three, you always picked a fight with Ranma for no reason at all.
    Ryouga: No reason? There was plenty of reason! Thanks to him, I've-
    Ukyou: -seen hell, yeah yeah yeah. Half the things you blame him for wouldn't have happened if you weren't so much of a jerk to begin with.

Red vs. Blue

  • In Don't Tell Me Cause It Hurts, Donut, currently having a bad reaction to anesthesia while being prepped for surgery and barely aware of what he’s doing, delivers two of these to Tucker and Wash, who are currently standing guard by his hospital bed. He also gives them to Grif and Simmons offscreen, enough to make Grif run off crying.
    Tucker: Would you get that look off your face?
    Agent Washington: What look?
    Tucker: Like the world's ending, we got past that already. We're heroes, remember?
    (Donut chuckles)
    Tucker: Hey, buddy. What's so funny?
    Donut: (repeating Tucker) We're heroes.
    Tucker: Yeah, believe it or not.
    Wash: Tucker, let him get back to sleep.
    Donut: I don't.
    Tucker: You don’t what, Donut?
    Donut: Believe it. We're heroes. I don’t think we are.
    Tucker: Of course we are. You're just too doped up to remember all the good stuff we did.
    Donut: Yeaaaahhh, about that. It's kinda not so great when you remember all the bad stuff we did.
    Tucker: We made some mistakes, but it all worked out.
    Donut: Did it?
    Tucker: Yeah.
    Wash: Tucker.
    Donut: Yeah, guess it did. Especially for Rogers and Cunningham.
    Tucker: What... I don’t...
    Donut: I think it feels weird you feel worse about them than you do about the innocent Feds you shot point blank. Especially in the canyon. We really didn’t need to fight in the canyon but... someone shot first.
    Tucker: Why? Why would you say that?
    Donut: Guess I'm just thinking it. (turns to Wash) Why are you even here? You tried to kill me.
    Wash: (quietly) I know.
    Donut: You almost did kill me. I like everyone. I don’t think I ever liked you, though. You're not a good person.
    Wash: I know.
  • In Recovery None, Wash delivers one to York in Chapter 56.
    Wash: Every fucking person I knew left me when I needed them. Every fucking person knew I needed help and they left me to straighten out Recovery and Freelancer and all this shit on my own.
    York: Wash, it isn’t like that. I don’t know the whole story for everyone but it’s not the whole story for me. Not by a long shot.
    Wash: I don’t care about your story. Your story has nothing to do with me.
    York: You’re wrong, it has everything to do with you – with everyone. Wash, I know you have to hurt right now but—
    Wash: York, you don’t know a goddamn thing about me right now. In fact, you never did. I was just the stupid, lucky rookie who got into the top tier as a fluke, remember?
    York: No—
    Wash: Your words. Yours and North’s. While I spent the past year and a half, alone, trying to figure out how everyone else had abandoned the project and me, I got to think about words a lot.
  • In Final Contact, Kimball tears into a UNSC committee after they unsubtly threaten to have the Reds and Blues have their pardon revoked and be arrested, as well as refusing to allow them to rescue Tucker, after everything they've done to help Chorus.
    Kimball: If I may. Vanessa Kimball, General of Chorus. I can vouch for the Reds and Blues, and that includes Agents Carolina and Washington, and the AI Leonard Church. We on Chorus were in a civil war, a blood bath and they gave themselves and their help to our planet and our cause. The UNSC did nothing. Your man, Hargrove, was a catalyst for death. The Reds and Blues saved lives and brought peace. The Reds and Blues were the only ones to discover the mole in your committee. The Reds and Blues have done more good than your manipulative, selfish committee. They fought for us and our planet, and we will fight for them. Captain Tucker was the best captain and commander I have seen, and I'll be damned if I let your useless committee stop us.


  • In Prerugrats, Original Character Zack tells Angelica off after finding out about the babies saving her from being stuck in the fence. The rest of them continue to be very mad at her, even when she cries.
    Zack: "OK, Angelica, I have a bone to pick with you. Your cousin and his friends saved your life, and you repay them by not only tricking them for the past, oh I don't know, one to two years now, but then, you go on YouTube, and with Peter's help, you tell the world that they don't exist? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"


  • Children of Remnant: Emerald gives Pyrrha one that doubles as Tough Love when Pyrrha goes on a rampage in the Emerald Forest.
    Emerald: You don't get it. I'm mad at you b-because... Because you're better than me. You've always been the one who I turned to when I needed to not feel afraid. You're stronger than Mother and you shouldn't have to be afraid of anything! And it's… it's frustrating that you're letting yourself get pushed around like this!
    Pyrrha: I'm not getting pushed around.
    Emerald: You are! You stormed out of the room, ran out of the school, jumped off a cliff, and started breaking things and you think this is you in control?


  • In Saki: After Story, found here, Teru gets this from Sumire when she and the rest of the Shiraitodai team catch her viciously beating her younger sister, Saki, as well as Nodoka when she comes to help, badly enough to send both to the hospital, after losing the tournament to Saki.
    Sumire: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you realize what you’ve just done? [...] And it was your own sister you did this to!
    Sumire: That is utter bullshit! I’ve had enough of your lying! I have obtained proof from your mother and father that Saki is your sister! And what you just did to her and her friend is absolutely inexcusable!

The Secret Saturdays

  • Kur in Zak's body manages to give an epic one to V.V. Argost in it will not obey you
    Zak: The worm is given a thorn and thinks itself a serpent. There is bravery, and then there is arrogance, and then there is impudence, Yeti.
    Argost: You're Kur.
    Kur: I will give you a choice. An eye for an eye. Your companions are here; I will give you a slow death at their hands.
    Argost: And my other choice?
    Kur: A swift death at mine.
    (Argost tries to attack Kur, but is prevented by the surrounding Cryptids)
    Kur: It seems they don't want you to do something that foolish.
    Kur: Are you satisfied with my ruling? Pitiful. You cast aside your nature to live amongst the humans; you pandered to their interests until you become the most popular of their kind. An entire lifetime spent flattering the race you wanted to rule, and you still harbored dreams of ruling them?
    Kur: You don’t have followers, you have fans. You don’t have power, you have bravado. And even if you’ve managed to hide yourself away from me, you are still one of mine. I have judged you, yeti. The verdict is the end to your miserable condition. Watch carefully: this is power. Engrave it into your soul.
    (Kur uses his power on Argost)
    Kur: Let’s meet again in your next life; there, do not make the same mistakes.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Maledict gives one to Jesus Christ while the two of them are duelling on the Typhoon's flight deck in Episode 75.
    Maledict: What would you know of courage and honor, slave? Listen to you and your wretches yelling of courage and honor, courage and honor, courage and honor! Do you even know the meaning of those words? Courage is doing what must be done, no matter the cost! You know nothing of courage. Honor is protecting my universe from scum like you! You know nothing of honor. You Christians and Muslims and Jews! You rape and pillage and burn, you oppress the weak, you torment the innocent, you keep the universe down with delusions of salvation! You and your Goddess take all they have, but that's not enough for you!
    Jesus: Then you're a slave as much as I am - enslaved by your power, blind to the future. Too hateful to learn. Too spiteful to prosper.
    • Earlier in the same episode, Shadow also gives one the Maledict in response to the latter's We Can Rule Together offer.
    Shadow: I made a promise to to a human I loved named Maria. I forgot that promise and I nearly wiped out an entire race because of it. You despise humans... and yet a human taught me the most valuable lesson of all; there are still things worth fighting for. Demon or Angel, it doesn't matter. I'm nobody's slave Maledict, especially not yours.


  • Steve and Kuri, two of the major Jerkops, give Robbie one as part of "Operation Hedgeclipper" in CWCollateral, just before they cook him alive in a deep-fat fryer and feed him to his sister Christine:
    Steve: Our masterpiece. So, Robbie... do you still want to know why we do it? Why we go out of our way to make you abominations suffer and die? Why we killed Mommy and little Christine? (pauses and sighs in exasperation) Who am I kidding? You just want to know why you, right? It’s all about you.
    Steve: (grins viciously) Because you’re what Chandler always wanted to be. A stunted, cutesy, loathsome little grub with two disgusting female stereotypes for playmates. No responsibility, no discipline, no consequences, no growing up, nothing but innocence and ignorance and an eternal childhood full of hugs and smiles and laughter and games and Mary Poppins and a perfectly awful family. (chuckles mirthlessly to himself) We know your grandpa, wittle Wobbie. We know how his mind works. From the moment you hatched, he’s been living out his fantasies through you because he and his worthless parents were all too repulsive and lazy and stupid to give him a childhood of his own. He put so much of himself into you that he ended up turning you into the avatar of his ideal youth. He can’t live forever as a human, so why not spend eternity as a Sonee, huh? Just like he always wanted.
    Kuri: (steps in to continue with her own points) As for your daddy? Well, he’s killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of innocent people because your grandpa told him to. He only spawned you and set up this lie you’re living because your grandpa told him to. You were never gonna be as fast as him... how could you, when your grandpa made him and your mommy start adding Everstone powder to your food? He’s worthless, spineless, a complete and utter failure. Just like Grandpa Chris. Just like you. (prepares to lower the mutilated Robbie into a deep-fat fryer) And by the time your daddy realizes we tricked him, you’ll be Kentucky Fried Chu. Don’t worry, we’ll send him down to join you soon enough... I have a feeling you two are going to have one hell of an interesting confrontation.
  • Chris Chandler receives a double whammy in the midst of "Operation Downfall". First, by Magi-Chan when he reveals that he made the Lioness Protocol to use against Chris.
    Magi-Chan: Silvana is on the other side of the city. Even now, your lies continue. You had no true excuses for your selfishness and idiocy, so you did the only thing you were ever any good at. You cast the blame at everyone but yourself. And look what has come of it. The Combo, dead. Sonichu’s family, assassinated. Your city, fallen. Your reign, ended. You are alone, Christian. Alone and helpless, an insect at the edge of a maelstrom.
    Chris: NO, NO, DAT WAS NOT MY FAULT, MAGI-CHAN! An’ I am not alone; I have, I have tha entire Chaotic Combo an’ Rosechu, an’ once my Female Fightin’ Force an’ I free dem from tha PVCC jail, den Sonichu will quit bein’ a selfish whiny JERK an’ be my-
    Magi-Chan: Oh, Christian, you never learn. You never grow. You never change. You stumble along like an angry child, playing out your role exactly the way I knew you would. Did you really think I engineered the Lioness Protocol to help you? To protect you? No. I did it to destroy you.
    Chris: Well, ah, Magi-Chan, dat is, dat is not a reason for you ta keep behavin’ like dis, ‘specially when you should be helpin’ me instead of runnin’ away an’ blockin’ my calls because you made an honest mistake an’ let tha Combo-
    Magi-Chan: I am the Combo. All that remains of it. The rest lie at your feet, Christian.
    Chris: Dese are NOT tha True an’ Honest Chaotic Combo! (trips on the Combo's bloody remains) PPPFFTTTHHH! BLAUGH! DESE ARE A GOD-DANG FAKE CLONE COMBO DAT THA PVCC MADE TA TROLL ME AN’ GIVE ME EVEN MORE STRESS! You let tha REAL Combo an’ Rosechu an’ her bay-bees all get kidnapped by tha Jerkops, an’ you are just givin’ me so much more HARD WORK ta get tha… for me ta stay in control of tha situation!
    Magi-Chan: Control? Do you feel in control?
    Chris: (Stares at the hideous chaos that CWCville has become, having no answer)
    Magi-Chan: So it begins. This is what your reign has come to, Christian. A utopia of your own creation. I hope you enjoy your paradise, Mayor Chandler. I am certain that I will enjoy mine.
    Chris: NO! Dis was NOT my fault, Magi-Chan! YOU were tha one in charge of tha Incredible Lionesses, so YOU should be tha one ta fix dis an' make dem stop!
    Magi-Chan: And yet... here you remain. There is nothing more to say. As a certain mentor of mine once put it... your usefulness has ended. Farewell, Christian.
    • The second from Sonichu himself, when he finally gets sick of his master and goes rogue.
    Chris: (Trying to wake an unconscious Sonichu up after an air strike) Hey, ah, hey dere, Sonichu, I know exactly what you are goin’ through, but I can tell you dat lyin’ around on tha job is not going ta solve anything! Y’all need ta start actin’ like a responsible adult an’ go straighten out all tha Lionesses from tha troll brainwashing dat Kevin Shaw an’ tha PVCC jerks did to them! I have been puttin’ up with FAR too much stress tonight, an’ it is time you took some god-dang init-, ah, time you stopped whinin’ about all your stupid problems an’ got ta work savin’ tha city, like a REAL h-
    Sonichu: (awakens with red eyes, and Thunder-Punches Chris) It’s over, Father. Magi-Chan may be a lying, manipulative, self-righteous cuckolding son of a bitch, but he was one hundred-percent right about you. You let my city fall to the invaders. You left me to die when I needed your help. And now, you just sentenced my entire species to death.
    Chris: Well, Sonichu, you should know better den-, you should know dat is NOT true in tha slightest! An’, an’, an’ dat is not… you are lyin’ ta yourself if you think dat I am tha bad guy here! But since you are my friend an’ all, I will let bygones be bygone, an’ not deduct any Respect Points toward you… if you start showin’ some maturity an’ apologize for dat!
    Sonichu: Apologize? As you wish, Father. I’m sorry. (repeatedly punches Chris with every apology spoken) I’m sorry I let Rosechu die. I’m sorry I let my children be butchered alive. I’m sorry I thought you would ever care about what happened to my family. I’m sorry you put your own desires for love and sex above your responsibility to CWCville. I’m sorry you abandoned your friends and let them be slaughtered. I’m sorry you’re naïve enough to think they’re still alive, and that you even have any friends left. I’m sorry that you were stupid enough to fall into Magi-Chan’s trap. I’m sorry you squandered your worthless life trying to lose your virginity, and I’m sorry I ever allowed my children to grow up in a world that idolized you. I’m sorry, Father. I’m so sorry.
    Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to do that? Three days ago, my family died. My wife and children, tortured and slaughtered. When you told me the PVCC had only kidnapped them, I wanted to believe you. I prayed that the world wouldn’t be so cruel. But I hadn’t realized just how far you were willing to go, how many lies you were willing to tell to maintain your sick, sad, naïve delusion of a life without any responsibility. I was blinded by vengeance. I channelled my anger onto the one you told me had destroyed my life. I believed that Kevin Shaw was to blame. But I see the truth now, Father. It was never Shaw. It was you. You brought this madness upon yourself, and everyone around you suffered because of it. Collateral Damage. And do you know what? Those lives mattered. Every Combo member, every EHPF officer, every Sonichu, Rosechu, Sonee, and Rosey that died because of your stupidity.
    And now, with one word, you’ve singlehandedly doomed our species. You think that just because you created us, it means that we were intended to live and die as you see fit? We're not your playthings, you naïve little boy. For ten years, you threw us at your enemies whenever you felt like it, expecting us to clean up your messes for you. In the past three days, I've seen my race drive itself to near-extinction, all for their beloved Mayor. And for what? I’ll tell you what. The death, the pain, the sorrow… it made me what I am. It gave me the strength to look beyond your lies, and see you for what you truly are. And now… I’m finished with you. I’m free. You’re not my master anymore, Chandler. But if it makes you feel any better, you at least accomplished one useful thing over the course of your wretched life. You told me that one day, you would make me the greatest hero CWCville had ever known... and you succeeded.

Stargate SG-1

  • Remnant- which features Daniel Jackson being taken as a host by the minor Goa'uld Zipacna- features Jack delivering one to Jacob/Selmak regarding what he's seen of the Tok'ra's attitude towards their hosts when he learns that the Tok'ra may leave Zipacna in Daniel so that they can try and interrogate the symbiote about Anubis's plans;
    Jack O'Neill: Carter wasn't given a choice before Jolinar took over her body. And while I stupidly agreed to have a snake put in my head, I did not sign up to be carted across the galaxy before being abandoned to face Ba'al by myself. Pretty damn hard to tell the difference between Gould and Tok'ra from where I'm sitting. [...] And where were the Tok'ra when my ass needed to be pulled out of the fire, you might ask? Nowhere to be seen, that's where. Carter, Teal'c and Jonas were the ones to figure out how to give me a chance to escape. After having to beg and threaten the Tok'ra to get the information they needed, I might add. And the only reason I was still sane enough to take advantage of that chance when it finally came was because that man back there refused to leave me alone, despite having the incredibly good excuse of technically being dead at the time. So the Tok'ra will gather more 'intelligence' and leave Daniel living what is literally his worst nightmare for one second longer than is absolutely necessary over my dead body. Is that clear?

Sword Art Online

  • I Will Not Bow:
    • In Blazing Revolution, Alice gives an epic one to Noboru about why she chose Ren over him.
      Noboru: All the times I've tried to make you fall in love with me, and you just treat me like trash! You stay with that stupid tactician of yours! What does he have that I don't?! Tell me!
      Alice: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Ren puts other people before himself. He'll risk his life to save others while you ran away and abandoned your friends just to save your own ass. I treat you like trash because you are trash, Noboru.
    • In Blazing Generations, Madoka constantly insults and dehumanizes Yui and Luna for being AIs. Lilly physically restrains Rin from attacking Madoka, which Madoka takes to mean that Lilly gets the picture of what she's saying, to which Lilly responds with one of these that manages to get under her skin quite well:
      Lilly: Oh, I get the picture alright. I get how pathetic you are.
      Madoka: What was that? You wanna say that again?
      Lilly: Well, it's just that when someone talks down to people, the truth is they're even sadder than the people they insult. So with all the horrible things you're saying about Yui and Luna, you must be even worse than that. Frankly, all I'm seeing is what a sad excuse for a human being you are. The truth is, it doesn't matter whether Yui's an AI or not. She's still stronger than you, smarter than you, and a better person than you'll ever be. So if you really need to talk down to her to feel better about yourself, then all I can feel towards you is pity.

Teen Titans

  • New Tamaran: President Steve Trevor delivers a two-parter (chapters 30 and 34) to Wildfire:
    Trevor: I'm calling to reason with you. Let me begin by asking a question: how is what happened at your sister's wedding any different than what you did in Metropolis?
    Wildfire: Oh, I see; you're the wise, old man giving bullshit wisdom to the stupid young kids, right?
    Trevor: Yes, I am a man. A man who has seen war for nearly a century. I've witnessed every atrocity that grown adults will do to each other, every act of sadism done against innocents, every type of cultural erosion done in the name of country, religion, power and greed. And now, you have just joined them in the ranks of evil. You treat war like it's a game, a game that you have initiated out of your own childish pettiness.
    Wildfire: That's not true at all. We still need a bunch of supplies to continue our colonization, and I've decided on a much better trade proposal. We're going to invade your planet, rule your people, and take everything we want in exchange for imposing on you the superior culture of a much more advanced species!
    Trevor: So, Congress was right to quickly reach a resolution then. You really are going to war over your neighbors. Well, as inferior as we are, we've known about the existence of intergalactic imperialists for quite some time. We wouldn't be so foolish as to not have some type of defense prepared.
    Wildfire: Oh yeah? Well, bring it on, bitch!
    • (later, after defeating Wildfire’s army in Washington DC)
    Trevor:: You are a king without an army, which doesn't make you a king at all. Tell me, how does it feel to lead your soldiers to defeat and ruin, all in vain? How does it feel to repay kindness with violence? How does it feel to go turn an oppressed people into a legion of brutes? How does it feel … to murder an angel?
    Wildfire: Well, you're a warrior. You should know.
    Trevor: So, you and I are the same, is that it? Here's where you're wrong. Yes, my whole life I have devoted to killing, but I kill so that my children's children won't have to wake up one day under the rule of a tyrant, and I kill so that those children who do wake up under a tyrant will no longer have to. I don't kill because I hate my enemies, but because my enemies' hate drives them to kill me. And I kill because I love my wife, and she will not return to this planet turned into your playpen!
    Wildfire: Well, I kill because I love my sister! And I can't look at you or any of your kind without seeing the face of that demon who took her away from me!
    Trevor: Then you’re not even a soldier. You’re just pathetic.
    • Raven/Spectre gives one to Blackfire
    "Your sister that you love to torment so much IS MY FRIEND! NOBODY HURTS MY FRIENDS! And that's exactly what you are - a pathetic nobody! You will have no friends to mourn you, no family to carry fond memories of you, and no legacy but one of sadistic misery. Your removal from this universe will be the only good thing anyone will ever say about you ... and I am going to enjoy making it happen!”

Thomas the Tank Engine

  • Restoring Lost Honour, a rewrite of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, has Emily delivering a brutal one to Sir Topham Hatt, after hearing from Donald and Douglas about how he cruelly and unfairly punished Thomas for seemingly trying to kill Ryan, when he was really saving him.
    Emily: What has happened to you?! The Sir Topham Hatt I knew when I was still suffering gave praise for good work, listened to those in need and cared for other's feelings! Donald and Douglas told me what REALLY happened and you just bought Thomas, your No. 1 tank engine, my true tears! Can't you see how troubled he is at you not listening to him?!
    Sir Topham Hatt: Emily, Thomas almost destroyed Ryan! He only makes more excuses and-
    Emily: DON'T-YOU-DARE-BRING-THAT-UP! Thomas didn't mean to derail the express coaches! He took them from Gordon because he called Thomas a 'silly little tank engine'. I understand Thomas needed to learn a lesson for being careless...but he only tried blaming me and Gordon because he was very scared of what you would say or do to him. Everyone gets scared if they do something wrong. He also found that blasted ship but you refused to listen to him and you selfishly gave Rocky the credit! And just today, Donald and Douglas told me he saved Ryan's life by pushing him into a siding and shunting the dynamite down the cavern!
    Emily: Did you ask the diggers or Ryan what they knew before you made your choice? Did you even give Thomas a chance to tell his side of the story? NO! You punished him without thinking to listen and just sent the diggers back to work, leaving him to feel sad! I agree that hearing 'it's not my fault,' sounds like an excuse, but this time, Thomas actually meant it! THOMAS IS NOT DESTRUCTIVE!
    [At this moment, Emily was so close to her controller, her front wheels were just barely touching his feet, but she was careful not to move any closer.]
    Emily: You've been too hard and overprotective of late, sir. Right now, you're acting like Diesel 10 than Thomas ever has since he found the pirate ship, or ever in his life! You've been mistreating him and practically BULLYING him just like Gordon and James bullied ME! You said it was your job to ensure that there is peace among us all...What RUBBISH, you top-hatted charlatan!
    [Looking at the plain, crystal-clear humiliation and shame on the Fat Controller's face, Emily knew she had won. At least he listened to the facts...for once, and Emily had gotten her point across perfectly. Still very angry, Emily reversed roughly, leaving Sir Topham Hatt free to get back up as she glared at him again, intending on finding Thomas so she could calm down and hopefully help him feel better. Now she spoke very quietly...and very dangerously.]
    Emily: Think about your recent actions, Sir...Topham...Hatt, think long and hard about how you treat Thomas when you next see him, because he thinks you don't want him anymore...we've almost lost him twice before, after Stanley arrived and when he drifted off to Misty Island. We were lucky to get him back...but if you're not careful, the Island of Sodor, or even worse, I could lose Thomas...forever...and if that happens, Emma's dying request will be shattered, and I will never, EVER forgive you. Diesel 10 had to hear these words; now you'll hear them too: YOU will put right everything you damaged! Now go apologize to Thomas this INSTANT! SAY YOU'RE SORRY!

Tolkien's Legendarium

  • In the 9th chapter of Heart of Ashes, the second part of The Heart Trilogy, King Wilhelm tries to assert his authority to Smaug who has just knocked aside Lord Beronor to help Kathryn through her vision. The unimpressed dragon-in-human-skin starts giving Dorwinion's conceited ruler — who insensitively treats Kathryn as his possession — an increasingly intimidating speech about his delusions of royal supremacy. It's sadly interrupted when Wilhelm has had enough and orders Smaug's tongue to be cut.
    King Wilhelm: You seem to be under the impression that you have any form of authority. This is my court, and as such I am the one who holds the power here.
    Smaug: Isn't that the arrogance of men. [chuckles coldly] To claim what they are not worthy of.
    King Wilhelm: I am worthy by right of blood and marriage! I am a king, and you are nothing more than a worm beneath my boot!
    Smaug: A worm... What lovely titles you give both to yourself and to me. But I have seen kings and empires fall in just one day, all gone in a cloud of smoke... And just now, as your narrow-minded advisors tell you, self-proclaimed kings are falling day by day, to die in the dirt, and be nothing but food for the crows and the worms. How wonderful it must be. To be lord of a flock of sheep that follow what little orders are thought of them. To be king of a realm that has always been second best, for it is not the wealthiest, nor the most famous, nor the most popular. A realm that will burn beneath the fire of wyrms and die with —
    King Wilhelm: ENOUGH!

Titanic (1997)

  • In Onwards and Upwards, when Rose and Jack survive the sinking and go back to Chippewa Falls to make a life for themselves, Rose delivers the following when her mother finds her and talks about how Rose should be 'grateful' that Cal is still willing to take her back;
    "That man is a downright dangerous criminal, and still you expect me to marry him! You truly are a pathetic excuse for a mother! You are a vile, selfish, self-obsessed woman, Mother. You don't even deserve that title, since you clearly know nothing about your own daughter if you think I would ever say another civil word to Cal for as long as I live. Oh, and by the way. I never did tell you the truth about how I met Jack, did I? He pulled me back over the railing of the ship after I slipped, after convincing me not to throw myself into the ocean. You claim to have my best interests at heart? Well those best interests drove me to wanting to kill myself, before Jack saved me. As far as I'm concerned, he is the only family I have now, and quite frankly I couldn't care less if I never set eyes on you again. Good day, Mrs. De Witt Bukater."


  • In Eugenesis, A time-displaced Optimus Prime gives a speech to a combined army of Autobots and Decepticons, telling them how they ruined Cybertron, and how they deserve to be enslaved by the Quintessons for what they've done, while at the same time delivering a Rousing Speech as well. To his horror, he gets applauded anyway.
  • A more gentle example occurs in A Ratchet Christmas Carol, where Swerve, Tailgate and Rewind inform Ratchet that his Doctor Jerk tendencies just make him come across as a bully.

Touken Ranbu

  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords: Multiple instances.
    Juzumaru: Shut your mouth. You shall never speak to me again. And you shall never fool yourself with your useless delusions again. Worthless sword, how dare you believe yourself the strongest ever known to man and sword when all you've done is getting us all in grave danger because of your incompetence? Worthless sword, how dare you treat me to your useless formal address when you never truly respect me? It's time you get out of your thick skull and wake up to the reality that you are but a weak, self-centered, delusional man who has never done anything right. It's time you accept that you shall never achieve you foolish dream and that you are a disgrace to the title of treasure sword you're holding as well as the entire Aoe school.
    • Kiriha in a Beware the Quiet Ones moment when he gives one to his deranged Big Brother Bully Ishida before trouncing him seven ways to Sunday for trying to murder the saniwa for selfish reasons.
    Kiriha: I won't let you. Even if you succeed in killing master, what will that achieve? Will it make you happy? If you are that bothered by betrayal, why would you take the life of someone you love so much? You go on and on about betrayal, but out of the three people in this room, you are the greatest traitor of all. Not the one who forgets promises once in a while. Not the one who left the Toyotomi for the Tokugawa because he has no other choice. It's the one who sees betrayal everywhere and hurts others, even his own brothers, for the littlest slights! You, Ishida Sadamune!
    Kasen: Maybe you're not a bloodthirsty, sadistic murderer. Maybe you don't even know what bloodthirst or sadism is. But this… Why do you insist on solving everything with your sword? Why do you place the mission above your family in danger? I don't know what you're thinking right now, but now I know that I've been wrong about you. If you do have a heart, it's as frozen as your name, Sasanoyuki.

The Vampire Diaries

  • In the AU The Vampire Diaries story "Return To Mystic Falls" Vampire Caroline (who was turned not long after the Salvatores) gives one to Logan Fell after he has killed her descendant Sheriff Forbes
    "You know I bet you probably think that becoming a vampire is the best thing that's ever happened to you. Not only can you be a womanizing prick but you can also kill the girls when you're done with them because you don't really care about them. You know I've killed my share of people and vampires just like you. Have fun in hell."
    Jeremy: Why are you only thinking about yourself?
    Caroline: I'm not even thinking about myself here. I am thinking about you. Have you even thought about how you're going to get blood? Plus you need human blood to turn. The only reason that Vicki was able to turn was because she killed Logan. You're just a kid, Jeremy. Maybe you should try to live your life a little before you try to join the afterlife. You know what, I'm breaking up with you because you have this sense of entitlement right now and you need to grow up.
  • The Vampire Diaries fanfic "Yoana" has Katherine's sister Yoana give one to Klaus.
    Yoana: You hurt people for no reason. You think that the only way that you can get people to listen to you is to push them around. You keep your brothers in boxes because they won't leave you and now you want these hybrids under the assumption that they won't leave you as soon as they turn. You're such a pathetic old man that desperately wants friends without wanting to take any real initiative to make them.
    • She later receives one from Lexi after refusing to turn her humanity back on
    Lexi: Maybe I can't, but you're the one who is suffering. You're the one who is too much a wimp to turn it on. You want to be this big badass that doesn't even feel anything. Why don't you ask Klaus why he hasn't turned off his humanity? He might say that he doesn't feel anything, but what about that breakdown when all of his hybrids died? What about all of those times that he's put his siblings in boxes? Just because you can't be hurt by the sun anymore doesn't make you better. All turning into a wolf has left you with is tattered clothing. I may be dead, but I'm nowhere near as pathetic as you. You're afraid to feel things because you don't think that anyone will love you.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

  • The Clan Quest Mod gives the player the option to join the Sabbat. This results in all of your former Camarilla and Anarch allies calling out how stupid you are for buying the Sabbat's claims of freedom while not realizing that you're still on some elder's leash.
    • From Gary:
      "So, the big bad Sabbat really sold you, hook, line and sinker? If it's freedom you want, you're barking up the wrong tree! Hate to break it to you, boss, but anyway you go, keeping your head down and barking 'Yes, sir' is all you were ever meant for."
    • From LaCroix:
      "Did you really think I wouldn't have contingencies for a loose cannon like yourself? That I wouldn't anticipate that impetuous chip on your shoulder? Please. Running off to join the Sabbat? You're an embarrassment.
    • From Nines:
      "You know what your problem is? You're gullible. You bought the Prince's lie that I killed the primogen - caused me a mess of trouble. Now look at yourself. You're ready to die for whatever bullshit the Sabbat got into that thick head of yours. I never shoulda wasted my time saving your ass."
    • From Bertram:
      "You really think you'll change anything? You think the Archbishop is any different than LaCroix? Follow this through and you're going to end up antediluvian food. But then, like any good zealot, I guess you're never one to hedge your bets..."
    • From Strauss:
      "The Sabbat - you fancy yourself dignified Kindred, but you bear your power like reckless, mewling children. Bang your head against a wall and call it a doctrine if you must, but know that you are no less a servant than before you partook in their... vulgar, squalid, degenerate blood commingling. And just as a child, you will allow their bedtime stories of boogeymen and vampire deities make a meek and obedient slave of you. You and the Sabbat do not intimidate me nor anyone with sense enough to recognize you for what you are: rapacious, self-interested diabolists and nothing more. I know not what lies within the sarcophagus, but with complete certainty, I know the Sabbat elders see it as nothing more than a path to their own ascension, a path for which they will gladly let you die. Fail to see this vision through and their hunger will soon turn to you, fledgling."

Warhammer 40,000

  • In Tales of the Emperasque, Bjorn gives to Lorgar Grimnar and Leman Russ a lengthy rant about Space Wolves chapter falling from one of mightiest into a parody of itself, as he has been there to see it all.
    Bjorn: Then clearly you haven't asked Grimnir how much our traditions have changed for the worse lately. I mean we used to use wolves as mounts maybe, symbols. We were literal wolves when overcome by the rage, and so on. But... lately, it's gotten to be so bad that it's actually a little embarrassing. (...) Can you even START to imagine what it was like, knowing for a fact that for the rest of TIME, I was going to be subjected to greater and greater desecrations of the Chapter, turning more and more into the furries the whole rest of the Adeptus Astartes have been calling us from the beginning; and all I can do about it is stress the parts of the legends that don't have wolves in them? All I can do is pray and pray in the few free minutes I get before they put me back to sleep that MAYBE, just MAYBE, they'll remember I have a lightning claw and a rocket launcher for arms, and put me back to GOOD use, instead of just using me like a ‘Baby's First History Holovid,’ and I'll get to go rip some Thousand Sons in half or something, rather than THIS! Fuck me raw and call me a Salamander, If the Blood Ravens want to use me for what I was BUILT for rather than that, they can paint me hot pink and call me a Pretty Marine!
  • In Return of the Primarchs, Sanguinius makes one to Astartes chapter Angels Penitent, once Angels Resplendent, when he realizes that they've turned into a fanatical nightmare.
    Sanguinius: This is not purity. This is a Nightmare. You were the exemplars of what we could be. (...) You are not my sons. You are an insult to me and the Emperor. You are animals, and I am putting you down!

Whateley Universe

  • In Hard Being Pure, Rust casually gives one to Snatch while ripping through the latter's robots.

Young Justice

  • Played straight and then subverted in With This Ring when Father Matias attempts to exorcise the Ophidian out of Paul by giving it a Breaking Speech aimed at deconstructing Paul's motive for fusion dancing with it.
    Father Matias: When you were in the false world you wanted to help your friends and your world. To achieve that end you wanted the Ophidian, a creature that is want manifested, to join forces with you.
    Ophidian!Paul: Yes?
    Father Matias: You wanted it, even knowing that it would most likely leave you unrecognisable in body and mind, if not soul.
    Ophidian!Paul: Yes.
    Father Matias: You wanted it more than you wanted to remain you.
    Ophidian!Paul (feeling pleased): Yes.
    Father Matias: The two of you pursued your aim until the scenario reaches its conclusion, at which point... The whole thing is revealed as an illusion. Your initial justification, the very thing which made you want to do something that you would never do under normal circumstances, was revealed to be a response to a situation which never really existed.
    Ophidian!Paul (beginning to Freak Out)
    Father Matias: That was the real reason for your confusion. You might have accepted having your mind altered as the price of saving your friends, but just letting it have the run of your body? No, you wouldn't do that. Then, when Miss Martian started showing signs of distress-You had something to want again. As long as you want something, the elemental within you has a hold on you. Have you slept since the end of the training scenario? You have the power of a pagan god and you spent the morning making ice cream. Paul, is that gain proportionate to what you gave up? Would you make the decision that you made in the training scenario if all that was at stake was ice cream?
    • Ophidian!Paul gives one about Martian Manhunter to Black Canary.
    Ophidian!Paul: Now, we have a question for you. Who is taking over M'gann's telepathy training?
    Black Canary:J'onn is-.
    Ophidian!Paul: No. If this debacle has proven anything it is that his abilities as a teacher are sadly deficient. M'gann needs a competent teacher.
    Black Canary: Do you blame him for what happened to you?
    Ophidian!Paul: Yes. To Orange Lantern and to our team mates. The Ophidian.. objected less.
    Black Canary: That seems a little harsh. He was as much in danger as the rest of you.
    Ophidian!Paul: He failed to assess the strength of M'gann's telepathic abilities in advance of the scenario. He did not investigate the effect of telepathic effects on power rings, despite working with two Green Lanterns for several years. He did not ask Orange Lantern about specific risk factors relating to the orange light. He decided to use a high stress scenario for our first use of that training technique instead of starting with something more basic. And when he entered, he was overwhelmed by our emotional response to the situation. Do Martians not study lucid dreaming? Self hypnosis? Why did he not bring in another telepath to oversee his attempts to liberate us? Why did he not use a psi-baffle or inhibitor collar on M'gann from outside? A catalogue of errors. He may be a highly effective police officer but he has demonstrated himself as an inadequate teacher.
    Black Canary: That...I.. Some of that may be reasonable-."

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfic, Agents of Light, Damian, whose been making Obelisk Blue students who lose to him wear Slifer Red jackets, gives one to Crowler and several of the Obelisk Blue students for mocking Chazz because he lost to Jaden.
    Damian: So Crowler, you're demoting Chazz because he lost to a Slifer Red eh? Well then, I guess by that logic, you should have a significant pay decrease right? Because if I recall, Chazz isn't the only one in this room who lost to a Slifer.
    Crowler: That-that was different! Chazz was using rare cards that were shipped to the academy when he lost!
    Damian: Last I recall, you used a deck that went well beyond the decks that the other proctors used when you lost to Jaden. [Turns to other Obelisk students] And judging by your faces, you two aren't actually Slifer Red students, but Obelisk Blue right? And if I recall, the reasons you're wearing those uniforms is because you lost to a Ra Yellow. Now who was it...oh yeah. It was me.
    Chazz: I don't need your help Damian.
    Damian: I know. I just don't like these guys pretending that losing to Jaden is worth mocking somebody over because it makes them feel validated over their uniform.
    Damian: Admit it Crowler. It's not simply because he lost to a Slifer for why you're demoting Chazz. It's because he lost to Jaden Yuki, who you had a hate boner towards for months all because he beat you in a duel, and humiliated you during one of your classes. Grow up.
    • Adrian Gecko later gives on to Damian for letting his desire to show off nearly jeopardize their mission to take over the world for The Light of Destruction, calling him just as arrogant as the Obelisk Blue students he mocks.
    Adrian: You're not special. You act like having a more advanced deck makes you the ruler of the world. But thanks to you being unable to think about consequences, Industrial Illusions is mass producing the cards from your dimension. And sooner or later, everybody's going to be using these more advanced cards in the future, leading to one of our biggest advantages going down the drain.
    Damian: I needed to make these cards more public so that we wouldn't arouse suspicion when we use them.
    Adrian: And you couldn't have made due with a regular deck, and only use your real ones for duels important to your mission? Or was needing to come off as one of the best duelists at this school so important to you? You jeopardized your task and your secrecy all for your wish fufillment. For all that talk you give to the Obelisks about their need to validate their ego, you're just as guilty of it as they are, if not more so. The only difference between you and these arrogant Obelisks you talk down to on a regular basis is that you have the skills to backup your ego. And in time, when they start busting out these cards from your dimension regularly, whose to say that'll stick?
  • In State Of The Meta, Erin gives one to the Obelisk Force for their hostility towards Jamie despite him making the group to help them, all because he said their dueling skills weren't as good as their rank of Obelisk Blue made them out to be.
    My question is this. What unforgivable offense has been done to you all to cause such hatred to fester towards Jamie? Jamie is not Zane, that much is obvious, and the difference lies in dirtied hands. Zane had no obligation to help any of us improve as duelists, and why would he? For his first two years on the island, he was completely unchallenged. Even I had no chance of defeating him. He soared higher and higher, and never looked down at any of us. I cannot blame him. Jamie is now in the same position as Zane, and he instead chooses to lift you up. He said as much, and he has delivered. We have everyone in Obelisk Blue coming to meetings. Indeed, Jamie has never failed any of you by word or act. Zachary Akiyama, what great evil has Jamie Lancaster done to you that you would regard him as a villain? Is it for defeating you during his initiation to Obelisk Blue, Madison Takamura? For holding one of the seven spirit gate keys and risking his life for this island, you would disdain his offered helping hand? What horrible injury has he inflicted upon any of you? Name it, name it right now before Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra. Lift the fog from our eyes so that we may see this scum for his true colors.
    [The Obelisks remain silent in shame.]
    That's what I thought. I will take the liberty of calling you all what you are – cowards who lack the courage to admit your shortcomings. You have been told your whole life that you are elites, superior, bound for greatness, only for the buoyed words of your parents to crash upon the rocks of reality.


  • Played straight and then subverted in Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams, when Psyko has led an army of brainwashed supervillains in a mass invasion and beaten Sleepwalker to within an inch of his life. Sleepwalker, already half-made with guilt over Psyko's creation, completely loses his mind and tries to kill his human host Rick Sheridan. It takes some Epiphany Therapy from Rick to bring Sleepwalker around, and when Sleepy comes back for round two, Psyko tries the speech again, only for Sleepwalker to throw it right back in his face with a Shut Up, Hannibal! retort of his own.
  • See It My Way in The Harmon Verse had the Original Character, Jack Harmon, unleashes one on Figgins
    Jack: Here's an idea. Why don't you grow a set and learn how to play the game? You let the Cheerios get away everything under the two suns of Jupiter and what they do isn't even worth the price of admission. You have a chance to have winners in this school at something, anything, and you are too stupid to see it.
  • In Part 2 of the fan-made Cold Case Season 8 premiere "The Company", the Victim of the Week, ex-CIA agent Jeff Royce, gives one to his murderer and former boss at the CIA, Bob Garrison right before he's killed note :
    Jeff: This was never about national security. This was about saving your own ass. You know, it's funny. If you'd left him alone, he would've taken it to his grave. All he wanted to do was forget everything that happened, start over here. But you just couldn't stand the fact that someone somewhere had something on you, that something was out of your control.
    Garrison: I've spent nearly thirty years protecting American lives. I don't have to justify myself to you. Now you better decide if some camel jockey's worth it, Jeff, because you've got a lot more to lose than I do.
    Jeff: You don't scare me. Anything happens to my family, they go missing, have an accident, I've made arrangements to have everything come out.

    And just for the record, he's more American than you'll ever be.
    Garrison: (raises gun) Where is he!?
    Jeff: (shakes head) I'm not giving him up to you, and you're never gonna find him. You're not that smart. (begins walking away) Now, if you're going to shoot me, then do it already. Otherwise I- ( Garrison shoots Jeff)
  • The Suite Life on Deck story Roommates has Bailey give one to Cody calling him out on his behavior that he displayed in the show after she starts showing interest in Zack. Also, she is suffering from amnesia.
    "Well even if everything that you say is true, I can tell that Zack is a good fellow. You, on the other hand have done nothing but make statements to draw attention to your own intelligence and you seem to think that you are the smartest person in the world. You make it seem like I don't have a choice in who I want to date. Well I do, and I choose him.
  • Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood's version of Karkat gets these all. The. Time. It's implied that if he wasn't the Imperious Grand Advisier, second-in-command of the enormous troll empire, he'd be getting even more. Unfortunately for the deliverers, his bottomless pit of self-loathing and pension for kissmessitude mean that, more often than not, they just end up turning him on.
  • In the fanfic Scooby-Doo! and the Forgotten Land, Scrappy-Doo, OF ALL PEOPLE, gives a scathing one to Mystery Inc. Love him or hate him, you have to admit it's one of his best moments:
    Velma: Scrappy, I know you're mad at us for a lot of things but you were annoying at a level not permitted on kids shows!"
    Scrappy: Oh yeah, Velma? I was annoying?! Well, what about YOU? You annoy people with your smartypants facts and know-it-all personality! Who do you think you are? Daria?
    Velma: WHAT? No I don't, and I don't act like Daria! Well, um...maybe I did act a little like her in 'Mystery Inc'...
    (Author's Note: That's true you know)
    Scrappy: W'll bottom line, Velma—You, my uncle and those three—
    Fred: We have names, you know!
    (This resulted in Scrappy giving him a death glare. That shut Freddy up.)
    Scrappy: You five will never know what's it like to be unloved! You could get through movie after episode after video game, and the world STILL loves you! YOU GUYS ARE THE ONLY CHARACTERS THE WORLD STILL LOVES BECAUSE YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
  • In A Certain Crazy Christmas Special, Touma says this against Bad Santa:
    "Let's settle this you imposter," Touma yelled.
    Santa glared. "What did you just call me?"
    "You heard me. You may have been assigned the name, you may have been mocked and ridiculed for it but you have done nothing to earn it! You don't bring happiness to good children by giving out presents; you do the complete opposite and steal for your own selfish gains. Face it magician. You are nothing but a crazy old coot hiding behind a facade. You are not Santa and I'm going to shatter the illusion that you have anything to do with this holiday!"
  • Chapter 5 of Keena & the Defendants of Constan Magic Academy has Keena doing this in a Dream Sequence to Junko, likely a possible Take That! and Lampshade Hanging on how both anime and manga adaptations of Demon King Daimao don't really expand their implied friendship:
    Keena: Junko…you never really tried being friends with me. I did try, but you were too occupied being selfish in trying to either try to befriend Akuto or kill him. You're kind of a constant enigma, never understanding the word "misunderstanding", always trying to look cool that you're in a notable family. When you and Akuto were on an arranged marriage, you never bothered to invite me, so I had to stay alone on the Acadamy. Look how good that turned out! Do you also even remember what happened on the beach school? I accidentially caused a sea cucumber to spray all over you, and despite me trying to tell you "sorry" and trying you just told me "to stay the hell away", which hurted my feelings! You're just a quick-to-judge kind of person! You care for yourself, your family, maybe Akuto, but nothing more! You don't care about having friends! At least I was shy, which explains why I struggled, but look at you, you were class representative! You've hurt my feelings twice and God knows how your selfish behavior could've hurted more. I once said you and Akuto were best friends…but maybe I should've shared more… I've changed a bit, and while the previous me wouldn't be annoyed, I am now. I hopefully should never see you again, you shallow-headed, uncaring, bitchy, JACKASS!
  • In the Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light, the main character, Helen, gives a rather epic one to Pitch, her biological father.
    Helen: Whoa! Who are you to tell me what to do?
    Pitch: I'm your father!
    Helen: Oh, that makes perfect sense! Yes, you're my father! Who, for the last couple of centuries, has been parading across the planet scaring the pants off little kiddies and trying to plunge the world into darkness! And when you finally realize that you have a daughter you not only kidnap me and try and turn me into a creature of darkness, but you also think you have the right to tell me who I can and can't date! Actually, just who I can't date!
    Pitch: It is a parent's job to make sure their child does exactly as they say!
    Helen: (punches him) What kind of father tries to turn his own daughter into some kind of shadow being? If you really cared about me you would do what was best for me, instead of what's best for yourself. I can't be forced to be someone I don't want to be.
  • In the Glee story A Different Direction, Faith Hudson gives one to April Rhodes:
    Shut up! You are an alcoholic, loser, criminal whore. I'd like to see what Mr. Schue ever saw in you because I don't see a single redeeming quality about you. I think you need to get the fuck out of here before I call the cops and you get labelled as a sex offender for the rest of your life.
    • She also gives one to Kurt, mirroring Finn's speech in "Theatricality", although more focused on how Kurt always thinks he's right and didn't even ask for her opinion when decorating their room.
  • In the Moana fanfic There's More Than One Way To Shine, Maui, many years before the events of the story, was best friends with Tamatoa until he one day found the crab killing some humans who attacked him. Enraged, Maui attacked Tamatoa and ripped off his leg. Years later, after the events of the movie, Moana and Maui save Tamatoa when he is severely injured, and they take him to the surface to heal. Tamatoa and Maui's relationship is strained, and Moana manages to get their history out of them. Tamatoa finally unleashes his pent up anger at Maui for mutilating and abandoning him. This makes Maui reflect on his actions, and allows the two of them to reconcile and become friends once more.
    Tamatoa: Of course, because humans aren't capable of lying, either! No, I MUST be the one who started it! I'm from the Realm of Monsters, after all; we monsters are all the same, aren't we?! I'm no different from them, right? I'm a greedy bastard with no feelings who only cares about himself! That's what you told me, isn't it?! You think I didn't CARE, Maui? Did you think I didn't learn anything from you, that I didn't love it when you came down to see me because I thought I was actually worth your time, that you didn't inspire me to try to be better, that I thought I hadn't actually thought I could finally be close to someone despite having lived my life in that godforsaken realm where the only thing you're supposed to feel for others is hate?! Well, you're wrong, Maui! I cared! Maybe I didn't know how to show it in a way you'd understand...I didn't even understand it...But I cared! But you always put the humans first, and did I ever complain? You dedicated your entire life to a race that didn't even appreciate you! They left you on an island to rot, just like your parents left you to drown in the sea! I hated seeing you so pained, but no matter how hard I tried, nothing I ever did or said could make you feel better! Only the humans could do that, couldn't they?! You trusted complete strangers instead of me because I was never good enough for you!
  • In Episode 11 of Sword Art Online Abridged, Kayaba himself gives a truly epic (and largely true) one to the SAO players after being outed as Heathcliff for being Too Dumb to Live:
    Kayaba: Allow me to indulge myself for a moment, and tell you what every content creator has wanted to say their audience: FUCK. ALL. Y'ALL.
    Kayaba: Do you have any idea what it's been like trying to lead you people!?!? You ignore all of my strategies! You adamantly refuse to work together! And then you blame ME FOR ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS!!! (sighs) I tried, you know? Lord knows I tried. But there's just no helping you people! It's like you crave death. But not just any death, NOOO! You fuckers seem to have some sort of pool going to see who can end their existence in the dumbest, most avoidable way possible! And you just keep ONE UPPING EACH OTHER! Do you know, how many of you have died, screaming Leeroy Jenkins? More than zero! Which, as far as I'm concerned, is grounds to exterminate the SPECIES!'
  • In the Zootopia fic, "The Rehabilition Of Dawn Bellwether", after learning about Dawn Bellwether's parole, Judy Hopps becomes suspicious, and starts obsessively tracking down her new workplace to confront her for everything she's done, especially given a recent night howler case. Eventually, she decides to take one last chance by simply taking a drive-thru order during her night shift, resulting in this somber confrontation:
    Bellwether: Well go ahead. Say what you wanna say to me. That's why you're here, right?
    Judy: Dawn... You lied to me. You betrayed me. You tried to kill me and Nick. You nearly destroyed Zootopia, and hurt so many mammals, and for what? For power?! For revenge?! ......... I know what the evidence showed in the courtroom, about Doug and the others. But that doesn't change what you did, and the reprehensible things you were responsible for. ....... And to make me a part of it... To make me help your cause without knowing it... ........ I can NEVER forgive you for that! I came to Zootopia with my own demons and prejudices. But I overcame them. I didn't let them devour me, like you.
    Bellwether: I could tell you all the reasons I did what I did, but it's all just excuses. At a certain point, you have to take responsibility for your own life, and stop using what others did to you, or how wronged you were to justify your actions. ...... I did some truly awful things, and I regret every bit of it. I know you probably won't believe me... But I'm sorry.
    Judy: You're right... I don't believe you...
  • In the RWBY Fanfic Ripples Ruby, who was raised by Raven, Summer, and Taiyang, gives one to Jaune after he starts hanging out with Cardin after Cardin found out he snuck into Beacon Academy.
    Ruby: Hello again Jaune, coming back from hanging out with your real friends?
    Jaune: Look Ruby I’m sorry I don’t want to do that it’s just.
    Ruby: It’s just what?
    Jaune: Complicated. Look Cardin has some dirt on me that if it gets out I’m out of Beacon.
    Ruby: So you’re afraid of a little blackmail. Cardin revealed to the whole school my family life when he didn’t get what he wanted from my team but we got through it. You on the other hand buckled at the first sign of opposition. You earned your way to the most prestigious hunter school in the world, yet you act like a coward. I expected more from you.
    Jaune No I didn’t I ran away from home and faked my way into Beacon. Cardin found out about it. One wrong move and I’m gone. I’m trying to figure out a way to get out of this by myself. I’m sorry. I probably don’t deserve to be a hunter.
    Ruby Your right You don’t deserve to be a hunter. Not because you faked your way here, but because your trying to everything on your own and abandoned your true friends when things got rough. We are put on teams for a reason. And that reason is so that we can bring the best out each other. The reason that you keep failing is that you just keep fighting for yourself, even if you want to do good. Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren are your team, your family they care about you more that you think but you just keep pushing them away in some deluded sense that asking for help is something to be ashamed of, and if you truly worked with them you will reach heights that Cardin can’t even dream of. So the choice is yours you can keep this to yourself and fail again and again, or open up face the consequences and make up with your team so you can truly soar. You have a month to choose, I won’t have my friends killed because your too much of a coward to face the music.
  • In the Victorious fan fiction No Where Else, Tori has to stay at Jade's house. While Tori tries to get along with her at first, eventually she has enough of Jade's behavior and the two get into a fight. During their fight, this exchange happens:
    Tori: Oh yeah, you're big bad Dad. It's always his fault. It's either him or your Mom.
    Jade: Careful Vega. Don't say something I'll make you regret.
    Tori: Like what Jade? Like how you've had a normal childhood?
    Jade: How dare you.
    Tori: I dare. You're not the only one whose parents got divorced. You're not the only one whose parents ignore you. And you know what, not all of those people act like you. When Trina had to get her wisdom teeth taken out, my parents left town and dumped her on me. They expected me to take care of her all by myself. Right now I'm worried some maniac is going to get me and my Mom can't even be bothered to call. I'm nowhere near as bitter and angry as you. And I haven't tried to do half the stuff you've done to me. I haven't tried to get you expelled from Hollywood Arts. I haven't tried to drive you in the middle of the desert to bury you. I haven't tried to ruin the prom for everybody because of a scheduling mistake you had no control of.
    Jade: You did try to steal my boyfriend.
    Tori: I didn't. I helped you get back together when you two broke up.

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