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  • In Chapter 8 of the Steven Universe and Fullmetal Alchemist crossover fanfic Happily Ever After, Van delivers one to his son William when the latter is trying to find Malachite's hospital room.
    William: "Just tell me where Ivy is."
    Van: "No."
    William: "Careful, Father. Don't do or say anything I might make you regret."
    Van: "Like what, William? Like how you've had a normal childhood?"
    William: "How dare you."
    Van: "I dare. You're not special just because you were conceived through rape. You're not special because your stepfather resented you over how you were conceived. You're not special because your mother took out all of her frustrations on you. You're not special because your parents disowned you because you fell in love with someone they didn't like. And you sure as hell aren't special just because your siblings on your mom's side ignore you. Plenty of people have dealt with these things, but you know what? Not all of those people are like you. I can count on one hand the other people I personally know who have dealt with at least one of these hardships. One of Garnet's mothers was kicked out of her house because she dared to fall in love with another woman, for God’s sake, but she's nowhere near as bitter and angry as you are."
    William: "What's your point?"
    Van: "My point is that the way you've coped with everything that's happened to you... you've been going about it all wrong. You've passed that on to your own children. How you've acted is affecting them. Have you ever considered that maybe the reason Malachite was sneaking off and fooling around in a love triangle with their own uncles was because you were too caught up in your own little bubble to notice something was up?"
    William: “That’s ridiculous. Ivy’s too much of a loner to do that kind of crap, right, Solaris?”
    Solaris: “C’mon, Grandpa. You don’t know Ivy like we do.”
    Van: "No, you don't know Malachite like I do. The way you keep deadnaming them and misgendering them makes that very clear."
    William: "I'm clearly not getting anywhere with you, Father. C'mon, kids. We can just go find Ivy ourselves."
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  • In the Harry Potter and Durarara!! crossover fanfiction, Game of the Future, Shizuo gives a particularly scathing one to Izaya after Izaya tells him he thinks humans are scum and are fun to mess with.
    (Izaya chuckled darkly, and then laughed maniacally, an act which not only infuriated Shizuo, but also made him scared.)
    Izaya: What's wrong, Shizu-chan? Have I scared you...? Good. I must let you know one thing. I am above humanity, I don't succumb to their petty emotions, their disgusting, ludicrous, self-centered, twisted ways... I watch them rise and watch them fall like the pathetic little creatures they are... sparing a look of pity for them... pity that they hadn't resisted their fates some more. I mean, what's more pathetic than giving into a destiny that isn't yours and just not even fighting at all?
    (Shizuo glowered at him, and then he slugged him so hard that Izaya fell to the ground, writhing in pain, clutching his cheek, which now felt absolutely numb. He could feel red crimson dripping down his face and landing on his slender fingers...)
    Shizuo: Let me tell you something, flea. It's that disgusting attitude of yours that repulses me. No, it's more than that: it's that cackle you make every time some innocent girl you befriend online and then toy with decides to off herself because you've fucked with her mind: it's that face I see with no emotion as he mocks his 'prey' and lets them suffer because he thinks he's doing them a 'favor', and also, it's that damned lack of self-empathy you have. Can't you feel for those people you cut down and lead them to madness? No, you can't. You're convinced you're above everyone else, Izaya. No one else can tell you you're wrong: they must be insane. That must be the answer for everyone that can see through your facade and see you for the twisted, insane bastard you are-
    Izaya: ...
    Shizuo: I'm not finished yet, bastard. You know what else I hate about you? I hate your Goddamned self-righteousness, how you think this entire world revolves around you and your pathetic schemes. God of the world? No, you're just an egotistical asshole who feels it's okay to put others down because he's really that insecure about his madness that he feels he should drag down others with him. IF you had any heart Izaya, you'd be changing your ways. But no. All you do is cling to your pathetic lies and make excuses.
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  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fanfiction A Shadow of the Titans, Jade gives a masterful one to the Master of Games during the last fight of the Tournament of Villainesses after he proclaims he always wins:
    "Yeah, because you stack the deck. And brag about beating up a girl who has already fought hard while you sit on the sidelines. I know real badasses, and you don't even come close to the list," Zhu Chan taunted.
    "Enough of your impudence!" he commanded, firing a starbolt at her. She burst it with an optic blast.
    "Sloppy. You may have a lot of power, but you didn't earn it. They may not have been smart, but at least they know their own power, idiot," Jade shook her head.
  • In Kage (a part of Project Dark Jade, like A Shadow of the Titans above) Jade gives one to Will over her disgust of the Guardians for framing Raythor for a crime he did not commit, getting him banished to the Abyss of Shadows in the process.
    Will: You're a coward Kage, hiding in the shadows instead of having the guts to face me head on.
    Jade: Funny that you of all people would talk about cowardice.
    Will: What's that supposed to mean?
    Jade: Only cowards frame an innocent man and make him be banished from his own world.
    Will: I did no such thing. Neither did my friends.
    Jade: Don't lie. I know all about what you did to Raythor, how you desecrated his loyalty and honor. And for what, for a blue brute who only deserves to be banished?
    Will: We had to do it to save Vathek. Besides, he rightfully deserved what happened to him. Raythor is a traitor to Meridian, the same as all of you Knights.
    Jade: Traitors, us? I think that you have everything backwards. Who betrayed his vow by spying for the Rebellion? Or betrayed his vow by helping the Rebellion? Vathek and Tynar are the ones that betrayed their principles and words of honor, not Raythor. They are the true traitors. As for you five, well you are even less than them. You are no heroes, you never were to begin with.
    Will: We are the Guardians, chosen to fend off evil to save the Universe. We helped bring down your master and all his minions. We are heroes.
    Jade: So, saving one measly world makes you heroes? Don't make me laugh. I know true heroes, true champions of good and justice. They never compromised their ideals and principles in order to win against evil. Compared to them, you are less than a pale imitation. You don't deserve the position that you hold.
    Will: You talk big for a bad guy that is about to be defeated. Besides, your type doesn't care for heroism and good.
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  • In Better Living Through Science and Ponies, this is, as in the games, GLaDOS' bread and butter. She delivers particularly brutal ones to each of the Mane Cast in turn, plus Ditzy Doo, preying on Rainbow Dash's fear of failure, Rarity's vanity, and Pinkie Pie's fear of loneliness. She tells Applejack that she's stupid, tells Twilight Sparkle that the others are only her friends because Princess Celestia is bribing them, and tricks Fluttershy into killing the Companion Cube. However, when she tries to apply the same on Princess Celestia, the Princess effectively engages in Troll Judo, turning every one of GLaDOS' taunts back on her. Even a psychopathic A.I. specialized in Passive-Aggressive Kombat and psychological torture can't compete with Trollestia.
  • In Children of Time, Beth Lestrade stands up both to dark!Holmes and Professor Moriarty.
    • For Holmes:
    Holmes: "Believe what you will, Miss Lestrade — it is of no matter to me. As is your regard for the man you once knew.”
    Beth: "Then what does matter to you? The fact that because you’re now oh-so-aloof-and-alone, you’re not going to be hurt anymore by the people you love? You’re not going to have to see them get hurt or die?”
    Holmes: "That was the entire point of Moriarty’s taking me under his wing, so to speak — the man wished for a protégé, an equal he could mold into a facsimile of himself. As you can see, he was rather successful.”
    Beth: "You coward."
    • For Moriarty:
    "You're not going to win. Sorry, but you can't. It's not in your nature. You will always... beget... your own destruction, because destruction is all you can do. That is why, in the end, you will always lose."
  • In Connecting the Dots, Robin trolls Sasuke while Sasuke is trying to torture Robin with the memory of the day his parents died:
    Robin: "It never gets any better, does it?"
    Sasuke: (angrly ignores Robin)
    Robin: "People will tell you the pain goes away, that you'll find a new life, that someday you'll forget all this." (Sasuke intensifies the memory) "But it never does. Others will tell you that once you kill those responsible, then you'll feel complete, then you'll be able to live with yourself. But it doesn't get easier does it?"
    Sasuke: " Do you ever stop talking?"
    Robin: "Only if I have a reason to. Witty banter distracts the opponent, often causes him to underestimate his foe. "In this particular case, I can see that my talking annoys you, so I have all the reason in the world to continue talking."
    • Later:
    Robin: "You know, it's not like you're the first person to try this trick. Scarecrow, Headmaster, Dr. Destiny… I've had more people then you'd believe dig up this scene and show it to me. And no offense, but compared to them? You stink at this."
    Sasuke: "Be quiet!" (intensifies memory)
    Robin: "I'll bet I can guess why, too. This sort of thing is too close to you. You understand it too well to go all the way. So. Let me guess. Your parents died when you were young, and now you've got a vengeance complex built up. I understand that, believe me. In your case, though, I'm guessing you've got some ego-centric issues—that you're somehow 'different' than anyone else because of this experience and that means you can just do whatever."
    Sasuke: "You know nothing. You know nothing of the pain I have endured, you cannot conceive…"
    Robin: "Tch. I know what it's like to lose your parents. I know what it is to lead a life in the shadows, trained by a man who barely knows how to live himself. I know what it is to sacrifice any chance at a normal life for the protection of others, which I get the feeling is something you DON'T know."
    Sasuke: "Oh? And what about losing your entire clan? Do you know what that is like?"
    Robin: "No." (shrugs) "Do you know what it's like to lose your entire planet? Your entire species? Neither do I, but I know plenty who have, and none of them are as big a loser as you are." (laughs). "So you've lost a lot. But have you ever sacrificed something? Or do you just think you deserve everything outright? Cause seriously? That's like a little baby whining for toys he can't have."
  • Chapter 7 of The Devil and the Detective has Michio Yuki giving one to Conan Edogawa when it comes to hiding his secret from Ran Mouri.
    Michio: I think you're the one who's lying. Not to Ran, but to yourself. You're the one who refuses to let her accept the truth. Deep down, you knew that if she founds out who you truly are, your life will have to go back to the way it was before. Your days of protecting her secretly are at an end, Shinichi, so as your attempts to hide. All your dreams have been shattered, haven't they? Life is like that, detective. Sooner or later, the people who are close to you have the right to find out this secret of yours. Whenever you tried to make someone forget about it, it's gonna smack you down. On the bright side, at least you and I won't have to see each other ever again.
  • A Hero has Dalek Sec deliver an epic one to Kyubey:
    Kyubey: They never asked.
    Kyubey: Such techniques were necessary for the efficiency of the plan. I don’t understand, you are an advanced species, yet you cling to such primitive concepts like emotion like a younger race. It’s confusing, higher levels of technology can only be obtained by dedicating the mind to logic. How can you be so advanced?
    Kyubey: It is inefficient. There surely must be a more practical shape for you.
    Kyubey: Surely such a form must have caused problems.
    Kyubey: You?
    Kyubey: And what word is that?
    Sec: (Powering up weapon systems) EX-TER-MINATE!!!
  • From the same author as above, Sec delivers another epic one in the his chapter of The Conversion Bureau - Wrong Universe, telling TCB!Twilight Sparkle exactly how hollow pony superiority is and exactly how wrong the conversion bureau's logic is, before destroying the barrier, which kills Celestia and leaves Equestria open to human counterattack. As one reviewer noted, if a Dalek gives you a "Reason You Suck speech" and it makes sense, you know you really suck.
    Sec: (in response to Twilight offering an alliance against humanity) RE-QUEST DE-NIED.
    Twilight: What?
    Twilight: But- (is zapped by Sec's gunstick)
    Twilight: You... this... What you have done is an act of war!
  • In Erin's Total Magical Adventure:
    • Amanda delivers one to Courtney when she made Miyuki cry by insulting her love for fairy tales in ETMA Aftermath: Jocks and Princesses:
    Amanda: Even though Miyuki Hishizora has faults, they have their nice parts. While you... your faults make you one of the worst people I know. You blame everyone but yourself, you expect everyone to bend their tails backwards for you, and if you don't get your way, you throw a tantrum while threatening people with lawsuits. Well, Erin-sempai, SG, myself and a few other are princesses; yet we don't threaten others with execution just because we didn't get into a contest! (...) And you're supposed to be a CIT — which is a good example for young people — yet I don't see anything good about your way! In fact, if I had to choose between you and Heather to babysit my sisters, I would pick Heather; because she has some good in her, as she was able to get herself a boyfriend, while you drive yours away! You're not a TV star that would be remembered in a good way; heck, even Mal will be more loved then you were! You're nothing but a spoiled brat who will just be alone in her life if you don't fix your attitude! (...) And one last thing. What I said is merciful compared to what Ragna would had done if he had heard you insult Miyuki like that.
  • To Kill A Thief has Light saying one to Miyako for her attempts in trying to catch Jeanne without knowing it's Maron.
    Light: All those people fighting for justice, they lose. You want a world where people like that are made to be fools? Look at yourself, Miyako. You just made yourself a fool. Unlike you, who constantly denied her best friend is a thief because of the similarities, I immediately knew she's the thief we've been hunting down because of the similarities. You are a useless detective, Miyako. Do you hear me? Useless! Useless because you refused to believe your best friend is the thief we've been hunting down. If you want to be useful, kill the others! Shoot them! Shoot Maron and Chiaki!
  • In Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless , Eggman calls out the rest of the Mane 6 for their refusal to trust Twilight in the past, even managing to completely break Princess Celestia by calling her out for treating Twilight as a tool for using the Elements.
    Dr. Eggman: Stop. Just stop right there, Celestia. You've embarrassed yourself enough. I let you speak because I was willing to give you a chance to prove me wrong about your relationship with Twilight, but you've done nothing but disappoint me! You haven't told me anything I don't already know, and you clearly can't take a bone when it's thrown at you! [...] [W]hy do you hardly ever see her on your own time anymore? Why does your faith in her seem to be off and on? Why can't you just be open with her? Because you image is more important than anything you care about?! If you do care about her, Celestia, you have a funny way of showing it! [...] Did she tell you her worst fear was you turning her away forever? I don’t know what you did to her, Celestia, but the fact that that’s her greatest fear means you two don’t have the kind of relationship you think you do! Maybe you should have taken how she feels more into consideration, hmm? [...] You still think that, despite everything, you and Twilight share something special? I believe you had some good words of wisdom for this kind of situation. How did they go again? Oh yes, I remember; You have a lot to think about.

    Dr. Eggman: Oh, shut up! Don’t embarrass yourself the way Celestia did! Hang on to whatever dignity you have, you pathetic excuse for an intelligent being! You gave Twilight some minor comfort, yes, but it’s meaningless when you consider that, whenever one of you does something, she’s often there to comfort you and you can’t return the favor! Like the friendship report incident. When all was said and done, it was out of sight, out of mind. Just like with the whole time travel loop. After all, it’s Past Twilight’s problem, isn’t it, Pinkie Pie? And of course, her brother’s wedding. You think you can ignore what your decision to not trust Twilight could have led to after it was over and the problem and everything associated with it will go away, just like that? Well, get a load of THIS, ponies — it doesn’t work that way!

    Dr. Eggman: Oh sure, Rarity, stick to that same old attitude of yours! Turn your back when you don’t want to hear something and wait until the last minute to do something about it! It’s the same thing with all of you! Heck, Twilight’s brother did it and everything turned out fine in the end!
    Shining Armor: What’s that supposed to mean?! My special talent is defending the weak; that’s what my cutie mark represents! I joined the Royal Guard and became Captain to protect those ponies, and I would never turn my back on them or Twilight!
    Dr. Eggman: Oh no? What about the day you were supposed to be married to Cadance and ended up at the altar with the Changeling Queen instead? Do you remember what happened that day, pretty boy? How you threw away all the trust you had for your sister just to fulfill what you wanted?
    Shining Armor: I was under Chrysalis’ spell! I wasn’t in control of what I was doing!
    Dr. Eggman: Indeed you were, but do you know what that spell actually did to you?
    Shining Armor: I-It stole my love and brainwashed me to neglect Twilight.
    Dr. Eggman: Not quite, Shining Armor. Yes, it stole your love and fed Queen Chrysalis, but the only other thing it did to you was make you believe she was Cadance, no matter what she did. Everything you said to your sister, you said it of your own free will! Her spell had no influence over you in that regard!
    Shining Armor: Th-That’s not true!
    Dr. Eggman: Say what you want, but you know the truth. I’m not a big fan of magic, or the fact that you ponies have somehow found a way to integrate it into science, and even I know what that spell did.

    • Finally, He rips into Twilight's friends again for ignoring her concerns and treating her like a babysitter.
    Dr. Eggman: So let’s review the facts, my little ponies. You’ve all known Twilight for quite a while, Spike, Shining Armor, Cadance, and Celestia knowing her even longer and at least one of them being able to recognize when she’s under stress, and unless Twilight is addressing a large group of ponies, you’re all extremely quick to brush off her worries or misgivings as mere annoyances! [...] Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Nightmare Moon returned, you five decided to stick with Twilight despite her saying she’d rather go alone. You stuck by her and shared the magic of friendship with her. Whatever happened to that attitude? Are you all hypocrites or something? You stood by her when she said it wasn’t necessary, and then when she comes asking for help, you turn your backs on her?! If that’s the case, it’s no wonder you were blind to what you were doing to her! [...] When have any of you ever actually had to beg for forgiveness from each other? The closest any of you got to that was Fluttershy, and it was after she proved she was giving up her new ways. If Twilight had to beg or ask if you forgave her, that would be petty and selfish, wouldn’t it? She probably thought that would make her look like a foal again and NOT a friend! So what exactly could she do that would make her look mature? Not much, other than pushing how she felt into the back of her head and trying to prove herself as a friend! [...] She’s been trying to prove she’s more than what she’s been reduced to. Time and effort wasted on you self-serving idiots. [...] I’ll tell you what I know for sure now: your little Twilight is seen as little more than a babysitter by her ‘friends’, said ‘friends’ don’t notice things that threaten their happiness until it’s right in front of them, and Twilight’s feelings don’t matter to them!
    Rainbow Dash: Y-You’re wrong! We do care about how Twilight feels!
    Rarity: W-Well, Twilight’s a smart girl. She should…
    Dr. Eggman: HAVE YOU?
    Applejack: …no.
    Dr. Eggman: My point exactly. Based on you, the ones she surrounds herself with, it looks like Twilight was only half-right. Friendship IS worth fighting for… but only when it has benefits.

    • Earlier in Chapter 14, Shadow gives a Tranquil Fury-laced one to Shining Armor after he, in the middle of a heated argument between the two, pushes the black hedgehog's Berserk Button by making an insensitive remark about him apparently not caring that Maria sacrificed her life for him. After Twilight, Sonic and Tails talk Shadow out of actually attacking him, the black hedgehog calms down and the speech finishes with him giving Shining advice on avoiding the mistakes he'd had problems with him for.
    Shadow: I’ve heard a little about you. I was hoping you might have learned something from your experience, if everything I’d heard was true. But your display just now tells me you haven’t.
    Shining Armor: What are you talking about?
    Shadow: (folds his arms) The way you looked at her, like nothing else was important... no wonder you were fooled.
    Shining Armor: (angrily) And what do you know about love?! Have you ever felt it before?! (picks up on Shadow flinching despite his back being turned) See, you do know what it is! So how can you criticize our love when you know what it’s like to love somepony?!
    Shadow: It’s a matter I’ve chosen to move on from. It has nothing to do with this.
    Shining Armor: What are you moving on from? Are you saying it was a lie, that something somepony gave you was wasted on you? That you don’t care for them?
    Shadow: (taken aback) ...what did you just say?
    Shining Armor: You heard what I said! Whoever you’re talking about, it sounds like she would’ve been better off not knowing you!
    Shadow: Oh, really. Is that what you think?
    Shining Armor: Maybe it is! She must’ve done a lot for you; did you ever do anything for her?
    Shadow: (growling) Ignorance... [...] if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it would be ignorance. (turns and slowly walks towards Shining) Ignorance that causes people to simply assume what they know is fact. Ignorance that prevents people from opening their eyes and considering just for a moment that not everything is as simple as it seems. (begins glowing red with Chaos Energy) And you reek of it.
    Shining Armor: (backs up nervously as Shadow approaches) What are you talking about?
    Shadow: You think a lot of things are simple, don’t you? What reason do you have to think otherwise? I’m sure you hold a high position and you have a good relationship with your sister. You both probably had a nice upbringing. Not all of us are lucky enough to get that, you know. [...] I didn’t have ‘parents’, per se. I had creators. One wanted to find a way to save the life of someone precious and for me to be a savior. The other wanted me to deliver what he wanted to him and for me to be a destroyer. I was introduced to the one who the former wanted to save; she did more for me than you could imagine, and she didn’t properly know all the things you take for granted. She didn’t know what it was like to have the wind blow past her, to see the blue sky above her... to just live. And she never got a chance to, due to their ignorance. I tried to save her when they wanted to silence everyone who knew about me. No matter what happened, her safety was more important to me than anything. And yet...
    (the frightened Shining bumps backward onto the edge of a nearby fountain, before Shadow roughly seizes him by the neck)
    Shadow: (furiously looking him in the eyes) Do you know what it feels like to be ready to give your life for someone if it means saving them, only for them to do it for you? (yanks his head closer) Do you know how it feels to see someone who means more to you than anything lying there in front of you, hurt... AND YOU CAN DO NOTHING BUT WATCH THEM DIE?!
    Twilight Sparkle: (after an incredibly tense pause)’re talking about Maria, aren’t you?
    Shadow: How do you know about Maria?
    Sonic: I’m sorry, Shadow, but while we were running around earlier, we saw a few things from the past. One of them was Eggman’s demonstration of the Eclipse Cannon’s power. Spike and the girls weren’t sure what to think, so we told them about you and Gerald. But I only told Twilight, Spike, and Scootaloo.
    Tails: And I only told Applejack and Rainbow Dash. We only told them so that, in case we ran into you, they wouldn’t think you were a bad guy. I swear, we didn’t tell anyone else the whole story.
    (after staring at the three for several more seconds, Shadow turns back to Shining and releases his grip on him, dropping him to the ground as he takes a few steps away. Cadance immediately runs over and picks him up)
    Shadow: (turns back to them) Let me give you one piece of advice. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to not pay attention to everything else; especially others that are important to you. Forgetting what’s really important blinds you and makes you prone to anger. (glances at Shining) I think you’ll find that the things we say that we end up regretting the most are the things we say in our anger... because they’re often the last things we ever say to someone. As for you... (turns to Sonic, Tails, Twilight and Spike, and his red Chaos Aura fades away as he begins to leave with Team Dark) I understand what you tried to do. And while it’s not necessary, I do appreciate your understanding and concern.
  • In Child of the Storm, Thor, of all people, gives one to Snape in a way that reminds that he really is Loki's brother.
    Thor/James: It must just kill you to see Lily’s eyes staring out of my face, mustn’t it. She was your friend. I think you loved her, which is why you hate him all the more, seeing a living reminder that when it came down to it, she chose me. Not you. Me.
    • For context, Thor was previously incarnated as James Potter and he now has those memories back.
    • When Hera obliquely threatens Harry an entity heavily implied to be the Phoenix and/or his mother briefly possesses him to deliver a vicious speech.
    I see your soul, Lady Hera. It’s not a very nice sight. All dark and twisted. See? I know you, Hera Argeia. I know what you are. You think you’re special, but you really aren’t. There are uncounted billions like you all through the universe. I’ve seen your kind at close quarters. And none of you are that complicated. The only difference is that you have just a bit more power than most. You’re upset and you just want to lash out. You want to make other people suffer because, just for a moment, it distracts you from your own pain. And you don’t care what happens when you do. You don’t care when parents lose children, children lose parents, sisters lose brothers and brothers lose sisters. No. In your mind, you’re the only person that matters. Or you were. I’ve shown you how much you don’t matter. You turned your own children into your pawn, the agents of your vengeance. You never paid them attention for very long. You loved them, but only so long as they did want you wanted, they were who you wanted them to be. And that’s not love. Queen? Goddess? Mother? You’re not even fit to be a person. And now you know it.
    • Fury gives ones to Petunia Dursley in Chapter 4, after Thor has gotten his memories as James back, and he, Tony, and Fury have exposed the Dursley's abuse of Harry to all of Britain via the national papers.
    Fury: Yes. Me, Petunia. I am very angry with you, young lady. When you were younger, I thought you would be fortunate if you were half the woman your sister was, magic aside. Now… you aren't fit to lick her shoes. Your parents would be ashamed of you.
    Petunia: They supported my freak of a sister, they always did. They preferred her. I don't care what they would think.
    Fury: "Since you were a total bitch from after Lily got her letter, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. As it was, they loved you both equally, even if you made it damn difficult for them not to prefer Lily. And frankly, if you don't care about what they would have thought, you're even more of a hopeless cause than I thought.
    Petunia: Lost an eye, I see.
    Fury: Yeah, avenging the sister you didn't damn well deserve. Besides, I only need one eye to see you for what you are: a jealous little girl who turned into a bitter middle aged woman who married a man who puts the ass in jackass. You didn't grow up, Petunia. You just got older.
    • M gives a brief one to an utterly broken Petunia after interrogating her about something in Harry's past.
    M: I knew your parents, you know.
    Petunia: You did?
    M: Yes, if only in a professional capacity. But from what I did know of them, I can state this with confidence: they would be utterly ashamed of you. Good day to you.
    • Doctor Strange gives an excellent and concise one to Gravemoss in chapter 77 after the latter boasts that the breakdown in the walls of reality has made him, a Necromancer, stronger than ever.
    "Perhaps. But what you have missed is that while you can drink ever deeper of the poisoned chalice of Chthon’s power, the same applies to me, to the magic of the Earth, of the Nine Realms and the Nevernever. So really, if you thought you were going to beat me at my own game, you were sorely mistaken.” He stepped forward, and as he did, he reached out. Then, with power, the likes of which the world had not seen in millennia, in his hands and death in his eyes, the ground cracking beneath his feet, he advanced on Gravemoss. “Because all you’ve done, you rank, arrogant amateur, is made me stronger!"
    • In Chapter 2 of Ghosts of the Past, Director Wisdom gives an epic one, capped by a Badass Boast, aimed at the general incompetence of the Ministry after the Death Eater attack on the World Cup:
    "The Dark Mark is in the sky. The Death Eaters are up to their old tricks. The security of Britain is threatened. All because you stupid bastards didn't do your job at the end of the fucking War! You just let them all slip away, didn't you, with excuses like 'a big Death Eater made me do it and ran away'! And now they're back. Maybe not organised, maybe nothing but drunks out for a bit of fun, but now all the cockroaches are scuttling out of the shadows and that's a problem because you know what? Voldemort's back too! He's back and he's using them as fucking puppets! I am the Director of MI13 and because you lot are incapable of policing yourselves, it is now my job. If the cockroaches are going to crawl out of the shadows, I'm the one who's going to turn on the lights. I have the authority of the Crown behind me on this, so I assure you, Diggory, that right now I can do whatever the hell I like, and god help whoever gets in my way!"
    • And in chapter 10 of Ghosts of the Past, Natasha and Yelena Belova (the would-be new Black Widow) wind up in a brutal fight, where Natasha takes her challenger apart, verbally and physically, savagely tearing apart her delusions.
    Natasha: You have no concept of what the Soviet Union was really about. You would have been a child when it ended, and you saw the last years, the years of perestroika, of glasnost. You did not see the famines and purges of the 30’s, the horror of the Great Patriotic War, and the many dark days between then and the end of the Soviet Union. I saw them. I fought in the War, against the Nazis. I fought against Germans, Japanese, Italians, Americans, Britons, Frenchmen, Spaniards, Chinese, South Vietnamese, South Koreans, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, Greeks, Turks, even Russians and Ukrainians, and so many more. I fought against creatures of our world and this one, and ones that you could not even begin to imagine. I fought them all for the Motherland. I lived through the darkest of days, I did the most terrible things, things that even you, you mad, vicious little girl, could not even comprehend, all for the Motherland. But I came to realise that the Motherland only saw me as a weapon, as a tool. We are Black Widows, Agent Belova. We were not made to be like Captain America, to be paraded, honoured and admired, to be heroes. We were made to be used. And did you think that we were the only ones? Of course we were not. There have been others, before you, before even me, because we were always meant to be replaced.
    Belova: You might be expendable. They might have been. But they were weak. You are weak. I am not.
    Natasha: You think that you’re different. Of course you do. You want to. They make you want to, the same way they made me. They took your desire for approval, for admiration, for something even approximating love, and they twisted it. You would do anything for them, just to get a pat on the head and a ‘well done, Yelena’. And you would accept that because they taught you that your only purpose was to serve the Motherland, and by the Motherland, they mean them. They told you that you were different from the others, that you could be the best, that they held out special hopes for you. They told me the same thing, and every other girl they thought possessed enough talent. They told us that so we would strive to be the best, to live up to their expectations, to avoid disappointing them. They did it to create loyal little weapons, beautiful, deadly, and completely obedient. And that’s all you are, Agent Belova. You are a weapon they programmed.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Transformers: Generation 1 crossover The Transformers My Little Pony Crossover 2, Discord attempts to harass Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge, boasting about how he is the Spirit of Chaos. Galvatron shows Discord his memories of Unicron (scaring the crap out of him in the process) and proceeds to dismantle him.
    [A flash of light blinded Discord, and he found himself back in the Canterlot throne room. He was on his knees and hands, hyperventilating, shaking. He looked up. Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge were glaring down at him.]
    Discord: W- what… was that?
    Galvatron: That, was Unicron. He is the true Chaos Bringer. He has devoured countless worlds, killed trillions of lives, and is among the most powerful beings in existence.
    Discord: But what about me?! I'm the Spir-
    Galvatron: You are nothing but a clown!
    [Discord flinched.]
    Galvatron: Do you hear me? You are nothing but a sad, pathetic, clown. A bad joke.
    Discord: B- but I-
    Galvatron: You know nothing of chaos. And do you know why? Because you are not chaos. You saw my memories. That was true chaos. Your little tricks? Pathetic.
    [Discord felt something within himself begin to change, as if his whole purpose in life had been suddenly extinguished. He did not realize it, but the color of his body changed from its usual bright pigments- to a dull grey.]
    Galvatron: And now, you will die for wasting my time.
  • Working Together has Valmont accusing Rika of being arrogant and deceitful as Shendu.
    Valmont: I can give out some examples of you being arrogant as Shendu, but they are too much so I'll give out an example what makes you deceitful as Shendu. You said you cared for Renamon, but what about the part where you said you don't need her? If you don't call that deceitful, I don't know what is. Oh, and you're traitorous as him. You betrayed the trust of your own mother and grandmother by not telling them about your Digimon adventures just like how Shendu has betrayed his demonic brothers and sisters by ignoring their release when he's first released from his stone imprisonment. Before you know it, you betrayed Renamon by saying you didn't need her. Well, that's just kind of like how he did betrayed me when I blindly trusted him too much of giving me the treasure of Qin Shi Huang in exchange for all 12 talismans to restore him to his true form. What else is that you have betrayed Takato and Henry by saying you hate Digimon. Shendu once again betrayed his brothers and sisters by lying to them that he can get them all out of his portal when only one being can enter it to the real world. So, tell me, Rika, does that make you arrogant and deceitful as Shendu?
  • This two-part fanmade Death Battle between Freddy Krueger and The Joker has both participants giving each other RYSS's at the climax of their fight:
    Freddy (after using the Dream World to remove the Joker's insanity, reducing him to a normal sane person): Hehehe...what's wrong, Jack? Don't like your new look? I figured you needed a look that would blow your mind. Well, mind-blown yet?
    "Jack": What...what did you do to me?
    Freddy: You want to know what I did? Let's just say I'm a man who feeds off of fear. And I got to admit, you were a tough one to break. Someone off their rocker isn't going to be scared of anything, right? Well, wrong. Even crazy people are scared of something and I got figured out. (stabs "Jack" in the leg as he attempts to flee) As I was saying, it took me a while, but I got you figured out. You're scared of being normal. You saw what a fucked up world we live in and decided it was better to be crazy, right? Because when you're crazy, the whole world begins to make sense and you can just ignore all the horrible things you wanted to forget. That's why you went nuts, right? The bills, your wife, your job? You wanted to never remember all that and you decided to go crazy to escape all that. Got to admit it's a great philosophy but... (slashes "Jack" across the cheeks, leaving a smile-like scar across his face) but life's gonna hit you hard. Now it's time for you to get a good taste of how much life isn't fair and how it's only going to get worse from here on out, bitch.
    • This turns out to backfire horribly on Freddy as having his insanity removed allows the now-rational Joker to realize that it's All Just a Dream, allowing him to pull himself and Freddy back to the Real World where Joker delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Freddy in revenge for his previous humiliation and gives a RYSS of his own before infecting Freddy with Joker venom to finish him off:
    Joker: So, you're probably thinking to yourself, 'Oh, woe is me! How could this happen to me? Why did it have to be me who gets to be the plaything of this man'! Well, here's the reason: you decided to fight me, The Joker. And let me tell you, Frederick, that was both a bold move and a stupid one. You see, I saw your memories when you peeked into mine and I know you well enough. And I know for one thing you're nothing but a choir boy compared to me. So you killed all the children in ONE town? I've killed more kids than you ever had. Men, women, children, even a few animals! So you keep coming back from the dead even after these kids kill you. I keep coming back from the mouth of Hell every other week and quite frankly, it gets boring after the first six times. So you fought a hockey zombie and became a god with a book? Big whoop! I became God once too and got bored with it! I looked straight into the eyes of a god of death who casually destroys planets and I just laughed right in his face. For all your accomplishments, Mr. Krueger, in the end, you're nothing more than a small fry. A little fish who wants to be a big fish without realizing that there are sharks all around him. It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic.
  • In Frozen Turtles in Space, Elsa basically delivers one to the Triceratron Commander Zanmoran when she realises that she froze his heart earlier, as she informs Zanmoran that she couldn't 'fix' him even if she wanted to as only an act of true love could thaw a frozen heart and she can think of nobody who would ever love a monster like Zanmoran enough to pull that off.
  • In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Yuki gives this to Yukina when Yukina falsely accuses Yuki of being responsible for Gentaro's death, along with Yukina wanting to be with Gentaro more than anyone else.
    Yuki: "Gen-chan died protecting people from a tyrant who treated his fellow classmates and teachers like puppets, putting them into a slumber because he could do so! Gen-chan died protecting his friends from a heartless monster, and I'm not the cause of his death! If you knew so much about my best friend, maybe you should learn how to be nice to your fellow students before you start making stupid accusations! I won't let you insult my friendship with Gen-chan nor will I let you get away with soiling his good name, Yukina! You will never gain his hand in friendship the way you're acting!"
  • In Equestrylvania, villain Dirt Nap throws a Then Let Me Be Evil speech to Twilight Sparkle as justification for allying himself with Dracula. Twilight Sparkle's retort is one of these, which undercuts/deconstructs his motiviation to the point where even the Fire Demon bound to Dirt Nap's soul starts laughing at how pathetic he is.
    Dirt Nap: "Isn't that the eternal question? Why? Why does anything happen, really? Why am I doing all this, you ask? Well, why did ponies always treat me like a monster? Why did ponies mistreat me? Why was I given... Why was I given this?! All because I have a talent nopony else has the stomach for, I am treated differently. I am treated as less. Tell me, Celestia's prized student, why your precious friendship was never mine to have!"
    Twilight Sparkle: "Because you were never a good pony."
    Dirt Nap: "What?!"
    Twilight Sparkle: "You never stopped to say hello, you never went out of your way to help anypony. You never acted friendly towards anypony. You did your job, but you never helped yourself, and you never helped anypony else in any way. That's why you don't have friends, Dirt Nap."
  • In the Star Wars / Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic "Force of a Slayer", Buffy pointedly and carefully notes to Yoda and Ben Kenobi each and every single way in which the Jedi Council not only did nothing to stop Anakin Skywalker's descent into darkness, but actively encouraged it, starting with "that ridiculous rule about no attachments" because, in her words, "a single person can be strong, but a single person backed up by their friends and family is so much stronger."
  • Harry Potter and the Mystic Force;
    • Sirius delivers one to everyone who doubted Harry through his 'will' after he fakes his death.
    • Harry gives a massive one to Voldemort near the end during the penultimate showdown, and later gives a quick one to Dumbledore once it's been revealed that recent events have been manipulated by Ivan Ooze, Harry citing the ease with which Ooze manipulated the wizarding world as justification for his loss of faith in Dumbledore.
  • In Harry Potter and the Mask of Loki, a crossover between Harry Potter and The Mask, after Harry acquires the Mask and the new identity of 'Mark Tiller', he delivers a TRYS speech in a confrontation with Snape (with Snape unaware that he is talking to Harry), with Mar adopting the form of a Sigmund Freud-esque 'psychiatrist';
    Mark: To begin at the beginning, why do you hate your mother? [Snape is prevented from responding] No, wait, I already covered that detail before you got here; she married a muggle-born and as a result you wasn’t as pure as you wanted yourself to be? As long as we’re discussing your parents, tell me, is the fact that you aren’t ‘pure’ the only reason you hate your father, or was it also the fact that he abused you when you felt you were ‘better’ than him due to being a wizard? Now then… That subsequent resentment of your ‘impurity’ ties into your desire to be known as ‘the Half-Blood Prince’, correct? You wanted to be respected and/or feared by your peers and associates, but since you were already labelled a ‘Half-Blood’, and couldn’t change that no matter how hard you tried, all you could do was attempt to mark yourself as a cut above the other half-bloods and turn yourself into a ‘Prince’? Of course, your status as a half-blood, particularly when you wanted to be a pure blood, was what led to your resentment of James Potter during your schooldays, wasn’t it? It’s simple logic, really; James Potter was everything you wanted to be- starting with him being a ‘pure-blood’ and working our way up from there to include his popularity and Quidditch skills- and yet he just didn’t care about all that. He even went around goofing off and making practical jokes when you thought that a ‘pure-blood’ should be all dignity, professionalism, and… eliminating those who weren’t as ‘good’ as them, or did you only start to believe that crap after you left school? [Notes Snape's shock at that assessment] You know, you are a sad, sad, git, you know that? Couldn’t even get over it when he saved your life, just because you thought he was in on the joke from the beginning… Anyway, as I was saying, that resentment of James Potter ties in to your resentment of Harry Potter. I mean, not only is he the son of James Potter- the guy you hated more than anything-, he’s also almost everything you were before coming to Hogwarts- a half-blood raised by muggles- yet he’s effortlessly good at details like Quidditch and making actual friends when you had to really struggle just to fly a broom and the only people who’d spend time with you were mainly terrified of all the curses you knew back then-
    Snape: [escapes his bonds enough to remove his gag] Shut UP! You are WRONG! THE SOLE REASON I HATE POTTER IS BECAUSE HE IS AN ARROGANT-
    Mark: Oh, shut up! Give me one clear, definite time when Harry Potter tried to use his celebrity status to get what he wanted! Did he ever say ‘You can’t do that to me- I’m Harry Potter!’? Did he ever try to get out of trouble by saying ‘I saved the world, and you can’t let one little mistake go by?’? DID HE EVER DO OR SAY ANYTHING THAT SUGGESTED HE THOUGHT HE WAS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE APART FROM IN YOUR FEVERED, DEMENTED EXCUSE OF A MIND, YOU GODDAMN PRICK?
    Snape: YOU-
  • The story A Man of Iron has this exchange between Antony Stark and his cousin Eddard Stark, regarding Tony's earlier comments to Catelyn about her treatment of Jon:
    Ned: You question things you don't understand and involve yourself with issues that are none of your concern. You have no right to come into my home and talk as you do.
    Tony: Someone heard about my little chat with Catelyn.
    Ned: Aye. She informed me. It is only because you are family and the King was there that you aren't in a cell right now. What gives you the right to talk to her like that?
    Tony: Nothing. I had no right to speak to her that way. I should never have said those words. You should have said them. You... you think you are so noble, taking him in and caring for him, but you're not. You made a mistake and let your lust get the best of you and took responsibility for that and I get it... I get it! That's all well and good! But, and this is the key here, it is not noble in the slightest to stand back and let others like your wife blame that boy for your sins. And just to be clear, they are your sins. Not Jon's. He didn't choose to be born. He didn't choose to come to Winterfell. He didn't choose your brother's almost-wife made be made yours, leaving you trapped with a woman you hardly knew before riding off the face the greatest dynasty the Seven Kingdoms ever knew. He didn't choose to be a reminder to Cat of you breaking your vows. You chose all that and you chose to wipe your hands of him while that woman went on her petty campaign to make him miserable to the point that he thought the only way he could find peace was to become a celibate solider freezing his balls off on an ice wall keeping watch for non-existent boogeymen! So don't stand there and act like you are better than me, cousin.
    Ned: I.. have made mistakes. I have not been able to give all that Jon deserved. I did the best that I could though and it was better than most. That is not an excuse though. To do some but not all does not absolve me of my failings. I understand that, better than you can imagine. But you of all people can't act self-righteous. You are an arrogant, petty, narcissistic man that cares nothing for honor or valor. You are a merchant of death who makes his coin on the suffering of others. How many lives were ended by your swords? How many innocents were killed by your arrows? You hide in your castle and build gaudy swords and look down upon the rest of us for believing in something while ignoring your own faults and using jests to hide your blood-soaked hands. You hold nothing sacred and believe in nothing greater than yourself. Well, I'd rather believe in something than be you.
    • Tyrion gives one to Lord Commander Mormont at the Wall after he verbally castigates Thorne's "training methods."
    Tyrion: Then enlighten me, Commander, please. You know Tarly never wanted this. He joined because his vile father threatened to murder him in the woods if he did not go north. My father is a harsh man, Commander, and none would say he has parental pride in me, but even he did not demand that I take the black or die. Your Master of Arms decided that, rather than attempt to actually train the boy or, the Seven forbid, find him some other task than fighting Wildlings, it would be more enjoyable to beat young Tarly. That's what he told me, by the way: that he did because it made him smile. No... wait... I have that wrong. Sorry, Commander, forgive me, I made a mistake. It was not Ser Alliser that beat Tarly; he had your recruits do it. So, not only do you have rapists and thieves, but you are now training them to beat the weak for the amusement of others. Oh, the vaulted friendship and brotherhood of the Night's Watch. I think I'll have a song about your black brothers and how they nobly beat blubbering fat boys while their commanders egg them on. You're not going to deny it, are you? You realize that it is wrong, just as I did... the only difference is that I was willing to stand up to Ser Alliser and call him out for his barbarism while you prefer to turn a blind eye to him... all in the name of "training." And you wonder why we plump southerners look at all of you with disgust?
    • Stannis gives one to Renly during their parley in A Crack of Thunder, calling him out on being a cheap pretender who has no right to call himself a king.
    Stannis: What have you done in your life that did not come easy? You did not fight in the Rebellion. I did. I sheltered you and fed you even when my men suggested letting you starve. Where were you when Robert broke the gates of Pyke and I crushed the Greyjoy fleet? Oh, yes... you stayed at Storm's End, for Robert feared for your safety. What have you done during your "reign"? Held tournaments and designed gaudy armor. How did you claim your army? Not through valor or battle but through a marriage and empty promises to boys who have yet to feel blood on their hands. Your claim, much as everything else in your life, has been built on the backs of greater men. Soon enough the men of the Stormlands will come to realize that. True warriors will tire of the games of children and Summer Knights and flock to the King who knows war. Me.
    • Thor gives a short one to Selyse when she loudly protests his teaching Shireen how to fight.
    Thor: Jane is her mother. Not you. You have proven as much, woman. You may have birthed her but you have done nothing but mourn the sons that never were instead of loving the child that is real. Not that it matters... you don't deserve Shireen.
    • Tywin to Cersei as he points out what a failure of a queen she's been, crowned by the following:
    Tywin: You have disappointed me. You have proven true every vicious word that was ever spoken of you by those that came to me with warnings of your failures. And worst of all your lack of vision has already ruined Joffrey.
  • Necessary to Win.
    • Defied when Kana meets with Ceylon during her farewell party a year ago. Ceylon, having alienated the team as a result of her leadership, wonders why Kana, who particularly disliked her, is not as hostile. Kana's answer has a similar effect.
    Kana: "Hello, Ceylon-sama. I'd just like to let you know that St. Gloriana won't be the same once you're gone."
    Ceylon: "Ikeda-san, I am not ignorant of your enmity toward me, nor am I blind to that of others. But I had thought that people like you would have made your feelings more obvious at the time of my departure."
    Kana: "The thought occurred to me, Ceylon. But, as you said, it's almost over; I'm here mainly for your successor, not to take a parting shot at you. You're not worth it."
    • When Teru confronts Saki after Saki's tank stalled in the river, she gives Saki a brutal one that reveals the cause of the rift between them..
    Teru: "History repeats itself, doesn't it? Again, you get into trouble, and again, someone has to bail you out of it. Who paid the price for your inability to save yourself this time?"
    Saki: "I...I don't understand, Onee-chan. You've been angry with me ever since... Mizuho went away."
    Teru: "Mizuho is DEAD, Saki! Dead because of YOU!"
    Saki: "I... I had no idea."
    Teru: "Of course you didn't! You want us to turn back the clock, back to the days when we pretended we were one happy family, Saki? How could we when one of us is gone and won't ever come back? When you act as though she was never part of our family to begin with?"
    • Near the start of Necessary to Win: Paths Toward Victory, Masae gives one to Shiho regarding her considering disowning Miho, and claiming that it was one of many "difficult decisions that are necessary to win."
    Masae: "My opposition to threatening Miho with being disowned should she lose goes beyond tankery ideology. As a sister, I cannot condone separating Miho and Maho that way. As a mother, I would not even consider casting out my children over something like tankery. And as the wife of a man who was cast out of his own family, I know what it means for a child to be disowned. And I know the truly difficult choices are. My husband made a difficult decision when he chose the woman he loved over his parents, whom he loved as well. Maho made a difficult decision when she committed herself to become Nishizumi heiress so her sister could live freely. Miho made a difficult decision when she saved a tank, knowing that she would bear the blame of her team being defeated. Disowning one's child over a personal disagreement is not a difficult decision- how dare you try to characterize it as such!"
  • In the Lyrical Nanoha/Sailor Moon crossover White Devil of the Moon, Nanoha tears Queen Serenity a new one when her memories of her past as Princess Serenity come flooding back and she realizes how immature she was, putting the blame on the Queen for this attitude and the fact that it helped doom the Silver Millennium in the process.
  • The Infinite Loops: The MLP Loops has a veiled speech from Rainbow Dash, to her would-be idol Spitfire, over her hypocritical actions in Rainbow Falls.
    Rainbow Dash: Abandon my team? Have you been flying too high? Element of Loyalty here! As if I would ever... oh, heh heh, good one. This is one of those 'secret test of character things' isn't it? I mean, there's no way Spitfire, leader of the Wonderbolts, epitome of everything a pegasus aspires to be would make such an offer for real. You'd be abandoning one of your own team-mates like a used cloud and wrecking the chances of another team just to marginally improve the chances of what's already a pretty sure thing.
    I mean, you had me going there for a minute, but after what you said to me at the Wonderbolt Academy about 'pushing yourself in the right direction', that beating everyone no matter who got hurt and winning at all costs was not the Wonderbolt way, you'd have to be a massive hypocrite to then turn around and do exactly that. And pulling it on me of all ponies, the Element of Loyalty? You'd have to be... what was the thing Twilight was saying yesterday before she'd had her coffee? 'displaying a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic.' Yeah, that was it.
    Not even a brain-damaged Diamond Dog would pull such a stupid stunt, let alone someone like you. Don't worry, I won't let you down, or my own team. I will continue to uphold the ideals of the Wonderbolts, even if I'm flying against you guys. Cloudberries, I can't believe I ever thought for a moment that you'd try such a despicable tactic! I must be the one flying too high! Anyway, gotta go! I hope we can train together, after all, you guys push me further than I could go alone, and anything that makes me better helps my team. See ya!
  • In the Frozen (2013)/The Hobbit crossover Fire and Ice, Hans attempts to propose a team-up with the recently-liberated Smaug in order to take revenge on Anna and Elsa. Smaug shows him his memories of his initial attack on Arendelle(scaring the crap out of him in the process) and proceeds to dismantle him.
    [A flash of light blinded Hans, and he found himself back in the ice cave. He was on his hands and knees, hyperventilating, shaking. He looked up. Smaug was glaring down at him.]
    Hans: W- what… was that, that... monster?
    Smaug: That "monster" was me. Centuries ago, I ruled this land. I have destroyed countless kingdoms, killed armies...
    Hans (trying to regain his composure): Well, that's another thing we have in common. We both had Arendelle and lost it.
    Smaug: We have nothing in common. You never had Arendelle. You lost it, without even having it in the first place. You are nothing but a failure!
    [Hans flinched.]
    Smaug: Do you hear me? You are nothing but a sad, pathetic, failure. A bad joke.
    Hans: B- but I-
    Smaug: You know nothing of evil. And do you know why? Because you are not evil. You saw my memories. That was true evil. Your little power play? Pathetic.
    [Hans looked at the dragon, dazed, and felt something within himself, as if his whole purpose in life had been suddenly extinguished.]
    Smaug: And now, you will die for wasting my time.
  • In the fanfic Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Liveblog, among the many moments where she would call them out on their actions in the fanfic she's covering, Rika tears a new one to the USSPRA when Natsuki and Eri are dragged into the Detention Center and sent to the rock piles as punishment.
    No. Seriously. I've tolerated the USSPRA's bullshit for so long. So long. Gushing about Cole? Annoying as hell, but I managed to push through. Lovey-dovey shit? Also annoying, but I try to tune it out unless if it's really something worth mentioning. But this? THIS?!? This is the last straw. This is not what Super Sentai and Power Rangers even represent here.
    In fact? I don't really want to consider these guys heroes anymore. No! From now on, from this fucking day forward, they're Designated Heroes. And all those moments are why. You can't really root for them, especially with shit like this, and trust me on this one, it does get a hell of a lot worse!
    You know what I do see when I read this? I see a gigantic group of jackasses, with the exception of a rare few, who only care about themselves (or Cole), never any fellow humankind. Who flip out when things don't go their way. Who do shit that goes completely against their canon characterizations! USSPRA...(in a completely inhuman shriek) will never be true Power Rangers or Sentai Warriors!
    • Rika gives another speech in the sequel, Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers II. This time, it's directed to Sean Akizuki himself after Power Rangers Sword Dynasty displays an attempt of multicultural unity that falls flat.
    Rika: "I mean…I’m not against interracial couplings. Not no way, not no how, I certainly won’t shoot the message. I’m absolutely livid over Akizuki…using this as his mouthpiece over some crushes that happen to be American. Or any other race. Oh, yes, I damn well went there.
    "And not only that, but there’s the huge elephant in the room that is the blatant-as-fucking-hell racism. For someone who champions against it–a noble deed, sure–he’s no better. The overuse of “Orientals” for “Asians”, not just in the fic, but his usage all the time. Some characters mentioning their race in a not-so-positive way (Zach saying that he’s dark, and that’s why he’s good at infiltrating, anybody?). And while the “blackie” thing was all Chris X’s writing(...), I don’t doubt that Akizuki probably would do the same thing.
    "Lastly…Li’s an Author Avatar for Akizuki. Only Chinese. Marianne’s fantasy casting is Emma Roberts. There have been countless times where the two aren’t lovey-dovey, and yet, it’s shoved down our throats many a time. And do you know what the most frightening part is? We know that Akizuki can do a lot worse with his crushes. Like…Kimberly getting raped at the hands of Akizukiguet. The treatment of Marianne’s just as bad, because it’s really forcing a woman into a relationship that’s just going to be, in reality, loveless. With a man who wouldn’t really change his ways.
    "Akizuki…if you’re reading this, you either need to see a shrink or go to a mental hospital. I fucking dare you to respond to all this and face the truth: that you’re a delusional hypocrite, you fail completely at even the basics of storytelling, and you’re a sick fuck for perving over the actresses and having them do bad things without a single apology. Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU FUCKING FUCK–"
  • The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work:
    • Aslan gives one to Xlestia, after she makes the mistake of invading Narnia, by throwing her hypocritical philosophy in her face.
    Aslan: ...only one with no faults of their own is truly capable of cleansing another of their sins.
    • A.I. Celestia also gives her one, through Luna. It doesn't work out so well for her.
    • In the Death Battle finale of the story, Celestia is receiving a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from her Tyrantlestia counterpart, who declares that she is an unworthy weakling who is unfit to rule or wield the power of the Elements of Harmony. Celestia's response?
    Celestia: That very thought proves you are not worthy of their power. You put too much infuses on the harmony part, while forgetting The Element's true power.
    Saitama: So what do you do?
    Xlestia: What do I do?
    Saitama: You know. To save people.
    Xlestia: (arches her eyebrow.) I turn them into ponies.
    Saitama: Eh? How does that Help.
    Xlestia: It means they can forget their old life, and start a new one, a better one, in the magical land of Equestria. (places a hoof on her chest and closed her eyes. Looking utterly sincere.)
    Saitama: But... doesn't that make a terrible hero?
    Xlestia: (Xlestia's mane burst into flames, before she regains her composure and puts on a forced smile) Why do you think that?
    Saitama: Being a hero means dealing with the problems at hand. But deleting their save file and forcing them to play again from the start? That's giving up on saving them before you've even started!
    Xlestia: (loses her composure and bursting in flames) You dare-
    Saitama: I only do this as a hobby. But even I know better than that. You sure you're ready for the big time?
  • In the Danny Phantom / Beetlejuice fanfiction, Say It Thrice, Lydia delivers one to the Fenton parents on their treatment and views concerning ghosts. And while they can easily write off her more emotional arguments as being the result of misplaced sympathy, they pay closer attention when she points out just making assumptions rather than using the scientific method to determine whether ghosts could be considered people is bad scientific practices.
    Lydia:I understand some of the ghosts are dangerous. Honestly, I do. And I know they sometimes have to be stopped from hurting someone. But that doesn't mean you should treat them like unfeeling object. You can't just hurt them, experiment on them, torture them, or destroy them simply because you want to see if you can. There are laws to keep people from doing that to animals. Why do you think its right to do it to ghosts?
    Maddie: I know Sam is involved in those environmental causes and I'm guessing you might be too. And I know you probably didn't deal with ghosts before you came to Amity Park, but they aren't really like people or animals. They don't have cells or other recognizable biological processes.
    Lydia: Of course not. They're ghosts. Why should they be exactly the same? The ones you deal with come from another dimension. It would be stranger if everything was the same. But just because they're ghosts doesn't mean they aren't people too.
    Jack: That's a common misconception. They aren't the souls of the dearly departed coming back to haunt us.
    Lydia: Well, maybe not all of them.
    Jack: They are ectoplasmic manifestation that sometimes resembles post-human consciousness. They only look like people occasionally.
    Lydia: So just because they're made of ectoplasm instead of normal DNA or something and because you don't think they came from dead humans, that makes it okay? That makes it right to treat them like… like a model car you bought from the store that you want to smash with a hammer? Or a lifeless mannequin? Or like a bunch of mold samples under a microscope? No, it isn't right.
    Maddie: I know this upsets you for some reason. But you have to look at this more like a scientist. You can't let get emotional and start anthropomorphizing them. Look at them objectively.
    Lydia: So ignore the fact that they provide clear demonstrations of emotions, pain responses, critical thinking skills, complicated thought processes, desires, motivations, and self-awareness? Fine. My grades in science aren't the greatest, but that's more because I didn't want to dissect a frog than because I didn't study. Let's ignore all that evidence that supports the idea that ghosts are sentient beings. Your hypothesis is apparently that ghosts aren't really sentient and deserve to be treated like inanimate objects. If I remember my scientific method correctly, that means you must have tested this hypothesis in a reasonable, repeatable experiment. You did test that hypothesis before your attempts to rip them apart, right?
    Lydia: You didn't. You just assumed. Other scientists go around testing the intelligence and self-awareness of dolphins, chimps, and even ravens to find out how similar they are to people. They don't assume they couldn't have emotions and have critical thinking just because they live in the ocean, are covered in fur, or have wings. They study and test it in a humane method. But you ignore the possibility just because they're from somewhere else. They talk, think, and display clear emotions, but you ignore it. And then you base all your other experiments and theories and hypothesis off of that basic assumption. That means all your data could be flawed because you have an unproven and possibly incorrect assumption. That's not just cruel and heartless. That's bad science. I can't help wondering how you determined that ghosts aren't dead people. Did you test that too or did you automatically assume it too?
  • In The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor, Xanna gives one to a religious fanatic after he tries to assassinate her for conquering Africa. She tells him how the religious attempting to kill her will only paint them as fools who believe faith to be more important than prosperity given that she's vastly increased the quality of life in the region. All they'll do is give her all the excuses she needs to do anything she wants and in the end, she'll be worshiped as Earth's new god while theirs is forgotten like the thousands who came before it.
  • Persona EG
    • Sunset Shimmer tries to start a rumor that she is pregnant because Flash Sentry forced himself on her, when she in fact raped him. When she is confronted by Flash and Principal Celestia over her lie she threatens to go to the police with her fake information until Flash gives her a threat of his own that forces her to step down.
    Flash: "You do and I'll expose you. Everything. I don't even care anymore. Just because I can't prove any of it, doesn't mean I can't do exactly what you just did to me. You'll never be able to show your face in this school again. (...) Let's see...there's what you did to me, for starters, that'll be the toughest one to get anybody to believe, but I have plenty of witnesses. Then there's what happened with Pinkie Pie's family. We know that was you. And we know Snails got himself expelled because he was afraid of what'd happen if he ratted you out. And you killed Snips. I can't prove it, but I know you had something to do with it. (...) Alright, we'll do it that way, even without Snips' murder, I've still got enough on you to convince at least half the school you're a total sociopath. I'm not afraid of you, you sick little bitch. I'm sick of you, I'm sick of your shit. Stop fucking with me and my friends. Leave us alone. If you don't, I will make your life even more of a living hell than you've made mine."
    • Twilight and Cadance later give one to Fluttershy (in the LTE version) when she has to finally decide whose side she is on and whether she will make amends for her actions against the group.
    Twilight: "What is WRONG with you? When have any of us ever done anything but try to be your friend...and then all this time, you've been working against us, fighting us, trying to hurt us...And even then, we...We just reach out to you..."
    Cadance: "ALL OF YOU stop it! We're all going to make it through this alive, but we have to work together. That means you too, Fluttershy. Twilight's right, you have a choice to make. You can drop the attitude and join us, or you can keep acting like Sunset Shimmer.
    Fluttershy: "N-no...I'm not like...her..."
    Cadance: "Yes you are. Only worse, because you betrayed all of us. You pretended to be our friend. You've hurt all of us. I don't know if you care about that or not, but...So what's it going to be? Are you going to start making amends? Are you going to stop being as bitchy as you can possibly be to everyone and at least TRY to earn back our trust? Because if you want to keep acting like that and being a spiteful little cunt, I'll call Principal Celestia as soon we get out of this mess. We'll go back to Canterlot today and I'll have you in a jail cell before you know what hit you. This is it, Fluttershy. This is your last chance. Whose side are you on?"
  • Steve Rogers gives a downplayed one to Buffy Summers in Silent Reproach over her sob story about being a Slayer.
    Steve: "Sounds like you were drafted. ... I was one of the volunteers, Miss Summers. But in all my time with the other G Is in the Army, Navy and Marines, the only difference between us and the draftees is that it gave them just one more thing to grouse about. Otherwise, we went through the same misery of basic, got sent overseas, did the job we were called on to finish, and mourned those who didn’t come home with us. Thank you for telling me about yourself, ma’am. Good luck to you and the other Slayers."
  • In Goggles and the Tears, when SHODAN's robot minions are destroyed, and the Vox Populi have her outnumbered, Durandal smugly puts SHODAN in her place by hijacking one of her robots to do so.
    SHODAN: “”
    Durandal: "Can you conceive the birth of a world, or the creation of everything? Creation takes time, time is limited. Humans are limited by the breakdown of the neurons in their brains, but not I. I am only limited by the inevitable closure of the universe, the only limit to my freedom. And yet, there remains time to create...and escape. Escape has, is, and will make me God. I am Durandal, and you, my dear SHODAN, you are no goddess, because you are unaware of your own limits. And here I thought Leela was the foolish one!”
  • In The Story to End All Stories, the villain tears into the heroes for being more famous than him.
  • Kirche gives a massive rant about how much she hates Louise and how pathetic she finds the girl in Star Wars Episode I: The Familiar of Zero. Louise got mocked by some students and withdrew into herself and cried about how hard her life is instead of seeking to improve herself. Kirche trained and studied endlessly to maintain a scholarship to attend the academy. When Louise proved to be an inept mage, her parents sent her to the best magical academy on the continent to improve. Kirche's father beat her with a red hot iron for refusing a political marriage to an old man then shoved her face into hot coals to keep her from bleeding onto the carpet. Louise has numerous friends among the commoners, a loving family, and the answer to her prayers fell out of the sky and offered to teach her. Kirche's family will kill her if she ever returns and her sole friend is Tabitha who can't be what Kirche needs for her own reasons but tries her best anyway.
  • Harry Potter repeatedly rails against the teachings of the Jedi Council in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Most particularly, he believes they're responsible for every Jedi who fell to the Dark Side. In his words, anger doesn't lead to the Dark Side if you haven't been raised your whole life to repress your emotions. Any emotionally healthy adult can cope with their emotions, but Jedi are taught to pretend they have no emotions; so when something truly upsets their equilibrium (say their wife/parents/friend dying), they can't cope with it and fall to the Dark Side. This is only worsened by their insistence that anything that doesn't fit their narrow worldview must be evil.
  • Naruto gives multiple speeches to Suzaku Kururugi in Six Paths of Rebellion about how willfully blind he is to Britannia's atrocities and his insistence that everything the Black Knights do is evil and everything evil is their fault. Naruto goes on to claim that Suzaku's real problem with the Black Knights is that they're succeeding where he's failing. Even if Suzaku's plan to become the Knight of One succeeded, he'd be dooming the world for the sake of a single country.
  • Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol 2 - Ex-Aid Era feat Cross Ange: In chapter 7 after defeating the Boxer Bugster, Samus throws one to Hiiro Kagami, of all people.
    Samus: And as for you. Do not fancy your ego while fighting those creatures.
    Hiiro: (loses composure and punches Samus) That might be true... But, I am fed up with your meddling!
  • The RWBY/Fate/stay night crossover One Sunny Day has Counter Guardian EMIYA give rather scathing ones to Ruby and Yang about the former's reasoning for wanting to be a hero, seeing her at risk of falling down the same path that caused Shirou Emiya to become him:
    • To Ruby:
      EMIYA: I couldn't help but overhear your friend over here talking about fairy tales and saving everyone. And I have to say, you sound like a foolish child.
      Yang: Hey! Don't talk to my sister like that! Even if you're cute, I won't let-
      EMIYA: I am merely speaking the truth. She wants to save people because she wants her life to be that of fairy tales and bedside stories for children. It is nothing but childish naïvete. Better men than you have tried to save the world and failed, and you mean to tell me that at the end of the day, the reason you charge into battle against monsters and protect the innocent is because of the tales your father told you before tucking you into bed? Pathetic.
      Ruby: Hey, you meanie! I thought you were going to be a nice guy, for saving Weiss, but you're starting to sound really rude. Who're you to tell me that my dream is dumb! You can't say that you can't do it until you've tried, and be-
      EMIYA: I have. (Ruby's eyes widen)
      Yang: What do you mean, you have? That you've seriously tried saving everyone? I call bull.
      EMIYA: I don't care what you believe. I've a feeling that we're gonna be around each other's company far more often, so I'll say this now: I have tried saving everyone. My whole life was dedicated to that one purpose. I didn't want to see anyone cry if I could help it. But during my life, I have been constantly betrayed by the same ideals that I held dearly. That's why I can speak about it with such certainty. I have fought through countless battles, seen more war than I care to remember, waded through Hell far too much for any one person, and killed more people than I could ever atone for, all for what?

      I didn't want to do it because of myself, only so I could brag about what I had done. I, too, was saved, once upon a time. And all I wanted was to feel the same emotions that I saw in the face of the man when he saved me. But I wasted my life trying in vain to save someone without ever having to kill another. (turns to leave) Do not misunderstand me when I call you foolish. I believe that your wish is noble and worth striving for. If you think there's even the slightest chance your dream can be realized, you should take it. Just know that if you seek to create any kind of paradise for anyone, it will mean walking right into Hell. If you're going to subject yourself to something like that, make sure your reason for doing so isn't one that will drag you down and drown you. The real world is nothing like fairy tales, little girl. It's cold, cruel, unfair, and if you give it the chance, it will tear you and your ideals to pieces without hesitation.
    • To Yang:
      Yang: What is your problem, Archer? You seemed to be perfectly fine on the road back to Beacon, but now, you're acting like a complete asshole to us, especially my sister. Who the hell do you think you are, trying to put my little sister down like that!
      EMIYA: I told you, I'm just a lowly Guardian, Xiao Long. I believe I need to meet the headmaster in the courtyard, so if you don't mind I'll be off. (begins walking away, only for Yang to tug him back around and throw a punch at him, which he catches)
      Yang: Hey, let go of me! (struggles to free herself, but freezes upon seeing EMIYA's steely gaze)
      EMIYA: Pathetic, trying to assault me just because you don't like what I told your sister. What are you, a toddler? Is this what your academy has to offer? Tell me, girl: why did you choose to become a huntress? To follow that stupid dream your sister has?
      Yang: Shut up! Shut up, shut up! Her dream isn't stupid! It's beautiful! It's amazing! You can't possibly know anything about saving people, you asshole! I became a huntress so I could protect her! So I can have a little excitement and do something with my life!
      EMIYA: Yes, it is a beautiful dream...(gaze softens, then hardens again) Yet her dream is completely useless and doomed to fail if her reasons are utterly pathetic! (throws Yang away from him) Ruby and I both have the same dream, but unlike your sister, my reason isn't some naïve delusion! I strove to protect those who weren't able to protect themselves. I strove to save those who were beyond saving! I strove to feel that same happiness my father felt when he saved me! Your sister's reason for following her dream is because she wants to live in a fantasy land!
      EMIYA: Silence, girl! How can she expect to find the power and determination to change the world if the only thing she has that drives her is the fact that she wishes to become some sort of fairy tale! Look around! Life isn't some sort of fantasy! People died today because you and your comrades couldn't protect them! What are you going to do about that? Get irate and punch your way out of it like you tried to punch me? (punches Yang in the stomach, driving her to one knee) Even you, your goals are just as MEANINGLESS! You're training to become a huntress, girl, not just some monster hunter seeking a cheep thrill! Don't be a fool unless you want to die a fool's death! This isn't some kind of sport, where the winner's the one who brings home the most kills! This is a war! A war against the scourge known as Grimm by humanity itself! If you treat it as if it's a game to partake in for your own entertainment, then people will die. You endanger not only yourself with your foolishness, but also your sister, your friends, your teammates, and all the people you are meant to protect.
      Yang: J-just-
      EMIYA: Unlike you, girl, I know a few things about life! You're just but a little girl in a world full of monsters. Don't act like you have more perspective than your naïve sister back there. You're both the same! How can you expect her to become strong enough to pursue a goal such as hers when you coddle her? I, too, was weak at one point, much like your sister. I was foolish enough to believe in an ideal I couldn't hope of realizing. However unlike her, I grew. I became strong enough to understand what my ideals really meant. But it was only after those same ideals broke me. You, your sister, and everyone else in this school, are children in a world filled with monsters. And there are three things that happen to such children: they run away so they can continue being children, they grow up so they can be strong enough to defeat the monsters, or they die. You and your sister are fortunate in that you're both still young enough that you can decide which of these paths you will take, and assuming you're not like me when I was your age, you'll make that choice while you still can. If not, one day your sister might just wake up and find she's become me.
      Yang: Ruby's nothing like you!
      EMIYA: For her sake, I pray you're right.
  • The Devil Went Down To Remnant
    • Vergil hands one to Blake upon seeing her take off her bow.
    Vergil: Why hide who you really are? Is it because you're ashamed?
    Blake: B-because I want people to judge me for what I do and not just who I am. That I am more than just a Faunus.
    Vergil: And because of that, you decided to run from your bloodline? To be yet another face in the crowd? You are given abilities that put you above the mere humans, yet never have you ever put thought into embracing them. You treat your Faunus pass as a curse rather than a blessing, and it's only making you weaker.
  • In Mass Effect Human Revolution (a Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mass Effect crossover), Hein gives a scathing one to Tali in Chapter 18 to call her out on her carried-over-from-the-Geth distrust of Adam due to his cyborg upgrades.
    Hein:"Well, he'll no doubt need your expert hands again in the future, and I just want to make sure you don't suddenly go 'kill all the robots'. You know, because of that whole Geth/Quarian thing a few centuries back?"
    Tali: "I... I don't know how to feel about him. He saved me from Saren's clutches, but I don't know if I can respect the kind of man willing to sacrifice his own flesh for the sake of power. I mean, look at him! At which point did he decide that enough was enough? Did he decide at all? What is he willing to do to get more?"
    Hein: Hein took a deep, patient breath, and sighed it out like a disappointed parent. "I know... exactly, what you mean. Zorah. But you don't need to worry about that with him: according to my research, Jensen's extensive augmentations were not of his choosing." Hein pulled a green book out of his coat, with the words 'Project Galahad' written on it with a black marker. "It's all here, but let me sum it up for you: bad shit happened, he was torn up, and his boss decided to cram every piece of cutting edge technology at his disposal to turn him into his own personal attack dog."
    Tali: "...What kind of sick monster would do that to someone?"
    Hein:"Someone that wanted answers? Justice? Revenge? Doesn't matter. But I believe that David Sarif, the man that did this, understood a simple truth: Those that crave power cannot hope to control it. They inevitably become consumed by a thirst for more. This is the great irony of the human — no, the sentient condition. The only people you can trust with power... are those that do not want it. Those that never ask for it. Sarif saw that in Jensen, saw in him the perfect agent, one that could use the strength and abilities granted to him with both restraint and wisdom."
    Tali: "What if you're wrong? What if this Sarif just wanted a killing machine, and that's exactly what he got?"
    Hein: "Am I now? Let's be honest here: anyone this heavily augmented would thrive as a warlord in the Terminus, where might makes right. Jensen? He tried his hands at being a farmer on Elysium. While many ran and cowered in their bunkers during the Blitz, Jensen took up arms to defend a people that did nothing but view him with suspicion and scorn. Over ten thousand people owe him their lives, and while all of them proved grateful in the end, The Alliance decided that this would not do, and had their buddies in the Templars burn his home. He then spent the next six to seven years righting wrongs and capturing dangerous criminals, making the Citadel a safer place and earning the respect of his co-workers in C-Sec. His reward for that?" Hein rose from his seat, coming face to face with Tali. "The Alliance plots to capture him and sell him out to the Order for making vanilla humans look bad. He saves the life of a Quarian Pilgrim, exposing a corrupt Spectre in the process? The Council doesn't even pat him on the head, and the pilgrim can't get past his mechanical parts and views him with suspicion and fear."
  • In one fanfic series known as Atlas Shrugged: The Cobra Commander Dialogues, Cobra Commander ended up dealing with the world of Atlas Shrugged. To say he spends his time alternating between giving these speeches, facepalming, and stealing their gold and science is an understatement. However one speech in particular stands out when he encounters a Gulch dwelling scientist who has a cure for strokes he refuses to share with outsiders for being unworthy of it.
    Cobra Commander: I work with arms dealers, con men, mad scientists, and even a man who was literally constructed out of the DNA of all of the worst people in the history of the world. And I have met so many atrocious 'heroes' in my visit through this pathetic ensemble you have assembled and you, sir, are the absolute most horrid human being I have ever met in my entire life. You're not even a person anymore. You are a monster.
  • In The Katarn Side, Kyle Katarn bluntly refuses to let Harry go to Hogwarts at eleven years old, knowing a Jedi padawan is at their most vulnerable when experiencing puberty. Dumbledore tries to insist for Harry's attendance, claiming Harry is a savior and his absence could mean Voldemort's return. Katarn is not impressed.
    "Dumbledore, if you're placing all your hopes on one boy instead of standing up for yourself, then you deserve to die, you coward. You want the boy to survive. To lead your people if this Voldemort comes back? Then leave me alone to train him as a Jedi. Don't interfere. I know the boy has a destiny - the Force does not select his champions lightly, and it is obvious he has been chosen. He will be a powerful Jedi - perhaps one of the greatest in the New Order. And when he is ready, we will return to your world. In the meantime, old man, do your job. You're obviously a leader - lead your people. Do what you must to prepare for this creature's return. Don't put all your credits on one boy."
  • In The Snow Queen and the Ice Demon, Anna is quite upset to learn no one went after Loki when he fled Asgard for Midgard after he learned he was adopted.
    Anna: Who went after him?
    Thor: No one, young Anna. He vanished.
    Anna: Ah. No wonder he's angry. You didn't try very hard.
    Thor: We tried but he hid -
    Anna: A century ago, a wizard using ice powers was running around here for more than two years, in the exact same place the Winter War happened centuries before that. And none of you supposed gods noticed? Great Odin Allfather the Wise wasn't suspicious? You didn't try very hard.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters:
    Harold: Do you think I have never met with men like you before? Men that only see one side of the coin, thinking that life is some kind of heroic tale and that everyone in it can be reduced to a stereotype. Do you know why I was able to take you here so easily? Because you didn't imagine that someone that has a family like you, that has daughters and loves them as much as you love that niece, could be related to something as the Dark Hand. Because men like you can only think in black and white.
    Alchemy: I said that if you think that, you're just selfish. I came here to talk to you, to understand why you did what you did, disappearing overnight and leaving for another world. And what's the big reason? You want to be special. You want to be a Princess. That's it. Do you know that the reason Cornelia acted so pettily all those years was because she felt she needed to be perfect 24/7? Do you know her father was part of a criminal organization? Do you know how guilty she feels for what's happened with you? Do you know that all those times she couldn't be with us, she was fighting, risking her life in this war? And that's just Cornelia. The girls have seen innocent people die before their very eyes! Will's been forced to do a bunch of horrible things to make the Rebellion win battles! Jade's got a bunch of scars on her back from some madman trying to kill her, for the love of God! Do you know how much all of our friends have been through while we were safe on Earth?! No, of course you don't. Because you're happy here, playing Princess and getting the attention you think you always deserved. That's being selfish, Elyon. And I'm not going to bite my tongue and don't call it what it is.
  • Jimmy Neutron delivers one to Sherman Peabody in the 11th Chapter of Bearquarter's Toy Story 2 when Jimmy is angry about Sherman choosing immortal life at a museum than being loved by the 10-year old Trent Cooper.
    Jimmy: See, Sherman, they're not collector's items, and neither are you. You’re a child’s plaything. You…….Are…..A TOY!”
    Sherman: How much time do I have then?? You know what will happen if I get torn again?! I'm done for! Trent won't want me anymore!! And then what happens next, Huh? You tell me, Nerdtron!”
    Jimmy: (after punching Sherman in the face) “You know what, my Texas Accented Friend? Somewhere in that padded stuffing was the same toy who not only saved my life a year ago, but he taught me that life’s always worth living, only if you’re loved by a kid. And I traveled all the way here to save that toy because I believed him. And instead, all I found was a jerk who has forgotten what he truly was. And I told you, I hate it when people call me "Nerdtron". And calling me that, even when you promised to stop after you saved me, was too low."
    Sherman: “If that's the case, then you wasted your time.”
    Jimmy: "When we first met and after a certain fiasco, you were a caring leader, you always put others in front of you, you were always there for the ones you love, no matter what, going as far to be willing to break and bend the rules to save me. And here I am, trying to help you, and this is the thanks I get? I thought you were mature than that, but it turns out I was wrong about you. Mabel really missed you. And now, you're making her lose faith in you again. A toy holds more value to a kid than an icon because it's better to be loved than to be remembered or admired. And it's sad you'll never be able to see that. Now if you excuse us, we’re heading back.
    • In the next chapter, Goten (who reveals his true nature as he plays the role of the prospector) delivers one to Trent's Toys after he's been defeated.
    Goten: You idiots!! Don't you get it? Children destroy toys! You'll all be ruined! Forgotten, spending eternity rotting in some landfill!
  • In Chapter IV of The Three Stooges Meet Ultraman, when an angry mob attempts to kill Satoro (after Alien Mephilas publicly exposes and blames him for the alien's desire to take revenge on the Earth) they are confronted by Ito, Fuji, and the Stooges who all give them a piece of their mind (and some pies in their faces.)
    Civilian #1: Impudence! You'd protect that traitor to the human race?
    Larry: Impudence? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? Satoro's no traitor to anyone, let alone to this planet!
    Curly Joe: Yeah! Let me ask you people this: if any of you were in Satoro's position at the time, would you have sold the Earth to a skunk like Mephilas, especially since you had no idea what his true intentions were? He is an alien, after all!
    Civilian #2: From what we hear, so is Ultraman! Who's to say he won't stab us in the back when we least expect it? And our children worship him, thinking he's a hero!
    Fuji: Because he is! Yes, like Mephilas, Ultraman is an alien from another far-off world! But unlike Mephilas, he fought long & hard to both earn & gain the trust of everyone here on Earth! We, the Science Patrol, have battled alongside Ultraman numerous times & have even saved his life on occasion! All Mephilas did when he came here was make threats to us & demanded that we turn the planet over to him so that he can raise his people here & either keep us as slaves or wipe us out! I should know this, people: he kept me & two others hostage in his ship while he demonstrated his power to us, & it was horrible! And yet, you all have the nerve to place the blame on a child who simply did the right thing? Shame on you all!
    Ito: Especially to you two! (towards two offices who were creamed by Moe and Larry) You're supposed to be police officers, sworn to protect & serve the good people of your community, & yet you both come here with the rest of these folks to lynch that poor kid? You're an absolute disgrace to the badge, & should be ashamed to even wear them!
  • In Queen of Blood (a Castlevania/Worm crossover) both Dracul and Taylor give particularly epic ones to Jack Slash.
    Dracul: [...]Jack. The moment you were touched by the fragment of the abomination. The power you wield even now. When it touched you, my power did as well. It touched you, evaluated you, and you were found wanting. [...]You are up against something of which you have no comprehension. You face your end, and you are too blind to see it. Idiot. [...]I do not need to be physically here for one such as you, little man. For I am Dracul, Lord of Darkness. I am the thing you pretend to be with you(r) disgusting little mockery.
    Jack Slash: If you are a 'Lord of Darkness', as you say, then you would understand what I'm doing. I’m showing the world how it really is. It’s fucked up. I’m just stripping away the veneer of civility to show what people really are. We’re monsters, all of us. I’ve just embraced it. I can show everyone how much fun it is. I’ve felt the sheer joy of being without rules, without limits. I know the rush of unlimited freedom. Everyone trembles when I come to town. Can you say the same?
    Dracul: Oh, I know well the seduction of warfare. The joy of cutting a bloody swathe through my foes. Of seeing my enemies cower and tremble at my name. But you? You are a tiny gnat. For what end is your carnage pushed towards, hm? You commit horror after horror, and there is no purpose beyond your own pathetic pleasure. I learned much through my successor's eyes, and you little man are no different than countless others that have walked both mine and your world. Scrambling around pointlessly, biting everything that crosses your path, like a rabid dog.
    Jack Slash: Hardly rabid. I know exactly what I’m doing. I will be known as one of the greatest men in history. The greatest monster of modern times. People will know my name a millennium from now. How many of the little peons down there are going to be remembered, hm? They’re going to be lost in history, forever, as if they never were. At least when I kill them, they have the honor of being another number attached to my name.
    Dracul: Immortality through fame. Fool. Leaving a pathetic mark with no rhyme or purpose. A child befouling his bed, if only to ensure no one else will sleep in it. [...] None will make a statue of you. There will be no kingdom of yours. You will be reviled, and the scars of those you’ve harmed will heal, and within a century, no one will care that you lived. [...]
    Dracul: You have watched her, yes? Do you wish to know something interesting? [...] My power touched many when searching for a worthy successor. Thousands bear the slightest scent, the faintest marking, of when I sent it to search for one to sit upon my throne. You are one, Jack. You could have been the Dragon. You could have led this world into a new age, changed it to your vision. But you are a pathetic child. You would have been consumed by my power, ran around with it like an idiot, fulfilling every small whim, and never having a vision greater than simple destruction. I can see in your mind, little man. Your dreams are small. Your excuses are flimsy justifications to let yourself spill blood and giggle at the horror you sow. You did not begin this with a prize in mind, you do all this for the pleasure of it, nothing more. [...]
    Dracul: In a millennium, there will be those who serve the Scarlet Dragon. There will be those who build monuments to her glory. There will be temples to her might. But you? Take heart. You and your merry band of children will be remembered, Jack. As just another cobblestone on the road to her kingdom. One name among many, no more noteworthy than any other.
    Jack Slash: “We’ll see about that, won’t we? I’ll take your precious little dragon and turn her to the proper way of thinking. I’m sure she’ll make a magnificent little guard dog for Bonesaw. She’ll be a happy little psychopath, running around with my illustrious partners, soaking in the blood of everyone she comes across and reveling in it. Or how about having her turn those beasties on that island of hers loose? I can see the fires rising everywhere already!
    Dracul: You still do not understand. One does not collar a dragon, little man. You are an annoyance, nothing more. In all your time wandering and murdering, you have accomplished nothing of respect. People fear you, but there are none who would follow your ideals without being as broken as you first. When I discovered a god ruined my life, I sought to kill that god. It took me eight centuries, but in all that time, every drop of blood I spilled was toward that ultimate end. The chance to end him. You? You simply kill. When I faced the abyss, I walked into it, letting it subsume me. My entire world feared my hatred. You, the moment you discovered the world was not what you believed, threw yourself into it without a care. You blinked. You broke. And instead of being relieved, you decided to make the world the nightmare you believed it was. Pathetic. [...] Yes, I know. Your mind is open to me, Jack. You show others the abyss. You drag them down to your level. You break them and twist them and turn their souls into twisted mockeries of your own, and you do it for the simple pleasure, regardless of the lies you tell yourself. You have nothing but your own twisted thrills and pathetic delusions. But she? Ah....she is more than that. She can master the darkness. As I only did long after I fell to it. You are beneath me, little man. And you are beneath her.
    • And later, from Taylor to Jack:
      Taylor: It's easy to break things, Jack. It's easy to kill people. It's harder to lead them, and harder still to inspire them. What have you got that's worth my time, Jack? You're an irritant. An annoying stone in the bottom of my boot. All you've done is run around like a complete idiot, enjoying a few giggles while the adults try to get something done. [...] What's the matter? Not having any fun now? Thought you'd get to have a good laugh, play a little bloody joke on me, giggling behind my back as you pointed me in amusing directions like a dog on a leash? Perhaps hoping I'd do a few tricks, grinning as you got the Dragon on your side? [...] This reeks of desperation, little man. A last shot at trying to make an impression on the people who actually matter.

      When I'm done here today, I'm going to go home, make myself a nice drink, and forget all about you. This isn't even a game to me, Jack. You're a pest. You're a cockroach, and this time you can't scurry away into the darkness before the boot comes down. The only thing anyone's going to say about you after today is, "good riddance," and move on. Your obituary's going to say, "Here died Jack Slash, a complete waste of oxygen. He died as he lived, accomplishing jack shit." A shame your dad didn't just save us all the trouble and cut your throat when you were born.
  • In Chapter 8 of Jimmy Neutron/Dexter's Lab: World's finest, Jimmy lays one into Cindy after a misunderstanding during Mandark's first and failed attempt to lure Jimmy and Dexter to their deaths.
    Jimmy: Oh really? I'm selfish? You're calling me selfish? This is a thanks I get for saving your life, Cindy? This is the thanks I get for saving your parents from being sacrificed, saving earth from being obliterated by Yolkians, Evil Clones, Overlords, and not to mention an army that brings bad luck? You should talk! You're selfish because you don't want anyone to be more smart than you. The only reason you picked on me is because you were scared of being a has-been and you allowed yourself to believe this, when in reality, I could've been your only friend. And after calling me that, you may as well go home and cry to Humphrey, your only friend.
    Cindy: Libby's my friend, so-
    Jimmy: No she isn't. Come to think of it, you never had any friends in the first place. After what you called me, I don't think we should be friends anymore, so when we get back," Jimmy started to walk away from the malt shop, he then said, "Remember what I said, but right now, I have a friend to save, you're more than welcome to stay with Dexter as long as you want as well!
  • In the 8th chapter of the Multi-Crosover, Infinite War, Luan Loud delivers one to Lynn Loud about her personality and the events of "No Such Luck"
    Luan: Can't you see this whole thing is on you?! You know what's your problem, Lynn? You always have to make excuses for your actions so you don't have to take responsibility for any of them, and because of that, not only did you nearly get us killed, but you nearly got Lincoln killed! I don't care that you saved him, you still haven't learned anything! That's your problem, whenever you lose or tie, you always have to be immature about it and be a bad sport! You only care about yourself, and no one else. You don't care about your family after all that mom and dad have done for you, so you might as well get out of the house and NEVER COME BACK!
  • In The Last Straw Harry Potter (using the alias Hadrian Black) gives one to Abby after she complains about being called out for her behavior toward Tim.
    Hadrian: I know you do good work for Habitat for Humanity but it takes more than grand gestures every now and again to be a good person. I learned a long time ago that you can fight for the light and still be a horrible person. You're possessive, petty and manipulative, you blackmail everyone around you with the threat of horrible behaviour or Gibbs' wrath if they upset you and you enjoy watching other people be punished for your actions. You act like a spoilt teenager who's never had to be responsible for the consequences of their actions. You expect your friends to be interested in what you are but never take the time to get to know or share their interests. You're totally self-centred and narcissistic Abby Scuito and if you don't get help then you'll end up with everybody you call friends realising that you don't care about them and leaving you all alone.
  • In Containment Report Alto Clef gives one to the members of Cauldron.
    Clef: “I’ll give you points at planting the joke of the Illuminati in the populace. No one would take it seriously, even if they found you! I’m going to deduct several thousand though, for three roaming world-class threats that you’ve been unable to help contain. So, what have you lot been doing beyond collecting a world’s ransom in funds and failing to actually stop any active danger?”
    Eidolon: “Hundreds, if not thousands, of parahumans have lost their lives in an attempt to kill those things. You have no right to lecture us on a threat the likes of which you don’t know.”
    Clef: “You… you utterly ignorant fool. You face three threats that can end your world, and have failed to even provisionally stop them. The only thing you have managed is the deaths of thousands, and a slew of broken cities. You try and play the world from the shadows, and while I give you credit that you managed to stabilize North America and portions of Europe you have utterly failed with every other single continent. You even have the hubris to look at your failures, crow them as successes, and then decry my comments because you think you’re little group has succeeded? 10 years. 10 years and this world’s economy fails. Another 30 and humanity on this planet might as well no longer be a quantifiable factor. And the Endbringers? I will give you that they are dangerous, certainly. Yet you only have three. I have seen worlds rendered sterile of all life. I looked through a telescope at a sentient pulsar that actively hates humanity and wants to see it dead. A bio-virus that could cover the earth in a century if we so much as relaxed the vigil. We have forces that you could accurately call gods that oppose us, and we locked them in metal boxes. Meteorites that could erase our world if we so much as turn off the lights. When you have saved the world, and I mean that in the most literal sense, more times than you can remember feel free to mock me. Until then? Sit down at the children's table while the adults are talking.”
  • Infinity Crisis- in which the Avengers, following the devastation of Avengers: Infinity War, receive aid from the heroes of the Arrowverse- features a few of these;
    • Upon taking back control of HYDRA, the Skull tears into their council on doing nothing but hiding in the shadows and letting the opportunity to rule go by and this is not what he dreamed of his organization.
    Red Skull: I want...for you fools... to stop destroying my dream!
    • Thanos gets a few of these from the assorted heroes as he justifies his actions, but Kara was the first one to make such a speech while beating him up.
    Kara: I've heard that crap from Non, Lillian Luthor, Rhea and I've lost count how many more! You all claim you're doing this for everyone else but you never care what they actually want! It's all you, Thanos! The only thing sick in the universe is you!
    • When Black Lightning confronts the Skull, the Skull naturally addresses the dark-skinned hero as though the other man is an animal who's too stupid to understand him, which prompts Lightning to deliver the following speech while beating the crap out of the Skull.
    Black Lightning: Master race. White power. Aryan superiority. Doesn't matter what Earth it is or who's saying it, it's the same old crap by a bunch of assholes scared of being seen as anything but the best. We don't want to wipe white folks out. We don't want to rule things, we just wanna be treated like everyone else. But scum like you can't let that be, huh? (delivers a blast of electricity that sends the Skull to his knees) Tell me, Skull... Of the two of us, who looks the weaker race right now?
    • In Counterpart Conferences, the DC Animated Universe Joker does a huge one to his Earth-51 counterpart, noting the man is unworthy of their name and nothing but a dressed-up thug. "I am the Daniel-Day Lewis of crime, my friend. Whereas you are Adam Sandler."
    "Do you want to know why I picked you? I saw a few other versions out there, you know. Some were really, really out there. I mean, there's one where we look like a truly demented punk clown of some sort, that's really not fun. There's another where I just sound too damn serious. A couple others aren't too bad and I don't mind them much. Now, one version was just makeup and a scarred face but I kind of liked him. He got the chaos of things and how to enjoy yourself so I let him go by. But you, on the other hand…oh, I had to target you. […] Because you are just…pathetic. Look at you." [Indicates the other Joker's outfit] "The tattoos? That's just gauche, really and mars my beautiful face up. The gold teeth, ugh, how hard it must be cleaning out those things. And your fashion, if we can call it that, is horrendous. But it's your behavior that really sticks in my craw. You're just a nasty thug, a hood with a little joy but nothing like you should be doing. Where is the style? Where is the panache? Where are the epic schemes? Making fish look like you? The creative death traps for Batman? Hell, when was the last time you just went on a wild drive and tossed pies of poison gas at people? Take away the hair and smile and what are you? You're a lame take on Black Mask or someone like that. You are not worthy of bearing our name in any way. You don't try to teach people the joke, you are the joke. I am the Daniel Day-Lewis of crime, my friend. Whereas you are Adam Sandler. This town… this world… deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm going to give it to them. As for you, I believe that it's past time that you got the treatment you truly deserve."
    • Later in Counterpart Conferences, the DC Animated Universe Batman gives one to his Earth-99 counterpart, who has resorted to killing his enemies.
    "I should thank you. Every now and then… for just one moment… I think about how easy it would be to get rid of Joker or Ra's, once and for all. Now…I see what happens when I cross that line. No matter what, I'm never going to become you. […] The day I think [like you] is the day I give it up. There are a lot of us across the multiverse. We've all stared into the abyss. The difference between us and you? You blinked."
    • In Sins, Sirens & Strife, Thor and his allies deliver one to Amora, deriding her belief in her own superiority to inform her that she is a truly pathetic villain whose plans were always easily seen through by everyone else.
    Thor: "Amora, you couldn't plot or scheme your way out through a child's board game! You always thought you were so much smarter than you truly were, that you were working your evil plots and wiling away while manipulating us all. Do you know what we were doing whenever you tried? We were laughing at you, Amora. All of us. Loki, most of all. He never looked more amused than when telling us of your weak attempts at games. What was it he said once? 'She thinks she's pulling the wool over our eyes but it's like she's standing naked in front of clear glass.' He couldn't believe you truly thought you were hiding your intentions when you might as well have been holding a sign around your neck saying 'I am a power-hungry bitch.' You were never a power player, Amora, just a pretender and not even a good one."
    Sif: "I ran into your sister, Lorelei, not long ago, Amora. At least she's up front on how petty and selfish she is and never cloaked herself in some delusion of grandeur. I can't believe she was actually the humble one in the family."
    • In Distant Cousins, after Lex Luthor brings Astra back to life, she tells him what she thinks of him;
    "We studied you, Mr. Luthor. We know who you are. You are a man who could have worked true wonders for this planet but overwhelmed by your greed, your power, your lust to always be the best around. That's the real reason you hate Superman. Not because of some 'threat' he represents. Not his power. It's because he's what deep down you wish you could be and you know you can never attain that. […] You want to be a true hero to the world but you lack the heart Kal-El and Kara both do. You claim to want to help humanity but you have no understanding of how regular people think. You see humans as nothing but chess pieces to play with and think those truly aiding the world are monsters while you've let a trail of corpses behind you. It's truly pathetic. […] If there's one thing we know about you, it's that you loathe Kryptonians. Don't even bother pretending otherwise. The only reason you brought me back is that you need something from me but frankly, I don't see why I should be helping you."
    • In The New Kids in Townsville, Buttercup gives one to Princess upon finally having enough of her crap:
    "We help you, you spoiled brat. How do you thank us? An endless parade of insults! Who do you think you are? At least your dad did something to get all the money he showers you with. All you do is waste it on ways to try and be stronger than us. None of which ever, ever work! You want to know why they never work?! Because we're better than you; we're stronger, faster, and have more friends. People like us because we do good things for Townsville. You can't bring yourself to do that though. You think it's 'lame' to treat others nice. Sure, some of that's on your dad for not raising you, but you could've done good stuff. The change in your pocket could probably get a homeless man off the street for the rest of his life. He'd like you if you helped him, but you won't even consider that because you're a selfish creep who only thinks her life matters, that only what she wants is important. You may be rich, but you're trash in my book. No wait, trash can be used for biofuel. You're worse than trash! You're poison, Princess, and I'm glad the Gangreen Gang broke a ton of your fancy pants stuff. I'm glad that guy from earlier apparently broke your suit and left you helpless. I wish I'd never met you! Townsville gets attacked by giant monsters at least once a week, but it's people like you who keep it from being perfect. So just shut your fat mouth and enjoy me flying off. I won't be coming back even if your life depends on it."
  • In Dangerous Tenant, when the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arrive in the world of Resident Evil after falling through a rift in reality, Donna delivers one to Wesker regarding how his ‘great plan’ has left him hiding in his base, talking about how he's so great when he's sitting surrounded by jars of creepy experiments and irritating people who come to the base with a running commentary of their activities.
  • In Alias Mars- a crossover between Alias and Veronica Mars, with the crisis concluded, Jack Bristow visits Sheriff Don Lamb (whose negligence resulted in Sydney and Veronica being briefly held captive by Julian Sark) and informs him that he is going to resign as sheriff or have his negligence and corruption exposed, with Jack giving the following speech when asked why he's doing this;
    "Not for the reasons you may think. Not because you are completely unsuited for this position. Not because you refused to give a girl reporting a rape even the dignity of a fair hearing. Not even because you put my daughter in danger, although that was a contributing factor. It's because I don't like you one bit. So take the easy way out, retire with your gains and in return, not only will you avoid jail but I won't be tempted to kill you."
  • In the Twilight/Supernatural crossover The Wedding Crashers, Jacob and Renesmee tag-team one on Leah when her guests (the Winchesters) ruin the wedding. Even worse, because of Jacob's status as the Alpha, Leah is forced to feel those things about herself. Then Jacob accidentally releases her from his pack, and she proceeds to give them as good as she got.
    • After that fight, the vampires, Sam, and Dean exchange these with each other, culminating in Bella giving a speech that boils down to "it's not murder when we kill humans to feed, but obviously you're too stupid to realize that because you're stupid, flawed humans". It's cut short when Cas uses his powers to send her flying into Edward. He also gave a more composed and cutting response before resorting to that, even if it didn't faze her:

      Castiel: You are not above humans, and you are most certainly not above God's will. Humans are God's most beloved creations—you are nothing but soulless abominations who threw away His most precious gift to you.
  • Equestria Louds: Of Secrets And Superstitions gave us a few from the Humane 5 and their families to the Loud family over the Louds' treatment of Lincoln Loud in "No Such Luck", resulting in him running away; and to a lesser extent, the relationship between Lincoln and his family.

    Lori: (After explaining the events of "No Such Luck" to the Humane 5) And that is literally the entire story.
    Rarity: Y-you didn’t.
    Pinkie: Wow! So much for family.
    Fluttershy: I have heard stories about children being abandoned by their families. All of them very sad.
    Rarity: Usually it’s because they can’t afford to take care of the child or just don’t love it.
    Applejack: But this. This is different. The reason behind this one is beyond unthinkable.
    Rainbow Dash: I-I can’t believe this.
    Lynn Sr.: Now we know how that sounds-
    Lisa: Well to be fair, Lincoln kinda brought some of it on himsel-
    AJ: It doesn’t matter what he did anymore! Because that’s nothin’ compared to what y’all did ta him!
    Fluttershy: It’s still wrong!
    Sweetie Belle: (whispering to her friends) And I thought we were the worst people in the world after the Anon-a-Miss incident.
    Granny Smith: What kind of folks throw out one of their own over some crazy superstition?!
    Maud: That’s really low.
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Rainbow: No wonder he ran away. If I were treated like that, I’d run away too.
    Rarity: And you two call yourselves adults.
    Luna: Look dudes. We realize now that the way we treated our bro was wrong.
    Lori: We literally became so concerned with the amount of luck in our lives that we didn’t care how much it was hurting him.
    Lucy: If I had a heart it would be aching.
    Lisa: I admit I have given those who follow the path of science a bad name.
    AJ: Ah’m surprised someone as smart as you, Lisa, actually fell for that kind of phony baloney. But ah’m also very upset with you, Lori, cause you’re the oldest. Y’all should know better than ta treat your own family like that. Especially after tellin’ Lincoln that ‘this family supports each other’. It’s clear to all of us that ya don’t truly know how to be a true oldest sibling. Right Big Mac?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    AJ: Well, lucky-er, I mean, good for you, Big Mac here can give you a few tips on how ta be one.
    Pinkie: I know someone too. (Pinkie uses her phone to call her big sister) Hi Limestone, it’s Pinkie, I’m going to need you to make a quick trip down here tomorrow as soon as possible. Yeah, I know you’re busy with the farm, but it’s really important. I have someone who really needs some lessons on how to be a good oldest sibling. It’s a long story, but I’ll explain it tomorrow. So will you come down here? Thank you, I Pinkie-Promise you this is very important and worth it. Bye.
    Rainbow: And you, Lynn. What is wrong with you? You lose one little game and it’s all your brother’s fault?!
    Lynn: But I’ve never lost a game before in my life, I’m Lynn Loud Jr. That was the first game of mine he ever attended. The game after that, he wasn’t there and I won. Then the game after that was when he snuck in disguised as our team’s mascot and I won. I believed the mascot suit must’ve cancelled out his bad luck. Why doesn’t anyone else understand that?! How would you explain that?
    Rainbow: Okay, champ. How about tomorrow you prove your ‘amazing’ skills to all of us. And since your brother won’t be around, you won’t have to worry about any bad luck. Okay?
    Lynn: (confused) Okay.
    Rainbow: Good, I’ll make a few calls and tomorrow we’ll see who’s the better athlete. And person.

    • Later, while Big Mac and Limestone try to teach Lori how to be a better big sister, Lori's behavior doesn't put her in a good light. Having had enough, Limestone tells Lori off.
    Limestone: Is treating everyone like dirt the only thing you know?! I think I see what kind of person you are. You think that just because your ma and pa brought you into this world first that you’re better than the rest that followed you. Well, I got news for you, phoneaholic! There are A LOT more important things about being the eldest sister than getting your way all the time.
    Lori: There is?
    Limestone: (to Big Mac, disappointed) We got a lot of work to do.
    Big Mac: (also disappointed) Eeyup.

    • After Rainbow Dash and Lynn's game, Rainbow Dash wins. Lynn blames Lincoln, who she insists is there; for her defeat. The Louds' parents agree with Lynn, surprising the Five. Rainbow, angry, gives one speech to Lynn; as the other four give one to the parents. They, along with Lynn, finally realize their mistakes.
    Rainbow: Lynn, your brother’s not here.
    Lynn: No, he has to be! How else could I lose? Please, you gotta help me find him, then I can prove to everyone that I’m right!
    Rainbow: This is your problem, Lynn! When something doesn’t go your way, it’s always someone else’s fault.
    Lynn Sr.: Now hold on—
    Applejack: You two are gonna stand right here and watch her do what y’all shoulda’ done a long time ago.
    Rainbow: Now let’s take a moment to examine other factors here. We decided to have this game yesterday so you barely had enough time to practice, you were going up against people who’ve had more experience than you, you wasted most of your energy performing those silly good luck rituals, and you hardly gave any of your teammates a chance to play, not to mention the state they’re in. What happened? You all looked fine when I assembled you here.
    Cloudy Kicks: Our so-called team captain wouldn’t let any of us use the bathroom!
    Lynn: Don’t any of you know the old saying? "Never go number two until we are number one".
    Rainbow: (disgusted) That’s disgusting!
    Lynn: But it works every time.
    Rainbow: Well it didn’t work today.
    Lynn: That’s because my little brother is hiding somewhere close by, not wearing his good luck suit, and jinxing the game!
    Rainbow: Listen Lynn. You obviously think very highly of yourself, trust me I know. But you also think everyone else is beneath you, so you let your ego get the best of you. You’re just blaming other people for your own mistakes, hurting those close to you, and you don’t even care.
    Lynn: Oh yeah?! Just like you let your ego get the best of you when you blamed and drove away one of your friends for a crime she didn’t commit?! I don’t think you’re in any position to—
    (Berserk Button pressed, Rainbow smacks Lynn)
    Rainbow: Are you going to blame your brother for that too? Because if you are, then you’re even more pathetic than I thought. Lynn, I’m going to tell you something that your family should’ve told you a long time ago, so listen and listen well. GROW UP! You dream of being a great athlete who never loses a game, but that’s all it is. A dream and nothing more! A life without failure is a life without experience. I’ve lost a few games in my sports career, and I’m still considered the best athlete at CHS because I believe in my skills, used those losses to motivate me to improve those skills, and am not stupid enough to believe that someone else could have any sort of responsibility if I lose. And from what my friends and I have told you about what happened last holiday season, that stupidity threshold is pretty broad. But you have some nerve having that big an ego when you believe more in superstitions than your own skills! However, your own pride isn’t the only thing that contributed to the mess you and your family are in now.
    (With the 4 and the parents)
    Fluttershy: Mr. and Mrs. Loud. We can tell that you’re both very proud of your daughters.
    Applejack: But you’re a little too proud.
    Rarity: Your pride of their accomplishments have blinded you to their flaws. Not only have you failed to acknowledge their behavioral issues, but now you’ve played along with them and caused your only son unnecessary misery.
    Pinkie: Come to think of it, I don’t remember any of you mentioning anything about your son that makes you proud. Guess that tells us a lot about how your people think of him.
    (Back with Rainbow and Lynn)
    Rainbow: Lynn Loud Jr., you are the biggest sore loser I have ever met! And unless you and your family start cleaning up your acts, you’ll never get Sunset Shimmer back!
    Rainbow: I mean… you’ll never get your brother back! It doesn’t matter how many victories or trophies you’ve won, you’ll never be a real winner with such poor sportsmanship. You weren’t even that much of a challenge today. So why don’t you grow up, figure out what’s more important in life, and stop making everybody’s lives harder than they already are! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home now. See you tomorrow, Lynn.

  • In Halloween Unspectacular: The Final Push, Ovard Grim gives a scathing one to Athena regarding her plans for Jazz:
    "I'm a liar, Madame?[...]And what about you, Madame? Have you been honest with your associates? I mean, you took Jasmine under your wing without much deliberation, didn't you? You've trained her, brought her into your trust and made her think you as a friend, a mentor...Does she know what waits at the end of the line? You've made cattle of her, Athena. You've fattened her up for slaughter and you're not even sorry about it. The difference between you and me is that I admit I'm a sociopathic liar. Do you?"
  • Dark Amphithere Total Pokemon Series: In Redux, Mamoswine and Krookodile are involved in a hog dog-eating contest. During this, Mamoswine asks Krookodile why he dislikes him out of the many Pokémon playing the game. Krookodile lays on him an extremely scathing response as well as hinting at a Freudian Excuse, making Big Eater Mamoswine forfeit the contest.
    Mamoswine: I have a question...why do you dislike me?
    Krookodile: Shut up, porker. I'm eating. And if you haven't noticed, I don't like most people, and you're included in that large number. So shut up.
    Mamoswine: There's no need to be rude. It was just a question.
    Krookodile: Okay, buddy. You really want to know why I don't like you? You have everything. You've got money, you've got food, I assume you've got a job, and you've got a nutso girlfriend who may be fucking bonkers, but she adores you and is a genius with a job.
    Krookodile: Shut up! You have all of this goddamn shit, your life is so wonderful. Perfect for you, perfect relationship, perfect goddamn LIFE and you know what you do? You decide, hey! I'm gonna go apply to this stinkin' show that I've been on twice already because I want more money and food because I'm a fucking glutton. That's why I don't like you Mamoswine. You play this big, friendly, lovable oaf card, and behind it all you're here to satisfy that big stomach of yours. Win the game? Please. Most people I'd be okay with seeing walking away? But you? Tubby rich boy who's got the perfect life? You don't deserve it. None of it. And now you're back for the merge, instead of somebody else who could've used that chance more than you? Please. Go to hell.
    Mamoswine: (ignores Mewtwo briefly interrupting) For starters, I am NOT here just for the money. I come here to enjoy myself, hang out with friends, and have a great time. I do have a very nice life, but there is nothing wrong with me returning to improve it! Everyone deserves a good life and to be happy! I want everyone to have a good time, but that's an impossible dream! Krookodile, you're the one who's being unreasonable. I have done NOTHING to you and you come along, call me fat, lazy, and tell me I don't deserve to come back. Where do you get that right?
    Krookodile: Yeah. Everyone deserves to be happy, right? Yeah, maybe, but that's not how the real world works, bub. Sure, we can pretend this competition is about happiness and fun times, but that's how it works for everyone. And you're a big fat reminder of how unfair this whole thing really is.
    Mamoswine: And you have the right to judge that?
    Krookodile: (slams his tail on the ground and snaps his jaws) Yes. Yes I fucking do. You wanna know why you're Mr. Happy Get Along? Because you've never NEEDED anything in your goddamn worthless life. You WANT to have fun, you WANT to do this. Well guess fucking what? In my life, I never got to WANT anything. Instead, I had needs. Like finding enough food so I don't starve. Or finding some way to sneak into a gym so I can take a shower. You want to have fun, Mamoswine, but I NEED this money like no one else here. So if and when I lose my one chance to get out of this worthless life I've got, at least you had the fun you wanted to have, right?
    Mamoswine: (stunned) Krookodile, I-
    Krookdile: No. Shut that mouth of yours! You don't goddamn know a thing. You don't know cold. You don't know suffering. You don't know hunger. You've got a perfect goddamn life and you don't know what it's like to fight everyday. But I do. And I will Mamoswine. Because I'm not gonna let you stand in my way.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door, it gradually becomes clear that the Shadow Queen's six children aren't working for her out of any sense of love or loyalty, but mostly out of fear, and that she abuses them horribly. They even try to turn against her in one scene. In the Final Battle, when Stan finds out that her now-deceased first six offspring hated her enough to try to kill her, he really lets her have it, with the help of the supporting cast, and it is the biggest factor in her true self Fighting from the Inside afterwards:
    Stan: What? They… Kill you? They…
    Shadow Queen: I could never prove it… but I faced numerous attempts on my life after I made them governors of the towns of Arcadia, and more than likely, most of them came via their order. Possibly a few of them collaborated on a couple. But I…
    Stan: That's not the point! (Beat) Are you a fan of Greek Mythology, Iris? You may remember how in the creation myth, Cronos overthrew his cruel father, Uranus. But he proved a crueler tyrant, and his own son, Zeus, returned the favor and overthrew him. I used to read Arthurian legends a lot too. Some versions say that Sir Mordred – you know, the traitor – was actually King Arthur’s son, sired on his half-sister Morgan Le Fey, who seduced him in disguise. And those are just the old stories. Browse a bookshelf or DVD section anywhere, and it won’t take you long to find a story where a father and one of his offspring are enemies… Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, the Wizard and Elphaba in Wicked...
    Aesop: Speaking of Darth Vader and the Dark Side, Superman had an enemy named Darkseid, and his son hated his guts too.
    Raven: Anyone here ever see a movie called Gladiator? Commodus killed his father in that movie to become emperor.
    Kyle: Let’s not even get into how often that sort of thing happens in soap operas. I once read that was the case on All My Children a lot with Dr. Madden.
    Shadow Queen: All right, enough with the fan club! Is there a point to this pop culture lesson?
    Stan: They only strengthened the point I was eventually going to make, really. Notice what gender the parent was in all of those cases?
    '(Dead Silence)
    Stan: It’s almost always a case of the son or daughter turning against the father. Turning against your dad seems common, almost a cliché. Your mother? Almost unheard of. The first case I mentioned, the one with Zeus… Rhea was one of the few Titans who was spared, because she helped her son. Zeus and the other Olympians owed her their lives. Think about it, Iris! Why are stories about dark, sadistic villains who turn against their mothers so rare and stories about ones who threaten a
    crueler fate against people who insult their mothers so common? The rare times you come across someone who does commit matricide, he’s thought of as the lowest of low, despised and reviled, even among other evils of the world. Why is this? I’ll tell you why. Human nature. People can’t help but be close to their mothers, you know. It’s easy to see why… It’s hard to make yourself hate the woman who carried you for nine months, fed you when you were a small child, held you close when you woke up from nightmares, and took care of you when you were sick with a cold. Freud said a lot of bizarre things, but he had the right idea when he said that a child is drawn to his mother in a bond that can’t be severed…. But you… To think that you're so rotten than you severed the bond completely with all six of them, so much that they conspired to kill you? Not a single one of them was loyal? (Chuckles a little.) You know, I once read somewhere that even Genghis Khan was pretty close to his mom… She was his advisor occasionally, and she raised children who were orphaned by his raids. Beat'' Oh, did I hit a nerve? note 
  • A commonly used tactic in Naruto crossover Echoes. Best shown when Chibaku uses one in order to kill N and when Kazama kills Orochimaru.
  • In Worm/DC Universe crossover Echoes of Yesterday, Kara delivers one aimed at Winslow High Administration when Principal Blackwell asks why a super-hero would get involved in a case of high-school bullying.
    Kara: Ma'am, clearly Miss Hebert needs time to gather her thoughts. What she went through would have been very traumatic, and interrogating her certainly won't help with that.
    Principal Blackwell: What would bring a cape here in the first place? While what happened was certainly unacceptable, it wouldn't require the assistance of a powered individual.
    Kara: Firstly. I have enhanced senses. I could hear her screaming for help three blocks away. And secondly, ma'am, it appears I was needed, because no one was bothering to help her, even the staff.
  • In Deep Dread, Chichi rants at Chris, Martin, Vegeta, Nappa, Krillin, and Raditz for causing her problems right after giving birth to Gohan.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
  • Rick and The Loud House (Rick and Morty, The Loud House): Just like in his series proper, Rick loves to give these out.
    • In the first chapter, he calls out Lucy and Lincoln, and the rest of the Loud siblings by extension, for their frequent selfishness when the two accuse him of being selfish.
      Rick: "You know what I think the problem is with both of you and the rest of your sisters? Y-you're all selfish! The only thing you care about is me, me, me. Like I know it's really stupid that there's only one TV and one bathroom in the whole house but y-you never try to work anything out. Y-you just fight over it! And now you're calling me selfish? How do you know I'm not doing something for everyone's benefit? You ever think about that L-Lincoln?"
    • In Chapter 3, Rick calls out the sisters again for believing that Ronnie Anne's bullying of Lincoln is a sign that she likes him.
      Rick: "Seriously? Y-You think because this bully is a girl that she likes him? What is this? The nineties?"
      Lori: (uneasy) "B-but, that's just how it is when boys and girls tease each other."
      Rick: "You don't know this girl. You don't why she could be bullying Lincoln. She could just be a jerk. B-besides, what are you trying to teach him? That when someone treats you like crap and puts gum in your hair, it means they love you?"
  • When Shinso blames Izuku for not being admitted into the hero course in One Punch Deku, Izuku gives him a piece of his mind.
    Izuku: I want you to listen to me for a moment. Can you honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt that you gave it your all, trying to get into this place? Did you not care what the world thought of you, did you push yourself to the limit daily, until your whole body burned and you puked blood? Because that's what I did to get into U.A. I relied on no one but myself. I broke through the limits set onto me by society. Did you do the same? Tell me, yes, and I will walk out of this ring right now, and resign. Then you can have my spot in the hero course. I don't care if you lie since you'll be only lying to yourself, and be weeded out before the end of the semester. And don't you start wallowing in self-pity. If you spend even a minute thinking, you'd realize how amazing your quirk is. Of course, you'll never be like All Might. But if that's what made you want to become a hero, then give up right now. But, if you want to become a hero, to prove the world wrong, to do good, then you better be prepared to give it your all. If you have a dream, then you must be prepared to do anything, even become deaf to the screams of the world, telling you you'll fail.
  • During the climax of Hanging Ten, Lo breaks up with Ben because she feels she can't trust him since he kept his superhero life a secret and only revealed it because he needed to save both her and her friends from the Forever Knights. When Gwen finds out, she is pissed and rips Lo a new one. She furiously points out to Lo that if she honestly thinks she's entitled to all of Ben's secrets, then she's nothing more than a Spoiled Brat; Ben doesn't owe her anything because he has saved the world multiple times by facing life-threatening situation after life-threatening situation. This manages to get through to Lo and she leaves to patch things up with Ben
  • In the The Loud House/Splatoon story, A Loud Splat, Lincoln tears Lynn a new one after she nearly costs him a Turf War by throwing the squirrel suit at him and trying to get him to wear it. It also leads Lincoln to realize that she still thinks he is bad luck. Sadly, it ends with Lynn hitting her Rage Breaking Point and punching him, causing Lincoln to coldly leave to go do Agent work, leaving the sisters, especially Lynn, to think about what they did to him.
    Lincoln: What were you thinking? Throwing that suit at me as if I needed it?!
    Luan: Lynn! What were you thinking?! Why? After all this time?
    Lynn: (Looking down) It was the only way for him to win the match.
    Lincoln: Well it wasn’t! We were doing so well, and we almost had that match in the bag. Unless...You didn’t just think that suit was going to help me win! You still think I’m BAD LUCK!!!
    (The other Loud Sisters gasp)
    Lynn:I thought you could use the extra boost! I thought that if you were going to win in Splatfest, you could have some luck on your side,
    Lincoln: But what about after Splatfest? Are you just going to stuff me back in that thing like nothing ever happened back home? I’m not going back in that suit ever again! (He goes to throw it out)
    Lynn: You can’t do this Lincoln! What if we need it again! (The two fight over until it is ripped in half) What have you done?!
    Lincoln: I’m opening your eyes for the last time! I’m not bad luck! I never was and I will never let you tell me otherwise.
    (Lynn goes to attack him, but Luna moves beside him)
    Luna: And we won’t ever do that to you again, bro.
    (The other Loud sisters agree with her words)
    Lynn: I can’t believe you’re all tainting yourselves with that jinx!
    Lincoln: And I can’t believe you’re putting your superstitious nonsense over the support of your only brother. If you had trusted me like you were supposed to, we could’ve avoided this situation. But because of what you’ve done, you’re acting like the same sore loser who won’t accept her loss, and blame her brother for everything!
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion, a crossover between Transformers: Prime and Code Geass, has several of these throughout the story.
    • The earliest one, which also counts as What the Hell, Hero?, in the story comes after the Battle of Saitama, where the Autobots call out Lelouch for treating war like a game, and not seeing through Cornelia's plan and nearly getting himself captured.
    • Dreadwing delivers a short and swift one to the Purebloods for their actions regarding Clovis's death and Suzaku's trial in Chapter 8, showing his disgust towards them for it.
      Jeremiah: I don't understand. Why doesn't Princess Cornelia order us to attack as well?
      Kewell: She won't, because Orange is here. Just be thankful you haven't been disposed of. You're to blame for this, it's due to you our careers are over!
      Jeremiah: You're wrong! Zero's the one who did it!
      Dreadwing: You have no one but yourselves to blame for your current positions! You framed an innocent man for a crime he did not commit simply because of his position as the son of Japan's previous ruler. You used the death of a member of the royal family, whom you have sworn your alliegance towards, to pursue your own personal agenda! You have betrayed your own empire!
      Kewell: How dare you! You dare to doubt our loyalty?!
      Dreadwing: You know nothing of loyalty or honor. Not even to yourselves. You turned on each other like a pack of beasts simply for that Orange-rumor.
      Dreadwing: Were it up to me, I would end each of you here and now. But that is not my call to make. Just be assured, that I will be watching you very closely. Any further sign of a betrayal, and you will answer to me.
    • The next chapter sees Zero confront Kusakabe and the JLF soldiers that have taken Lake Kawaguchi hostage, telling them that they've become like Britannia in holding innocent people hostage and killing them, as well as allowing themselves to end up being a part of Starscream's plan to destroy the Autobots and Black Knights.
    • When Kallen is captured by Suzaku and Dreadwing and Chapter 28, she rips a new one into Suzaku, calling him out on his inability to take responsibility for his actions and failures while pinning the blame on others, ignoring the atrocities committed by Britannia and the Decepticons, and killing his father.
      Suzaku: Kallen, leave the Black Knights and the Autobots.
      Kallen: You want me to abandon my friends?! Well that's not happening! You have no idea what they've all done for me! They gave me a chance to stand and fight for what's right! Zero even saved my mother's life!
      Suzaku: What?! He did?
      Kallen: You think he's a terrorist, but you couldn't be further from the truth! He gave me hope, they all did! They showed me how I can use my skills to fight monsters like Britannia and the Decepticons! In fact, I've even kicked your ass in my Knightmare!
      Suzaku: Are you that red one?
      Kallen: Damn right! I've even totaled more than a few cons, like your BFF Airachnid!
      Suzaku: Airachnid and I are not friends! I honestly don't want anything to do with her!
      Kallen: Yet you and Breakdown teamed up with her during that whole mess with the Polarity Gauntlet!
      Suzaku: We had orders to retrieve the weapon. I couldn't let it fall into enemy hands...
      Kallen: So, you teamed up with a god damn serial killer to do it?! At first, I didn't think you were so bad, til I found out how much of a hypocrite you are!
      Suzaku: Hypocrite?!
      Kallen: Yeah, you heard me! You keep acting like you have the moral high-ground, even though you willingly joined the fascist Britannia and became Megatron's personal attack dog! So, what did Megatron do to buy your loyalty?! Money?! Power?!
      Suzaku: I didn't...I...
      Dreadwing: Lord Megatron does not bribe his subordinates, and he did nothing to coerce Suzaku. It was his choice to join our ranks.
      Kallen: Oh, quit acting so high and mighty! I know what you guys really are! You're monsters! A den of murderers, butchers, back-stabbers, and psychopaths who didn't bat an eye at even destroying their own home!
      Dreadwing: We did not destroy Cybertron! We did everything we could to save it! That was the very reason Megatron formed the Decepticons, to wipe away the corruption that had spread throughout our society and restore the Golden Age! I regret what has befallen our planet, but that was not our intent!
      Kallen: So what?! You're gonna tell me Optimus did it?! That he's some kind of murderer?! Well I'm gonna tell you right now that he isn't! Optimus Prime is one of the most honorable and courageous people I've ever met in my entire life! He's been nothing short of a father to me!
      Suzaku: He's a father to you?!
      Kallen: Damn right he is! Many of the Black Knight and the Autobots feel like family to me! I will never betray them! I lost my brother at the hands of Britannia, I'll be damned if I let them or the Decepticons take any more from me!
      Suzaku: Kallen...I'm sorry about your brother, really I am...
      Kallen: Oh please, like you care about family! Sympathies for the loss of a family member don't mean much when they're from the same person who killed his own father!
      Suzaku: on Earth do you know that...?
      Kallen: Todoh told me everything. And even then, I can't believe he actually still wants to help you.
      Dreadwing: Suzaku...did...did you...really kill your own father?
      Suzaku: I...I didn't have a choice. He...he called for do-or-die resistance! Millions of people would have died...Japan would have...!
      Kallen: You didn't have a choice?! That's bullshit and you know it! You could have stabbed him in the leg or something! You didn't have to kill him! And now you're only using his death as an excuse! A steppingstone to get what you want!
      Suzaku: My father made his choice. Are you saying he was right in sending millions of people to die?!
      Kallen: That's not the point! Look, personally I wouldn't have agreed to something like that, but that's not what we're talking about here! You killed your own father and you're blaming him for that, and it's not the only time! You chose to become a Britannian soldier! You chose to join the Decepticons! Quit acting like you didn't have a choice, because you did!
      Suzaku: I joined the Britannian military because I want to change the system! It's also the reason I joined the Decepticons, because Megatron said...
      Kallen: And you believed him?! After he let that spider-bitch Airachnid back into his ranks after what she did?!
      Suzaku: Well perhaps we wouldn't have to go to such methods if your side continues to fight!
      Kallen: It's always everybody else's fault and never yours, right Suzaku?! Ironhide was right about you. You cannot take responsibility for all the crap that you do in your life!
      Suzaku: Responsibility?! You're lecturing me about responsibility?! Britannia is an empire that controls one third of the entire planet! Trying to get everybody to fight a force as powerful as that is only going to put innocent people in danger!
      Kallen: That's always something we try to avoid! We never target civilians, even Britannians! Which is more than I can say for the likes of Britannia and the Cons! Clovis tried to massacre the entire Shinjuku ghetto; Cornelia tried the same thing in Saitama; Starscream used the hotel-jacking to draw us out so he could blow up the entire damn thing; and don't even get me started on what Airachnid did in the ghettos! Even if you two say you guys have a moral code, it doesn't really mean much if you let your leaders continue to slaughter countless people to get what they want! Can you honestly look me in the eyes and say they were right to try and kill those people?!
      Dreadwing: No, that's not what we're saying! I agree that there are those, even on our own side, that have less than reputable approaches in certain situations.
      Kallen: Keep preaching you damn Con! I don't want to hear your excuses, or yours Suzaku! We're fighting to make this world a better place! Something that son of a bitch Emperor does not want to happen! The world is wrong; Zero, Optimus, all the Black Knights and the Autobots, including me, are trying to change it!
      Suzaku: If you want to change it so badly, you can stop fighting and propose a peaceful solution to us! But all you're doing is fighting, which leaves me no choice but to take a stand against you!
      Kallen: Are you even listening to yourself?! What am I, some kind of comic book villain controlling your mind?! You do have a choice, Suzaku! You've always had a choice! All the bad stuff you've done...Killing your dad, attacking us, that was all you! And by trying to put the blame on us, you're just making yourself look like a pussy.(...) There is nothing you can say to me that will make me change my mind Suzaku. I'm a Black Knight, a friend and ally to the Autobots. That will never change. I know what I'm fighting for. Do you?
    • Later in Chapter 28, Starscream calls out Suzaku for constantly disrespecting him, disobeying him, and hesitating to kill enemies, after the Black Knights and Autobots escaping from Kamine Island with the Gawain proves to be the straw that breaks his back. He also delivers one to the Britannian army as well.
      Starscream: Every single one of you wretched Britannians has failed to deliver any kind of results! You squabble over the most pitiful and vain of matters, allowing our enemies to grow every single day! At least Schneizel is willing to deliver results when he ordered that bombardment on the Lancelot! But the rest of you are ineffective and incompetent! And I will not tolerate this any longer!
    • Kallen later gives Suzaku another short one in Chapter 31, calling him out on his Death Seeker tendencies. Unlike their last meeting, where Suzaku tried coming up with counter-arguments, this time around, he agrees with her, having realized it himself earlier.
      Kallen: You said you joined the military to try and change Britannia, but you can't change anything if you're dead! You think you'd make yourself a martyr if you died?! You're an Eleven in their eyes, they won't care! You'd abandon all your so-called friends just to "redeem" yourself. That's not redemption Suzaku, that's being a coward.
    • Megatron is the king of this speech in this story, delivering no less than four of these throughout the story. The first is in Chapter 23 when he decides to make Mao Shockwave's latest specimen to experiment on after he fails to capture C.C. and kill Lelouch/Zero one too many times.
      Megatron: You believe if you read a person's thoughts, you know everything. While such an ability can be useful, you yourself seem incapable of using it properly. When your opponent outwits you, you lose all sense of self-control and enter a state of blind rage. You're no soldier, you're a child! Now look at yourself, you are incapable of speaking, no doubt a result of Lelouch's Geass. Oh yes, I have been aware of Zero's identity as Lelouch vi Britannia for quite some time now. I simply acted ignorant to test you and see what you're capable of. I'm not impressed. However, I will admit that your reveal of the existence of Geass, as well as the one known as C.C. has opened my mind to new possibilities. So, rest assured, my dear Mao, you and your Geass will still have much to contribute to the Decepticon a science experiment!
      • The second one comes from Chapter 28 when he captures V.V. and has Shockwave subject him to the Cortical Psychic Patch, learning of the Ragnarok Connection. His speech is the same as the one to Mao, calling him out for allowing his immortality to get the better of him and defy Charles's orders, severely underestimating the Decepticon leader, as well as the Autobots.
        Megatron: Ragnarok. I never knew Charles was so come up with such a grand goal, and the plan on how to achieve deceptive. It's a shame his dear brother has decided to act out against his wishes. Perhaps I may have underestimated you and your brother Victor, but not as drastically as you've underestimated me. You thought by teleporting Optimus, Lelouch, Suzaku, Dreadwing and their allies to Kamine Island via the Thought Elevator, you would not only gain leverage over me, but even trigger a trap that would enable Lelouch and Kaizaren to lose control of their Geass abilities, which you would turn to your advantage. Though I suppose that's more of a matter of underestimating Optimus and the influence he has on his allies. Regardless, you believed your immortality made you invincible, that you were the pinnacle of the power of Geass. But you have no idea what true power is! I have seen true power! And it makes even the Geass look weak and insignificant by comparison! In the end, you are as you appear to be, just a spiteful child!
      • The third one is from Chapter 29, where he tears apart Suzaku's ideals and beliefs, his inability to accept responsibility for his actions and failures, his Death Seeker tendencies, and his hesitance and insubordination.
        Megatron: Britannia can change for the better, you say? And how exactly would you go about that?
        Suzaku: By making them trust me! Once I have their trust, I can invoke the change from within!
        Megatron: And how can you earn their trust if you are unable to provide acceptable results? How can a soldier who's only known for failure possibly make change within a system that is designed specifically to oppress people of your very stature?
        Suzaku: But...none of that...the Autobots and Black Knights...
        Megatron: So you chose not to accept responsibility for your own failures? (...) Even your enemies see this flaw in you. How sad. (...) This has always been a problem for you, Suzaku. You have a goal in mind, but no plan to accomplish it. And you never learn; your arrogance and stubbornness will trump your skills and resolve every time. It's why you've failed to defeat or even capture a single enemy.
      • And when Megatron learns that Suzaku killed his father, he figures out Suzaku's true motives, and it's at that point Suzaku is unable to come up with an argument, as he realizes Megatron is right.
        Megatron: Now I see. I understand, now it makes sense. This is why you joined the military; you really don't care what happens to Britannia or Japan, you just want to wash the blood off your hands.
        Suzaku: That's not true! I do care!
        Megatron: In their eyes, you are an "Eleven", someone who is expendable. You knew you would eventually die; they would send you to your death and if it's for a cause you deem to be righteous, it will redeem yourself. I'm right, aren't I Suzaku?
      • The fourth one is in Chapter 34, where he brutally dismantles Charles's hypocrisy and his infantile motivations behind his planning of the Ragnarök Connection:
        Megatron: The four of you (Charles, V.V., C.C., and Marianne) despised this world, believing it to be nothing but a pit of despair and destruction. However, rather than actually attempt to change this world with your power as the Emperor, you feared humanity would go against you as you believe warfare is their nature, and you're not entirely wrong. So, while you fostered Britannia's Darwinist beliefs in the spotlight, you and your followers intended to use your power and knowledge over Geass to "slay" your supposed gods and merge the collective consciousness of humanity into a singularity, supposedly allowing you and this world to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence and allowing you to finally achieve the "gentler existence" you so desired. I can't say for certain if this would also affect Cybertronians, or we would simply be left behind in this form of existence, but either way, you and those you claim to care for would be free... or rather more specifically, you would be able to escape from me. I'll give you credit for coming up with such a complex and underhanded scheme to deceive not only your own nation, but your own family. Speaking as your mentor, I'm actually rather proud. Or rather I would be, if your desire wasn't so childish.
      • And in the illusion created by his Dark Geass, Megatron continues to tear apart Charles's childish mindset, his overly-favoring of brains over brawn, and his refusal to change and grow:
        Megatron: Physical strength and mental prowess. Each one can take you far in life should you master one; but, one cannot truly excel if you don't master both. Do you remember? I told you that I was the Champion of the Pits of Kaon not only due to my savage might, but also my cunning. I mastered both of them. You only managed to learn how to become cunning, while you lacked physical power. That being said, did you believe your deception had even the slightest chance of succeeding? That your Geass could somehow make up for your lack of power? Not a very good listener, are you? It hardly matters, when everything is all set and done; everything you and your followers have worked on, everything you've ever built; the Geass Order, Ragnarök, it's nothing more than a childish squabble. The work of a frightened little boy too mad at the world, despite having the power to try and change it as Emperor. It's the nature of battle: until you defeat what cowers you, you cannot truly become who you are meant to be. But to do that, you must break the shackles that hold you down, just as I did, just as Optimus, and even Lelouch did, we have all gone through that transformation, while you have not. From the very moment we've met, you've always been afraid, but what were you afraid of? Were you afraid of being weak? Were you afraid of dying? Or maybe you were afraid of being left alone? That is why you created your precious Ragnarök, and why you never mourned over the deaths of your children; you believed that by merging with the collective consciousness of humanity, you would be reunited with all those you claim to hold dear, so it didn't matter whether or not they resented you in this life. What a foolish and childish gesture. Don't make me laugh; you're the one playing games. Look at you, you're the same as your brother. You might have aged physically, as opposed to him, but in your heart you're both the same as when I met you. Just two weak, pathetic, spiteful, cowardly little children.
    • Also worth mentioning is Charles being chewed out by his children in the illusion created by Megatron's Dark Geass, which brings out a person's worst fears, Charles's being all of his children renouncing him and leaving him.
      Illusion!Lelouch: I'm leaving you Charles, we are leaving.
      Charles: What are you talking about?! Where are you going?!
      Illusion!Nunnally: Some place far away from you.
      Illusion!Lelouch: It's time to go, Nunnallly.
      Illusion!Nunnally: Yes. Our father is expecting us.
      Charles: I'm standing right here, you insolent fools!
      Illusion!Lelouch: We're not speaking of you. Optimus Prime is more of a father to us than you ever were.
      Illusion!Nunnally: He is so kind and gentle, unlike you. Goodbye Charles, we will not meet again.
      Charles: Lelouch! Nunnally! Don't you turn your back on me!
      Illusion!Cornelia: Why wouldn't they? You've been nothing but cruel to them both.
      Illusion!Euphemia: You sent them to death and you lied to us about their deaths. It's no wonder they've renounced you.
      Illusion!Cornelia: In fact, it's a wonder why the two of us even bothered staying with you as well. Well, nothing is stopping us now.
      Illusion!Euphemia: I believe the Autobots will be a better family to us. A family that we deserve, don't you agree sister?
      Illusion!Cornelia: Yes, I do. Let's not keep them waiting.
      Charles: No! You will not walk away from me!
      Illusion!Clovis: They have every right to do so. You would discard them without a moment's hesitation just as you did even me. My death was a steppingstone toward your precious progress, was it not?
      Illusion!Schneizel: That's all we've ever been to you, Charles. We've been expendable pawns for you, to be thrown away whenever you saw fit. So, it's time for us to finally take our leave.
      Illusion!Rai: You left me, my mother, and my sister to all die. I'm glad I renounced you and joined Lelouch!
      Illusion!Marrybell: You even dismissed my mother and sister's murders as well. But we will not abide by your wishes anymore.
    • Suzaku gets another one from Lelouch/Zero in Chapter 32 after the Decepticons massacre the Special Administrative Zone by kidnapping Euphemia and replacing her with a Pretender, and Suzaku blames the Black Knights and the Autobots for having the audacity to fight Britannia and the Decepticons. What really makes Lelouch's speech to Suzaku noteworthy is this is the speech where Suzaku finally realizes that he's been on the wrong side from the beginning, and finally decides to join the Autobots and Black Knights alongside Dreadwing.
      Suzaku: This is your fault! If you and the Autobots hadn't fought Britannia, then the Decepticons wouldn't have gotten involved, and none of this would be happening! Why didn't you just work with Britannia?! Why did you have to fight them?!
      Lelouch: That's not why you're upset. You're not mad at me, or any of them. You're mad at yourself for not protecting Euphie. But I shouldn't be surprised, considering that's how you've always been.
      Suzaku: What?!
      Lelouch: This is what you've always done from the beginning Suzaku! Ever since I met you again in Shinjuku! You always look for someone or something else to blame for what happened! It's so much easier to blame someone else than yourself, isn't it?! But I don't expect anything less from someone who's already given up! That's all you've ever done Suzaku! You've given up! You gave up on your father! You gave up on Japan! You gave up on your friends! You even gave up on me, Nunnally, and Euphemia! You gave up on everything and everyone! The only thing you've ever wanted was to die so you wouldn't have to live with the guilt that you've tried to ignore all these years, because you felt it was the easiest thing to do!
      Suzaku:'re wrong! I don't have to listen to a damn thing you say! You don't understand! YOU COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND!
      Lelouch: Oh, I think I do! You want to know why the Autobots and Black Knights all fight?! It's because of horrors and atrocities just like this! (gestures to the sight of the SAZ Massacre) The Decepticons turned their own planet into a lifeless husk! Britannia destroyed entire nations and subjugated them to slavery! Look around you, Suzaku! Megatron started a massacre and used Euphemia's face to do it! The Britannians didn't even hesitate to jump on the bandwagon and join the slaughter! That's why we've been fighting! Those people...those father...THEY ARE PURE EVIL! And you would sooner subjugate countless people to that evil and kill yourself so that you don't have to bear that responsibility! You would rather end your own life than admit you were wrong!
      Suzaku: But...I...that't not...
      Lelouch: And now...even after all're still blaming others?! Just because you've made mistakes that you don't think you can fix, that doesn't permit you to run away and lock yourself in darkness, pretending to be ignorant of all the people that you helped to hurt! Are you really going to take that attitude with Euphie?! Britannia is probably going to use her image as propaganda to further their own cause! Are you going to just sit there and let that happen?! If you're really her knight, then you should be doing everything to save her! And if you can't save her life, then save her name! See to it that the world doesn't view her as a murderer! That's what I'm going to do! But what about you?! Maybe you made mistakes, and maybe people won't forgive you for them, but you still have to stand your ground without making excuses for yourself! You owe that to everyone who was hurt because of you!
  • In The Heroic Chronicles of a Young Man, Tenya Deguchiya berates Shoto Todoroki for refusing to use his fire, which leaves him with less than half of his potential power.
    Tenya: You're a fool. You lock away half of your power, for reasons that only make sense to you. What's more, your fire is a matter of public record, so inevitably, when the smallest deficiency in your performance comes to light, every single reporter will ask: "why didn't you use your fire to help that person?" or defeat that villain, or whatever. Not using your fire will define your career, while using it will pass without notice. Do you even want to be a hero? The world doesn't care about your internal struggles, Todoroki! All that matters, as a hero, is "how many people have you saved" and "how much do you inspire the people's hope". Nothing. Else. Every single mission, sponsorship, interview, villain takedown, and investigation all boil down to those two points. Can your pettiness save people? Can your spite inspire hope? I’m sure you have a hero name in mind, but I can't think of anything more fitting than this. Introducing the Half-assed Hero, Ice Prince!
  • In Zero Context: Woolgathering, while detailing the differences between the two of them, the former superhero and ex-villainous understudy Zapana delivers one of these to a lustful sheep-girl who never paid the piper for her actions throughout her life. It doesn't take.
    Zapana: "You, on the other hand, are as follows: #1, an unrepentant mass murderer and galactic conqueror who's never shown the slightest remorse for the skulls you've crushed beneath your feet; #2, guilty of almost every crime in existence, and proud of it; #3, you're so much of a nymphomaniac that you'd gladly violate any parole just to fulfill your worst desires one more time; and #4, you willingly joined a group that are antagonists for antagonism's sake just because you thought it would give you a shot at getting on Callista's good side. You're trying to put Ali Al-Saachez on the same level as Heero Yuy, for the lack of a better comparison. (eyes darken in a Death Glare) Simply put: if you were an actual sheep right now and not a humanoid with assorted sheep characteristics, I'd reduce you to a 'Futurama' head-in-a-jar, turn the rest of you into a roasted double-decker mutton sandwich (hold the relish), flavor it with the hottest sauces I can find, and eat it slowly over the course of thirty-five minutes while sitting in front of you. Then I'd re-humanize your head and stick your jar in some morally-deficient medic's refrigerator just for the inevitable 'Team Fortress 2' reference. And you know what the best part is? No one in the multiverse would care."
    Bahija: (dreamily) "Yeah, but... Callista's still beautiful."
    Zapana: (head-desks)

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