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  • Homestar Runner:
    • The whole concept is parodied in the Strong Bad Email episode "original", in which an emailer brings up the trope to Strong Bad, and he responds that "we do that to you people all the time". He says that there have been "like twelve King of Towns," and also claims the current Bubs is merely a replacement for Original Bubs. It's halfway between this and Suspiciously Similar Substitute, as Original Bubs seems to be a different character. In fact, his name literally is Original Bubs. Strong Bad elaborates that there was a series of "rotating Guest Bubs" in between, such as Crack Stunt-Bubs and Onion Bubs, before they finally settled on "a little-known Bubs with zero experience".
    • Another parody comes up with the Cheat Commandos cartoon "On the Next Epi-Snowed" ends with producer A. Chimendez firing the voice actor Crack Stuntman, then inserting himself into the cartoon as Agent Chimendez to explain that Gunhaver was sent on a secret mission to the moon, and when he comes back, his voice might be different. However, after the Pistols for Pandas PSA, Crack Stuntman gets his job back as Gunhaver's VA after all.
    • While the above examples aren't real-life examples due to everyone being voiced by Matt Chapman, there is a non-parody example. Matt provides the voices for all the major male characters, but he can't do Strong Sad if he strains his voice too much. One such example is the Strong Bad Email "cheat talk" in which his brother Mike does Strong Sad's one line: "Douglas!"
  • Lobo (Webseries):
  • Several voice changes have occurred on Happy Tree Friends as cast members left, most of the departures having come for various reasons in 2005:
    • Ellen Connell replaced Dana Belben as Cub, Giggles and Petunia. After Connell's last role in "Wrath of Con", she was replaced by Lori Jee in all three roles. Although rumors had surfaced about Ellen dying in a horrible accident, Warren Graff confirmed she "moved to L.A., which is like death".
    • Initially, Kenn Navarro voiced only Cuddles. After Mike Giambruno (who voiced both Lifty and Shifty) left the show, Navarro took over those roles. Navarro also voiced Handy in "A Hole Lotta Love" because Warren Graff was not available.
    • One episode even features both Navarro's and Giambruno's voices for Lifty and Shifty.
    • Aubrey Ankrum (Pop and Flippy) left the show at some unknown point. His voice has been sampled for Pop and Flippy's evil side, although Navarro has taken over voicing the latter's good side.
    • Francis Carr replaced Jeff Biancalana as Russell.
    • David Winn replaced Rhode Montijo, who voiced Lumpy and Splendid.
  • Parodied in The Order of the Stick: when an episodic vampire dwarf appears on the airship the characters are travelling by, Vaarsivus' talking bird familiar wonders for a moment if that's vampire Durkon who has been recast.
  • Eddsworld had Edd going from Edd Gould to Tim Hautekeit for the Legacy seasons. This is due to Gould dying of leukemia in 2012. Hautkiet left the role after Legacy finished, and was recast with George Gould, the late Edd's brother, in 2020. Outside of Edd, Tom and Tord were voiced by Alex L'Abbe in 2004 and 2005 before their namesakes, Thomas Ridgewell and Tord Larsson, took over. Larsson was Darrin'd by Jamie Spicer-Lewis when the character returned for the two-part Series Fauxnale, as Larsson had dropped off the internet, and Ridgewell stepped down from voicing Tom after Legacy and was replaced with Ed Templer. Additionally, Eduardo was voiced by Chris O'Neill in "Hammer and Fail" and Brock Baker in Legacy, though in a weird twist, both of them alternate for the Beyond episodes. On the "Ellsworld" side of things, Tamara was voiced by Chloe Dungate for Legacy before being replaced by Rachel Kiki for Beyond, while Matilda was voiced by Alice Ann Stacey before being replaced by Jennifer Bingham. This leaves Matt and Ell the only main characters with consistent voice actors (Matt Hargreaves and Vicky Gould respectively).
  • RWBY:
    • From Volume 3 onwards, Lie Ren is voiced by Neath Oum, brother of the late Monty Oum, taking his brother's role as the character.
    • Due to J.J. Castillo leaving Rooster Teeth before the start of Volume 3, he was replaced as Mercury Black's VA by Yuri Lowenthal.
    • A Played With example: Monty had been slated as the voice of Qrow Branwen, who debuted that same volume. The role went to Vic Mignogna after Monty died. In 2019, Vic was released from Rooster Teeth due to then-ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct, thus necessitating a new voice actor; Jason Liebrecht was eventually cast.
    • Like Mignogna, Ryan Haywood, who voiced Professor Port, was forced to leave amid accusations of sexual misconduct. Anthony Sardinha took his place, though so far, this has been limited to RWBY Chibi and RWBY: Grimm Eclipse: Definitive Edition as Port hadn't appeared in the series proper since volume 4.
  • The Red vs. Blue episode of DEATH BATTLE! marks the first time Joel Heyman, who had left Rooster Teeth early in the year, didn't voice Caboose - although Heyman would reveal that they did approach him, he only forgot to check his messages and thus was recast.
  • In Taco-Man: The Game Master, Princess Polygon's voice actor changed from Sam T. Nelson to Kira Buckland in either the second or the third episode. In the fifth episode, Taco-Man actually comments to Princess Polygon that her voice sounds much nicer compared to when they first met. She relapses into her original voice when she thanks him, then clears her throat and thanks him in her newer voice.
  • The Transformers: Titans Return saw a number of voice actor changes after The Transformers: Combiner Wars was criticized for using mostly YouTube and internet personalities for the voice cast.
  • In the Best Fiends webseries, Mark Hamill voiced the character Temper. Starting with the short "Temper's Adventure", Phil LaMarr replaced him in the role. The episode lampshades the voice change, with Gordon pointing out that Temper's just cranky "since [his] voice changed".
  • In The Grossery Gang webseries, Australian voice actress Jade Ubrien originally voiced the main five characters. Once Series 2 rolled around for both the toyline and webseries, her roles were replaced and scattered around to various other voice actors: Nicolas Roye as Pizza Face, Laila Berzins as Sparkles and Doc Broc, Alexandra Ryan as Egghead, and Spike Spencer as Rocky.
  • Object Shows are very prone to switching out voice actors between episodes for reasons varying from them being unavailable or not interested in the Object Show Community anymore to behind-the-scenes drama. In most cases, this leads to characters sounding radically different or even receiving accents they previously didn't have. There's very few complains about these changes, however, as the OSC in general is far used to this by now.
    • Battle for Dream Island: After BFB 23, Graham Taylor, voice actor for Gelatin decided to leave the show and Ian Woodside replaced him soon after. It was lampshaded by Gelatin a few times including a scene where he talks to Leafy and she replies in a different voice and later commenting on previous footage that he sounded weird in the past.
    • Battle for BFDI: When the crew expanded, several recommended characters who were voiced by Michael and Cary in the past are voiced by new actors (An example being Basketball being voiced by Michael in the first season and by Satomi Hinatsu in BFB).
    • Inanimate Insanity: According to Adam Katz, a lot of voice actors just straight up dropped all contact with him, forcing him to either voice certain characters himself or get the voice actors he actually had on hand to voice them. The list include:
      • Pepper going through five voice actors over the series which is the most out of the cast.
      • Nate Groth (The original voice of Balloon) being replaced by Ben Cross due to a Role-Ending Misdemeanor.
      • Dee Cashin taking over the roles of Marshmallow and Cheesy from Adam Katz and Aaron Sharpio respectively since the former couldn't do the high-pitched voice for Marshmallow anymore and the latter left the show between seasons.
      • Paintbrush and Bow's voices were also replaced in episode 10 of Inanimate Insanity Invitational due to drama that Paintbrush's original voice actor, Taylor Grodin, had gotten in-between this episode and the previous one. Although, because Bow in this season is a robotic copy, the creators were able to provide an In-Universe explanation for her voice change.
  • Bravest Warriors:
    • In the original Random! Cartoons pilot, Chris Kirkman was voiced by Charlie Schlatter, Beth Tezuka was voiced by Tara Strong, Danny Vasquez was voiced by Rob Paulsen and Wallow was voiced by Dan Finnerty. When Frederator Studios chose to make the show a web series without Nickelodeon's involvement, the characters were respectively recast with Alex Walsh, Liliana Mumy, John Omohundro and Ian Jones-Quartey (though Tara Strong would remain involved as the voice of Plum).
    • In the fourth season that was a co-production with Canadian animation company Nelvana, Graeme Jokic replaced Alex Walsh as Chris because it was required by Canadian law to have at least one Canadian voice actor in the main cast (though Alex Walsh stayed onboard as the voice of Beth's boyfriend Zack Ryan).
    • The fourth season had Eric Bauza and Tara Strong respectively replace Breehn Burns as the voice of Chris' father Brian and Vanessa Marshall as the voice of Chris' mother Josephine.
    • Slippy Napkins was voiced by Polly Lou Livingston in the original Random! Cartoons pilot and the first three seasons, with Fiona Reid voicing her for season four.
  • Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers:
    • Meggy Spletzer was voiced by Lizzie Freeman from War of the Fat Italians 2020 to The Cursed Tapes, and was replaced by Elsie Lovelock starting from DO NOT ENTER due to a mutual agreement with SMG4 over her busy schedule.