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  • The original English Sailor Moon adaptation practically had a revolving door of actors for various reasons, mainly because the dub's production was stopped and restarted several times for unusually long gaps, leaving plenty of time for actors to leave or have scheduling conflicts when it was time to produce more dubbing. While fans often blame the switchover of the rights from DiC to Toei subsidiary Cloverway, the same dubbing studio, Optimum, handled the entire series and made the casting choices.
    • The most notable changes came to Sailor Moon herself, who was originally voiced by Tracey Moore and then (due to stressful Creative Differences) switched over to Terri Hawkes gradually (the earlier episodes might have been dubbed out of order) and then permanently for the remainder of the DiC run (Tracey's very last episode was Jupiter's debut episode). During the S production, Terri Hawkes was on maternity leave during the recording period and was replaced with Linda Ballantyne (who had earlier voiced the main villain of the S movie) for all of the S and SuperS seasons (which were recorded at the same time), who tried to mimic Hawkes at first, but developed her own take on the character. Though her overall performance is usually regarded as an exaggerated imitation of Hawkes' voice.
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    • Tuxedo Mask also had three actors. Rino Romano voiced him in the first 11 episodes episodes before moving to Los Angeles, and his role was recast. After Tux's second voice actor, Toby Proctor, left the show over pay concerns toward the end of the second season (after the first major hiatus), he was replaced for the rest of the series by Vince Corazza, who had previously voiced the alien Alan in the Doom Tree saga. Vince was also instructed to mimic Proctor's voice. Proctor and Vince were, of course, The Other Darien.
    • Of the other scouts, Mercury was voiced by the very British-sounding Karen Bernstein for the first two seasons and movies, and the not-so British Liza Balkan in later episodes after Karen's retirement. Liza was handpicked by Bernstein herself, and was instructed to mimic her voice as best she could. Mars was voiced by Katie Griffin for pretty much the whole series, however Emilie-Claire Barlow filled in for the last 17 episodes of R while Griffin was away filming a movie.
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    • Venus was originally voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern and Rini by Tracey Hoyt, but for the S and SuperS seasons they were replaced with Emilie-Claire Barlow (who had previously stood in for Mars) and Stephanie Beard respectively (Morgenstern had moved into television producing, although it was her agent that declined these seasons. Hoyt just wanted to focus on other things). Sailor Pluto was voiced by Sabrina Grdevich (Ann's voice) in the R season and the movies, and later by Susan Aceron in the S season, though her first brief appearance in the Luna-P actually used Luna's voice as a placeholder. In this crop of voice swapping, the characters apparently were not told to mimic the old actors and their voices are more distinct.
    • One of the villains went through this during the DiC years - Katzy of the Weird Sisters was originally voiced by Alice Poon for a handful of episodes and then had a bizarre recasting with Molly's voice actor, Mary Long. All of sudden, Katzy was putting on a previously-absent Brooklyn accent and chain smoker growl. Another Weird Sister, Bertie, also suffered this, but only for one episode where she appeared after a major hiatus, and the voice sounded similar.
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    • Other characters' whose voices changed at some point include Diana, Andrew, Melissa/Melody, Queen Beryl (in a flashback), Malachite (also during a flashback), Queen Serenity, Raye's Grandpa, Elizabeth, and Chad.
    • Sailor Jupiter was thankfully exempt from this. She was the only one of the original five scouts to not change her voice actress for any reason, being voiced by Susan Roman for all four seasons and the movies. Luna and Artemis also deserve mention for their voices sticking around for the entire dub.
    • The new Viz dub has a completely different cast. Among the new cast are Stephanie Sheh as Usagi, Kate Higgins as Ami, Cristina Valenzuela as Rei, Amanda Céline Miller as Makoto, Cherami Leigh as Minako, Robbie Daymond as Mamoru, Sandy Fox as Chibi-usa, Veronica Taylor as Setsuna, Michelle Ruff as Luna, Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis, and Cindy Robinson as Queen Beryl.
  • Even the original Japanese production had this happen - during the recording of the final episodes of the first series (44-46) and the early portions of R(47-50), Kotono Mitsuishi (Usagi/Sailor Moon) was away having her appendix removed and Kae Araki (who was one of the original choices for the role) took over for her. Amusingly, this includes episode 46, which ends with the insert song "You Are Just My Love", a duet between Mitsuishi and Toru Furuya (Mamoru). Araki returned to do the role of Chibiusa ten episodes after her stint as Sailor Moon.
    • Unazuki Furuhata (Motoki's sister) was usually voiced by Miyako Endou in Japanese, but Eriko Hara filled in for one S episode. A few very minor background characters were also recast in the original anime, but no one significant.
  • In the rebooted anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, Mitsuishi is the only seiyuu from the original anime to return. The entire rest of the cast has been replaced with new, younger seiyuu. Notably though, Esmeraude's voice in the original anime (Mami Koyama) returned to voice Queen Serenity.
    • Averted with the dub, which will reuse Viz's dub cast.
    • The German dub of Crystal does the same like in the Japanese version. Everyone except Usagi's original voice actress was replaced. In the case of Makoto/Jupiter, it's justified due to Veronika Neugebauer's death (see Pokémon).
    • The Latin Spanish dub of Crystal has much of the original cast return... with some exceptions:
    • Araceli de León (the original voice of Sailor Jupiter) died, so the role was expected to go to her daughter Mariana Ortiz as with much of her old roles (and of whom has voiced Jupiter for the Talk Box DVD releases by Towers Entertainment). However, the role instead went to Adriana Olmedo, a newcomer V.A. who's only other noteworthy roles in Latin Spanish dubbing are Sam Sharp (Luna Loud's girlfriend) in The Loud House and Toni Topaz in Riverdale. Some speculate that Executive Meddling led to Adriana being chosen instead of Mariana.
    • Rocío Garcel was set to reprise Luna, but she then had health problems and was replaced by Irene Jimenez - at first it was a temporary replacement but then Toei had Irene take over the role for the entire series.
    • Belinda Martinez, the original voice of Queen Beryl, does not work at Dubbing House so Magda Giner took over the role.
  • The dubbers for the Italian version had a curious roundabout. Rei was dubbed for season 1 by Alessandra Karpoff, and from mid-season 2 onward by Giusy DiMartino. Karpoff went on to dub Michiru in season 3, and funnily enough she replaced Donatella Fanfani as Makoto's voice in season 4 and 5. Michiru then ended up being voiced by Patrizia Scianca, who had dubbed Kaolinite in season 3.
  • While the Latin-American dub for kept 90% of the cast through the series, Mamoru's first voice actor, Genaro Vasquez, was replaced mid R season by Gerardo Reyero. This was rather jarring at first because of the huge voice difference: Vasquez was a tenor, and Reyero is a bass-baritone.
    • Luna's Latin American voice actress (Rocío Garcel) was also briefly recast for the first few episodes of the Stars season with Naru/Hotaru's (Cristina Camargo) while her main voice actress was unavailable.
  • The French dub pulled this when attempting to cover up the relationship between Haruka and Michiru. "Frédérique" originally had a female actress full time. A few episodes into S, they cast a male voice actor for her civilian identity and explained that Frédérique was trying to hide her identity as Uranus and Mylene (Michiru) helped by pretending to be "his" girlfriend.
    • Also Usagi ("Bunny") was voiced by Emmanuelle Pailly for the first three seasons and the R movie, but was replaced with Sylvie Jacob for the SuperS season.
    • When the Stars season and the S/SuperS movies and shorts were finally dubbed in 2015, they didn't bother getting any of the original voice actors back, and recast every single returning character.
  • The Brazilian dub also suffered uncancelling, with the R (and subsequent) season airing much later than the first season. The entire cast of the first season was replaced, although the new recordings happened in the same region as the first (that is, the dubbers didn't even bother with the old voice actors). Curiously, the Amazon Quartet in SuperS was voiced by almost all of the scouts' old voice actresses; probably a way to acknowledge the fans' reaction to the recast.
  • The Hungarian dub of The Movie of Sailor Moon R ignored all the series dubbers except Sailor Mars'. Curiously, Chibi-Usa's voice actress wound up as Sailor Venus.
  • The German voice actresses of Usagi/Sailor Moon and Luna were replaced in season 2. In the case of Usagi, her voice actress Sabine Bohlmann was pregnant and she gave her role to Ignez Günther who played Usagi in all episodes afterward. Bohlmann eventually returned, even in season 2, but as one of Chibiusa's friends. In season 4, Bohlmann played Palla Palla and Diana. However, for the manga reboot, she reprises her role for commercials and in the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) and later in Crystal.
    • Setsuna/Sailor Pluto had three German voice actress. In season 2, she was voiced by Ulla Wagener, but she's replaced by Ditte Schupp (who later played Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter) in the middle of the season. Wagener came back in season 3, only to be replaced by Sacha Holzheimer (who later played Nehellenia) in the middle of the season. And then Wagener played her in season 5 without another Darrin.
  • In the Hebrew dub, Usagi/Sailor Moon was usually voiced by Michal Resheff, but Hadar Shahaf-Ma'ayan filled in for episodes 150-175 while Resheff was away studying abroad. Also Ami/Sailor Mercury was voiced by Elad Samocha until episode 150, but was replaced with Shira Naor for episodes 151-200.

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