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The Other Darrin / Pinball

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  • The Twilight Zone: Tim Kitzrow, who voiced Rod Serling in the game. Justified in that Serling had died twenty years prior.
  • Michael J. Fox denied permission for Data East to use his likeliness for their Back to the Future pinball. Data East ended up using a substitute actor for the voice, and artist Paul Faris had his son play Marty on the playfield and backglass art. By all accounts, neither effort succeeded.
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  • Stern Pinball's Batman, which used substitute voice actors for all of the characters.
  • In Junk Yard, the Time Machine modes "Mamushka" and "Payback Time" (in early revisions) have noticeably different voices, presumably because the original voices were licensed, and thus could not be used.
  • Part of the reason production of the Shrek pinball was delayed was due to the time required for Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and the other actors to give final approval for their substitute voices.
  • In The Shadow, Tim Kitzrow provides the voice for Lamont Cranston/The Shadow, though Alec Baldwin's speech from the film itself appears as well.
  • In Jack*Bot, Lia Mortensen replaced Stephanie Rogers as the voice of The Machine.


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