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  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe fic "Alternatively" looks at the aftermath of events in the timeline where Steve fought with his other self to retrieve the Mind Stone; when studying the security tapes of Stark Tower, Steve and Tony realise the continued existence of HYDRA, and exploit the fact that the time-travelling Steve 'introduced' himself to Rumlow as a HYDRA agent to allow Steve to infiltrate HYDRA, posing as a loyal agent and even managing to get himself assigned as the Winter Soldier's handler, until he and Tony are ready to destroy HYDRA.
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  • AQUA: The First Step: Blake ends up becoming one to Alexander for the White Fang as part of an immunity deal. When she eventually decides to leave, Alexander pulls some strings to get her into Beacon.
  • Children of Remnant: Klein pretends to be going along with the Schnees' plan to assassinate the Claimed, when in reality he's working for Cinder and telling her everything he knows.
  • In Crimson Rising, the Power Rangers manage to get a reverse mole 'planted' in Sector Nine- a government organisation that has been monitoring and preparing to fight the Power Rangers since the destruction of the Thunderzords- in the form of the reformed Rito Revolto, now in a human appearance after the Z-Wave, allowing him to tip them off and prevent an assassination of the Vice-President staged to look like the Rangers did it.
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  • Last Child of Krypton: Kaji worked for SEELE and NERV, but he was secretly working for a third party that intended to destroy both organizations.
  • Cama Leonte of the Archbishop Guard is actually a Heretic spy in The Tainted Grimoire.
  • Barricade in Things We Don't Tell Humans is actually an Autobot mole. And Megatron knows.
  • Crowns of the Kingdom has the Queen of Hearts.
  • The whole point of Wilhuff Tarkin, Hero of the Rebellion is having Tarkin as a founding member of what will become the Rebel Alliance while using his official position to sabotage the Galactic Empire, find more resources, and recruit others, including Galen Erso (who was already one, Tarkin just started coordinating with him), Raith Sienar, Gilad Pellaeon and Zsinj.
  • In Double Agent Vader, Darth Vader himself became a Rebel agent.
  • The Child of Love: Kaji was a spy worked for at least three different sides: Gendo, SEELE and the Japanese Government. When it suited him, he turned on SEELE and then on Gendo.
  • In Ghosts of the Past, sequel of Child of the Storm, Gambit turns out to have been Natasha's mole in the Red Room. However, he only became this trope after a Heel–Face Turn (though, complicating matters further, he was never especially evil in the first place, having been forced into working for Sinister, who was working with the Red Room.)
    • Sage, as per canon, though in this version, she had a secret identity: Maria Stark.
  • Doing It Right This Time: As soon as Asuka woke up in the past she passed information on Kaji secretely to warn him that the organization she was working for was plotting the end of the world.
  • HERZ: Did you think that Kaji working for three sides were overkill in the original series? Here he was working for four sides. When GEIST learnt about SEELE approached to him and made him an offer.
  • In Kira Is Justice, Shadow is one in the SIS, while Mr. Williams is partially an unwilling one in the Task Force (though this hadn't been put in play-yet.)
  • Loved and Lost: It's revealed in the 11th chapter that Prince Jewelius struck a partnership with Queen Chrysalis to invade Equestria together on Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's wedding day. He helped her sneak into Canterlot by telling her how to enter the caverns underneath the castle, and he lured Cadance into a trap, allowing Chrysalis to take her place. Absolutely nopony, not even Twilight, suspected him of anything foul. However, Jewelius decided that he'll gain more out of betraying Chrysalis and making Twilight his pawn, so he had Vivian help her and Cadance escape the caves to expose Chrysalis and aided Twilight in detaining the Changelings with the shrinking spell he showed her. However, he immediately afterwards pinned the blame for the invasion on all the other heroes and stole the throne.
  • Loyalty is a unique case that features a mole as it's main protagonist. But Sakura is anything but willing.
  • In Once More with Feeling, Shinji is feeding intelligence to the Japanese Government about what NERV and SEELE are really up to. However, given what they ARE up to, and what he is trying saving all humankind —including those he cares for—you would be hard-pressed to tell he is the bad guy here (and if they knew his motives, it's highly doubtful any character but Gendo and SEELE called him one). He is a good guy pretending to be a bad guy pretending to be a good guy.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: Maya was forced by Kluge to give him confidential information about the Evangelions and NERV.
  • What About Witch Queen? has two heroic examples: Elsa sends Kristoff to be her mole in Berg's army, and mister Lee is Arendelle spy in Weselton court. Apparently, Berg knew from the beginning that "Christian Mikkeli" is a spy, but Lee remains undiscovered.
  • In Utopia Unmade, Nisser is one of the soldiers that gains Cure Marine's respect while she's organizing the defense of Sandstorm. Turns out he's actually Cobraja, one of the commanders of the Desert Apostles, and he manages to open Sandstorm's gates to let the Apostles in.
  • In Mega Man Recut, "The Mega Man in the Moon" reveals that Senator King is this.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Metal Man is this in episode 9.
    • The police and FBI suspect the Conduit may have planted a mole within their ranks. The mole turns out to be Captain Tallarico, AKA Miss T.
  • In The Student Prince, Val, the bodyguard, is getting paid to kill Arthur. The surprise may be spoiled for readers who realise that "Val" is short for Valiant.
  • In Origin Story, it turns out that from the beginning Wonder Man was never as supportive of the hunt for Alex Harris as Tony Stark thinks.
    • In addition, Phil Coulson helps Alex Harris escape from SHIELD's clutches again and again without her ever knowing he's doing it.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: Clare Tobias is an NID mole in the Collective.
  • In Unnatural Disaster Debonair is a Cauldron plant within Protectorate ENE, and high-ranking enough that unlike Battery he gets Door privileges.
  • Son of the Seven Kingdoms:
    • Tyrion decides to become this for William in the Lannister's army, because he knows that William is the legitimate heir to the throne — and pretty much the only person he can trust to use power the right way. Then, Tywin sends him to become Acting Hand, which pretty much means he will have the power to actually deal with the problems caused by Joffrey.
    • Farengar Secret-Fire is one for the Blades with Daenerys, but he is aiding her in order to find a way to make peace between Targaryens and Baratheons.
  • In the pro wrestling story, The Return-Remixed, Gail Kim turns out to be this.
  • Blood and Honor: Quinn unwittingly acts as this for a large part of the story, studying Sanguis and secretly passing on information about her to Baras, unaware that Baras intends to kill her eventually. After she survives the trap Baras laid for her, Quinn is contacted again to help in a second attempt, triggering a personal crisis.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters has a few examples:
    • Vathek is one for the Rebellion within Phobos' court, as per W.I.T.C.H. canon.
    • Ludmoore's brothers are this for him within both Phobos' court and the Rebellion. Cedric is one of them, and the other, Cyrus, has a Secret Identity as Caleb's friend Drake.
    • Jackie pretends to accept Chang's offer of service in order to bring the Dark Hand down from within. Later, he manages to flip Harold Hale to aid him, with plans by Section 13 to make him a Mole in Charge for the North American branch after Chang is taken down, in order to provide them the means to strike at the other branches. Except it turns out that Harold was a Dark Hand leader all along and was playing Jackie and Section 13.
    • Count Cornelius serves as this for the Rebellion among the other nobles.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, after escaping Ostwick Circle, Evelyn becomes Solas’s mole as Tranquil are always overlooked or ignored by other people and thus being perfect for spying duty. It should be noted that he didn’t force her to do so and it was her suggestion in the first place since Tranquil hate, as much as they can, being idle.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: The sequel Picking Up the Pieces reveals that part of the Hidden Guard's duties include finding these and removing them. In chapter 15, Memorizing Gaze mentions that a few centuries before, when one of his ancestors was in charge, they had discovered a few Moles in the Guard who were working for an organized crime ring in order to make it easier for their associates to get away with their actions; the entire ring was swept up and arrested as a result.
  • Double Agent Vader is based on the concept of Darth Vader having a Heel–Face Turn years before A New Hope, and then beginning to feed information to the Rebellion in the hopes of bringing down Palpatine.
  • In the Peggy Sue fic, Rise of a New Moon, Luna manages to turn Jeremiah, Viletta, Euphie and Suzaku to her side and use them to wage a bloodless campaign to take over Japan.
  • In the old crossover What Insertion?, Inuyasha tries to turn Sherry into a Mole within the Black Organization, intending to have her feed any information she can to Phibrizzo if she crosses paths with him. Sherry is understandably reluctant to do so, and it ultimately becomes moot weeks later when Gin tries to kill her for unrelated reasons.
  • In Bloom in Winter, Izuku is forced by his father's boss, Vicious, to attend U.A. as a general education student and spy on all the teachers and students to find their weaknesses. They're particularly interested in finding All Might's weakness and the thought of doing this makes Izuku sick. But he can't resist for as long as his mom is held hostage by the organization.
  • In Faded Blue, Greg only comes across Rose Quartz - leader of the Crystal Gems, shatterer of Pink Diamond and Blue Diamond's enemy - by pure coincidence. He tried to keep his distance but Rose seems to be fascinated by him and quickly becomes friends. He then uses her as an unwitting informant in order to keep Steven and Blue Pearl safe, and later uses her to find Rose's fountain so that Lapis can heal her cracked gem.
  • In A Pink Planet, Blue Diamond had planted an Aquamarine on Earth to spy on Pink Diamond's activities.
  • In Dance with the Demons, King Faraday offers to help Batman solve a case, but in reality he is attempting to luring Batman and the Outsiders into a trap set up by the Kobra cult. Unfortunately for him, Batman sees through his ruse.
  • Cat-Ra: Thanks to Catra making a far worse impression at the Princess Prom so that the Horde never has to show their true colors, Frosta teams up with them to infiltrate the Princess Alliance at the end of Season 1.
  • For The Want Of A Nail features a different character as the traitor at UA in each fic, providing plenty of examples.:
    • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire (and by extension, Mastermind: Rise of Anarchy) reveals [[Neito Monoma]] to be the traitor, feeding information to the League of Villains.
      • The same fic also has Hawks serving as a mole within the League, much like canon, before he ends up defecting to them himself.
    • Viridian: The Green Guide reveals Queen Bee to have been tasked by All for One to infiltrate UA. Who her host is is unknown, however.
    • Cheat Code: Support Strategist reveals Minoru Mineta to be the traitor, being tasked by All for One with finding Cheat Code's identity.


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