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Juggernauts in anime and manga.

  • Kitano from Angel Densetsu manages it by inhuman reflexes. His father, however, does not even bother avoiding blows and just stands there until everyone is too tired to punch him more.
  • The Armored Titan from Attack on Titan. This unusual specimen is a 15m tall Humanoid Abomination covered in plates of thickened skin that allow it to shrug off cannon fire and just keep coming. Its first appearance involves charging and smashing through the internal gate of Wall Maria, an event that earns it legendary status among the survivors as an unstoppable horror. Later on, the Scouts find out it's a Mighty Glacier that has to shed its joints' armor to acquire speed, exposing his Achilles' Heel in a way that soldiers are trained to exploit. But even then, it has a ridiculous Healing Factor that lets it survive even attacks that would kill other Titans several times over. Not even slicing with his head and the nape on his neck is enough to kill him.
  • Demons in Berserk are nearly impossible to put down. Nothing short of ridiculously thorough physical trauma can really stop one; Guts usually has to cleave one's head into pieces — repeatedly — and Wyald keeps moving until Nosferatu Zodd, another powerful demon, tears him clean in half.
    • Guts could also fall into this trope, especially whenever he's up against mere humans. Battles with Guts tend to involve Guts just charging right through enemy soldiers, cleaving their armor like it was paper. While demons give him more trouble, he still spends the better part of two years hunting them down and slaughtering them, and seemingly no wounds they inflict on him (and they inflict a lot of wounds on him) are able to kill him.
  • There isn't much that can stop Killy from Blame!. In fact, the one thing that comes close to destroying him is an explosion that would make the Tsar Bomba look like a Sparrow's fart in comparison. Even then, this only destroys 40-odd percent of his body mass. How does he respond? By simply growing his body back and soldiering on.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Accelerator can reflect anything except Imagine Breaker and attacks designed to counter his powers. He can infinitely multiply the force he generates until he can break anything. The only things he's been unable to break is The Windowless Building, which is Made of Indestructium and god-level beings like Aiwass and Archangel Gabriel.
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    • Acqua of the Back! At least in his first appearance. The only thing that even slowed him down was going up against a Saint, and it took the Imagine Breaker combined with a spell known as "The Saint Destroyer" to stop him.
  • Digimon:
    • BlackWarGreymon in Digimon Adventure 02 is unstoppable during his arc. Given it's made clear early on in the previous series that even a whole group of Ultimate level Digimon can barely slow down a Mega level, this isn't surprising. The only reason the heroes aren't killed immediately is that he simply didn't care about them enough to attack them after they were beaten unconscious. Even the couple of times it seemed they had finally got an upper-hand over him, he immediately rose back up, defeated them, and moved to his next target.
    • The Pig Deva Vikaralamon in Digimon Tamers was like this. His actual fighting abilities were rather low but he simply ignored everything his opponents threw at him.
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    • The D-Reaper fits even better. Until the final episodes, absolutely nothing the Tamers threw at it seemed to so much as slow it down; they had to create a black hole to get rid of it. To this day, after seven series, the D-Reaper still may be the most unstoppable thing in the franchise.
  • Shin from Dorohedoro. NOTHING could stop him, even with his guts spilling on the floor.
  • Broly in the Dragon Ball Z movie series. A Psychopathic Manchild with absurd power levels, he casually tanked a point-blank Kamehameha from Super Saiyan Goku and just grinned sadistically. The first fight required Goku gathering the power from Vegeta, Future Trunks, Gohan, and Piccolo (and since this was set before the Cell Games, Piccolo had fused with Kami and Gohan had achieved Super Saiyan form) just to damage Broly enough to make him suffer Power Incontinence. And he came back from that! His second fight had him even stronger than the teenaged Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and even surviving being trapped in lava, leading to Goku having to come down to Earth for a quick Family Kamehameha with Gohan and Goten. Even his clone, Bio-Broly, was unstoppable, tanking Super Saiyan Gotenks and was only defeated when his form deteriorated and solidified, allowing the kid Saiyans to just blast his body.
    • His Distaff Counterpart in Dragon Ball Super is Kale of Universe 6. A shy and timid young Saiyan, when she's filled with intense loathing and jealousy (especially towards anyone who interacts with her boss Caulifla), she flips out and transforms into a "Super Saiyan Berserker" and decides to turn the person into a smear, as poor Cabba and later Goku found out when he because the first target in her transformation.
    • And then there's his canon version from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The man is pure power before he even becomes Super Saiyan, matching Vegeta as a Super Saiyan God and Goku as a Super Saiyan Blue. Once he officially turns Super Saiyan, it takes Goku and Vegeta officially fusing into Gogeta to stop Broly in his tracks.
    • Also in Dragon Ball Super, Jiren. He's said to be even stronger than a God of Destruction (specifically, one stronger than Beerus), and he delivers, failing to be stopped, among other things, by Kale's rampage (he casually one-shot her), Goku in SSB with Kaio-ken x20, and a Final Flash to the face. Of all of this, the only one that actually gave him some trouble was the latter, that managed to knock him down... Then he recovered immediately, complimented his attacker, and knocked him out. Oh, and he's not been serious for a single moment while doing all of that.
      • Up to Eleven when he finally starts trying. He's facing Goku in SSB with Kaio-ken x20, Vegeta at his strongest, Android 17, and Frieza, and the only thing keeping him from winning in a single attack is that in the tournament killing is forbidden on pain of annihilation by Zeno-and he wants to win the tournament.
    • Once he awakens as a God of Destruction, Top. Not only his already considerable power increased manyfold, he also acquired the ability to use the Energy of Destruction,, and uses it both as a near-invincible attack and to surround himself with an impenetrable shield (as any attack, even ki ones, will just disintegrate before hitting him). The only things holding him back are the fact he's engaged in a tournament where killing is forbidden on pain of annihilation by Zeno, thus he has to be very careful with his Energy of Destruction, and, not being very experienced with it, using it to attack requires a charge-up that keeps him from moving (but not from using the Energy of Destruction to defend himself).
    • Goku after mastering Ultra Instinct. How powerful is he? He overpowered Jiren while he was actually trying. No knowledge so far of who's the strongest once Jiren goes all-out... But the very fact he's forcing him to get serious put him into this category.
    • The Gods of Destruction. They have enough power to destroy a whole universe with ease without the Energy of Destruction, can take attacks that powerful, and when it comes to the Energy of Destruction they can destroy anything. Even things that should be impossible to destroy.
    • Zeno. He's the Top God, with power surpassing that of all the twelve Gods of Destruction combined. Shin outright stated that he could not be defeated... And when Zamasu fuses with the whole multiverse of Future Trunks' timeline and starts affecting even the main timeline in the past, he proves it by way of effortlessly annihilating that particular universe and timeline with the same casual contempt of a man throwing something broken in the trash.
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied, especially in the first episode. Unlike many of her compatriots (in the same folder, no less), Lucy isn't a big, hulking brute. She isn't a super-powered mutant gone wrong. She isn't an alien from outer space. She doesn't have Powered Armor that lets her plow through people. She's not an incomprehensible abomination from some obscure part of the universe (well, that one's a bit debatable). She doesn't have a last-second transformation that reduces all things to ash. No, Lucy is a short, slim, pink-haired teenage girl... who slices your limbs off, rips your head from your chest, tears out your heart, flings cars at you, destroys your eyes, and never allowing you to get a shot at her, let alone hit her.
  • Rikiya Gaou in Eyeshield 21 smashes through enemy defenses as though they were made of paper and is notorious for forcing opposing teams to forfeit due to his tendency to break the arms of their quarterbacks. The Worf Effect took place when Kurita beat him, and then later, got beat up by Mr. Don in America.
  • Dragons in Fairy Tail can No-Sell anything except attacks from other dragons and Dragonslayers (humans who learned magic from dragons). And even the Dragonslayers can barely scratch them unless they are really powerful. There is a reason they were on the top of the food chain 400 years ago.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA: Bazzet Fraga McRemitz was already one in the parent series, but she deserves an honorable mention in this Spin-Off for curbstomping Ilya, Kuro and Miyu, shrugging off all of their attacks, to the point they gave up trying to win against her. Instead they tricked her and cursed her so that if she kills Ilya, she'll die as well. Even this doesn't work: she replies that she'll simply beat Ilya into unconsciousness and rely on her stamina to ignore the damage and pain the curse will cause her. The only way they finally stop her is by showing her new information to make her reconsider her orders.
    Rin: This result is good enough to count as a win against Bazett.
  • The servants summoned in a Holy Grail war, as in Fate/Zero, are implacable more or less by default. Three of them, however, stand out as true Juggernauts: Archer, Rider and Berserker. Archer has almost unlimited access to flying weapons to bombard his enemies. Rider can use his flying chariot to overrun such opponents as Caster's monsters and Berserker (he isn't called the King of Conquest for nothing). Berserker deserves this title probably most out of all characters in the series due to his extreme perseverance (which helped him defeat Gilgamesh and survive being run over by Rider, among other things). And nothing will stop him from a duel to the death with Saber.
  • Gavrill Madaraki from Franken Fran. The island she was trapped on got hit with a low-yield nuke. That only pissed her off.
  • Sloth from Fullmetal Alchemist is a very lazy Juggernaut. Despite being one of the core seven Dragons, he doesn't know or care about the Heroes, and just wants to rest. His laziness did not stop him from digging a circular tunnel all the way around Amestris and he's strong enough to shove tanks out of the way when he wants to. When the kid gloves come off and he finally starts exerting himself, Sloth also shows himself to be the fastest thing alive.
  • Girls und Panzer has the Panzer VIII Maus. It No Sells everything the Ōarai team can throw at it, and it takes a completely hair-brained scheme no-one could have seen coming to finally stop it.
  • Father Alexander Anderson from Hellsing, in his first appearance, takes multiple .454 Casull rounds to the head and continues fighting, even triumphing ever-so-briefly over Alucard. He continues to seem unstoppable up until his final confrontation with Alucard, where the trope is subverted by the vampire's mob of souls bogging him down. And then Anderson whips out Helena's Nail...
    • Not to say that Alucard does not look like one of these to his many enemies, either. He gets ripped to shreds by machine gun fire because it's fun, smiles like a complete lunatic while Anderson cuts him to a bloody pulp, and enjoys twisting himself into a grotesque assortment of writhing shadows. Just about nothing Alucard's enemies (aside from Anderson and Schrödinger) throw even slows him down. Justified for his maximum level, where he borders on becoming an Eldritch Abomination.
  • The Spheres in Heroman have been dead set on crushing anything between them and their destination. Heroman barely slowed one down to get civilians out of the way in Episode 3; taking great damage to do so; and now there are five crushing their way to every populated continent in the world.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has two. First, one of the nastier villains, Kars, who became completely unstoppable after a while, shrugging off anything and everything, including patching the two weaknesses vampires like him usually have with some powers of his own. The only way they could get rid of him was to toss him into an erupting volcano so it sent him into orbit, and that didn't even kill him. The other was a Stand, Notorious B.I.G.. Its owner Carne went down like a punk, but the Stand itself is death-triggered, and on top of that regenerated from all damage. So defeating the user wasn't an option, as he was already dead, and defeating the Stand was literally impossible, as it simply regenerated from the damage and kept coming at Giorno and the others. In the end, they dumped it into the ocean, and even then, the general area where it ended up became another Bermuda Triangle, as it occasionally ate a ship or two when it wasn't chasing down the waves.
  • Reinforce from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's is this in addition to being a Person of Mass Destruction. She shields against a combined attack of Nanoha and Fate without much problems. Later, Nanoha turns Raising Heart into Excelion Mode and puts all her power into breaking Reinforce's shield and fires a massive beam attack at point-blank range right into Reinforce. It doesn't do anything.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: The Destroy Gundam is the equivalent of the Psycho Gundam. It is a battleship-sized mecha that was unleashed in Eurasia, causing millions of civilian casualties, and killing thousands of soldiers, before finally being stopped.
  • Gigantomachia from My Hero Academia is a prime exemple. With his huge size of several dozen meters, his rock-like skin, his almost infinite endurence and all kinds of other physical modifications, he is almost unstoppable when he gets an order from his master. When he was told to join his master, he ran the entire 80km distance with only another giant being able to somewhat slow him down, while easily defeating many heroes and getting through cities like they weren't even there. Only after being given an illegal amount of powerful sedative, restrained by a huge amount of carbon wires and attacked by the n°1 Hero was he finally put to a stop. Though when not given commands, he barely does anything, even if his allies are being attacked.
  • Nanatsu No Taizai have Hendrickson in his grey demon form, which makes him ridiculously durable — anyone who isn't one of the main characters or at least member of Seven Deadly Sins is unable to even scratch him. He casually walks through attacks, that could level small city, without even flinching. Even Sins, despite being insanely powerful, cause only minor injuries, despite attacking at full force.
  • The real Madara Uchiha in Naruto is this after being resurrected. He was able to plow through the Fourth Division like they were nothing and even engage all five Kage at once, managing to hold his ground until he decides to stop screwing with them and just pound them to the brink of death.
  • Most of the monstrous "Angels" in Neon Genesis Evangelion fit the bill to some extent, as they make mincemeat of the Tokyo-3 defenses.
    • Zeruel (the Fourteenth/Tenth Angel) takes more punishment than any other Angel in the series and is barely fazed by any of it, including an N2 bomb shoved through its AT Field.
    • If EVA-01 goes berserk, just pray that it'll stop soon.
  • One Piece:
    • Whitebeard defines this trope. After receiving 267 slashes and stabs, 152 bullets, 46 cannonballs, pierced by a laser, and half his face burned off, HE NEVER RETREATED, as seen by his back which had absolutely no injuries, save for a couple that were just a result of being impaled from the front. And he died on his feet, like a true warrior. Even more impressive, this is him elderly and after spending a considerable amount of time on life support. In his prime, he may have even been able to shrug all that off. And let's not forget his Devil Fruit, which is considered the most powerful of all Paramecia-types: the Gura Gura no Mi, translated as Tremor-Tremor Fruit, which gives the user the power to create tremors of strength akin to earthquakes by punching the air. The rumors about that Fruit being able to destroy the world seemed to be proven true when he TILTED THE ENTIRE FREAKING OCEAN!
    • On the Marine's side, we have Fleet Admiral Akainu, a man who transforms into a lava flow, and is just as unstoppable as one. Even when not taking into account this ability, his physical strength is unmatched, and the only time he was stopped, it was because he clashed with a bigger Juggernaut (Whitebeard). And even then, he was soon back up in time to murder some more pirates. And don't think reasoning with him will work, he's hellbent on exterminating every single pirate in the world, and will gladly incinerate anyone who stands in his way, including his own men.
    • Magellan is Impel Down's personal Juggernaut. Aside from being a massive brick wall of a man, his Devil Fruit means he can produce any kind of poison from his body, from tear gas to horrific corrosive poison that dissolves everything it touches, in amounts that range from small globs to veritable waterfalls that can flood whole rooms. He can also cover himself in a thick layer of poison that seeps through the skin, making direct attacks extremely dangerous without some kind of buffer. When Luffy stages a jailbreak, Magellan becomes a one-man Advancing Boss of Doom, and Luffy, the Blackbeard pirates, and many, many imprisoned pirates (including pirates so powerful that they're Unpersoned upon imprisonment, and whose release is a global catastrophe) have no choice but to run like hell.
    • Anyone, who isn't Luffy or Law is unable to even put a scratch on Doflamingo, and even both of above-mentioned attacking at full force still wasn't enough. Every sure-kill attack leaving him with only minor injuries. Only one, who was able to fight with him one on one, was Gear Fourth Luffy. And when, after he was blasted across the country (twice),and it seems like he finally pass out... he gets back up and effortlessly wipes the floor with army of gladiators, trying to stop him. He was only stopped after a second round of Gear Fourth, and the finishing blow essentially destroyed the city as collateral damage, and he still survived.
    • Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors. Ever since she was five-years-old, nothing has been able to get between her and something she wants to eat whenever she gets one of her horrific hunger pangs. She'll mindlessly devour furniture, walls, innocents, powerful and legendary Elbaf giant heroes, and her own children and none of these will even slow her down until she's finally had a big enough meal. Any individual pissing her off without food being involved will cause about the same effect, except whoever's in the way will get their souls ripped out or simply vaporized with a single swat of her hand instead of eaten.
    • Jack 'The Drought' of the Beast Pirates fought the Mink tribe for five days straight, and although the Minks were able to defeat his army, they weren't able to subdue Jack himself (not to mention how their best warriors constantly rotated themselves to stay fresh). Later on, it's shown that he can be stopped, but the fact it took an Admiral, an ex-Fleet Admiral, and three Vice-Admirals still speaks volumes of his threat level. And Jack is actually weak compared to the other two All Stars of the Beast Pirates!
  • While not a Juggernaut herself, Hunter J from the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl anime qualifies in a couple of ways:
    • The three Pokémon she uses (only two of which actually fight) are so powerful that they never once take any perceivable damage, let alone get knocked out in battle. Her battling strategy is largely built on Scissors Cuts Rock, overpowering her opponents by sheer strength. In most cases, she either successfully steals the Pokémon she's going after and Ash winds up recovering it from her client, or she abruptly quits her pursuit when her client cancels the deal. It makes you wonder how comfortably she'd be able to hold herself against the Elite Four.
    • Her six-wheeled ground vehicles also count, as they can down trees and keep right on going. The way they're drawn makes them look like they're heavily armored, too. They also demonstrate resistance to Pikachu's Thunderbolt.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Walpurgisnacht is best described as a devastatingly powerful magical flying fortress (which keeps laughing insanely), and it's plain unstoppable. Even Homura Akemi, who has defeated every other witch she has come across, can't stop it with a literal army's worth of firepower. It just keeps laughing and moving forward. Madoka had to become the goddess of magical girls to stop it, but that's an entirely different can of worms.
    • For all it's worth, Sayaka plays this role quite effectively once she realizes she can shut down her pain receptors. Combined with her Healing Factor (twice as potent as that of other magical girls), she forgets about defending herself and simply plows through Elsa Maria's attacks, and ends up absolutely slaughtering the witch. Unfortunately, these tactics come with a nasty drawback...
  • Sailor Moon examples:
    • While not one in the main series, Sailor Venus is this in her solo series, Codename: Sailor V, charging so fast the enemy rarely has the time to react while kicking away the eventual minion and shrugging off the rare hit. In the entire series, she's been in trouble only four times, two of which were due the Monster of the Week's particular gimmick and one because she had forgot to recharge the Crescent Beam for the last few days and was unwilling to just plow through the brainwashed civilians the enemy was using as minions to simply beat them to death with her bare hands and feet, and it took only the finale for her to meet her match in Princess Lin-Lin, a youma from the main Dark Kingdom and more powerful than the ones she had defeated so far. Then she fully Awakens, and proceeds to disintegrate Danburite (who had just one-shot Lin-Lin), and her debut in the main series has her annihilate Zoisite right after he had defeated the rest of the Sailor Soldiers.
      • The '90s anime reminds everyone that a properly motivated Sailor Venus is just plain unstoppable by having her outrun a car after having her Pure Heart Crystal ripped out (to everyone else that was an instant knock-out) while weakened from having donated blood a few minutes earlier (why she didn't just put the Crystal back in and mopped the floor with Eudial: she wasn't thinking straight from the double weakening), and later, after Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye looked in her Dream Mirror, she woke up in record time, got angry, and nearly killed them, two Daimons, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon as collateral damage with a single attack.
      • The car incident echoes one from Codename: Sailor V, in which, right after donating blood (with the doctor, actually the Monster of the Week in disguise, taking 800cc of blood. That on top of making a legitimate donation beforehand, thus she was actually missing at least a whole liter of blood. And she was underage of at least three years, and there's a very good medical reason minimum donation age is 16), proceeded to drink eight tomato juice cans to get back some energy, climb a building, wipe out the youma and its army of millions of demonic mosquitoes, climb down, and spend the rest of the afternoon helping some junior high students raise money for charity. When she should have been hospitalized or even dead for the blood loss.
      • One notable thing is that the youma in Codename: Sailor V often tried to wear her down with squadrons of expendable minions (often brainwashed humans, but sometimes lesser youma). Much to their horror, Sailor V always out-endures them.
    • Sailor Galaxia is just plain unstoppable, casually wiping out anyone unfortunate enough to become her target-including Sailor Venus at her mightiest. It's only when Eternal Sailor Moon goes all-out against her that she meets her exact match... And that only prompts her to go all-out.
  • Teru Miyanaga, estranged older sister of the titular character of Saki is this when it comes to the game of mahjong. She's Japan's best high-school player and she lives to the hype by effortlessly taking points from all of her enemies seemingly at will while not one of them can take even a single point from her. She does this by first analyzing her opponents in a round, then after that she goes on a win streak with the value of her hands increase with each win. Her skill and ability is so above everyone else that even one of her opponents who can see one turn ahead, cannot stop her streak. After the combined efforts of two players (one of which is the clairvoyant) in order for a third player to finally take points from Teru, she still walked away with a 100,000 point lead.
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi is presented this way in the anime adaptation of Sengoku Basara. The second season consists of a single-long string of Hideyoshi curb-stomping every single person who opposes him without taking so much as a scratch, to the degree that Masamune defeating him with a single blow seems like a cop-out considering how one-sided every single battle he'd been in had been up to that point.
  • Hao Asakura in Shaman King is definitely the most powerful shaman in the series. He shrugs off everything thrown at him and in the manga at least, destroys the most powerful of the X-Laws' Angels in only a single attack.
  • Arima from Tokyo Ghoul can (and does) mop the floor with just about everyone who goes up against him. He's basically known to everyone in the cast as a nigh-unstoppable killing machine/force of nature who can casually dodge, parry, or shrug off everything anyone can throw at him. He terrifies everyone, and only the most powerful ghoul recorded in history has managed to last seriously in a fight with him more than about thirty seconds. He's still this in Re, even though his accelerated internal aging is catching up with him.
  • Four-beast from Toriko is not only huge and powerful, but he also has the ability to move the force of a punch through his body and redirect it back at the opponent, which makes him nearly unbeatable. And if you somehow manage to harm him - he regenerates limbs in the span of seconds. It takes a monster, made of pure appetite energy created by combined hunger of all four kings to finally put him down.
    • Neo demon is far worse, due to his ability to eat everything, including attacks directed at him. This means not only physical objects, but also energy waves, heat, acid and even kinetic energy. This allows him to take attacks, that can destroy entire continents and stop planet rotation without even a scratch, as long, as he able to catch them with his mouth. And, even if he hasn't been able to eat attacks, he still tough enough to survive being punched through a planet. Mutiple times. This goes even furter, after Acacia ate Neo, gained his powers, and transformed into his new form. In this form, attack, that slices continent-sized chunk off a planet doesn't even leaves a wound on him.
  • In Venus Wars, Ishtar's Admiral A-1 "Octopus" main battle tank: massing 150 metric tons, has a composite armor 1-meter thick that is estimated to be invulnerable to anything less than a 150mm tank gun (and Aphrodia's tanks don't have that kind of firepower), an overwhelming armament of a 160mm main gun, a coaxial 220mm missile launcher, and a 20mm autocannon on the commander's hatch for the small fries, and, just to make sure they aren't at risk from infantry ambushes, carries its own infantry. Then Aphrodia's commanders realize the troops's hatch and the oxygen tanks of the NBC protection can be penetrated by much smaller weapons...
    • Its OVA counterpart is Played Straight, being much tougher (it helps it doesn't double as an APC, so it lacks that weak spot) on top of being even more better armed, and the first one to be actually destroyed shrugged off far more than its own crew expected it to survive (when it was rammed with a giant fuel truck that then exploded, the tank stopped firing as the crew thought they were about die. Then they realized it was unharmed, and started raining hell on its attackers) before repeated hits from a building-sized scraper started causing damage. It takes railguns to reliably take these monsters down... And even then, the sheer size means it takes multiple hits to put them down.
  • Exodia is depicted this way in the Dawn of the Duel arc in Yu-Gi-Oh!, reflecting how the five component cards can result in the player gaining an automatic win in the game. When it fought Zorc Necrophades, the demon couldn't match it in terms of strength or power, but eventually realized that it's life force was drawn from Siamun Muran, the sorcerer who was controlling it. By striking Muran (whose body was mortal and far more vulnerable) Exodia lost its power and was quickly slain.
  • Younger Toguro of Yu Yu Hakusho is portrayed as this all the way up to his final moments. Toguro is a hulking monstrosity unfazed by even the strongest of attacks in the series, such as Genkai's point-blank Spirit Wave and Yusuke's mountain-crushing Spirit Gun, regenerating or growing stronger each time. He curbstomps every single opponent in his way (including his elder brother), terrifies Hiei and Kurama, two of the world's most notorious criminals, and when Yusuke finally approaches Toguro's strength and fires his strongest Spirit Gun yet? Toguro dies not from damage sustained in battle, but from overexertion due to holding back said Spirit Gun. He even fits the bill physically: he's already a muscular 7-foot monstrosity in his human form, and his demon transformations become more and more large and muscular as he shows more power, all the while gaining strength, defense, and speed with every transformation. Yet he's not even remotely the strongest demon in the series. In fact, Yusuke is actually surprised that Toguru is just the strongest Class B demon, and that there's two more classes abode that one.
  • Zatch Bell!: The series features several demons/mamodos who seem to be able to casually Curb-Stomp just about anyone that they fight.
    • Brago is the first and foremost example, a Goth-clad Gravity Master who acts as The Rival despite his limited interaction with Gash/Zatch; he's that good. Only three battles in the entire series show him having any real difficulty, once due to psychological warfare on his partner, once against another Juggernaut, and once in the final battle against Zatch.
    • Subverted with Baltro; initially, he appears to be this, a giant hulking robot undamaged by anything...up until it's revealed that the robot is a puppet, and all they have to do is aim for the strings (or flowers, in this case) to reveal his true, much more manageable form.
    • Gash's evil doppelganger Zeon/Zeno is ruthlessly powerful even without using his lightning spells and his partner Dufoux/Dufort is psychic. Nobody ever gives him a challenge until he finally faces Gash.
    • The most powerful of the Ancient Demons, Demolt is this even without a magical stone above his head that heals any damage he accrues; between his naturally gigantic form and his Blade Below the Shoulder spells, he's a deadly opponent, and when the good guys finally break the stone, his bookkeeper casts a spell that gives him armor, negating his only weak spot and making him even stronger.
    • A short-lived good version of this trope in Rein, a hulking behemoth and friend of Gash's whose partner, a boy named Kyle, was too weak in body and spirit to fight. They worked together to help Kyle find his courage, and when he did, the resulting battle was devastatingly one-sided. Afterward, however, Gash burns Rein's book at his request.
    • The skyscraper-sized demonic golem Faudo would count as this if Kiyo hadn't hacked into his weapon programming while he was dormant and made it impossible for him to attack anyone.
    • Near the end of the Faudo arc, we find out that four demons, in particular, had this reputation before the battle, undefeatable except maybe by adult demons: Brago, who got unspecified 'special training'; Zeon, who got training from the royal family; and two dragon prodigies, the brothers Elzador and Ashuron.
    • Vincent Bari seemed to be this, having no trouble with any adversary he came across until he met Gash, whose strength of will made it impossible for him to overcome him in spirit, despite defeating him in straight-out combat. After he fought the aforementioned Elzador offscreen, becoming Covered in Scars as a result, he became this as he gained a strong mind to match his strong body and spells.
    • When the number of remaining demons drops to 10, a new player named Gorm appears. Despite not being particularly smart, he can teleport anywhere in the world and use black hole-based spells to nullify anything his opponents pull out.
    • Last but definitely not least is Clear Note. Let's start by looking at the fact that maintaining an impregnable barrier around his partner to guard his book cuts his power in half, and that barrier never breaks until the end of the final battle. Even with that, he's in his own league compared to everyone else, only made worse through his annihilation-based powers, curb-stomping three of the most powerful contenders at once. It takes one of them pulling off a Heroic Sacrifice to defeat him, and even then, he somehow survives and retreats to regain his power. And in the end? It takes a miracle to defeat him.


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