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  • Aaron:
    • Adam's girlfriend Arianna is an entirely offscreen character, but functions as a presence. Pictures of her are seen towards the end.
    • The boys' mother doesn't appear either, but she does phone Chris at some point.
  • Karlova, is she a real person or does Aitor Molina love the caramel vodka too much?
  • The hosts of Analog Control occasionally refer to someone named "Mark", who is their cameraman, and less frequently to "Mike" who is their sound guy. "Mark" is actually the phrase their recording VHS flashes just before recording starts, while "Mike" refers to their microphone.
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  • CollegeHumor: In the video "The Six Monsters You'll Have As Roommates", "The Ghost" is both a figurative and literal example. He's a roommate who you never see because he's always out or going around unnoticed, to the point that you start to doubt that he even exists.
  • Stan, the camera man from Crash Course. John assures us that he really does exist.
  • Dr. Kyle from ''Darwin's Soldiers'' has been mentioned in every RP but has never been seen.
  • In EOS 10, the plastic surgeon Dr Osolong is mentioned in one of the very first episodes and a constant subject of conversation. Two season in and he has yet to make a single actual appearance.
  • Cecil Trachenburg from Good Bad Flicks hosts his show without a face.
  • In both of Mike Duncan's podcasts, The History of Rome and Revolutions, Duncan occasionally mentions his wife Brandi, but she never actually shows up in the podcast (well, nobody except for Duncan ever shows up, actually). He never mentions his wife by name, either, instead referring to her as "Mrs. The History of Rome" or "Mrs. Revolutions" (as the case may be). His children get the same treatment; his son is consistently called "the boy" and nothing else.
  • In the Hitler Rants parodies on YouTube:
    • There are a few characters who serve this role (mainly ones who were mentioned in Downfall but never seen). The most frequently mentioned character is Steiner, who is often responsible for providing Hitler's generals with bad news (resulting in a lengthy rant from Hitler) and is often involved with his latest plan in some manner. Also Wenck to a lesser extent, although his name is frequently mistranslated as "fine".
    • Fegelein serves as this to a lesser degree. There are some videos where he appears, but most of them uses him as an unseen nemesis for Hitler. There's one video where he finally arrives in Hitler's office and Hitler at last gets the chance to talk to him, although Hitler forgets what he wanted to talk about.
  • Amir's dad in Jake and Amir. "Mickey, my friend!"
  • Edward James Olmos in the LoadingReadyRun videos, who is mentioned all the time but is never seen. Possibly because it's a small production in Victoria, BC, and he's Edward James Olmos.
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  • OpAphid, Tachyon and Brother in lonelygirl15 are implied to be present in several scenes, but never shown. OpAphid and Tachyon do appear onscreen in their own series, however. Additionally, a character named Cassie is mentioned in several episodes, but never appears. She did spawn a series of Epileptic Trees theories, however.
  • Played for Laughs in The Onion's "In the Know with Clifford Banes" sketches. Despite his name being in the title, host Clifford Banes is absent for every single episode for various outlandish reasons. Instead, the show rotates between various "guest hosts" with their own, unseen shows: Robert Braun (an anchor for the Onion News Network), Gregory Dawson (host of "The Dawson Angle"), Julianna McKannis (host of "Sit Down, America"), and Michael Koe (host of "Fact Pit with Michael Koe"). The one and only time Banes actually shows up for work, he's wearing a perfect latex mask of Julianna McKannis.
  • Petscop:
    • Michael Hammond and Tiara, unlike Care (who has a few depictions of her in-game), however, Micheal does have his face on a tombstone.
    • Rainer, the developer (or one of them), who's also serving as The Voice, as he only gets mentioned by Paul and we see his notes in-game.
    • Marvin was this initially, as Tool (turned pink), says, "Marvin picks up tool and hurts me when PlayStation on."
  • All characters in Pittsburgh Dad, save for the title character, are neither seen nor heard, but only reacted to.
  • Cazo! was this for The Sharkasm Crew before finally showing up at Paranormal Activity X.
  • The Spoony Experiment: Dr. Insano's nurse is often referred to (and even threatened to be killed) but is never actually seen or heard from by the audience.
  • Tobuscus: Toby Turner's possibly fictional partner Steven.
  • On VlogBrothers, Sarah Urist Green, John's wife, was often referred to but has yet to appear in person. In an early video, John Green referred to her as "the Yeti", because she was an important part of vlogbrothers "folklore" but was never seen, and the name stuck.
  • JesuOtaku became one of these retroactively on What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? after his and Nash's breakup. None of the episodes featuring him were uploaded to YouTube after Blip went down, leaving only references and two off-screen lines of dialogue in "Everything Must Be Flapping".