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  • Though his face is illustrated on the website, Mr. Plinkett's face is never seen in his reviews - only his hands, present in first person perspective.
  • Todd in the Shadows is either Face Framed in Shadow, filmed with his back at the camera, or masked.
    • His title card artist, Krin, also likes to mask herself in online appearances.
    • When the website made a video about a few of the reviewers' Real Life trip to Washington, D.C. to talk to a politician about SOPA, they just put a black box in front of his face, with a caption noting that he doesn't like his face to appear on the Internet.
  • The antagonist from Homestar Runner's Show Within a Show "Stinkoman 20X6". Rumored to be Coach Z's 20X6 counterpart.
    • Interestingly enough, Coach Z's only facial features are his eyes.
      • So are Pom Pom's.
  • The Chief from Agents of Cracked is always lit from behind. Lampshaded in the first episode of the second series, when the Sarge points out that the Chief's office always has terrible lighting.
  • The full face of Mr. Administrator from Echo Chamber is never shown - he's only shown below the eyes.
    • Zack as well; he's usually behind the camera, filming everything. Although we do see his face briefly in episode 2. It's dark enough that most of the details aren't easily distinguishable.
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    • Both of their faces are fully revealed in "Coming of Age" and "Mind Screw".
  • Reyven Samoth in The Gungan Council, who probably doesn't even have a corporal face at this point. Darth Apparatus also used to run around with a mask or obscured face until recently.
  • Sp00nerism from The Creatures barely shows himself on camera and when he does, his face is hidden by a comedic horse head mask.
  • The only face you will ever see from A Critic Named Kevin is the face on his profile picture.
  • The Chronicles of Syntax never clearly show The Lady's face. It's either out of the shot, covered, or too blurry/far away to be seen in detail.
  • J. Geil, in contrast to the original Jojos Bizarre Adventure, is this in Vaguely Recalling JoJo
  • The Flying Man is always shown from too far away to make out his facial features... if he even has any.
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  • Neil, the cameraman on A Couple of C*nts in the Countryside, often chimes in on the discussions, but was not seen on camera until the 50th episode.
  • Some spoof film trailers made by Italian director Maccio Capatonda (real name Marcello Macchia) feature an entity named "the little" Riccardino Fuffolo, represented by a very tall man in a black trenchcoat and a white towel on his head. His face was partially visible during a parody of The Matrix's bullet time sequence, when the towel slipped and his chin and mouth were visible.
  • Eljay from The Three Virtues, a Franchise/Bionicle fan site, always has his face covered by a cardboard Miru.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter used to be.
  • Sen, Momo and Ai Channel: The mom of the titular kids' face is never seen. If the video does show the area where her face is (like if it's focusing on Aiko if the mom is carrying her), it's usually censored.
  • Over at Froghand, the chances of Froge revealing his identity is close to zero, given how he wrote an entire article on how to prevent doxing.
  • Binging With Babish host Andrew Rea frames each main shot he's in from his waist to his chin, in order to balance out his presence while cooking with keeping the focus on the food and the process instead of him. If his face is seen, it's only in short, incidental moments.
  • Daisy Brown's face is always offscreen.


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