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The Faceless / Machinima

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  • Most of the cast of Red vs. Blue, since it's a Halo-based machinima. In Season Three it's revealed that not only do the troopers of Blood Gulch never take their helmets off even when off-camera, but Church has no idea whether Tucker is black or not (though Tucker's more annoyed Church never learned his first name). The Animation Bump of Seasons 9 and 10 lets us finally see most of the Freelancers bareheaded during the flashback sequences, though Agent Washington stands out as not only an exception, but someone who manages to eat with his helmet on. The Director is either seen from behind, with the top of his head cropped out of frame, or with Scary Shiny Glasses, to set up the big reveal that he and Agent Carolina have the same eye color,.What about the Meta??


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