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  • In Venezuela, there is this beer ad that features a Ms. Fanservice known as "la catira Regional" ("the Regional blonde", for the brand of the beer), that's always in a bikini or some revealing outfit. But everybody is more concerned about why she never shows her face: would she be ugly? Would she be a man...? And, not happy with making the whole country be worried about this matter, after years of teasing they make this, where you can see her face very briefly for some seconds. Isn't it cruel?
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  • A recent advertising campaign for the acid reflux medicine Aciphex features either people shown only from the nose down, or people who have their faces from their nose up conveniently obscured by objects like a lamp, cupboard door, and a car front hood.
  • In commercials for 4C during their "official iced tea/bread crumbs of the Davis family" campaign, the Davises faces are never shown.
  • In commercials for Shedd's Spread, we never see the faces of the couple talking in the commercials. Normally just their hands and arms are shown.
  • In many recent commercials for IBM, the people being interviewed are not shown on camera.
  • Converse recently launched their "Made By You" campaign showcasing people's customized Chuck Taylors. A short film sometimes shows up as a Youtube pre-roll ad featuring numerous wearers. However, none of their faces are shown.
  • The Energizer Bunny's an interesting case, as while most of his face is visible, his eyes are often blocked off by his shades. Even when making fun of The Lone Ranger, his eyes are still largely obscured by the mask they use for his costume. The recent CGI commercials turn the sunglasses into an Expressive Mask of sorts, eliminating the need for proper eyes to be seen.
    • One holiday ad has the bunny take off his shades to reveal... another pair of shades.
    • That being said, there are several plush toys out there that give him eyes (A given, as they'd look awkward otherwise), but its inconsistent as to whether they're beady or traditional cartoon-style eyes.


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