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The Dreaded / Mythology

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  • Greek Mythology
    • Typhon likely doubles as the original Hero Killer, storming Olympus by himself and driving the gods into hiding. When he first showed up to fight Zeus, all of the other Olympians except Athena and Enyo immediately fled in terror.
    • Hades was this to the Greeks themselves; he's the yardstick by which terrifying creatures in myth (like Typhon) are compared to. Typhon is so bad that he was not only scarier than Hades, he frightened him.
  • Norse Mythology
    • Jörmungandr and Fenrir. When there's prophecies running around about how you're going to end the world you tend to get this.
    • Odin the Allfather himself. He has over 200 recorded names and titles and half of them are about what a scary guy he is.
  • Egyptian Mythology: Apep/ Apophis. He was so terrifying, the Egyptians built temples to prevent him from coming to them.


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