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  • The Fat Guard who tortured poor Fluffles in Goblins.
    • Because of the other participants' refusal to Kick Them While They Are Down, Kin ends up finishing off Dellyn Goblinslayer.
    • An orc who has spent 600 years being constantly tortured by demons beheads one of his former captors when the demon who owns his soul loses control of him.
    • When Kin frees a demon who is bound to serve an alternate version of Minmax, said demon takes the opportunity to insult his former captor and promise him an eternity of pain when his time is up. (The terms of his banishment prevent him from actually attacking the alternate Minmax immediately, however.)
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  • In Coming Up Violet Abby pays back Racquel for the Abuse hefted upon her by making sure the latter's plan bit her in the ass instead.
  • In 70-Seas, Grin's two samurai minions are kept in control by the threat of their families being murdered. Because of this, they plot to help Nikol kill Grin and later push Grin off of a roof top. Unfortunately for our protagonists, for Grin Death Is Cheap, and he recovers in about half a second.
  • Geilen in Garanos attempts this after finding out that Gharsena created the disease she's dying from, and the only reason Geilen had been working with her was in the hope for a cure. Unfortunately Geilen falls into Redemption Equals Death since the attack fails.
  • Sene'kha in Drowtales winds up captured by the Sarghress and is about to be handed over to the Kyorl'solenurn, with the only one who can save her being Kiel'ndia, whose mother Sene'kha is heavily implied to have set up for death. Sene'kha tells Kiel that if she can help her escape they can Take Over the World and save her friend Naal'suul, who could die any day now, but after a chat with Naal'suul Kiel has a one word answer: "No" and leaves Sene'kha to be executed.
    • Snadhya'rune, Sarv'swati, and Zala'ess betrayed two of their sisters and massacred their families to launch The Coup. Sil'lice refused to surrender and was forced to flee. Nishi'kanta on the other hand quietly gave in and toed the Sharen party line to preserve what was left of her bloodline. After the Time Skip however, Nishi'kanta's family finally gets revenge against Sarv'swati by sabotaging the defences of First Landing, allowing the Sarghress to conquer it with ease and cut off the Sharen clan from the outside world.
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    • After the timeskip the Sharen are on the receiving end of a lot of these. In chapter 44, Kyne, a member of Sil'lice's exiled bloodline, shows up during a particularly intense battle in the same golem she used when she fought for the Sharen and gets very close to killing Sarv'swati herself, dying in the process.
    • Snadhya'rune gets some of this back at her when Erelice, the leader of a squad who was Forced to Watch as Snadhya'rune put on a brutal Public Execution of her squad after baiting her to think she could negotiate for their release takes advantage of the chaos caused by a fight to stab Snadhya in the back. While ultimately not fatal to Snadhya it works well as a distraction and allows another Sarghress to escape in the chaos that follows.
    • It also turns out that with Quain'tana, who is now one of the most powerful warlords in the setting, her very first murder was an example of this, where as a teenage street rat she tracked down and killed the Sharen Dragon Knight who had ruthlessly cut her down in the street and left her to die for stealing loaves of bread in order to survive.
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  • Trevoricus in Our Little Adventure. After 120 comics or so of getting treated like crap by Umbria/Zaedalkaah, and after finding out what really happened to his friend and former group leader, he eagerly takes the opportunity to shoot Umbria/Zaedalkaah with a lightning bolt.
  • In Freefall, Mr. Kornada found that the programmer he had intended to frame had saved evidence that he was the culprit.
  • The Eye of Fear and Flame (aka Skullsy) in The Order of the Stick was very cowardly, despite being a high-level undead monster (Redcloak described it as 'too much fear and not enough flame). Absolutely focused in its own self-preservation, it complied with Belkar's every whim under threat of destruction, after Belkar took its main body apart and kept its head intact. That is, until Belkar went a step too far in his future plans with 'Skullsy'.
    Belkar: Just think of his use! Paperweight, nutcracker, bowling ball, emergency chamber pot...
    Skullsy: ...Okay, that's it. That's the last straw. (Raised an alarm in the enemy encampment) Yeah, it turns out there WAS something I was more afraid of than being destroyed. So I literally don't have to take your crap!
  • In We Are The Wyrecats, Lamar learns the hard way that treating his forces like cannon fodder won't inspire loyalty.


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