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  • This is a very common trope within organized crime. Leave it at that, please.
  • It has been estimated that some 30% of all Roman Emperors were brought low via this trope, the most famous probably being the death of Emperor Caligula, who reportedly made the Praetorian Guard snap and kill him and the rest of his family after he raped their wives and constantly insulted them.
  • The Vlasov's Army. During World War II, a whole army corps of Soviet conscript prisoners of war, led by Major General Andrei Vlasov, turned their weapons against their own and fought on side of the Germans. Needless to say, Josef Stalin wasn't amused.
    • Nearing the end of the war, they switched sides again, joined the 1945 Prague uprising and attempted to defect to British and US forces. Adolf Hitler wouldn't be amused either, but he already committed suicide anyway.
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  • Josef Stalin himself fell victim to this trope. Right when he was planning yet another one of his trademark purges in 1953, he was assassinated by a member of his inner circle via poison, and his bodyguards dared not help him because they feared his wrath were they to leave their post for any reason, including to check on him.
  • An act of this caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott; Rosa Parks recognized her driver on December 1, 1955, as the same one who had committed highway robbery against her 12 years before, and she refused to budge from her seat when told to.
  • During The American Civil War, President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis had house slaves. Did the man waging war to perpetuate black enslavement think that maybe, just maybe, his slaves might not be the best people to discuss his war plans in front of? Of course, he didn't. His coach-slave, William A. Jackson, eventually fled Northwards with a good chunk of his secret war plans.
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  • Part of the reason the Battle of Caporetto was a complete disaster for the Italian Army: upon realizing the Austro-Hungarians had broken through, many soldiers, after three years of overtly harsh discipline, exaggerated punishments and frontal attacks against machine guns, shot their officers and started walking home, immediately surrendering whenever they stumbled on the enemy troops. Had the commander-in-chief (personally responsible for all that) not been sacked then and there and the soldiers saw Italian civilians running from the enemy in terror, that could have been the start of a near-total mutiny of the army.
  • This often happens when cases of bullying have gone on for too long, even if it's done in cyberspace. Worryingly, said victim can end up responding so harshly that tales of them then becoming a bully are common.
    • However, this generally isn't the case with school shootings. Despite the "Shooters Were Bullied" myths, shooters usually tend to be bullies themselves, and not the kids who get the brunt of school cruelty. The Columbine shooters, for instance, were disliked by some, but generally just because they bullied other kids.
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    • Much less heard of, but this also happens between an abusive parent and the child they abused when said child finally becomes big enough to fight back or defend him/herself.
    • Similarly, much like the above, this is sadly the case for most domestic abuse victims. If they take too much abuse, this will result in the victim fighting back against the abuser. In some extreme cases, killing the abuser is the only option. And we're going to leave it at that.
  • The Nazi German ambassador to London, Joachim von Ribbentrop, had an extremely rude habit of hiring the best London tailors, painters, and decorators, making them wait for hours, then not seeing them with instructions to return the next day (thus costing them time and money). They collectively retaliated by telling all their other high-up and influential clients that he was impossible to deal with and a bully, which greatly damaged his reputation in British high society and contributed to his drastic failure as Ambassador to Britain.
  • Nicolae Ceaușescu's last throw of the dice in his attempt to stay in crumbling "socialist Romania" was to stage a "popular demonstration" in Bucharest, as had worked for him many times before: the workers of Bucharest were threatened with firing if they didn't show up and put on a good show of cheering their beloved leader and his government. Ceaușescu managed around two and a half minutes before workers from a power plant began shouting anti-Ceaușescu slogans. The blackmailed crowd erupted, shots were fired, and Ceaușescu's shocked, stunned face, and his bleating into the microphone for quiet as his people ignored him were broadcast all over Romania and the world.
  • Honey bees have been common prey for the much bigger, stronger, and nastier Japanese hornets for ages, with hornets often slaughtering honeybee hives to steal the bees' larva for food. This video showcases both this brutal assault and the better-adapted Japanese honeybees' defense, which allows them to bite back big time. Namely by Zerg Rushing any hornets unlucky enough to come near their hive and vibrating so much it generates a mass of heat that roasts the hornet scout alive!
  • This happens a fair amount with abused animals that are strong enough to fight back, particularly with actual dogs.
  • Many stories of this kind end up on the Darwin Award:
    • There is a story of a farmer that abused a goat so it would act as a guard dog. Guess who its first victim was?
    • An Iranian hunter attempted to trap a snake, only for the snake to end up curling around the trigger and shooting him in the head.
    • At least one story on the website deals with attempted rapes that went horribly, horribly wrong, like the story of the woman who bit her assailant's balls off, then took off with them, and handed them in to the police, which meant her assailant was arrested when he checked into the hospital with a matching injury. The evidence proceedings for that case must have been interesting.
    • One man kicked a bear in the balls to determine its gender and promptly paid the price.
  • This even happens with machines, as an inevitable side effect of using Percussive Maintenance too liberally. You'd think more people would figure out that hitting something too much might cause it to do something regrettable, such as blowing up in your face.
  • Slave revolts. When a group of people who have been told for as long as they can remember that they have the same political rights as a pet or beast of burden and that their lot in life is to unquestionably serve their masters, and put up with whatever abuses are doled out to them, the results will not be pretty when they finally decide that enough is enough.
  • At the end of World War II, when the Allies liberated the Nazi concentration camps, there were numerous instances where any guard still within the camp was rounded up, and any prisoner who was still healthy and strong enough was handed a blunt instrument and allowed to take out any aggressive emotions that they felt towards the men who justified the murder of innocent people, including the survivors' friends and family, as simply doing their job.
  • A chiptune composer by the name of Alex Mauer, who has composed music for indie games such as Star Mazer DSP and River City Ransom: Underground, issued DMCA takedown claims against a large number of YouTube channels (from small ones to even Turner Broadcasting Studio) due to an intellectual property ownership dispute between her and Imagos Softworks (Starr Mazer DSP's developer). Those who received copyright strikes attempted to contact Mauer to get her to rescind them, but she attempted to paint it as Imagos' fault she took the videos down and she attempted to use them as a Zerg Rush army to try and bully Imagos into conceding. However, once the issue became public knowledge thanks to coverage by TotalBiscuit, Jim Sterling, and SidAlpha, many of these smaller channels banded together to attract the attention of Leonard French (also known as The Video Game Attorney), who took up Imagos' side as their lawyer, and to donate to cover legal costs to see Mauer brought to justice for her claims and attempted hostage-holding of their channels.
  • During the colonization of the American Southwest, there was the Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1680. In the years when the Spanish were colonizing the region, the Spanish noticed that the Pueblo Indian tribes had stratified societies, similar, though not identical, to what the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican peoples had. Thus, the Spanish implemented a system where they would reward Indians that were loyal to the Spanish and punish those that weren't. The Spanish also forbade the Indians to practice their own religion and cultural traditions, humiliated them by reminding them that they were nothing more than tamed savages, and went so far as turning children against their parents. Not only that but the encomienda system basically ensured that every Indian living within the area granted to the landowner by the Spanish crown was subject to pay tribute to the encomendao, and serve him without question. Enter a medicine man named Popé, who together with other Pueblo tribal leaders conspired against the Spanish, and on the day they had decided was the right time to strike, the Pueblo Indians rose up in a revolt that left hundreds of Spanish settlers dead, the established missions were sacked and destroyed, and the survivors were driven out of New Mexico for almost ten years.
    • When the Spanish returned after their exile, they learned that several Pueblo tribes were at war with Popé and his followers, who sought to extract tribute from the tribes liberated from the Spanish. When the new Spanish governor met with the enemies of Popé they agreed to work together on the condition that the Pueblo Indians allow the Spanish to come back and reestablish their colony, and for the Spanish in return abolish the encomienda system. With those compromises in place, the Spanish and their Indian allies launched a counteroffensive that took down Popé and his followers, and the Pueblo tribes never again revolted.
  • In March and April of 2018, allegations over various accounts of mismanagement, abuse and sexual harassment from Channel Awesome's higher-ups came to light, which, after various passive aggressive and dismissing apologies from said higher-ups, lead to most of the team to up and bail in frustration with only Doug Walker, Brad Jones, and Larry Bundy, Jr. staying behind. While Walker stayed because he was still under contract, and Jones stayed out of loyalty to Walker, Larry's reasoning for staying is because of this trope, out of spite for being left behind by the management and to watch while Rome burns. In fact, #ChangeTheChannel itself was an example of this, as it started with many former contributors deciding to finally vent their grievances with the site's management and many more leaving after the management's poor responses to the thing.
  • This literally happened in China after a man kicked a dog to get him out of a parking spot. Said dog came back with some friends, and they proceeded to trash the man's car.
  • In 2007, Gawker outed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel without his consent. Years later, when Hulk Hogan sued Gawker for posting a sex tape involving him and keeping it up despite a court order, Thiel helped finance Hogan's lawsuit. Gawker Media was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to being unable to pay the damages it was ordered to.
  • There's an African proverb which states, "The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth". Meaning that if a child is given no love or empathy and only torment from the home which raises them, then they will return in kind and come back to raze it and its people to the ground: they feel nothing for those who gave them nothing.


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