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The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard / Fire Emblem

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  • Many arena opponents have stats higher than the stat caps their particular class is supposed to have. In addition, Murdock from The Binding Blade, Fargus, Maxime, Limstella, Brendan, and Darin from The Blazing Blade, and Takumi from Fates: Conquest all break the playable HP cap for Generals, Berserkers, Paladins, Sages, Warriors, Generals again, and Snipers, respectively (though the last case is justified because he's been possessed by a divine dragon). Limstella also gets more Defense and Resistance than playable Sages can have on Normal difficulty (in Hard, she loses this due to erroneously being assigned the normal Sage class). Enemy Manaketes in Chapter 24 and the Endgame of Shadow Dragon get more Skill and Speed than is possible for playable Manaketes. Finally, enemies in the Brutal Bonus Levels of Awakening and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia also get to break the playable stat caps.
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  • Numerous stages are blocked by Fog of War. You cannot see enemies through this, yet they all know EXACTLY where you are.
  • In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, enemy units have infinite uses for their weapons and staves. Additionally, any enemy in Genealogy holding weapons with different ranges will automatically switch between them when attacked so they can counterattack you no matter what, when your characters are stuck with whatever weapon they currently have equipped no matter what range the enemy attacks from.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening has a few tricks that could be described as "The Computer is a Cheating Bastard: The Video Game", namely the Lunatic+ difficulty (which gives the already intense Lunatic enemies skills that are incredibly powerful, such as Luna+, an always-active skill that halves your physical and magical defense) and the map "Apotheosis", which pits you against multiple waves of enemies with +30 modifiers (A little note, the best modifier you can get is +11 and that takes selective breeding of units. You can get Limit Breaker, to increase all your caps by 10, but that takes a skill slot) and adds the final boss's Dragonskin skill (negates Lethality (a One-Hit Kill) and Counter (returns adjacent damage) as well as halving damage taken) and Lunatic+ skills like Aegis+ and Pavise+. There is even a never-missing, Nosferatu (HP-vamping spell) wielding boss who has 99 LCK and Miracle (can save a unit who takes a fatal hit if above 1HP, activation chance equal to their LCK stat).
    • Not to mention the enemy-forged weapons. Players are allowed a total of 8 Forging Points, with a maximum of 5 points in any given stat (+5 MT, +25 HIT, or +15 CRT). A basic forged weapon by the enemy uses 6 points (+4MT, +10 HIT)... they have a better "Hack Forge" that uses 12 (+8MT, +20 HIT). Expect this forge on just about everything on Lunatic.
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  • Also in Fates is a Sorcerer boss capable of using staves.note  Sorcerers can normally only do that in the DS remakes of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem; none of the sorcerers the player can have will be able to use staves.
  • Awakening and Fates both have numerous skills that are enemy-exclusive. A few of Awakening's were listed above; a couple in Fates include Wing Shield, which removes fliers' weakness to bows, and Inevitable End, which allows the stat debuffs inflicted by daggers, shuriken, and certain staves to all stack with each other (normally, if a unit is hit by multiple daggers/shuriken, the highest/most recent debuffs take precedence; not so with Inevitable End). Unsurprisingly, a lot of the worse ones are more common in Lunatic Mode in both games.
    • Fates also has quite a few enemy-exclusive weapons, including more types of 1-2 range weapons than the players can buy for themselves. Notable since most 1-2 range swords, lances, and axes were nerfed heavily in Fates to account for Breakable Weapons being averted.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses:
    • Shamir, an enemy Sniper faced on Crimson Flower (or her replacement, if you recruited her), manages to stack the Bowrange+1 and Bowrange+2, abilities, giving her bow a combined range bonus of three tiles. Not only do the two abilities not usually stack, but Bowrange+2 is locked to the Bow Knight Master Class, meaning that a Sniper shouldn't have it.
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    • If you play Bernadetta's and Petra's paralogue on Verdant Wind, Azure Moon or Silver Snow you will fight against Hubert and he has access to Meteor, a spell that is impossible for him to learn when he is a playable unit.
    • As an enemy, Hubert gets anywhere from x4 the normal uses of dark magic (in Blue Lions/Golden Deer Chapter 7, "The Silver Maiden", and Silver Snow Chapter 18/Verdant Wind Chapter 19) to infinite uses outright (in Azure Moon Chapter 21). A midboss named Myson also has infinite magic in the final battle of Azure Moon.
  • Taken Up to Eleven in Fire Emblem Heroes with Infernal and Abyssal in regards to stats. On Abyssal, expect to see units with 70+ HP and Fridges hit the HP Cap.