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This page covers tropes found in The Cinema Snob.

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  • Quizzical Tilt:
    • Necromantik leaves Brad invoking this a lot.
    • When trying to comprehend Dolemite's lingo.
  • Raging Stiffie:
    • The Gestapo's Last Orgy provokes this from the Snob, who yells at his own crotch in protest. "Now? You're gonna do this NOW?"
    • In Black Devil Doll from Hell, he says that the film is so unsexy that thinking about Porno Holocaust is giving him an erection. Then, without changing his facial expression, he reaches over, grabs a jug of water and pours on his crotch.
  • A Rare Sentence:
    • In Elves:
      A Character in Elves: I want to know the connection between the elves and the Nazis.
      Snob: Are you aware that that's a sentence that just came out of your mouth!?
    • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls:
      Snob: Roger Ebert wrote a movie where a transsexual beheads a man, then scares away a Nazi with a sword while the Twentieth Century Fox music plays in the background. (beat) Roger Ebert may have been the greatest screenwriter of all time.
    • One that's rare for a snob, from the review of Billy the Kid vs. Dracula:
      Snob: This guy is no Emilio Estevez. (beat) I'm a Cinema Snob. I can't believe I just said that.
    • In the intro to Turkish First Blood, as he notes there was a slasher movie tangentially related to Thanksgiving for him to do instead of another movie from Turkey.
      Snob: But this year, I would rather have a Thanksgiving that is sans rape, thank you very much!... That was a weird sentence...
    • From the The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure:
      Snob: It's their pillow Shloofy's birthday... that's a sentence I just said.
    • From Dancin': It's On!:
      Snob: And the mime's not even the most annoying character in the movie! Never thought I'd say that sentence!
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: He defends Mommie Dearest by poiting out that some of the more outlandish things such as Joan Crawford's personality is a lot more accurate than people give it credit for.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • Brad's DVD collection was stolen during his move, which was referenced on the show. The theft was precipitated by Brad's layoff from his job. Brad conducts "Sexploitation Week" while sitting on the bare floor, inspiring him to label those reviews the Floor Season. (He didn't actually sell off his furniture - the iconic chair returned in due time).
    • During the early-to-mid 2020, Snob made his reviews from his closet, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.Explanation 
  • Re-Cut: In 2019, Brad released new editions of several older reviews (starting with those of E.T. The Porno and The Geek) on PornHub. Naturally, these versions included clips of those films' more explicit sex scenes, though calling these versions Hotter and Sexier would be a stretch.
  • Redundant Parody: Referenced in his review of The Bed Room, a porno spoof of The Room (2003), a movie just about anyone on the internet has spoofed already.
    Snob: Sorry, I'm just getting used to the idea of a porno spoof of The Room. It feels kind of redundant. Like watching a comedy spoof of Airplane!
  • Refuge in Audacity:
    • Why the Snob and the Nostalgia Critic decide to review The Passion of the Christ. Complete with dropping the subtitles for a Gag Sub.
    • Snob compliments the band from Blast-Off Girls for pulling this in writing a song "Go TWANG Yourself".
  • The Remake: Though Brad has long considered the show's early episodes to be something of an Old Shame, for many years he dismissed the possibility of remaking older reviews, believing the original reviews should stand as a reflection of what the show was at the time. He made a special exception for the Unerotic Fantasies DVD, however, for the film Bat Pussy, reasoning that the constraints of an online review prevented him from showcasing the film for what it truly was. Then, in 2020, after exhausting the rest of the franchise, he re-reviewed Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning to match the style of his reviews for the other installments. In 2022, he revisited the subject of his very first review, Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror, as the subject of a short 1-minute review.note 
  • Repeating So the Audience Can Hear: Brad's mom phoning him to point out that his April Fool' review is a day late. (Plutonium Baby)
    Snob: Whaddaya mean, it's April 2nd? Whaddaya mean, that overdose of Zzzquil kept me up for 24 hours?? And why do I keep repeating everything you're saying???
  • Remember the New Guy?: In the Caligula review, several of Brad's other characters appear, culminating with 80's Dan, a character that (at the time) didn't actually exist (being just invented for the episode as a joke). ZigZagged in that he disappears when the Snob realizes his show doesn't exist, then when 80's Dan returns on "Brad Tried New Coke" and not even Brad knows who he is. He now has his own show.
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: invoked
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder: In his review of If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?, the Snob responds to Reverend Pirkle's "Do these things seem far-fetched to you?" with an aggravated "Yes!"
  • Ripped from the Headlines: In addition to frequently referencing current events in his jokes, the Snob began reviewing hastily-made "news-ploitation" films built around this trope in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, including the Corona Zombies series and Angry Asian Murder Hornets, about the sightings of Asian giant hornets in the U.S. in April-May 2020.
  • Rule 34:
    • "Thanks, Rule 34-sploitation!" in reference to Beaver and Buttface.
    • A lot of the films he reviews/mocks can be considered proof of Rule 34, honestly.
  • Rule of Three: The Top 3 rules in his "How to be a Cinema Snob" handbook: 1) Your favorite movie must be Citizen Kane. 2) anything that Charlie Kaufman wrote should have won the Oscar that year, and 3) you don't like Dolemite.
  • Running Gag:
    • Attempting to end review early by saying "One of these days, I'm going to get that [villain]", then cutting to the credits, a la The Geek.
    • If this movie doesn't end with [reference to another, similar film], I'm gonna be pissed!
    • Often, Brad ties in the plot of whatever film he's watching into whatever project he's working on, such as a reference to the "rape squirrels" segment of Shot On Shitteo while reviewing "Turkish I Spit On Your Grave"
    • Calling out critical double standards by calling complaining about something in a film, and then saying "But it's okay when (critically acclaimed movie) does it!", such as when comparing slasher flicks to the original Halloween (1978).
    • "An Inkie Dinkie Doo-Dah Morning" from Nudist Camp of the Dead tends to pop up when incidental music is called for (such as the Snob's ringtone).
    • "And then they bang/fuck!" following homoerotic scenes.
    • Following the Dark Horse Victory in the first Patreon-picked episode, any 2016 episode where that returns has to remind viewers the original poll resulted in Dianne Wiest blowing her house up (from Independence Day (1983)).
    • Related to Independence Day (1983), given he compared that to Windy City beating Blues Brothers 2000 and Poltergeist III in a "bad Chicago movies" poll, that movie started being shoehorned in as an option in every Patreon poll (i.e. the Alien: Covenant tie-in's fourth option was "the story of how an alien invasion disrupted the lives of a group of Chicago friends in Windy City"). Once Windy City won, its place would be successively occupied by another melodrama for future polls (until said melodrama won and the process was repeated), such as the Karen Allen film Until September, the Tim Matheson film Dreamer, the Saul Rubinek film Soup for One, and so on.
    • He often refers to small-town forest scenes in low-budget movies as being shot in Chatham, Illinois (a small town near his hometown of Springfield).
    • Snob regularly declares the death of a character suffering Amusing Injuries. If said character was the main character, this often leads to him skipping to the movie's end credits. Conversely, if a character is shown being killed in an unambiguous manner, he'll state assured "He's/She's fine."
    • "You were in (Insert film/TV series here)!" Used whenever one of the movies he's reviewing features an embarrassing appearance by a well-known actor.
    • "BUSHWHACKED", from the Bushwhacked Fever commercial, advertising the film Bushwhacked. This is usually used to punctuate a particularly stupid or awkward moment in a movie.
    • Playing stock creepy music over unintentionally disturbing scenes.
    • Snob reacting to lame puns by shouting out a Hurricane of Puns, before ultimately devolving into just saying relevant words. An example from the Little Cars 2 review:
      Lugnut/Combo: Why interview me if you were just gonna make it all up? I was so naive, you really messed with my headlights.
      Snob: She sure is quite the truckster, and while she may appear to be wheelie sorry, don't be too quick to put a hubcap in your suspicions, ha ha! Gear shifts!
    • "Business of business business", whenever a character has a vague and nondescript job, especially if they talk about it constantly yet it's still not described.
    • Whenever he reviews a film in the Halloween series, he will constantly find ways to bring up the minor character Ben Tramer.
    • After Shaun Millington drew a baby Snob as Freddy Krueger's son in the title card for A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, both the Snob and subsequent title cards begin joking about how Freddy is the Snob's father.
    • During the closet episodes of the 2020 season, talking about and showing his "shitting cup", several times implying that it's full and he just spilled it over the floor or himself
    • Lloyd's "Out-Of-Context 9-1-1: Lone Star clip of the week" segments.
    • "Sitcom moments" where Snob dubs a Studio Audience into the film, like laughter for a corny joke or "ooooh" for a Failed Attempt at Drama.

  • Sarcasm Failure:
    • The mockery of Ilsa: She-Wolf of the S.S.s sex scenes proceeds as expected... until the infamous scene with the Commandant.
    Snob: (flustered) ... What do you expect me to say?? I'd let Dyanne Thorn piss on my face.
    • In one scene in Death Wish 3, Paul Kersey is setting up a booby trap when for no reason, the camera zooms in on a nearby cowboy painting while a patriotic music sting plays. Cut to the Snob who doesn't even have a spoken reaction to it; just a look of bewilderment and confusion.
  • Sarcasm Mode: When Brad's voice goes smooth and soft, that's a sign he's in snob mode and is going to diss the gory slasher film for not being properly artsy.
  • Satire: The show is one of pretentious movie critics and fans, particularly with how they treat Exploitation Films. Brad summed it up in the commentary of his review of Salo (where the Snob is showering praise on a movie only because it's True Art, even if it's disgusting to no end):
    In the league of artsy film criticism, the same critic who would give something like Cannibal Holocaust a zero star review would turn right around and give a movie like Salo a Best Film of the Decade award.
  • Saying Too Much:
    • Snob turns to Lloyd during The Corpse Grinders:
      Snob: Well, that's the last time I feed you leftover bits of Jerrid No. 1. [Beat] Did, uh...did I say too much?
    • "You slasher fans can have your Sleepaway Camp. But I know a good steam room to go to when I want water balloon-fights, bunk bed orgies, and shorty-shorts! ...Perhaps I've said too much."
    • In Heartbeeps, he becomes alarmed when the film touches an emotional cord. Could it be?
      Snob: No, it can't be. I am programmed to HATE! (slams fists) ....uh, forget I said that.
  • Scenery Gorn: An unintentional example crops up several times in Black Rage due to the film's abominable cinematography.
    Snob: This movie makes a sunset next to a lighthouse look as ugly as a nuclear explosion.
  • The Scrappy:invoked In his opinion, the little kid (Wesley) in To Catch a Yeti, who is so annoying that Snob actually begs for the writers to kill him off.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • "This seems like a scene from a pretentious student film. Did I make this movie??"
    • In one of the Cannibal Holocaust segments with Jerrid and Mrs. Snob, Jerrid notes that he hates it when these review shows have plot-lines.
    • He has occasionally lampshaded how old, bald, and fat he's gotten since the show began. In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo suggests that each film causes Brad to tear clumps of hair from his scalp.
    • "What, you think I just pulled an Elves reference out of my ass, for no reason whatsoever? [reconsiders] ...I can see why you might think that."
    • Jillian has trouble finding funny things to say about Rape Squad, so Brad shows her the ropes.
      Brad: When in doubt, just say that someone in the movie bears a striking resemblance to somebody else. Example: Officer Gerald Ford here...
    • The titular character in Criminally Insane is diagnosed with symptoms Brad can identify with.
    • If there was any place where you'd be guaranteed to get some, it would be a porn spoof. But no, Dickman & Throbbin have to resort to skin magazines.
      "This isn't a porno! This is me at fifteen!"
    • "Do you really think we have time to decide who sucks what? We've got a film to make!" (Gross Out)
      Brad: And now you know how The Cinema Snob Movie came to be.
    • Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, a film which was never, technically speaking, completed.
      "There's no harm in talking about an unfinished film. I can't remember that ever going wrong in the past!"
      (Cue Losing Horns and Nagy's Cease and Desist)
    • Karate Girl - "I always have to pay a chick top dollar to do this to me, and these fuckers are getting it for free!"
    • He laughingly admits that the fourth iteration of Violent Shit has surpassed his own films in quality.
      "My, how Shot on Shitteo has grown! Back in the 80's, it was something to crack jokes about and snicker at when you passed them in the video store. And nowadays, I'm in several of them!"
    • Once a blog entitled "The Cinema Snob Sucks" appeared, the first comments were by Brad himself, saying "lol, I totally approve of this =)"
    • In Hercules (1983), he mentions that he chose to cover it at the time because of the release of Hercules (2014); he also says that he could have spotlighted a Hercules movie during the release of The Legend of Hercules several months prior, but that "the only two idiots who went to go see that movie are these two dipshits who prefer talking about movies in the front seat of their car".
    • His review of A Madea Christmas has Snob asking why doesn't he send two people to watch that instead. And adds that if he did that, he'd be a monster!
    • On The Lonely Lady: "They've found the only guy shorter than Pia Zadora. No, not me, you assholes! I'm 5'7"!"
    • The review of The Cinema Snob Movie naturally invokes this a lot.
  • Sequel Hook: At times he ends a review saying what next will be. A variant was when Kung Tai Ted reviewed Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky and the Snob said that after seeing that, "Now I have to review the fucking movie!" And as a Call-Back, in the end of the Riki-Oh review the Snob goes after "the guy I saw watching it on TV".
  • Sequelitis: Referenced in his review of the 2010 version of Mother's Day. It's quite clear he enjoyed it more than the original (which isn't saying much), but as a snob he knows that "a remake can never be better. Even if the remake is better, the original is still better".
  • Shallow Parody: In-Universe. His other main complaint with Super Hornio Bros, specifically when Porno Mario is called "Squeegee" and Porno Luigi is "Ornio".
  • Sharp-Dressed Man:
    • The Snob, though Brad frequently wears suits in real life too. He once filmed a vlog after going to a water park with friends wearing a t-shirt, a bathing suit, and his suit jacket.
    • It is said that Brad modeled his distinctive sense of style on his idol, George Lazenby (whose autographed poster and action figure at on his shelf). According to Spoony, the suit jacket is his "armor".
  • Shaped Like Itself:
    • Clearly, I Spit On Your Grave is a terrible film, "because it is a rape and revenge film that DARES to have rape and revenge in it!"
    • In his review of The Burning Hell, he calls director Ron Ormond an "exploitation director turned exploitation director." As it, he was an exploitation director who became a born-again Christian and turned to directing Christian films, but his Christian films still featured very exploitative imagery.
  • Share the Male Pain: Two examples.
    • While watching Rape Squad with his then-wife Jillian, he winces and grabs his sensitive bits every time a member of the titular squad kicks a training dummy in the crotch.
    • I Spit on Your Grave: When watching Jennifer grab the knife in order to castrate Johnny in the bathtub, the Snob slowly crosses his legs and grabs his crotch.
      Snob: Ewww...please tell me she's making toast between his legs and she's using that to spread jam!
  • Shared Universe: Since the show is part of Channel Awesome and Snob was part of some of the anniversary specials that influenced the setting, it automatically counts as part of the Reviewaverse.
  • Show Within a Show: The Big Box, Kung Tai Ted, Softly from Cable, and Will It Fit? are TV shows in The Cinema Snob's universe.
  • Shout-Out: See the ShoutOut.The Cinema Snob page.
  • Sincerity Mode:
    • When Brad removes his glasses in a Cinema Snob review, he's speaking out of character to give his honest opinion.
    • The entirety of the 1941 (1979) review is this.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: It's not unusual for Brad to remove his glasses and then replace them with his larger Snob glasses. It's also the only thing he does in the Lock-and-Load Montage scene in Kickassia.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance:
    • Given that the Snob tends to review exploitation films, his delightfully upbeat theme song often plays over images of horrific violence. One episode actually opened with the Snob questioning "why is my theme song so fucking happy?"
    • Also done in homage to A Clockwork Orange when the Snob says that only one thing that could make a murder scene in Island of Death more disturbing, then plays "Singin' In The Rain" over it.
    • In Caligula, when the title character makes his pregnant wife dance for his horse, the music gets overdubbed with the theme from Mr. Ed.
    • The Snob doesn't quite know what to make of the tender piano score played over the necrophilia scenes in Nekromantik.
    • Lampshaded again with Cannibal Ferox's funk soundtrack.
      "No. No. I'm not in the mood for the music. I'm fucking pissed off!" (starts bobbing his head to the beat)
    • The Mutilator's catchy theme tune makes Brad feel like he's attending a Porky's marathon.
    • Funnily enough, Violent Shit 4.0 returns with a new score for a new century, which displeases Brad.
      "I've seen Violent Shit. The music should sound like this:"
      (plays UB 40's "Red Red Wine")
    • Texas Chainsaw:
      "Can't play Yakety Sax...can't play Yakety Sax....... (beat) Got it!"
      (plays "Holiday Road")
      "I wish they'd make Texas Vacation! The series would surely go back to its "R" rating, then!
    • He later followed it up with "Eastbound and Down."
    • You've just castrated your rapist and locked him in a bathroom. What vinyl record does this call for? Cyndi Lauper, of course. (I Spit On Your Grave)
    • "Josie And The Pussy Cats" playing out Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
      ("I've been waiting to use this music the whole episode!")
    • During Ilsa: She-Wolf of the S.S., an increasingly-uncomfortable Snob decides to perk up the labor camp scenes with "a nice cleanup montage!" (cue Bone Symphony song from Revenge of the Nerds)
  • Speak in Unison: Brad and Jillian share a drawn out, bored "Really?" when a character breaks her heel. And then they share a kiss. Too cute.
  • Special Effect Failure: Calls many of them out in-universe, such as the Brutes and Savages crocodile death where a tribesman is killed by a hand puppet in a pool that's supposed to be a river in Africa.
  • Spinoff: 80's Dan is a character originated in the Cinema Snob's Caligula review. He later got his own sitcom-like show on his website.
  • Spoof Aesop:
    • In Pieces:
      Snob: [sigh] Let this be a lesson to you on campus. If you see a tracksuit-wearing Chinaman, he WILL attack you. And mispronounce his L's. Because he had "bad chop suey". Could that have been any more out of nowhere?!
    • Subverted immediately by Kung Tai Ted materializing out of nowhere and punching the Snob.
    • "If you work hard enough, you could make a career in playing Hitler!" (Hitler, Dead or Alive)
    • "If you see a psychotic dwarf carrying toys, and he drops a cymbal monkey, DON'T help him. And DON'T investigate it!" (The Sinful Dwarf)
    • "Vaginas are Satan! 1974 told me so!" (Angel Above, Devil Below)
    • Troubled marriage? Just get an (arguably high) porn star to have sex with your wife, and she'll run back to your waiting arms in no time! (Dickman & Throbbin)
    • If you continually fantasize about fucking a werewolf, you'll finally want to sleep with your homely fiancée! But then you'll quickly change your mind. (La bête)
    • Here's to alcohol, the cause of and solution to your tiny penis. (Los Pornos Sin Son:)
    • "See, this is what happens when you wear white after Labor Day. A serial killer will be able to spotlight you from a mile away!" (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974))
    • "It doesn't matter where you are: If you get a bunch of Japanese people together, it will turn into a parade." (Tampon Tango)
    • When John Wayne Gacy asks you to his secret hiding place, you say 'no.' There are plenty of nice people out there with crawlspaces. (Return to Sleepaway Camp)
    • You heard it here! If your wife doesn't want to go see porn with you in a theater, shoot her in the head. (42nd Street Forever)
    • Move to Hollywood to be a star, and you will totally become a star! And get married in a triple wedding at the end! (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls)
    • "Cowardly Cinema Snob's Tips For Children" (Friday the 13th (1980))
      Snob: If you hear someone calling out in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm, don't go outside. Just call someone.
  • Squee:
    • This was the Snob's reaction to finding that there was another Pierre Kirby movie that he had not seen.
    • Also, when he realizes that Extra-Terrestrial Visitors is actually Pod People, his favorite MST3K film.
  • Squick:
    • His reaction in-universe to finding out the lead actress of Crazy Fat Ethel 2 had been in a Seventies porno was just him saying "No" repeatedly while running away.note 
    • Two words: Child Bride. Not since A Serbian Film had Cinema Snob felt uneasy in reviewing a movie.
    • One of his catchphrases is a distinctive "Ewww!" when he comes across this sort of thing.
    • The very appropriately titled Gross Out, a bottom-of-the-barrel movie so revolting and disgusting that Brad gives his viewers permission to not watch the episode.
  • Stable Time Loop: In Brad's review of Video Violence 2, he gets a call from the Cinema Snob of 2007 that just reviewed Video Violence 1, warning him not to review the second movie. During the call, 2010 Snob inspires 2007 Snob to review another movie, suggested changes to his show, and reminds 2007 Snob to appreciate his DVD collection, since some time between 2007 and 2010 his DVD collection was, in fact, stolen.
  • Stealth Parody:
    • If you were to watch a typical Cinema Snob review uninitiated, you would have no idea it was a parody. Perhaps for this reason, he's started doing out-of-character intros to his more recent reviews.
    • He believes both Voiceless and The Trump Prophecy to be this, due to their over-the-top presentations of conservative viewpoints.
  • Standard Snippet: In the Goldengirl review, Brad reenacts Chariots of Fire before gasping for breath and lighting a cigarette.
  • The Stinger:
    • In a tradition borrowed from MST3K, the last five seconds (approximately) of every review consists of one particularly embarrassing moment from the film.
    • Faces of Death ended with a clip from "Muppet Faces of Death".
    • As noted above, Brad plum ran out of stock footage from Sleepaway Camp. So he inserts a clip from The Refrigerator instead.
  • Straw Critic:
    • The whole point of the Cinema Snob character is to parody snobby, artsy-fartsy douchebag movie critics.
    • 2017 saw the debut of "Snob's pretentious twin brother" who is even higher on this (and has strange kinks, to boot.)
  • Straw Fan:
    • Has a letter-writing one that shows up occasionally. It's unknown if he's related to The Nostalgia Critic's Douchey McNitpick.
    • Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit Part Two sees one who is even closer to Douchey, down to the wig (only with a voice similar to that movie's Eddie). He wants more pornos? Have him watch the web series Will It Fit?.
  • Stunned Silence:
    • The Snob's first response to "Virginia" in Chatter Box.
    • The final twist to Sleepaway Camp, which made it into Brad's Favorite Moments of 2012.
      Snob: (points) THAT's a DICK!
    • And then in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
      Snob: (reaches out with both hands) THOSE are TITS!
  • Stylistic Suck: Several of his episodes in 2018 were shot in Standard Definition — albeit still on a modern High Definition camcorder — and then upscaled to HD, in an effort at approximating the shot on video look.
  • Suckiness Is Painful:
    • Nukie. With Reality Subtext, as Brad said watching the movie "truly was punishment".
    • By the end of "E.T. Week", he opens a broken DVD case and is disappointed when the plastic doesn't pierce his carotid artery.
    • Five minutes into Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers, Brad's soul leaves his body— Only to re-enter it again and kick him in the balls. (Brad also has an Aside Glance admitting that when he rewatched the movie for the episode, the Cold Open was more than enough for him to have second thoughts)
    • None of the horrible gross-out humor in Gross Out gets him, but the constant mind-meltingly awful acting makes him throw up after about twenty minutes.
    • To Catch a Yeti was just about as painful as Nukie, and that was after reviewing, in the previous two days, an absurdly dull 70s film which even RiffTrax had trouble doing and a porno. Sasquatch Week was NOT a pleasant experience for the Snob.
    • Fun in Balloon Land. The Snob says the only way it would more unwatchable was if the floats were depicting E.T. The Porno while Nukie narrated.
    • Ghosts Can't Do It. The description (and the Snob himself) calls it "the worst thing in the history of things" and he calls it one of the worst he's sat through.
    • Unidentified Flying Oddball. From the opening alone, it's clear watching the film was an ordeal for Brad.
    • Santa's Christmas Elf (named Calvin) was another one because it was a movie consisting of still shots. The Snob mentions that at least now he can say other movies at least have motion.
    • Marci X, like Unidentified Flying Oddball before it, was clearly a painful one for Brad, what with the dated even in 2003 stereotypes, horrible soundtrack and lack of actual humor. No wonder it was picked to cap off Friendsuary.
      Snob: Why, Lisa Kudrow, why? You almost made it through the whole series without a movie this bad!
  • Suddenly Shouting: Referenced in the review for 365 Days with a gangster near the beginning if the movie:
    Gangster: My question is: how THE FUCK … did it happen?
    Snob: (amused) Couldn't pick a tone there, huh?
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel:invoked Snob is reluctant to admit that God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness is this to the other two God's Not Dead movies.
    Snob: (growling) This one's... (scratches head) ...not as bad.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    • Under no circumstances should it ever be assumed, for any reason, that the Cinema Snob owns a copy of Weekend at Bernie's. He's too classy for that.
    • The heroine of Elves to her cat: "You're the only friend I have left!" Cut to a meaningful glance at Lloyd.
      Snob: Pfft. Whatever. I have friends! This movie isn't... speaking to me in a weird way.

  • Take a Third Option: "So, which one is better, Billy the Kid vs. Dracula or Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter? That's easy! The answer is The Searchers!" (he admits the former is somewhat better)
  • Take Our Word for It: Any time something is too graphical for him to show. For example, from his review of The Geek:
    Snob: At this point you probably don't believe me that this is a porn, but you're just gonna have to trust me: it is. What? A porno can't give you finer tips on camping, as well as fucking?
  • Take That!: Snob/Brad is a man of very strong likes and dislikes. Get comfortable, this could take a while.
    • Snob's review of Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom is a critique both of the film and the arthouse critics who aggrandize it as an epic commentary on fascism. He does the review draped over a toilet, and each time he finishes explaining how much of a masterpiece of genius a scene is, he immediately vomits. Brad, out of character, has made clear that he completely rejects any of Pier Paolo Pasolini's excuses for making the film as a critique of fascism, stating that there are much better ways to make such a point without depicting fascism's cruelty in way that almost celebrates it rather than mocks it.
    • Roger Ebert frequently gets raked over the coals for his more polarizing opinions, particularly his one-man crusade against I Spit on Your Grave, aka the worst movie ever.
      • As noted by Snob when he reviewed I Spit on Your Grave:
        Snob: Even worse than The Zookeeper, Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, Home Alone 3, Cop and a Half, and the Garfield movies. (scoffs) And there's no way he liked those!
      • Given that Ebert gave I Spit on Your Grave zero stars and called it the worst movie ever made, we can only imagine what he gave The Last House on the Left..."3½ stars?!"
        Snob: I guess the addition of comic relief involving cake-making and camera-mugging, plus two bumbling cops falling off of a chicken truck and getting harassed by hippies, makes the 3½ star difference in your dark and sadistic rape revenge movie.note 
    • He makes it well-known he dislikes the Golden Raspberry Awards, including complaining during his review of Mommie Dearest how the Razzies awarded it as worst film of its year.
    • In Redneck Zombies, he does two to Toby Keith: first, saying that the toxic waste that sets off the movie's plot was later used to make him, then replacing the music that plays during a Mushroom Samba with "I Love This Bar" after saying that the existing music should be replaced by "something that takes no talent".
    • Sylvester Stallone got the treatment in his review of softcore flick and Stallone's infamous invoked Old Shame The Italian Stallion. Ten years later, Brad revisited this particular thespian in 42nd Street Forever Vol. 1.
      Stallone: [in an interview, explaining his reasons to do the movie] When you're hungry, you do a lot of things you wouldn't ordinarily do.
      Brad: Then what the hell was your excuse for Rhinestone?
    • In the Lost Episode review of Grizzly II: The Concert, he gives one to Family Guy's infamous Cutaway Gags, after comparing them with the film having several instances of Leave the Camera Running.
      Snob: This movie is like one of those Family Guy jokes where nothing happens, and it goes on far too fucking long. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to clear an empty box from my front porch.
      [Snob goes to his front porch, spends a solid thirty seconds trying and failing to pick up a cardboard box, and when he finally does pick it up, throws it away and turns to the camera angry]
      Snob: THIS ISN'T FUNNY!
    • "At least this pink flamingo is funnier than the one in Gnomeo & Juliet."
    • In the Rape Squad review:
      Jillian: I thought snobs like Scream.
      Snob: Even I have my limits.
    • Joseph Lai updated his title card with some sweet John Williams.
      Snob: Phew. Don't scare me like that; I thought this was Episode One. Thank god it's Ninja Terminator.
    • "[Nukie] is a lot shittier than Mac and Me, so I'm guessing it was endorsed by Hardee's." Hardee's gets another jab in Violent Shit 2.
    • For historical context, Tromeo & Juliet was made "at a time when Jim Carrey was considered funny."
    • Blasting LMFAO songs as a mode of torture. (Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment)
    • Sleepaway Camp 2:
      • Two brothers and two sisters nicknamed "The Brady Bunch" ("It isn't because you have siblings, it's because you aren't funny."), and kids dressing up as slasher movie characters. ("Reminding you of better horror films years before Scream did!")
      • Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 recycling the same sets? Hey, if he wants back-to-back sequels, he'll stick with Back to the Future Part II & III, thank you very much!
        Snob: These movies can go hang out with Matrix 2 and 3.
      • Also makes a jab at "Movie Reference Lake", where the characters keep fishing out props from Wes Craven flicks. With their luck, they'll catch the hockey mask from Jason V; "The tofu of Jason masks."
    • Gross Out:
    • Los Porno Sin Son, the Argentine The Simpsons porn spoof is very much like the show, "in that the first half is timeless and the second half is forgettable."
      Snob: But it's still better than the Argentine Family Guy spoof.
    • In The Devil With Hitler, Adolf Hitler's speeches are being monitored in Hell, "on the one day they aren't watching TLC."
    • Violent Shit 4.0 aka Karl the Butcher vs. Axe
      • "No, YOU shut your fucking hole, fuckface!"
        Snob: Hey, they stole that line from a Rob Zombie film! … I'm guessing.
      • (At the film's heavy metal soundtrack) "Could be worse. RZA could've directed it."
      • "We're only halfway through, and Karl and Axe have settled their differences! It makes as much sense as Ecks Vs. Sever!"
      • At the health bars and "FINISH HIM" that appear on the screen during a fight sequence.
        Snob: Nice Shaq Fu reference! I'm assuming it's a Shaq Fu reference... since it sucks.
    • While discussing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), upon seeing the shot of Sally entering a house, which focuses on her hotpants, he says that that's the only thing the makers of the sequels/remakes ever took away from the film.
    • Tampon Tango, after hearing a weird song: "Well, just sing 'Gangnam Style' over and over again and you might have a hit!"
    • Travolta mentioning his short stint in porn. (Moment By Moment)
      Brad: Wouldn't be the worst movie you've done. Ever try sitting through The Experts?
    • He took a short recess from comedy during I Spit On Your Grave's extended rape scene, preferring to hew closer to George Carlin than Daniel Tosh.
    • Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS opened with Brad trying to persuade Film Brain to wear Nazi regalia for a comedy bit.
      Snob: Every time I dress Jake up as a Nazi he goes crazy. Last time, he thought Jakob the Liar was a good movie!
    • Heartbeeps has two characters (robots, mind you) discussing the nature of God:
      Snob: It's at this point that I realize the robots of Heartbeeps are speaking about something of more substance and relevancy than any of the characters from Twilight, The Host (2008), Attack of the Clones, or Temptation combined.
    • In In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo:
      • Not long into the movie, Brad starts to wonder which way Tim Noah swings.
        Snob: Not even Kirk Cameron is in this much denial.
      • Later in the same review: "Tim Noah pretending to be Charlie Chaplin is like Jimmy Kimmel pretending to be a talk show host."
    • In The Legend of the Lone Ranger:
    • From Jack the Ripper Goes West:
      Snob: It could've been worse. It could've ended with him faking his own death and BECOMING A FUCKING LUMBERJACK!
    • In Ninja Champion, in regards of its abrupt ending:
      Snob: At least they didn't condense what could have been a season's worth of rather dramatic and emotional material into its last 10 minutes, leaving it rather cold, glossed-over, and emotionless. Thanks, How I Met Your Mother.
    • In Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, he says that "as long as you put a zombie in a yellow dress and have her dance with the beast, people will eat that up!"
    • He takes another jab when The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (lowest opening in the box office, 2.7 on 10 by critics) get beaten by Twilight.
      Snob: HeheheOK no.
    • What passes for humour in Wired would be too sucky for a late '90s SNL sketch.
    • The animated credits of Oy Vey! My Son is Gay! reminds him of something he doesn't want to relieve.
      Snob: This feels like I'm watching a lost episode of Allen Gregory. Don't like that, don't like that at all!
    • His reviews of The Stand (2020) and the remake of The Stepfather contain digs at Amber Heard, who appeared in both, warning characters not to Google her and be careful about who they date, referencing her infamously messy divorce proceedings with Johnny Depp.
    • During his review of Rock: It's Your Decision, when Jeff breaks the rock record, the Snob declared it still not as embarrassing as the Disco Demolition Night.
  • Take That, Audience!:
    • I Spit On Your Grave Pt. 2 opens with a savaging of Brad's earlier skit by an unseen critic (voiced by Josh Hadley). Intended as a Take That to critics who panned the movie, it doubles as a swipe at every misinformed comment ever posted on his videos.
    • Saving Christmas has one to the newbies who left negative comments on the review for The Passion of the Christ:
      Snob: Acting surprised that Kirk Cameron said something crazy is like watching a riff show where two people dressed as Mario and Luigi beat the shit out of a Jesus-Santa hybrid and being surprised that it's not a proper analytical review!
    • By 2016-17, Snob is more than willing to mock audiences, from the creation of Actual Lee and Tobe Fair to mock "Actually..." and "To be fair..." commenters, and occasional references to certain complaints (such as the Straw Fan who goes "Why are you doing so many religious episodes? I want to see more pornos!").
  • Teeny Weenie: Snob encounters one when seeing a man in Tampon Tango measure his junk:
    Snob: By the way, this is the smallest black box I've ever had to put in a porno.
    Subtitles: 6.29 cm (2½ inches)
    Snob: 2½ inches? Woo hoo! You don't say. You have heard of Johnny Wad, right? Well, this is Hashimoto Needles.
  • Temporary Online Content: Due to Blip declaring bankruptcy and shutting down in 2017, almost all of the Snob's pre-2015 episodes are now unavailable. However, luckily, both Brad, and various other YouTube users have started to reupload the Snob's older episodes.
  • Tempting Fate: Sure to happen any time a movie he reviews has a sequel.
    • Lampshaded in the review for Troll 3, where he declares there's absolutely no chance whatsoever that there could possibly be another Troll sequel out there and he's definitely not jinxing himself. He's wrong.
    • He acknowledges his having done this in his review of Ax 'Em, in which he does a Call-Back to Las Vegas Bloodbath, which he had called the worst "Shot on Shitteo" film ever. He then refuses to make the same mistake with Ax 'em.
      Snob: Maybe the dubbing won't be too bad... [clip plays] Why did I even say that?! Oh, I know why I said it. I said it to so I could set up a clip to show how awful the dubbing is!
    • At the start of the Night of Horror review:
      Snob: Last time I was gone this long, I came back with a movie about zombie confederate soldiers. Thank God there's not another one of those.
      [first five seconds of the jaunty "Believe it or not..." intro tune, showing a shot of Night of Horror with zombie confederates]
      Snob: Fuck!
    • Fresh from the toxicity of Sleepaway Camp sequels, the Snob decides to cleanse his palette with a French movie, La bête. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • That Came Out Wrong: "Entrails of a Virgin"? More like "Entrails of an Auteur Virgin"!
    Snob: That's a virgin I can get behind! [shudders] That came out wrong.
  • That's What She Said: In Blood Feast, a grizzled, coffee-swilling detective makes it too easy with his observation, "This looks like one o' them long, hard ones."
    Snob: [grits teeth] No no no. I fucking hate "That's What She Said" jokes.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: invoked The Snob's main complaint about Super Hornio Brothers is that a Super Mario Bros. porn spoof could actually be funny if it got the references to the original work right; instead, it's such a shamelessly Shallow Parody that they don't even bother with giving the right names for the right characters, calling the Mario analogue "Squegee" and the Luigi analogue "Hornio."
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    • Rather than the usual opening statement, the Snob begins his review of God's Not Dead growling in frustration.
    • In the review for Dancin': It's On!, the Snob notes that upon its release, the movie got him an unusually high amount of requests for revieweing by viewers. Knowing his luck, the Snob sarcastically says the movie is probably "FUCKING GREAT!"
    • Snob begins his review of Tugrats, a porn parody of Rugrats (yes, really), by growling a Big "NO!".
    • At the start of Corona Zombies 2, Snob despairs over Barbie and Kendra squee-ing over each other.
      Snob: Mmh. This is going to be the longest 72 minutes of my life.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Snob is completely taken aback when the stoned protagonists of A Ton of Grass Goes to Pot briefly imagine themselves as actual Nazis, complete with stock footage of Nazi rallies.
    Snob: What in the actual fuck. When I said the audience wanted to see a better movie, I didn't mean Triumph of the Will!
  • Three-Dimensional Episode: His review of Friday the 13th Part III is this, complete with shoehorned-in Paddleball Shots to mock the film's usage of them.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: In his crossover review of Myra Breckenridge with Diamanda Hagan, Brad has to sit on several pillows so he's the same height as the much taller Diamanda.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: In-Universe, Snob will always compliment an actor who gives their all for the movie they're in, not matter how bad the movie is. Two such examples are John Carradine in Billy the Kid Versus Dracula and Michael Chiklis in Wired.
  • Torture Porn: Discussed when Snob admits the term was just made up by snobs like him so they could look down on modern horror films (although they still look down on older horror films).
  • Totally Radical: How he refers to the "Tubular Corporation" from Bruno Mattei's Terminator 2.
  • Trademark Favorite Drink: Crystal Pepsi. According to the Cannibal Holocaust review, his house is piped with Crystal Pepsi instead of tap water.
  • Translation Train Wreck: In Turkish Casper, he reads a horribly-translated plot summary from a Turkish website.
  • Trapped in TV Land: Parodied when, during Snob's fight with Kung Tai Ted at the end of the Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky review, Ted manages to produce a sword with the power of editing.
    Snob: How is my real life taking place in a world of shitty editing?!
  • Trolling Creator: invoked
    • In his The Star Wars Holiday Special review, he mentions that Grandpa Itchy is building a Tie-Fighter model... just to see who would pause and comment that it was actually an X-Wing.
    • In 2018, weeks after a public spat involving Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall made the possibilities of a third Sex and the City movie next to none, Snob uploaded a review of "Sex and the City 3". He claims at the beginning that he traveled to an Alternate Universe to find a third movie, before revealing that it's just one of those porn parodies that he retitled because the actual title wasn't creative.
  • True Art: invoked Often discussed. He even states he prefers Los Porno Sin Son to The Simpsons: The XXX Parody "because it's foreign and was the original".
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Death Bed: The Bed That Eats is such an incoherent, surreal, symbolism-packed movie that in-universe the Snob actually began wondering if it might be okay to like it.
  • Twist Ending:
    • At the end of the first segment of 'Dr. Sex' we find out the whole thing was from the point of view of a dog. The Snob even admits it was actually a pretty clever twist.
    • Video Violence ends with the whole town having been in on the snuff-film business from the start. Brad didn't give it away during the review, but rather during the introduction of its sequel, Video Violence 2, for two reasons: one, it's been three years; and two, he just doesn't care anymore because it was stupid twist he saw coming miles away.
    • Also in the early days, Unhinged had the Snob mad because the twist ending was so surprising it could be enough to push the terrible movie's grade up. He also refused to reveal it. For the curious, the scary guy outside is a Red Herring, and the woman hosting the protagonists not only is the killer, but she's a guy.
    • Beware! Children at Play ends with a five minute sequence of the adults slaughtering the kids. Brad is so horrified that he buys a bucket to vomit in.
    • The ending of the 80's slasher flick Sleepaway Camp reveals that the main character Angela is actually a boy. Cue Brad declaring that The Crying Game is better simply because it isn't a slasher movie.

  • Uncertain Audience: invoked Some reviewed movies have Multiple Demographic Appeal attempts that backfire so bad Snob gets to this conclusion. Can't Stop the Music both panders to the Village People's gay audience and tries to add heterosexual content, Oh! Heavenly Dog is a Benji movie with adult content...
  • Unintentional Period Piece: invoked His reaction to a few of the movies is to point out how dated they can be. One example is his review of Goldengirl, about a genetically engineered American athlete who wants to qualify for the Olympics. After a reference to Moscow in the film, the Snob realizes that the film was made in 1979, meaning that the Olympic Games she wants to qualify in are the 1980 Moscow Olympics... which were boycotted by the United States.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: In-universe he has encountered many protagonists he feels are this (especially in religious films), but a special mention has to go with Bob Revere, the main character in Last Ounce of Courage for his Wangsting about the War on Christmas.
  • Unsettling Gender-Reveal:
    • Snob becomes abusolutely mesmerized by the warden in Sadomania, so Snob looks on info about her actress on the film's VHS box, discovering her to be adult film star Ajita Wilson … or as the box puts it, "transsexual adult film star Ajita Wilson".note 
      Snob: [on the phone] Honey, honey, honey? We need to have sex RIGHT. NOW. I am really, really, really confused.
    • Happens again at the end of Sleepaway Camp. invoked
      Snob: ...that's a dick.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: Most of his snarky asides are directed at fellow film buffs. The rest of us would do well to have the IMDb tab open while watching.
    • In his review for Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory, Brad plays music from That Darn Cat! in a sneaking scene. He adds, "If you get that reference, you are awesome." On the DVD commentary, Brad noted that the same could be said for the rest of his series.
    • As well as references to obscure exploitation films, his reviews now often include references to previous Cinema Snob episodes, Brad Jones' own films, and various other Brad Jones videos.
  • Visual Pun:
    • In Porno Holocaust: "What else can't I show you in this review? This (picture of Sylvester), this (Dick York) and this (a donkey).
    • He spends his Bat Pussy review wearing a horse head. His first line in the mask: "I hope my voice doesn't go hoarse!"
  • Vocal Evolution: The Snob started out much more monotonous and lower-voiced, and indulged more frequently in Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. Since then, he's fallen more along the lines of a textbook Caustic Critic.
    Snob: Hmmm. Guess it wasn't Kafka enough for me.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot:
    • Snob has one toward the end of Beware: Children At Play.
    • Also, in E.T. the Porno after saying all the different sex she has, he concludes with "Hang on a sec!" before grabbing a boot to throw up in.
    • His review of Salo is practically made of these. He even eats raw eggs to keep himself throwing up!
    • Gross Out finally got him by the 20-minute mark because of the acting.
    • He concedes the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls finale is "gruesome", but still pales to Kevin Ware snapping his tibia. *flash to Brad puking on his laptop*
    • In the Zombie review, he keeps vomiting at hilariously inappropriate and tangential moments.
  • Vox Pops: Parodied in his review of Pussy Talk.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Spoofed when The Big Box model's dress "suddenly" slips half off.
  • Watch It for the Meme:invoked Apparently the only reason he reviewed Karate Girl was due to it being the source of "The Worst Death Scene Ever".
  • Wham Line: Provides a minor one during the Gross Out review. When everything is getting worse and worse, he simply goes; "Hey... do you like spaghetti?" What follows is... horrible.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In 2015, Snob twice referred to two old Orphaned Series from his site. And the dark consequences of cancellation. Hell of the Living Dead shows the cast of The Bruno Mattei Show stuck in their basement, and Miami Connection has Kung Tai Ted stuck in a wheelchair.
  • Who Writes This Crap?!:
    • In Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell!, the leader of the titular Samurai Sluts frequently breaks the fourth wall to complain about the quality of the film she's in, causing the Snob to get annoyed that she's doing his job for him.
    • A similar thing happens in Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, where the titular cat lampshades the predictability and clichés of its own film. The Snob is downright livid at the cat stealing his job.
    • Whenever the Snob makes fun of the writing in The Cinema Snob Movie in that movie's review.
  • Widget Series: Many episodes deal with downright bizarre works, including actual Weird Japanese Thing Tampon Tango. Weird American Things (made for theatrical release, at least) earn the descriptor "What the Fuck, Hollywood?!"
  • Wolverine Publicity: A literal example in that the bootleg of the Power Pack unaired pilot Snob has features Wolverine in the cover, even if Logan never shows up. It annoys Brad, of course.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: The Bimbos B.C. crossover kicks off with Brad singing about a pretzel he just ate.
  • Word Salad Title: The film Geek Maggot Bingo. Even the Snob himself doesn't know how they came up with the title. Only years later in the Bingo episode he realizes it's a Pun-Based Title on Beach Blanket Bingo (but still random words).
  • World of Weirdness: Since the show is set in the Reviewaverse, YES.
  • Worst. Whatever. Ever!:
    • A pair of amazonian Nazis entering Ilsa's office and saluting smartly with a "HEIL HITLER!" in Ilsa: She-Wolf of the S.S.
      Snob: Hmp! Worst strippergram ever!
    • After watching Las Vegas Bloodbath, he declares it the worst "Shot on Shitteo" film ever.
    • He also calls Child Bride the "worst Little Rascals episode ever."
  • Would Hit a Girl: In their crossover review of The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes, the Snob punches Obscurus Lupa in the face rather than watch another bad movie. In reality, during one attempted take of the above scene Brad really did hit Lupa in her face by accident. He apologized profusely to her afterwards. In a later review, she sends Kung Tai Ted to repeatedly punch Snob in the face in revenge, quickly appearing on screen to point and laugh.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: invoked Some reviews have Snob run down the cast and crew of the film he's reviewing, and express amazement that they ended up in the kind of movies Snob reviews. Examples include how Ed, a film about a baseball-playing chimpanzee, beside being the first film role of Matt LeBlanc after his Star-Making Role in Friends, is written by the same writer who wrote The Sandlot and produced by the producer of Spike Lee's Clockers, and that in Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure most of the crew of the film also participated in Animal House.note 
  • Xanatos Gambit: Throughout the Snob's review of Suspiria (1977), he makes constant references to the short-lived TV series Tequila and Bonetti for no apparent reason, but the ending has him go out of character (that is, as Craig Golightly) to meet Neil (played by Jake Norvell).
    Craig: Okay, I worked in three references to Tequila and Bonetti. You owe me twenty bucks.
    Neil: Damn. Alright, well, here you go! [Happily hands over the cash]
    Craig: You really didn't think I could find three spots to reference that?
    Neil: No, I knew you could do it. I just wanted you to admit to your fans that you watched Tequila and Bonetti. [Goes back to watching TV]
    Craig: [Glares angrily]
  • You Can Turn Back:
    • "Warning: It's I Spit On Your Grave." Subverted, as he ultimately ended up 'reenacting' the film's prolonged rape scene (we say 'reenacting' because it looked more like a Scooby-Doo chase), à la The Nostalgia Chick acting out the equally-infamous Showgirls.
    • He actually prefaced the Gross Out review with an audience warning. Which, considering his past videography, is saying something.
  • Your Mom: Snob is baffled at Ax 'Em opening with five minutes of these jokes. So much that he culminates in "You momma's so dumb, her son made Ax 'Em!"
  • Your Size May Vary: A rare live-action example with "Big Jake" Grizzly (played by Meat Loaf) in To Catch a Yeti. As the Snob notes, he has a tendency to go from "normal-looking" to "about as big as you'd expect the film's actual Yeti to be" between shots.