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Other examples of Chessmasters.

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  • The song You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring talks about a chessmaster. Another clever word/sets off an unsuspecting herd/And as you step back into line/a mob jumps to their feet....
    • Regrettably, people mistake it for a song about fighting by taking the line "hit 'em right between the eyes"
    • There are many theories that the chessmaster from the song is none other then Jack from Lord of the Flies. "Turning all against the one" is the best evidence of this, referring to how Jack turned everyone against Ralph. Other parts of the song refer to Simon, "and no one even knew, it was really only you" referring to his death at the hands of Jack and the other boys, thinking he was a monster.
  • Oingo Boingo's song (released as a single under Danny Elfman's name) "Gratitude."

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Puerto Rican Wrestler Ray Gonzalez's gimmick is that he's a chessmaster (and a good one at that).
  • WWE Wrestler Wade Barrett had this as his gimmick as the leader of the Power Stable called The Nexus, his "endgame" being winning the WWE Championship. He planned situations masterfully, even exploiting Invincible Hero John Cena's Honor Before Reason and Hot-Blooded nature alongside the occasional No-Holds-Barred Beatdown
  • Mick Foley of all people was revealed to be one in TNA. He worked his way silently up into the Network as an executive behind Immortal's back, using his position to make them Screwed by the Network at every turn. When he finally reveals this, they're dumbstruck because he was the last person they'd expect. On May 26th, Hogan believes he's outsmarted Foley and got the Network to give him control again during a meeting the previous week. However, while Hogan is celebrating both that and Eric destroying the X Division, Foley comes out and reveals that after Hogan left, Foley took over the meeting. The end result was the Network furious at Immortal again and giving Foley the authority to revive the X Division. He even found a loophole to give him control of the PPV because the Network funds them.


With Chess Motifs

  • Roodaka of BIONICLE describes how she has "spun a web" in one issue where she speaks to a Visorak underling, complete with a board of miniature figurines of the heroes and villains. While it's not actually a chess board but an alt-universe equivalent, the chess motifs are still there.

Without Chess Motifs

  • Makuta (Teridax, specifically) in BIONICLE: As he tells one of the heroes in one of the novels: "Even my...setbacks have been planned for." Turns out he's right....
  • A list of tongue-in-cheek predictions for 2010 included the revelation that Taylor Swift has been moonlighting as a Chessmaster-for-hire, having orchestrated not only Kanye West's outburst at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but other celebrity scandals.

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