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Examples of The Big Damn Kiss in live-action television.

  • All in the Family: Several, between Mike and Gloria, but by far the longest is "The Longest Kiss," where the two try to hold a kiss until Archie – who had been missing for several days note  – returns home safely.
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  • Amigas y rivales: In a subplot of this Mexican telenovela, Irene is a fat woman in love with the handsome Luis, who in turn finds Irene annoying and is dating Irene's best friend, the beautiful Tamara. In the final episodes of the telenovela, Tamara ends the relationship with Luis because their personalities are incompatible, and a devastated Luis gets to know Irene better and falls in love with her. Finally, at a romantic dinner where Irene reveals her tragic family history and the origins of her obesity, Luis finally declares himself to her and the two share one of the most romantic kisses in the telenovela.
  • Angel:
    • In "You're Welcome", Angel and Cordelia share one when she leaves, incidentally it is also their first actual kiss that doesn’t happen under external influence or inside a dream/alternate reality.
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    • Also when Angel becomes human in "I Will Remember You"; Buffy finds out about it when he walks up to her in the sunlight and sweeps her into his arms for a passionate embrace.
  • Babylon 5 gives John Sheridan and Delenn theirs in "And the Rock Cried Out 'No Hiding Place'" after Delenn shows Sheridan a whole fleet of fast, maneuverable, highly advanced White Star spaceships. Keep in mind that he'd confessed his love for her nine episodes earlier. It would be easy to assume this wasn't their First Kiss, except their body language screams that they've never done this before (although they got pretty close once). Apparently that pesky war kept getting in the way...
    Delenn: We finally have, as you say, a fighting chance.
    Sheridan: [after a long Held Gaze] …I don't know what to say.
    Delenn: Then say nothing…
    [Sheridan proceeds to snog her senseless]
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • After going off on a rant about romance, Sheldon initiates one of the most romantic TV kisses of all time with Amy on Valentine's Day in "The Locomotive Manipulation." AND HE LIKES IT.
    • During season nine, we get a second one of these between Sheldon and Penny, and a million Shenny shippers squeed in delight. However, it turns out to be All Just a Dream
    • A third happens during the same season toward the end of "The Earworm Reverberation". Particularly notable since Sheldon and Amy had broken up and were having issues getting over it. It even continues through The Stinger!
  • Booth and Brennan's kiss on Bones, the real one. Seriously, five seasons on a show that's pratically based on Unresolved Sexual Tension.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Homaged with the kiss between Buffy and Spike in "Once More With Feeling" which, as it takes place at the end of a Musical Episode, is accompanied by swelling music and falling curtains.
      Spike: We kissed, you and me, all Gone With the Wind with the rising music and the rising… music.
    • Parodied with Xander and Cordelia; whenever they resolve their Belligerent Sexual Tension with a snog, loud cheesy music plays.
  • Castle: Beckett and Castle finally kiss for keeps after 4 seasons of UST!
  • Chuck and Sarah have at least one a season until they FINALLY get together mid-season three. They even have two in one season-three episode. The series also ends on one, with it heavily implying that Sarah's memories are coming back as it happens.
  • Community:
    • The episode "Pascal's Triangle Revisited" ends with one between Jeff and Annie.
    • Annie and Abed have one in "A Few Paintballs More". Subverted in that he drops the persona like a hot potato when they "die", and doesn't seem affected by it in the slightest.
    • Jeff and Annie have one in the series finale "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television". They admit that while neither one is in a good position for a real relationship, they imply that they can try for real once they've spent some time apart.
      Annie: I think if you don't kiss me goodbye you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Susan and David in "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" — a Time Lady and a human celebrating their newfound love in the middle of a massive interstellar war.
    • Vicki and Troilus, while looking out over the ruins of Troy, in "The Myth Makers".
    • "The Parting of the Ways":
      • Jack Harkness very gently kisses both Rose and the Doctor on the lips, before rushing off to what he believes will be his end.
      • Near the end, the Ninth Doctor gives one to Rose — golden light and dramatic music and everything — after what has to be the absolute worst pun ever delivered in the series ("I think you need a Doctor"). It saves her life, and kills him, triggering his regeneration.
    • "New Earth": Lady Cassandra gives one to the Tenth Doctor while possessing Rose Tyler. Although it's implied she did it because of Rose's influence, either way, they both enjoyed it.
    • "Voyage of the Damned": Astrid gives the Doctor a kiss for good luck before they split up. He gives what's left of her one back before letting her dissolve into stardust.
    • "The Unicorn and the Wasp" plays this for laughs, with Donna kissing the Doctor because he needs a "shock" as the final ingredient in detoxing himself of a poison. It serves to emphasize that the two really are just best mates, not in a relationship as half the universe seems to think.
    • When Rose and Ten's part-human meta-crisis clone kiss in "Journey's End", it epitomizes this trope, complete with epic music. Even better in the behind-the-scenes clips.
    • "Planet of the Dead": One-shot companion Lady Christina gives the Doctor a celebratory snog near the end after admitting her claim earlier that she hated him was a lie.
    • "The Vampires of Venice": Amy and Rory have their first on-screen kiss after defeating The Dragon together.
    • "The Hungry Earth": Thinking they're going to die, Tony takes the opportunity to plant one on Nasreen.
    • "The Lodger": Craig and Sophie's First Kiss seals their Relationship Upgrade and also saves the day by kickstarting the self-destruction of the time engine that's been killing people.
    • "The Doctor's Wife": The Doctor and the TARDIS share one which, although understated at the time, becomes very epic once it's revealed who she is.
    • "Let's Kill Hitler": River saved the Doctor's life, giving him all her remaining regenerations by kissing him.
    • Rory and Older Amy have an absolutely romantic one in "The Girl Who Waited".
    • "The Wedding of River Song": When River Song and the Doctor get married, the ensuing kiss restarts time again. The Power of Love indeed! Also even better in the behind-the-scenes clips!
    • Rory and Amy have another one toward the end of "Asylum of the Daleks". Considering that they were on the verge of a divorce, this came as a relief for most fans.
    • "The Snowmen": The Doctor's kiss with the Victorian echo of Clara is a sweeter example of this. While it catches the Doctor off guard, we get a sweet little melody playing behind it, some lights short-circuiting and a very surprised Doctor. The height difference is made very obvious as the Doctor is pulled down and his face afterwards... On the special "Creating Clara", the clothes designer commented on deliberately dressing both the Doctor and Clara as a couple for this scene.
    • In "The Crimson Horror", Jenny cures the Doctor from a poison that had rendered him barely mobile and unable to talk for weeks. His reaction to regaining his mobility is dipping and snogging lesbian, married Jenny. As soon as he pulls her back onto her feet, she smacks him across the face.
    • "The Name of the Doctor": The Doctor initiates what may be the biggest damn kiss in the entire 50-year history of the series with the Virtual Ghost of River towards the end, after telling her that he can always see her, that he loves her, and that saying goodbye would hurt too much.
    • In a demented variation on the theme, in "Dark Water", the Doctor gets aggressively and elaborately snogged against a wall by Missy — a woman who later turns out to be the Master, bringing forty-three years of sexual tension to critical mass. Possibly even bigger is their second kiss in the next episode, when it's mutually consensual (but also appears to be a "Take That!" Kiss on the Doctor's part).
    • "Resolution": The present-day plot begins when archaeologist Lin and Mitch come in to work on New Year's Day in part to discuss their big kiss at the festivities the night before.
  • Fraser and Thatcher on top of a train full of unconscious Mounties heading toward nuclear disaster in the Due South episode "All the Queen's Horses".
  • Euphoria: Jules and Rue finally share a kiss at the end of "Shook One: Pt. II".
  • Everything Sucks!: Kate and Emaline have one in the first season finale.
  • The First Shop of Coffee Prince: There are a ton of these, but the one that really stands out is the "tackle kiss" where Eun jumps on top of her boss, and makes passionate kissing with her legs around his waist and pushing him into walls and other obstacles.
  • The Flash:
    • Barry and Iris' in "Out of Time," with the camera swirling around the two, and Barry's reveal that he is The Flash to her immediately afterwards to stop the massive Tidal Wave, until Barry runs so fast he travels back in time erasing it from the timeline.
    • Likewise the tender Lip-Lock Sun-Block variant the two share, after their admission of love for one another, in the Season Two finale, as their newly established love theme "Come Home to Me" plays in the background, though this too is erased when Barry travels back in time, creating Flashpoint.
    • Wally and Jesse's understated, but pretty epic one in the lab, during "The New Rogues".
  • Frasier: Daphne and Niles have two extremely big damn ones: their first kiss in "Moon Dance", and their second one the night before Daphne's wedding.
  • Friends:
    • Ross and Rachel at the ends of "The One Where Ross Finds Out", "The One with the Prom Video", and "The Last One".
    • Chandler and Monica have one in 'TOW Everyone Finds Out'. A big damn one because they have kissed before but this is their first public kiss in front of their friends and right after Chandler has declared his love for her.
      Chandler: I love her! [Cue shocked looks] That's right, I love her! I love her... I love you, Monica.
      Monica: I love you too Chandler. [They kiss]
    • They have several others across the series: 'TO After Ross Says Rachel' (their first on-screen kiss), 'TO in Vegas' (season finale), 'TO After Vegas' (agreeing to move in together), 'TO That Could Have Been' (alternate universe), 'TOW the Proposal' (their engagement), 'TOW Monica and Chandler's Wedding (during their wedding vows) and 'TOW the Birth Mother' (getting a baby).
    • The season two finale, "TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding", ends with Chandler and Janice making out. Not a happy version like the ones above, as she's married, they've broken up many times and this closes out a season where it's established he has a lot of issues and Hates Being Alone.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Jon and Ygritte after their ascent of the Wall in "The Climb".
    • Up to Eleven with Robb and Talisa in "The Prince of Winterfell"; their kiss is so passionate they end up naked on the floor mere seconds later. What was most likely months of trying to suppress their feelings for each other probably contributed to that.
    • Sam and Gilly have their First Kiss as he prepares to go into battle in "The Watchers on the Wall".
    • Missandei and Grey Worm in "Kill the Boy".
  • Gilmore Girls: After 4 seasons of dancing around each other, Luke and Lorelai finally share their first kiss in "Raincoats & Recipes". As seen here.
    Lorelai: What are you doing?
    Luke: Would you just stand still?
    [They kiss. When they separate, Lorelai moves in for another one.]
    Luke: [surprised by her action] What are you doing?
    Lorelai: Would you just stand still?
    [They kiss again.]
  • Glee:
    • Kurt and Blaine's kiss is treated like this by the fans, and for good reason. Love Epiphany? Check. Incredibly romantic speech from Blaine to Kurt about the epiphany? Check. Complete aversion of But Not Too Gay? Check, finally. Fans flooding the Internet with posts after they catch their breath from squeeing loud enough to break windows? Fucking check. Not to mention all the real-life news celebrating how it's a media milestone (on FOX, no less!).
    • Finn and Rachel's on-stage Nationals kiss in the season two finale. Even Finn comments on its epicness…
      Finn: It was the Superman of kisses. It came with its own cape!
  • The Good Doctor: In the season 3 finale, Shaun and Lea end the episode by giving each other a passionate kiss, after three seasons of Will They or Won't They?, and allow the episode to end of a hopeful note after almost forty minutes of tragedy.
  • The Good Place:
    • In the season 2 finale, Chidi finally overcomes his chronic indecision and kisses Eleanor. Of course given this show, they are soon after mind wiped and returned to the moment they died, but survive this time. During the 800+ reboots of the fake Good Place, they'd gotten together a few times already as well.
    • This happens between Chidi and Eleanor again in Season 3. Notably, Chidi spends much of the time beforehand trying to rationalize not being the same person who kissed Eleanor before due to that being an "alternate" version of him before finally realizing and accepting the emotions as real.
  • After 20+ episodes' worth of buildup, Holby City's Berenice "Bernie" Wolfe unceremoniously and quite desperately snogs her colleague and dearest friend (and fellow surgeon) Serena Campbell as they sit slumped on the floor of the operating theatre after frantically working to save Fletch's life. It takes Serena a good few seconds to recover her wits enough to snog Bernie back — which she does, enthusiastically.
  • The conclusion of the Happy Days episode "Joanie's First Kiss". 'Nuff said.
  • How I Met Your Mother: After a season of Unrequited Love Switcheroo, Ted and Robin finally got together in this style.
  • The Indian Detective: At the end of Episode 4, Priya finally kisses Doug (and several times too!) after she tells him she broke off her arranged engagement.
  • Killjoys: "I Love Lucy" has three examples. John kisses Lucy (in a fembot), Dutch kisses Alvis and D'Avin kisses Sabine (the latter two having sex as well).
  • It wasn't their first kiss, but Richard and Kahlan's final kiss that ends Legend of the Seeker was the perfect end to the show, especially since they are the epitome of Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • In Legends of Tomorrow, this kind of kiss is delivered by Sara Lance and Leonard Snart right before he dies in order to save the team. It was obviously the only possible outcome after a lot of Unresolved Sexual Tension and Ship Tease. The music which has been used as credit music throughout the first season swells from dramatic to romantic, lights are burning in the background. It is the last time these two characters interact in Season 1.
  • Lewis Laura Hobson walks into a pub and unceremoniously snogs the living daylights out of Lewis and he snogs her right back, only for her to be informed that Innocent and Hathaway are sitting right there.
  • Lost:
    • The series promised its viewers a spectacular kiss in the season 4 finale. Halfway through, it seemed to be Kate and Sawyer in the helicopter. Then later in the episode it was topped by Desmond and Penny's reunion.
    • In the finale, Kate and Jack have defeated the Man in Black, and realize they're never going to see each other again. The ensuing kiss is quite epic.
  • Lost Girl, Although not the main couple, Kenzi and Hale's first real kiss could be labeled this. Hale has been pining after her for three seasons, which is even pointed out by Dyson. After a first smaller kiss, Kenzi mentions that it's a little weird. Rather than quit, this leads to a pretty hot, although funny, makeout session on Kenzi's kitchen counter.
  • Mad Men, of all shows, does this in the finale with Peggy and Stan. It's done in the most romcom manner humanly possible but yet it still completely works in spite of all the cheese.
  • Two on M*A*S*H:
    • First, Hawkeye and Margaret are taking shelter from artillery fire. During the ensuing madness, they finally kiss.
    • Hawkeye and Margaret again, in the series finale "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen." With the rest of the 4077th going their separate ways after the end of the war, the two have an EXTENDED makeout session before parting. B.J. and everyone else just kind of mill about and look away politely, waiting for it to end. On screen, the kiss lasted 35 seconds, although it is implied that the two kissed far longer than that.
  • Merlin:
  • The Middle: Without a whole lot of warning to the fans, Axl kisses Lexie right when he shows up at her apartment at the end of the episode "The Par-tay".
  • Manny gets what is apparently his First Kiss at the beginning of the Modern Family episode "Party Crasher", only for both of them to find out that a surprise birthday party has been planned for him.
  • The Nanny has the epic kiss between Niles and CC.
  • NCIS has the long awaited kiss between Tony and Ziva, just in time for Cote de Pablo to depart the show in the season 11 opener. And it is glorious.
  • Nick and Jess's first kiss in New Girl is a textbook example despite the fact that is technically three kisses, the first one passionate and intense and the third soft and sweet.
    Nick: It was like a damn fairytale that kiss. It was the best kiss of your life!
  • Between Jo Min Sung and Yoo Eun Joo in Once Upon a Time in Saengchori.
  • Penny Dreadful: After a season and a half of major Unresolved Sexual Tension and Ship Tease, Ethan and Vanessa finally have one, complete with swelling music, Romantic Rain and Hollywood Fire.
  • Parodied in Saturday Night Lives parody of The Amazing Spider-Man 2s kissing scene. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone prepare for shooting the climactic kiss scene, only for them to turn to have no idea how to kiss like normal.
  • Schitt's Creek: Alexis gets two of these. She shares one with Mutt at the end of the first season and with Ted at the end of the fourth season.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager: For shippers of the couple, Ricky and Amy's kiss onstage at the former's high school graduation is this. It wasn't their first kiss, but it was a big deal since they got engaged seconds before the kiss. And before that, there was their "practice kiss"
  • Shadowhunters:
    • Clary and Jace after Clary gets the Cup in "Major Arcana". Accompanied by a swelling, dramatic soundtrack, no less.
    • Alec and Magnus in the appropriately titled episode "Malec" after Magnus interrupts Lydia and Alec's wedding and Alec finds the courage to come out rather than marry Lydia and remain closeted and unhappy.
  • Smallville: The final kiss (it isn't titled "Best Clark and Chloe scene ever" for nothing) between Clark and Chloe as Metropolis erupt into chaos due to Brainiac's virus and before Clark goes to face Zod in the season five finale, finally resolving the sexual tension that has been building up for the first five seasons, during which they shared four kisses but this one is the first and last, chronologically (season eight showed their First Kiss in a Happy Flashback) fully consensual kiss after Obscura in season one.
  • When Odo finally kisses Kira on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he does so in the middle of the very crowded Promenade (just outside of Quark's, no less) immediately following a very loud, very heated UST-charged argument between the two. Bonus points for everyone else stopping what they're doing to turn and stare as Odo and Kira kiss. Additional bonus points for Quark with an I Knew It! / I Could See It expression on his face.
    "You're right, who needs dinner?"
  • Still Star-Crossed: On the eve of Benvolio's execution, he and Rosaline share a passionate kiss through the bars of his jail cell, completing their arc from enemies to friends to lovers.
  • Stranger Things: Mike kisses Eleven in the last episode after desperately trying and failing to explain his feelings for her. Given they're both about 12 it's an extremely cute moment. Considering Eleven had to have even the concept of friendship explained to her, it's not surprising she's shocked. Even Mike is shocked that he had the courage to do it.
  • Supergirl:
    • In the episode "Worlds' Finest", Kara and James kiss, after almost a season of UST. Kara reacts with glee, Jimmy doesn't react because he's being mind-controlled, like every other human in National City.
    • In the episode "Medusa", we get two - between Alex and Maggie, and between Kara and Mon-El, who's dying of exposure to Kryptonian bioweapon. He passes out right after, and at the end of the episode when he's back to normal, he seems to have no memory of it.
  • Supernatural: At the end of the animated portion of the crossover episode with Scooby-Doo ("Scoobynatural"), Velma plants a big one on Sam.
  • Teen Wolf: Stiles and Lydia finally have one in the sixth season’s mid-season finale, after the former was wiped from everyone’s memory for ten episodes.
  • On Torchwood there is that stunning kiss between Jack and Ianto just before the Hub blows up and Jack is killed by a bomb in his stomach.
  • The Truth Seekers: Subverted. When Junyan finally kisses Yuyang, it gets a long Slow Motion scene, complete with dramatic background music... both of which continue well after it's obvious that she isn't responding at all. It takes Junyan a little while longer to realize.
  • Veronica Mars: After a CMOA from one of the previously hateful characters in the series, Logan Echolls. Though Logan begins warming up to Veronica in Episode 4, first season, and their relationship has been building up for many more episodes, his suddenly protective attitude is a hint of what will happen afterwards. Veronica kisses him slightly in the corner or his mouth, apparently as a gesture of thanks for his chivalrous behaviour. Then she looks surprised, as if she couldn't believe what she's done. Logan eats her with his eyes before he kisses her, and then they embrace passionately. Great buildup by plot, impressive acting from both leads, and perfectly matched music. The crew meant for this one to be a Big Damn one, and they succeeded. (In all the YouTube recaps for the couple's best moments, their first kiss is normally either number one or number two).
  • The Wonder Years: The final episode, "Independence Day," where Kevin and Winnie finally do it ... and the Big Damn Kiss we see at the beginning – the two soaked after being caught in a thunderstorm, and having to take refuge in an old barn – is just the very beginning of what's implied (by Kevin, remembering the experience from 20 years earlier) to be an epic sexual experience.
  • The West Wing: It takes over six and a half seasons (145 episodes) of UST for Josh and Donna to finally kiss.
  • The X-Files: After several false starts and seven seasons, Mulder and Scully finally kiss as the clock strikes midnight, ringing in the new millennium.