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  • The Masks We Wear seems to be heading this way, though unlike in canon the Fire Nation doesn't seem to have any intention of actually burning the continent down.
  • Lex Luthor grants Lois Lane an interview in Lex Luthor Triumphant 8 months after Superman vanished without a trace. We're told in 12 agonizing chapters how Superman is being dissected for science and profit, how his Fortress of Solitude is breached and seized, how Batman miscalculated Luthor's genius, how Wonder Woman and the JLA are duped into fatal scenarios and how, at the end, Lex Luthor ushers humanity into a golden age thanks to all the magic and science he took from the heroes.
  • The Pony POV Series has the Alternate Universe "Epilogue", which shows what would have happened had Discord succeeded in defeating the Mane Six. To say that it's a Crapsack World would a vast understatement. It's explored in more detail during the Dark World Arc of Season 6.
    • It turns out that Nightmare Eclipse wrenched control from Discord a long time ago and has been defeating the heroes and destroying the universe repeatedly ever sense. Ultimately subverted, however, since the heroes ultimately win.
  • In Game Theory, although this isn't actually a bad thing, due to the nature of the story. Precia succeeds in reviving Alicia and dupes the TSAB into believing she is dead.
  • Michio Yuki has succeeded in letting Ran Mouri find out Conan Edogawa's true identity: Shinichi Kudo in The Devil and the Detective.
    Michio: You know, Shinichi. There are times the good guys win, but there are also times where the bad guys win. In this case, I win. The bad guy has won this round.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, so far the Flood has won—kicking the heroes out of their galaxy with a second one virtually fallen.
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  • Shinra High SOLDIER: Hojo kills Sephiroth's wife and son, effectively breaking his spirit, and continues undisturbed to inject him with more Jenova cells.
  • Twilight Revised: Nightmare Moon imprisons Twilight in the sun alongside with Celestia, and it's implied that eventually her eternal night will kill everything back on the planet proper.
  • Left Beyond technically ends like this, in that Yahweh is able to defeat both Satan and humanity's freedom fighters and enact the Judgement. It turns out to be an example of Pyrrhic Villainy though, since the Omega ensure that the Judgement gets stuck in a processing loop which gives the human astronaut corps a chance of survival on another world.
  • "Character Championship Wrestling": In the Massive Multiplayer Crossover wrestling promotion, heels have won their fair share of rivalries. The biggest examples are Ben & Gwen Tennyson, who are The CCW Magnus Champion and CCW Female's Champion respectively. The former, after losing his Title to Autolycus, stole his Title Belt that night and then ran him over with his car the next week...all setting up for him to win it all back at the next Pay-Per-View. The latter traded The Female's Belt back and forth with Emmy, and then challenged her to an all in I Quit Match where if Emmy lost, her reigns would be erased and everything would be counted as one Gwen reign. Emmy would accept...and then get subsequently screwed by a random run-in from Zoe Payne and then get her face repeatedly curb-stomped into thumbtacks by Gwen. In a very solemn moment, Emmy uttered "I Quit", and Gwen, through all her terrible actions and bad attitude, was able to walk away with The Belt while a poor girl was sent to the hospital for three months. And to this day Gwen still has The Belt...
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  • The Axis Powers Hetalia fic Human Curiosity largely takes place about a hundred years after the villains win. The secretive HCS kidnapped most of the Nations, subjecting them over time in increasingly atrocious experiments. Many of the remaining Nations had given them up for dead.
  • The Slender Man fic By the Fire's Light ends with the Slender Man taking control of the Earth.
  • At the end of the first Yognapped, Project Ironskies has been stopped, but it essentially succeeded: thousands of innocent Minecraftians were killed, the capital cities of Icaria and Stoneholm were destroyed, the Skyhold fell, and all of the heroes save a couple of straggling Yogscasters were sent to an early grave. Even though its leader was killed, he won in spirit.
  • In one of the most shocking twists in the entire story, The winner of Total Drama Stranded was none other than local Jerkass Calvin, though he was considered the better option when two of his fellow finalists were Keith and Chelsea.
  • Cupcakes started a trend for "grimdark as fuck" My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics where an innocuous character is made into a villain and slaughters some other characters with extreme prejudice. 99% of the time, this villain is successful and receives no retribution, also in the vein of Cupcakes.
    • Cupcakes itself: Not only does Pinkie get away with murdering Rainbow Dash, she takes Apple Bloom on as an apprentice and they work on Silver Spoon together. Note, however, others have written alternate endings, some where she does get her comeuppance after all.
    • Cheerilee's Garden: Sure, Cheerilee dies in the end, but she's never connected to the murders at all. In fact, she's seen as one of Twilight's victims, as the people blamed Twilight for everything.
  • My Little Avengers; although Loki dies at the end, he notes that his death will release a wave of magical energy that will mutate every living thing in the world within a few generations, creating the world ruled by magic that he always wanted.
  • In The CATverse, Batman isn't always around to save civilians from Gotham's supercriminals. This is played for Black Comedy in Tourist Trap and seriously in Small World. In both stories Crane abducts and tortures a victim into insanity without Batman or anyone else intervening or the victim getting away, and in the latter the victim is his younger sister.
  • Chrysalis Wins starts out with just that: Chrysalis winning during the events of A Canterlot Wedding. The rest of the story deals with her dealing with the consequences of her actions.
  • In Ambition, Nightmare Moon, merged with Luna no longer, takes over Equestria. She has her hooves full though: creatures from another dimension are converging on her new kingdom, and the Princesses, Twilight, and her friends aren't out of the fight yet...
  • Several of the stories in The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work end with another villain from a one of the worlds Xlestia invades turning the tables on her.
    • Special note goes to Boss Rush, which involves every cannon villain coming back to beat Xlestia, one after the other.
  • In Queen of All Oni, this is the case regarding the subplot about the search for the Teachings of Eternal Shadow, as Jade succeeds in recovering all three tablets containing them.
    • While Jade and Tarakudo are defeated in the Final Battle, the epilogue shows that Blankman was successful in his own goals, stealing ten of the talismans to take over the Magisters with, as well as ensuring Jade remains too corrupted to ever become The Chosen One.
  • Team Rocket in Common Sense gets quite a few victories against Ash, such as successfully stealing the Moon Stone, a majority of the Pokémon at Pokémon Tech, the Squirtle Squad and a number of Pokémon from the passengers of the St. Anne.
  • The Evil Scintist, the Big Bad from Peter Chimaera's DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD!!1111, successfully destroyed the road connecting an island to the mainland, essentially trapping people on the island. The narrative depressingly says that Digimon, the main character, couldn't do anything to solve this situation, causing him to go home and cry.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has quite a few examples:
    • The main story has Belladonna Tyrian, who is introduced with a goal to kill Tokiomi Borealis. She succeeds, albeit with (unknowingly) going against the same wishes she was trying to fulfill. However she does also gain something else during the act: the revelation of a possible half brother in Ash Ketchum.
    • Twenty Gyarados Bill Gaiden ends with the title character fatally wounded along with his Mega-Gyarados, but smiling in triumph, since with all the destruction he caused, he succeeded in ensuring that nobody will ever laugh at him again.
    • Sabrina Gaiden ends with the title character not only getting away scot-free with all the things she did in her hometown, but happily knowing that she was proven right on her theory, and thus putting her on the road to make her ideal work by forcing people to work on their potential and removing those she considers mediocre or unremarkable.
  • Several issues of Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams and its companion series Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change with the Light end with the title heroes being defeated by the Villain of the Week, who accomplishes their goal. Notably, the Sorting Algorithm of Evil and Villain Decay do not apply here, as the Rogues Gallery in both series often keep pace with the heroes in their competence.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters has several examples of this in Chapter 9, as Hak Foo gets an Oni mask, Wong gets the Pig talisman, and Nerissa nabs the Dragon talisman, while the heroes walk away with nothing.
    • In Chapter 19, the Dark Hand succeeds in manipulating Section 13 and various governments to start weaponizing magic, which helps with their long-term plans, while also tricking them into thinking that Harold is their mole, when he's really been a Dark Hand leader all along.
    • In Chapter 22, Tarakudo successfully distracts the heroes, enabling him to steal the Hana Fuda cards. While they manage to remove the two masks he sends after them to do this, this means they'll be defenseless against the three masks still loose.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim: Episode 16, the Halloween Episode, ends with Zim getting his hands on the Meekrob crystals, enabling him to find the way to Project Domination.
  • The Halloween Unspectacular anthology series will sometimes have villains coming out on top in its various individual stories. Happens in a big way at the end of HU7's Story Arc, when PURITY successfully wipe out large numbers of superpowered and nonhuman people (including several established heroes) and taking over America, forcing all resistance to hide out in Wakanda.
  • The ending of the first series of Conversations with a Cryptid: All for One successfully escapes prison, restores himself to his past glory, evades suspicion for himself and Izuku, rescues his son, slaughters most of his son's enemies, forces Izuku into compliance and reunites with his family.
  • Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness: In response to Ran wondering whether an all-out assault against Megas would be a plausible idea, Yukari warns that if the mech were to be destroyed, Gensokyo wouldn't be around much longer. The epilogue elaborates on this, stating that if Megas were to ever fall "and not get back up", the world would be ripe for conquest by the Glorft and Gensokyo would cease to exist; this outcome is referred to outright as a Bad Ending.
  • The Undertale AU Inverted Fate starts of in a timeline where Frisk wasn't able to beat Flowey once he became Asriel in the True Pacifist Route, so he was able to reset the timeline, but botched it and ended up in a different timeline with certain characters in different roles with the memories of the original timeline.


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