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As one would expect, the SCP Foundation is naturally full of examples of That Was the Last Entry.

  • The Personal Log of Gordon Richards tells how the title operative entered the temple altered by The Architect and searched for it. The last entries show that he was losing his mind. He disappeared and his log was found after the temple was destroyed.
  • One of the documents in SCP-186 is a letter written by one of the Russian soldiers. It tells of the horrible effects of the superweapons and ends with a statement that he will die once the soldier he will give it to has left.
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  • An audio report by a guard details the mass hallucinations and killings caused by SCP-182's ability going out of control. It ends with the guard saying he was going to kill himself and then a gunshot.
  • A note written by the Chief Engineer in SCP-110 estimates that life support will last from 4-10 more hours. The last entry is a warning to not make the same mistakes the city dwellers did in trying to contain SCPs.
  • A downplayed example in SCP-343. A Foundation doctor decides to try to find out more about SCP-343 by questioning people visiting him and asking him about other SCPs. SCP-343 doesn't like this and uses his Reality Warper powers to eliminate the doctor's orders and attempts to contact higher authority. The doctor's last letter says he plans to confront SCP-343. After he does so, SCP-343 is so annoyed that he changes reality so that the doctor was never a part of the SCP-343 containment team.
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  • The "Log of Exploratory Mission 354 Alpha" tells of a mission to explore the title pool using a submarine. At the bottom of the pool, the expedition enters another world which doesn't follow the normal laws of physics. After exploring it for a while, the party encounters unmentioned dangers and tries to return. The log ends with a broken-off sentence fragment. The really strange part is that no such mission was ever suggested or approved, and none of the personnel in the log exists. The report just showed up in the database, putting the reliability of the whole log into doubt.
  • SCP-363 are centipedes that grow to giant size (10 or more meters long and 2 or more meters wide) in darkness. Addendum 2 has a transcript of a containment breach where several of them escaped and started eating members of a security team sent to stop them. It ends with the last team member saying a prayer just before shooting himself.
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  • The last entry in the log of SCP-370 occurs just after the ritual ended and breaks off in mid-sentence.
  • In SCP-473. A professor who led a doomed expedition to the site sent an email message before he left that said he was trying to find an artifact that the Inca believed was their god of death.
  • In SCP-674. The computer text log kept by a Foundation Doctor ends with a hint that he's about to be shot by a Star Trek phaser. Since he disappeared after this, apparently the phaser was set on "disintegrate".
  • In SCP-763. Just before he murdered everyone else at the Site and voluntarily joined with SCP-763, a Foundation Doctor wrote a note.
    I have to know. Six months and not a single inkling of what's going on in there. I don't give ███ █████ in a █████ ███ about organ function and immunodeficiency. I need to know what they're… what it's thinking. I need to know. I will know.
  • The scientist who discovered SCP-772 kept a journal. After they laid their eggs in him, the last entry in the journal was that he had cut himself open so they could escape.
  • At the end of his Apocalyptic Log of SCP-827 about how he turned himself into a Blob Monster, the doctor writes:
    My arm just reconstituted itself. So much blood. Too many toes.
  • The cruel and heartless Dr. Dämmer mistreated the human victims in SCP-881. In his last log entry he tells of how they escaped containment and avenged themselves by infiltrating his body and causing him to bleed to death. His last entry is a stream of letters (random keyboard typing) indicating loss of control due to extreme agony.
  • In SCP-930. The last survivor's Apocalyptic Log ends with him stating that he's so tired he can't keep awake and knows that the thing he saw is going to get him like it got the others. It ends with "It's in the bushes…"
  • The Worm is the journal of the man who changed a manor into the House of the Worm. The last entry is his statement that he will throw himself into the Worm's maw in an attempt to clog its innards and stop it. He left the journal behind so that other people will know what happened.
  • SCP-1113 is used by a man to slow down his aging process. As he grows older, it doesn't work as well and eventually fails him. The last entry in his diary says that he didn't want to die.
  • The last note left by the man in SCP-1046 just before his body was split up into pieces and spread out over the house.
    To those who it may concern
    I am alone and trapped and dark. I am all over. I feel the creaks of the beams. i taste the staleness of the wall. i am dry. i need my bedroom. several days into the dawning of the suncere letter sent t an insincere man he said i would be my hous i am a man dont take me anynmore please
    i cant getsleepO[the remainder of the note is unintelligible.]
  • When a plague of SCP-1120 instances overran Pompeii and Herculaneum, a man went to Vesuvius in an attempt to cause an eruption and bury the SCP-1120 instances. He left graffiti on a wall in Pompeii saying what he planned to do. He presumably did not survive, what with being at ground zero of a volcanic eruption.
  • The document left behind by SCP-1213's creator says that after it was brought from another dimension it became angry and started killing people by throwing them against walls. At the end of the document the creator says that he had found the bodies of three people it had killed. It ends with the words "oh my god", indicating that it got him next.
  • The Team Leader of the first Foundation team to explore SCP-1260 left a personal log of the exploration. After realizing that he would be the next team member to die, his last words in the journal were him cursing the Foundation's relentless scientific research.
  • A man's diary describes how his son disappeared (a victim of SCP-1305) and how he later saw his son outside the window — it was actually SCP-1305's lure drawing him into its clutches.
  • Doctor Boyd, the lead researcher on SCP-1341, writes an account of the outbreak that led to the site being overrun with jungle plants. The last entry is his statement that he's going to commit suicide rather than let himself be killed.
  • An airliner hit one of the SCP-1506 spiderweb clouds and the spiders managed to get inside the jet and attack the passengers. The flight recorder taped the pilots deciding to crash the plane to prevent the spiders from escaping and infesting civilization. Several minutes later the plane smashed into the ground, killing all aboard.
  • In SCP-1527. After the Bellmaker was banished by the Serpent's Hand cult, he started using the Bell to send monsters to attack anyone nearby. A member of the Serpent's Hand stayed behind to write a letter to inform the Foundation of what had occurred. After he finished the letter, he committed suicide so the Foundation couldn't capture him. His body was found next to the letter.
  • In SCP-1530. Josephine left a final note in her journal for the Foundation, asking them not to kill her familiars and cursing them for hunting her. Her body was found holding the journal.
  • Audio/Telemetry Log Epsilon-12-1555 has the audio of MTF Epsilon-12 ("Facilities Managers")'s attempt to explore the inside of SCP-1555. After all but one of the team is killed, the last survivor finds that he is trapped with no means of escape. Rather than let SCP-1555 "win", he decides to kill himself. The last sound on the tape is a gunshot.
  • Doctor Musgrove, the SCP Foundation's lead researcher at the time of his death, left a note that indicated that he had been infected by SCP-1576. This meant that his brain was dissolving and he would die soon.
  • In SCP-1587. The professor keeps a journal of his experiments with the device. His dreams get more bizarre and the device starts taking over his mind, preventing him from getting rid of it. The last entry is him planning to watch a documentary film festival. The documentaries turn out to be about the Holocuast and Nazi Germany, and that night he's killed by an alternate Nazi version of himself while dreaming.
  • In SCP-1643. A man named Arthur Grisham rebuilt the Tower of Babel so he could reach Heaven and attack it with a nuclear bomb. In a note, he said that he was about to embark on an experiment that could kill him. After the experiment was completed, he disappeared and has not been seen since.
  • Gregor Tillman, one of the people hired to playtest SCP-1633, was driven insane by the game's deliberate psychological tactics. He left a note that ended with "im sorry i have to go now im sorry im sorry". His body was found later, apparently after he committed suicide.
  • SCP-1654 breaks tradition with an emergency broadcast to personnel, detailing a complex procedure to set up the termination for the unknown threat. "Further instructions will be given" once termination is ready to proceed. These are the article's final words, implying that preparations are still underway or the process has failed.
  • A man committed suicide after SCP-1655 affected him and caused the woman he loved to stop noticing him. A suicide note was found next to his body. The last words were "Why didn't she love me anymore?"
  • SCP-1674-3 is an other-dimensional area which is the destination of the SCP-1674-1 Portal Picture. A message etched into a stone in SCP-1674-3 tells of how the writer created the portal but forgot to include a way to return, trapping him in SCP-1674-3. The last words indicate he knows he will die soon.
  • Subverted in the Exploration Log 1689. It appears that the Exploration Team will be killed due to asphyxiation, but they are saved by another Foundation team. It's worth noting that in the original version of the story, the team actually did die, but so many people on the wiki asked that they live that the author changed the ending.
  • The end of the journal of the ship's captain in SCP-1734 tells of how his crew was taken by the entity and how the "stillness" of its home had covered the ship. His last words are "The water is so quiet."
  • The previous owner of SCP-1811, Adrian Balswell, left a diary that explained how he discovered and experimented with it. It ends with an entry saying that several people and a cat had disappeared and that he was going to burn one of the books in it. The Foundation discovered the burned cover of a book and that Mr. Balswell had disappeared, apparently being destroyed by SCP-1811 like the others.
  • In SCP-1877. The third person in the chain of intestines was being pulled into an electrical socket. He somehow managed to write a letter to the company that manufactured a dishwasher that he thought was responsible for his condition. When the SCP Foundation personnel arrived, he had disappeared.
  • In SCP-1888. The team leader of the first Foundation expedition was also the last survivor. He sent a series of radio messages telling of how the local animals and plants attacked and killed the other expedition members. The last transmission was the sound of them killing him and him screaming.
  • In SCP-1936. Reverend Michael Hawshore was the leader of the Victory Society, which was created in an attempt to save Daleport by having the Eldritch Abominations infesting it fight each other to the death. One of the documents found near his body details his plans for the coming confrontation. It includes the line "I will welcome my death, even if it is not quick."
  • The diary found onboard SCP-1958 is a journal detailing its author's journey into space onboard a minibus that's been modified for space travel. Notable entries include each of his friend's deaths. The second-to-last entry is when he finally becomes the last remaining crew aboard the vehicle. The final entry, written two months later, makes no mentions of the author's own health; just:
    "The stars are so fucking beautiful out here, man."
  • In SCP-1983. In his note Agent Barclay says that he's going to take the note to a place where he hopes it will be found, then make sure that the creatures can't use his heart to make more of them. His last words are "Good luck. Morituri te salutant.", indicating that he committed suicide.
  • In SCP-1994. An undated note (File 1994-5) is the last message from Dr. Yelkov, who states that the contagious growths are a minor setback, and that he plans to continue his research elsewhere.
  • The end of a SCP-2661 said that he would be a "sustenance", "morsel" and "sweet-meat" to a being he worshipped. The being ended up eating him.
  • In SCP-2746: An unknown scientist recorded the events before the Super Soldier experiment in his diary. The last entry said that the experiment would took place that day. The experiment went out of control and the experimental subject's body expanded to fill the underground lab.
    Researcher: Today is the day we either produce the very first super-soldier, or we start over with nothing. I really do not know which is better. Eh, tomorrow is a day too.
    There are no further entries in the diary.
  • One of the people trapped inside SCP-3008 kept a journal of his adventures. Near the end he wrote "If this is the final entry here, I hope whoever is reading this is doing so from outside of this place." Shortly thereafter he escaped from SCP-3008, but was pursued outside and killed.
  • In Bees SCP-████-3's diary ends with:
    [Thirty pages are missing.]
    I am bees.
    [The remaining pages are blank.]

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