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When you dance these choreographies, repetitive strain injury will be the least of your worries...

In general

Just Dance

Just Dance 2

  • "Rasputin" is widely considered the hardest song in 2. Its attempt to recreate traditional Russian folk dance (and not only including That Russian Squat Dance) while keeping up with the disco-like sound leads to very quick sudden movements and extremely intensive footwork that makes the player get on and off the ground really quickly.
  • "Jump", courtesy of the choreographers: Les Twins.

Just Dance 3

  • "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" is tied for the longest song in the series. Kicker? The other song is rated Easy by the game, while "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" is rated Hard by the game (actually ***, but hey).
  • "Hey Boy, Hey Girl". Flexible movements combined with a really long song? No, thank you. It's actually considered to be the "boss" by some fans!
  • Ladies and gentleman, the first Extreme choreography in the series: "Barbra Streisand".

Just Dance 4

  • "Call Me Maybe" is one of the easiest routines in the game. This makes it all the more jarring when you unlock the alternate version.
  • "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life", which also qualifies as a Marathon Level. Thankfully, the move where one of the players lifts the other is not scored, so it's purely optional.
  • "The Final Countdown". The gimmick of this routine is that it has a wrestling theme. This means players will be jumping, tumbling and rolling in quick succession during certain parts of the song.

Just Dance 2014

  • The Candy Sweat-Mashup in 2014 is nigh-impossible to earn 5 stars on. It wouldn't be too bad if the section taken from "She's Got Me Dancing" was easier to score PERFECTS on.
  • The alternate choreography for "Applause" is considered the hardest of all of the 2014 choreographies. Yes, harder than the Extreme choreographies.
    • The alternative dance for Bad Romance (which managed to snatch the title of longest song in the series from the aforementioned "I Don't Feel Like Dancing") in 2015 took it up a notch. It should be noted that this routine, as well as "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" and "She's Got Me Dancing", among others, were all invented by the same guy, Mehdi Kerkouche.
  • "Alfonso Signorini" in 2014 is easy... until the chorus starts. From then on, most of the song requires fast and flexible motions and pelvic thrusts. And those who think they're are good at Just Dance should sing along. The throat will hurt when it's over.
  • "Isidora", which happens to be the song with the highest tempo in the entire franchise.
  • "#thatPOWER" is just egregious. There are four choreographies for this song, and their difficulties are ALL rated "Hard" or "Hardest" by the game.

Just Dance 2015

  • There is "Holding Out For A Hero", which is easily the most energetic choreography in the game, complete with a split.
  • "Walk This Way". Both versions, but mainly the alternate. There is a reason why the level has the background that is usually reserved for Extreme dances.

Just Dance 2016

  • 2016 has its own Boss routine in the Extreme version of "Animals". And yes, that is Mehdi Kerkouche once again.
    • He was also the choreographer for the Extreme version of "Circus", and it shows!
  • "This Is How We Do" is pretty tame compared to other examples in this list, at least until the bridge kicks in: Then the players are required to make "K" and "P" shapes with their bodies, which demands much more flexibility than can be expected from the average person.
  • Another song from the same game that has a very easy routine save for one particular dance move: "You Never Can Tell". Namely, the move where one player has to slide under the other's legs in under a second.
  • Stuck on a Feeling is notorious for being one of the hardest Classic routines ever made.
  • The duet version of Want to Want Me requires utmost coordination between players, in one of the most fast paced levels in the series.
  • The alternate version of "Rabiosa" is called a "Fitness" routine by the game, though it is about as hard as an "Extreme" level.
  • "Kool Kontact", also from 2016, has a move where a player has to kick several times while doing a handstand.

Just Dance 2017

  • The Chinese version of 2017 has the song Qia La Yong Yuan OK, which has a tumbling move in its choreography.

Just Dance 2018