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Here are the levels that are considered hated by many people. These are levels that csn have people stuck on Candy Crush for days, weeks, or (in the most extreme cases) months at a time. Most of these levels are due to various trends, but levels here will usually contain Candy Bombs, Cake Bombs, Licorice Swirls, Chocolate Spawners, and Magic Mixers.

    Regular Levels 
  • Clear All The Jelly.note 
    • Consensus on the Wiki seems to be that level 65 is the worst of the levels so far. It's based on clearing a huge board of double-layered jelly in 50 moves, with indented squares that make it incredibly awkward to get matches. AND you have locked candies and chocolate blocks to worry about too. It's so stupidly hard that the game developers actually modified it to be easier after finding out that this one level alone reduced player retention rate by forty percent.
      • It could be considered the "entrance exam" of Candy Crush, as there are much harder levels later on, especially Level 70.
    • Level 86, a jelly level, is glitched. On mobile, if you break open a licorice cage, you also get rid of the licorice swirls adjacent to it (the ones that block striped candies). This makes the mobile version very easy. However, the swirls don't go away if you break licorice cages on desktop version. This means you have to deal with the licorice swirls individually. Level 86 may or may not be completely impossible without a booster.
    • Level 147 takes the crown as the hardest jelly level after level 65. The good news is that you don't have to deal with chocolate or licorice in this level. The bad news is that a lot of the double-layered jelly is hidden underneath triple-layered meringue blocks, which means that you have to clear a ton of squares FIVE times in total, AND you have to deal with bombs regularly dropping from the top of the board in often-hard-to-reach places.
    • Level 350 doesn't look too bad on the surface as only about half of the jellies are covered by meringue blocks and you're given a generous 60 moves to clear them, but as you begin to tackle the bottom half of the board you will very quickly realize that dealing with the bomb dispensers that you will be uncovering as you clear the meringue blocks is a lot easier said than done and that trying to clear the far bottom corners is a nightmare.
  • The timed levels are pretty brutal too, particularly once chocolate, bombs and licorice start getting in the way.
  • Any Bomb Level can end really quickly. These levels tend to rely more on luck than skill.
    • Level 97, so hard that its difficulty was referenced in a joke in the "Wealth Gap" episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Those Score levels aren't Breather Level Material ... Not only do you have to worry about 8-turn bombs that drop into the board every other turn, but the minimum required score is so high that even if you defuse all possible bombs you'll be hard-pressed to reach the score benchmark unless you make a truly insane number of special candies and combos — and the board is pretty small to boot, which makes maneuvering candies around in it that much harder. Have fun!
    • And don't even talk about levels where you have to concentrate on bringing down ingredients AND making sure that the bombs don't go off. Fortunately you have a lot of moves BUT there's chocolate blocks on the bottom.
    • Level 275 features a pair of 3 turn bombs located at the extremes of the top row, which can only be detonated if you're lucky enough to line up two next to them (or use a special, but it's not a level with a lot of specials). Detonating either of them leads to it being replaced with another 3 turn bomb. It's almost impossible to get one of them, once both are in play, you might as well forget about finishing the level unless you have a hella lot of specials already on the board.
    • The level has been nerfed as of Late 2013 where the Bombs have an 8 move countdown and they are blocked by double-layered Meringue Blocks, making this level far more forgiving but still very hard.
  • Later levels seem to have a bunch of multi-layered blocks. Good luck.
    • CHOCOLATE. BLOCKS. Debuting in Minty Meadow, these blocks are like a virus. If you're not quick at getting rid of them, they'll make a lot of the levels in Minty Meadow (and further episodes) a living hell. Pastille Pyramid introduces the Chocolate Block Generator, which generates chocolate blocks ... meaning that you'll NEVER GET RID OF THE FUDGE.
    • Level 70 is a "Clear All The Jelly" level with portals and chocolate blocks. Did you break a cage? The chocolate blocks take over, covering precious jellies. You have a striped candy ... maybe that'll help you ... until you realize it's a Vertical instead of a Horizontal one. Did you manage to get rid of the chocolate blocks with a Striped/Wrapped Candy Combo (which if placed in a certain position, can get rid of the chocolate blocks and the caged candies in one shot)? Well, the other obstacle you deal with are the cramped spaces where you can't pull anything. Good luck beating this one, especially if you had problems in the infamous Level 65.
    • Level 95, the last level of Bubblegum Bridge, can be considered borderline sadistic if you're not careful. It is an Ingredient level, but you have to know how to get certain Striped candies more than anything else. A Striped Candy/Wrapped Candy combo MIGHT do wonders for you depending on the timing, but if it doesn't, you're screwed.
  • Order Levels based on Wrapped Candies can end VERY painfully if you're not careful. Try getting a Wrapped Candy/Wrapped Candy combo. Hard, isn't it?
    • If you think that's hard, try fulfilling a Color Bomb/Color Bomb order... especially if there's more than one.
    • Speaking of Order Level, Level 149 (which also involves getting a Wrapped Candy/Wrapped Candy combo, but only one), is probably one that can make you lose lives extremely fast. Why? Fudge blocks candy from coming in, and if you run out of candy, it's game over. You basically have to pray that the Random Candy God gives you a match that lets you clear some of the chocolate on your very first move and keeps on being generous enough to give you tons of vertical striped candies, or you'll be SOL.
    • Level 140, an Order level that caps off the relatively Water Wharf, is brilliant in its simplicity, and stupidity; how about getting 99 each of three different colors in 45 moves?
  • Candy Crush Wiki calls the five penultimate levels of Cupcake Circus "Hell's Cluster" because of the hard back-to-back levels.
    • Level 180 is an Ingredient Drop level, but don't be too scared by the cluster of bombs on the bottom, they have the same exact number of moves as the moves you're given, so the worst that'll happen with that is that a +3 Moves Gift will probably be worthless. Getting rid of the Meringue Blocks can be hard and unless you use a lot of Striped Candies, you're toast.
    • Level 181. Sure, you get both ingredients on the screen at the beginning, and you get fifty moves, but those ingredients are on two separate columns away from the main board, each propped up by four blocks of four-layer meringue. The main board itself starts out covered in single-layer meringue. This is the first level in which colorbombs are almost useless; a colorbomb/striped combo might make a dent in the meringue, but oftentimes most of the stripes go in the wrong direction so it usually won't, and you don't get enough moves to kill the meringue with striped candies alone. Your only hope is to get a ton of striped/wrapped combos. You're not allowed to waste any moves here if you want any hope of beating this level; unfortunately, the layout often forces you to waste several moves, and by the time you start getting what you really need to beat it, you're almost out of moves.
    • Level 182 is a Timed Level, but it is very tricky because of the hazards such as Fudge, Licorice, Bombs, and a tough Meringue Block. Your main priority is to get rid of the Bombs on the top, as a really bad and unlucky group of starting candy will guarantee defeat. It is considered the easiest of the "Hell's Cluster" because of the fact that if you're lucky enough, the level isn't as sadistic.
    • The previous version of Level 183 can be the biggest nightmare in your life. Why? It's a "Clear the Jelly" Level ... and the Jellies are somewhat simple to clear if you have really good positioned Wrapped Candies/Striped Candies and Striped Candies/Colorbombs, but the hardest part comes from the "Sugar Crush" portion. The Jellyfish don't really do anything to help you, and you have to get to 100,000 points by the end of the level. Good luck trying to reach to that score.
      • The difficulty of getting to 100,000 points in the Sugar Crush actually varies based on whether you're playing the mobile or Facebook version of the game. If you're playing the iPhone/iPad version, you're guaranteed to get 1,020 points for each Jelly Fish you get (3 per move left), which means that you're guaranteed to pass the level if you have at least 32 moves left. If you're playing the Facebook version where the Jelly Fish have been nerfed so that they only give points if they happen to eat a candy of the same color as them, you have no such guarantee and the level veers right into this trope. Thankfully, this level averts this trope now because the points have been reduced to 50,000.
    • Level 184 is mainly hard because it's a "Clear all the Jelly" level ... but the Jellies that have to be cleared are situated RIGHT NEXT TO FUDGE GENERATORS. Yeah ... unless you're lucky with a Colorbomb/Striped Candy Combo, you're gonna be here for a while.
  • Level 208 only requires two orders: combos respectively of Wrapped Candy and Striped Candy with a Colorbomb. And the upper middle sixth of the playing area is largely unused, making it very hard to get the necessary five in a row of any color to make a Colorbomb. It seems to be almost designed to induce a Rage Quit.
  • Level 241 is a Luck-Based Mission. The level from an initial viewpoint doesn't look hard, but the columns of Mystery Candies block tons and tons of licorice, which as you might already know, makes Striped Candies pathetically weak. If you happen to cover the Licorice with something like Chocolate, Marmalade, or a Meringue block, you still have to deal with a bunch of layered meringue blocks and jelly.
  • Level 275 is also a Luck-Based Mission. This one features both chocolate generators and bomb dispensers and is one of the very few levels in which you're practically forced to NOT clear all the chocolate at the first opportunity. Why? Two of these chocolate blocks are located right under the bomb dispensers and if you clear them, they drop 3-turn bombs that are nigh impossible to remove and virtually guarantee that you will get a Game Over in 3 turns' time, which means that you need to let the chocolate in these corners spread and potentially cover up jellies. And even if you do everything you can to avoid clearing these chocolate blocks and do everything else right on this level, you can STILL get screwed over if the Random Candy God decides to create a cascade match right next to them!
    • The Jelly Fish on the bottom can make the level worse because they'll randomly clear any Jelly ... which is sometimes right next to the bombs.
  • Level 315 is an ingredient level that forces you to move the two ingredients on the side across multiple columns to the middle before you can bring them down, which requires extremely specific and tricky-to-set-up matches to accomplish. This task is made even more painful by how the board is laced with licorice and rainbow candies that will randomly swap colors and force you to wait to swap the ingredient and candy. There's a Coconut Wheel on the bottom of the board, but it's near-useless (it really only helps you with the middle ingredient) and serves to taunt you more than anything else.
    • And if you thought this level was bad, just wait until you get to level 409. Not only do you have to get the two ingredients across multiple columns, but there are portals in these columns that make trying to line up the ingredients in matches a major headache. Oh, and did I mention that all of the ingredient exit columns are blocked by two giant cakes that will take you at least four striped candy combos to clear each? And that these cakes are situated at the very edge of the board, which makes trying to clear their leftmost/rightmost slices doubly hard?
  • Level 349's objective doesn't seem too bad ... just get two Colorbombs (In a board with all colors of the candy), but it pits you against FOUR annoying hazards: Licorice, Bombs, Fudge Generators, and Rainbow Candies, with the Fudge being the initial hazard. The Fudge Generators are at the very top of the board, making chances of the board locking you in very high. Clear the fudge in the middle row? Prepare for a licorice-filled board, as the Licorice Dispensers will guarantee that. The candies on the side are covered in marmalade and end up being Rainbow Candies, which can be a headache to clear, especially if they were ready pieces for that Colorbomb, but what makes it worse are that they are directly below Bomb Dispensers, which automatically bring 10-turn bombs that are very difficult to clear. You're in for a world of hurt.
  • Level 325 isn't a cakewalk. You have to bring down a total of ten Ingredients in 50 moves. What does the level involve? More than half of the board is covered in fudge (backed up by Fudge Generators) and the middle column will ALWAYS drop licorice ... meaning you can never have candy coming from there. You also have a limited starting space, which is blocked by Meringue Covered Rainbow Candy ... and to slap you in the face, the fudge here is likely to lock you out. Striped Candies will prove themselves worthless because of the Licorice and Wrapped Candies will prove themselves worthless because of the abundance of Ingredients in the level (you might end up with a Wrapped Candy on top of an Ingredient).
  • Level 340 can be rather difficult. You have only 30 moves to clear two 3 x 3 squares of jelly on the bottom left and right sides of the screen, both are separate from the rest of the board and the jelly is covered with colour changing candies in marmalade. This means that the only way to reach the jelly is to get vertical striped candies and hope the colour changing candies work in your favour. What makes this level even more difficult is the small column in the bottom-centre of the board, also separate from the top half of the board. The 3 squares are also covered in marmalade, if the marmalade is removed the bomb dispenser drops 5 turn bombs out. It is difficult to get to the jelly without destroying the candies covering the bomb dispenser and unless you have very few moves (and jellies) left, or a vertical striped candy directly above the bomb dispenser, your game will almost certainly end.
  • Level 342 is a Luck-Based Mission that can get very aggravating because of the sheer amount of luck needed with the Jelly Fish. Most of the Jellies are covered by Meringue Blocks, and you have a limited number of moves to clear the Jellies. The Jelly Fish provided can clear these Jellies without completely breaking these Meringue Blocks, but the game will usually force you to use them to clear jellies that AREN'T covered by the Meringue Blocks. This level can take forever ...
  • Level 410 plays like a laundry list of all the blockers and obstacles that seem specifically tailored to make your life as miserable as possible. A giant board completely covered in two-layer jelly, including indented squares that are ridiculously hard to clear? Check. Bombs located in places where removing them in time requires you to have absurdly good luck? Check. A generator that constantly produces chocolate capable of spreading from one end of the universe to the other, just in case you DO manage to clear out the bombs? Check. A dispenser that dumps out tons of licorice to sabotage your striped candy combos, just in case the bombs and chocolate weren't difficult enough for you? Motherfrakkin' check. (A later update made this level slightly easier by making the bombs somewhat easier to get rid of, but you still have to deal with the chocolate and the licorice and the hard-to-clear indented jelly squares...)
  • Even early on, levels are painful to even the most avid and skilled gemswap players.
    • Level 33. You cannot get donuts, stripe candies are hard to get, and it's jelly.
  • Level 382 is the second level of the world Licorice Tower. Very hard level as there are very tight corners where clearing Jellies is almost impossible, and the Fudge Generators can really mess up your progress. There are also Meringue Blocks that are hard to break. Thankfully, the rest of the world isn't too hard, and the final level is actually a Breather Level compared to this one.
  • Level 399 can be very hard, as the Candy Bomb in the center of the board is set to go off in nine moves, and good luck if you don't have the Mobile version (which can let you leave a level if you don't make a move, not costing you a life). Even after getting rid of that pesky bomb, getting the corner Jellies are very hard as there are Fudge Generators constantly covering them.
    • Level 400, the following level, seems fun, but the hard part comes with the fact that you need to make six Colorbombs (there are fourteen Colorbombs on the bottom of the board covered with marmalade that are relatively easy to get) with all six Candy colors, thus making it hard to time combos perfectly. The Fudge Generator in the middle can be a nuisance, as it can sometimes even block that perfect Colorbomb combination.
  • Most of the levels from "Soda Swamp" are considered REALLY hard because of the hazard it introduces: Tornados. These tornados randomly appear on spaces to block candy and although it looks like they crack stuff, they CANNOT take out a space of jelly. They do however clear marmalade, meringue, and chocolate.
    • Level 412 is frustrating at worst because of the fact that five Striped/Striped Combos are required, but the timing of the tornados plus the small amount of candies make the proper timing of these combos very hard to do.
    • Level 414 is really irritating because of the narrow spaces of the board PLUS three unreachable spaces (a Striped Candy on the bottom is there to help you with two of those spaces) ... and the board has three layers of Jelly. A properly timed Colorbomb/Striped Combo may do the trick, but remember, the Tornados can screw that combo up in any second.
    • Level 417 is an Ingredient level with some portal tricks. Well with the tornados and the other side of the board containing triple-layered Meringue blocks ... WITH those annoying tornados! Oh, thought that was bad, there are two Coconut Wheels that are at the top of the board and can help you take care of the Meringue Blocks (if they're accidentally Vertical though ... well they're worthless) ... but they're covered in Marmalade and they guard six-move bombs (which are somewhat easy to clear). The Tornados can help you clear the Marmalade Blocks ... but they're usually harassing the left side of the board. This is another Luck-Based Mission level that can be a major pain. OH, you better look at the bottom of the rightmost board carefully because there's a LITTLE small detail that will make you pull your hair out. There is no "Ingredient Exit" on the very right side of the board, so if you were working very hard to drop an Ingredient and see it won't go through, you'll be mad.
    • Level 419 is considered extremely hard by the Wiki. It is an Order level which involves getting 100 Yellow Candies, activating 5 Wrapped Candies, and setting off 2 Colorbombs. This doesn't seem so hard, but the multi-layered Meringue Blocks make the board extremely narrow initially and like most Order levels, the required color is usually pretty rare. If you have a Colorbomb, Lucky Candy, or Wrapped Candy you won from a Daily Spin Wheel, USE IT, but use it wisely, as getting 100 Yellow Candies is probably the hardest part of this level.
    • Say "Hello" to Level 421. It's another Order level, but instead of collecting individual items, you have to make seven Striped Candy/Striped Candy Combos. Doesn't seem too bad? Well like Level 419, there are obstacles that make the spaces very narrow ... which in this case, are CAKES. These cakes can actually disrupt you from making your process if you accidentally set one off. Oh, there are a few Striped Candies in Marmalade that don't get destroyed by the Cake Bomb? Second or third one will set off sometime after depending on if you've destroyed them. Oh, and the other problem are the world's gimmick, the Tornados. As these things will go through random areas, they can even mess up your Striped Candy/Striped Candy combo and/or set-up.
    • Thought Level 421 was horrible? Well Level 422 is pretty terrifying. Half of the board is covered with Fudge Generators ... Licorice is an EXTREMELY common hazard ... and our favorite obstacle, the Tornados, are here to terrorize the process. The level is an Ingredients level where you have to take down the Meringue Blocks (five-layered) before the Ingredients can drop ... and with the Tornados disrupting the process, it's hard. There are A LOT of tight spaces and the worst part? THIS LEVEL ONLY GIVES YOU THIRTY-FIVE MOVES - while taking down FIVE cherries.
    • Levels 423 (A Colorbomb makes this easier, but watch out for Bombs) and 424 (Breather Level compared to the rest) aren't too bad, but Level 425 is extremely tough and annoying. It is the last level of Soda Swamp and the objective is to get 200 Blue Candies and *drumroll* 5 Striped Candy/Wrapped Candy combos. What's that? Anything with a Wrapped Candy is usually unstable in making a combo? Well don't forget the Tornados, which make the level much harder ... along with your chances of getting ONE Striped Candy/Wrapped Candy combo. Missed the Bombs in tight corners? Well here they are in this level! Your biggest worry is the Striped Candy/Wrapped Candy combos. If positioned correctly, they can get rid of the Bombs.
  • Level 366. Only 20 moves with which to match candies in some extremely narrow spots. This is the level that introduces those Cakes which take up four squares each, and you have to attack each square twice. Good luck getting through this one without boosters.
  • Candy Crush 434 is a level where you WISHED the Tornados were there ... the level is a Jelly level that features Bombs in tight corners that are almost impossible to clear, have 15 moves as the counter, and they are blocked by two-layered Meringues. Solutions are to use a Colorbomb/Colorbomb, Striped/Colorbomb (Hoping that the probability of them going the direction you want is high), or a Striped/Wrapped Candy combo (A perfectly timed one can get rid of both groups of bombs entirely). So got that hellish hazard out of the way after 10+ tries? Oh wait, we still have to get rid of the Jellies. The tight corners the Bombs were hanging out at are two-layered Jellies, the Meringues hide Jellies, and the Meringues are blocking a Chocolate Generator, thus making this level far more hazardous than it already is!
  • Level 437 is considered very hard by the Candy Crush Wiki mainly because of the bottom portions of the Cake Bombs that are hard to reach. Use the Jellyfish provided wisely and hope you have a good amount of combos. If not, you're in for a nightmare.
  • Level 445 is extremely difficult, although it looks very easy from an initial standpoint. Your objective is to only drop two ingredients in a level full of Meringue Blocks ... doesn't seem so bad. However, your initial objective is to get rid of the two Bombs on the side which have a 17 move limit, and because of the limited initial spacing, that is almost impossible because the Bombs are surrounded by Locked Candies. Alright, so you got the Ingredients down? Well the game does something that will basically spit at your face - the Ingredients can't be dropped directly where they come from - you have to actually switch it to drop. Level has to be done in 30 moves as well, so that is painfully hard for all of that.
  • Level 451 is a Jelly level which is extremely difficult because of the very narrow spaces and limited moves the board offers you. What's worse is that the bottom row has Licorice and Mystery Candy, meaning that you can't clear that bottom row initially AND if ANY of the Mystery Candies become a Bomb, Fudge, Meringue Block, or Fudge Generator, you're practically doomed. Striped Candies can't really help clear that bottom row because of the Licorice and Wrapped Candies can't help because they can't travel to the bottom row unless if any of the Candies on the bottom are cleared.
  • Level 452 isn't any better. It is a "Candy Order" level which requires a huge amount of Striped Candies in a limited amount of moves. There is only one possible way to beat this level, and it is to make as many Colorbomb/Striped Candy combos as possible (as they can clear out about 20 or so Striped Candies very easily). Sure, Colorbombs are easy to make, but because of the low number of Candy colors in the level, it is VERY easy to accidentally set off a Colorbomb or Striped Candy combo. Also, unnecessary Wrapped Candies can become extremely disruptive, although you can always fuse one with a Striped Candy to help with the candies.
  • Level 455 is pretty hard in one viewpoint. It is an Order Level where Colorbombs are easily accessible, but the level is littered with bombs. The level isn't as bad as previous levels, but if one doesn't have a careful eye, they can be caught off guard by the Bombs. In addition, since the Candies travel down to a narrow row, a Bomb can be impossible to clear unless if there's a conveniently placed Colorbomb.
  • Level 460 is painfully annoying. It is one of those "double-columned" Ingredient levels. The first column has two cakes and the column is kind of thick. The second column? The path where the Ingredient is going to fall ... plus a load of heavily layered Meringue Blocks. The key is to destroy the cakes ... BUT some sides of the Cakes can only be reached by Striped Candies (Wrapped Candies ... along with Colorbombs that aren't paired with Striped Candies ... are gonna be a joke at this part) ... and if you accidentally destroy TWO of the cakes at once (i.e. with a Colorbomb/Stripe, Wrapped Candy/Stripe, or a Wrapped Candy/Wrapped Candy), you'll only get one layer cleared. You have to make the Cakes do the job for you.
  • Level 461 is considered one of the hardest levels in the whole entire game. Chocolate is placed at a very inconvenient location where it will start spawning and might cover up the entire board if you're not careful. In addition, the odd shape of the board makes various Jellies hard to clear. A Striped Candy/Colorbomb Combo will be your best friend in this level ...
  • For the last Timed Level (as of February 2014), Level 462 is a living hell. You have to focus on trying to get a good enough score on time AND get rid of bombs in a rather thin column. The two columns on the side are EXTREMELY thin ... and they contain extra time. A key strategy is to stop playing immediately after getting the necessary points.
  • Level 500. An ingredient level that throws EVERY blocker introduced up to that point in the game at you, except toffee tornadoesnote . The ingredients tend to drop on top of the cake blocks, making them even more difficult to remove and, once freed from marmalade, the coconut wheel is placed so it can't hit the bottom layer of meringue, once activated. It's telling that you get the most moves of any level of the game so far (65). The Bombs and Licorice are an annoyance early on in the level, as they can really flood the board. The Cake Bombs accidentally going off can ruin progress for the board if you were planning on using the Coconut Wheel or timing when the Ingredients were going to come down. The Fudge Generator is the absolute worst part of this board, as it tends to eat up WHERE YOU WERE PLANNING ON DOING A COMBO. It's like it has a mind of its own in this level. Then the Meringue Blocks come in. The bottom ones are extremely thick, and because Ingredients are usually stacked on top of them, clearing those without moving the Ingredients is a chore itself.
  • The episode after Meringue Moor is Ice Cream Cave, which doesn't have a lot of hard levels, but the episode after that has notoriously difficult levels - and it's one that doesn't even introduce a new hazard.
    • It's gonna be a painfully hard episode if the FIRST level of the episode (516) is considered the easiest ... and it's a level that can be very tricky because of the abundance of licorice blocks. The level isn't too hard if you have a lot of Wrapped Candies, but if you rely on Striped Candies and Colorbombs, you're gonna be stuck in this one for a while.
    • The following level, 517, can go from a simple level or plain unwinnable depending on how much the Chocolate Generator hates you. The Chocolate Generators can block Ingredients from coming down, and if Meringue Blocks are the only ones adjacent to the blocked ingredients. The Chocolate Generators can also interfere with Ingredients and some Ingredients can end up on top of the generators.
    • Level 518 is one that involves bombs you have to clear in a limited number of moves. However, you also have to worry about getting rid of the caged Candies and the Jelly Fish there can be very unreliable. There are also Meringue Blocks that make candies flow very awkwardly. Unless if you have a good combo in the first few moves, expect yourself to be stuck in this level for a while. The awkward positioning of the Bombs make this level a Luck-Based Mission.
    • What's next? Level 519. An Order Level where you get rid of a few Colorbombs with some provided on the bottom? Hmm ... Breather Level perhaps? NO. The level provides you with four Colorbombs and you have to clear 12 Colorbombs in total. The four Colorbombs are covered in Marmalade and are next to Mystery Candies. Those Mystery Candies can either be Lucky Candies/Colorbombs ... OR Bombs, Chocolates, and more. Chocolates can eat up the provided Colorbombs, while Bombs pretty much mean a Gameover (and the fact that Striped Candies can't get rid of anything that's made by a Mystery Candy), as those are almost impossible to reach. The Licorice that frequently flood the board makes Colorbomb planning very awkward, as they are usually gone with the touch of other Candy combos.
  • The episodes Sweet Savannah and Jelly Barn introduce a very annoying hazard that will usually mess with set-ups. This hazard is a conveyor belt that will teleport candy across from one side of the board to another with portals. It doesn't seem too bad, but most of the levels that have these are spawned with bombs.
    • A very notorious one is Level 549 from Jelly Wagon, where it has Mystery Candy, Conveyor Belts, and Bombs. However, the hardest part of this level is clearing the Jelly in a set amount of moves.
  • Did you hate 549? Then you'll love Level 562. It has the same gimmicks as Level 549, but the bombs are far more abundant and because of how the conveyor belt works, it is much harder to get rid of the Bombs. Oh, did I mention the conveyor belt can turn as well?
  • Level 578 has been considered "bugged" or "impossible" by many people because there is a Jelly directly underneath a Chocolate Spawner (which has been fixed). However, the level itself needs a whole lot of timing. We have very confusing conveyor belts, bombs that are very hard to get rid of, and some corner Jelly that is even harder to get. Even then, you would hope that you get a Colorbomb/Striped Candy, Striped Candy/Wrapped Candy, or Wrapped Candy/Wrapped Candy, combos that can reach very tricky places, but god help you if those candies are in the Conveyor Belt area.
    • The level has been nerfed, so this may be averted.
  • Level 586 is also a very hard Ingredient level. It doesn't have any bombs, but it does have vertical conveyor belts that makes it very hard to position candies, and you have to move two Ingredients from one of three VERY thin columns ...
  • Level 591 is one of the few levels that omit the Conveyor Belts, but it can still be tricky because of how frequent the chocolate can spawn and the licorice that can overflow the board.
  • Level 677 requires you to get 10 striped/striped combos in 35 moves. In order to accomplish this, you'd have to make one striped/striped combo every 3.5 moves. Most of your striped candies (including the locked ones they give you in the beginning) will be set off by the conveyor belt or random cascades even with all the colors present. As if that wasn't bad enough, the level bombards you with 9-turn bombs.
  • Level 710 is sneakily difficult. While there are only 27 double-layered jelly squares to clear and you have 50 moves, five of them are located at the very top of the board and are in places that cannot be cleared by normal moves, meaning that using specials is the only way to get rid of them. The random cascades that make it hard to plan out moves don't help either.


    Dreamworld Levels 

  • Level 24, when Otis' fucking moon platform will kill him after just eight candies in either direction. Not eight matches, eight candies; a simple match has three candies. It's a Luck-Based Mission on whether the game will kill you during a cascade, during a striped candy, during a wrapped candy, or just at random because fuck you. And that's all on top of the ingredients you need to bring down. Four of them, and the last two seem to always spawn in when you only have one move left (if you even get that far).
  • Level 53 is extremely hard in the Dreamworld. You have to maintain getting six ingredients down WITHOUT focusing on one certain color. And the Moonstruck only lasts for ONE move, meaning that the game will immediately go back to maintaining the balance soon after you make a move, whether if it's making a Colorbomb or trying to get a Wrapped Candy together.
  • Level 122 may be your absolute worst nightmare. The fact that it's a score level masks the insane difficulty level. Near the bottom of the level, there is a caged bomb that will detonate in ten moves. You'll need to take out various meringues and a whole crapload of fudge just to get to it. Taking out that bomb is ball-bustingly hard enough, but then you will have to deal with the relentlessly unforgiving moon platform for the remainder of the round.
  • Level 237 requires you to combine six striped candies each with a wrapped candy. This can get really annoying when the wrappers you produce are prone to explode before you get a chance to actually use them, and are also known to take other wrapped candies with them. This is also a level where Moonstruck can work against you if you already have some wrappers before each one.
  • Tiki Fiesta has a lot of hard levels. The second level has an EXTREMELY unstable Moon Scale and the Moonstrucks last for one move only. It also introduces Bomb Generators MUCH earlier.