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Legend of Legaia is one of the tougher RPGs on the PlayStation for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the sheer difficulty of the bosses you face.


  • The two Viguro you fight in East Voz Forest. They have strong melee attacks, a powerful Thunder-elemental attack, and are very fast. On the plus side, they are Seru, so if you manage to catch at least one of them, you get a potentially powerful attack spell early in the game.
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  • After finishing the Drake Kingdom, you might be tempted to go straight for Jeremi and its boss, Berserker. In reality, you might want to level up a bit and get better equipment before tackling him. Berserker has extremely high attack and can cast very hard hitting spells without charging up. His Spore Gas attack can inflict the Rot status effect. Rot randomly seals off one of your attack commands, making it harder to attack and use Arts. If you're unlucky, Berserker can completely seal off a character's ability to attack! There's an amulet near the boss that prevents Rot, but only one person can equip it. Towards the end of the fight, Berserker starts casting Stone Circle, a spell that hits the whole party for up to 600 damage. Also of note is unlike the previous boss' strongest attack, this move doesn't require it to charge a turn. You will probably have around 700-100 health as well, making this an extremely hard hitting move for that point in the game. While Berserker is vulnerable to the instant-kill from the Nighto summon, tagging him with the spell is still a Luck-Based Mission.
  • All three fights against Recurring Boss Songi bring the pain.
    • The first fight is one-on-one with Gala and is fairly challenging, even when you're well-prepared for him. note  For the ill-prepared, however, only a quick, one-sided slaughter awaits.
    • In the second fight, his defenses go up and he has high HP. He has a strong melee attack and a Hyper Lighting move that can potentially kill Vahn and Noa in one hit. And, of course, he has a party-hitting Hyper Crush. The fight is a very long one, so you have to come prepared or he'll outlast you.
    • In the third and final battle, he has extremely long combos and his Genocidal Cannon special does 2000+ damage to all un-Spirited party members. His combos get lower the more damage he takes, so at least there's that.
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  • Xain is characterized as a lazy wimp, but his boss fight is actually quite tough. His special attack, Terio Punch, needs one turn to charge, but can cut your team's HP in half even after you use the Spirit command. His other attack, Bloody Horns, only hits one target, but doesn't need to charge up and can come out of nowhere to hit one of your un-Spirited characters for a huge chunk of HP.
  • Van Saryu can fire off Earthquake, a party-hitting attack, at any time without charging up. It gets even worse when he Turns Red: Jugger Power boosts his stats to the point where even his normal attacks can put your characters into the red. This can be bad if the two Kemaros that served as a Mini-Boss before him ground down your HP— though if you do gain the Kemaro spell from them, it can help defeat Saryu faster.
  • Gaza the second time can deal up to 1000 damage per turn with his attacks. Bad enough that he can do it with his regular attacks: really bad when Neo Star Slash, his special attack, can come out of nowhere to deal 1000+ damage to the whole party.
  • The Delilas siblings are encountered in the Nivora Ravine, and have stopped many a playthrough in its tracks. You fight them one on one and they have a specific pattern: they attack for two turns, then use their special attack on the third. Easy enough to get down: the problem is that they do so much damage that you can only spend one out of your three turns attacking to survive by healing up and using Spirit to survive the special attack.
    • The first fight is against Che Delilas, who goes up against Gala. It's the toughest, as Che has the highest damage output of all three siblings.
    • Lu Delilas is the Breather Boss between Che and Gi... relatively. While her attacks are the weakest, she has the longest combo strings of the three— and you control Noa for this fight, who is a Fragile Speedster-slash-Glass Cannon.
    • The final fight is against Gi Delilas, who fights Vahn, has more health and defense than Che and is also Fire-elemental, making him resistant to Vahn's hyper arts.
  • After beating the Delilas siblings, you get a chance to save before fighting Koru. Don't be fooled by Koru's weak attacks: you have only five turns to beat it before it self-destructs, dealing 9999 damage to the whole party, obliterating a good chunk of the region they're in, and causing an instant Game Over. Koru is a reversal of how the game usually wants you to fight bosses: instead of carefully rationing your resources and timing your Spirit command to block your opponent's worst attacks, you have to go all-out and hope it's enough. A fully-topped out Point Card (if you found it back in Rim Elm) can mitigate the worst, but if you don't have it then you're in for an utter nightmare of a fight.
  • Zora's Glare attack can turn one party member to stone. This status is effectively an instant KO that can't be reversed even by an upgraded Vera spell (which heals and removes all other status effects). And yes, she can do it to all party members and win that way. Outside of that, she's no slouch, with her Dark Typhoon attack dealing respectable damage (though petrified party members take none of it).
  • Cort has two phases. The first begins when he activates his shield. Aside from decreasing damage from magic attacks, it also renders all normal attacks useless— only your Arts do damage. He has two attacks: Guilty Cross, which does around 1000 damage to a single target, and Mystic Circle, which just as much damage to all party members. How difficult this phase is depends on how often he uses Mystic Circle— it can range from challenging to a nightmare. When his shield breaks, three major changes occur: His defense is lowered note , he starts using Mystic Circle more freely, and he gains access to Evil Seru Magic, which summons the Seru Juggernaut to smash your party into the ground with the strongest attack in the game excluding the final boss' special technique. Evil Seru Magic has no charge time, so Cort can use it one turn and then, just when you've recovered a few turns later, use it again for a Total Party Kill. And just when you didn't think he was tough enough, his HP is almost double the amount the last boss Jette had and it's even more than the third fight with Songi, the second-to-last fight in the game.
  • Jette is responsible for everything that has happened in the game. As such, he's no pushover. He has insanely long combos and using Spirit does not decrease his damage like other enemies. He also has two special attacks: Shadow Break, a strong all-hit attack with no charge-up that is of the uncommon Darkness element, and his Signature Move "Clone". While the clone does little damage, it can end up taking one of your attacks and mess up your strategy. He can also make more than one. To finish everything off, he also has a much higher block rate than anyone else in the game. And a unique animation for dodges.


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