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That One Boss / Crash Bandicoot

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The Crash Bandicoot series may be known for not having the hardest of bosses, but then once in a while you'll get these tough guys. Prepare to exclaim "WOAH!" many times when you fight these bosses.

NOTE: Superbosses are always banned. Also, for a Final Boss or Wake-Up Call Boss to be allowed here, they must be overly difficult by their standards.

  • In the first Crash Bandicoot game:
    • N. Brio has the most health of any boss in the game, even Neo Cortex. He starts by throwing exploding chemical filled beakers at you which you have to dodge, and then hit the green remains back at him, then after he loses enough health he Turns Red and drinks a special potion which causes him to transform into a giant Hulk-like creature who tries to cause the roof to fall on top of you. The only way to damage him at this point is to was to dodge the falling debris, stand on top of it, and wait for him to charge at you so you can jump on top of his head. You have to do this this several times before he finally gives up, and due to the difficulty of this fight, it almost puts Neo Cortex straight into Anticlimax Boss territory.
    • Ripper Roo is a pretty tough boss the first time around, thanks to having to memorize his patterns, falling off the platforms and into the water causing an instant death and having to time your TNT explosions just right. Thankfully you can just take away his first 2 health points by spinning a TNT that's directly next to him, since you get a golden Aku Aku at the beginning of the battle, but good luck taking his last health point and finishing him off.
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back:
    • N. Gin has a powerful spaceship you need to destroy by throwing Wumpa Fruit at it. It doesn't help that the ship takes a huge amount of hits before it loses one part of its health bar, and all the while you have to avoid massive amount of lasers, missiles, and other nasty projectiles while you're trying to hit it. The best part is during the last phase of this battle, N. Gin will temporarily destroy one of the three platforms you can stand on, making this sequence much harder than it should be. Just like the last game, this fight pushes Neo Cortex into being Anticlimax Boss territory.
    • Tiny Tiger follows in similar wake to Ripper Roo from the first game, except without TNTs or Aku Akus, and instead of jumping in a fixed pattern he'll follow you. He can even jump diagonally and skip platforms.
  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped: N. Gin makes a return appearance with a new and improved spaceship which Coco Bandicoot must use her plane to destroy. It has the most health of any boss, even more than Neo Cortex, and will continue to Beam Spam, shoot missiles, and more projectiles than his first ship in the second game. The best part about this fight is when you destroy the first ship, N. Gin escapes into a smaller ship which is even faster and fires more projectiles, and you have to beat both of these ships consecutively on one bar of health. If someone in the Crash Bandicoot series has N. Something as their name, you know they're going to be extremely tough.
  • Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex:
    • "Drain Damage" is an insanely hard hurdle puzzle with FOUR STAGES. Each of these stages have you crossing some platforms suspended in the water that sink (thus killing you) if you stay on them for too long. In the first stage, Crunch fires blue lasers that you must jump over and spin-attack Crunch when you reach the end of the platforms. In the second stage, he continues using the blue lasers but also introduces green fire that you must duck or slide under. In the third stage, he introduces an attack where he pounds the ground with his fists, causing the platforms to shake which makes it easier for you to fall off. In the final stage, he uses all of his attacks in a rapid-fire movement. And remember that it's Crash Bandicoot, so one hit and you have to start all over.
    • "Crashes to Ashes", the third boss, is no slouch either. It starts off with you running away from Crunch, similarly to the chase levels from the first three games, except Crunch can also throw flaming hot boulders at you. Once you get to the end, you board a robot with a water gun attached, so you can finally attack Crunch. You're not safe, however, as Crunch starts leaving exploding rocks behind him to hit you. Things are at their worst in the third phase, where Crunch's boulders split in two, making them harder to avoid!
    • The fourth boss stage, "Atmospheric Pressure", is infinitely worse, because you are in the plane and most of Crunch's attacks are nearly impossible to dodge. There's also the fact that the giant Crunch takes FOREVER to kill. You'll be constantly dodging his attacks and he'll still have three quarters of his health left. The only way to damage Crunch is by attacking whichever part of his body his attack is coming from. One has to be in the line of fire at all times to fight giant Crunch. It doesn't help that after you do a damage equal to 25% of his total health to certain part, he stops using it, meaning his attack pattern will change and you cannot defeat him by attacking him uniquely during easier to avoid attacks.
  • Crash Twinsanity:
    • Surprisingly Dingodile, the easiest boss fight in Warped, takes a level in badass and is arguably the hardest boss fight in the entire game. His flame attacks are hard to avoid, especially his spinning move where he not only stops half way through and starts spinning in the other direction, but also lowers and raises his flamethrower periodically, meaning you are going to have to run, jump and duck all the time. And if you fail to belly flop the buttons that activate the sprinklers and hit Dingodile, you'll have to repeat that phase all over again.
    • The tag-team battle against N. Brio and N. Tropy tag team wouldn't be itself very difficult. You have to only defeat N. Tropy, while him having three hit points, and for each there are two phases, with the first being enough to run in circles and second to jump between sinking platforms while N. Tropy hitting the closer ones to him until his shield wears off, at which point you spin into him. Basically, this would normally take a few tries at most. The main problem is it comes at the end of incredibly long level which has another boss and a chasing sequence in it, so most probably you'll be down on few lives, and losing them all here sends you at the beginning of the entire deal.
  • In Crash of the Titans, Uka Uka fires volleys of shots at Crash, who is usually trying to fight (or run from) Ee-lectrics and Battlers. And, like every other Titan in the game, he heals stupid-quick. Good luck stunning him with one blow.