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Statements coming out wrong on live-action TV.

  • Game Shows have several examples, many making various blooper specials:
    • Bullseye US: Host Jim Lange, interviewing a contestant who is an avid golfer, replies to a remark about kissing his clubs for luck that when he (Lange) golfs, he kisses his balls for good luck. The audience breaks out laughing as Lange gives a "what'd I say" look, as he was referring to his golf balls, not his anatomy.
    • Family Feud: The possible explanation for the "shoots his weapon" answer and more specifically the resulting uproarious audience laughter offered to a rather benign question, "What does James Bond do in a sexy way?"
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    • Match Game: Although it was more a case of Gene Rayburn misspeaking in the infamous blooper reel outtake where he was trying to complement a pretty contestant's dimples but instead said "nipples."
    • Scrabble: A contestant picks her two letters, both of which end up being "P". After being informed of this, she says, "I guess I'll take a P."
      • Another Scrabble moment: The grid formation for the word was _ _ _ O _ _ _ _ with the clue "Men with short ones often have problems." The audience began to chuckle lightly, then went into full loud laughter when the contestant drew two tiles which revealed the letters S and M.
    • From the NBC edition of the game show Jackpot, where a panel of 15 contestants pose riddles to a "king of the hill":
      Contestant: First you make a sale then open my drawer. What am I?
      King: A hooker! (mass laughter)
      Contestant: A cash register, you louse!!
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    • During contestant interviews, a female contestant on Jeopardy! said she was hoping for snow on her wedding day. She then commented that while she and her groom didn't get any snow on their wedding day, they got "8 inches on our honeymoon!"
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Fitz talking to Skye in the pilot:
    Fitz: When you get back, I'll show you my thing. A thing! It's not my- it's my hardware. My equipment! My- hang up.
  • Angel
    • Angel trying to get Lindsey to join his team in "Not Fade Away":
      Angel: I want you, Lindsey. (beat) I'm thinking about rephrasing that.
      Lindsey: Yeah, I'd be a lot more comfortable if you did.
    • From "Judgment":
      Cordelia: You can't see everything. You're just a vampire, like everyone else. That didn't come out right.
    • Fred and Gunn, tracking Holtz by the radiation given off after crossing dimensions:
      Fred: We've been tracking Conner's emissions this whole time!
      Gunn: I could go without ever hearing that phrase again.
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    • In "Guise Will Be Guise", Wesley has been hired as a bodyguard for and subsequently slept with a young woman named Virginia. A confused Angel, thinking he's talking about the state, asks, "You were in Virginia?" Cue visible embarrassment from Wesley.
      Wesley: (mumbling) ...that's not the point.
    • In "Power Play", Illyria says that she no longer has intercourse with Wesley, then has to explain to a startled Spike that Wesley is no longer talking to her.
    • When Lindsey and Eve are making out:
      Lindsey: What are you thinking about?
      Eve: Angel.
      Lindsey: You simply couldn't have said a worse thing than that.
  • Arrested Development: Almost all of Tobias Fünke's lines fall under this trope. ALMOST ALL. Not only does Tobias phrase things horribly, he constantly finds himself in ambiguously-homosexual scenarios, seemingly oblivious of his consistent, perhaps subconscious involvement in them.
    • When Michael plays matchmaker, Tobias says:
      Tobias: Michael, you really are quite the cupid. You can zink your arrow into my buttocks any time.
    • After painting himself blue:
      Tobias: I'm afraid I just blue myself.
    • Tobias' errors are not always spoken, but sometimes written.
      Tobias: I was a professional twice over — an analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist.
      Lindsay: Yes, and you were almost arrested for those business cards.
    • Tobias wants to be cast as a leading male role in a major film. So naturally, he says:
      Tobias: Ooh, I can taste those meaty, leading man parts in my mouth!
    • Tobias agrees to be a wing man by helping pick up chicks. And he'll do it! Even if he ends up with a fat girl. So he says:
      Tobias: Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up.
    • Some of his lines are so bad, they don't even work as a double entendre. Perhaps most baffling:
      Tobias: I wouldn't mind kissing that man between the cheeks, so to speak.
    • When pretending to be a British nanny serving breakfast:
      Tobias: (as Mrs. Featherbottom) Who'd like a banger in the mouth? Oh, I forgot, here in the States you call it a sausage in the mouth!
      Michael: We just call it a sausage.
    • An excerpt from Tobias' self-help book, The Man Inside Me, which was notably popular in the gay community:
      There's a man, deep inside me, and only when he's finally out can I walk free of pain.
    • At Michael's suggestion, Tobias records his comments for a day with a tape recorder and replays them, finally realizing there is something wrong with his phrasing. His acknowledgement?
      Tobias: Oh, Tobias. You blowhard!
    • Possibly the best example comes after he buys a date with Lindsey at a charity auction and accidentally spends their spa date while testing it out.
      Tobias: Unfortunately, I prematurely shot my wad on what was initially supposed to be a dry run, if you will. Now, I'm afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.
      Michael: Wow, there are so many poorly chosen words in that statement.
    • Ironically, in the same episode, Michael tries to confess to betraying Tobias's trust.
      Michael: I screwed my brother-in-law.
    • In season 4, he can't even get a Vanity License Plate without this happening. He takes Lucille's arrest as a sign to make a new start to his life. So, he gets a license plate reading "a new start". However, to make it fit, he spells "new" as "nu" and removes the spaces. Yes, Tobias now has a license plate reading "ANUSTART".
      Lucille: Hello, anus tart.
      Narrator: She hadn't even seen the license plate.
  • Felicity from Arrow is a fountain of these. For example:
    • Her very first appearance in the series gives us this gem of a conversation:
      Oliver: Felicity Smoak? Hi, I'm Oliver Queen.
      Felicity: Of course. I know who you are. You're Mr. Queen.
      Oliver: No, Mr. Queen was my father.
      Felicity: Right, but he's dead....I mean, he drowned but you didn't. Which means you can come down to the IT department and listen to me babble. Which will end in 3...2...1.
    • (about to show her boss something not visible under normal light) "It needs to be dark in here if we're gonna do this. [beat]. If I had more time to think of that sentence it wouldn't have sounded so dirty."
    • (Oliver is using a valuable piece of his family's jewelry as bait to catch a jewel thief) "Have you given any thought to what might happen if this doesn't work and the Dodger absconds with your family jewels? [beat] Sorry, that came out...very wrong."
    • (speaking with Oliver over an earpiece) "It feels really good having you inside me. [Beat] And by you I mean your voice. [beat]. And by me I mean my ear. I'm going to stop talking right now."
    • "The last time the vigilante paid your mom a visit, you got shot and I got to play doctor with you! [beat] Why does my brain think of the worst way to say things?"
    • The accidental innuendos mostly happen when talking to Oliver, but she has a problem with self-incrimination in general. When Detective Lance suspects her of helping the vigilante and asks during a criminal interrogation how she would describe hacking, her reply is, "A hobby... that I do not engage in!"
    • She appears in the episode "Going Rogue" of The Flash (2014) after learning that Barry had finally emerged from his coma. Soon after they meet, she blurts out: "I wanna see it! And by it, I mean your speed in case you thought I was talking about something else which I was not!" In that same episode, there's also this conversation:
      Barry: What are you doing? You should go back to your hotel, get some sleep.
      Felicity: You should too. Not go back to my hotel! Get some sleep I mean.
    • When referring to working with The Arrow, "I love spending the night with you—three, two, one..."
    • In the Season 2.5 comic, she's trying to convince Oliver to spend the night at her place while he recovers from his injuries, where he would be more comfortable than down in the foundry:
      Felicity: Down here's a cave. Stay at my place tonight—I mean...I won't be there. I'm pulling an all-nighter at Kord Industries. So...
      Oliver: I'll think about it.
      Felicity: Don't think. Do. You've been sleeping on the floor. You need to be in my bed—I mean...Sometimes I don't know why I talk.
  • Battlestar Galactica has season 3, "Dirty Hands" {smirk}. When President Roslin's ship gets damaged, Admiral Adama offers her accommodation on the Galactica:-
    Adama: If the quarters become cramped, you're always welcome in one of my beds...
    Roslin: (Smiles)
    Adama: a manner of speaking.
  • In the Becker episode where he is Mistaken for Racist, he confronts the journalist who libeled him. "I have strong opinions, but none of them are racially motivated! Everything I say is motivated by stupidity!" Beat "You know what I meant!"
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Literal example in "The Roommate Transmogrification":
      Penny: What happened to Leonard?
      Sheldon: The same thing that happened to Homo Erectus. He was replaced by a superior species.
      Raj: I'm the new Homo in town. (beat) That came out wrong.
    • Much like Tobias from Arrested Development above, Raj does this a lot. Everyone notices it but him. For instance, when the guys are playing Dungeons & Dragons, Raj, a spellcaster, gets a little too enthusiastic.
      Raj: Oh man, the first monster I see, I'm gonna sneak up behind him, whip out my wand, and shoot my magic all over his ass.
      (cue facepalm from Howard and a stare from Leonard)
      Stuart: Do you hear yourself when you say these things?
    • When the guys make a plan to save Santa from a dungeon:
      Raj: Screw that noise, I'm going in. Hang on Santa, I'm coming for you.
    • Immediately after his character dies:
      Raj: Wait, doesn't anyone have a rod of resurrection? Because if you've got one, I need it bad. Get in here with your rod and give it to me.
      (cue another facepalm and wtf stare from Howard and Leonard)
      Stuart: Okay, you need to say these things in your head before you say them out loud.
    • When Penny invites Raj out to Girls Night:
      Raj: Girls Night, Girls Night, WHOO WHOO!
      Stuart: (addressing the other guys after Raj has left) How does he not hear that?
    • When they played Settlers of Catan, Sheldon fell into the "wood/sheep" gag mentioned above in Knights of the Dinner Table
    • A running joke in the 100th episode involves Sheldon dropping these while playing Settlers of Catan.
      Sheldon: I want to build a road, but I need wood. Either of you fellas have wood? (Raj and Howard giggle) I don't understand the laughter. The object of Settlers of Catan is to build roads and settlements. To do so requires wood. Now, I have sheep, I need wood. Who has wood for my sheep? [..] Come on, I just want wood. Why are you making it so hard?
      (later) And now that I have some wood, I will begin the erection of my settlement.
      Howard: (aside, to Raj) Okay, he's got to be doing this intentionally.
    • After Amy and Bernadette get in an argument over Sheldon and Howard's parking spot feud in "The Parking Spot Escalation", Bernadette fires a shot at Amy's celibate relationship then storms out:
      Bernadette: I'm gonna go home and have sex with my husband! Maybe I'll even let him do it to me in a parking spot! (beat while realization sets in) Which sounds dirty, but I didn't mean it that way!
    • In "The Scavenger Vortex", Leonard, Penny, and Bernadette realize that Raj slipped a golden coin on the pockets of each member of the group so that everyone can have fun, but none of them are impressed.
      Leonard: Are you kidding me?
      Penny: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
      Bernadette: You suck so hard.
      Raj: Well, I thought… Come on, I didn’t want anyone to feel bad at the end of the game. And some of those puzzles were really hard and I didn’t know who was gonna get Penny.
      (Penny shoots him a Death Glare)
      Penny: Run.
      Raj: Okay, okay, that-that came out wrong, but you have to admit, you all had a wonderful time.
      Penny: Run to India.
  • Bones:
  • A couple episodes of Boston Legal featured a Spanish-speaking man who needed a translator's help to testify in court, only for the translator to realize that the his testimonies (involving a cockfighting ring and a ten-year-old matador) are prime innuendo fodder. For added hilarity, the translator was a nun.
    "God forgive me."
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Charles does this, but never realises, leaving it down to other characters to point out.
    Charles: Did you know that I have a tendency to be unconsciously sexual?
    Jake: Yes.
    Charles: It's a real tough nut to bust.
    • Also happens to Captain Holt, though only once.
      Holt:I don't want a loophole, I want to use the main hole or no hole. In this case, I choose no hole.
      Charles: You're saying the word hole way too much, sir.
      Jake And that's coming from Charles.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • From "Wrecked", Dawn, after taking a bite of pizza:
      Dawn: It's like a meat party in my mouth. (pause) Okay, I'm just a kid and even I know that sounded wrong.
    • In "The Freshman", Willow, describing college:
      Willow: But here, the energy, the collective intelligence, it's like this force, this penetrating force, and I can just feel my mind opening up — you know? — and letting this place thrust into and spurt knowledge into... That sentence ended up in a different place than it started out in.
    • Willow again:
      Willow: He likes you. He wanted to ask you out last year, but you weren't ready then. But I think you're ready now, or at least in the state of pre-readiness to make conversation, or-or to do that thing with your mouth that boys like.... Oh! I didn't mean the bad thing with your mouth, I meant that little half-smile thing that you... You're supposed to stop me when I do that.
    • And Buffy herself, in "Once More with Feeling", talking to Spike.
      Spike: So you're just here to pump me for information?
      Buffy: What else would I want to pump you for? (beat) I really just said that, didn't I?
    • In "Tough Love", Anya, comforting Willow after Tara has been driven insane:
      Anya: You can sleep with me! That came out a lot more lesbian than it sounded in my head.
    • In "Get it Done", Anya is disappointed that Souled Spike didn't fight a demon to the death when Buffy and Robin Wood walk into the conversation.
      Spike: No need to thank me. I'm just the one who beat him off.
      Buffy & Robin: ...
      Spike: Repelled him would perhaps be the better phrase. Demon...
    • Buffy explaining why she's not ready for a real relationship (namely with Angel) in "Chosen":
      Buffy: I'm cookie dough, I'm not done baking yet, I'm not done becoming whoever the hell it is I'm going to be... maybe one day I turn around and realize I'm cookies, and then if I want someone to eat me... (beat) Er, enjoy "delicious cookie" me...
    • Buffy even managed to do this without saying anything: In "Hush", she mimed a staking by jerking her hollowed right hand up and down, before she realized what that gesture normally refers to.
    • In "Where the Wild Things Are", when Buffy & Riley fought a vampire/demon tag team, she said to Riley "You get fangs, I'll get horny! I mean..."
      • Later in the same episode, Buffy and Riley have been magically induced into having sex indefinitely. Meanwhile, fighting and commotion occur just outside their door; Giles wonders why they didn't hear anything:
        "In the midst of all that? Do you really think they were keeping it up?" [beat] "Oh, for a different phrasing."
    • Non-sexual example in "Inca Mummy Girl", while discussing costumes for a fancy-dress-dance.
      Xander: Okay, no shirts with ruffles, no hats with feathers, and definitely no lederhosen. They make my calves look fat.
      Willow: Why are you suddenly so worried about looking like an idiot? That came out wrong.
    • In "Smashed", depressed over Giles leaving for England, Buffy snogs Spike and then tries to convince him It Doesn't Mean Anything.
      Buffy: When I kissed you? You know I was thinking about Giles, right?
      Spike: (Double Take) You know, I always wondered about you two.
    • And Xander after interrogating Andrew in "Never Leave Me":
      Xander: He's primed, I'll be pumping him in no time. [beat] I mean, he'll give us information soon.
  • Castle:
    • Castle says to Beckett:
      Castle: I'm rubbing off on you. (beat) That sounded dirtier than I intended.
    • Later, one that wasn't dirty, merely accidentally insulting:
      Alexis: I'm a rat killer!
      Castle: You don't know that! You may just be a loser! (beat) A... rat-loser... This did not come out right.
    • "Overkill" has a nice one, undermining Castle's manliness. After he scored free samples of an expensive shaving cream for Ryan and Esposito, Beckett compares them to Charlotte and Miranda.
      Castle: Wait a minute, that would make me Carrie.
      Beckett: You're so metrosexual for even knowing that!
      Castle: I only watched that show out of the corner of my eye when my mother had it on!
      Castle: That so did not come out right.
    • While investigating the murder of a stripper:
      Castle: Are we going to pump Von Manschaft until he pops?
      (off everybody's vaguely incredulous expressions)
    • Breaking into the back of a van where a robber is cutting a safe open with a rotary saw:
      Beckett: Take your hands off your tool now!
      (Ryan and Esposito glance at each other and start sniggering)
      Beckett: Shut up.
    • In the Clip Show episode "Still", Castle reminisces to Beckett about all the times she's said dirty things to him, including (while putting a CD into a CD-ROM drive), "Please, let's just stick it in and get this over with". Cut back to the current time, her response: "That's not how I meant it. I can't help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth."
  • In El Chavo del ocho, Don Ramón and Doña Florinda have a discussion after she took his pants out of the clothes line. He says that his pants were in Doña Cleotilde's section, therefore, the only one with a right to take his pants off it's her. He had to make a Verbal Backspace due the horror of that thought.
  • Community:
    • A classical example; the best part is that he doesn't even bother with the beat, realizing halfway through the sentence that he is in trouble:
      Jeff: Hey, Troy sneezes like a girl!
      Troy: And how about I pound you like a boy? That didn't come out right.
    • The outtake from "Beginner Pottery".
      Annie: Gotta get it wet again.
    • "Advanced Gay" has Pierce discover (to his dismay) that Hawthorne Wipes have become popular in the gay community due to being mentioned in a song also popular with the gay community. As he voices his disgust, the other study group members twist his words into gay innuendo. He eventually yells "Stop putting gay things in my mouth!" which needs no twisting.
  • Coupling
    • When Susan finds out that all of her friends want to see her sex-tape with Patrick.
      Susan: What is it with you lot? Why do you all have this desperate desire to see me naked?
      Steve: Oh Susan, no one wants to see you naked. (beat) Okay, that came out wrong.
    • Steve does this at least as often as Jeff:
      Susan: So nice to know that the first time we were intimate you were busy noticing all the little differences from perfect, freckle-free Jane.
      Steve: No! No! No, I hardly noticed any difference at all!
  • Criminal Minds: Garcia had a very flirty relationship with Morgan, where any Double Entendre was intended. She very deliberately refused to have such a relationship with Morgan's replacement, Luke Alvez, which unfortunately didn't stop her from bragging about her plans with her very attractive boyfriend.
    Garcia: He's helping me with my fingering.
    Garcia: For my clarinet!
  • CSI: NY: In "No Good Deed," Adam finds grainy footage of a possible suspect with flesh-colored spikes embedded in his skull. Mac asks him to try to identify the guy. Adam says, "I'll call Flack to see if he's had any reports of a horny prep in the area." Mac and Stella give each other a look and stand there grinning as Adam immediately realizes what he said.
  • In Dad's Army, Captain Mainwaring manages to get a block of rationed cheese as a surprise for his wife. However, when he telephones her with the good news, things don't quite go as he planned.
    Captain Mainwaring: Yes, Elizabeth. I think I may have a little surprise for you tonight...
  • Dexter:
    • Lundy and Debra...
      Debra: Really? You're gonna cook for me? Well, don't ever expect me to return the favor. Unless you're a fan of toast.
      Lundy: I would love to eat your toast. (they both laugh) Gosh, that sounded wrong.
    • Later, Dexter being willing to run a test off the record:
      Dexter: Absolutely. If you need something under the table... I'm your guy. (beat) That didn't come out right.
    • Also, after Angel started a bar-brawl defending Marias honor. The line isn't too bad in and of itself, but given that Vince Masuka is the resident pervert, La Guerta immediately takes it the wrong way.
      Masuka: (to La Guerta) With all due respect, this man is a knight in shining armor. You should be polishing his lance.
      Maria: Excuse me?!
      Masuka: (beat) I meant that... metaphorically, not... like it sounded.
  • In one episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show depicting the events of Rob and Laura's honeymoon, one of Rob's army buds is trying to help him duck army regulations to go off base for his honeymoon:
    Rob: Sam, I want to go on this honeymoon with Laura as much as you do.
    Laura: Uh, Rob...
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Unicorn and the Wasp": The Doctor is poisoned with cyanide, but survives by improvising an antidote and telling Donna to give him a shock. She snogs him, which does the trick.
      The Doctor: Detox! Mwa! I must do that more often.
      Donna: ...
      The Doctor: I mean, the– the detox.
    • "The Vampires of Venice": Having burst abruptly into Rory's stag party, the Doctor informs Rory — in front of all his friends — that his fiancée Amy tried to kiss him. Attempting to reassure the shocked Rory, the Doctor takes pains to stress that he's a lucky man, because she's a great kisser. One awkward, hostile silence later:
      The Doctor: ... Funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine...
    • "The Power of Three": Kate Stewart describes her efforts to rebuild UNIT with an emphasis on science.
      Kate Stewart: UNIT's been adapting. Well, I dragged them along, kicking and screaming. Which made it sound like more fun than if actually was.
  • In Dollhouse:
    Topher-doll: Who's your backdoor-man?
    Real Topher: Lets just pretend I didn't say that.
    Topher-doll: Yeah.
  • The Drew Carey Show:
    • When Drew anticipates his revenge on some guys who put cigarettes in his beer:
      Drew: We'll shove our butts in their mugs, see how they like the taste of that!
      Lewis: Uh... Drew...
      Drew: I know, I regretted it the minute I said it.
    • In another episode, Drew and the others end up going to the store after hours to look through Mimi's desk, as Drew believes she's up to something. Mr. Wick comes out of his office with a woman, causing the others to hide. Before leaving with the woman, Mr. Wick takes some candy from Drew's desk to share with her. After they leave, the others come out of hiding, and Drew loses his patience:
      Drew: No one puts their hands in Drew Carey's drawers and pulls out his goodies!
      (Oswald and Lewis start giggling)
  • Enlisted: Derrick trains Randy to pass his rifle qualification.
    Randy: You drilled me hard Derrick.
    Derrick: You know there are better ways to say that.
    Randy: I mean it. You drilled me more than I've ever been drilled before.
    Derrick: Okay, so there is a worse way to say that.
    • When Pete first meets Jill and the UST begins.
      Pete: I'd put my privates up against your privates any day. (He meant Army Privates)
    • Sergeant Major Cody isn't immune either, describing in detail the enjoyment he gets from eating at a sausage fest.
      Jill: Sergeant Major, remind me to talk to you about that later.
  • Eureka
    • In the pilot episode:
      Sheriff Cobb: (hangs up the phone) That was Ned Carver. He claims aliens abducted some of his cattle again, so...
      Lupo: Tell him to call me when they move on to anal probes.
      (Cobb and Zoe stare)
      Lupo: Wait, um... that didn't come out right.
    • There was also a moment in an episode where Zane and Fargo are arguing about backdoor access to GD from the smart house's system. Jo gets sick of it:
      Lupo: Boys, there's plenty of backdoor access for everyone! (pause) That didn't come out right.
    • In another episode, Carter is talking to Zoe's best friend Pillar about the surprise party they're planning. Allison teases him for it.
      Allison: Oh, me? I thought you were into young brunettes?
      Carter: No, no, I'm into old brun... (trails off uncertainly)
      Allison: Didn't come out right, did it?
    • When Allison is pregnant and a Blob Expy is terrorizing the town Jack makes a series of poorly worded statements throughout the episode that come off as comments about her increasing weight, culminating with the following.
      Allison: Just be careful Carter.
      Jack: I should be able to handle a mindless eating machine.
      Allison: You looked at me again.
      Jack: The... No, no, I was the... You're pretty.
      Tess: Oh, nice save.
  • On Everybody Loves Raymond, Robert gets into this situation with Amy when she comes over to patch up their relationship.
    Amy: Every time I date a guy, I keep thinking of you.
    Robert: Me too. I know what I mean.
  • In Faking It, Principal Penelope unveils her plan to make Hester the most accepting school on the planet: Sustainability, Tolerance, Innovation. Or... STI for short. In this instance, there's no verbal backspace because Penelope doesn't realize the other meaning for STI and no one bothered to tell her.
    Penelope: And with your help, we'll share our STI with the world!
    Amy (watching from a tablet): How did nobody catch that?
  • And from Firefly:
    Badger: Of course, you couldn't buy an invite with a diamond the size of a testicle, but I've got my hands on a couple.
    (Mal and Jayne glance at each other and start snickering)
    Badger: Of invites!
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: In one episode, Uncle Phil is planning to invite his would-be high school sweetheart to dinner, with Will partaking with him in viewing some old school photos of the two of them together, which Phil clearly still having the hots for her. Then Vivian walks in....
    Uncle Phil: Well finally, after two years, I realized that Janice wasn't gonna have me, so I settled for Vivian. (Vivian slams her purse down and storms upstairs) OH! Uh, with Vivian! WITH Vivian! Sweetheart! That came out wrong! Honey! Honey? Baby? (Runs after her)
    Will: Geoffrey! Prepare Mr. Banks' couch.
  • Friends
    • Ross once had a crush on the pizza delivery girl. When she comes to deliver pizzas she complains that her new haircut makes her look like an eight-year-old boy. Later on when she comes back, Ross says (impulsively thinking that it'll be a compliment) that he "happens to like" eight-year-old boys.
    • Ross was the Mayor of doing this on that show. In a late season, he's trying to convince Rachel's ex-boss to rehire her, and he learns that the man's son is into dinosaurs.
      Ross: I'll let your son come to the museum, late at night after everyone is gone, and he can touch anything he wants!... OK, I just heard that the way you must have heard it. I mean you'll be there too, and the touching just refers to bones — Fossils!
    • Rachel had her moments too, like this line to Ross while they were sleeping together;
      Rachel: Oh please. That Paolo thing was barely a relationship. All it really was was just, ya know, meaningless animal sex. (seeing Ross' hurt look) Okay, you know, that sounded so much better in my head.
  • Gabe on Good Girls Revolt tells Denise (the only prominent black researcher) that he’s gathered that she’s ‘a chocolate person’. He quickly amends it to “or that you – like – chocolates…”
  • Good Omens features Aziraphale asking Crowley if he's sure the Antichrist has been born, and Crowley responds that he is because he delivered the baby. There's a beat, and Crowley specifies that he didn't mean delivered-delivered.
  • Greek:
    "I can't go to that interview [that my ex-boyfriend Evan set up for me]. Evan tainted it."
    "Who cares about Evan's taint?"
  • The Gruen Transfer: During a discussion of an ad for women's razors. A female panelist commented that the majority of young males had never seen female pubic hair. Russel then remarked "Except for their mother's". As the rest of the panel collapsed in a mix of shock, disbelief and hilarity, Russel hurriedly tried to explain that he had meant when they were born, but the explanation was lost under the hysterical laughter.
  • Harrow: In "Peccata Patris" ("Sins of the Father"), Fairley is arguing with Harrow about who should get Maxine's position if she leaves as he walks out of his office:
    Fairley: If anyone should get that head job, it's me!
    (turns around and finds he is face-to-face with Simon)
    Fairley: That's not what it sounded like!
  • The Hollywood Squares had an infamous cut section when John Davidson (who tried to keep up a clean-cut pretty boy image) got this question: "What do Japanese Women Shave after they marry?" The other panelists, who are known for raunchier jokes, were howling as the poor man is obviously trying to come up with an answer:
    John: Well, on the whole of the matter... (cue a priceless expression when he realized what he just said)
  • Happens a few times in How I Met Your Mother, most notably when Barney's trying to train someone to be his wingman. In "Okay Awesome", after Robin's overblown sense of worldliness lands her in trouble:
    Robin: I get recognized once and I think I'm Julia Roberts! I'm not a VIP. I'm not even an IP. I'm just a lonely little P sitting in the gutter.
    Lily: Oh honey, I'd take a P in the gutter over Julia Roberts any day.
    (both of them realize what was just said, with priceless expressions)
  • An exchange between Emma and Mickey in Hustle:
    Emma: How would you like it if I drooled over you?
    (significant look from Mickey)
    Emma: Forget I asked that.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dee tries to prove that the Lawyer is lying under oath and discovers evidence that he’s of Jewish descent, which he’s covered up for unknown reasons. She promptly bursts into the courtroom demanding the case be thrown out because the Lawyer’s a greedy, lying Jew! Upon realizing what she just said, she backs up and tries to explain that what she meant to say is that he’s a liar because he’s Jewish.
  • In an episode of Just the Ten of Us, Coach sees that someone took a slice from a government cheese wheel and says, "All right, who cut the cheese?"
  • In The King of Queens, Doug and Carrie are staying in a hotel and play-fighting over the mini-bar key:
    Carrie: Now why don't you come over here and give me your mini-bar key?
    Doug: [frowns]
    Carrie: ...Sorry, I meant that cute but it came out hurtful.
    Doug: That's alright, just shakin' it off.
  • On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, one of the new ADA's was introduced to Stabler and Benson and was... a little too enthusiastic about her new posting.
    Hardwicke: (to Stabler) I'm a big fan of your unit.
    Stabler: (bemused stare) Uh...
    Hardwicke: That's not what I meant.
  • In an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, Hal, a white man, and Abe, a black man, are having an argument when they decide to settle it over a poker game, and Hal says "I will own you!" Hal immediately regrets his choice of words, and when he tries to explain that he meant to say "I'll win and brag about it," Abe growls "just, get the cards!"
  • M*A*S*H
    • Frank, addressing the 4077's assembled troops: "During Colonel Blake's absence, I will act in his capacity. So if there are any problems, you may bring them to me, or to our fine adjutant here, Major Houlihan. Now, talking to the Major is the same as talking to me, since we are intimate with each other at all times." (Cue awkward pause as Frank and Margaret both realize what he said.)
    • Col. Potter is told that the nurses have a problem with the men using up all the hot water for the showers and leaving the place messy. His response? "As soon as I can, I'll look into the nurses' to speak."
    • A context-specific example: in a later episode, Charles Winchester is trying, without much success, to convince Margaret to let him sleep in her tent after the doctors' tent is temporarily repurposed as housing for the wounded. As he continues to try and persuade her, he drops the colloquialism "allow me to be frank" to preface a point he intends to make. Unfortunately for him, due to Margaret's history with Frank Burns, it ends up sounding like he means something else entirely.
  • Midsomer Murders: In "Schooled in Murder", Sarah is teasing John about his current case and the Stepford Smilers at the centre of it, claiming that she could be a perfect wife as well. He replies:
    "Why would I want perfection when I've got you. <beat> Um, that didn't come out quite right, did it?"
  • Modern Family
    • Pulled off hilariously by Cam.
      Cam: Why do you have to throw a wet blanket on my dreams?
      Mitchell: I do not.
      Cam: You do it all the time. And you know what I end up with? Wet dreams. I heard it as soon as I said it, just leave it alone.
    • In one Valentine's Day episode, Phil demonstrates his ability to tie a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue. He unfortunately follows it up by saying "I can tie any kind of knot. It's like I've got a sailor in my mouth".
    • In fact, Phil makes such a habit of this that after another one in "Yard Sale" ("I've had bigger hogs than this between my legs"), Jay remarks "He really oughta run things through his head first".
  • A staple joke of The Nanny is for C.C. to say something (usually 100% clean) and Niles will make sure it's presented in the naughtiest possible light or transforming it into an insult about C.C.
    C.C.: They're fumigating my apartment.
    Niles: They've done that before. You always come back.
    C.C.: (Death Glare at Niles) So I need to find a kennel.
    Niles: Oh, treat yourself to a hotel.
  • NCIS:
    • Season 2's finale, "Twilight": Tony is still not 100% after his brush with plague in the previous episode.
      Kate: Damnit, Tony. I should just take you home and get you into bed. (Ducky and Tony look at her) Okay, that didn't come out like it was supposed to. (cue big grin from Tony, until Kate elbows him in the chest)
    • Also the scene where Gibbs catches McGee underneath Abby's table (while she's sitting in it) rewiring her hotbox note . McGee's attempts to explain what he's doing to a tech-ignorant Gibbs on full Death Glare sounds like a Freudian Slippery Slope version of this trope.
    • And Ducky in Season 4's "Dead and Unburied", talking about finding footprints on carpets:
      Ducky: It looks like Sisal. It's a naturally stiff fiber woven from the leaf of the cactus plant. It doesn't mat, trap dust, or build static. It's ideal for carpeting, but personally, I prefer a good shag. (awkward silence) From a criminal investigative standpoint...
  • New Tricks: In "A Delicate Touch", Brian is attempting to subtly quiz Sandra about how much the team members are paid. He starts by asking "Are you fully cognizant of the size of my packet?" and the conversation goes downhill from there. Typical for Brain, he never realises exactly what it is he says.
  • In an episode of Off Centre, Mike is elated about the female attention he seems to be getting, leading to an unfortunate sentence. Fortunately, Wacky Guy Chau has his back.
    Mike: Chau, can you believe this? If I'd be a superheoro I'd be Woman Man! ...Oh no, wait a second, no, no...
    Chau: No, no, no, no, no! That's good. That's good. That's good. Then I would be your sidekick: Girly Boy!
  • The Office (US) features this from time to time.
    • It is best seen in the "Women's Appreciation" episode after Phyllis gets flashed in the parking lot:
      Pam: I don't often miss Roy, but I can tell you one thing: I wish someone had flashed me when I was with Roy. Because that would've been the ass-kicking of the year. Especially if it'd been Jim. He would not have wanted to me to have seen Jim's... (pause) I'm— I am saying a lot of things.
    • When Toby (Michael's archrival) shows up late to find Michael mocking the incident by sticking his finger through his fly.
      Toby: I don't think this is an appropriate response.
      Michael: Speaking of that, where were you this morning, anyway?
      Toby: (getting annoyed and walking off) I was taking my daughter to school.
      Michael: Sure... Let's see your penis! (beat) You know, even as I was saying it...
    • From the "Bachelor Party" episode
      Michael: Sort of a guys' night out. A 'G.N.O.', if you will. A 'G.N.O.'... Actually, it's more of a guys' afternoon in. A 'G.A.I.'... A gay. Not... no... it's a... not a gai, it's a... It's a bridal shower for guys. A guy shower. A hour-long shower with guys.
    • In "Initation", Dwight announces that just as Ryan has planted his (beet) seed in the ground, he, Dwight, will plant HIS seed... in Ryan. Ryan is quick to point out the unfortunate implications.
      Ryan: I don't think you know what you're saying.
    • And when Michael is deciding on a new username for an online dating site, he settles on LittleKidLover, so others would know where his priorities lie.
  • Parks and Recreation, after cheating her way to fishing glory:
    Ann Perkins: Pathetic, maybe. But it feels pretty good to have a bunch of little boys be super into me. That... came out wrong.
  • Power Rangers: The SPD / Dino Thunder teamup.
    Broodwing: Did you think you could get away from me that easily?
    Ethan: We've run away from a lot worse than you, buddy! Ooh, that didn't come out right at all.
  • Prodigal Son: In the episode "The Trip", Gil tries to bench Malcolm from partaking in an investigation because of his exhaustion (from his PTSD-induced insomnia), with Malcolm protesting that "murder is the only thing keeping me sane". When the whole precinct turns to stare at him, he quickly clarifies that he meant solving murders.
  • Psych is quite fond of this.
    • Particularly regarding Gus; in season 3, episode 6, "There Might Be Blood", Gus says, "I'm nobody's pawn, Shawn. I'm a queen!"
    • Episode 13 of the same season, "Any Given Friday Night At 10PM, 9PM Central" (Yes, that is actually what the episode is called), has this exchange when they meet a football coach, a childhood hero of theirs from when he was a QB:
      Gus: (to Coach Winslow) I slept on your face for years!
      (Winslow and Shawn stare at him oddly)
      Gus: I mean, I had sheets with you on them when I was a kid.
    • And this exchange, from the same episode:
      Gus: (walking with Shawn) Look, let me be very clear. These hands are not touching anyone. I only use these hands to touch myself.
      (they both stop walking almost immediately, followed by a beat)
      Gus: Uh, let me rephrase that.
      Shawn: Please stop speaking.
    • Another one, from season five, episode thirteen, "We'd Like to Thank the Academy":
      Lassiter: You can't beat me on the field so now you want to beat me off?
      Shawn: You may want to rephrase that, sir.
    • Lassiter, in Season 1's "Who You Gonna Call?" talking about the SBPD not having gala events: "We don't have balls."
    • A recent one from the musical episode, as Gus is trying to come up with a rhyme for Yang, the look on his face after he said it is priceless:
      Shawn: Wang?
      Gus: Yeah, I like Wang!
  • QI saw Doon Mackichan manage a visual version of this, attempting to mime a Deep-Fried Curly Wurly.
    • Also happened verbally when the discussion had turned to the preferred synonym for "breasts". Straight Gay Stephen Fry proclaimed "I like 'titties'" and spent the rest of the episode living it down.
    • In the Series 10 episode "Jargon", Stephen discusses the number of times the word "ejaculate" is used in the Sherlock Holmes novels (The word "ejaculate" in the 19th century meant "exclaim"). At one point Stephen states, "There were 23 ejaculations in the Holmes Canon", which prompted Bill Bailey to laugh uproariously. At one point, Jimmy Carr ejaculated, "This is the most fun I've ever had on this show!"
    • This exchange in the Series 8 episode "Highs and Lows"
      Rob Brydon: So the quicker it's chirping, the hotter it is?. . . well, it makes sense now when you think about when you've been in the hot country and you're tossing at night and you can't get off— [Alan and Stephen share a look.] No! No, no, no, no, no. I'm simply not having it!
      Sandi Toksvig: Sounds like it.
  • In the Quantum Leap episode "Dr. Ruth", the prudish Sam is incredibly uncomfortable when he leaps into the eponymous sex therapist and has to read some promos for her radio show:
    Sam: Tomorrow on "Frank Talk About Sex", we're going to discuss some common male sexual dysfunctions, like prema-t-ture... Premature... Well, we're gonna discuss a lotta things that I'm sure will be very stimulating. (beat) Uh, uplifting. (beat) Interesting!!
  • Rizzoli & Isles: Angela cannot text, apparently, because she sent Jane a message that said "Homie, I need a boner." She really meant "Honey, I need a loaner." This is more an autocorrect fail.
  • Rules of Engagement:
    • In the episode "Lyin' King", Audrey tells Jeff to stop ribbing their gay friends, which elicits this response:
      Jeff: What's the point of having gay friends if I can't ride them every now and again. (pause) Just forget I said that.
    • Another example (from "The Birthday Deal"):
      Adam: And each year, when I'm doing it, I'll be thinking of you. (pause) I did not just say that.
      Jeff: I didn't hear it.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Roxie designs clothing.
    Roxie: Soon, every guy in this college will be in my pants... that came out wrong.
  • Sanctuary: During "The Bank Job" we get this exchange (over the phone, no less)
    Henry: I'm the geek, you're the doc. I do tech, you do drugs. [beat] You know what I mean.
  • On Schitt's Creek business partners David and Patrick discover that nearly everyone in town is clamoring to attend their store's private soft-launch and have a conversation that highlights their Unresolved Sexual Tension:
    Patrick: Looks like this soft launch is firming up a bit, huh?
    David: But it's not supposed to be firm.
    Patrick: Well, with this many people, it's at least semi-firm.
    David: Okay, well as long as it doesn't get hard. And that's something, that's what I just said to you.
  • Scrubs:
    • For starters:
      Elliot: Well, Dr. Cox, you may have seen it all and done it all, but you haven't done me!
      (Elliot walks off, as all the other doctors and nurses gasp)
      Cox: Give her a second there, gang.
    • Elliot gets a LOT of these. Most notably in the Season One episode "My Blind Date", where she's trying to get Dr. Cox to treat her as his second-in-command as he does J.D., and comes out with such gems as "I want you to use me and I don't care how degrading it is." Each turns into an even worse Double Entendre than the one it was trying to explain, ending with the fourth iteration: "I just want to make you happy." At that point, she just gives up.
    • JD often strays into "accidentally gay" territory. For instance, when congratulating Turk:
      JD: You must be dancing on the wind right now! (beat) That sounded straighter in my head.
    • When Elliot meets her patient/future boyfriend, Sean:
      Sean: Wow, you're my doctor. I have something for you in my pants. No! Nonono! I'm not wearing any pants right now. My pants are over there and there's a note from my GP in the pocket. If you need me, I'll be under here. (hides under sheet)
    • Though not necessarily "innocuous", J.D.'s conversation with the Janitor after seeing him naked took a spin into the Entendre Zone:
      J.D.: Janitor, I'm gonna be straight with you. I saw your penis, and I noticed a possible melanoma that you should really have checked out.
      Janitor: When did you see my penis?
      J.D.: Last night, when you were showering.
      Janitor: Where were you?
      J.D.: Oh, I was outside, in the bushes.
      Janitor: Uh...
      J.D.: Look, it was just a coincidence, man — I mean, if you had looked out the window, you'd have seen my penis, you know!
      Janitor: What! Why?
      J.D.: Because I had it out while I was looking at yours!
  • Sean Saves The World:
    Sean: You're a smart, strong, young girl, so screw boys! [realizes his Accidental Innuendo] Just so we're clear, I'm not saying "screw boys" like go do that.
  • In an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry's asking his girlfriend (a deaf lip-reader) what time she wants to arrive at a party:
    Jerry: What about six? Six is good. You got a problem with six? (Jerry's girlfriend looks horrified and runs out)
    • When Kramer crashes at Jerry's after getting locked out of his apartment, he dislikes the couch arrangement and earns himself a weird look by asking, "Can I sleep with you?" Which, in the most innocent sense, he then does.
      Kramer: (to Elaine) Now if you'll excuse us...we need to get to bed.
  • A rare moment of comedy in Sex Traffic:
    Daniel: (after spilling a drink on a girl's shirt) You should maybe take that off. Well, not... off... now. Uh, I didn't mean-I didn't mean it like that... um, ah, sor-forget it.
  • In Season 3 of The Sing-Off, Sara Bareilles has a few "why did I just say that" moments in the first episode, such as...
    Bareilles [regarding Afro Blue]: ...and I also wrote down that you're all very attractive, so... [general laughter] ...maybe I need to work on taking notes, but you're all very good looking in addition to sounding amazing — [to Ben Folds, leaning over to read her pad] — it's on there, it is on there. I know. Get over it.
  • In the first episode of Sleuth 101, one of the female suspects, while attempting to explain that she spent her nights alone cleaning, says:
    "It's just me and the Dustbuster. [pause] That came out wrong."
  • In the Smallville episode "Crusade", Lois Lane meets Martha after finding Clark in the field, amnesiac and naked:
    Lois: Guess I'm a sucker for stray dogs and naked guys. [beat after seeing Martha's expression] Okay, that didn't come out right.
  • Sonny with a Chance: Sonny started watching Mackenzie Falls and desperatley asks Chad what will happen next between his character and the female leading role. However, Chad misinterprets this as Sonny begging him to ask her out and shouts out, "Sonny, will you go out with me?" leading to an awkward reaction from both of them. Ironically, this trope is what led to the start of their romantic relationship.
  • Stargate:
    • Stargate SG-1:
      • Episode "Urgo":
        Maj. Carter: A strong enough EM pulse can knock out most electronic-based technologies. It would be harmless to us, but it should render Urgo impotent.
        Urgo: Could you, uh... rephrase that?
      • Better one in "New Order, Part 2" The team is discussing whether or not Jack should become commander of the SGC.
        Carter: If you don't take the job, we could end up with someone much worse.
        (the rest of SG-1 stares at her)
        Carter: Okay, that didn't come out right.
      • Carter is just good at these. There's one in season 6's "Forsaken":
        Corso: Amazing. For a supposedly less advanced human you're pretty comfortable with our technology.
        Carter: Well, you're in luck. I have a little more experience with this sort of thing than most people on my planet. Besides, all we're really doing is plugging your ship into my battery.
        Corso: Whatever you say.
        Carter: ... That didn't sound very good, did it?
    • Stargate Atlantis: Rodney is attracted to a female scientist on the world Taranis and comes up with the following. He doesn't say the trope-namer, but realizes it and then digs himself deeper.
      Norina: Perhaps one day I could study under you.
      McKay: Uh, yes, well, I really... um, really look forward to that. But first, we need to, uh, get off. Uh, first we need to get off the planet ... first we need to get off the planet, and then you can be under me.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. In "Future's End", Tom Paris says astronomer Rain Robinson's curvesnote  could stand some improvement, while Rain demands to know what Tuvok has in his pants note .
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. The Enterprise recovers a derelict spaceship from the future, and is surprised when the pilot's corpse is a Half-Human Hybrid containing Vulcan DNA. The Vulcan first officer T'Pol reacts with her usual Arbitrary Skepticism, telling Captain Archer, "It is unlikely we could reproduce" adding quickly "Humans and Vulcans" when Archer gives her a startled look.
  • In the second episode of The Suite Life on Deck, Zack tries to console Bailey about London running away.
    Bailey: It's my fault London left.
    Zack: No trust me. She hated a lot of things on this boat besides you. That didn't come out right.
  • Supernatural, season 2, "Everybody Loves a Clown": a creature is killing parents, and their children are saying that a clown did it. Dean brings news of the latest deaths to Sam, who tries to complete Dean's sentence:
    Sam: More murders?
    Dean: Two more last night. Apparently they were ripped to shreds. And they had a little boy with them...
    Sam: (interrupting) who fingered a clown.
    Dean: (Gives Sam a strange look.)
    Sam: What?
  • That '70s Show:
    • It happens when Eric and Donna were going to have a romantic dinner together.
      Kitty: Oh, this is so cute! It'll be just like the little Play-Doh dinner you had when you were kids, except it won't end with Donna sitting on Eric's head!
      (everyone notices the innuendo and stares at Kitty; Red and Kitty leave)
      Red: Kitty, that was just awful.
    • In another episode, the guys use spray paint to remove the "ler" from the word "muffler" wherever it appears on a muffler shop. Kitty is initially confused, but is noticeably angry when she finds out what "muff" means to them. (To her it always meant a furry tube for one's hands.) She loudly complains that she no longer feels comfortable keeping her lovely gray muff, which she used to wrap Eric in when he was a baby.
  • The Thin Blue Line:
    • Raymond Fowler. Take this example from "Kids Today", in which he fondly describes his childhood Mechano sets, much to Habib's amusement:
      Fowler: They'll never know the joy a young lad can have sitting alone in his room... with his tool in his hand, tightening his little nuts.
    • Grim: "It's my arse on the line and I don't want a cock-up!" and many variations.
  • On The Tonight Show, Michelle Williams talked about her vacation in Mexico being an adventure resulting in this exchange.
    Jay: So what was the adventure?
    Michelle: I'm still a little sore.
    Jay: (looking horrified) Oh that's... we'll move on to another.
    Michelle: Oh no, I mean horseback riding.
  • Occasionally on Top Gear.
    • Adding to the humor is that the worst offender is the sober, serious-minded James May, who often realizes his mistake a few seconds later, tries nobly to continue with a straight face, and then loses it shortly thereafter.
      May: (on women who make their husbands ride in the backseat) She's effectively saying, "You've given me the baby, now get in the back."
    • Happened to Richard Hammond when was riding a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle:
      Hammond: I'm now straddling my boyhood hero! (pause) No. Wait. That's not right. Between my legs... no, no...
    • One segment involving the gang trying to build a kit car has an entire scene full of this, though they don't realize it, while they're putting the brakes together. Gems include "I am now pumping", "I need more", and "Oh yeah, that's good, that's nice and hard." There is a brief shot of Hammond (who is pumping the brake pedal) mugging for the camera, however, suggesting he might have had an inkling...
  • Ugly Betty: In "In or Out", Betty says that the severely depressed Daniel needs to "get back on the horse" and start dating again. Later, she stands up, says "I'm gonna find him another horse to ride," marches resolutely off camera, then returns to add "that didn't sound so dirty in my head."
  • On The Ultimate Fighter reality show, UFC President Dana White considers kicking an unruly fighter off the show. But as he stands before all of the fighters, he reconsiders and decides the unruly fighter, Junie, should fight and lose, leaving the show that way. He says, "This isn't fucking Survivor. You don't fucking vote him off. Let's fucking BEAT HIM OFF. [pause] That didn't sound good, did it?"
  • From the Veronica Mars episode "Versatile Toppings":
    Veronica: I need you to get me into a restricted website.
    Mac: What's it for?
    Veronica: It's a Neptune High gay chatroom.
    Mac: Veronica, you're not...
    Veronica: No, I'm just curious. (There's a beat as Veronica realizes what she's said.) ...Curious as to what's posted on the website, more accurately.
  • The Walking Dead
    • Lori says the trope name word-for-word after saying that she'd rather eat Miss Piggy than frog legs.
    • Rick provides a dramatic version of one of these when he tells Shane that he wouldn't understand his plan to go to CDC because Lori and Carl aren't his family, when it was Shane that took care of them while he was gone.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?:
    • From a game called "Secret":
      Ryan: (listening to the ground) Buffalo come.
      (realization dawns, audience is already laughing)
      Colin: You really didn't have to put your ear in it.
    • From a Press Conference game (Colin is Batman coming out of the closet):
      Ryan: How's the partner feel about this?
      Colin: Well, of course he's a little worried, because he depends on me for a lot of the income. But, ah... (audience laughs) I'm not sure, but I may want to rephrase that later. Yes?
      Brad: You might want to rephrase that now.
    • From a game of Sound Effects with Ryan as Tarzan and Colin as Jane:
      Ryan: Before you come, Tarzan only have animals. Animals think Tarzan forget about them now. (the audience laughs) I meant as FRIENDS!
  • A Will & Grace episode had friends of the title characters begging off from their usual game night due to Grace's overcompetitiveness.
    Grace: Well, if no one wants to play with me, then I'm just going to go to my room and play with myself. (pause) By myself. I meant, by myself.
  • Workaholics: In "Real Time", the guys are searching for a ride to work. Blake spots some young teens (which Ders calls "future babes" cause they're gonna grow up to be hot) and plans to take the bikes to work. A rare example where the guy who first says something possibly sexual turns it around on the other guy.
    Blake: All I'm saying is, I wouldn't mind riding that Mongoose (Mongoose is the name of the bike brand)
    Ders: Come on dude she's like fifteen, tops!
    Blake: I'm talking about the bike ya sick...freak!
    Ders: I'm sorry, you know I'm a Bianchi guy!
    • Later, wary of sounding like a pervert, Blake tells one of the future babes to "suck my d....ass! Suck my ass!" Ders chimes in, "He said ass!"
  • The Worst Year of My Life, Again: When Simon attempts to pick up Samantha, thinking that the year might reset again, he says she should act fast because tomorrow "he will have forgotten all about her". Realising what he has just said, he says "That didn't come out right" and she dumps a drink on him.
  • In Would I Lie to You?, Gaby Roslin's "This is My" claim was that the guest is a friend of hers who once fell down a manhole. After David's team came to the unanimous decision that Gaby's story was the truth, Jack Dee drops a joke that becomes this.
    David: I think we think it's the manhole...? Manhole.
    Tinchy: Yeah, manhole.
    Jack: Let's call her Gaby for now.
    [Everyone bursts into laughter, and Gaby puts a hand over her mouth]
    Jack: That was far ruder than I...If I had thought that joke through I wouldn't have said it.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: In "Takes One to Know One", Joxor speculates that Minya's motive for the murder might be that she "loves horses too much". After a pause, and several odd looks from the other characters, he continues "Let me rephrase..."
  • The X-Files:
    • In "The Unnatural", Mulder is pressing close against Scully while teaching her how to swing a baseball bat.
      Mulder: It's not a bad piece of ash, huh?
      (Scully gives him a look)
      Mulder: The bat... I'm talking about the bat.
    • And in "Monday", after Mulder's waterbed sprung a leak.
      Mulder: I woke up, I opened my eyes, I was soaking wet...
      (on another look from Scully)
      Mulder: It's a long story.
    • And in "Empedocles", though that was Mulder taking something dirty from nothing. Mulder arrives at Scully's apartment, and is a little miffed that she was expecting someone else.
      Scully: I was just about to hop in the shower, but I was waiting for the pizza man.
      Mulder: You got something going on with the pizza man I should know about?
      Scully: The pizza man?
      Mulder: Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but you did just say you were waiting for the pizza man to hop in the shower.


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