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Terrible Trio / Live-Action TV

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  • The three Trolls Burly, Blabberwort, and Bluebell from The 10th Kingdom.
  • The Drazens in 24: Victor, Andre, and Alexis. Although Alexis is killed much sooner than his brother and father.
    • And also three of the evil minions in a later season, Forbes, Adam, and Jason, with Forbes as leader of the three.
  • Most of the Bassie & Adriaan series feature three crooks as the villains.
  • The Magnavore trio from Beetleborgs, consisting of Noxic, Jara and Typhus, are this in the first season of the show. Jara usually acts as the leader, Noxic, despite not being very smart, has shades of being an Evil Genius, while Typhus is pretty much The Brute. They serve Vexor as their higher up. Their successors of the second season, the Crustaceans, subvert this trope. While there are three of them, they don't necessarily operate as a trio.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan were amusing, ineffectual, wannabe-bad-guys... for a time. Andrew and Jonathan were in it more out of a craving for acceptance and the desire to fulfill their comic-book fantasies, and each of them eventually did a Heel–Face Turn (Andrew under duress, Jonathan of his own accord). Warren, however, was genuinely evil and had the makings of a real supervillain... but his budding career was cut short when Willow flayed him alive for killing Tara.
    • "Lessons", the premier of Season Seven, had a trio of malevolent ghosts (simply credited as Dead Girl, Dead Nerd, and Dead Janitor) haunting the rebuilt Sunnydale High.
    • And in Angel, there's Lindsey McDonald, Lee Mercer, and Lilah Morgan, the most prominent members of Wolfram & Hart to be seen in Season 1 (aside from their supervisor Holland).
      • Speaking of Wolfram & Hart, there are three demonic Senior Partners (Old Ones known as the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart) leading the law firm, although they never appear onscreen in the series. One does however appear manifested in the form of a Kleynach demon in Reprise, and in its true form in one issue of the Spike comics.
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  • The Stillman Sisters from the Charmed episode "The Power of Three Blondes"; they also qualify as a collective Evil Counterpart to the Power Trio of protagonists. All three of them are trying to steal the Halliwell sisters' powers and prove that they're more than just a trio of blonde bimbos, and they come oh-so-close to succeeding at both. Mabel, the oldest sister, is clearly the leader and the most serious about the whole thing.
  • The Three Shogun from Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X are this during the first arc of the show. Fire Shogun Blaird is the brawny one, Wind Shogun Cyclead the brainy one and the bossy one is Water Shogun Aqual. These three villains spend almost as much time bickering with each other as they are fighting the heroes. After their boss, Captain Barder, is revealed to be a robot, the trio falls apart, as Blaird leaves to contemplate the purpose of their mission, starting his Heel–Face Turn. When the trio does reunite, all of them performed a Heel–Face Turn, forming another Power Trio to fight alongside the heroes.
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  • On Glee, the "Unholy Trinity" of Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, with Quinn as the Alpha Bitch, Santana the Spicy Latina, and Brittany the Brainless Beauty and Token Good Teammate. However, all three grow and develop beyond simple archetypes over the course of the series.
  • iCarly: In some of their more Jerkass moments Carly, Freddie and Sam apply to this.
  • Morgana, Helios and Agravaine from Merlin.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus. Did you expect to see The Spanish Inquisition here? Well, you shouldn't have. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  • Pearl, Brain Guy, and Bobo from the later Mystery Science Theater 3000 seasons.
  • The three main Chanels in Scream Queens (2015), Chanel #1/ Chanel Oberlin, Chanel #3/Sadie Swenson, and Chanel #5/Libby Putney.
  • Gigi and her friends on Wizards of Waverly Place.


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