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Tearjerker / Zero no Kiseki

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Zero no Kiseki

  • The end of the Fourth Day of Chapter 3 of Zero, all of it as Renne learns the truth about her family and Estelle and Joshua come this close to reuniting with her, only to miss her by minutes.

Ao no Kiseki

  • Crossed with Heartwarming, if you take Sully to the fortune-teller at MWL and let her ask the question, she'll wonder if a girl from the slums really belongs in Arc en Ciel. She'll be told that yes, she does. As an aside, the fortune-teller will talk about another girl from the slums who grew up to be a beautiful lady and a top-class Bracer, providing a not-so-subtle hint as to the identity of the fortune-teller,
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  • Pater Mater's Heroic Sacrifice, both for Renne personally and for the player (past status as That One Boss notwithstanding).
  • The stills that show the aftermath of Joachim's successful Taking You with Me in the original timeline that managed to wipe out the SSS.
    • Lloyd laying down in a pool of blood, his tonfas broken beside him.
    • Elie and Tio's corpses huddled together as if trying to comfort each other before death.
    • Finally, Randy the Sole Survivor leaning on his halberd. Although he's shown from the back and a distance, Randy's heartbreak can be clearly seen in his pose.
  • Ao's ending particularly Lloyd's encounter with Guy in the World of Zero
    • There's the bigger one: Crossbell is now under Erebonian rule.

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