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Tearjerker / X-23

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    Target X 
  • After they discovered that her sensei was being kind to her and treating her like a human instead of a weapon, Tanaka's weapons were tainted with the trigger scene, causing her to go into an Unstoppable Rage and kill him. Her confused reaction as she sits beside his body afterwards is heartbreaking.
  • The second flashback in Target X. There is something inherently heartbreaking about a thirteen year old girl weeping in the snow besides her mother's body, it is magnified by the realization that said girl killed her in a chemically induced Unstoppable Rage (and knows it), but what manages to combine the sadness of the moment with the horror that was her life to that point is what she whimpers to Sarah's cooling corpse:
    • Target X also showed that Laura sat with her mothers body for hours, long enough for both to be almost buried by snow, and even after hearing the incoming choppers, she starts to run away only to turn around and give her mother one last goodbye.
    • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, Laura's goodbye to Megan in Target X. Just before they depart, Megan gives her a locket containing pictures of herself and her slain mother.
    • Laura's confrontation with Logan at the end of Target X. She has been so beaten down and broken by everything she has been put through that she's decided the only way out is that she and Logan both must die. And as she explains why, Logan just resigns himself to death for his complicity in the Weapon X program, but pleads with her not to throw her own life away because her lack of choice makes her innocent.


    Volume 3 and One-Shot 
  • In her 2010 one-shot, Laura briefly reunites with Kiden Nixon, which by itself is a Heartwarming Moment. What pushes it into outright Tear Jerker is Laura's response when Kiden asks if she even remembers them. Laura just collapses into her arms and says, "I remember."
  • "The Killing Dream": Laura's encounter with her inner self during her Battle in the Center of the Mind while trying to prove to the demon tempting her that she does have a soul. Not only are we revisited with the horrible things done to her by the Facility, we learn that despite all of this, Laura was never fully broken, while Laura herself saw that she wasn't born a killer.


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