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Tearjerker / World's End

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"Father? Why isn't it working?"

A page for the tearjerker moments in the World's End series. Generally, the mood is kept light by humor loaded dialogue and bloody hilarious violence. But there are a few moments where the story can hit close to home.

WARNING! All spoilers will be unmarked! Do not read this page if you have not completed the series.

From Chapter 2

  • Vadim's death was this for many of the fans. Although in universe, Tevoran & Co. brush off the incident with fantastic indifference, a lot of players really liked Vadim, game and story wise, and seeing him impaled on a stalagmite was a punch in the gut.
  • Similarly, it's surprisingly easy to get attached to Aizu given how cute, defenseless and lost she seems. She's not. It can be pretty hard to watch her going through her trauma conga line. Some notable examples:

From Chapter 3

  • In Chapter 3, Aizu is finally abducted by Duriken, with the full implication that he's emotionally manipulating her by pretending to give her the care and affection she's been deprived of.
    • The final scenes of Chapter 3, where she attempts to kill Duriken and can't bring herself to do it. Her final words might be the biggest tearjerker moments in the series thus far.
  • Oskar and Rudolf's death. What, those arrogant, warmongering jerks who ran Vorona into the ground while driving the Arkanad siblings into exile?. Yeah, it turns out they were once decent people whom Duriken has been mind raping into insane, twisted versions of themselves that are too far gone to be redeemed. And the fact stands that even if they were asses, the Arkanads have just lost the last of their family.
    • If that didn't seal it, Vera's reaction it did. Watching her trying to revive her dead father with her magic staff, unsuccessfully...tearjerker indeed.
  • Fighting Aizu is a downer moment. Tevoran and Company have had plenty of enemies turn ally, but this is the first time a former company member has turned foe. Double tearjerker in that you can't go easy on her, that little blue haired waif who fought alongside you is now ten times as powerful as before and she will utterly wreck you if you give her an inch of slack. Even the flavor dialogue in battle indicates that she doesn't want to fight back, she's Fighting from the Inside, and more than anything she's spiritually exhausted from her struggle.
    Aizu: Just let me sleep.
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  • When you finally do take Aizu down, you don't get any drops or skill points for it. Fighting a friend yields no reward.

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