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Tearjerker / With This Ring

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  • Alan Scott reminiscing how most of his friends died or suffered from injuries that they got in their superhero careers. Then how he loses the love of his life due to her own madness and she never recovers.
    • Most notable is the sad fate of Johnny Thunder, a Golden Age hero who's power came from a genie he could summon from a pen. He ended up having five strokes over the course of several years, the second of which screwed him up bad enough he had to move to a nursing home. By the time the fifth killed him, there was basically nothing left of him.
    • Any time relationship advice is discussed, Alan's only advice is "Make sure she's not a supervillain." Given that the woman he loved ended up cursing him with her last breath, consumed by her supervillain split personality, he has some strong feelings on the matter.
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    • Alan confesses to Paul he briefly thought of letting Orange Lantern kill him because he was so tired of living without a real purpose, left adrift without love or companionship, just hanging on existence by sheer willpower and habit. Then he realized mentoring Paul could be his new purpose.
  • When the Team first finds Wolf, the genetically-enhanced wolf pup, she's still a newborn and doesn't even have her eyes open yet. According to Paul, he had to turn off the translation function on his ring for her, because it translated the pup's frightened whining, which turned out to be crying for its mother. Thankfully, she's adopted by Teekl who helps raise her.
  • Watching Paul and the Team slowly gradually lose hope of the course of Contingency.
  • Having Zatanna lose her father is such as painful as it was in canon. Which is made even worse due to the fact that Zatara was saved in the Renegade timeline.
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  • It's low key tearjerker, but still; Cassie Sandsmark's disappointment that she wont be able to meet her father while visiting Themyscira, since he's not present on the island at the moment. She doesnt know who Zeus really is, and is far too young to understand what a horrible father he'd be, but she's still a child and wants to know her daddy. Zeus is also one of the few major Olympians who has made no appearances in person, good or bad, but his track record with his kids isn't in his favor.
  • Despite their antagonism, the Young Offenders only have each other left and Power Ring Blue steps up to guide them after their mentors are killed.
  • It's heart-wrenching to see how Eliza Harmon suffered for still believing in the Flash after the Justice Lords were taken out of power. Her belief in the Flash is validated when she receives the Flash's Video Will and how he hoped to meet her after dealing with Luthor (who killed him in that universe). But unbeknownst to her, the entire thing is set up by Grayven and the Justice Lords so the world can have a new Flash and the actual Flash never made a will or even heard of her.
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  • Justice Lord John Stewart and Shayera. They have the same passionate and deep love of each other as their Earth 12 counterparts do, but John had to spend a year watching the love of his life slowly and painfully die.
  • Hullevow reveals that Captain Cornwall, had his brother arrested and sent to a magic prison where the latter has been for the last twelve years. Cornwall Boy is outraged when he finds out that his uncle was actually innocent and that the real perpetrators of the crime, high-ranking members of the British government, had him framed when he was mistakenly accused.
  • Akhlys, the personification of misery. Paul and the Ophidian fail to help her out.
  • June Robbins, the only survivor of the Challengers Of The Unknown, stuck in a nursing home with severe Alzheimer, no longer being able to recall who she is.
  • Helmut's despairing reaction to finding out he's a genetic clone of Adolf Hitler. Other than his genes, he has absolutely no ties to the Nazi party, and is just a decent, normal family man who just discovered he's basically the reincarnation of one of history's greatest monsters. He's even married to a South American African woman and they have three children together, if the truth about him ever got out, his life would basically be over, which is why Rocket and Orange Lantern cover up his true origin.
  • OL is genuinely depressed after his appeal to Luthor fails at the end of A Star Reborn.
  • It's revealed that Martian Manhunter was both widowed and lost contact with his child for over 50 years in Demeanor, leaving him to believe he has no reason to come back to Mars.
  • OL ends up pressing Harleen's Berserk Button (and unintentionally Slut-Shaming her), despite having gone on a date a day before, in Escalation. Thankfully, he is able to apologize and explain himself almost immediately.
  • In the process of empowering John into becoming a Lord of Chaos in Last Supper, he has to use Teekl to do so. The process actually kills her.
    "I just… Killed my Cat. And not just in a are-Construct-Lanterns-still-people sort of way. She's… Gone."
    • Wolf, whom she had taken to raising, misses her but doesn't know she's dead. And when she does learn later on, she ends up howling in despair at the fact that "Cat Mother" was dead. This is after Wolf lost the rest of her family before.
  • Sisken is killed in Falling Action while trying to restrain Nabu.
    • The aftermath of Falling Action isn't pretty: The Team finds out that Paul and Zatanna were lying to them for months about Nabu, and discover that they didn't even trust them enough to tell them their plans, John's new powers are threatening to rip him apart and he tells Paul to lose his number, partially blaming him for the situation, Giovanni is horrified by the lengths they went to for his sake, Adom had to tell Siskin's family about his death because Paul was unconscious, and when the Justice League finally calls him to the Watchtower to get his side of the story, Paul launches into a rant against them about the Nabu situation, alienating them when Word of God states that several of them would have taken his side if he had explained his actions a little more calmly.
  • Grayven's moment of triumph after defeating The Light comes crashing down when he goes to Jade, pardon in hand and ready to propose a date for the wedding, and finds her absolutely terrified after hearing about the League of Assassins being destroyed. When she finds out that Grayven betrayed The Light after being offered a seat at the table, destroying the organization that she dedicated her life to without giving her a moment's thought or warning, she becomes so enraged that she physically attacks him and makes it very clear that she never wants to see him again. And then Darkseid shows up to have a chat with his son.
    • Made worse when Grayven is confronted with his own memories and is forced to acknowledge that it was his own lack of communication, his lack of consideration towards Jade's feelings and inability to trust her with his plans that destroyed their relationship, and put her in a horrible position as a result.
    • When the two meet again after a few months, Jade still doesn't want anything to do with him. Grayven has no idea how to fix their relationship.
  • The treatment of Tamaranian slaves at the hands of the Gordanians and Citadelians.
  • Even though they helped in oppressing the Tamaranians, it's hard not to feel a little sorry for the Gordanians Paul had marooned on an asteroid with almost no hope of ever leaving in their lifetime.
  • In part 17 of Rapprochement, Grayven returns to Earth, Green Lantern in hand to find Alan Scott has already passed away.
  • Coutara eh'Jerred, a woman who comes from a society that ritually removes the eyes of their females at maturity to ensure their servitude to the males of their species. She was horrified when she heard that her beloved daughter who loves to paint was going to go through Rite of Unseeing.
  • Kara Zor-El's realization that she has lost thirty years of her life, as well as almost everyone she has ever known.
  • All of OL's Praexis Demons end up being killed off in Hell. They were basically gluttonous monsters, but they were still around for ages.
  • The Archangel of War, Karrien Excalibris, kills Ted Kord off-screen for supporting Paul.