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Tearjerker / White God

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  • Dániel forcefully kicks Hagen out of the car while Lili tearfully tries to stop him. When she fails, Hagen desperately chases after the car while Lili begs her father to stop and yells out to Hagen that she will find him.
  • Lili is humiliated by her father and music teacher by apologizing to her music teacher in front of the class and lying about the circumstances of Hagen's disappearance.
  • Everything that Hagen has been through on the streets. He is almost killed by a butcher. He is stolen and sold to a cruel owner. He is abused and turned aggressive by a cruel humans and forced to kill another dog. Hagen is clearly torn up about nearly killing that dog. Then after he escapes, he is captured and put in a pound where he is put on death row for defending himself against a stranger.
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  • Every dog that was shot by the police or killed in a dog fighting ring, especially the little terrier mix that was Hagen's best friend.
  • Dániel cries after picking up Lili from the police station because how tough it was to lose his wife and Lili's mom and was terrified to lose Lili.

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