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Tearjerker / What We Do in the Shadows

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  • Nick's transformation into a vampire is half sad and half Nightmare Fuel. Watching him lose his reflection is particularly heartbreaking.
  • Deacon's speech about the brutality of mortality takes a hard turn from absurdly funny to genuinely tragic.
    "... But even old age is brutal. Watching your friends grow old. They can't piss, and they say stupid things, and their brains go and they can't remember anything. And then, one day, they can't even remember who you are. And you wish they were dead. And then they do die."
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  • Viago's loss of his true love Katherine comes off as genuinely tragic in spite of the stupid, stupid reason he lost her. The fact that he's pined after her for all these years when reconnecting could have been as simple as learning how to log into Facebook is both silly and very sad as is the possibility that, since Katherine is now ninety-six years old, he was nearly too late to find her.
  • The reason Viago lost out on Katherine's love the first time? His familiar put the wrong postage on Viago's coffin, and it took him over a year to get to New Zealand, by which time, Katherine had fallen in love with someone else and married him. When Viago talks to his now ninety-year-old familiar for the first time in decades over Skype to tell him this, his familiar breaks down in broken sobbing, saying Viago promised to turn him into a vampire, wailing that he didn't do anything with his life and that he waited all this time for nothing before Viago awkwardly ends the call.
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  • Petyr's death hits the other vampires hard. Despite being almost immobile and unable to interact with anyone, they were True Companions.
  • A stray dog being blamed for the werewolf attacks, with the cops commenting that they'll have to put it to sleep as a close up of the dog's eyes gets shown.
  • A girl Viago drains talking about wanting to go to college and travel the world. Even Viago looks kind of guilty about what he's about to do as she talks.