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Tearjerker / Wallace & Gromit

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Poor Gromit...
  • At the end of A Grand Day Out when the robot is blown out of Wallace and Gromit's rocket in it's failed attempt to return to earth and ski again. It stands alone momentarily in the middle of the empty moon, grabbing and throwing the trash Wallace left behind, it's arms trembling in anguish. It's amazing how expressive two robot arms and an antenna can be.
  • When Gromit runs away from home in The Wrong Trousers. At first he angrily shovels things into his sack as fast as he can, eager to leave...then he catches sight of a photo of him and Wallace smiling, which he takes a long look at. He then shuts off the lights, revealing that his face is wet from tears.
    • Earlier in the short, Gromit is forced to sleep in the guest room after Feathers McGraw takes over his bedroom. Problem is, Feathers is playing the radio loudly, forcing him to go into the living room. When that fails, he sleeps in the dog house outside. Feathers then comes home from a nightly walk and turns off the radio, implying that he left the radio on all night to deliberately force Gromit out of the house. This proves to be too much for Gromit and he starts crying, cold and alone. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume he cried himself to sleep.
  • A Close Shave: In the last newspaper with the headline of Gromit going to jail for life that Wallace and Shaun are reading, both have tears in their eyes, while the other sheep, who were nothing but mindless eating machines beforehand, are all huddled around them with tearful looks as well, as Wallace can only muster, "Oh, Gromit," before he and the sheep look at a portrait of the two together.
    • The scene following of Gromit in prison when he unwraps the package of a puzzle portraying a flock of sheep. It proves to be the last straw for him and weeps at the unfairness of it all, pounding his fist on the table.


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