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Tearjerker / Violet Evergarden

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Before and after becoming the widely beloved Auto Memories Doll of Leidenschaftlich, Violet played witness to a fair share of tragedies, both other people's and her own.

  • Gilbert, on the verge of dying, finally declares his love for Violet after holding himself back for years, struggling with the fact that it was him who made her into a fighting machine in the first place. It's implied Violet shares the feeling but due to her illiteracy, she is unable to reciprocate before they are separated.
    • The major often notes that he needs to send Violet under someone else's care, and yet when they do end up separated, first thing Violet does is try to write a report letter back to him. The girl knows nothing else.
  • Those who have read the light novel first will learn that Claudia was quite a character during the war. Then came his visit to Violet in hospital...
    • Him yelling at Gilbert through telephone to never call him again for what Gilbert is trying to do for Violet in Volume 2 of the novel.
  • Violet face-rubbing the animal doll Claudia gave to her since her new arms no longer transmit any feelings. It gets worse in the novel; she couldn't even move on her bed.
  • The unfortunate victim of Violet's utter disaster of a love letter. (Episode 2 of the anime) The customer's attitude is one thing. But nobody deserves getting their first love crushed like that.
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  • In episode 3, Luculia talks about her brother's past. He was, like many others, deployed in the war, but his unit didn't see much combat. Then, their parents went to Herne for trade talks, and got caught up in the conflict. There were no survivors. Luculia's brother came home safe, but ridden with Survivor Guilt. Hence he has been shown drowning his sorrows.
  • Inevitable farewell between Princess Charlotte and her maid Alberta in Episode 4 of the anime. Marriage of love or not, Charlotte will have to leave her home country and the person who raised her since her youth behind.
  • Oscar Webster might be a famous and successful playwright, however his personal life is simply tragic and awful. First, his wife dies from illness, so he moves to his Summer home to raise their precious daughter in peace. Soon after though, his daughter becomes terminally ill as well, and passes away from what looks like a slow and painful disease. The poor guy had to watch the loves of his life slowly suffer and wilt away, twice. By the time Violet meets him, he's a barely functional alcoholic that's morbidly depressed, and honestly you can't really blame the guy after what he's gone through.
  • Ann Magnolia blaming her mother for caring about letters more than herself, even though she knew deep down that this is their final moment together and death is going to take her mom away no matter how she likes it or how young she is.
    • Not even the only tearjerker moment in the episode. We get to see Ann grow up, as letters are apparently scheduled for the next fifty years. Watching the final moments of the episode, you have to be made of strong stuff to not be in tears.
    • And then, if you're not in tears yet, we get an epilogue of Violet after she finishes the job: After seeming to be as stoic as normal throughout her stay at the mansion, she just BREAKS DOWN into tears when talking about it with her coworkers, shaking, saying that Ann will be left all alone when her mother passes away, and that she had to hold back her tears the entire time she was there.
  • Aiden Field's episode is grim resemblance of young lads put into frontline during World War I ; isolated and scared in a land far from his family and his dream, watching comrade's limbs getting ripped off by explosion, tortures inflicted by enemy soldiers, right down to his own death. Violet who arrived late to the scene couldn't do a thing to help the young man other than providing writing service and kiss him is lieu of his love interest that he never did repay her love back. Violet remains stoic throughout the entire ordeal, only to emotionally breaks down in front of Aiden's family for failing to save his life, knowing how painful it is.
    • The anime adaption makes it worse as you see Aiden's desperation to live as his friends are slowly killed around him and he's left running on all fours just to escape.
  • The prime reason for Leon's bitter personality. His father went missing in an expedition of a 'cursed' ancient kingdom. His mother, who is a Gypsy, abandoned him when he was young out of the blue in search of the man and never came back since...
    • Novel version goes more into detail: upon hearing Leon crying, his mother turned back to give him some money... and left. Just like that.
    • The moment his inner wall finally crumbles in the novel.
    …My heart, my emotions, and myself… to hell with it all.
  • Edward Jones venting it out that he, a former soldier later branded a mass murderer for carrying out his duty, gets jailed while Violet gets to live free despite sharing same bloody past. This is also one of the few moments Violet is visibly shaken, thinking that killers like her have no right to live.
  • Lady Lux knows what happened deep inside the Utopia and yet she's still afraid to get away from it herself: years of being orphaned by war and raised completely sheltered by nuns of the Utopia have made her scared of facing the reality of the outside world.
  • In the novel, when Cattleya prods Violet if there's any boyfriend who she'd like to write to at the Airplane Mail festival, unbeknownst to her that as far as Violet knows, Gilbert is dead.
  • The leader of the train hijackers in Chapter 13 of the novel is undoubtedly ruthless but his reason for acting as such elects some sympathy, for seeing his hometown unceremoniously removed and replaced by the railroad even after all he has done for his own country. For a story centered around words, the end of of it is bittersweet at best as the entire mess is started because the government refused to even listen, and the leader himself is gunned down shortly afterward without much ado.
  • Violet's Heroic BSoD and subsequent suicide-attempt.


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