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Tearjerker / Vigil

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  • When the humans finally meet the geth ambassador, they demand to know why the geth attacked humanity without provocation. The geth explain that they thought humanity were the Ethereals, and then proceed to outline an incredibly traumatizing history, in which the quarians were exterminated world by world by the Ethereals. Complete with video archives of the Curbstomp Battle involved, videos of terrible last stands, and the last few geth emerging from the ashes of their homeworld.
    • Made even worse by the author's selection of music for the entire scene.
      • For reference, that song is the one that plays in the game Homeworld when the planet Kharak is burned from orbit, leaving the protagonists as the only surviving members of their species in existance and making it so that they can never return to their home again.
    • The human diplomatic team spends the entire time in near silence, nearly unable to comprehend the sheer scale of the destruction.
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    • Creators and geth attempt to fight insurgent war. Populations attempt evacuation from Ethereal military. All geth units are upgraded with combat software. Ethereals consistently locate and capture shelters of Creator populations.
    • " At the time of the initial contact, census reports indicated twenty-seven billion, three hundred-nine million, four hundred seventeen thousand, eight hundred and forty-nine Creators across all colonies. One hundred-eighty seven billion, nine hundred and twelve million, five hundred seventy-one thousand, two hundred and eleven geth were active at the time of the invasion. Fifty-two million, one thousand, eight hundred and nineteen geth survived on intact server hubs and platforms on Rannoch."

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