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Tearjerker / Unikitty!

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"Oh, Chair! My Beautiful Chair!"
Action Forest
  • We get a flashback to Hawkodile's past, and how his friendship with Eagleator was destroyed by the latter's petty jealousy.
    • When Unikitty convinces Hawkodile that they should hug it out, Eagleator at first is moved by this action...only to use it against the former and attempt to throw him off a cliff. Fortunately, Unikitty was able to stop him.
Hide N' Seek
  • Unikitty's horrified guilt over believing she actually killed Richard.
Stuck Together
  • Despite Master Frown's Jerkass tendencies, one genuinely has to feel bad for him on account of how the Doom Lords view him. When he is mocked for his attempted actions on misery and nearly fired, he's on the verge of tears.
Kitty Court
  • Although it was all a scheme to get Unikitty thrown in jail, Master Frown's distraught over how pointless and unhelpful Unikingdom's legal system can be hard to watch. Fortunately for him, Unikitty fixes that both by being his lawyer and labeling herself as the guilty party.
  • Chair's death at the end of the episode is really shocking. After Richard states that it is comfy, it unexpectedly explodes, causing everyone to start crying except for Richard. It's also more upsetting noting that Unikitty found it in the first place. Even Unikitty and her friends are still heartbroken at Chair's funeral.

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