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Tearjerker / True Grit

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Both Films

  • Moon's death.

1969 Film

  • LaBoeuf's death in the original film. Worst of all Rooster had to simply leave him there without a proper burial due to having to rush Mattie to a doctor to save her life.
    • Mattie's horse Blackie dies soon after when Rooster works him to death getting Mattie help.

2010 Film

  • The entire ending sequence in the 2010 version. When Rooster was forced to mercy kill Little Blackie is where it starts to sink in. That's when you start to think back on all the other dead bodies that he and Mattie have left in their wake. Then you realize why 90% of the score has been Christian hymnal music. Then the hopelessness of it all finally dawns on you and you just lose it.
    • The scene where Rooster and Mattie ride back through the canyon and there are those long, lingering shots of the Lucky Ned Pepper gang lying dead on the ground, and then when Mattie pleads with Rooster not to kill her horse... It's a wonder if one can even listen to the soundtrack without getting even the slightest bit sentimental.
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    • Moreover, Mattie screaming for Rooster not to shoot her horse, despite the fact that he's clearly done for. This from a girl who has only shown calm and poise in the face of numerous difficult obstacles. And then the scene afterward, where he tries to pick her up and she fights against him. Guaranteed to break your heart.
  • Just the entire last 10 minutes of the film.
    Time just gets away from us.
  • One of Rooster's last lines in the film, if not the last after he falls to his knees in front of the trading post after having run a significant distance overland carrying Mattie after he mercy-killed Little Blackie.
    Rooster: I've grown old.


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