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Tearjerker / The Transformers: Unicron

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  • In a setting where Anyone Can Die, this series is absolutely full of tearjerker moments.

Unicron: 0

  • The terror of an Elonian child suddenly having their world ripped up around them
  • Unicron's casual, effortless slaughter of Knights trying to protect Elonia
  • The discovery of remnants of Velocitron on Unicron, revealing exactly what happened to the mysteriously silent colony world and all who had been on it.
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  • Arcee having to kill the helpless, trapped titan Emissary, who's attempts to stop what her perceives to be an attack are actually dooming the Elonians he's trying to protect.
  • Wheelijack sacrificing himself to teleport everybody else off-world to safety
    Wheelijack: Heh. guess there's worst ways to go than savin' an entire-
  • The destruction of both Elonia and then Eukaris

Unicron: 1

  • Caminus falling
  • Dirge sacrificing himself and being brutally ripped apart while trying to save Lightbright and Sparkstalker.
  • Both this and utter nightmare fuel is the reveal of what happens to those Unicron devours
  • The Mistress of Flame buying time for her people to escape, her last moments being telling her people to have faith.
  • Much more minor than most, but also counting is Bumblebee's look of disappointment that Starscream seems to be falling back into his old tricks.
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  • The despair of the Solstar Order at the realisation the fact they could not save their planet, one member even bringing up how her children had perished in Unicron's attack.

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